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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kirby021591

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    Super Mario Bros. 3
    Copyright 2005 Brian McPhee
    Author: Brian McPhee (Kirby021591)
    E-mail: Kirby0215@aol.com
    Originally Created: June 16, 2005
    Most Recent Update: June 16, 2005
    Version 1.0
    ---------------------------Table of Contents---------------------------
    Section 1*
    Items & Points*
    Map Screen*
    Section 2*
    World 1*
    World 2*
    World 3*
    World 4*
    World 5*
    World 6*
    World 7*
    World 8*
    Section 3*
    World 9*
    Minimalist Quest*
    Toad's Houses & Bonuses*
    Coin Ships*
    White Toad's Houses*
    1UP Tricks*
    Tricks and Glitches*
    Two Player Battle Mode*
    NES/SNES Differences*
    Section 4*
    Credits and Legal Information*
      /                                                                 \
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    ||----------------------------Section 1*-----------------------------||
     \                                                                   /
    It's good to be back!  When I started writing this on June 9, 2005, I 
    had just returned from my six day absence.  Yes, a trip to California 
    (home of the whopper!) was in order, and much time was lost.  But, I 
    did learn some things...  As US residents might know, airport security 
    has been considerably increased since that fateful day some years ago 
    in New York (we all know what I'm referring to, right?).  As a result, 
    I have learned that Game Boy Advances DO go off in metal detectors.  Oh, 
    I won't forget that any time soon...  Anyways, I'm rambling about things 
    you probably find pointless; let's get on with the show!  This guide is 
    for the ultra-popular Super Mario Bros. 3, the best-selling NES game 
    ever created.  Of course, what would an introduction be without a 
    review?  Completely opposite this game, it would be short, boring, and 
    have no items of interest.
    SMB 3 was released after the sometimes confusing Super Mario Bros. 2, 
    and it was just in time.  At the peak of Mario popularity, this game 
    returned to traditional hop-and-bop game play that we know and love, 
    but it all happens in massive worlds, filled with optional routes and 
    bonus levels.  Unlike Super Mario Bros., SMB 3's environment affects 
    game play (i.e. desert levels have quicksand, etc.), and a slew of new 
    enemies were introduced to populate these environments.  Some, like the 
    neglected Boom-Boom, never saw the light of day again after SMB 3.  
    Some, like the Boomerang Brother, were left floating in the Nintendo 
    limousine for ages until they saw a re-release (in the case of the 
    Boomerang Brother, in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, released 
    fourteen years later), while others, like Thwomp and Boo, got their big 
    breaks and introductions to an adoring public in this game.  Even 
    bosses are changed, and the result is... muddled.  While it adds depth to 
    the game - instead of having Bowser decoys at the end of every world as 
    a boss we have new bosses with new takes on things - I can't help but 
    hate those Koopalings intensely.
    A nice addition to Mario's universe was items and suits.  For instance, 
    Mario can become Raccoon Mario and take to the skies when he finds a 
    Super Leaf, or he can don the Frog Suit to instantly become an agile 
    swimmer.  He can even parade about as a Hammer Brother, chucking 
    hammers and all!  Even though this is the best-selling and most popular 
    NES game of all time, it is odd that hardly any of its new features 
    remained in the Mario series.  The Super Leaf was better-suited as a 
    cape, Nintendo thought, and much of SMB 3's legacy was erased for the 
    purposes of Super Mario World, the "sequel."  In any case, while I 
    don't like it quite as much as the original Super Mario Bros. that 
    graced our television screens in 1985, the game that came out five 
    years later as the sequel to the sequel is a terrific final act to the 
    "Mario Trilogy."  So, whether you are playing the inevitable GBA re-
    release or if you dusted off your NES to take Mario for a spin, this 
    game is for you.  It reminds us of a simpler time, when games were more 
    difficult and had to be beaten in one sitting, back when game play took 
    priority over graphics (although the graphics on this game are perhaps 
    the best on any NES game released).  Let the nostalgia flow!
    By the by, should you happen to see this guide on any site other than 
    GameFaqs and affiliated sites (like GameSpot), then please inform me 
    via e-mail.  With your help, we can put an end to plagiarism... of this 
    guide.  Thanks a million, my friend.
    I know, this intro needs to end, but I'm experimenting with this guide.  
    Some people on the message boards complained that I had a dull layout 
    and formatting style.  Why, I wondered.  Well, the asterisk system is 
    here to stay, and I won't do anything THAT extreme, but I am now 
    separating paragraphs with an entire line, which should be evident in 
    the Introduction.  I officially started this in my Star Wars Episode 
    III: Revenge of the Sith guide, but note that it was no mistake.  I 
    will stick with the asterisk styles for all guides in the future, but I 
    am now going to give them decorative borders and such.  Also, sub-
    sections now have boxes around them, and I have several other little 
    decorate knickknacks thrown in to make it more visually pleasing.  I am 
    taking comments on the layout to see if it's really that much superior.  
    My guides should be easy to read and not completely dull as far as 
    visuals go, and I'd like feedback.  This summer, I'm going to try to 
    spruce up some formatting problems in previous guides (not all, just a 
    few) if possible.  So, I'm open to suggestions.  Tell me what you think 
    (in comparison to old guides).  Think I could use improvement over this?  
    I'm all ears!  Thanks to all those who give their opinion, good or bad.
    As you'll learn in pretty much any guide, there are ways to navigate 
    past all the junk, err, text I include at the beginning of a guide, and 
    it does not involve scrolling down with the Page Down Button.  No, I 
    refer to the only way to fly, the keyboard.  If you just happened to 
    press CTRL (Apple on a Mac) and F, you can make a Find/Search tool pop 
    up.  Type in the name of the section (the asterisk, the *, 
    distinguishes the name of the section from times I might use that name 
    is text.  For instance - navigation, introduction, World 9.  Now try 
    not to use your CTRL and F!  *Cackles*), click Find/Search, and you'll 
    be brought to each time that text is used in the document - namely the 
    Table of Contents.  Click it again to go down to the beginning of that 
    section.  Not so appealing to the eye, but it gets the job done.  Hope 
    that helps.
    The first game to refer to the King of the Koopa as Bowser...  SMB 3 is 
    one of Mario's first shots at a good storyline.  Though remarkably 
    similar to other adventures of his, there is a twist toward the end 
    (totally predictable, but still, at least they tried).  In fact, it is 
    quite impressive that the game has so much storyline built into it - 
    what with letters and kings and ships and all.  After all, most NES 
    games don't even hint at their plots.  So, this isn't superb, but it's 
    an early sign of good plots to come.  Here's a summary, my own words.
                            |    Story Summary    |
    The Mushroom Kingdom, the peaceful nation that Mario and Luigi saved, 
    has enjoyed a period of tranquility for some time now, but times are 
    not good anymore.  The King of the Koopa, King Bowser, has invaded the 
    Mushroom World, the name of the collective regions lying around the 
    Mushroom Kingdom's central atrium.  Bowser has sent his seven children, 
    the Koopalings, to the regions of the Mushroom World to cause mischief 
    and conquer the sub-kingdoms (the states, or provinces) of the Mushroom 
    World.  Bowser is, no doubt, surrounding the Mushroom Kingdom for an 
    all-out invasion.  To conquer each region, each of the seven Koopalings 
    has stolen the magic wand of the kings who rule there, transforming 
    them into animals so that they cannot lead their sub-kingdoms.  Mario 
    and Luigi being the good-natured plumbers that they are have set out to 
    return the kings to their normal states.  With words of encouragement 
    from the princess and Toad, they are off to prevent the Mushroom 
    Kingdom from being surrounded.
    What?  No princess to be rescued?  Well, I guess not.  And I guess 
    Bowser was too chicken to invade the kingdom himself!  Ha!  But 
    seriously, where did those kids come from?  Oh, now that's an awkward 
    silence...  In any case, here's a list of the characters.
                           |    Game Characters    |
    Mario: It's-a Mario!  Mario is the mascot of Nintendo, and he's an 
    Italian-American plumber (at first, he was depicted as a carpenter, but 
    that changed in Mario Bros. because Mario could use pipes) originally 
    said to be from Brooklyn, New York.  In his first game, Donkey Kong, 
    Mario was known as Jumpman, quite appropriately.  Mario was named after 
    the landlord of the Nintendo of America building after his arcade 
    classic release (Donkey Kong), and the name stuck ever since.  Because 
    of the bad graphics on the early arcade games, Mario was forced to have 
    certain characteristics.  To make it look like Mario's arms moved as he 
    ran, he wore overalls.  Because they couldn't animate hair and mouths, 
    he had a hat and a mustache.  And, since red is one of the easiest 
    colors to generate, he took that color.  Mario was instantly popular, 
    and he went on to star in Mario Bros., an arcade game.  It introduced 
    his brother, and in it he and said brother were defeating enemies in 
    the sewers of Brooklyn (although later, in Super Mario World 2, it was 
    changed that Mario and Luigi are from the Mushroom Kingdom, not New 
    York).  This is Mario's biggest adventure yet (it's his third, so that 
    wasn't hard to do), and it would define a franchise and still attract 
    players for over twenty years after being released.
    Luigi: Luigi's name could be mistaken for the Japanese word "ruiji," 
    which means "similar."  This is quite appropriate, as Luigi is Mario's 
    younger brother who looks almost exactly the same.  Though his mustache 
    is smoother and he is taller and thinner than Mario, he is essentially 
    just a change of palette in the originals, including this game.  Luigi 
    made a distinction between himself and his glory-hog brother in Super 
    Mario Bros. 2, though.  In it, Luigi had a better jump.  In the 
    American version of Super Mario Bros. 2, though, Luigi was a slow 
    vegetable-picker.  In the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2, 
    Luigi's shoes had less friction.  Still, Luigi is not his own character, 
    and the eternal understudy remains in obscurity as Player 2 for a long, 
    long time.  Eventually, toward the end of the N64, Luigi started 
    becoming serious (that is, he became recognized as an important 
    character in Nintendo).  In Paper Mario, Luigi was a big joke, but he 
    wrote in his diary (which Mario could read) that he wanted to get a 
    game with his name in the title.  His wish came true, as the release 
    game for the Game Cube, which came out only months after Paper Mario, 
    was Luigi's Mansion.  In it, Luigi won a mansion in a contest he didn't 
    even enter, and Mario had gone to check it out, but he never returned.  
    When Luigi goes looking for him, he finds the mansion haunted, and a 
    mysterious spirit has kidnapped Mario.  Luigi rescues Mario by 
    overcoming his fear of the dark, which Luigi still supposedly has today.  
    Of course, Luigi did get one other chance to save Mario.  It was an 
    edutainment (education + entertainment = edutainment) title called 
    Mario is Missing, in which Luigi had to use his advanced knowledge of 
    world geography to find his brother.  Really, it was more of a slap in 
    the face than a great chance to shine.  While Mario and Luigi are 
    basically the same in Super Mario Bros. 2, Luigi can be controlled by 
    Player 2.
    Princess Toadstool: In Donkey Kong, Mario's first game, Mario tried to 
    rescue the Lady, later named Pauline (Pauline was a popular movie-era 
    name for damsels in distress).  Well, their relationship was short-
    lived, as they broke up as soon as Mario started rescuing Princess 
    Toadstool in Super Mario Bros.  Toadstool, princess of the Mushroom 
    Kingdom, is the only person who can undo some nasty Koopa magic in 
    Super Mario Bros., but later Bowser starts kidnapping Princess 
    Toadstool for no reason.  In fact, it has been suggested in both Paper 
    Mario games that Bowser is actually in love with Toadstool, which 
    explains why he'd abduct her so many times.  Seriously, Bowser, get a 
    life!  Princess Toadstool is abducted quite often, and Mario always has 
    to rescue her.  Although he strayed once to rescue Princess Daisy of 
    Sarasaland (it's like "I can't believe it's not butter"; Daisy and 
    Toadstool are almost exact look-alikes), Mario has remained true to 
    this princess through and through.  Toadstool often accompanies Mario 
    on vacation, such as the ones in Super Mario World and Super Mario 
    Sunshine, although they usually end in her getting kidnapped by some 
    lunatic.  And, in Super Mario 64, the princess and the plumber got on a 
    first-name basis; Toadstool signed a letter inviting Mario over for 
    cake as Peach, her first name.  However, because this was a Toadstool 
    game, I will refer to the pretty princess in pink as Toadstool and not 
    Peach, though they are the same person.  In Super Mario Bros. 3, 
    Toadstool routes Mario on and sends him letters with items in them once 
    he's liberated each world.
    Toad: If you've ever played a Mario game, Mushroom Retainer was the 
    original name for Toad.  Toads are the residents of the Mushroom 
    Kingdom and the subjects of Princess Toadstool (hence the name "Toad"), 
    but seven of them from the court of the Mushroom King were abducted by 
    Bowser and thrown into his castles as dummies to lead Mario down the 
    wrong path.  Each time you rescue one, they say "Thank you Mario!  But 
    our princess is in another castle!"  In Super Mario Bros. 2, Toad was 
    actually a playable character.  With bad jumps but quick vegetable-
    picking skills, he was a filler character, really.  Toad also was 
    playable in Wario's Woods, the last game for the NES, in which he took 
    down Wario, one of Mario's many enemies.  Aside from games like Mario 
    Party, Mario Kart, and all of Mario's sports titles, Toad is not 
    otherwise playable.  A while back, some began to question Toad's 
    masculinity.  To show that Toad was indeed all man, they introduced 
    Toadette, a female version of Toad.  On a side note, Toad is even more 
    cowardly than Luigi, even since before Luigi's Mansion when Luigi was 
    supposed to be a coward.  Super Mario RPG shows one of the earliest 
    signs of Toad's not-so-commendable bravery, in which he let Croco just 
    zip by without fighting at all.  Still, he's polite.  In Super Mario 
    Bros. 3, various Toads in the Mushroom World give Mario and Luigi items 
    and bonuses in their houses.  Of course, they are not THE Toad, 
    Toadstool's loyal subject.
    The Koopalings/Koopa Kids: Ah!  These wretched things are in this game?  
    Ugh, if I had known I'd have brought a paper bag or something.  I feel 
    sick!  Okay, I need to control myself...  The Koopalings are Bowser's 
    seven children that simply appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 to be bosses.  
    Unfortunately, we thought they went down with their ships (pun!) in 
    Super Mario Bros. 3, but they survived.  The Koopalings, seven in all, 
    are stationed at airships in the game to bar your progress.  Even after 
    this game, they reappear in Super Mario World as bosses and in Mario 
    and Luigi: Superstar Saga eons later, and Larry Koopa appears in Super 
    Mario Sunshine (when FLUDD scans Mario).  Later on, the Koopalings were 
    replaced by a rightful heir to the Koopa Royal Line throne - Bowser Jr.  
    Even more mind-boggling than their reappearances is the rather self-
    suggestive question of the origin of these children.  I think that it 
    proves beyond all doubt that Koopas can reproduce asexually.  And, as 
    it turns out, Bowser is creative with names.  Because the Japanese 
    version of Super Mario Bros. 3 did not give these cretins names, 
    Americans were responsible for their oh-so-clever titles.  Below I'll 
    list their names, and what American pop culture reference is made 
    (Ludwig von Koopa is what tipped people off to these losers being named 
    after signers and news reporters).  They are listed in order of how you 
    fight them in Super Mario Bros. 3.
    Larry Koopa: Larry King
    Morton Koopa Jr.: Morton Downey Jr.
    Wendy O. Koopa: Wendy O. Williams
    Iggy Koopa: Iggy Pop
    Roy Koopa: Roy Orbison
    Lemmy Koopa: Lemmy of Motorhead
    Ludwig von Koopa: Ludwig von Beethoven
    Larry King is (or was.  That guy must be retiring pretty soon, as he is 
    quite old) a CNN talk show host, Morton Downey Jr. was also a talk show 
    host in the 80's, Wendy O. Williams was a singer in the 80's band the 
    Plasmatics, Iggy Pop is a singer from another 80's band of the same 
    name, Roy Orbison was also a singer (responsible most notably for the 
    songs "Pretty Woman" and "Only the Lonely"), Lemmy was the name of a 
    singer in the band Motorhead, and Ludwig von Beethoven was a famous, 
    rather deaf composer that lived from 1770-1827.  Interestingly enough, 
    many of them behave like those they are named after (for example, Roy 
    Koopa wears sunglasses, and Roy Orbison often wore them, too).  So, 
    this clearly shows that Bowser is an MTV-watching pop junkie.  In any 
    case, directed at all the Canadians, Europeans, etc. reading this guide, 
    you can thank the good old USA for these wonderfully crafted names.  
    God bless America!
    Bowser: Bowser joins the ranks of Donkey Kong, Wario, Wart, Smithy, 
    Cackletta, Tatanga, Grodus, King Boo, and others as one of Mario's 
    archrivals, but Bowser is by far the biggest, baddest, and the most 
    frequent of them.  King Koopa was first introduced to us in Super Mario 
    Bros. as the captor of Princess Toadstool.  The ruthless "King of the 
    Koopa" used his black Koopa magic to turn the residents of Mushroom 
    Kingdom into horsehair grass, stones, and even coins, and he abducted 
    Princess Toadstool to prevent her from undoing the spell (she was the 
    only person who could reverse its ill effects).  He was thwarted by 
    Mario, or possibly by Luigi if you were playing a 2 Player Game, and 
    Bowser fell into obscurity for a very brief time.  That's because Super 
    Mario Bros. 2 featured Wart in a Mario version of Doki Doki Panic, also 
    known as American Super Mario Bros. 2.  But, Bowser came back in force 
    in Super Mario Bros. 3, and this time he brought the whole family.  The 
    Koopalings, all his wretched offspring, invaded many kingdoms in the 
    Mushroom World, transforming their kings into animals using their 
    wands.  They flew around in warships and Mario was forced to defeat all 
    his children and liberate the kingdoms.  Bowser has persisted, now 
    kidnapping Toadstool just for the sport of it (or, as Paper Mario would 
    have us believe, possibly because of his secret crush on Princess 
    Toadstool...).  Bowser is Mario's recurring enemy, but the two worked 
    together in Super Mario RPG (Bowser's castle was invaded, and it was to 
    their mutual benefit to defeat the invader).  Bowser is depicted in 
    some games as a cunning mastermind (like in Super Mario 64), and in 
    others like a buffoon (pretty much any Mario RPG game).  He's a very 
    dynamic character, that wily Koopa.  In this game, he has used his 
    children to fight.  Is he somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom?
    Boom-Boom: Like Birdo in Super Mario Bros. 2, Boom-Boom is an overused 
    boss of all fortresses in the game.  Resembling a Koopa that runs 
    around while facing the screen with flapping hands, Boom-Boom is not 
    too intimidating.  Still, he pops up as the most frequent "boss" in the 
    game, though I shall call him a mini-boss in the game.  Three jumps to 
    his cranium will flatten him and let Mario topple the castle, but he 
    just doesn't run around aimlessly.  After each hit, Boom-Boom increases 
    speed.  He learns to fly and use spikes in later battles, and different 
    obstacles can obstruct the arena or reduce traction (in the case of 
    World 6).  He has not reappeared since his debut game, and it is just 
    as well.  He's probably in court trying to get his name changed as you 
    And those are all the significant characters in the game.  Now, that 
    was completely optional and not important to game play; let's move on 
    to the juicy stuff.  Yeah, I'm talking 'bout items and points, both 
    signatures of Mario's early games.
