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    FAQ/Walkthrough by samthebigkid

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 03/10/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      _______           _______  _______  _______ 
                     (  ____ \|\     /|(  ____ )(  ____ \(  ____ )
                     | (    \/| )   ( || (    )|| (    \/| (    )|
                     | (_____ | |   | || (____)|| (__    | (____)|
                     (_____  )| |   | ||  _____)|  __)   |     __)
                           ) || |   | || (      | (      | (\ (   
                     /\____) || (___) || )      | (____/\| ) \ \__
                     \_______)(_______)|/       (_______/|/   \__/
         _______  _______  ______   _______ _________ _        _        _______ 
        (  ____ \(  ___  )(  __  \ / ___   )\__   __/( \      ( \      (  ___  )
        | (    \/| (   ) || (  \  )\/   )  |   ) (   | (      | (      | (   ) |
        | |      | |   | || |   ) |    /   )   | |   | |      | |      | (___) |
        | | ____ | |   | || |   | |   /   /    | |   | |      | |      |  ___  |
        | | \_  )| |   | || |   ) |  /   /     | |   | |      | |      | (   ) |
        | (___) || (___) || (__/  ) /   (_/\___) (___| (____/\| (____/\| )   ( |
        (_______)(_______)(______/ (_______/\_______/(_______/(_______/|/     \|
                                   ______ ___  _____ 
                                   |  ___/ _ \|  _  |
                                   | |_ / /_\ \ | | |
                                   |  _||  _  | | | |
                                   | |  | | | \ \/' /
                                   \_|  \_| |_/\_/\_\
         _    _  ___   _      _   _______ _   _ ______ _____ _   _ _____  _   _ 
        | |  | |/ _ \ | |    | | / /_   _| | | || ___ \  _  | | | |  __ \| | | |
        | |  | / /_\ \| |    | |/ /  | | | |_| || |_/ / | | | | | | |  \/| |_| |
        | |/\| |  _  || |    |    \  | | |  _  ||    /| | | | | | | | __ |  _  |
        \  /\  / | | || |____| |\  \ | | | | | || |\ \\ \_/ / |_| | |_\ \| | | |
         \/  \/\_| |_/\_____/\_| \_/ \_/ \_| |_/\_| \_|\___/ \___/ \____/\_| |_/
    by samthebigkid
    Super Godzilla is not a well known game. Most people didn't like the game
    anyway. Only a true Godzilla fan will like this game. Since I am one of them,
    I decided to make this guide. There is a lot of questions surrounding this game.
    I will make sure to go over all the necessary tools for beating the game. I have
    beaten the game myself several times and will even include strategies for both
    US and Japanese versions of the game. Enjoy and thanks for reading!
      ^    ^    ^    ^    ^    ^    ^    ^  
     /C\  /O\  /N\  /T\  /E\  /N\  /T\  /S\ 
    (Letters are Search Key)
    1. Controls and Game Basics (CGB)
    2. Walkthrough (WT)
         -Level 1 (L1)
         -Level 2 (L2)
         -Level 3 (L3)
         -Level 4 (L4)
         -Level 5 (L5)
         -Level 6 (L6)
    3. Bosses/Enemies and Strategies (BS)
    4. Items, Stations, and Terrain (IST)
    5. Background and Other Godzilla Info (BOG)
    6. FAQ (FAQ)
    7. Legal Information and Contact Information (LIC)
      _   _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( B | A | S | I | C | S )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 	 
    These are based on the DEFAULT Setting.
    There will be no ASCII image of a SNES controller since if you are playing
    this game you probably know what the controller looks like.
    A: Punch, Select in Menus, Select Attack
    B: Punch, Select Attack
    X: Punch, Select Attack
    Y: Punch, Selecy Attack
    L: View Location, Select Item/Escape
    R: View Location, Bring up Items Menu
    START: Pause
    SELECT: Select in Menus
    D-Pad: Move
    NOTE: When SUPER GODZILLA any punch button can be held down to charge a 
    lunging SUPER PUNCH, which does a lot more damage and still allows choice
    of attack.
    This is brief because I will get into much more detail later.
    Alright for most of the time you are wandering the level. This is all seen
    from a top view of the city and your blue dot is you. On the top half of the
    screen you see godzilla walking and his surroundings. On the bottom, you
    see the part of the map you are on, with Godzilla being the blude dot and
    the boss being the Purple Dot. The Mother UFO is an orange square with 2
    black rings inside it. Your health, time, course, and enemy is displayed.
    |                                             |
    |              GODZILLA                       |
    |                                             |
    |   --------------------------------------  C |
    |A  |                                    |    |
    |   |             MAP                    |    |
    |B  |                                    |  D |
    |   --------------------------------------    |
    A= Health
    B= Time Remaining
    C= Direction/Course
    D= Distance to Enemy
    Alright in battles, the game goes more 2D fighting style. You see
    a side view of Godzilla and his opponent. You have a STAMINA meter.
