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"Finally, you can play Game Boy games without having trouble seeing the screen"

Concept - 10/10
Super Game Boy is an adapter for the SNES that allows you to play your Game Boy games on your SNES. So this way, you can play Game Boy games in color on your TV. The Super Game Boy also has a lot of features like screen savers, borders that sorround the Game Boy screen (the Super Game Boy doesn't use the entire TV screen, so that's why you can have different kinds of borders that take up the rest of the TV screen) and you can change the color of the Game Boy game your playing. When changing the colors, you can either select a variation of colors, or customise the colors yourself. You can also make your own borders. One of the coolest features is the screen savers. Most of the borders have pictures of stuff that would do things if you don't press any button for a period of time. Another feature is being able to change the controls. You can make A and B on the SNES controller be A and B for the Game Boy games or make Y and B be A and B. Most of the features can be used from the Super Game Boy menu which is accessed by pressing L and R at the same time. One thing that sucks though is that the 2nd SNES controller can't be used for two player Game Boy games. The sound is the same as putting headphones into a Game Boy and listing to the sound so it hasn't really improved a bit

Graphics - 10/10
There's nothing better than playing Game Boy on your TV in color.

Sound - 7/10
The sound is the same as putting headphones into a Game Boy and listing to the sound so it hasn't really improved a bit.

Game Library - 6/10
The Game Boy has just about as much games as the PS-X does but most of the games suck. The best games to get are the Mario games and the Zelda games. Don't even think about getting the Pokemon games. One thing that questions me is how is the Game Boy the best selling system in the world if it has a lot of games that suck.

Overall - 10/10
The Super Game Boy made me love Game Boy. I used to hate Game Boy since it was so hard to see the screen. You couldn't even see the screen that well in GBP and GBC either. The only bad thing though is that you need a SNES to play Game Boy games on your TV and most people got rid of their SNES. If you hated Game Boy because you had trouble seeing the screen, you should most definetly get this. If you hated Game Boy because of it's games, don't bother buying this at all.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/17/01, Updated 09/17/01

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