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"Vampire Slaying (without the Buffy)"

Ever since I was just a wee little lad, the Castlevania series has been a personal favorite. I guess theres just something about killing Dracula with nothing but a trusty ol' whip that calls my name. So naturally, when Super Castlevania IV came out back in the early 90's, I was hooked.

STORY: who doesn't know the story of Castlevania?! you're a dude (most likely a Belmont, or someone who somehow is in the bloodline) who must go up against the evil Count Dracula and his evil minions alone with nothing but a whip. well it just so happens that in this game, you are Simon Belmont, so get ready to stop that darn vampire who thinks it's cool to be resurrected every 100 years!

GAMEPLAY: wow. thats all I can say to this game even still, almost a decade after it's release. side-scrolling games rock, and the Castelvania series always brings the genre to the next level. features such as swinging from your whip are really cool (I think) and the entire game is a blast. period.

GRAPHICS: once again, wow. pushing the SNES to its limits at the time, features like mode 7 graphics in some areas and large, highly detailed characters make this game a beautiful sight for any 16-bit loving gamer to feast their eyes upon. the backgrounds are higly detailed as well. some slow down is present (like in the spinning tower level) but nonetheless it was still a groundbreaking concept when it was released.

SOUND: rich, gloomy background music adds to the dark atmosphere that is castlevania, and sound effects are clear and very precise. the crack of the whip hitting an enemy is always a good sound, and simon even yelps in pain when he is harmed! awesome stuff right there if you ask me.

CONTROLS: its a castlevania game! whip, jump, whip, jump, secondary attack, duck, jump, rinse and repeat.

REPLAY VALUE: even today, I find myself digging out the ol' Castlevania IV and playing it through. it's not that long of a game, and it's also not very difficult, but hey! it sure is fun! while beating it once pretty much ends your adventure, it's still always fun to go back and play through your favorite levels again!

in conclusion, anyone and everyone who is a castlevania fan should definatly pick up a copy of this classic, as it's only about $10 at HALF.COM and other places! well, enjoy! I'm still hoping to someday own a copy of Dracula X for SNES....

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/04/02, Updated 02/04/02

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