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"My favorite VC game yet."

I recently purchased Super Castlevania 4 on the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console, and was quite surprised when I found how good it was. The only Castlevania games that I had played through before were the so called "Castletroid" games (symphony of the Night, Aria of Sorrow, Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin), and the only classic Castlevania game I had played was my mom's copy of Bloodlines for the Genesis.

When I had played that, I was only about five years old, and never played through the whole game. I wasn't really expecting much out of this game, but I was pleasantly surprised.


The graphics look average for a SNES game, and they certaily won't amaze you, like the graphics for A Link to the Past, but there are some nice visual effects that add to the experience. Small things, such as the dripping in the water in caves, and blowing rope bridges make up for the otherwise slightly bland visuals.

Graphics Score: 8 / 10


Super Castlevania 4's music is bassically the same as most other CV game music. I hardly noticed the music when I was playing, except for the classic death music, which played plenty of times as I played the game.

Music Score: 8 / 10


This is the only section where the game really falters. The story isn't really stated, and I didn't know any of the plot details. Sure, it's obvious that we have to go kill Dracula, but the details, which were probably in the manual of the original game, are never really stated. Perhaps I'm just used to the superior plots of newer games, including the new Castlevania games, but the story was a small dissapointment.

Story Score: 6 / 10


Now, this is where the game really shines- SC4's gameplay is fast paced, and exciting. Although you only use a whip(which I normally hate) and the regular sub- weapons, the game remains entertaining to the end, due to it's hard difficulty.

Although the difficulty wasn't quite as hard as I would have liked(I love it when games are brutally hard), it did pose quite a challenge, and I spent over 15 hours before I beat it.

The controlls work well with the game too, at least with a GameCube controller. I didn't have a chance to play with a classic controller, but I would assume it would work even better. My favorite part of the controls was that pressing R now uses sub-weapons, rather than the usual up and A combination.

Gameplay Score: 10 / 10


Super Castlevania 4 is a well made game, and stands the test of time. It is easily worth the $8 that it costs, and is a worthy addition to any Wii owners VC games list.

Overall Score: 9 / 10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/29/07

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