Review by Megaman1981

Reviewed: 01/01/07

A bit on the hard side, but still worth a purchase. Or Simon could just whip you, if you like that sort of thing?

Castlevania has enjoyed a lot of success in the past 20 years. Across every platform (except Gamecube), there has been a Castlevania game. When Nintendo announced that classic Nintendo games would be available for download, the Castlevania series was one of the first that came to people's minds. I thought we would see the original first or maybe Dracula's Curse or Simon's Quest, but instead we got Super Castlevania IV instead. Not that that is a bad thing, quite the opposite; Super Castlevania IV is a fantastic game and is certainly worth the $8 for its purchase.

The big difference with this Castlevania game is that it isn't like Symphony of the Night. There are no RPG elements to the game, nor are there any adventuring levels like in the N64 Castlevania games. Super Castlevania IV goes back to when Castlevania was simple; simply use a whip to attack your enemies. You can also use sub weapons like a knife, axe, holy water, and cross. The basic idea is to get from point A to point B, beat the boss, and move on. The storyline is the same as in the original since that's basically what Super Castlevania IV is; a "retelling" of Simon's first battle against Dracula.

The graphics look fantastic. Each environment has awesome detail, and each character looks great. Sure Simon looks fine but take a good look at some of the bosses. Slogra, Gaibon, Death, good old Dracula, and even the Zaph Bat (a bat made out of Dracula's family jewels and gold). They all look so cool. The backgrounds are even more amazing. With the SNES having Mode 7 capabilities, the stages have such nice backgrounds and the stages even rotate. The music is good until the final two stages when "Bloody Tears", "Vampire Killer", and "Beginning" are played. Then the music turns great. Also the Dracula Battle BGM music is both creepy and awesome.

The game is about the same length as Dracula's Curse, but I do have some gripes. First off, Simon can be a pain to control at times. He can whip in eight different directions, but when he jumps the controls can be a pain. Especially if there is an enemy where you land after that jump. Expect many missed jumps resulting in many deaths. The difficulty is off the charts. I think that the NES Castlevania games were easier. The tougher bosses followed by difficult jumps make the game very hard. One more thing; why in the world are there so many spikes?

Is this game worth the $8? You betcha! I must warn people again that the game is a lot harder than the NES games. Also, if you only have played the Castlevania games after Symphony of the Night, and have never played the pre Symphony of the Night games, than the game will seem a lot harder than the Castlevania games that you are used too. However, remember that with practice, this game can be beaten, and that the final two levels are some of the most unique levels ever designed for a Castlevania game. This game is worth it, plain and simple.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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