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"Almost Better than CastleVania 3....."

The CastleVania series is one of the oldest and funnest series ever made (by Konami). Just like in most of the other CastleVania games, you must kill Dracula. In this game you play as Simon Belmont, just like in the previous 3 CastleVania games. This is the first of 2 CastleVania games for the SNES, the other being CastleVania: Vampire Kiss/CastleVania Dracula X (which I dont think was ever released in America. Well, on to the review!

Graphics - 9
Pretty impressive. The bosses are visually stunning, and so are the backgrounds. You cant really tell though if your playing on a emualater. Simon has alot of animations, and his whip looks very cool. Most of the enemies from the previous games return. And now Simon can like wattle his whip around, though thats alot weaker than a straight hit. There are alot of enemies that have a cool effect thingy, like some of them are in the background attack you in a 3d sort of fashing, and some of the enemy sprites (the image of the enemies) and transparisy effects.

Sound/Music - 10
Many people say this is the best part of the game, the music. Its brilliantly orchestrated, just like in CastleVania: Symphony of the Night. The bosses also have cool sound effects.

Controls - 7
You would think that with the giant leap onto the SNES they would remove the thing where you HAVE to press up and down to climp up/down the stairs. I have died so many times forgetting that. But you'll get used to it, eventually. But this would be no problem if you have played any of the previous 3 CastleVania games alot.

Gameplay - 8
Pretty good. Just like a normal CastleVania game (excusing of course CastleVania 2, which is a pretty good game you should check it out). The only part I dont like is the cheap deaths. Theres ALOT of them in this game. Like if a enemy hits you your guarenteed to die if your near a whole or spikes. You dont become temporarilly invincable like in other games. It will be annoying, but not that much.

Replay Value - 7
Once you've beaten 2 or 3 times, theres not really a reason to go back. Theres only one path you can take, so you'll see exactly the same thing you seen last time.

Overall - 8
Definantly a very fun game your first few rounds through. Worth a straight out purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/11/01, Updated 04/11/01

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