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"Play all GameBoy games in color!"

The Super GameBoy is an accessory for the Super Nintendo that allows you to play all GameBoy games on your Super Nintendo. The Super GameBoy was released in 1994, so all games released before the Super GameBoy was will be playable on the Super GameBoy, but some features will not be selectable. All or most games released after the Super GameBoy was carry a ''Super GameBoy Game Pak'' symbol. All the options are selectable, as well as options that aren't selectable with the games released before the Super GameBoy.

The Super GameBoy is a cartridge that looks like an SNES Game Pak that plugs into the Super Nintendo, with a slot that a GameBoy Game Pak goes in. When you turn on the Super Nintendo, the Super GameBoy logo appears, with a GameBoy background. After that, the title screen for the game appears, just like the GameBoy.

You'll notice right away that the game is in color. That is pretty much the only difference.....Or is it? The music sounds pretty much identical as when you play the game on a GameBoy, but has a slight enhancement, probably because of the larger, more powerful, speakers on a TV. The same goes for sound effects. Stereo sound is available on a Stereo TV.

If you press the L and R buttons at the same time on your Super Nintendo controller, you'll access the Super GameBoy menu. Here, you can change color pallets for the game, choose several different boarders, set game controls and more. You can use the Super Nintendo controller or the Super Nintendo Mouse to set the options. The controller can to everything the mouse can, but it's harder to use, so you might want to use the Mouse for the SGB (Super GameBoy) menu. Just one thing you might want to keep in mind: When you access the Super GameBoy menu, you might want to pause the game, since you can't play the game while the SGB menu is displayed.

The boarder menu has 9 different boarders, like a theater, a desk with pencils on it and a bunch of cats, just to name a few. You can also create your own boarder! Also, there are screensavers when you don't press any buttons in a game for a while. If you don't like any of the boarders, one of them is plain black.

Next, is the color pallets. Choose from 8 selections, and all 8 have 4 different color pallets to choose from, which means you can select a total of 32 color pallets! Awesome! If you don't like having color or want to have it so it's on a GameBoy, one of the selections is black and white, the same as if you were playing on a GameBoy (A little bit better, actually). You can press X on the controller to switch to the original SGB color. Press X again to switch back to the colors you had

Next, is the game controls. You use a Super Nintendo controller to play (Of course). In the game controls menu, you can select 2 different controller button configurations: Type A and Type B. Your choice.

And finally, an option that allows you two choose 4 of 32 different colors and use them to make your own pellet. Turn Mega Man into a Red Bomber or Green Bomber or both red and green Bomber, instead of Blue Bomber or turn the sky yellow or gray. You can even change the brightness of the color! Do anything you want!

Also, some GameBoy Color games, such as Mega Man Xtreme, are compatible with the Super GameBoy.

And that's not all. The screen for the game is bigger. When playing games on the GameBoy, they have some blur. There's no blur whatsoever when you use the Super GameBoy. Another great thing is that you don't have to use batteries with the Super GameBoy, so you don't need to worry about batteries dying and having to get a new pair! Also, you won't have to look down anymore and get pain in your neck! There is one disadvantage of the Super GameBoy though: There is no 2-player! 2-Players is not possible with the Super GameBoy, so if you try to select 2-Players, it won't work.


*All GameBoy games playable!
*All games are in color!
*There are Controller options
*9 choices of boarders
*Slightly enhanced sound with Stereo sound available
*You can create your own boarder
*Special boarders with some games
*Some GameBoy Color games compatible!


*2-Players are not possible

Overall: 10/10

Buy? Or borrow?

It's definitely worth buying. Should be available at used game shops and some Video stores. If it's over 50 bucks, however, you might want to get a GameBoy Player instead, which can play all 3 GameBoy systems games, have 20 boarder selections, 2 screen sizes, 4-Player multiplayer action, E-Reader compatible and the 56 K Modem and Broadband adapters will still work even when the GameBoy Player is connected to the GameCube. But if you find the Super GameBoy for around $20, it's worth buying.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/27/04

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