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"CV4: "the real review" :)"

Here we go...

CV4 for the SNES has much in common with its ancestors, it just adds a few new twists. Upgrades are as follows: fuller sound (duh), nicer graphics (double duh), and extra moves (''flicking the whip'', multi-dir. whipping, and swinging from things).

Now for the review
Basic CV gameplay with new moves that actually do something useful. Multi-dir. whipping works beautifully, but makes some situations much easier to get out of than in the previous games. ''Flicking the whip'' can be used for many things, from hitting a pesky enemy below you to leaving the whip limp and using it as a shield against fireballs. Finally, the swinging parts, while few and far between, do add a little to the game. Overall the controls are crisp and clean, giving CV vets. some new ways to deal with old foes. It must be said that the game does not feature the type of move selection available to Richter in SOTN in any way. Why, though, has the multi-dir. whipping and ''flicking'' ever been used again?

Some old CV tunes do make a comeback, in fuller sounding arrangements (that beg for a stereo hook-up BTW). There are some truly classic tunes here, in a variety that's sure to fit any taste. I don't know if these are better than the old tunes, but if you put the new and old in the same sound quality level I would prob. still take the oldies.
Visually this would be an incredible game in any wave of SNES titles, but to consider the fact that it was one of the first SNES games is mindblowing. Simon is large and well animated, as are (some of) the enemies, and the backgrounds are detailed and diverse. There is definitely some slowdown, but it tends to rear it's head only when there are rotation effects plus enemies, or about 30+ bones moving/flying around at a time.

VALUE 7/10
This is not, I repeat, not even close to the hardest CV game, BUT it is not in terrible company. CV2 was certainly not very difficult, and SOTN was terribly easy as well. This low difficulty is not that bad, however, because of the length of the game. A good player can finish the game in about 2 hours, without dying... which means that you can sit down, play for a while, finish it, and move on. I love games with long play times (from the mediocre length like Suikoden II to the lengthy such as FFVIII) but to have a great game that can be played through in one sitting is always nice. The game has 11 levels (1-9, plus A&B... with level B having 4 bosses) with several parts that are reasonably challenging every play-through.

This CV doesn't have the best music, or story, or the most engrossing play experience but due to it's fun factor and short play time it still gets played every once and a while even now, many many years after it's release. For the $10-$20 you are likely to find it for (or the short DL times for you rommers out there) it's well worth the investment.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/22/00, Updated 02/22/00

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