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"*Cues famous Godzilla theme* A must have for any old school gamer and G fan"

About 7 years ago, I rented this game and decided to give it a try. I always loved Godzilla and had never played a G game before. I took it home and popped the cartridge into the slot, and was greeted by Godzilla's famous theme. At that moment I was hooked.

Story: 10/10 For years Godzilla fans have been watched as aliens tried to take over world using their monsters, and this is nothing different. It pits the player right into an epic battle for the salvation of Earth. It starts out that King Ghidorah is attacking Tokyo and the Japanese government has implanted a control box in Godzilla's brain to manipulate him into taking out the monsters. You defeat the infamous 3-headed golden dragon and he is teleported away by the aliens. You're greeted by them and they announce their plans for world domination. You set out to take out all of the monsters.

Music/sound: 10/10 In every town you trample your way through cities, your ears come into contact with one of the many songs played in the G movies and the quality is exceptional, just like you're watching a movie. The monster roars sound just like they're coming out of the movie as well.

Graphics: 10/10 I really don't care about graphics in a game, but you have to marvel at the detail put into this game. Truly incredible, and that's all I have to say about that.

Gameplay: 10/10 This game has very unique gameplay mechanics. The screen is horizontally split in both the overworld and battle modes. In the overworld mode, on the bottom you see different sets of numbers. One is how many seconds you have left to beat the level in, another is how much life Godzilla has, and one is the distance from the monster. One box is reserved to show an arrow pointing to the direction Godzilla is heading in. In the middle of all these numbers is the map of the city You'll see tanks and land mines pop up, try to avoid them. You can get rid of the tanks by stomping on them, which causes no harm, and it's more wise to try to avoid the mines. Destroying buildings and such will cause damage to Godzilla and affect your overall score. The top of the screen shows an animation of Godzilla walking and getting shot at and such. while walking around you can find little yellow squares that give you special items to use in battle or teleport you, or even give you tips. Little blue squares are nuclear reactors that give Godzilla health when he needs it. The battle screen is a bit different, the top half shows Godzilla and the bottom half shows your life and a empty box. When Godzilla walks up to and punches the enemy monster, you walk backwards with him the empty box will split apart showing an attack you can use. The higher your fighting spirit is, the more devastating of an attack will be allowed for you to use. If you don't like what move it is, you can move forward slightly and walk backwards again. However, watch out because this is the time when you're vulnerable. Be as quick and decisive as possible. Most monsters will instantly take advantage of this moment and attack you, making you repeat the whole process again. During the battle you can push select and choose one of the items you picked up to use.

Controls: 10/10 Very simple, on the map just press the direction you want Godzilla to go in, and he'll go that way. In battles you can only move back and forth, punch, unleash an attack with a push of a button, or select an item to use. Very simplistic which makes it easy to just pick up and play this game for the first time.

Overall: 10/10 Like I said, I've been hooked since I first put the cartridge into the system and I had to go and buy it the next week. If you're a Godzilla fan and love the cheesy alien takeover plots, this game is for you. If you can find it, it should be pretty cheap to purchase. I say buy it if those two things apply to you.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/31/07

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