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May God have mercy on your soul if you try to kill something with the torches.06/29/01AKMoose
Beautiful but eye-gougingly difficult05/06/03Alecto
ARGGHH!! So......hard......*throws controller*09/07/03beastiecube
A classic? I don´t think so....01/31/02Blitzkrieg Raditz
More ghosts, more ghouls, same underwear, same difficulty: look somewhere else.09/08/04Braben
To say this game is hard would be the understatement of the year.09/29/01chrono trigger fan
Capcom releases one of the best 2D side-scrollers on th SNES next to Actraiser 2.02/21/00fduboo
The ultimate 2D run n gun in the dawn of the 16-bit era. Everything about this game oozes hard work.09/07/06freeze43
6 parts difficulty + 4 parts fun = this game01/04/02Goldenguy
A knight in his boxers? Count me in...06/17/04HandGrenade123
What could be more fun running around naked and flinging lances at monsters?12/09/02Hanyousama
Arthur once again has to save his woman from the clutches of evil08/07/01Hiryuu
Take a key for coming in!08/06/07ImNotYourPapa
Death is all this game delivers. Death for you.08/03/07Joke Reviewer
Old school style, new school awesomeness; buy it somehow03/16/07kinghitchhiker
Arthur please come back with the Goddess Bracelet03/02/02Kuniyuki
This game is NOT impossible10/14/02Logik
Further proof that real men wear boxers01/31/02Martacus
Almost perfect...almost.12/16/00Mikester
Capcom just HAD to make a sequel, didn't they?06/30/01Mitora
Failure to satisfy07/01/10RainDarianSkye
Watch out Arthur, there is a floating tombstone!01/21/10rareidea
Hardcore to the nerves.01/21/11Sirius
A good game over looked due to its challenge06/22/03WalkingBeast

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Is Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts Worth Playing Today? - SNESdrunk from SNES drunk

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