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"Put it this way, Great music, Great graphics = Great game."

A must get if you own the Super Nintendo...

(GRAPHICS = 10) Included in the spectacular graphics, it has wonderful mode-7 special effects graphics, Very nice looking levels, fierce enemies, and outstanding bosses. There are constantly new and very detailed levels. Everything about Castlevania has a smooth and detailed texture. It is clearly that a lot of time was put into making this both a visually/music impressive game.

(SOUND = 9) Why not a perfect 10? Has glorious/outstanding music for the majority of the levels, the Super NES sound chip is just marvelous and does wonders for this great game. Practically all the levels music is great except some, like the Hydra stage music could definately be better, the flute part gets to be pretty annoying.

(Storyline = 9) The classic Dracula storyline is one that inspires, this one sorta tends to be a Castlevania remake, because the dates are wrong in the story lines, well since being a Castlevania purist, I prefer to recognize the other alternative, Count Dracula rises yet again. Although he's only supposed to come back from the grave every 100 years, some of his loony devotees decided to resurrect him quite a bit ahead of schedule. Simon is back to kick Dracula's butt to put him back in his coffin for the third time.

(Challenge = 8) Castlevania IV isn't hard to beat. As with most Castlevania games, this one remains pretty tough, requiring plenty of repetition. Things don't get really tough until Level 8 though. There are plenty of levels to conquer, and are of good length, although they are all very linear. And the bosses are very cool.

(Play Control) = 10 It has a fully free environment for your wip, which is realistic. The innovative Castlevania system we are used to. There are less places for cheap shots, so the recoil from getting hit isn't quite so bad. It has extremely great gameplay, extremely high replay value, and you can control your jump in mid-air and move while ducking! The physics of the game are also realistic, there for being very handy at times(As in you don't have to always have to jump a specific length). Yes I know it's not like the original Castlevania games, but it is not the only one, Castlevania SOTN(Symphony OF The Night)also has this type of jumping as well and that game is also very very good!

(Overall = 10) A very good variety of different bad guys, always spectacular looking. The bosses alone are very high detailed, animated and chalenging. A great adventure/quest game. This game and Simon's Quest are the way Castlevania games are supposed to be!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/12/00, Updated 03/12/00

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