    It goes up and down depending on how far right you move. The higher
    it is, the better attack choices you recieve. To attack, approach the
    opponent and PUNCH. Now retreat to choose an attack, then hit PUNCH
    again to execute. If you get hurt while retreating, you fail to attack.
    There are 4 attacks, not all work on all opponents so be careful. You'll
    get the hang of it.
    Starting on Level 2, you face UFOs which are easily delt with, but annoying.
    They stop appearing if you destroy the Mother UFO. As stated previously,
    the Mother UFO is an organge square with black circles. Trust me you ALWAYS
    want to take it out.
    Every Level has a time limit. This is because the control device on Godzilla
    only works for so long. So yea you're always going against the clock so try
    not to fiddle around, but usually you have plenty of time to do everything.
    On the map, you will see several different types of squares and such. Everything
    is a square. Different Squares do different things. For example, cement or grass
    is fine, buildings do a little damage, but you destroy them, water slows you
    down, electric fences just hurt you, and etc. 
    All attacks do different ammounts to each opponent, so it will be
     covered later
    Monster: Godzilla
       Classic godzilla, picture easily found 
    -Tail Whip (low stamina)
       Whacks enemy with tail
    -Body Slam (low-medium stamina)
       Slams into enemy
    -Fire Breathe (medium stamina)
       Shoots fire out of mouth (Blue)
    -Ultra Fire Breath (medium-high stamina)
       Shoots Massive beam of fire out of mouth (Blue)
    Monster: Super Godzilla
       Looks a lot like Space Godzilla (explained later)
    -Super Punch
       An extra powerful lunge punch (not attack command, but a special punch)
    -Tail Ball (low stamina)
       Flings ball of energy from tail at enemy
    -Explosive Slam (low-medium stamina)
        Slams into enemy, then they start having blue explosions on them
    -Fire Breathe (medium stamina)
       Shoots a beam of Fire from mouth (Bright Orange)
    -Nova Beam (medium-high stamina)
       Shoots beam out of Stomach that is blue and has SuperG's face on it.
    *****OTHER GAME BASICS*****
    -When you beat a level, you are scored on your performance. Abotu every
     10,000 points you earn an extra Credit. A Credit is used when you die
     to continue. You start with 5.
    -Points are based on Health Left, Time Left, and Buildings destroyed.
     Health is 10X your health, 10X your time, and -10 for every buildings
     destroyed. But you also recieve a bonus.
    -When you get a game over, the boss is displayed either fully or in
     shadow, depending on if you have fought them.
    -If you continue, the boss has just as much health as you left him
    -Most items are random, but there are a few that never change.
      _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( W | A | L | K | T | H | R | O | U | G | H )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 	 
    Before I say anything else, you can check my maps here on GameFAQs in
    case you get lost on the map or need visual representation.
    *********LEVEL 1: OSAKA (L1)
    Time Limit: 240 (4 minutes)
    Starting Energy: 600
    Alright you start in 1-A. The boss will either be in 1-B or 2-B.
    Either way you want to start by heading into 1-B from 1-A. Start
    by heading right onto land, I suggest breaking that one building to
    save some time. Once on concrete, continue forward. Keep heading
    right until you come across a mine. Step on it, go forward one
    and start heading down. When you hit the bottom, head right through
    one building and grab the yellow station for an item. As you approach
    it a tank appears so just step on it when ready. Continue to 1-B.
    As you enter 1-B, you'll come across two tanks. Step on them both.
    If the Boss is here, head towards him. If not grab the yellow station
    for and item and then head up to 2-B. Note that in the center of 1-B
    is a group of 3 mines and 2 tanks. Just a heads up.
    If the Boss wasn't in 1-B, then you go up here to 2-B. As you enter 
    you are attacked by a tank, step on it. Head up and grab the 1st
    yellow station for an item. Ignore the tank. Head up and then head
    right through the water. As you leave the water you will be ambushed
    by 3 tanks, step on them. Grab the last yellow station for an Instant
    Health Capsule. Then face the Boss.
    (Boss Strategy is in "Enemies Section)
    *********LEVEL 2: MT. FUJI (L2)
    Time Limit: 400 (6 minutes 40 Seconds)
    Starting Energy: 600
    Alright (I use that word a lot in my guides) now it gets tougher. The
    enemy is in 2-A. The problem is 2-A is not accessible from 1-A (where
    you start). You have to go all the way around to 1-B, 2-B, then finally
    to 2-A. So you start in 1-A, head right in a straight line the way you
    start. You will run into a few mines so watch out. There is a blue
    station and a yellow station with worthless info. As you go, UH OH A UFO?!
    Yep you got to fight him. They are randomly appearing for the rest of the
    game, deal minimal damage and die in one fire breath so be quick with it.
    Keep heading into 1-B, you will encounter a few mines and a new type of Tank.
    This tank can deal more damage and fire at a longer range, except it cannot
    fire up close. In this area there are just a few mines and a tank. There are
    two worthless yellow info stations and a blue station. Once you get past the
    tank, enter the open area then head up to 2-B.