    ============================Items & Points*============================
    Although SMB 3 features all the classic items, it introduces many new 
    items (or "suits") as well as the ability to use items on the map so 
    that you start the next level with them.  Some items can even affect 
    the map itself.  So, here goes.
                                |    Items    |
    Super Mushroom: Getting these transform regular Mario into Super Mario.  
    In this form, Mario is twice as tall and it takes two hits to make him 
    lose a life.  One hit reverts him back to normal Mario.
    Fire Flower: This changes Super Mario to Fire Mario, also known as 
    Fiery Mario in early games.  If hit in this form, Fire Mario reverts to 
    Super Mario.
    Super Leaf: The new power-up in the game, these are brown leaves that 
    transform Mario into Raccoon Mario.  In this form, Mario has a tail and 
    raccoon ears, and he can fly, too.  Run forward until the flight gauge 
    at the bottom of the screen is full and jump.  Mario will take off 
    flying.  He can also hit things he's level with by utilizing his tail.  
    Raccoon Mario turns back into Super Mario when hit.
    Magic Wing: Think of this as an ultimate Super Leaf.  Not only does it 
    transform you into Raccoon Mario, but it gives you perpetual flight by 
    keeping your power meter constantly full.  As a result, you can fly 
    over entire levels with this useful item.  There are many ways to get 
    it, too.  Aside from letters and Hammer Brothers, you start with 28 
    Magic Wings when you beat the game and restart.
    Starman: Getting these make you into Invincible Mario from any status.  
    As such, you sparkle and will be invincible for a short period of time, 
    able to plow through enemies and kill them by touch.  Nifty, eh?
    1UP Mushroom: Acquiring these green versions of Super Mushrooms give 
    Mario or Luigi an extra life.
    Coin: The official currency of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario gets an 
    extra life when he collects 100 of these.  Furthermore, they have 
    mystical properties.  For instance, getting certain numbers of coins in 
    various levels earn you items, and you get entire ships of coins by 
    collecting coins in some levels.  See "Coin Ships" and "White Toad's 
    Houses" for those details.
    Tanooki Suit: Tanookis are raccoon-like creatures from Japanese 
    mythology.  In this state, Mario has all the properties of Raccoon 
    Mario, but Tanooki Mario can transform into a statue, thus hiding 
    himself from enemies.
    Frog Suit: This makes you become Frog Mario.  As such, you can swim in 
    any direction by simply using the D-Pad.  Or, if you need to swim more 
    quickly, press A to move on faster.
    Hammer Brother Suit: Yes, Mario can become his most feared generic 
    enemy, the Hammer Brother, by wearing a suit.  Remember, folks, the 
    power lies in the clothes.  Hammer Brother Mario throws hammers by 
    pressing the B Button.  He can throw at most two hammers at once.  In 
    this form, he can also duck into his shell-helmet (a shellmet) to 
    become fire-proof.
    Kuribo's Shoe: Kuribo is the Japanese name of Goomba.  In Level 5-3, 
    you can claim this item from Goombas inside the shoes, letting Mario 
    march forward, stepping on anything without a hint of damage.
    Music Box: These "useful" items put to sleep Hammer Brothers on the 
    screen, holding them in place for you.
    Anchor: Use this to prevent the Koopalings' airship from moving on the 
    map.  Not too great, but it has its moments.
    Hammer: Getting these lets you destroy a rock on the map screen to let 
    you explore a new part of the world you're in.
    Jugem's Cloud: This mysterious cloud, which resembles the one used by 
    Lakitu, lets Mario skip over a level.  Be warned, though, that it does 
    not let you beat the level, meaning that you cannot go back after 
    skipping it.
    Magic Ball: Defeating Boom-Boom in mini-fortresses earns you one of 
    these, which topples the fort.  Furthermore, the Locked Door on the map 
    will be unlocked by getting this.
    Magic Whistle: This mystic whistle that resembles a flute can be 
    sounded on the map to summon a wind to carry you into World 9.  It is 
    here that you can warp to different worlds, completely skipping some 
    worlds.  There are very few in the game, though.  See "World 9" for 
    details on warping.
    ? Block: These blocks, which bear a question mark on them, contain 
    coins and other items inside.  Jump into them from below to knock an 
    item loose.  Note that when a ? Block contains a (1UP) Mushroom or 
    Starman and you hit it, the item goes in the opposite direction you're 
    facing.  That is, hit it while looking right and it goes left, and vice 
    versa.  This is important to know.
    Switch Block: I will call these P Switches throughout the guide.  
    Stepping on these has strange effects, usually turning blocks into 
    coins and vice versa.  They are blue half-capsules with P inscribed on 
    them.  The gray type can also make doors appear, as well as transform 
    certain Piranha Plant variations into coins.
    Jump Block: These are white blocks with musical notes on them.  If you 
    jump on one, you'll bounce upward, sometimes letting out an item.  The 
    red type can really send you for a loop.
    Grab Block: These are shining blue blocks that can be grabbed and used 
    like Koopa shells, only they don't ricochet.  They will eventually 
    disintegrate if you hold them for too long.
    You can have up to 28 items at a time.  If you get a twenty-ninth item, 
    it will displace the twenty-eighth item.  But, items are only one 
    aspect of the game.  You also collect points, which have a few 
    functions, such as getting N-Mark Spade Spaces to appear on the map.  
    Here's how you can get points.
                          |    Point-Gathering    |
    1) Power-up items give you 1000 points when you get them.  Coins give 
    50 points, too (100 when gotten from ? Blocks).  When you smash bricks, 
    you get 10 points (not worth your time).
    2) If you kick the shell of an enemy and it hits an enemy, you'll get 
    points that increase with each you hit.  That is, if it sails through 
    enemies, you'll get 100, 200, 400, 800, 1000, 2000, 4000, and 8000 
    points for each enemy defeated.  After that, you get 1UPs.
    3) If you stomp on multiple enemies without landing on the ground, you 
    get points.  Like in # 2, you get 100, 200, 400, 800, 1000, 2000, 4000, 
    8000, and a 1UP for each following enemy you land on.
    4) There are special coins that you can collect - those left behind by 
    enemies caught in the last screen when you beat a level.  The first is 
    worth 1000, the second 2000, the third 4000, the fourth 8000, and each 
    one after that nets you a 1UP.
    5) All enemies are worth a set number of points.  It differs with the 
    enemy, and a select few enemies give different number of points 
    depending on how they are beaten.
    6) You get 50 points for each second left on the clock at the end of a 
    level.  For example, if you beat a level with 243 seconds left, then 
    you get 12150 points.
    And that's how to earn points.  Because there are many more levels, the 
    number of points you get for doing things like smashing blocksyou're 
    your time have been radically reduced from Super Mario Bros.  Note that 
    coins gotten in the N-Mark Spade Space game do not give 100 points, and 
    that power-ups used on the map do not earn you points.  Now, onto the 
    main source of points - enemies.
    Super Mario Bros. 3 features a whole mess of new enemies, some of which 
    made it into future games regularly, like Thwomp.  Then you have 
    enemies like Muncher, who appeared in Super Mario World and looked 
    promising, but did not appear regularly in Mario games afterward.  
    Muncher seemed to be a real regular, even appearing in Super Mario RPG 
    some time later, but quickly died out of Mario games when the N64 hit 
    the market.  But, others like Rocky Wrench never appeared again after 
    Super Mario Bros. 3.  In any case, there are LOTS of enemies in this 
    game, and it shows.
    Enemy Name
    This is the setup for each entry.  Pretty plain and simple, huh?  Yes, 
    well, get ready for a list to rival all lists - the enemy list in Super 
    Mario Bros. 3.  Okay, so maybe I exaggerated a bit...
    Angry Sun
    Notes: Curse this enemy.  Appearing only twice in World 2 and World 8, 
    this is a small sun-shaped enemy with an angry face (hence the name).  
    It is unbeatable and will dive down at you repeatedly, dogging you 
    throughout the entire level.  Naturally, it's best to avoid them.
    Baby Cheep
    Notes: This is a small red fish that swims out of Big Bertha's mouth.  
    An aquatic tackle is its only offensive maneuver, and fireballs are 
    your only maneuver.
    Big Bertha
    Notes: Oddly, the same name is given to some cannons in Super Mario RPG.  
    Anyways, Big Bertha is a female fish, quite large at that, sporting red 
    scales.  Although you can't touch her, her main attack is indirect.  
    She released Baby Cheeps from her mouth to attack you.  Big Bertha 
    herself can be killed with fireballs, though.
    Notes: Coming back at you from Super Mario Bros., Blooper has had a 
    slight name change (it was originally "Bloober") and some plastic 
    surgery to improve its looks.  These squid-like enemies swim around the 
    water, hovering over you menacingly.  It is safe, however, to stand on 
    the ground; they never hover down to touch bottom.  Fireballs, which 
    are not extinguished in water for some reason, will make this enemy 
    fried calamari.
    Blooper & Blooper Babies
    Notes: Sometimes, responsible chaperone Bloopers have four miniatures, 
    called "Blooper Babies" in Paper Mario (which is how I named this 
    enemy).  This is a tricky enemy.  They can all be roasted with 
    fireballs, though doing it can be a task.  The babies either huddle 
    together by their mother, presumably, or they spread out in trails to 
    extend their reach.
    Notes: Walking bombs from Super Mario Bros. 2, the only SMB 2 enemies 
    to make it into the sequel.  Its only attack is exploding (other than 
    walking into you), which can be triggered in two ways: stomping on it 
    or letting its timer hit zero.  Either way, it will detonate with a 
    small radius.  If you want, you can throw the Bob-omb into another 
    enemy or just away from you.  Unfortunately, due to the side view of 
    the game, you cannot run from the explosion like James Bond.
    "Boo" Diddly
    Notes: Diddly, who is later renamed just "Boo," marks the first Boo to 
    ever appear in the Mario series.  Despite its hillbilly surname, Boos 
    populate fortresses as mostly undefeatable enemies.  Tanooki Mario's 
    statue stomp, Invincible Mario's touch, and Hammer Brother Mario's 
    hammers can defeat them, but nothing else can.  They are ghosts of the 
    Mario variety, and they will shy away when you look at them directly.  
    But, when your back is turned, these backstabbers charge you.  So, 
    either avoid these menaces or use your ultra attacks on them.
    Boomerang Brother
    Notes: A variation of the Hammer Brother, these upright Koopa Troopas 
    throw two boomerangs at once with expert skill.  Of course, fighting 
    them at close range is deadly; try to use projectile attacks, like 
    fireballs.  If you cannot, then a tail whip or a jump are both 
    successful tactics, though they are risky to pull off.  Aside from its 
    weapon of choice, you can tell a Boomerang Brother apart from other 
    brothers because it is green.
    Boss Bass
    Notes: Big Bertha's mate, I assume, these are large red fish that chase 
    you while you're in the water.  Boss Bass doesn't have Baby Cheeps in 
    his mouth, though, which allows him to swallow Mario whole.  This 
    qualifies as instant death for you, making Boss Bass a formidable 
    aquatic foe.  Note that it can make small jumps out of the water to 
    reach you.  Don't become a meal for Boss Bass.  Instead, let it fill up 
    on fireballs aplenty.
    Bullet Bill
    Notes: Returning from Super Mario Bros., Bullet Bills are black 
    missiles with faces that just so happen to be modeled after the faces 
    that some jets were painted with in World War II.  They can be defeated 
    by jumping on them, or using every other type of attack other than the 
    tail swipe or fireballs.  If you stand next to a Bullet Bill Blaster so 
    that you touch it, no Bullet Bills will be fired.
    Buster Beetle
    Notes: They act and look just like normal Buzzy Beetles, save their 
    lighter shells, but they are much more dangerous.  If there is a block 
    in sight, they will grab it and hurl it at you, quite a dangerous 
    tactic.  This block-throwing somehow compromises their fire-proof 
    shells, meaning that they can be defeated in any way.  Their shells are 
    left behind afterward just like Koopa Troopa shells.
    Buzzy Beetle
    Notes: Fire-proof relatives of the Koopa Troopa, Buzzy Beetles wander 
    around in search of Mario, who he walks into.  There is a wide array of 
    methods at your disposal for beating them, but jumping on them makes 
    them retreat into their shells.  You can then kick the shells like you 
    would kick a Koopa Troopa's shell.
    Notes: An alternate for the Bullet Bill, these are often fired from 
    blasters at you.  They are just what they sound like - round, black 
    balls.  The gigantic kind can be beaten with any attack but fireballs, 
    although only jumps can destroy the miniatures.
    Chain Chomp
    Notes: Another enemy introduced to the Mario scene in this game is the 
    Chain Chomp.  A round, black head and a chain tethering it to a wooden 
    post, Chain Chomps are unstoppable.  They enthusiastically jump at you, 
    and will eventually break their chains if you stick around for about 
    150 seconds.  You can touch their chains, but not their bobbing heads.
    Notes: Later in the Mario series, this fish is renamed without its 
    hyphen.  Either way, these are small fish, always female, with red 
    scales and orange fins.  It tries to swim into you, which is its only 
    form of offense.  Cheep-Cheeps are easily defeated with fireballs 
    thrown by Fire Mario.
    Colossal Green Koopa Paratroopa
    Notes: The name of the World 4 variety of Koopa Paratroopas, these are 
    large and green flying Koopa Troopas.  It hops along, probably due to 
    its weight, and tries to hit you.  Pretty much all forms of attack 
    defeat it, but stomps turn it into its grounded counterpart, the Green 
    Gargantuan Koopa Troopa.
    Dry Bones
    Notes: The skeletal remains of Koopa Troopas made their debut in Super 
    Mario Bros. 3.  Walking skeletons, they are "immortal," in the sense 
    that they cannot be killed permanently.  If you jump on them, they 
    crumple into a pile of bones.  The only way to truly rid yourself of 
    these pests is to statue stomp them, hammer them, or to touch them as 
    Invincible Mario.  The possibilities are endless!
    Flame Thrower
    Notes: This is cutting it close as an enemy (it's really more of an 
    obstacle).  Openings in Bowser's ships can spew flames that will hurt 
    you.  Statue stomps can destroy them, but only if they point up or 
    Fiery Brother
    Notes: A new version of the Hammer Brother, these enemies have mastered 
    both Mario's jump and his skill in handling fire.  Although they seldom 
    appear, they are red Koopa Troopas standing upright that, living up to 
    their name, shoot fireballs.  For some inexplicable reason, they are 
    weak to fireballs (just like Mario), despite their affinity toward them, 
    as well as tail whips and jumps, neither of which are recommended.
    Fire Chomp
    Notes: Chain Chomp - Chain + Fire = Fire Chomp.  Yes, these are far 
    worse versions of the Chain Chomp.  Their tempers are on fire, they 
    breathe fire, their chains are lit on fire, and you can't touch the 
    chain.  Of course, they are somehow weak to every attack you have, but 
    they respawn when you revisit the area.  If they use up every link in 
    their chain, they will self-destruct as a last measure to kill you.  
    Fire Chomps are all the more menacing due to their ability to float 
    through the air.
    Notes: Remember the flame chains from Super Mario Bros.?  These are 
    them, essentially, only unleashed.  They are long, segmented chains of 
    fire, but they can pass through walls and floors in an effort to find 
    and destroy you.  Only a tail whip at the hands, err, tail of Raccoon 
    Mario can defeat them.
    Giant Goomba
    Notes: World 4 features gigantic Goombas.  Are they a cut above your 
    normal minion?  No, actually.  Bigger doesn't mean better in this case, 
    as they can be beaten in all the ways that normal Goombas can (that is, 
    every form of offense known to man).  The only "advantage" that this 
    enemy has over its lesser counterparts is that you have to jump a 
    little higher to squash it.  Good for you, though, because it's a 
    bigger target.
    Notes: As Goombella puts it in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, 
    Goombas are the minions of minions.  It's true; the disposable grunts 
    of the Koopa Troop are a squad of endless brown creatures that could be 
    mistaken for evil mushrooms.  Weak in every sense of the word, Goombas 
    are supposedly traitors of the Mushroom Kingdom.  They walk around, 
    usually to the left, and can be stomped (the traditional way to beat 
    them), flamed, hammered, touched with invincibility, tail whipped, and 
    just about everything else.  They do have the honor of being the first 
    enemy to appear in Super Mario Bros., though.
    Green Gargantuan Koopa Troopa
    Notes: World 4's giant version of the Koopa Troopa is just that - an 
    increase in size to the normal Koopa Troopa.  There is no real 
    difference at all.  They walk around aimlessly, falling off cliffs if 
    any are present and turning if they bump into something.  Bigger bodies 
    doesn't necessarily mean bigger brains or more wrinkles.  I suppose 
    that it's shell is easier to use, though.  It's easy to stop in place, 
    that is, once you kick it.
    Green Koopa Troopa
    Notes: Koopa Troopas are the backbone of the Koopa Troop.  The green 
    turtle appeared as "Shell Creeper" in Mario Bros. before the Koopa 
    Troop ever existed, but let's not get into that.  Koopa Troopas are 
    very interesting enemies.  The green type is less intelligent than the 
    red type, as it marches forward no matter what.  It might fall into a 
    pit, bump into something and be forced to turn, or walk right into a 
    fireball, but it will not stop.  An assortment of tricks work on these 
    generic baddies, but the best is the jump.  Afterward, the Koopa 
    Troopa's shell will be left, and you can pick it up.  Try tossing it 
    into enemies or hitting ? Block you can't jump beneath.  These enemies 
    might've appeared in more games than even Goombas...  I wonder...
    Green Koopa Paratroopa
    Notes: That's right; Koopa Troopas come with wings, too.  Since the 
    green type is admittedly simple-minded (I bet it would succumb to the 
    Jedi Mind Trick...), Koopa Paratroopas haven't quite mastered flying.  As 
    a result, they just flutter around aimlessly, turning if they bump into 
    something and dropping if they reach a cliff.  In large groups, they 
    can be dangerous, but they're generally easy enemies.  You're able to 
    beat them in all the ways that you can beat a Koopa Troopa, but jumping 
    on them makes them revert to a normal Koopa Troopa.
    Hammer Brother
    Notes: Always born as twins, Hammer Brothers make a return to Mario's 
    world in Super Mario Bros. 3, and what a return it is!  Now given their 
    own "space" on the map screen, Hammer Brothers also get plenty of 
    cousin baddies in various brothers, such as the boomerang-wielding 
    Boomerang Brother or their heavyweight cousins, Sledge Brothers.  In 
    any case, these were the toughest enemy in Super Mario Bros., and they 
    haven't lost their sting after a five year absence in the US.  These 
    are upright Koopa Troopas, orange/brown in color, that throw hammers in 
    arcs at a rapid pace.  The best way to defeat them, since they are 
    usually found on rows of blocks, is to run under the arc of hammers and 
    hit the block they're situated on.  Otherwise, jump on them when they 
    aren't hammering you, flame them, or give them a slap with your tail.
    Hot Foot
    Notes: These flames are born from candles in later fortresses of the 
    game.  They walk around in pursuit of a portly plumber, although they 
    are weak to all the "special attacks" - statue stomp, hammers, and 
    invincibility touch.  Of course, they are otherwise invincible.
    Notes: Only appearing in Level 7-4 and 3-5, these are black jellyfish 
    with an electric charge.  Appearing in large groups, Jelectros are some 
    serious roadblocks.  Since they can't be defeated, don't try.  Just 
    swim past them and hope for the best.
