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"Easily one of the top 3 Castlevania Games..."

Super Castlevania IV is the Fourth Game(D'uh) in one of Konami's oldest constant franchises. It may very well be the only Konami Series that's been around and stayed around since the beginning, seeing at least 1 game on every major console(Sans DC, which got it's entry canned, unfortunatly). The Series is mainly based on the fictional story of Count Dracula(Even though there really was a Count Dracula who ruled Trannslyvania, Romania back in Feudal Europe, Most famous for his odd ways of warding off the advancing Ottoman Turks) by Bram Stoker, with tie ins from other well known monster movies featuring the usual Halloween bag o' tricks, Frankenstien, Mummies, Wolf-Men. Of Course, if you are already a Castlevania Fan, I've just stated the overwhelmingly obvious. But, eh, what the hell. Castlevania IV is really a psuedo remake of Castlevania 1, much like Castlevania Chronicles. Simon Belmont goes after Count Vlad Tepes, a.k.a. Count Dracula, and fights through his minions in his Castle, Castlevania.

Early 90s Super Nintendo. For the the Time, This Game's Graphics were Awesome. Today, it's still quite merciful on the eyes.. For an SNES Game, a first generation one at that, it's still quite good, even compared to Final Generation Blockbusters, Super Mario World 2, Chrono Trigger, and the Donkey Kong Country. It looks better than some Saturn and PSX Games Honestly. The Backgrounds are highly detailed, the Sprites for Characters and Enemies alike fit and look well. Several Nice Graphical Effects, for instance in one level, you go from a room where the floors, walls, and celings rotate around you as you hang on for dear life, and from that you go to a room where the background scrolls in circles behind you. It's not the greatest looking SNES game, but it's Pretty High Up there.
Rating: 88%

It's Castlevania. It's Video Game Music Bliss. Konami never fails to impress with it's sound quality. Music always fits the scene, dark, dinky, and depressing if you are in the deep dark dungeons of the place, drips of water in Caves. Of Course, it has plenty of returning themes that are required to be in any CV game by law or something. Sound Effects are well detailed. Your basic Leather Whip makes a ''Whoosh'' Sound much different than compared to the upgraded weapons, chain whips, which sounds like it would sound if you whipped chains. Clocks tick, blocks crumble, everything's there. My Only Complaints that sometimes music gets repetitive in long levels.
Rating: 95%

This is the pinncle of Traditional Castlevania Gameplay, possibly only beaten by Dracula X: Rondo of Blood for Turbo-Graphix 16(I have not played it, but I've heard that playing as Richter in SotN is how he plays in Drac X). Simon can whip in 8 Directions, and spin it all 360 degrees around himself. He can Duck, and Knee Walk to get under those hard-to-reach places, or get under a low spike celing. Aside from the basic walking, Simon can use his whip to grab on to hooks and swing across things. While they are mainly there to get you across big gaps, you will probably find yourself playing with them for 5 minutes just swinging around and tossing Simon around. Another thing that I'm wondering why they didn't continue in later games... the R Button fires off the Secondary Weapon. I found this much more convienient then what all other Castlevanias use, the Up+Attack Combinaton, where you would accidently fire off something you didn't want to use when attacking. Why did they revert to back to the NES Ways in Future games? By the Way, this Game is HARD. I had to continue almost a hundred times. The Levels are hell, and some of the later bosses are Hell X2. Some Elements are repetitve though.
Rating: 85%

It's the same game everytime for the most part. The Only Reason to go through a second time other than for the hell of it, is the second, even HARDER quest. 2 Times isn't really a lot, but the game is 12 Levels as it is, so this game is gonna keep you playing like a madman for at least a week.
Rating: 65%

This Game is pretty much a classic. It's one of many great 2D Era Platformers that aren't about jumping on the enemy's head or blasting a hole in there gut. It is highly challenging, one of the biggest complaints about games that are out today: They're too damn easy. It is very fun and worth playing through. This is easily one of the top 3 Castlevania Games, competing with Symphony of the Night, and Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, or Dracula X: Rondo Of Blood for the Import Freaks. Either get this game off E-Bay, search pawn shops, get it and play it.

Final Rating: 83%

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/01/03, Updated 01/01/03

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