    As you enter 2-B, you will see an Orange Spot on the map. This is the MOTHER
    UFO. You most definately should defeat it. It will make the boss unable to
    warp, AND get rid of your small UFO pests. Engage the Mother UFO and defeat it
    with 3 fire breaths or so. After beating it, about 3 Advanced Tanks appear, one
    should be in the mountains. Step on all of them. There are 4 yellow stations in
    this section, the one on the far right has an item, the second from the right
    has another item, the next one is a worthless info station, and the one farthest
    left is an instant health capsule. You'll hit one or two more mines, then head
    left into 2-A....
    When you enter 2-A, there is an immediate worthless info station by the small
    lake. When you come up to the next yellow station, an Advanced Tank appears.
    Crush it then collect the Instant Health Capsule. There are 2 blue stations.
    The next 4 yellow stations have a Time Freeze capsule, and the rest are items.
    Go around taking the tanks before engaging the boss. Then if you need it use
    a blue station. Then go fight the boss, (US Version: Fake Godzilla, Then
    Mechagodzilla '74) (JP Version: Mechagodzilla 93'). Strategy is at the bottom.
    *********LEVEL 3: LAKE ASHINO (L3)
    Time Limit: 480 (8 minutes)
    Starting Energy:
    Get ready because this level takes a while. I am going to apoligize in
    advance. The point of this level is to save the professor, but he's being
    held in an ORANGE STATION. The problem is all the other Orange Stations
    are Booby Trapped. Alright you start in 1-B, so start by simply heading
    right AROUND the Blue Fences without touching them (ouch). You will
    encounter 1 tank and 1 mine so don't worry.
    As you enter 1-A, you'll have to head up to 2-A since you're kind of
    in a not so hot spot to get into the action.
    Now as you enter 2-A, you'll just have to loop around the Unbreakable
    mountain and back down into 1-A.
    Head down around the Blue fences and face the Mother UFO, 2 advance tanks
    appear but will not be able to attack from their position, so crush them
    after taking out the Mother UFO. No just head back up to 2-A the way you
    Once in 2-A, start crossing the lake, picking up the item in the deep part.
    Now you're in 2-B. There are 2 yellow stations to your immediate access.
    One is a warp to the area where you fought the Mother UFO, and the other
    reveals where the Professor is located. The problem is, it's random every
    time you turn on the game, so I can't tell you which station it is. So
    study that little map it gives you closely, then open a new window and
    view my map of this level to help you find your way to that specific 
    Orange Station. There very few tanks and mines in the level, but plenty of
    yellow stations with items and such.
    Once you have found the location of the professor, you discover that they
    used Godzilla cells to create Biollante, and of course you have to kill
    her. She appears in the Lake and will only go in the lake at 3-A. So before
    you fight her, load up on items. Once you have defeated her, the level ends.
    You find out that the Ghidorah Cells can hold a lot of energy. So they are
    injected into godzilla, giving him a new max of 700 health. (yay!)
    Strategy is in the Enemies Section.
    *********LEVEL 4: YOKOHAMA (L4)
    Time Limit: 520 (8 minutes 40 seconds)
    Starting Energy: 700
    A large but rather easy level. You start in 1-A. Make your way down the
    norrwo strip of pavement. You will encounter a few mines, step on them
    anyway. Then when you hit the bottom of the map, head right and destroy
    the lone building blocking your path. After this you shall encounter a 
    few more mines and some tanks. Then about 4 steps later, two more advanced
    tanks. Destroy the next lone building to proceed into the last little section
    of the area. There will be about 1 more tank or mine. You will see a huge
    section of about 10 yellow stations. One is worthless info and the rest are
    either blue capsules or instant health capsules. Now leave 1-A rightward
    into 1-B through the small opening in the buildings.
    Remember when I said step on the mines? Well as soon as you enter 1-B you
    step on a blue station. As you continue rightward, many tanks, advanced
    tanks, and mines appear, so crush them. The yellow station on the bottom
    has an instant health capsule. Continue towards the Mother UFO. A few more
    mines and tanks appear, crush them first. Now engage the Mother UFO. After
    it's gone, head back the way you came, except go up the middle, destroying
    any left over enemies. The yellow stations have some items and one has an
    instant health capsule. Now proceed upward to 2-B.
    Once in 2-B just keep heading up on the cement, ignoring the tanks, and
    the yellow station. No combat here. Continue to 3-B
    Once in 3-B, keep heading up, you will find two tanks, dispose of them.
    Grab the yellow station if you want. Now proceed into 4-B.
    Once in 4-B, grab the Yellow Station for a good Red Orb, and use the Blue
    Station if your health is running low. Enage Battra, easy Battle. After
    the battle, head left into 4-A by going through the water, try to go
    through the thinest deep area. Enter 4-A.