    Kuribo's Goomba
    Notes: "Kuribo" is the Japanese name for Goomba.  Anyways, these are 
    Goombas inside large boots.  By jumping into them from below, you can 
    claim the boot (Kuribo's Shoe, the item is called) to become Kuribo's 
    Mario.  Sadly, these awesome enemies only appear in Level 5-3.
    Notes: One branch of the Koopa family leads to this mystic turtle 
    riding a cloud.  It wears glasses and throws Spinies at those below.  
    Defeat it by jumping on it (if you can reach it) or by using 
    projectiles.  Lakitu will eventually return after being beaten.  He has 
    an endless supply of Spiny Eggs, too.
    Lava Lotus
    Notes: Underwater plants, these shoot one to five fireballs out at a 
    time.  Don't mess around with them unless you're Tanooki Mario and you 
    have good timing with the statue stomp.  Otherwise, swim past them.
    Missile Bill
    Notes: Like Bullet Bills, only these missiles flash and home in on you.  
    If they don't hit you in two goes, they will just leave the screen, but 
    you can deal with them more safely by jumping on them.
    Mugger Micro-Goomba
    Notes: Dropped from Para-Goombas, Mugger Micro-Goombas try to latch 
    onto Mario.  Apparently, the extra weight is too much for the hearty 
    plumber to bear, causing a drastic reduce in speed and jump.  Press 
    buttons frantically to break free of them.  They are designed to keep 
    you still while the Para-Goomba that dropped them swoops down for a hit.
    Notes: These are black plants that are busy smacking their lips 
    together in hopes of getting a bite out of you, and they are always 
    found in large groups.  Munchers are absolutely invincible - there is 
    no attack that can defeat them.  Kuribo's Shoe and Starmen can be used 
    to pass their fields, but there is another way to "beat" them.  An item, 
    the gray P Switch, can be used to turn them into coins that can be 
    collected for points.  So, if you have one on hand, make use of it.  
    Otherwise, find a way to pass over them safely.
    Notes: White versions of Munchers, Nippers can walk around.  If you try 
    to jump over it, it will try to jump up and nip you from below (ha, ha, 
    what a punny name).  Tail whipping and fireball-throwing are your 
    options, but they should just be avoided.  As a note of interest, this 
    enemy appeared later in Super Mario RPG.  In Pipe Vault, there were 
    pipes filled with white plants that could steal your coins if you 
    landed on them.  However, since they were stationary, they may've been 
    stationary Nippers or white-colored Munchers.
    Notes: This is a red, winged version of the Buzzy Beetle.  It cannot be 
    stomped nor flamed, but tail whips, hammers, and a touch of Invincible 
    Mario can defeat it.  Most of the time, though, it's a necessary enemy; 
    it can be used as a steppingstone.  Para-Beetles only appears once in 
    the game - Level 5-6.  But when they appear, they appear in force.
    Notes: Although their name is not hyphenated in future game, Para-
    Goombas are Goombas with wings, which makes them slightly better.  The 
    light brown type is most deadly; it drops Mugger Micro-Goombas onto the 
    ground to keep you in place before diving in for an attack.  The dark 
    brown type hops around, much like green Koopa Paratroopas did in Super 
    Mario Bros.  Although any attack can defeat them, a jump will de-wing 
    them, making them normal Goombas.
    Pile-Driver Micro-Goomba
    Notes: Small Goombas that reside under large blocks.  When you least 
    expect it, they jump onto you to attack.  All attacks save fireballs 
    (for some unknown reason) can defeat these pint-sized pains.
    Piranha Plant
    Notes: A common enemy, these are carnivorous plants that emerge from 
    pipes to take a bite out of everyone's favorite Italian-American 
    plumber.  If you stand right next to or on top of their pipe, they will 
    not come out.  A slight variation of the Piranha Plant is the type that 
    comes from above out of upside-down pipes.  In Super Mario Land, these 
    are called "Headstand Pakkun," Pakkun being the Japanese name for 
    Piranha Plant.  In any case, these upside-down Piranha Plants will 
    emerge to hit you even if you're next to or under their pipes.  Tail 
    whips, fireballs, invincibility, statue stomps - quite a few things 
    kill them.  However, you'll just pass them the majority of the time.
    Piranhacus Giganticus
    Notes: Clearly a reference to the beginning of each Wily Coyote cartoon 
    in Looney Tunes, this is a Latin-sounding name for giant Piranha Plants 
    in World 4.  Being bigger, they are larger obstacles and, I suppose, 
    tougher enemies.  Still, they are just an inflation of your normal 
    Piranha Plant, and act in the same way.
    Notes: It's a walking Nipper-like plant (some come confined to pipes) 
    that keeps two spiked balls levitating above its head.  Of course, 
    touching these spiky balls will harm you, and fireballs, tail whips, 
    and other special attacks will kill it.  Avoiding it is your best 
    course of action, though.
    Notes: The magical protectors of Bowser from Super Mario Bros. return 
    to an adoring public.  This time, though, these fireballs that hop from 
    lava can be beaten with hammers, invincibility, and the statue stomp.  
    Unfortunately, Podoboos now populate mini-fortresses, but not just 
    their lava.  Advanced versions can jump from the ceiling and then 
    ascend back up when they've reached the bottom of the screen.  They are 
    especially dangerous because you cannot predict where they will jump 
    from.  Avoid these.
    Red Giant Koopa Troopa
    Notes: World 4's cream-of-the-crop infantry unit, these are huge Koopa 
    Troopas with red shells.  Slightly smarter than their green brethren, 
    they will walk in straight lines and turn if they bump into something, 
    but they will turn if they reach a cliff, unlike the green type that 
    foolishly march to their deaths in pits.  Other than that, they have 
    all the properties of Green Gargantuan Koopa Troopas, including their 
    kickable shells.
    Red Koopa Troopa
    Notes: Not only are they red turtles, but they act exactly like Green 
    Koopa Troopas.  The difference?  Red is smarter than green.  Green, 
    which plunge into pits as soon as they walk near the edge, is rather 
    stupid.  The red type is smarter; they turn around when they reach an 
    edge.  Still, they aren't THAT smart, since they think they alone can 
    stop the almighty plumbers.  All attacks will work, but jumping on them 
    gives you access to their shells.  Have fun bowling down enemies.
    Red Koopa Paratroopa
    Notes: Add the wings and what've you got?  Bibidi-babadi - oh, wait, 
    wrong, um, place...  Red Koopa Paratroopas are simply red versions of the 
    green Koopa Paratroopa.  However, they are smarter (remember?), and 
    thus have more control than the green type.  That is, they can actually 
    fly, whereas the others can merely make short jumps.  Anything goes 
    here, but jumps turn them back into Koopa Troopas (red).
    Rocky Wrench
    Notes: Like a proto-Monty Mole, these are Koopas of some kind that pop 
    out from hatches in tanks and ships to throw wrenches at you with an 
    expert's precision.  The brown type must be stomped only once to defeat 
    it permanently, but the other types will respawn after each stomp.
    Notes: These are small white orbs of energy that orbit around a fixed 
    point.  Their goal is to block your path.  Unless you're wearing a suit 
    that doesn't revolve around frogs or you're invincible, these guys 
    cannot be beaten.  Just avoid them (it's usually quite simple).
    Sledge Brother
    Notes: The other version of the Hammer Brother doesn't fall far from 
    the tree.  Large, green Koopa Troopas that stand upright, they both 
    throw hammers in arcs and jump.  Of course, since they are native to 
    World 4, their jumps cause shockwaves to spread, stunning you.  A great 
    combination, huh?  Try to keep you in place as they hammer you silly...  
    In any case, fireballs are your best bet.  If you are Fire Mario, then 
    run under the arc of hammers when they let up and tail whip them.  If 
    that doesn't work, then jumping on them will.
    Notes: A green turtle, it spits spiked balls at Mario.  Since they 
    usually come in pairs, wait for the second to be shot before stomping 
    it.  Any attack works, though.
    Notes: These are red turtle enemies with spikes related to the Buzzy 
    Beetle.  Their spiky backs make them immune to Mario's jump power, but 
    they are still weak to everything else.  Spinies appear endlessly as 
    they hatch from the red Spiny Eggs thrown by Lakitu.
    Spiny Cheep-Cheep
    Notes: A Cheep-Cheep with spikes on its back that is found in Level 7-4 
    alone.  Though it is faster than regular Cheep-Cheeps and it is black, 
    the spikes are really useful.  Seriously, you can't jump on enemies 
    underwater, anyways.  What's the point?  Fireballs can defeat them if 
    you're Fire Mario and you're in the neighborhood.
    Spiny Egg
    Notes: Lakitu throws these down endlessly.  When they touch ground, 
    they hatch into Spinies ready to attack.  But, for the brief time that 
    they are in the air, they are known as Spiny Egg enemies.  Every attack 
    other than jumps can defeat them.  There is also a green version of the 
    Spiny Egg that does not hatch into a Spiny.  Instead, it rolls around 
    in its egg to attack.
    Notes: These did make the cut for Super Mario World, but they never 
    went anywhere from there.  These Bowser duplicates of stone are found 
    above the beaten road, shooting down beams of death below.  Run under 
    them for a quick fix.
    Notes: An eerie white bar that two Boos occupy.  Of course, you need to 
    jump off this block from time to time, which means that it's 
    considerably dangerous to stand there.  Stretch can be defeated in all 
    the ways a Boo can be, but that's not normal dress.
    Notes: A large blue block that drops from the ceiling with a nasty 
    disposition.  If you approach it, you'll set it off, causing it to drop 
    down and crush you.  But, if you make it drop and then dodge the block 
    of doom, you can pass it as it is rising slowly.  And of course, if you 
    want to risk it, Mario is able to run faster than it can drop.  It is 
    not completely invincible, though.  Oddly, statue stomps, hammers, and 
    invincibility can kill the rock.
    Venus Fire Trap
    Notes: A small version of the Piranha Plant that must be akin to 
    Volcano Lotuses in Super Mario World, these enemies can shoot up to 
    three fireballs in either direction to attack you.  It's weak to tail 
    whippings and fireballs, not to mention special attacks, though it is 
    best left avoided.
    And those are all the non-boss enemies in the game.  Now, technically 
    speaking, Blooper is named "Bloober."  Blooper & Blooper Babies is 
    named "Bloober with kids."  Boom-Boom is named "Boom Boom."  Roto-Disc 
    is named "Rotodisc."  But, for the sake of current Mario games, and 
    because this game is most likely going to be played on either a GBA or 
    an SNES, I use these "current" names.
                           |    Causes of Death    |
    Aside from enemies, there are a few other ways that Mario and Luigi can 
    be killed.  They are:
    - If you fall into a bottomless pit, quicksand, lava, etc., you will 
    lose a life.  Boss Bass's mouth will also cause instant death.
    - If you are hit by an obstacle or an enemy as regular Mario, you lose 
    a life.  Super Mario turns into regular Mario when hit.  If hit as Fire 
    or Raccoon Mario, you revert to Super Mario.
    - If you run out of time on the clock (which actually ticks faster than 
    one second per every actual second), you lose a life.
    - When you lose all life, you get a Game Over.  Getting this means you 
    have to start all over (unless you're playing on the SNES or GBA, in 
    which case you can save your progress and restart at the beginning of 
    the world you were in).
    And that's how you can lose lives.  Of course, you want to survive long 
    enough to liberate the Mushroom World, right?  Try not to lose lives if 
    you can help it.
    ==============================Map Screen*==============================
    One of the first NES games to feature a map that one could access 
    levels from, Super Mario is again revolutionary.  Afterward, games like 
    Kirby's Adventure mimicked the idea, as did some other games.  
    Possessing a map, the levels are all spaces, and not all the same type.  
    Here, I will explain all the different types of spaces as well as 
    explain the bottom bar on the Map Screen.  But first, the spaces.
                           |    Spaces & Panels    |
    Start Panel: This is an orange/red space with the word "START" on it.  
    You always start from here in a new world.
    Circular Space: These are just spaces you can stand on at intersections 
    in the map to take new routes.  Also, the airships of the Koopalings 
    can retreat to any of these spaces if you fail to retrieve the Magic 
    Wand the first time you board the ship from the castle.  Similarly, 
    Hammer Brothers can also move to these spaces, but only one at a time.  
    Airships can move to any they choose.
    Action Scene Panel: These are numbered spaces with black backgrounds 
    and a white number in the lower-right corner.  The fine majority of 
    levels are contained in such spaces.
    Clear Panel: When you beat an Action Scene Panel, it turns white and 
    features a letter on it.  If beaten by Mario, the iconic M shows up.  
    If it was Luigi who beat it, his lesser known L is shown.  Bonus panels 
    turn different colors when cleared.
    Object: Sometimes, an object like a pyramid or a tank is accessible as 
    a level.  They are not numbered Action Scene Panels, but you can still 
    enter them.  I will give each "Object" a name based on what it 
    represents in the guide.
    Spade Panel: These are white panels with a black spade on the front.  
    In remakes, this is a blue space with black spades rotating about the 
    front.  The game is a slot machine-like where you must stop the parts 
    of a trisected so that they line up to show a complete picture.  
    Depending on what you line up, you get a different amount of 1UPs that 
    range from 2 to 5.  Please see "Toad's Houses & Bonuses" for 
    information on this game.
    N-Mark Spade Panel: Every time you get 80,000 points, this appears on 
    the map.  It is a white card with a black spade on it, on which is an N, 
    also white in color.  This is a card-matching game.  For details on 
    always winning, see "Toad's Houses & Bonuses" of this guide, Section 3.
    Toad's House: These are mushroom-shaped houses where locals of the 
    world live.  Eager to liberate their land, they will let you take a 
    treasure (an item) to help you along your journey.  More information on 
    these houses can be found under "Toad's Houses & Bonuses" in Section 3 
    of this guide.
    Mini-Fortress: I will call these "fortresses" in the guide.  These are 
    yellow/orange (gray in all remakes) structures that are levels.  In it, 
    you must defeat Boom-Boom, the guardian there, and use the Magic Ball 
    you find to unlock a roadblock on the map.
    Locked Door: These are arches with locks in them.  They can be unlocked 
    only by getting the Magic Ball inside a fortress.  Only then can you 
    access whatever they were guarding.
    Rock: The name of the numerous roadblocks that can be destroyed with 
    the Hammer item, these often block another space or make for good 
    Hammer Brothers: This looks like a helmeted and upright turtle carrying 
    a hammer.  It is also one of the only spaces that can move.  They can 
    only move to any of the adjacent circular spaces, though.  In these 
    spaces, you fight a Hammer Brother (World 1, 3, 5, 6), a Boomerang 
    Brother (World 2), a Fiery Brother (World 2), or a Sledge Brother 
    (World 4).  They come in pairs most often.  Beating them earns you an 
    item.  In World 7, Piranha Plants are the "Hammer Brothers" there, and 
    different trap levels act as "Hammer Brothers" do in World 8.
    Coin Ship: Meeting special requirements turns Hammer Brothers' spaces 
    into these white ships on the map.  They contain bonus levels with tons 
    of coins, and to learn how to make them appear, see "Coin Ships" in 
    Section 3.
    Fortress: I will refer to these as castles in the rest of the guide.  
    Here, the king lives, but he has been transformed into an animal by the 
    Koopalings.  It is from here that you can board the airship of the 
    Koopalings for the first time.
    Airship: The flying ship of the Koopalings is heavily guarded by more 
    guns than you can shake a stick at.  If you fail to reclaim the Magic 
    Wand from the Koopaling on board, the ship will move to one of the 
    circular spaces on the map where you can challenge them again.
                          |    Your Status Bar    |
    And at the bottom of the Map Screen, as well as any action screen, they 
    show a status bar.  He is my best ASCII art rendering of it (I've been 
    +---------------------------------------------+ +------+------+------+
    | W O R L D #  |> |> |> |> |> |> (  P  )  $## | |      |      |      |
    |                                             | | CARD | CARD | CARD |
    |                                             | |  #1  |  #2  |  #3  |
    |( M )x     #  1  9  1  6  7  2  5      O 000 | |      |      |      |
    +---------------------------------------------+ +------+------+------+
    Using all my best ASCII art skills, I've created the above diagram.  
    Love it?  Hate it?  It makes no difference.  Here's my explanation of 
    the chart.  First, in the upper-left hand corner, is the phrase "WORLD 
    #."  Replace the # with the number of which world you're in.  For 
    instance, if you're in World 5, it would read "WORLD 5."  Then, to the 
    right of it, is what's called your Power Meter.  When you run, it fills 
    red.  When it's full and you're Raccoon Mario or Tanooki Mario, you can 
    jump and jump repeatedly to fly.  Then, right of it is your coin count.  
    Replace the ## with the digits.  For instance, if you had ten coins, it 
    would read "$10" on your bar.
    Then, in the lower-left hand corner of the screen is an oval with 
    either M (if you're Mario) or an L (if you're Luigi) in it.  Next to it 
    is a number.  This is your life count.  For example, if you had five 
    lives, it would read like so "( M )x 5" on your bar.  Right of it is a 
    series of seven digits with your score in it.  To avoid confusion, I 
    just gave a random score - 1916725 - in the diagram.  Now, this is an 
    impossible score to have, but it looks better than having all number 
    signs there.  Then, to the right of that, is your time.  In the Map 
    Screen, it is automatically 000, but it actually ticks down in the 
    levels.  Run out of time and you will lose a life.
    Then, to the right of them are empty slots where cards are put.  At the 
    end of every level, you get a card bearing a Mushroom, a Fire Flower, 
    or a Starman.  For more details on this and how to assure all Starmen 
    are gotten, see "Toad's Houses & Bonuses" in Section 3.
    And now you know everything you need to before playing the game.  Well, 
    almost everything.  In the next section are the controls.  They should 
    help quite a bit.
    With good, solid controls, Super Mario Bros. has always been renowned 
    for its great, innovative game play.  Really, every other game on the 
    NES has copied its jump-and-stomp style.  So, after an interesting 
    detour in Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA), Mario returns with a better 
    selection of controls than ever.  While the apple doesn't fall far from 
    the tree, a few new controls have been added.  Let's get to it!
                            Basic Action Controls
    D-Pad: The Directional Pad (the +) can be used to move.  Left and Right 
    make Mario move in the corresponding directions.  Up can be used to 
    climb vines and enter doors.  Down can be used to duck and enter pipes.  
    When Hammer Brother Mario, ducking makes Mario retreat into his shell, 
    making him fire-proof.  If you are wearing the Frog Suit, then this 
    alone can be used to swim through the water.
    Select: Use this to choose 1 Player or 2 Player Game.
    Start: This pauses and un-pauses the game.
    A Button: The most used button in the game, perhaps, it is used to jump.  
    The longer you hold it, the higher you jump.  Also, use this to swim 
    forward when underwater.
    B Button: Hold this to run.  When you are Fire Mario, you can press 
    this button to shoot a fireball.  As Raccoon Mario or Tanooki Mario, 
    press this button to use a tail whip.  When Hammer Brother Mario, press 
    this button to toss a hammer forward in an arc shape.  Like fireballs, 
    you can only throw two at a time.
                              Advanced Controls
    Gap Dash: A move of Mario's since Super Mario Bros., and a useful one 
    at that.  When there are one-space pits, do not try to jump over them.  
