Review by Drew1557

Reviewed: 08/25/10

Super Castlevania IV

GAMPLAY - 8/10
This game is overall probably the best out of all Castlevania games. Enemies still die with a reasonable amount of hits, levels aren't too long. but there's something about the level length that is annoying. You go through different stages in a level, and when you die, you start back at the stage. Well sometimes you end up NOT starting back at the start of the stage, particularly in the third level of the second quest. Stages are really hard for the right reasons. Although the draw distance is AWFUL. If you jump up to a platform, the platform two levels below you will disapear into the bottom of the screen. If you jump back to that platform you will FALL TO YOUR DEATH. So overall, good gameplay. But the goddamn bats are still annoying as hell. And to top it off, the Castlevania trademark still remains: jumping back when you get hit. You still whip candles to get hearts, food, whip upgrades, money bags, and projectiles. Hearts are energy. The number of hearts you have is the number of times you can through your weapon. Food restores health, and there is a HUGE shortage on these. Money bags contain points. Points are pretty useless besides for trying to beat your high score. Projectiles are weapons that you through and they are better than your whip. Your whip upgrades go from: leather, then chain, then a longer chain. The first candle you whip is a whip upgrade so you never have time to use the leather. All in all, it's pretty cool. The password system above all is God. It's based off of three items from the game (hearts, holy water, and axes). You put in the items on a 4x4 grid. They are easy to remember, and no time limit on the password.

This game is awesome. And it is hard for the right reasons. Not because the control is stiff. The control has VASTLY improved. Simon still looks like a dumbass when he jumps. But a new feature has been added: if you hold the attack button (Y) and move the control pad, you can swing your whip like a flail, but the damage is halved. So the whip is very useful for flying enemies. Also, you can now whip in eight directions, which helps you a whole lot with any creature who is not directly in front or behind you. B is jumping, Y is attacking, and instead of UP and B for a projectile, they made it the R button (THANK YOU!!!!). Before it was too awkward to throw projectiles, and most gamers didn't bother unless it was against a boss, and some didn't even do that. All in all, a vast improvement on controls,

Alright, so it's 16-bit. But even for the time the graphics were decent. The background music is OK, and it's not annoying. Level design varies, enemy sprites are identifiable, and Simon looks better in the SNES as the NES like expected. There's not much to say about it. It's nothing special, and it's a lot better than a lot of other games from it's time.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Super Castlevania IV (US, 12/31/91)

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