    Once in 4-A, you'll hit a Blue Station. Do not bother with any other
    station in the area, just head for battra. Still heading left, you'll
    encounter some mines as you reach shore. Evade them and engage Battra.
    If you have about 350 time left, you destroy the cacoon. If not then
    it's battle time again.
    *********LEVEL 5: TOKYO (L5)
    Time Limit: 770 (12 minutes 50 seconds)
    Starting Energy: 700 (900 if Super Godzilla)
    Either one of the easiest or hardest levels. You have two decisions, both
    lead to a hard part eventually so choose now:
    CHOICE A: Head straight for Mecha-Ghidorah to have an easier battle with
    the Final Boss.
    CHOICE B: Get all three "S" Stations and transform into Super Godzilla in
    which Mecha-King Ghidorah is insanely easy. The downfall is you can't
    become Super Godzilla until a little bit after fighting the Final Boss
    which makes you very likely to die if you don't run away.
    I didn't even know about "B" until a few play-throughs ago. I prefer B
    but I recommend trying both eventually, as both offer unique challenges.
    --CHOICE A--
    You start in 1-B. Now you'll call me crazy but you don't have enough time
    to go kill the Mother UFO in 1-A due to the mass amount of deep water. So
    start heading up towards 2-B, when you come across some mines and tank, 
    head right. To the bottom is a worthless info station and to the right
    is another info station and a temporary invinciblity power-up. Just head
    up through the far right side, destroying the tanks that come in your way.
    You want to end up in the far right column of open area in 2-B
    As you enter 2-B, you will be bombarded by 5 tanks, but if you got that
    invincibility it will be no problem. Crush them and head up and towards the
    right into 3-B.
    3-B, not much here but a few mines and tanks, but a whole lot of buildings.
    Try to destroy as few buildings as possible. Avoid the few tanks and head
    into 4-B.
    Once in 4-B, work your way around and grab some items, you'll need them.
    When you're ready, find Mecha-King Ghidorah and engage him. Strategy is
    with other boss Strategies.
    --CHOICE B--
    You start in 1-B. Head up until you are just to the right of two unbreakable
    buildings with a space inbetween. An advanced tank will appear but not be
    able to attack you. Just head left into the ocean. There will be a chain of
    mines in the ocean. Step on them to move as if on concrete, or if you rather
    you can just go through normal water and take longer. Head into 1-A.
    As you enter 1-A, you'll see three Yellow stations. 2 have blue Orbs and 1 has
    a Yellow (the 3rd has the yellow orb). Head towards the mother UFO, this will
    take a long time. After you have defeated the mother UFO, head up towards 2-A,
    grabbing the yellow station giving you a time stop capsule.
    As you enter 2-A, head up to the "S" Station, this is 1 of 3. When you approach
    it, mines and tanks appear. If you have plenty of health, take them out, then
    get the "S" Station since it gives you health. After you get the "S" Station,
    take care of the pests if you haven't already. There is an instant health capsul
    above the "S" Station and a Blue Station to the left. Head down and to the right
    while staying on a course to 2-B. There is a whole row of 4 yellow stations each
    holding an item. Right next to the row is an equal row of mines along with some
    tanks. Start taking out the tanks but avoid the mines if all possible. When 
    you're ready, proceed into 2-B.
    Alright, you're right next to the 2nd "S" Station. Grab it then head right back
    into 2-A.
    2-A again, Above the row of the 4 yellow stations should be a 5th one slightly
    off to the right. Grab it to be warped to the opposite side of the same area.
    Grab the blue station, then head up to 3-A from the left side.
    Once in 3-A, you'll encounter a tank, crush it. Head up, breaking as few
    buildings as possible. You'll encounter 2 mines, step on them. There
    are 2 yellow stations, the 1st one has a instant health capsule, and the
    other is an item. Now head up into 4-A.
    You should be in the bottom left corner of 4-A. Destroy the single tank. Break
    through one building and grab the last "S" Station. TADAH!!! You're Super
    Godzilla! Now you take no damage from mines, tanks, or buildings. So do
    as you please to them. Head right into 4-B.
    Once in 4-B, just head right, and when you encounter another line of mines,
    step on all of them to clear the way quicker. Enter the opening and engage
    Mecha-King Ghidorah for an EASY EASY Battle.
    *********LEVEL 6: TOKYO (L6)
    Time Limit:
    Starting Energy: 700 (900 when you become Super Godzilla)
    The Ultimate Showdown is here. The level is short. Depending on
    whether you chose A or B before, the level will be slightly diffferent but
    offer the same ending.
    --CHOICE A--
    After Defeating Ghidorah, a scene appears in which a mass called "Bagan"
    appears and destroys Tokyo. Just head to 3-B, avoiding any tanks, just
    the way you came.
    Now in 3-B, you'll see an Orange Station. Go to it and it's the Professor.
    Super Godzilla time. Now mines and tanks can't hurt you. Head down to 2-B.
    Once in 2-B, head down to 1-B just the way you came, hunting for items if
    you please. If you encounter a UFO, super punch it for a one hit kill.