    Instead, Mario can just dash over them (hold B to run).  It's a very 
    useful tactic in some areas.
    Sliding: If you are on a slope, you can slide into enemies by ducking 
    (Down).  It's quite a useful tactic in some areas.  If there is a ramp 
    at the end, you can jump off the edge at the end to make a long jump.
    Grab: When you see a shell, you can lift and carry it by approaching it 
    and pressing (or holding) B.  Release B to release whatever you're 
    holding.  This is great for positioning the shell just right for an 
    Flying: As Raccoon Mario or Tanooki Mario, you are able to fly.  Run 
    forward (hold B) until your power meter is full.  Then jump (A) to take 
    into the air.  To remain in flight, press A more (this wags your tail).  
    And to hover down, press A repeatedly to keep your tail extended, 
    giving you a slow descent.
    Statue Stomp: If you press Down and B at the same time as Tanooki Mario, 
    you'll transform into a statue (this was an ability of the Tanooki, a 
    mythical Japanese creature).  As such, enemies won't detect you and you 
    can drop onto enemies forcefully.  However, you can stay in the statue 
    state for only five seconds or so on end.
                                 Map Controls
    D-Pad: Scroll through the item bar and move Mario in the corresponding 
    A Button: Use this to select an item in the item bar or to select a 
    space to enter if it is enterable.
    B Button: Use this to bring up the item bar.  It can also close it.
    -                                -----                                -
    And those are the controls of Super Mario Bros. 3.  All basic controls 
    also apply to the Two Player Battle Mode.  Now, let's get to the best 
    part, the walkthrough!
      /                                                                 \
     /                                                                   \
    ||----------------------------Section 2*-----------------------------||
     \                                                                   /
    ===============================World 1*================================
    Grass Land is the first region of the Mushroom World that we will 
    liberate.  Appropriately, it is also the easiest.  Small as it is, 
    though, it contains two large secrets (see "World 9" for details), and 
    it is a wonderful introduction to the game, despite the fact that it's 
    almost the smallest world in the game.
    |                   MAP KEY                   |
    |# = Action Scene Panel (Level)               |
    |C = Castle                                   |
    |F = Fortress                                 |
    |H = Hammer Brothers Relative Location        |
    |L = Locked Door                              |
    |o = Circular Space                           |
    |P = Spade Panel                              |
    |S = Start Panel                              |
    |T = Toad's House                             |
                                   |     |     |
                                   |     |     |
                              --S--o     o--4--T
                                   L     |
    World 1 - Grass Land           o--F--P
                                   o  T--o---H-C
                                   |     |
    Toad's House 1: Random (3)
    Contents      : Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Leaf
    Toad's House 2: Random (3)
    Contents      : Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Leaf
    Spade Panel 1
    Hammer Brother 1: Starman
                              |    Level 1-1    |
    Go right to find a Goomba, your first enemy.  Stomp on it to defeat it 
    (or just skip it if you'd like) to find two ? Blocks to your right.  
    Hit them from below for two coins.  When you get 100 coins, you get a 
    1UP.  Jump onto the pink block to the right and use it to hit the high-
    floating ? Blocks for a coin and a Super Mushroom, which I will call 
    "Mushrooms" from here on out.  Take it to become Super Mario.  In this 
    form, you can sustain two hits before losing a life and you are twice 
    as tall as normal.  To the right is an enemy called a Venus Fire Trap, 
    related to the Piranha Plant.  It rises up from its pipe and shoots a 
    single fireball in your direction.  If you stand next to the pipe, it 
    will retreat into it.  Jump onto the pipe and jump right to hit 
    another ? Block for a coin.  Now jump right onto the blocks there and 
    drop to the green block the turtle is on.  This red-shelled turtle is 
    called a Koopa Troopa, the backbone of the Koopa Troop.  Jump onto it 
    and it will retreat into its shell.  Pick up the shell with B and then 
    walk right.  See the ? Block on the ground there?  Release B to send 
    the shell into the block.  Out comes, assuming you managed to stay as 
    Super Mario, a Super Leaf.  Now, you have two options.
    ROUTE 1: As Raccoon Mario, you have many new abilities.  Press B to 
    swing your tail around, which can defeat enemies.  Raccoon Mario's 
    other advantage is flight.  Go right and defeat the Goomba and Para-
    Goomba with jumps or tail whips.  Then, stand back at the ? Block you 
    got the Super Leaf from, and take off running (hold B to run).  When 
    you see a trail of coins leading to the upper-right, jump and press A 
    repeatedly to fly upward.  Neat-o!  Follow this trail of coins to 
    clouds in the sky, but land on a pink block.  Take the three coins here 
    on the block and hit the ? Block while looking right so that the 1UP 
    Mushroom inside goes right.  Claim it for an extra life before going 
    right to more coins.  When you have them all, go left to the edge of 
    the clouds.  Take off from there to fly until you see a pipe to land on.  
    Take it down to find coins in the shape of a 3 (for Super Mario Bros. 
    3).  Upon exiting, go left to find a Koopa Troopa (red) and some yellow 
    ROUTE 2: If you aren't Raccoon Mario, go right of the ? Block and hit 
    the other one for a coin.  Now, defeat the Goomba to find a Para-Goomba, 
    a winged version of the enemy (still weak, though).  If you jump on it, 
    it loses its wings and becomes a normal Goomba.  Skip them and go right 
    A wave of Koopa Paratroopa, winged versions of the Koopa Troopa, are 
    bounding forth to crush you.  Get on the ground, let them pass over you 
    on the blocks, and then go right to another ? Block.  Hit it for a 
    power-up (a power-up is any item that changes your form - a Mushroom, a 
    Super Leaf, or a Fire Flower).  Now go right to a few small stones you 
    can jump on.  Jump right, pass two Piranha Plants, one of which is a 
    Venus Fire Trap, and you'll reach a series of blocks by a Koopa Troopa 
    of the red variety.
    REJOINED: Jump onto the Koopa Troopa and kick its shell to the left.  
    It should carve out an opening in the blocks.  If you hit the 
    overhanging one, a P Switch (blue) will appear.  If you jump on it, all 
    the blocks here turn to coins.  Collect them all before going right.  
    Jump through the opening in the pipes, go right past the pipe, and then 
    proceed to a black screen.  This is the end of the level.  If you jump 
    into the flashing slot, you'll get a card.  Three cards get you a 1UP 
    if they don't match.  Three Mushrooms get you a 2UP, three Fire Flowers 
    a 3UP, and three Starmen a 5UP.  Jump into the card to complete the 
    level!  Congrats on your first level completed.
                              |    Level 1-2    |
    Grass Land really lives up to its name here.  Go right up the hill and 
    jump to a pipe.  See the Goomba coming up the hill?  If you stand on 
    the hill and press Down, you can slide right into it.  But, jump before 
    you reach the end as not to slide into a pit.  Hit the ? Block there 
    for a power-up, and then use the block to jump to the horizontal pipe 
    above.  Out the right side are endless Goombas coming and to the right 
    of it is a Para-Goomba.  Defeat or avoid both.  Then go right, not 
    collecting any coins.  If you are Super or Raccoon Mario, run right and 
    duck to slide under the blocks (if you're regular Mario, just walk 
    under it).  Jump to hit the left block, making a P Switch appear.  Jump 
    on the switch to make the coins there turn into blocks.  Jump from them 
    to the pipe, which you should take down to a group of coins.  Notice 
    the music; it is from Level 1-2 of Super Mario Bros.  In any case, go 
    left through the pipe to emerge outside.  Go right from there to 
    reappear by the pipe you just took.
    Avoid the Venus Fire Trap and go right past two Goombas to reach a hil.  
    Jump to the top and defeat the Para-Goomba to the right.  Now bounce on 
    the second Jump Block (the white block with the musical note in it) to 
    knock down a power-up.  Take it and go right to a Venus Fire Trap and 
    more Jump Blocks.  Jump right to a pipe and stand there.  Face left and 
    jump into the bottom of the Jump Block overhead for a Starman, which 
    goes right.  If you take it, your jump changes into a flying somersault 
    and you become Invincible Mario!  As such, you can touch any enemy 
    (most, at least) and kill them instantly!  Run right past a series of 
    enemies, plowing through them, until you reach a light brown Para-
    Goomba flying overhead.  It drops enemies called Mugger Micro-Goombas.  
    Named for their skill, they latch onto you to slow you down.  Just run 
    right past them to find the card, the end of the level.
                              |    Level 1-3    |
    A level famous for its secret, see "World 9" for those details.  Start 
    by going right and jumping on the Koopa Troopa here.  Grab and hold the 
    shell (it will come in handy later).  Release into the enemy to the 
    right and then bounce up the Jump Blocks to a red Koopa Troopa.  Kick 
    its shell to the left and watch it clear out a path for you.  One block 
    contains a power-up, and the right ? Block a coin.  Also, if you jump 
    just right of the leftmost ? Block, you'll make a red Jump Block appear.  
    Bounce on the top and press A as you go up to reach "coin heaven."
    Here, collect coins on the ground as the screen scrolls right.  If you 
    are Raccoon Mario, you can take off into the skies when you see the 
    third series of coins and hit a block surrounded by coins for a 1UP 
    Mushroom (make sure to hit it while facing left).  From there, go right 
    some more to reach a pipe.  After possibly collecting all 57 coins (22 
    around the 1UP block, and 35 along the ground), take the pipe at the 
    end to fall to the normal level.  Simply go right to the card, the end 
    of the level.
                              |    Level 1-4    |
    This, as is Level 1-3, is an optional level.  But, if you collect 44 
    coins or more in this level, something special might happen...  See 
    "White Toad's Houses" for more details.  This is one of the few levels 
    that scrolls to the right constantly, making you move with the screen.
    Jump right onto the blocks there and then jump onto the wooden plank 
    floating in the air (if the clouds weren't enough, then surly that's 
    proof that there's something wrong with this level...).  Jump through the 
    six coins here to land on the blocks to the right.  Jump right when you 
    can, and be sure to drop to the lower level.  Face left and hit the 
    block left of the upper-right block for a 1UP Mushroom, which will 
    slide right.
    Now defeat the Koopa Troopa and grab its shell.  Jump right onto the 
    upper block and release the shell (be careful not to be hit when it 
    bounces back) for a 1UP Mushroom.
    Now jump right to a wooden plank.  Be sure to line yourself up with the 
    row of coins and then drop down until you have them all on the plank.  
    Then jump through the opening.  Hit the two blocks above the opening if 
    you are Super Mario or better.  The second one in this stack contains 
    several coins.
    Now continue right to see a Koopa Paratroopa floating up and down.  
    Jump onto it, pressing A after you land to bounce off of it through the 
    coins, and land on the pipe.  Take it down to appear by a Boomerang 
    Brother.  You've encountered them before, but that was in 1-3 when you 
    killed it with a shell.  They throw boomerangs, up to two at a time, 
    although almost any attack can kill them.  For now, though, just avoid 
    them and go right to the card.  Mission complete!
                           |    Toad's House #1    |
    Normally, I will not cover this as a level (I list this sort of 
    information below the map), but I will now because it is World 1.  Here, 
    a local Toad has this to say:
    "Pick a box.  Its contents will help you on your way."
    Gifted speaker though he is, he has a simple but helpful game for you 
    to play.  He'll let you take the contents of a chest for your use, but 
    you don't know what you'll get (in this house, anyways).  Here's how it 
    works.  There are three chests, and three treasures are shuffled within 
    (in this case, all the power-ups).  You can pick one (press B to select 
    a chest) and keep the item inside.  To use it, press B on the map to 
    bring up the "item bar."  Select an item with A and you can use it on 
    the map so that you begin the next level with it.  As I show below the 
    map, this is how you read this information (I will not review this in 
    each world).
    Toad's House 1: Random (3)
    Contents      : Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Leaf
    Toad's House 1 says that they randomly shuffle three items, which are a 
    Mushroom, a Fire Flower, and a Super Leaf.  Easy, enough, right?
    Note: I feel I should record this observation.  If you use a fireball 
    from Fire Mario within a Toad's House, it will appear green.  Green 
    fireballs are trademark of Luigi, although Luigi used red fireballs in 
    this game.  It's probably just a discoloring glitch, but it is 
    interesting nonetheless.  Luigi first used green fireballs on the N64 
    in Super Smash Bros.
                             |    Spade Panel    |
    Again, I will not normally cover this type of space, but I will for 
    World 1 because this is the first time you'll play it.  A local Toad 
    will let you play a game to try to earn extra lives.  He has this to 
    "Line up the pictures and get a prize!  You only get one try."
    Pictures of a Mushroom, a Fire Flower, and a Starman have been 
    trisected (cut into three equal parts), and they are now moving in a 
    horizontal slot machine manner.  Your job?  To make a complete picture, 
    of course!  Press A to stop the top layer first.  Then A for the middle 
    and then A for the bottom.  If you have lined up a perfect picture of a 
    Mushroom, you get a 2UP.  Fire Flowers earn you a 3UP, and Starmen earn 
    a 5UP.  You know what to aim for.
    Also, an N-Mark Spade Panel might appear.  It's a Spade Panel with a 
    white N in the middle of the spade.  If it does appear, Toad has this 
    to say:
    "Flip over any two cards and see if they match.  You can only miss 
    Just flip over cards and hope for matches.  You get whatever you get to 
    match (that is, match two Fire Flower cards, you get a Fire Flower, and 
    so on).  For details on always winning, please see "Toad's Houses & 
    Bonuses" in Section 3.
                         |    World 1 Fortress #1    |
    Throughout the Mushroom World, Bowser has set up fortresses to cut off 
    transportation in the region.  Guarded by a fierce warrior, inside is a 
    key that can unlock a roadblock on the surface.  Forts tend to be 
    fairly difficult, or at least in later worlds.  Of course, it is very 
    easy this time around.
    Proceed to the right and hop up the stairs.  Do not just jump over the 
    lava here.  Within it is a Podoboo, a living fireball.  It will jump 
    upward and then descend back into the lava from which it came, 
    dangerous to the touch all the way (also, falling in the lava will 
    instantly kill you, just like pits).  As it is falling, jump over the 
    pit.  Repeat this for the next few gaps and you'll reach a ? Block.  Be 
    sure to face right and hit it for a power-up.  This time, assuming you 
    were big, it is a Fire Flower.
    If you take it, you'll become Fire Mario.  In this form, press B to 
    shoot a fireball forward.  Fire is harmful to most enemies.  Now jump 
    over the next few gaps to reach a hallway.  Ahead are enemies called 
    Roto-Discs.  They revolve around a fixed point (the orb), but they are 
    very easy to bypass in this fortress.  Walk by when they are not in the 
    hallway and then go right to a lava pool.  When the dual Podoboos are 
    both descending, jump the gap to another ledge.  Here, jump when the 
    Roto-Disc is down.
    You'll reach a ? Block by a Dry Bones, the skeletal remains of a Koopa 
    Troopa.  If you hit the ? Block, you can get a Super Leaf.  The Fire 
    Flower is actually better for defeating an enemy ahead; don't take the 
    leaf unless you are utilizing a certain secret in this fortress (see 
    "World 9" for details on this secret).  Dry Bones cannot be permanently 
    destroyed in your current condition.  If you jump on it, it will 
    crumple up into a pile of bones, but it will rise from the dead (well, 
    it's already dead, actually...) shortly afterward.  In any case, go right 
    to a doorway.  Press Up on the D-Pad to take it.
    The ceiling, which is conveniently lined with spikes, is falling into 
    the floor.  Walk forward so that you're under the alcove above and 
    stand there until the ceiling starts to rise.  Jump over the next two 
    gaps and run right to the wall.  Stand there to avoid being crushed.  
    Take the door when you can.
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    Go right to find... AAAAAAAAAHHH!  It's a monster!!!  Looking like a 
    turtle with flapping arms, a spiky back, and some sort of cloth over 
    its eyes as if it were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopa, it is truly 
    terrifying (the nightmares just don't stop...).  Luckily, we can defeat 
    this beast quite easily.  As it runs toward you, jump on its head.  
    Momentarily flattened, Boom-Boom flaunts its spikes before chasing you 
    again, this time faster than before.  It might even jump across the 
    room to hit you (if you're far away enough).  Jump on its head again 
    and it does the old spike pattern.  This time, Boom-Boom is fast.  It 
    makes me wonder what he's on...  Jump on him one more time like last time 
    and the Magic Ball appears.  You can also beat him with five fireballs 
    if you're Fire Mario.  Grab the Magic Ball to complete the level.  The 
    Locked Door on the map is now destroyed.  Huzzah!
                              |    Level 1-5    |
    Your first underground level, featuring the sewer music of Super Mario 
    Bros.  You start sliding down a slope, pummeling the Buzzy Beetles 
    foolish enough to try to hike up it.  You land in a pool of water with 
    coins over it (take them).  Now go right to find a reverse Piranha 
    Plant (it's going down!  Take a picture of this!) and a Buzzy Beetle.  
    Jump on the Buzzy Beetle, which behaves just life a fire-proof Koopa 
    Troopa, and kick its shell into the Piranha Plant for a double whammy.  
    Now go right to a fork in the road.
    Decisions, decisions...  Take the upper path, but stop as soon as it 
    leads to open air (outside the tunnels).  Jump against the left edge of 
    the opening to reveal a red Jump Block.  Bounce on it to reach... coin 
    As usual, collect the 35 coins on the ground.  If you are Raccoon Mario, 
    you can fly up after the third set for 22 more coins and a 1UP (be sure 
    to face left when you hit the block!).  Take the pipe at the end to 
    fall back into the level.
    Go right to a slope.  Slide down it, right through a Koopa Troopa, and 
    you'll reach a tunnel.  Take it, avoiding a Venus Fire Trap and two 
    Piranha Plants as you go right.  At the end, jump and press Up to enter 
    the warp pipe here.  Now go right to nab the card!
                              |    Level 1-6    |
    A level reminiscent of 1-4...  Curses...  Jump to the right and take the 
    coins above the Koopa Troopa.  Kick its shell to the right so that it 
    defeats the Koopa Troopa below the ? Block, and then jump to the block.  
    Hit it for a power-up, jump onto the block, and jump right twice to the 
    platform on the line.
    Jump right across the Jump Blocks to bounce off a Koopa Paratroopa 
    (red).  When you land, defeat the green Koopa Troopa below that was 
    fenced in, and be sure to use its shell to break the blocks on either 
    side of the "fence."  Now hit the block above the rightmost bush for a 
    1UP Mushroom.  Now that you have it, jump right to a fork of sorts.  
    Jump to the upper path (the lower path is almost suicidal), of course, 
    and walk to the gap ahead.  Fall down to the block there, from which 
    you should jump to the plank to the right.
    Ride it to some coins, avoiding a red Koopa Paratroopa, and you'll have 
    to jump off to a pair of blocks at the end.  From there, jump right 
    (you don't have to bounce on the Koopa Paratroopa, but you can if you'd 
    like) to reach the black border.  Dodge a Koopa Troopa and nab the card.
                          |    Hammer Brother #1    |
    You must've noticed this little guy wandering around the map.  He 
    started in front of the Castle, but he could be anywhere by now (well, 
    in the general area).  After defeating him, be sure to stop at the 
    Toad's House near here, too!
