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"A hidden gem of a game, that is still good today!"

I am a huge fan of the Castlevania series, and this game was one of the main reasons I bought the Super Nintendo. This game was distinctly one of the highest rating in the series, and I expected much from of it. It matched those hopes, but however it did not go above and beyond. Don't get me wrong, this is not a great game, but is also not as good as the Dracula Curse game that came before it, and some of the others to come after.

STORY (4/10): You are Simon Belmont. You are out to kill Dracula. You go through forests and such to reach his mansion. You go through the mansion. You fight Dracula. Not too many twists in this story, don't you think?

GRAPHICS (8/10): First thing first, I can't stand how huge Simon Belmont is. Besides Koranot, Simon towers over his opponent, which is unlike many of his past games. However he is very well detailed, and so are his enemies, especially the masters (c'mon, does anyone hate Koranot). The backgrounds to this game is luscious, and for the time the graphics are pretty damn stunning. The only problem is Simon Belmonts size, and it is very annoying.

SOUND (8/10): Not bad music at all. It has traditional sounds for a Castlevania game throughout, and is an entertaining game to listen to. However, like most Castlevania games, there really isn't much to the sound effects. The whip is basically all there is, and unless you love the sound of the whip (which you probably won't), the sound effects are not to good.

GAMEPLAY (8/10): This game has over 10 long levels. There are many enemies, and various obstacles along the way. Hopefully you will not be stuck at the same level too long. The bosses are all beatable, and fun to discover the best methods to beat them. You can still find subweapons and their double and triple shots to dispose of the many various enemies. Their is a password system to save your progress which is very helpful. The control is very smooth, but the jumping is a little jerky, and the whip can whip in all directions, which makes it awfully easy to dispose of enemies (plus it feels different from the vintage Castlevanias).

REPLAYABILITY (5/10): Basically the same replayability as all the early Castlevanias. It takes a while to beat it, and once you beat it you'll put it away for a while, until you decide it's time to beat it again. It is a never ending cycle, though it does lead to mediocre replay value.

DIFFICULTY (6/10): It is not as tough as other Castlevania games, but that has much to do with the new controls for the whip. However this game is no walkthrough, and not something to be takin jokingly. All in all, a pretty good degree of difficulty.

OVERALL (7/10): A pretty good Castlevania game, but is it perfect. Not at all. The whip controls make it a little easy, and Simon is just so huge. There also is not near as much replayability as Legacy of Darkness, and the sound effects could have been improved upon. However I highly recommend buying this game if you just got a Super Nintendo, and want a fun game to play.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/19/02, Updated 02/19/02

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