    Now that you're in 1-B, if you feel ready, engage Bagan. Defeat him to
    beat the game. Congrats. (sorry this is so short).
    --CHOICE B--
    Uh oh, you're not Super Godzilla anymore, and right at the worst time. The
    Aliens have released their ultimate weapon, Bagan. Tokyo has been destroyed.
    You must attempt to face this ultimate monster whil Godzilla. Remember what
    you did to Mecha-Ghidorah? Well it's like that but twice as bad, and it's
    happening to you.
    You start in 4-B. Try to find the Instant Invincibilty yellow station, it's
    towards the top of the map, a little right from the middle. I didn't mention
    it before because you need it now for the road ahead. Head down into 3-B.
    Head down through 3-B breaking through buildings and stepping on mines while
    your invincibility is still on. Make your way past some mines and maybe one or
    two tanks. Grab as many items as you can on the way. Proceed to 2-B.
    You might find Bagan here, if not he's down one more section. Either way many
    tanks appear to stop you so destroy all of them. If Bagan is here, make sure
    you have full health and engage him. If not continue down to 1-B.
    Once in 1-B, take out any tanks, grab any last minute items, and engage Bagan.
    You'll have to wait a little while to become Super G again, and you'll probably
    have to retreat a few times. Strategies are at the bottom.
      _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( E | N | E | M | I | E | S )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 	 
    Okay here it goes... STATUS is how they are encountered.
    HEATLH: Is how much health they have (or how much it takes to
    kills them). ATTACKS are what they can hurt you with and (how
    much damage it does is in parenthesis). GODZILLA ATTACKS are
    the attacks that work on them and (how much they do are in 
    parenthesis). DIFFICULTY is how hard they are. STRATEGY is the
    best way to deal with them.
    PLEASE NOTE: All damage numbers are estimates. Attacks can vary
    in damage by a few hit points. The higher the initial damage, the
    higher the variation can be. Example: Tanks do 4-6, but on occasion
    do 7. Where as King Ghidorah's Single Beam does AROUND 50, sometimes
    48 or 54, but usually around 50. There is no exact number.
    Enemy: Tank
    Status: On Map Only
    Health: 1 stomp
    Attacks: Fire Cannon (4-6)
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Strategy: Just walk on them, and try not to avoid them
     since over time it will eat away at your health.
    Enemy: Advanced Tank
    Status: On Map Only
    Health: 1 Stomp
    Attacks: Fire Cannon (6-9)
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Strategy: Since they are the same as Tanks but stronger
     just have the exact same strategy, but make sure to kill
     them. They have longer range, but in groups can suck your
     health quickly.
    Enemy: Mine
    Status: On Map Only
    Health: 1 Stomp
    Attacks: Explode (30)
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Strategy: When you step on it, it explodes, that's all. You
     can either avoid them, or just step on them to get rid of them.
     Sometimes they allow easier access over water though.
    Enemy: UFO
    Status: Battle Mode Enemy
    Health: 50
    Attacks: Laser Beam (5-10)
    Godzilla Attacks: Only Fire Breath works (50 damage)
    Super Godzilla Attacks: Super Punch (50), Fire Breath (50)
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Strategy: Simple run up to them and punch them, then use your
     fire breath to kills them. They are easy but give you no bonuses
     so escape if you don't feel like fighting.
    Enemy: Mother UFO
    Status: Battle Mode Enemy
    Health: 150
    Attacks: Laser Beam (14-20), Thunder Beam (5-10)
    Godzilla Attacks: Only Fire Breath Works (50)
    Super Godzilla Attacks: Super Punch (100), Fire Breath (100)
    Difficulty: 4.5/10
    Strategy: TAKE THEM OUT. On the map, they are an Orange Square
     with two black circles. Once killed, no UFOs attack you AND the
     boss monster can't warp. They are basically beefed up UFOs who can
     Fly up and down and 3x the healh, but the overall strategy is the
    Enemy: King Ghidorah
    Status: BOSS (Level 1)
    Health: 600
    Attacks: Single Beam (50), Double Beam(60), Triple Beam (80)
    Godzilla Attacks: Tail Whip (50), Body Slam (65), Fire Breath (80),
     Ultra Fire Breath (100), Slam (10)
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Suggested Items: 2 Blue, 1 Red, 1 Green
    Strategy: Pretty Simple, you probably can live with using only a single
     blue item, the other items are just to make it easier really. He only
     does a single slam at a time so just keep moving forward. Get your punch
     in and choose an attack. He doesn't do a ton to you, but you don't have a
     lot of health either. Just keep attacking, using an item occasionally if
     needed. You shouldn't need to retreat, no real tricks here.