    This is a simple brawl with a Hammer Brother.  Throwing hammers, two at 
    a time (in Super Mario Bros., they threw more like six at a time), they 
    are somewhat dangerous alone.  Run under their arc of hammers to be 
    below them (that is, assuming they jumped to the upper level).  The 
    best way to beat them is to run under their block and hit it, knocking 
    them off.  Now, Fire Mario can be useful in defeating them from a 
    distance.  If you can get in close, Raccoon Mario's tail whip will also 
    work.  And if you really, and I mean REALLY, stink, then you can use a 
    Starman before the fight.  It all adds up in the end, of course, 
    because the prize for winning is a Starman.  Before taking it, though, 
    hit the rightmost block for a Fire Flower.  Then take the treasure 
    chest that appears for winning.
                        |    Larry Koopa's Airship    |
    Now that we've cleared all the levels, we can advance to the Castle.  
    There, the king has been transformed into a dog (a Cobrat if you're 
    playing a remake)!  Toad explains this like so:
    "Oh, it's terrible!  The King has been transformed!  Please find the 
    Magic Wand so we can change him back."
    Yes, how embarrassing for the king of Grass Land.  Accept their 
    challenge and Mario will embark on a dangerous journey.  The airship of 
    Larry Koopa, Bowser's youngest child (I won't even comment.  Too easy), 
    is docked at the castle, and you can take the anchor up to the bow.  We 
    must fight our way to Larry Koopa, the mischievous conqueror Grass Land!  
    By defeating him, we can retake the Magic Wand and transform the king 
    back into his original state.
    Airships are, quite simply put, a whole load of gunpowder slapped onto 
    a wooden frame.  As the screen scrolls right automatically, you'll be 
    forced to dodge a series of cannonballs and Bullet Bills, both of which 
    can be defeated by jumping on them.  Bullet Bills are the smiling 
    missiles fired from Bullet Bill Blasters.  Cannons fire cannonballs, 
    which I refuse to capitalize, even if it is an enemy.
    Go right past two cannons to reach a B. B. Blaster.  Stand on top of it 
    until a cannonball is fired at you.  At that point, jump right to the 
    wooden cylinder here and duck on the right side.  When possible, jump 
    right over the Bullet Bill Blaster.  As the screen expands, hit the ? 
    Block for a Fire Flower (or a Mushroom).  If you're Raccoon Mario, 
    ignore it.  Otherwise, take it.
    Make sure to take it when the rotating cannon to the right is pointing 
    diagonally.  Then, when it faces horizontally, drop below the block and 
    run to the right cylinder.  When the cannon is horizontal, jump the 
    cylinder and go right.  Now, when you can, go right and stand by the 
    Bullet Bill Blaster.  Then, as the screen scrolls to the right, jump to 
    the pipe and take it down to the arena... of DOOM!  Okay, I'll never do 
    that again... in this guide.
    Boss: Larry Koopa
    Quite a simple boss, really.
    |                 |          With an arena like so, this is a very easy 
    |                 |          fight.  As it begins, the dread Larry is
    |                 |          opposite you.  In his hands is the Magic 
    |    __ _         |          Wand, and you must beat him to save Grass
    |___|  | |________|          Land.  Larry's only attack is waving the 
                                 wand at you to cast three "magic rings" at
    you.  You can jump to avoid those.  He has no other abilities beside 
    that.  To hurt him, just jump on his head.  After retreating into his 
    shell and making some disgusting sound, he jumps to a different part of 
    the arena.  No worries, though.  You can jump on his head again.  He 
    repeats it, the music becomes more intense, and one more jump beats him.  
    Alternately, you can flame him ten times as Fire Mario for the same 
    effect.  His shell spins around and he jumps out of the room, dropping 
    the Magic Wand as he flees.  Take it to beat the level!  Oh yeah (said 
    in Kool-Aid guy voice)!  The screen flashes and you drop from the ship 
    to the Castle.  The king is back to his good old self again.  After 
    thanking you, he gives you a letter from the princess, his superior, 
    I'd bet.
    If you see any ghosts, be careful.  They will give chase if you turn 
    away.  I have enclosed a jewel that helps protect you.
    Inside is a Magic Wing, a fantastic item.  When you use it, your power 
    meter stays full for the whole level (it also turns you into Raccoon 
    Mario).  In this way, you can just fly over an entire level.  Use it 
    when difficulty arises.
    ===============================World 2*================================
    We can now move on into the expansive Desert Land, the second region of 
    the Mushroom World.  Far tougher than that piece of cake, World 1, this 
    world has a fortress with ghosts!  Don't worry, though.  Things are 
    still relatively easy.  Oddly, Mario isn't affected by the heat at all, 
    although I think the sun may get to him...
    |                   MAP KEY                   |
    |# = Action Scene Panel (Level)               |
    |[ = Pipe 1                                   |
    |] = Pipe Linking w/ Pipe 1                   |
    |C = Castle                                   |
    |F = Fortress                                 |
    |H = Hammer Brothers Relative Location        |
    |L = Locked Door                              |
    |o = Circular Space                           |
    |P = Spade Panel                              |
    |Q = Quicksand (Level)                        |
    |R = Breakable Rock                           |
    |S = Start Panel                              |
    |T = Toad's House                             |
    |Y = Pyramid (Level)                          |
                         P--o--2  o--o  T--H--4--oR--o--T
                            |  |  |  |     |     |     |
                         o--o  o  o  3--o--Q     o     o
                         |     |  |  |     |     |     |
    World 2 -            1     F--o--o--[  o  C  o     H--o
        Desert Land      |           |     |  |  |        |
                         o  T--]     oR-o  5  o--Y        o
                         |     L        |  |     |
                    --S--o--o--o        P--o--o--H
    Toad's House 1: Random (3)
    Contents      : Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Leaf
    Toad's House 2: Random (3)
    Contents      : Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Leaf
    Toad's House 3: Pre-Selected
    Contents      : Frog Suit
    Spade Panel 1
    Spade Panel 2
    Hammer Brother 1: Music Box
    Hammer Brother 2: Hammer
    Hammer Brother 3: Magic Whistle
                              |    Level 2-1    |
    The desert is a mean, jerk-of-a-place.  Go right and a block will try 
    to jump on you.  Jump on it instead and continue right to face two more 
    such blocks.  Be sure to stop along the way for a Mushroom/Super Leaf 
    in the ? Block.  Now go right to slightly rising pillars, all of which 
    have those jumping blocks on them.  Jump them before they can jump you, 
    of course.  Afterwards, hit the ? Block to the right for a Starman!
    Run, Mario, run!  Plow through a Firesnake, those linked flames, and 
    other enemies, until you reach a series of Jump Blocks.  Bounce up them 
    to the purple piping.  It is around here that you're Starman should 
    wear off.  Defeat the Goombas present and go right to find two blocks.  
    Bump into the left one for a power-up.  Now, on the ground, jump 
    between them to hit a Jump Block.  Bounce up onto the purple pipe to 
    the right.
    Just waltz on over to your right until you drop to ground.  If you want 
    to risk it, you can break the block in the piping to jump into it, 
    collecting coins and avoiding Firesnakes as you go.  If not, just go 
    right to find two Piranha Plants and a jumping block.  Destroy the 
    latter and get onto the right pipe.  Take it down when the Piranha 
    Plant is out to a secret room.  Hit the P Switch present and then take 
    the pipe above.  When you emerge, collect the coins and defeat the 
    jumping block.  Now go right to the black screen.  Defeat the jumping 
    block there first, and take the card second.
                              |    Level 2-2    |
    Play the Spade Panel game before coming here, of course.  Also, note 
    that you want to get at least 30 coins in this level to unlock a little 
    secret...  See "White Toad's Houses" in Section 3 for details...
    Start by going right up a hill.  Defeat the Goomba and then jump over 
    the quicksand to the right (in the quicksand is a Venus Fire Trap 
    capable of spitting two fireballs at once).  If you run fast enough, 
    you'll bump into a block holding a Super Leaf or a Mushroom.  Take it, 
    jump right onto the pipe, jump over the quicksand, and avoid the 
    fireballs of the Venus Fire Trap.
    Upon landing, you'll come across some water.  In it are green fish 
    called Cheep-Cheeps.  Since you want to collect coins and avoiding 
    enemies equals good, it is best to get onto the wooden plank here.  It 
    floats over the water with only Koopa Paratroopas and blocks to get in 
    your way.  Hit any blocks you can for coins (the first two you duck 
    under contain them, but not others).  Be sure to hit the P Switch for 
    major coinage, too.  At the end, take the pipe to the black border.  
    Collect the card and be proud.
                         |    World 2 Fortress #1    |
    Princess Toadstool warned us of ghosts.  Her letter is misleading, 
    though.  Magic Wings do nothing to ward off ghosts; don't use it.  This 
    level introduces two very popular enemies, as you will soon see.
    Go forward to find three Dry Bones.  Jump on them or jump over them; 
    just get past them.  Then, you'll come across a large blue block with a 
    grim face.  This is a Thwomp, which would find itself a home in many 
    Mario games in the future.  It crashes down as soon as you get close, 
    and then it slowly rises.  As it rises, run under it to more Dry Bones.  
    Defeat them and go right to find another Thwomp.  But, right of it is 
    another new, very popular enemy, "Boo" Diddly.  In later games, the 
    name was changed to just "Boo," and I will use this name for the 
    remainder of the guide.
    As the Thwomp rises, jump past it.  Boo is just hovering there.  But, 
    if you should turn your back to it, it will "give chase," as Toadstool 
    put it.  So, instead of standing there, let's run right and take a pipe 
    up to a new room.  Of course, walls do not limit Boos; he can still 
    chase you if he wants.  So, we mustn't tarry here.
    Go right to find a spiked floor and a Thwomp hovering menacingly above 
    it.  Jump to the edge of the ledge and wait for Thwomp to drop.  Run 
    right quickly and jump to the gray block shining there.  If you can 
    duck beneath it and hit it before Boo attacks, you'll get a power-up 
    (or if you wag your tail to hit it as Raccoon Mario).  In any case, 
    when you pass, run right to just make it under three Thwomps and reach 
    a door.  Take it to a really new room.
    Lowering spikes and Boos.  What a lovely combination.  Wait for the 
    spikes to begin rising and run right to the opening.  Repeat the 
    process, but turn around immediately afterward to stare down the Boo.  
    This time, as the spikes lower, jump onto the block that borders it.  
    Hop along these blocks, jump to the next, and then hop to a door.  Take 
    it to meet the master of the fortress.
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    This is exactly the same as last time, only Boom-Boom is gray this time.  
    Jump on his head three times.  After each jump (except the third, of 
    course), Boom-Boom increases speed and shows his spikes.  If you are 
    far enough away, it'll try to jump to you.  In any case, you'll beat 
    this easy boss for the Magic Ball.  Take it and the fortress is toppled.  
    It also unlocks the Locked Door on the map.  Talk about cool.
                              |    Level 2-3    |
    Visit the Toad's House using the pipe before coming here.  Go right by 
    a Firesnake and you'll reach a red Koopa Troopa.  Stomp it and then 
    lift its shell.  Stand on the ? Block above (the left one) and release 
    it.  Take the power-up from the right block and then hit the other ? 
    Block for a coin.
    Go right to similarly stacked blocks (in a pyramid shape, of course).  
    Hit the right ? Block for a Starman!  As Mario would say, yahoo!  Run 
    right, plowing through those enemies to reach a third pyramid.  Jump to 
    the top, bust through the blocks, and hit the ? Blocks for a power-up 
    leaning on the Super Leaf side of the tree.
    If you are Raccoon Mario, get onto the base of this pyramid and take 
    off running into flight.  Fly up to some blocks with a P Switch on them.  
    Hit the switch and drop down into a whole mess of coins!  Collect all 
    that you can (one coin that seems solid contains a 1UP Mushroom when 
    hit from below) before going right past a series of jumping blocks.
    Hit the Koopa Troopas' shells into the blocks.  They will collect for 
    you many coins, as well as carve a path to a pipe.  Take it down to the 
    black border.  Run right to take a card.
                              |    Quicksand    |
    Notice a sun in the upper-left corner.  It seems a little agitated.  Go 
    right, jumping over a quicksand pit, and then jump right again.  Avoid 
    the attack of a Venus Fire Trap, jump clear over a Koopa Paratroopa, 
    and continue right to another quicksand pit.  Jump over it when the two 
    Venus Fire Traps are down and not dangerous.  Continue right to find a 
    tornado (this could possibly be a Tweester, the name for certain 
    tornadoes in the Mario universe).  Jump into it and you'll fall through 
    to the ground.  Go right to some blocks.  Here's where it gets ugly.
    The sun starts to rotate violently.  It is now Angry Sun, an unbeatable 
    enemy who will dog you throughout the rest of the level.  Run right, 
    avoiding a Koopa Paratroopa and dodging the Angry Sun as it swoops down 
    to attack you.  Jump another quicksand pit after a Koopa Paratroopa and 
    dodge the Angry Sun a few more times to reach the card.  Take it to end 
    this level!  Talk about sunburns (pun!).
                          |    Hammer Brother #1    |
    The Hammer Brother here is no Hammer Brother.  It is actually a... 
    Boomerang Brother!  Gasp!  It is actually quite easy to beat.  If you 
    are Fire Mario, it is made even easier; you can just roast it from a 
    distance.  If not, wait for it to throw two boomerangs.  Then, jump 
    over it and stomp it.  Avoid any boomerangs as they return and you'll 
    have won.  If you are really horrible, a Starman might also be 
    beneficial.  The reward for beating this Boomerang Brother is a Music 
    Box.  When you use this item, all Hammer Brothers on the map freeze in 
    their current positions (they go to sleep).  Very useful, huh?
                              |    Level 2-4    |
    Be sure to visit the Toad's House while you're here.  Now, either this 
    or Level 2-5 is unnecessary for reaching the castle.  Really, 2-5 is a 
    better pick because you access the Pyramid, a Hammer Brother, and a 
    Spade Panel, but it's your choice.  There are two possible ways to 
    complete this level.  I will cover both.
    ROUTE 1: The recommended route is this one.  You must be Raccoon Mario 
    to make use of it.  Go right, defeat the Para-Goomba, and then run left, 
    taking off into flight.  Bust through the block column to reach an 
    upper area.  Neat-o.  Go right until you see a pool of water with an 
    opening into it.
    ROUTE 1 (Continued): Fall in and bust the blocks to the right of the 
    opening (be wary of the Cheep-Cheep) for a P Switch.  Jump out of the 
    water and hit it.  Now collect the coins before the time runs out.  Now 
    go right to a series of aerial coins.  Eventually, you'll come to a 
    fork in the road.  At first, take the lower route, hitting every block 
    for a coin.  Then backtrack to the fork and take the upper route, 
    collecting all the coins as you go.  At the end, bounce on the Koopa 
    Paratroopas to reach some blocks in the air.
    ROUTE 1 (Continued): Collect coins without busting blocks if possible.  
    Then hit the second block from the left, the upper one, for a P Switch.  
    Hit it, collect the coins, and then go right to some Jump Blocks.  Drop 
    through the opening there.  Wait for the switch to wear off if it 
    hasn't yet and then collect the coins in the openings.  When you have 
    them all, go right to the border.  Now continue right to jump over a 
    Boomerang Brother to the card.  Mission complete!
    ROUTE 2: The far less glamorous route, take this only if you don't have 
    a Super Leaf.  Go right and defeat the Para-Goomba.  Stomp on the Koopa 
    Troopa ahead, grab its shell, and toss it into the ? Block.  
    Immediately afterwards, jump to the ? Block for a power-up.  If it is a 
    Super Leaf, go back and do Route 1.  Go right, grabbing the shell of a 
    Koopa Troopa, and then kick it right to a ? Block.  It's a power-up.  
    If you get the Super Leaf, then return back and use Route 1.  If you're 
    still being stubborn and you're set on Route 2, then I will guide you 
    through it.
    ROUTE 2 (Continued): Go right past a Boomerang Brother/Koopa Paratroopa 
    combo.  You'll reach another Boomerang Brother shortly after.  Stand 
    right next to the block and wait for two boomerangs to pass.  Now jump 
    either over the brother or onto him before jumping right over a gap.  
    Hit the ? Block for a Mushroom or a Super Leaf (duck if it is a Super 
    Leaf until you can get it), but be sure to avoid the fireballs of a 
    Venus Fire Trap.  Now go right past a final Boomerang Brother to reach 
    little alcoves filled with coins.  Collect them all and go right to a 
    border.  Avoid the Boomerang Brother here and take the card.
                              |    Level 2-5    |
    Ahead is a feared enemy, the Chain Chomp.  It enjoys some popularity, 
    but it is not a real regular in the Mario scene (not as much as Boo, 
    for instance).  If you're brave enough, you can hit the ? Blocks for a 
    power-up and a coin, but it is very stupid and risky.  Jump over it and 
    get onto the blocks.  If you stick around the Chain Chomp for about 150 
    seconds, it breaks free of its "post," and it is truly fearsome.
    Jump to the top of these blocks and then leap right to a Koopa Troopa 
    of the red kind.  Defeat or pass it and go right over a gap to another 
    Chain Chomp.  Kill the Goomba and then jump to the next blocks, hiking 
    up them past Goombas below.  At the end, you'll reach two Koopa Troopas.  
    Use one's shell to hit the block to the right for a coin.  Now go right 
    to another Koopa Troopa.  Hit its shell to the right, causing a chain 
    reaction that hits a block and makes a vine grow, just like a beanstalk!
    Jump to the vine and climb it by pressing Up on the D-Pad.  At the top, 
    hop left along the clouds for coins.  You'll reach a pipe, too.  Take 
    it to a secret room.  If you are small, hit the rightmost block for a 
    Mushroom.  Then hit the central block for a P Switch.  Bust blocks to 
    reach it and press it.  Collect the coins and then take the pipe down.
    When you emerge, go right to some blocks.  Hit them for a power-up and 
    three coins.  Now drop right to a black border where you can claim a 
    card guarded by a Chain Chomp.
                          |    Hammer Brother #2    |
    Make sure to use the Spade panel before coming here.  A Boomerang 
    Brother is your opponent here.  Run forward after two boomerangs are 
    thrown and they return.  Then, a simple jump will do the trick.  But, 
    there are easier ways to accomplish this.  You could flame them as Fire 
    Mario, get in close as Raccoon Mario for a tail whip, or touch them as 
    Invincible Mario.  However you choose to beat them, the reward is a 
    good one - a Hammer.  With it, you can break through a rock on the map.  
    Do not use it yet, though.  I will instruct you on using it to the 
    maximum effect.
                           |    Toad's House #3    |
    I do not normally discuss Toad's Houses, but this one is well-hidden 
    and quite worth your time, I assure you.  You should have a Hammer from 
    your last Hammer Brother battle.  Get to the circular space in the 
    upper-right corner, just right of 2-4, and use the Hammer.  This 
    creates a path to a Toad's House.  Notice on the map the oasis is in 
    the shape of III, which is "3" in Roman numerals.  That stands for 
    Super Mario Bros. 3, of course.  Inside the Toad's House, Toad is 
    giving away good treasure.  However, this isn't your shuffled Mushroom-
    Fire Flower-Super Leaf junk we normally get stuck with.  No, all three 
    chests contain a Frog Suit.  Below is a little explanation of the Forg 
    Suit's uses.
                            |    The Frog Suit    |
    You've just gotten the Frog Suit.  When worn, you become Frog Mario, an 
    agile swimmer.  Although ungainly on land (you can't even walk straight 
    when you have it on land.  Instead, you hop forward), it provides a 
    huge jump.  But, more importantly, it is great in the water.  In the 
    water, Frog Mario can control his swimming just by using the D-Pad.  
