Review by Larcen Tyler

"Some games just don't die easily!"

It was one of the few in the series that transitioned to the Super NES, in addition to the fact that it debuted with the console's release. Even almost nine years later, Super Castlevania IV still retains the title of 'Super!'

Graphics: 10/10
For a first-gen game, the graphics are well drawn and chock full of special effects. Wait till you check out the rotating background of one level! The enemies die..ok..vanish from this world in various ways. Medusa heads split into snakes, zombies dissolve while their soul rises into the heavens, and so much more!

Sounds: 10/10
The music is done in an eerie, horror-style way, with organs and string arrangements. You even get a string arrangement of the original death theme if you bite the dust! The game starts off with the sound of a wolf howling, and your whip cracks into the night like one might expect it to sound. You even hear Simon groan when he gets hurt!

Controls: 10/10
You can whip in many directions without trouble. You can even attack with special weapons without having to hold up and attack! You can also run, jump, climb stairs, and rotate your whip with so much ease. Plus, the controls are customizable if you need them reconfigured.

Story: 9/10
The story gets a slight demerit for the same old story: Destroy Count Dracula. Otherwise, the rest of it is interesting. A festival draws near, and evil pagans want to resurrect Count Dracula again! So you, as Simon Belmont, must destroy that bloodthirsty tyrant before he turns you into dinner!

Replay: 10/10
It starts off easy enough, but once you pass the first boss, things are gonna get mighty rough! After fighting Medusa, and the giant skull, you'll be thankful for unlimited continues and passwords to keep you going on and on!

Overall: 10/10
A classic game like this shouldn't be passed up, whether you're a fan of the series, or just enjoy a good eerie challenge every now and then!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/27/00, Updated 07/16/01

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