    Enemy: (Fake) Godzilla
    Status: PreBOSS (Level 2; US Version)
    Health: 200 
    Attacks: Slam (8-14)
    Godzilla Attacks: Punch (1 punch kills)
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Suggested Items: none
    Strategy: Just go and punch him. It can sometimes be hard
     since he moves a lot but one punch brings on phase 2 of the
    Enemy: Mechagodzilla (1974; US version)
    Status: BOSS (Level 2; US Version)
    Health: 550
    Attacks: Eye Beam (70), Finger Missles (50), Force Field Fire
     Breath COUNTER (50), Triple Slam (30)
    Godzilla Attacks: Tail Whip (30), Body Slam (50),
     Ultra Fire Breathe (80)
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Suggested Items: 2 Blue, 2 Green
    Strategy: He can be tough. You CANNOT use normal Fire Breath since
     his shield deflects it and then he attacks you. You may have to run
     away a few times, but just keep punch him, making sure not to choose
     normal fire breathe. If you get the chance, use Ultra Fire Breath.
     I highly do not recomend choosing the "Random" attack. He can be very
     tough, but is sort of easy when you get the hang of it. I like the "low
     stamina, many tail whips" technique. It can be very affective, just run
     if you see his Stamina sky rise, since he's going to attack.
    Enemy: Mechagodzilla (1993; JP Version)
    Status: BOSS (Level 2; JP Version)
    Health: 550
    Attacks: Eye Beam (70), Mouth Beam (90), Shoulder Missle (50), 
     Fire Breath COUNTER (50), Triple Slam (20)
    Godzilla Attacks: Tail Whip (40), Body Slam (45), Ultra Fire (80)
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Suggested Items: 2 Blue, 2 Green
    Strategy: He can be tough. You CANNOT use normal Fire Breath since
     his shield deflects it and then he attacks you. You may have to run
     away a few times, but just keep punch him, making sure not to choose
     normal fire breathe. If you get the chance, use Ultra Fire Breath.
     I highly do not recomend choosing the "Random" attack. He can be very
     tough, but is sort of easy when you get the hang of it. I like the "low
     stamina, many tail whips" technique. It can be very affective, just run
     if you see his Stamina sky rise, since he's going to attack. He is
     slightly different from the US one but has a few differences, like not
     starting as Fake Godzilla.
    Enemy: Biollante 
    Status: BOSS (Level 3)
    Health: 700
    Attacks: Tentacle Whip (60), Acid Blast (130), Body Slam COUNTER (80),
     Slam (10)
    Godzilla Attacks: Tail Whip (20), Fire Breath (50),
     Ultra Fire Breath (75)
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Suggested Items: 2 Green, 2 Yellow
    Strategy: One of the hardest bosses you face. Alright she's big
     and she isn't very friendly. His attacks are very deadly. She starts
     out with two tentacles. Try to take these out first. They take about
     5-7 punches to destroy. While she has them, she can do her Tentacle
     Launch attack that is not too bad damage wise. Every punch knocks the
     tentacles back, so you might be able to attack Biollante herself if you
     knock them back enough. Once both tentacles are dead, she starts to use
     her acid attack a lot more which is devastating. She is IMMUNE to Body
     Slam so don't use it, also try not to do Random because Body Slam is very
     frequent in Randoms. When she goes underwater, go forward as far as you
     can to build stamina. When she rises, punch and do an Ultra Fire. Her
     defense is very high so you'll probably have to retreat several times.
     Continue until she dies.
    Enemy: Battra (possibly fight 2)
    Status: BOSS (Level 4)
    Health: 550 (500 on second battle)
    Attacks: Dive Bomb (70), Eye Beam (50), Slam (5)
    Godzilla Attacks: Ultra Fire Breath (110)
    Difficulty: 6.5/10
    Suggested Items: 3 Red, 1 Yellow
    Strategy: Easy. Only Ultra Fire Breath works, but it's easy to get. He
     has low defense so just keep coming at him. His attacks aren't too
     powerful. You may have to use A Yellow Orb but only 1. Try to use
     your red Orbs to get your good attacks. If you take too long after
     you defeat the 1st Battra, you will have to face a 2nd one, who has
     no difference at all. Either way, he's more of an annoyance than a
    Enemy: Mecha-King Ghidorah (fought as Godzilla)
    Status: BOSS (Level 5)
    Health: 800
    Attacks: Single Beam (65), Double Beam (75), Triple Beam (85),
     Taser (160), Slam (25)
    Godzilla Attacks: Tail Whip (35), Body Slam (50), Fire Breath (60),
     Ultra Fire Breath (80)
    Difficulty: 9.25/10
    Suggested Items: 2 Yellow, 2 Green
    Strategy: This is a TOUGH battle. If you chose this path, you either
     don't want to delay fighting Bagan or have a lot of guts. It's not
     easy, but I didn't even know there was an easy route until my last
     two times through. All attacks work on him so keep attacking. Lots
     of weaker attacks are probably the easiest. He has a triple slam
     does some damage and builds up over time. You'll probably retreat a
     few times, since he is no easy enemy. Make sure to have plenty of items
     to help you out because you're in for a wild ride. If his stamina bar
     starts rising very quickly, Escape because you can't afford the damage.