    And, if you need to swim faster, just press A quickly.  Frog Mario can 
    even resist strong currents.  Do not use it yet, though.  It really 
    comes in handy in the next world.
                          |    Hammer Brother #3    |
    There is also a Hammer Brother here, and it's a toughie.  These aren't 
    Hammer Brothers, though.  Oh no, these are far harder.  They are Fiery 
    Brothers, and they spit fireballs at high speeds.  To make matters 
    worse, there are two.  The best way to beat them is to come with a 
    Starman.  Invincible Mario has no trouble at all teaching these 
    hotheads (pun!) a lesson.  Alternately, if you're a daring fighter, 
    jump onto the first brother's head and bounce off of it onto the second.  
    A bit harder, but it works well.  If you are Fire Mario, you can shoot 
    them before they shoot you.  Raccoon Mario can tail whip them, too, but 
    it isn't advised.  There's almost no way you could get close enough to 
    use it.
    When you win, you receive a great item - the Magic Whistle.  Use it to 
    reach World 9, Warp Land.  From there, you can access several other 
    levels.  Use it if you don't want to trek through every single world.  
    There are three Magic Whistles in the game.  To find the other two, see 
    "World 9" in Section 3 of this guide.
                               |    Pyramid    |
    Back on track, a pyramid is all that stands between us and the Castle.  
    Jump onto the steps and take the door to enter it.
    Inside, go forward to a Buzzy Beetle on some stairs.  Grab its shell 
    and throw it into the fenced off area.  Then hit the ? Block for a 
    power-up.  Now go right to find a three-way fork in the road.  Take the 
    middle path with a Buzzy Beetle's shell in hand.  Launch it into the 
    stacked blocks and then run or slide under the opening you've created 
    for yourself.
    Jump on the pipe and then jump left.  Go left and then jump right.  Use 
    the shell of the Buzzy Beetle to hit the stack to the right.  Afterward, 
    slide or run under the block and stop.  The discolored area - three 
    blocks away from the wooden block here - has a block there.  Hit it, 
    jump onto the block, and then jump to the pipe, which you should take 
    Here, jump onto the ? Block and bust the block above it.  Collect all 
    the coins along both levels before returning to the bottom.  Then slide 
    under the block and hit it for a P Switch.  Hit it, collect the coins, 
    and then take the pipe out of this bonus area.
    Jump onto the slope to the right.  Take it up, but tread cautiously.  
    On the roof, two Buzzy Beetles are waiting to fall onto you.  On the 
    ground are two Buzzy Beetles as well.  Avoid the roof ones when they 
    fall and slide, but you use one shell from a ground beetle to hit the 
    stack of blocks to the right.  Run/slide under the opening to a pipe.  
    After the Piranha Plant, take the pipe at the end to the surface.  To 
    the right, just left of a Boomerang Brother, is the card.
                      |    Morton Koopa Jr's Airship    |
    There's nothing left to do now but see the king.  As Toad so thoroughly 
    explains, he has been transformed into an animal.  In the NES version, 
    it's a spider.  And in future remakes, it's a Hoopster, the ladybug 
    enemies from Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA).  So, Mario boards the green 
    ship of Morton Koopa Jr., the second-youngest in the family.  We must 
    defeat him if we are to restore the king to his original form.
    Drop down to the lower level as soon as the screen expands and duck 
    there to avoid some Bullet Bills.  When the screen expands enough, jump 
    past the Bullet Bill Blasters to the right.  Jump onto the upper ledge 
    and stand left of the diagonal cannon.  When the screen expands enough, 
    drop right and stay there until it continues to the right.  Pass a 
    series of Bullet Bill Blasters to reach a ? Block.  Hit it for a 
    Mushroom or a Fire Flower.
    Then jump to the crates to the right.  As the screen lowers, the path 
    of the Bullet Bills curves downward.  So, it is safe to drop to the 
    floor as the screen is lowering.  Then, as it begins to rise and after 
    the blasters to the right have fired, jump up the crates to reach 
    safety at the top.  Go right to see Rocky Wrenches.  I'd bet that the 
    Monty Mole evolved from their image.  They come endlessly to throw - 
    you guessed it - miter saws, err, wrenches at you.  Jump over them, 
    jump on the hatches to knock them down (they'll rise again, though).  
    Now, avoid some more Bullet Bills until you go right to a pipe.  Take 
    it down to meet your destiny.
    Boss: Morton Koopa Jr.
    |                  |         Morton is just as weak as his little 
    |                  |         brother, Larry Koopa.  Although it's more
    |             __ __|         bumpy than Larry's, his battle tactics are
    |    __ __   |  |  |         exactly the same.  Aside from tackling you
    |___|  |  |__|  |  |         with his massive body, Morton can use the
                                 stolen Magic Wand to cast three magical
    rings at you.  Jump to avoid these, and you'd might as well land on 
    Morton's head, his weak point.  Three jumps to the head will defeat 
    this tubby Koopa Kid, although ten fireballs do the same things.  Three 
    hits and he spins about in his shell before fleeing, dropping the Magic 
    Wand in his flight.  Take it to fall back to the king, who is now back 
    to his good old self.  Like before, he has a letter from the princess 
    for you.
    You can stomp on your enemies using a Goomba's shoe.  I have enclosed a 
    jewel that helps protect you.
    She gives you Jugem's Cloud, an item that lets you bypass an entire 
    level - not beating it, though.  So, you can advance in one direction, 
    but there's no turning back after that.  Her little tip here is 
    actually used in World 5, quite a ways off.  In any case, let's move on 
    to the next world.
    ===============================World 3*================================
    It goes from one extreme to the next.  Grass to sand to water...  Water 
    Land is the originally named world that sprawls across the screen.  
    Filled with watery levels, it's the perfect chance to use your Frog 
    Suit.  Man are you going to hate this world...  It has two forts, nine 
    levels, and a whole ton of options, plus a considerably harder boss 
    than most.  Here's where the difficulty really increases from the other 
    |                   MAP KEY                   |
    |# = Action Scene Panel (Level)               |
    |[ = Pipe 1                                   |
    |] = Pipe Linking w/ Pipe 1                   |
    |( = Pipe 2                                   |
    |) = Pipe Linking w/ Pipe 2                   |
    |{ = Pipe 3                                   |
    |} = Pipe Linking w/ Pipe 3                   |
    |B = Bridge                                   |
    |C = Castle                                   |
    |D = Dock                                     |
    |F = Fortress                                 |
    |H = Hammer Brothers Relative Location        |
    |L = Locked Door                              |
    |o = Circular Space                           |
    |P = Spade Panel                              |
    |R = Breakable Rock                           |
    |S = Start Panel                              |
    |T = Toad's House                             |
       T--o--o--3  TB-oB-o--6--o--7--o                D--T
          |     |     |  |  B        |
          2     o     4--H  8--o--P--F              
          |     |     |  |  |        L      P--T     World 3 -
          o  P--F--o--o  o  o--9--{  (      |       Water Land
          |     |     |  |               D--T--P
          1     o-L]  5--oR-o--o--D                                C--o--}
          |     |
    Toad's House 1: Pre-Selected
    Contents      : Frog Suit
    Toad's House 2: Random (3)
    Contents      : Fire Flower, Super Leaf, Frog Suit
    Toad's House 3: Random (3)
    Contents      : Fire Flower, Super Leaf, Frog Suit
    Toad's House 4: Random (3)
    Contents      : Fire Flower, Super Leaf, Frog Suit
    Toad's House 5: Random (3)
    Contents      : Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Leaf
    Spade Panel 1
    Spade Panel 2
    Spade Panel 3
    Spade Panel 4
    Hammer Brother 1: Hammer
    Hammer Brother 2: Starman
                              |    Level 3-1    |
    You start right out in the water.  When you float down, go left and 
    you'll sink to a ? Block, a Fire Flower if you're Super Mario or higher.  
    Take it, as it will be very useful, and swim back up to the starting 
    Swim right and you'll pass a pipe as well as a Blooper.  These squids 
    will try to slowly descend to you.  But, they are weak to fireballs!  
    After defeating two, you'll reach a large opening.  Swim right to a 
    pipe and jump out of the water and onto the top of it.
    We're taking a shortcut!  Go right to a little alcove containing a ? 
    Block (Mushroom or a Fire Flower), and then go right out of it to water.  
    The other option involved swimming through the lava globs of a Lava 
    Lotus, a transparent plant that is related to the Piranha Plant.  This 
    is by far superior.
    When you land, simply swim right along the top of the water.  A Blooper 
    with Blooper Babies is below, but it won't reach you.  One final 
    Blooper will try to swim into you, but a quick fireball will kill it.  
    Now take the pipe out of here to reach the black border.  Below this 
    pipe was a 1UP Mushroom and some extra coins, but they are rather 
    difficult to get.  So, just go right and grab the card.
                              |    Level 3-2    |
    See the water below you?  Treat the water as a pit, because falling 
    into it will kill you.  How, you ask.  Give it a second, and a Cheep-
    Cheep swims from the left and starts swimming beneath you.  Unless you 
    have fireballs, it will hit you.  But that's not the real terror of the 
    deep I'm talking about.  This level's just practice for that.
    Jump right across the planks to reach some falling platforms in the 
    shape of a D on its side.  If you stand on them for long enough, they 
    fall.  Take note of this.  Now hit the ? Block for a power-up, either a 
    Mushroom or a Fire Flower, and then jump right onto the plank.  Duck 
    under the first obstacle and then jump over the rest, including Cheep-
    Cheeps that launch themselves at you.  Then, at the end, jump to 
    falling platforms with a coin block over them and then jump right to 
    another plank to begin the process again.
    You just have to avoid Cheep-Cheeps leaping out of the water for a 
    short time before you see some yellow bricks above.  Jump onto them and 
    jump from them to the block just left of a pipe.  Wait for the Venus 
    Fire Trap to retreat into its pipe before taking it yourself.  Go right 
    here, avoiding one final Cheep-Cheep, to find the black border.  Take 
    your card and be thankful that the level's over.
                              |    Level 3-3    |
    Be sure to stop at the Toad's House before coming here.  It will 
    automatically give you a Frog Suit, which aids you in swimming.  I 
    don't recommend using it here, though, because it's not a submerged 
    level.  Instead, it's much worse.  Remember that "terror of the deep" I 
    was talking about.  Well, the terror of the shallows is even more 
    deadly.  It is a bloated Cheep-Cheep named Boss Bass.  It hops out of 
    the water in an attempt to swallow you whole, and it results in 
    instantaneous death.  And to make matters worse, the level's floor 
    continually dips into the water while Cheep-Cheeps make aerial enemies 
    out of themselves.
    Note: If you are Fire Mario, use a fireball on that pathetic Boss Bass.  
    It's a big help.
    Start by leaping across the gap to the right.  If you fall in the water, 
    you're as good as dead.  Jump across the floor to the other side, 
    avoiding a Cheep-Cheep as it jumps, and then leap right onto a Jump 
    Block.  If it is a Mushroom, ignore it; you can't get it safely.  If 
    not, take what you can and run right, wary of a Koopa Troopa along the 
    way.  At the end, jump right until you reach a high stack of blocks you 
    can stand on safely.
    When the flipping platform to the right has just spun about, jump onto 
    the right side of it.  As it spins, it will fling you right onto the 
    ground.  Cool!  Now grab a block and use it to hit the Koopa Troopa to 
    the right.  The other can go to Boss Bass if you have good aim.  Hit 
    the block above for a Mushroom or a Fire Flower and run right.  Jump 
    across the blocks, ignoring the tempting coins if you're wise, and 
    you'll reach a spinning platform.  Jump from it to the pipe to the 
    right, which you should take.  Jump right onto land when you surface 
    and take the card in the black border.
                         |    World 3 Fortress #1    |
    A new look for forts...  This is a maze fort, the worse kind.  Go right 
    to find a Roto-Disc and a Dry Bones.  Let the latter come to you.  
    Stomp it before you run right when the Roto-Disc is up.  Jump onto the 
    block when it is to the left, and then go right to avoid a second Roto-
    Disc.  Now take the stairs up, drop to a pipe, and proceed right to a 
    Thwomp.  As it rises, run under it, and you will reach a hallway filled 
    with doors and other enemies.
    The first, second, third, fourth, seventh, and eighth door all lead to 
    the same place - a trap room filled with water.  When you land, swim 
    left, hitting ? Blocks along the way for power-ups (either Mushrooms or 
    Super Leaves).  To exit this room, swim to the leftmost pipe and enter 
    it.  It leads to the point right before the Thwomp, the pipe there.  
    Any other pipe in the pool of Cheep-Cheeps room leads to the Thwomp, 
    too, by the way.
    The fifth door leads to the pool room as well, but it leads to a block 
    with a 1UP Mushroom in it.  Hit the block while facing left and take an 
    extra life for yourself.
    The ninth and final door leads to a room filled with coins.  First, 
    jump to hit invisible coin blocks to the right in the openings.  Then 
    jump above the door to hit another coin block (invisible).  Use it to 
    reach the fenced off coins.  Take the door back into the hallway 
    But it is the sixth door that you want to enter to beat the level.  It 
    leads to a staircase to another door.  Take it and go right to find...
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    A persistent fellow, huh?  Boom-Boom has learned a new trick this time, 
    even though the battle starts off normally.  Jump on his head once the 
    rumble begins.  Stunned but not out, Boom-Boom does something totally 
    unexpected - he sprouts wings and begins to fly around the room.  
    Either hit him as he swoops down or try to hit him as he first starts 
    to fly upward.  Then it's just one more hit and Boom-Boom goes boom.  
    Take the Magic Ball and do an obnoxious victory dance over his sorry, 
    beaten body, 'cause we just owned him!
                          |    Hammer Brother #1    |
    This is our first battle with a duo of Hammer Brothers.  It is fought 
    much like many encounters are in Super Mario Bros.  They will start 
    throwing arcing hammers as usual from the tops of two rows of bricks.  
    Wait for them to jump up so that neither one of them is on the ground.  
    Then run forward and jump to hit the block that the lower Hammer 
    Brother is on.  This defeats one.  Wait for the upper one to drop down 
    to the lower level and then bust its block.  The reward for victory is 
    a Hammer.  You can use it to destroy a nearby rock blocking a Spade 
    Panel, but I recommend keeping it for later use.
                              |    Level 3-4    |
    If you hurry to the slope to the right, you can slide through two 
    Goombas.  Afterward, go right to a Piranha Plant.  Jump over it and 
    then over the water patch to the right.  Now head right to a Venus Fire 
    Trap.  Jump over it to hit the ? Block.  If it's a Mushroom, duck right 
    next to the pipe until the Mushroom comes to you.  Afterward, jump from 
    the block to the hill and slide down the slope.  At the end, the hill 
    curves upward for a ramp.  Jump off it at the end to reach another hill 
    (if you didn't make it, you'll land in the water.  Hit an invisible 
    block against the hillside to the right and use it to reach the 
    Slide down it to reach two ? Blocks.  Hit them, stomp the Para-Goomba 
    quickly to avoid spreading Mugger Micro-Goombas, and slide under the 
    blocks (or run if you're small) to hit the second one.  A P Switch 
    appears!  Hit it.  A whole mess of silver coins appear, which I advise 
    you collect.  Afterward, go right, wary of the Venus Fire Trap, and hit 
    more blocks for a power-up and coins.
    Continue right to some blocks.  You can hit one for a 1UP Mushroom, but 
    it's the least of your concerns.  Overhead comes a Lakitu, an old enemy 
    from Super Mario Bros.  It throws down Spiny Eggs, which will roll at 
    you.  So, getting the extra life can be complicated.  Go right, jumping 
    over gaps and ignoring blocks, until you can take a card from the black 
    border's slot.  That was a refreshing level after all that water 
                              |    Level 3-5    |
    Step into the water and swim right to wooden blocks.  See those black 
    jellyfish?  They are rare enemies called Jelectros.  They are basically 
    underwater mines that cannot be passed; let's swim downward.  Uh-oh!  
    It's Boss Bass!  No, it's Big Bertha, which isn't quite as bad.  She 
    doesn't try to eat you, but she releases Baby Cheeps to attack you.
    When she's to the right, swim down.  After passing a pipe, swim to the 
    top, avoiding Bloopers and other underwater enemies, until you come to 
    a stack of wooden blocks.  Swim downwards, avoiding Jelectros and 
    hitting the central ? Block for a power-up, to reach a pipe to the 
    Drop down under it and swim right to reach a gang of Jelectros.  Swim 
    past them and then get on the ground.  See the Big Bertha?  Get right 
    under her and walk right.  When she's facing the left side of the 
    screen and when the Cheep-Cheep overhead is to the left, swim upwards 
    and enter the pipe.
    Jump onto the bobbing wooden plank to the right and continue right to 
    take the card from the slot.  Oh yeah!
                          |    Hammer Brother #2    |
    We just have two simple Hammer Brothers.  This one, though, has the 
    potential to be dangerous.  If you are small Mario and if this Hammer 
    Brother is in a watery area on the map, then a pool of water will make 
    things difficult on the bottom of the screen.  If that's the case, then 
    use fireballs or a Starman to beat them.  Otherwise, just defeat these 
    simple Hammer Brothers like you did the last.  The reward this time is 
    a Starman.
                             |    Dock & Boat    |
    This is on the map, but it's well-worth your time.  You have the Hammer 
    from the first Hammer Brother, right?  Well, use it on the Rock right 
    of Level 3-5.  This opens the path to a dock that you can take off from.  
    All you have to do is ride the boat to the island to the right, which 
    contains two Toad's Houses and two Spade Panels, much better than one 
    Spade Panel.  But that's not all.  If you get off this island and sail 
    further right, you'll reach another isolated Toad's House.  Also, be 
    sure to visit the Toad's House to the upper-left of Level 3-4.  Enjoy.
                              |    Level 3-6    |
    It's a side-scrolling level that pushes you.  To make matters worse, 
    there's hardly any stable land at all.  Jump right onto some falling 
    platforms.  If you continually jump off of them from each landing, they 
    won't give up on you.  Hit the ? Block while facing left for a power-up, 
    by the way.  Then, jump right to a wooden plank.  When you can, jump 
    clear over the spinning platform to the falling platforms.
    Now you have options.  Jump to the plank to the right.  Using tail 
    whips or the Koopa Troopas' shell, you can hit blocks ahead for coins, 
    but you must be moving right constantly.  Use a Grab Block to hit 
    another brick (on the lower leve) that contains a Super Leaf or 
    Mushroom.  Happy coin-collecting.  After a Koopa Paratroopa, you'll 
    reach three Grab Blocks.
    Throw one into the block to the right for a P Switch.  Hit it, collect 
    coins quickly (the leftmost one can be hit for a 1UP Mushroom), and get 
    onto the upper level (beware a Koopa Paratroopa bounding through here, 
    though).  Then jump to the blocks ahead, from which you should jump to 
    the spinning platform.  Fall to the pipe and take it down.  Jump past a 
    Koopa Paratroopa and nab the card.  You have done well, grasshopper.
                              |    Level 3-7    |
    Jump to hit the ? Block overhead.  Below is an enemy called a Spike.  
    It is weak to everything, but it can launch two spike balls at you.  So, 
    go right and stomp a Spike.  Now jump the gap to the right and jump 
    onto the platform to reach the blocks to the right.
