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"Get Castlevania, get Simon's Quest, get Dracula's Curse, get Bloodlines, get Dracula X, get SOTN, get the 64 version, but by all means DON'T GET THIS!"

''Super'' Castlevania IV is one of the worst Castlevania games out there. Konami took advantage of their little cash crop and made this dissapointing sequel. There are about as many levels as the first Castlvania, but less than half the challenge! Replay value is nonexistent!

Graphics: 10/10

Despite the fact that this game is dissapointing, graphics is one of the two categories that doesn't dissapoint. Everything is lush, detailed, and goregous! They really give the game a spooky atmosphere!

Sound: 10/10

This is the other exceptional category of this game! Everything is very well done! The music is spooky, the sound effects are fairly realistic, and Simon's yelps when he's hurt sound like a real person now!

Gameplay: 5/10

Okay, this is where it begins to fall apart. While the game is fun, it isn't nearly as compelling as most of the Castlevania games are. This game is a lot more like the 1st Castlevania. While the first one was excellent (and a whole lot better than this piece of trash,) it was made back in 1987. Konami made 2 more sequels before this one, The 3rd one being my personal favorite. Konami REALLY should've added in some of the cool features from the first 2 sequels! Also, the few amount of levels leaves you wanting more!

Challenge: 4/10

This game is soooo much easier than the other Castlevania games. Too easy in fact! With a game that has about as much levels as Castlevania 1 but not as much challenge, you could blow through this game in a day! Also, you're given a password feature. Why the heck would you need that if the game hardly has that many stages?

Replay: 1/10

Sorry Charlie. Ain't nothing in this category! Castlevania 1 didn't have great replay value, but it did have a lot of challenge to keep you from beating it right away. Castlevania 2 had 3 different endings for you to find, and it had a bunch of hidden items as well! Castlevania 3 (drool drool) allowed you to choose different routes during the game, leading you to different stages different enemies, AND different endings. 3 also allowed you to find companions along the way that could join your team. What does IV have? None of the above!

Overall: 3/10

This game just stinks! The reviews the others gave it are way too high! Obviously the majority of the reviewers didn't try the incredible Dracula's Curse before they tried this! How this made Nintendo Power's Top 100, I may never know. DO NOT GET THIS GAME BY ALL MEANS! If you're going to get a Konami action game for the SNES, get something great like Buster Bursts Loose, Mystical Ninja, or even better, Contra III! The heroes from Contra could easily blast Simon's head off!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 04/28/00, Updated 04/28/00

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