    Enemy: Mecha-King Ghidorah (fought as Super Godzilla)
    Status: BOSS (level 5)
    Health: 800
    Attacks: Single Beam (35), Double Beam (45), Triple Beam (55), Taser (80)
     Slam (15)
    Godzilla Attacks: Super Punch (20), Tail Ball(100), Explosive Slam(125),
     Fire Breath(150), Nova Beam (200)
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Suggested Items: 2 blue, 2 Red
    Strategy: Quite Simply a very easy battle. He can barely do anything to
     you. You may need to get health ONCE if you mess up. Super Punch him
     and unload the Punishment. Your Nova beam does a whopping 200 damage
     so make quick work of him. Have fun, I mean if you got this far this is
     a welcome fun break. I mean I still had 400 health even after I was 
     doing tests to see how much damage he did to me. 
    Enemy: Bagan (fought as Godzilla)
    Status: FINAL BOSS (level 6)
    Health: 900
    Attacks: Slash (130), Energy Diamond Rain (150), Plasma Mouth Beam (200), 
     Fire Breathe COUNTER (0), Slam (100)
    Godzilla Attacks: Tail Whip (5), Body Slam (10), Ultra Fire Breath (30)
    Difficulty: 1000000/10
    Suggested Items: 4 Yellow or 4 Green
    Strategy: Impossible. If you are forced to fight him as godzilla,
     you can only hope the Super X3 comes soon and transforms you because
     you're lucky if you do 30 damage to him before you transform. Try to
     hit him and attack ASAP! Don't be afraid to run away either. He is 
     impossible to beat so just hang tight. My FAVORITE thing to do is back
     up as far as I can and just stand there. He will RARELY attack you so 
     just hang out there. If he attacks 2 times or more, heal yourself and
     just sit there. There is no real point in Attacking.
    Enemy: Bagan (fought as Super Godzilla)
    Status: FINAL BOSS (level 6)
    Health: 900 (minus whatever previous damage was done to him)
    Attacks: Slash (70), Energy Diamond Rain (90), Plasma Mouth Beam (100),
     Slam (50)
    Godzilla Attacks: Super Punch (10), Tail Ball (50), Explosive Slam (70),
     Fire Breath (80), Nova Beam (100)
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Suggested Items: 2 Yellow, 1 Green, 1 Red
    Strategy: The final battle is here. If you were already Godzilla and 
     transformed in battle, you may have done a bit of damage, but nothing
     real great. You'll start with full health when you transform so that's
     good. On the other hand, if you started as Super G, then you'll have
     all your items. I recomend starting as Super G if possible. I recomend
     using a super punch whenever possible. It raises stamina in place, and
     launchers forward and deals extra damage. You can even punch, then keep
     holding down the button to super punch after, doing extra damage. You
     may have to escape. Try to get high stamina, since the Nova Beam looks
     sweet and deals massive damage. Try out all of your new attacks, but be
     careful not to get so carried away that you get yourself killed. This is
     not quite as hard as Mecha-Ghidorah as Godzilla, but the same as the fight
     with Biollante.
      _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( I | T | E | M | S )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 	 
    Station: Yellow
    Levels: All
    Contents: Items, Info, Maps, Instanr Invicibilty Capsules,
     Instant health capsules, time stopping capsules,
    Station: Blue
    Levels: All
    Contents: Health (Varies in value, usually about 250)
    Station: Orange
    Levels: Level 3 and 6
    Damage (if not the Professor): 30
    Contents: Explodes and hurts you (Level 3), the Professor with
     some health (Level 3), OR the Professor with the Super Godzilla
     upgrade (Level 6)
    Station: "S"
    Levels: Levels 5 and 6
    Contents: Health, collect all 3 to become Super Godzilla
    These can be acquired from YELLOW STATIONS
    Item: Green Orb
    Effect: Makes you invincible for a short while
    Item: Blue Orb
    Effect: Gives about 150 health
    Item: Yellow Orb
    Effect: Gives full health
    Item: Red Orb
    Effect: Increases rate in which Stamina meter increases for a short time
    SITUATION. For example, 1 Green, 1 Red and 2 yellow are good for Biollante while
    3 Red and 1 Yellow are good against Battra.
    Type: Grass, Cement
    Levels: All
    Damage: None
    Slower Speed: No
    Delt With: Just walk on it
    Type: Small Buildings, Small Mountains
    Levels: All
    Damage: ~4, 0 if SuperG
    Slower Speed: Must be destroyed
    Delt With: You lose points for everyone you destroy, sometimes you have
     to destroy them so just keep going through them.
    Type: Large Buildings, Large Mountains
    Levels: All
    Damage: None
    Slower Speed: Cannot move through them
    Delt With: You have to find a way around, you cannot destroy them.