    Jump right onto the summit to the right.  From it, jump right to send a 
    Koopa Troopa's shell at a Spike, and then jump right to a pipe.  Now 
    jump right to a Koopa Troopa, which you can hit to defeat two Spikes 
    and get a power-up from a block.  Then hit the upper blocks for coins.
    If you are Super Mario or better (you must be if you just got the 
    power-up.  If you need another power-up, go right to a blue pyramid.  
    Hit the second block for one, and then return to the vine), jump into 
    the upper-left block to make a vine grow.  Take it up to some clouds, 
    and follow them to a P Switch and many coins.
    Afterward, go right to the vine's block.  Stand on it and jump right to 
    more clouds.  Above the central one is an invisible Jump Block; jump 
    there to make it appear.  Now bounce on it to reach coin heaven!
    Collect a series of coins as the screen slides right.  At the end, take 
    the treasure from the chest for a Jugem's Cloud.  Now that's bang for 
    your buck!
    Jump right to a blue staircase with Spikes aplenty on it.  
                              |    Level 3-8    |
    In this level, try to collect a minimum of 44 coins.  You might get a 
    nice prize...  See "White Toad's Houses" for details on this and more.
    NOTE: If you are Fire Mario, you can defeat Boss Bass with a fireball.
    Most unfortunately, this level is modeled after 3-3; the floor dips 
    into the Boss Bass-infested water from time to time.  Jump onto the 
    block to the right and stand there until the ground begins to rise up.  
    Jump right, sending the shell of the Koopa Troopa into the blocks.  A 
    vine grows; get on and take it up to a Jump Block.
    Hit it for a power-up.  Now jump right to a stack of blocks.  If you 
    remove the lower two (you can only do this as Super Mario or higher), 
    you can hit this block for coins.  From it, jump right to several coins 
    and a Koopa Troopa.  Use its shell to hit the blocks and kill Boss Bass.  
    Climb the vine that results to avoid Boss Bass, who re-spawns afterward, 
    and then jump right to a group of coins.
    Hit the block hovering in the air to the right to make a vine grow.  
    Now go right afterward to a fork in the road.  If you are Fire Mario, 
    then take the lower route.  Fry Boss Bass each time he reappears and 
    collect the coins.  Otherwise, take the upper route to a pipe.  You 
    emerge on a bridge.  Run right on it to reach the card slot that marks 
    the end of this level!
                         |    World 3 Fortress #2    |
    If you play your cards right, this is actually an unnecessary level.  
    That is, if you beat 3-8 right after 3-6 and then go to 3-9, but it is 
    of little importance.  If you want to play this level, be my guest.
    Jump into the pool of water ahead and take the pipe.  I can see where 
    there is going...  An underwater fortress...  Go right when you emerge, or 
    are submerged, and you'll find a Roto-Disc.  Swim past it and the 
    Cheep-Cheeps that follow to find a ? Block.  Hit it for a power-up.  
    Swim right by another Roto-Disc.  After avoiding the high-flying Cheep-
    Cheep, take a pipe down to another room in this fort.
    See these white bars?  They're called Stretches.  Two Boos occupy them 
    and run over the surface to try to hit you.  Swim under the first two, 
    being careful not to enter the suction pit below, and you'll reach a 
    new hallway.  The Stretch here has no partner; it is safe to walk under 
    the bottom half of the bar ahead.  Then you'll reach two bars 
    positioned so that you can just barely swim between them.  Do so to 
    reach a pipe.  Mario sure can hold his breath for a long time...
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    Air!  Oh, yes, and this loser.  I guess three beatings wasn't enough.  
    Let's take him out!  Two blocks in the air serve as "obstacles," but 
    they do nothing.  To beat Boom-Boom, jump on his head.  Then, as he 
    recovers, jump onto his head before he sprouts wings and takes to the 
    ceiling.  Otherwise, you'll have to jump his head when he swoops down 
    to attack you.  A final hit (he loses wings after the second jump) on 
    this speedy reject will make him explode.  Take the Magic Ball he was 
    guarding and the Locked Door goes down.  Hooray.  We beat an 
    unnecessary level...
                              |    Level 3-9    |
    This level is alternately known as "World 3, Version 2.0 - Explosives 
    Land," due to extreme explosives concentration.  Go right off this 
    starting block to a stack of blocks.  Jump it and go right to see a 
    Bullet Bill Blaster and bricks.  If you can, bust a hole in these 
    bricks and walk along the top.  The only "desirable" brick to hit is 
    three block widths away from the blaster - a power-up.  Make sure to 
    avoid the Mugger Micro-Goombas, while you're at it.
    One way or another, you'll go right past the blaster to meet a new 
    enemy, the Bob-omb.  Introduced in Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA), they are 
    the only enemy from that game to appear in this game.  Anyways, they 
    walk around and will explode eventually if given enough time.  If you 
    jump on them, you can pick them up and throw them.  But, they will 
    explode shortly after being stomped.  In any case, go right to the 
    upper route, which is much easier.
    Now drop right at the end.  Go right to some Jump Blocks surrounded by 
    Grab Blocks.  Grab your way into the caged-off area so that you can hit 
    the middle block, which is a power-up.  Now go right to a Koopa 
    Paratroopa that you must lift blocks to reach.  After de-winging and 
    de-shelling it, go right to a pipe.  Remove the blocks around it to go... 
    underwater, of course!
    Swim right past Cheep-Cheeps to reach a pipe.  Yes, take it!  Thank 
    goodness that was short.  Surfaced, let's go right to take the card 
    from the slot.
                       |    Wendy O Koopa's Airship    |
    Take the pipe near 3-9 to reach the castle, which has a lovely 
    waterfront view on its own private island.  The poor king of Water Land 
    has been transformed into a turtle, ironically (he's been transformed 
    into a Dino Rhino, the large fire-breathing dinosaurs from Chocolate 
    Island in Super Mario World, in the remakes).
    Upon boarding an appropriately blue bow, the quest for the Magic Wand 
    begins.  Jump right over the wooden cylinder to reach three Rocky 
    Wrenches who will reappear after being stomped.  Avoid their wrenches, 
    which slope upward as the screen does so, and avoid the Bullet Bills of 
    the blaster to the right.  Now go right to rising cylinders while 
    avoiding cannonballs.  Be sure to drop below the cannons when you can 
    (lest you be crushed as the screen scrolls right), and then go right to 
    jump by the Bullet Bill Blaster.  Jump left to hit the ? Block for a 
    power-up.  Now jump right, hopefully onto the safer upper level.  Walk 
    along, avoiding all forms of projectiles, and jump over the B. B. 
    Blasters releasing flames below.  Now, afterward, jump right over the 
    cylinder to three Rocky Wrenches.  Defeat them as they appear and jump 
    right to a pipe.  Take it down to the boss.
    Boss: Wendy O. Koopa
    |                  |         Bowser's only daughter, Wendy is still way
    |                  |         tougher than either Larry or Morton.  She 
    |                  |         starts the battle by casting a ring-shaped
    |                  |         blast that will ricochet about the room.  
    |__________________|         Don't just watch out for her, but for her 
                                 attack; it can hurt you.  Other than that, 
    though, Wendy is a pushover.  She jumps around the room to attack, and 
    is beaten with three stomps on the head.  Luckily, the room is large 
    enough that her bouncing attacks do hardly anything; most of the time 
    they're too far up to matter.  So, jump on her head when the coast is 
    clear.  After a leap to the other side of the room, she adds another 
    blast, which either looks like a bracelet or a lifeguard's inner tube 
    (because this is Water Land) to the mix.  Stomp her again and a third 
    blast is added, but only one more jump is needed.  All spells dissipate 
    and she flees the ship, leaving a Magic Wand behind.  Alternately, you 
    can give her ten fireballs to chew on, which is a superior method; she 
    will only cast one ring.  Either way you choose to do it, it must be 
    done.  Note that we have now seen three different shell colors - green, 
    gray, and pink, respectively.  Anyways, take the Magic Wand that she 
    drops and return it to the Mushroom King of this land.  After saying 
    exactly what the Grass and Desert Land kings say, you get a letter from 
    The White Block contains magic powers that will enable you to defeat 
    your enemies.  I have enclosed a jewel that helps protect you.
    ===============================World 4*================================
    Giant Land is quite an interesting place.  It's my personal favorite 
    world, because everything, including enemies, is HUGE!  Yes, it makes 
    for a very cool playing experience.  Fortunately, though, the map isn't 
    quite as big as Water Land.  So, let's get started.
    |                   MAP KEY                   |
    |# = Action Scene Panel (Level)               |
    |[ = Pipe 1                                   |
    |] = Pipe Linking w/ Pipe 1                   |
    |( = Pipe 2                                   |
    |) = Pipe Linking w/ Pipe 2                   |
    |C = Castle                                   |
    |F = Fortress                                 |
    |H = Hammer Brothers Relative Location        |
    |L = Locked Door                              |
    |o = Circular Space                           |
    |P = Spade Panel                              |
    |R = Breakable Rock                           |
    |S = Start Panel                              |
    |T = Toad's House                             |
                             World 4 - Giant Land
                   --S-[        T--6--o--o  (L-F--H--3--o--2
                     |             |     |     |        |  |
                     o       C--oL-H--F  H--o  o--P     T  o
                     |             |     |  |  |           |
                     )          P--5--o--o  o--4     TR-]--1
    Toad's House 1: Pre-Selected
    Contents      : Tanooki Suit
    Toad's House 2: Random (3)
    Contents      : Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Leaf
    Toad's House 3: Random (3)
    Contents      : Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Leaf
    Toad's House 4: Random (3)
    Contents      : Fire Flower, Super Leaf, Tanooki Suit
    Spade Panel 1
    Spade Panel 2
    Hammer Brother 1: Jugem's Cloud
    Hammer Brother 2: Starman
    Hammer Brother 3: Magic Wing
                              |    Level 4-1    |
    Take the pipe right of the Start Panel to enter this level.  Also, note 
    that you can reach the Spade Panel by the pipe only if you have a spare 
    Hammer from either World 2 or World 3.  Now, you might not get the 
    theme of this world just by looking at the map.  You'd guess something 
    like "Island Land" or "Rock Land," but neither of those come close.  
    Upon starting the level, it becomes clear.  This is Giant Land, and 
    everything but you is larger than life.
    Go forward to see two Piranhacus Giganticuses.  Jump onto their pipes 
    when they are down to reach a ? Block.  Hit it for a coin and then go 
    right to a Koopa Troopa.  Even though they have their own name (Green 
    Gargantuan Koopa Troopa), I will just call them "Koopa Troopa" for 
    convenience.  Well, kick the shell of your big buddy right to bust a 
    brick and make a space for you to hit the ? Block for a power-up.  Also, 
    notice a Giant Goomba to the left.  Same as normal, just bigger.  Now 
    jump right to a pipe.
    A Koopa Paratroopa is bounding forth.  With its gigantic frame, it can 
    barely move let alone fly.  Defeat it if you'd like and jump into the 
    water.  Swim through it to reach a Giant Goomba and another Koopa 
    Paratroopa.  Defeat them both, hitting the blocks for coins and a 
    power-up (from the ? Block).  Then go right through an opening to an 
    enormous pipe.  Jump from it to the cloud to the right.  Defeat the 
    Koopa Troopa on the next cloud over, too.  Then head right past a few 
    more to a pipe.  Avoid the fire of a noticeably small Venus Fire Trap, 
    and then enter the pipe before your gargantuan friend can get in the 
    Run right to the black border.  Take the card to end this level.  Gone 
    but not forgotten...
                              |    Level 4-2    |
    This level could yield a special prize if only you collect at least 22 
    coins in it.  For more details on this, see "White Toad's Houses" in 
    Section 3.
    Curses...  It's a 3-3 style water level.  Jump right onto the large pipe.  
    You should know that you can jump on the Cheep-Cheep if you'd like to.  
    Now steal the pipe from the Koopa Troopa ahead and use its shell to 
    defeat the Cheep-Cheep and other "Red Giant Koopa Troopa."  Then jump 
    to the pipe of the Piranhacus Giganticus when it is down, and to the 
    next pipe after that.  Take the Grab Block on the edge and launch it 
    into the ? Block to the right, releasing a power-up.  Now jump onto the 
    cloud and wait for the land to rise.
    Jump right past another Venus Fire Trap to reach a P Switch at the 
    bottom of a high stack of blocks.  Hit it, collect some coins, and hit 
    the ? Block to the right.  It's a Starman!  Yipee (*clicks heels twice 
    as jumps*)!  Run right with it, plowing through those sorry bums they 
    call enemies, and you'll reach a pipe (be sure to collect coins along 
    the way, though).  Take it to the black border, which just so happens 
    to contain the card.  Fancy that.
                              |    Level 4-3    |
    Go to the Toad's House before entering, just to be safe.  Go right to 
    find... a Sledge Brother.  Picture normal Hammer Brothers only green, 
    tubbier, and having the ability to cause stunning quakes each time they 
    jump.  If you can't get by here, a Starman will help you greatly.  
    Otherwise, you need to get by two of these titans to reach a pipe.  I 
    suggest jumping on them after they throw their hammers, but it's up to 
    you.  That's where the level really begins.
    Now that we're underground, let's walk on over to the right.  Three 
    Buzzy Beetles are here to give you trouble, and one comes from the 
    ceiling for a surprise attack.  Lucky for you, one shell driven into 
    their ugly faces can beat them all in one swift shot.  From there, jump 
    right to a few coin blocks guarded fiercely by a Buzzy Beetle.  Defeat 
    the wimp, hit the blocks, and then bounce off a Koopa Paratroopa (bite 
    size) to the right for some coins.  You'll land below a Buzzy Beetle on 
    the roof, but it's easily avoided.
    Jump right to a lone ? Block.  Hit it while facing right and you'll get 
    a power-up.  Then jump right to a tunnel, where a Spiny will attack you 
    from the roof.  A Buzzy Beetle from the ground will also assail you.  
    Just avoid them.  Jump right to another tunnel, complete with Spiny on 
    the ceiling.  Now jump right to a new tunnel.  Hit the blocks above for 
    a 1UP Mushroom that will go right.  In the meantime, avoid enemies to 
    the right while you hurry to catch the mushroom in time.  Once you have 
    it, jump right to a small set of platforms.
    At the end, take a pipe up to a black border.  Run right to find the 
    card.  What a day!
                          |    Hammer Brother #1    |
    As you well know, Hammer Brothers aren't your run-of-the-mill 
    pipsqueaks here in Giant Land.  They are massive Sledge Brothers, whose 
    jumps rock the earth and whose tremors paralyze you in place.  They 
    also throw hammers.  My suggestions?  Well, this one is a loner, making 
    him pretty easy to beat.  He'll stand there and throw one hammer.  Run 
    up to him under the hammer and jump on him.  Mission accomplished!  
    Alternately, use a Starman or a Fire Flower.  But if it does jump, jump 
    as well.  That way, you won't be stunned by its landing.  The reward 
    for beating this guy is a Jugem's Cloud.  Nice.
                         |    World 4 Fortress #1    |
    Go right up some stairs.  See those candles?  The flames?  They are 
    "Hot Foots," annoying flame enemies.  They chase you as soon as you 
    pass.  As for the Thwomp, it moves horizontally.  Lucky for you, Mario 
    drops faster than it can.  Go right now to trigger a Hot Foot and a 
    Thwomp.  As the Thwomp glides back into place, jump to the top of the 
    block stack.  Now go right to five pipes.  There are two options now, 
    but I'll guide you to the easiest.
    Take the third pipe from either side down to an "underground" section.  
    Follow a Dry Bones to the right and stomp it when a second appears.  
    Stomp it, too, and go right to four ? Blocks with a Boo in the distance.  
    Hit these blocks for a power-up, and then go right to the wall, turning 
    to face the Boo as you do so.  Jump three spaces away from the wall to 
    hit an invisible block.  Jump one space to the right to hit another one.  
    Use these to reach the ground to the right, on which you should quickly 
    enter a pipe.  Go right to reach... him.
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    This is your basic mini-boss fight, no wings attached.  The only 
    hindrance is a badly placed platform in the air, but it's nothing, 
    really.  Lure Boom-Boom to the sides of the platform and jump on him.  
    He increases speed and comes at you again.  Two more stomps and one 
    more increase-speed cycle and the Magic Ball is yours!  Use it to 
    destroy the Locked Door on the map.
                              |    Level 4-4    |
    Go to the Spade Panel while you're here and the Toad's House afterward.  
    Anyways, drat.  This is one of those terrible water levels where 
    everything's huge.  Lakitu starts above you, chucking his Spinies.  
    Jump on him to defeat him and stop the Spiny storm.  Now, go right to 
    a ? Block.  Hit it for a power-up, and then return to the block.
    Stand on the left edge of it, press A, and then hold left to swim off 
    of it.  You'll be sinking so quickly that you will pass through the 
    current of a pipe, taking you to a pipe you can go up into.  First, go 
    into the compartment to the right and hit the block for a P Switch.  
    Hit it and collect the silver coins like crazy!  Then swim right and 
    hit the block that makes the floor of the other compartment complete.  
    Out comes a P Switch.  Collect the others coins beforehand and then use 
    the switch.  Collect gold coins like crazy!  Then go right to a pipe.  
    Take it.
    Rise up to the surface.  Lakitu is back, and you want to stomp him.  
    Defeat him every time he returns and continue right across the top of 
    the water to a pipe.  Take it out of here.  Go right to take the card.
                          |    Hammer Brother #2    |
    A repeat of the last enemy, Hammer Brother # 2 is a lone Sledge Brother 
    with a bad attitude.  Run forward under its arc of hammers.  It will 
    throw one hammer, giving you an opportunity to jump on it.  If Sledge 
    Brother-bopping isn't your cup of tea, then use a Starman or a Fire 
    Flower.  Both provide easy ways to defeat one.  Just don't waste 
    invincibility time being stunned.  The reward this time is a Starman.
                              |    Level 4-5    |
    Jump right to a stack of blocks, avoiding or defeating a Koopa Troopa 
    and a Koopa Paratroopa of the large variety as you go.  At the bottom 
    of this pyramid stack, jump on the turtle here and knock its shell into 
    the block to the left.  If you hit the ? Block now, you will get a 
    Jump right over a Piranhacus Giganticus's pipe to reach Bullet Bill 
    Blasters.  These are especially tricky because they also fire Missile 
    Bills.  They are "homing" in a way, because they turn around to make a 
    second round before they go off-screen.  Hit the central ? Block for a 
    power-up on the Fire Flower side of things, but then get onto the ? 
    Blocks' tops.  Use them to avoid the blasters until you reach a 
    Piranhacus Giganticus.
    Jump from it to the block to the Piranha Plant, and then get atop the 
    blaster to the right.  Jump from it to hit the block above to make a 
    vine start to grow.  Jump to the blaster to the right and then jump to 
    the vine to the left.  Take it up to a pipe.  Inside this room, hit 
    the ? Block for a Tanooki Suit!
    I will explain the full uses of this later, but treat it as a Super 
    Leaf for now.  Hit the P Switch you uncover from another block to get 
    some coins.  Then take the pipe out and hover down (press A repeatedly 
    to hover) through a plethora of coins.  At the end, you'll take a pipe 
    to the black border.  The card is just steps away...