    Type: Water (Shallow)
    Levels: All
    Damage: None
    Slower Speed: 1/2
    Delt With: Just walk through it, it just takes twice as long to move
    Type: Water (Deep)
    Levels: All but level 2
    Damage: None
    Slower Speed: 1/4
    Delt With: If possible find a way around, but it seriously takes forever
     to move through.
    Type: Laser Fence
    Levels: 3
    Damage: 40
    Slower Speed: Pushes you back
    Delt With: Don't touch them, destroy their main power pole, since they
     do a lot of damage.
    Type: Laser Fence Post
    Levels: 3
    Damage: 20
    Slower Speed: Must be destroyed
    Delt With: Destroy them at vital spots to cut off as much Laser fence as you
     can. Better than just walking into a fence 80 times.
      _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( B | A | C | K | G | R | O | U | N | D )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 	 
    This game actually had some significance to the latest godzilla movie 
    (at the time). Originally, the game was to serve as a sneak peak for
    Godzilla fans on the plot of the upcoming Godzilla film Godzilla vs.
    Bagan. Now as time went on, they decided to change the film to Godzilla
    vs. Space Godzilla. So Bagan (for a 2nd time) was scrapped. The Super
    Godzilla suit was modified to become the Space Godzilla Suit. Godzilla
    vs.Space Godzilla is one of the cheesiest godzilla films, though I much
    rather have had Bagan and Super G instead of Moguera and Space Godzilla.
    All the details of the movie were never released. It was never confirmed
    if any other monster other than Bagan would appear in it. The game featured
    a few monsters, but it would be a dull game if there was only one monster
    to face now wouldn't it? Bagan was also supposed to appear in another film
    20 years earlier but got canned as well. Bagan has not been brought up again
    for a long time. I personally think he is one of the sweetest Kaiju (japanese
    word for monster) in the Godzilla universe and deserves a shot in a Godzilla
    movie. But after the release of FINAL WARS, no new movies are gonna be made
    for a few years now, so we can just sit and hope.
    Godzilla: Started in 1954 as a horror movie.
    King Ghidorah: Started in one of the early G movies as Monster Zero
    Mechagodzilla ('74): Started as Ultimate weapon against godzilla in
     the Showa Series of Godzilla movies. (built by Aliens)
    Mechagodzilla ('93): Started as Greatest Anti-Godzilla Weapon for
     the protection of Tokyo. (built bu Humans)
    Biollante: Started as 1st new Godzilla monster in 15 years when she
     was chosen from a "Make a new Godzilla monster!" contest. She was made
     from Godzilla, Human, and Rose DNA.
    Battra: Was the "Yang" of the Ying-Yang of good and evil of the two moths
     of Earth (the other being Mothra).
    Mecha-King Ghidorah: Started in the Heisei series when KG was defeated by
     Godzilla, and the Futurians rebuilt him to take on Godzilla.
    Bagan: Never Starred in a Movie
    -JP has slightly different opening
    -US has Mechagodzilla '74
    -JP has Mechagodzilla '93
    -US is in English, JP is in Japanese
    -JP version runs a little more smoothly
    For more details on the history of all Godzilla films, monsters, and such,
    visit either one of these:
      _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ 
    ( F | A | Q )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ 	 
    Q: Who is Bagan?
    A: Bagan is a monster that was never used in a movie, check the "Background"
    section for more details.
    Q: What's up with the system for this game?
    A: I have no idea. It was a unique and original idea, kind of crazy, but
    original. Trust me the gameplay isn't too hard once you get used to it.
    It takes time to adjust.
    Q: Why does Super Godzilla look a lot like Space Godzilla?
    A: Once again check the "Background" Section, but the Space Godzilla suit was
    made by altering the Super Godzilla Suit.
    Q: Would you recomend watching the godzilla movies before playing?
    A: It doesn't matter, the story is seperate anyway so don't worry about
    Q: Is Rodan in the game?
    A: No
    Q: DO you think Bagan will ever make it in a Godzilla movie?
    A: I hope so but I highly doubt it because of his lack of a foundation
       in the fan base.
    Q: Will a sequel ever be made?
    A: Not likely.
      _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( L | E | G | A | L ) ( I | N | F | O )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 	 
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.
    I, samthebigkid, own all rights to this guide. All characters and trademarks
    belong to their respected owners.
    For information, comments, flames, or what-not email me at:
    Have the Subject Be: "Super Godzilla Guide" or something around those lines.
    Just to warn you I have virus and spam blockers so don't try sending me
    Special Thanks:
    GameFAQs and CJayC- for hosting my guide
    Toho- for creating such a sweet monster
    Toho Kingdom and GojiStomp- for the godzilla info
    Me- for loving this game enough to make a guide
    My friend Bo- for loving Godzilla too
    Created: 2-10-05 (started work, things started slow, been busy)
    Finished: 3-02-05
    Last Updated: 3-10-05
    -Remade Level 1 Walkthrough.
    -Added New Strategy for Bagan (vs. Godzilla)
    -Added more FAQ
    -More detail on Boss Fights
    -Anything Else I feel like adding.

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