                              |    Level 4-6    |
    An interesting level to say the least.  Go forward to find a Koopa 
    Paratroopa bounding down the path.  Clip its wings and get it in its 
    shell.  Lift the latter and toss it into the cage to the right to 
    create an opening (or, if you're Super Mario or better, jump into the 
    blocks to create an easier entrance).  Inside, hit the rightmost block 
    on the upper level you can hit for a 1UP Mushroom (be sure to be facing 
    right when you do so).  Take it graciously.
    Jump the gap to the right for coins and then jump onto the pipe.  To 
    the right, defeat a Koopa Troopa, go right to hit a ? Block for a 
    power-up, return left, and enter the door after crushing two Giant 
    The door leads to... normal-size stuff!  Go right past two Goombas and 
    jump the gap to hit a ? Block for a coin.  Continue right and bump into 
    the second block up to let loose a Starman.  Get onto the blocks and 
    run right to take it.  Run right, plowing through enemies (note that 
    the third space over from the second Piranha Plant you'll see ahead 
    contains a 1UP Mushroom in an invisible block), until you see a door in 
    a block above you.
    Take it to Giant Land again.  Go right past a Koopa Paratroopa and a 
    Piranhacus Giganticus to reach Koopa Troopas on two blocks.  Hit the 
    left two blocks for coins, and then jump right onto the shell of a 
    Koopa Paratroopa.  Afterward, go right to the black border.  Just watch 
    out for a Koopa Paratroopa along the way.
                          |    Hammer Brother #3    |
    It's just your usual Sledge Brother.  You know the strategies!  Use a 
    Fire Flower or a Starman if you're really bad, but a simple jump to the 
    head will do after they throw a hammer.  Your reward for beating this 
    enemy is a Magic Wing.
                         |    World 4 Fortress #2    |
    Be sure to clear the Spade Panel and Toad's House by Level 4-5 and 4-6, 
    respectively, before coming here.  This level must be beaten to create 
    a bridge to the castle.  Fortunately for us, it isn't that hard.
    Take the stairs to a pool of lava.  Jump right onto the falling 
    platform and jump repeatedly to keep it up.  Jump right to another one 
    and then right to a third.  Hit the ? Block, grab the power-up, and 
    defeat the Dry Bones if you have vendetta against skeletal Koopa 
    Troopas.  Now jump right to another platform and then to another.  
    Immediately bounce off of the Dry Bones to reach the next platform; it 
    is impossible to jump to it naturally.  Then jump right a few more 
    times to reach a hallway with stable floors.
    Go right, defeating Dry Bones as you go, until you see a block.  You 
    can reach it by bouncing off of a Dry Bones.  Hit it to make a gray P 
    Switch appear.  Coins form in a rectangular shape around what would 
    make a doorway...  Press Up there if you want to take this route, which 
    is long but rewarding.  If you want to cut to the chase, take Route 2, 
    outlined below.
    ROUTE 1: Jump on the ! Platform to the left to be lifted up to a row of 
    wooden blocks.  Jump on another ! Platform if you want.  When you jump, 
    you change its direction depending on which way you're facing.  Or, you 
    could just jump to the Piranha Plant's pipe and take another ! Platform 
    up.  Take the right pipe when you emerge to reach a power-up ? Block of 
    the Fire Flower sort.  Then take the pipe to the right of it.  When you 
    emerge, take the pipe to your right to an ! Platform.  Guide it up, 
    then left (jump while facing left to make it start going in that 
    direction), then up so that you go through the opening away from the 
    Piranha Plant, then right, then up through the opening, and then jump 
    to the pipe.  Take it already!
    ROUTE 1 (Continued): You fall to a room with a few coins in it.  Take 
    them and then jump to the pipe.  Do not take it, though.  Instead, 
    stand on the edge and jump upward to hit a block for a coin.  From it, 
    jump left to hit another block.  From the new block, jump left to hit a 
    block for a 1UP Mushroom.  Now take the pipe.
    ROUTE 1 (Continued): Hit the large ? Block for three separate 1UP 
    Mushrooms.  SCORE!!!  But wait, there's more!  If you are Raccoon Mario, 
    stand on the right side of the room, run left, and take off flying 
    against the left wall.  You'll break through to a room containing 30 
    coins.  When you're done collecting or if you didn't go, take the right 
    pipe at the bottom afterward.
    ROUTE 1 (Continued): You emerge in a hallway.  Defeat three Dry Bones 
    and run past a Roto-Disc to reach the mini-boss.
    ROUTE 2: Jump on the block to the hallway, going past Roto-Discs and a 
    few Dry Bones to reach the mini-boss afterward.  I suggest that you let 
    Dry Bones come to you before running past Roto-Discs; Dry Bones can 
    complicate matters.
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    A few blocks scattered around the room obstruct your jumping space, but 
    it's no big deal.  Stand on a block, fall on Boom-Boom.  Lather, rinse, 
    repeat.  Three hits on the increasingly quick turtle will give you the 
    Magic Ball, thus creating a bridge to the castle.
                          |    Tanooki Suit Uses    |
    You've likely already gotten one of these from either 4-5 or Toad's 
    Houses, but I should explain them now.  Tanookis are mythical creatures 
    in Japanese mythology - raccoons that can transform into statues.  In 
    this form, Tanooki Mario has all the abilities of Raccoon Mario and 
    more.  First, if Tanooki Mario is hit (this applies to all suited Mario 
    transformations), he reverts to whatever form he was in when he donned 
    the suit.  Furthermore, if you press Down and B at the same time, Mario 
    becomes a statue for about five seconds.  In this form, enemies cannot 
    detect you and you can drop on enemies forcefully.  This is called a 
    "statue stomp."  Use the suits when you feel it necessary.  It's really 
    quite nice.
                         |    Iggy Koopa's Airship    |
    The king has been transformed into a dinosaur.  In remakes, he's Donkey 
    Kong Jr., Mario's nemesis from the game of the same name back in 
    arcades.  Either way, we need to turn him back into his good old self 
    with the Magic Wand, which means we need to face Iggy Koopa in combat 
    on board his airship.
    Jump right when the screen expands onto a Flame Thrower.  Stay there 
    until you see three coins that you can grab.  Now drop down to the 
    floor and collect the coins there.  Now, to the right are more Flame 
    Throwers to avoid, but it's quite simple.  When the flames are down, 
    jump over them.  Continue along this path, avoiding Flame Throwers, 
    until you see a Rocky Wrench above.  When the screen expands, you 
    should be able to jump onto the upper deck and hit a ? Block for a 
    power-up.  Then jump onto the Flame Thrower to the right.  Stay on it 
    until the screen expands enough that you can leap right onto a wooden 
    platform.  Stay there until you can step down to a wooden platform to 
    the lower-right, and then jump right past another Flame Thrower.  Walk 
    up these "stairs," wary of Flame Throwers all the way through, to reach 
    the pipe that leads to the shipmaster.
    Boss: Iggy Koopa
    |                  |         Iggy is a blue-shelled Koopa with what 
    |                  |         would appear to be a bad comb-over.  He's 
    |__      ___       |         the middle child (if you don't count the
    |  |___ |   |_     |         eighth Koopaling, Bowser Jr., who debuted 
    |  |   ||   | |____|         in Super Mario Sunshine many years later).  
                                 His fighting style is in no way unique.  
    He basically copied Larry and Morton, but he's mixed things up a bit.  
    First, he has the bumpiest arena yet, and he can fire two sets of magic 
    rings at you in succession.  But, stomping him should not be 
    problematic.  After each bonk on the head, his jumps' height increases.  
    Still, he is fairly easy.  Three hits or ten fireballs will make him 
    flee, dropping the Magic Wand in his flight.  Take it.  Mario will drop 
    through the floor and reach the castle.  The king is restored back to 
    his normal, rather odd-looking self, and he gives you a letter from 
    Princess Toadstool.
    The thief who stole the Whistle has escaped to the east side of the 
    Sand Dunes.  I have enclosed a jewel that helps protect you.
    Actually, she's giving us a hint for World 2.  We're past it.  
    Coincidentally, she gave us a tip for World 5 when we were in World 2.  
    Anyways, she gives us a Magic Wing to help us survive the upcoming 
    world.  It'll be quite useful if you think about what the next world 
    ===============================World 5*================================
    At first, this seems to be a pretty short world.  You might not even 
    understand what its theme is at first.  But Sky Land is much more 
    expansive than you'd think.  The map might even give some of it away.
    |                   MAP KEY                   |
    |# = Action Scene Panel (Level)               |
    |[ = Pipe 1                                   |
    |] = Pipe Linking w/ Pipe 1                   |
    |C = Castle                                   |
    |F = Fortress                                 |
    |H = Hammer Brothers Relative Location        |
    |L = Locked Door                              |
    |o = Circular Space                           |
    |P = Spade Panel                              |
    |S = Start Panel                              |
    |T = Toad's House                             |
    |W = Tower & Tower's Pipe (Level)             |
                               Ground Portion
                                o--2--T  3--H
                                |  |     |  |
                                1  [  ]--o  o--W
                                |     |     |
                                o-LF--o  o--H
                                |  |     |
                              --S  o--P--o
                              World 5 - Sky Land
                                      W     o--5
                                      |     |  |
                                   oL-o--4--o  P
                                   |           |
                                      |  |     |
                             C--o--9--8  H--T--6
                              The Sky Sector
    Toad's House 1: Pre-Selected
    Contents      : Tanooki Suit
    Toad's House 2: Random (3)
    Contents      : Fire Flower, Super Leaf, Tanooki Suit
    Toad's House 3: Random (3)
    Contents      : Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Leaf
    Spade Panel 1
    Spade Panel 2
    Spade Panel 3
    Hammer Brother 1: Starman
    Hammer Brother 2: Magic Wing
    Hammer Brother 3: Music Box
                              |    Level 5-1    |
    Coming at you is a strange version of the Buzzy Beetle called a Buster 
    Beetle.  All you have to do to defeat it is hop on it.  But, they are 
    dangerous in the respect that they can throw blocks at you if any 
    present themselves.  Now go right after that to hit a block for a 
    power-up (if it's a Mushroom, take it quickly before it slides right to 
    a Chain Chomp).
    TRICK: If you are Raccoon Mario, this shortcut will aid you greatly.  
    If you clear all the bricks with a tail whip, stand as right as you can 
    without falling victim to the Chain Chomp, run left, hopping over the 
    block, and then taking off into flight, fly over the wooden block.  
    You'll enter a pipe.  Take the next pipe to the right outside, where 
    you can bust the blocks here for four 1UP Mushrooms in total.  Nice!  
    Return inside the pipe room and fly up, but duck before you jump, so 
    that you can fly into the area above and be sucked into the wall.  Now 
    a treasure chest is at your feet, and it contains a Music Box.  What a 
    way to finish a level, right?
    Now we must trek up a series of platforms with Chain Chomps.  The 
    second is guarding a ? Block that can be used to get a Super Leaf (to 
    get it, bait it forward and then run right.  Exit this compartment 
    through the breakable block above).  If so, return to the start of the 
    level and do the trick there.
    Continue right, jumping over a Chain Chomp, to reach a stairway.  
    Defeat a Buster Beetle as it climbs down the stairs, and then you'll 
    see white plants called Nippers.  When you jump over them, they jump up 
    to try to nip you.  Hit the ? Block above you for a coin, and then jump 
    right over the plant, collecting three coins as you go.  Then jump over 
    two more Nippers to reach a series of ? Blocks.  Hit the third one from 
    the left for a... Starman!
    As Invincible Mario, run right, flipping through the air and trouncing 
    the enemies.  Nippers will be destroyed, Buster Beetles will be run 
    over, and you will reach the border.  Jump to the card over a Nipper 
    for a level completed.
                              |    Level 5-2    |
    We appear to be on some sort of white material - snow, perhaps.  In any 
    event, take the pipe down to the underground.  You fall right down to a 
    Jump Block.  Now, there are two possible paths to take from here.
    ROUTE 1: Bounce to the next Jump Block to the right to knock a power-up 
    loose.  Fall down to get it.  As you fall, you'll pass through a series 
    of coins and land in water.  Take the middle pipe here to advance.
    ROUTE 1 (Continued): You fall down into a pool of water that is home to 
    a Cheep-Cheep.  Get out to the right and dodge block thrown by the 
    Buster Beetle to the right.  Now go right past two Piranha Plants, one 
    of which can be killed by using the Grab Block, and you'll reach a 
    slope.  Don't slide down it, though.  Walk down to find a Buster Beetle 
    positioned to pelt you with a block.  Stomp it once it has fired, and 
    then go right to Piranha Plants.
    ROUTE 1 (Continued): Pass them as well as a Venus Fire Trap to find 
    another deadly Buster Beetle by three coin block.  If you stand in 
    place, it will not hit you, though, assuming you stand right by the 
    blocks.  Defeat it afterward and move on to a Grab Block.  If you can 
    throw a block at the lower one before it throws one at you, you will 
    defeat it first.  Now defeat more Buster Beetles in between Piranha 
    Plants to reach a pipe.  Take it up and go right to take the card from 
    the black border.
    ROUTE 2: You'll fall onto a Jump Block.  Bounce right onto another one 
    and then right onto a brick block.  Climb up these blocks, but be sure 
    to stop when you see a platform that's longer than the others; two 
    Koopa Troopas will drop onto it.  Then take a pipe up to the outside.  
    Slide on the slope here through two Goombas and jump at the end to 
    another slope.
    ROUTE 2 (Continued): You'll come to a pipe; take it.  You'll come to a 
    large room with giant ? Block in the middle of it.  Hit the leftmost 
    block for a power-up in case you aren't Super Mario or better and bust 
    the blocks to reach the ? Block, which contains three 1UP Mushrooms.  
    Now take a pipe out of here.  Hit the blocks for coins to the right 
    (the one on the ground also holds a coin.  Get it by knocking the shell 
    of the Koopa Troopa into it).  Now take the pipe to the right.  When 
    you emerge, move beyond the hills to the black border where there card 
    is in wait.
                              |    Level 5-3    |
    Be sure to visit the Toad's House before this for a guaranteed Tanooki 
    Suit.  Now, this level is one of the best in the game.  It features the 
    almighty and unstoppable Kuribo's Shoe, what is undoubtedly the best 
    power-up in the game.  It is unfortunate, though, that Kuribo's Shoe is 
    limited to this level alone.  In case you were wondering, "Kuribo" is 
    Japanese for "Goomba."
    Take the pipe down to appear in the level.  For a twist on things, this 
    level expands to the left.  Genius!  Jump left to hit a ? Block when 
    the Spiny is away for a power-up.  Jump to the pipe with the Venus Fire 
    Trap in it and you'll find a Kuribo's Goomba, a jumping Goomba in a 
    green shoe.  Wait for it to get on a block and then hit the block, 
    knocking the Goomba out.  Now jump into the shoe to become Kuribo's 
    Mario.  Only Invincible Mario could put a dent in this form.
    Hop left across a field of Spinies and jump some pipes to reach more 
    enemies you can bounce on and defeat, including a Bob-omb.  You'll come 
    to a field of Munchers, invulnerable plants related to the Nipper.  But, 
    you can hop across them as Kuribo's Mario, hitting the blocks above for 
    a 1UP Mushroom and coins as you go.  Now hop across the tops of Piranha 
    Plants to reach a pipe to the left.
    We're headed right now.  Jump along the enemies, collecting coins and 
    defeating enemies (there's a Kuribo's Goomba along the way can use to 
    renew your status as Kuribo's Mario if you lost it).  Now jump right 
    over Munchers, collecting coins, getting a power-up from a ? Block, 
    until you come to one of the only enemies that can threaten you - a 
    Venus Fire Trap.  Dodge its fireballs, wait for it to retreat, and jump 
    onto the pipe.  Now you can peacefully continue right, defeating all 
    enemies and collecting all coins, to reach a pipe.  Take it to reach 
    the black border and the card.  Unfortunately, you cannot stay as 
    Kuribo's Mario, even if you did keep it until the end.  This is a sad 
    day indeed...
                         |    World 5 Fortress #1    |
    Although it's an unnecessary level, you could've chosen to play it 
    instead of 5-3, which would be stupid because you wouldn't experience 
    Kuribo's Mario, but that's up to you.  Be sure to play the game on the 
    Spade Panel before you come here, by the way.
    Go forward to quite the obstacle - a Podoboo jumping upward while a 
    Roto-Disc orbits around an orb over the lava.  When the Roto-Disc is to 
    the right and the Podoboo is down, jump across the lava pool, but stop 
    yourself lest you skid under a Thwomp.  If you are Super Mario or 
    better, you can bust the bricks here, leaving the second from the left 
    intact to use as a steppingstone, and jump up to a Super Leaf.  Either 
    way, go right to a staircase with two Roto-Discs on it (really quite 
    easy, though).
    Stop at the end due to a hidden Thwomp ahead.  Hit the left block by 
    the Thwomp for a power-up.  Now go right past dual Roto-Discs.  Good 
    ducking skills can save you here.  Now go right to an opening with a 
    Boo in it.  Run against the right wall and face left.  When the Roto-
    Disc comes around, jump to avoid it.  When the Thwomp is rising, jump 
    onto the orb of the Roto-Disc and duck there if you're big.  Wait for 
    the timing to be right and pass right through a mess of Thwomp and 
    Roto-Disc to reach another wall.  Stand against it and wait for the 
    Thwomp to start rising.  If the Roto-Disc isn't in the way, jumping 
    under it to see a pool of lava.
    Leap across it to a bunch of blocks.  See the Thwomp ahead?  Hop onto 
    the platform beneath it and then quickly jump right away from it, 
    deftly avoiding its fall.  You'll come to a door that you can take to 
    find the dungeon master, so to speak.
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    It's just like your first fight with him.  Nothing in the air, no wings 
    to be unleashed, and speed increases after every hit but the last.  
    Jump on him three times, take the Magic Ball, and bust out a cool catch 
    phrase, preferably a pun, that relates to the situation.  All that 
    beating Boom-Boom did was create a bridge that can be a shortcut past 
    5-1 and 5-2, but it isn't that good, really.  Right now, there's 
    nowhere to go but up.  Shall we?
                          |    Hammer Brother #1    |
    We're back to normal Hammer Brothers again.  Run forward under the arc 
    of their hammers and jump to hit the block they're on to knock them off, 
    thus beating them.  Wait for the upper Hammer Brother to jump down to 
    the lower level, and then beat him like the other.  If you can't beat 
    them with your natural jumping prowess for some reason, use a Fire 
    Flower or a Starman before coming here.  It should make life easier.  
    The treasure they were guarding was a Starman.  You'll have to squeeze 
    it into your item bar, am I right?
                          |    Hammer Brother #2    |
    This time, a Magic Wing is at stake.  The fight is just like the last.  
    Run forward, jumping into the bottom of the block the first Hammer 
    Brother is standing on, and then wait for the second to lower himself 
    to the lower block row, and then hit its block to defeat it.  
    Alternately, beat them from a distance with fireballs as Fire Mario or 
    use a Starman to pummel them as Invincible Mario.  In whatever way you 
    defeat them, you'll win a Magic Wing for yourself afterwards.
                         |    The Winding Tower    |
    Well, the dead-end path leads here.  Let's scale the tower!  This 
    basically is a fortress, only way easier.  Go forward and avoid a Roto-
    Disc series, hitting a ? Block for a power-up along the way, to reach a 
    pipe up to the next level.
    Just go left past two Thwomps.  It's as simple as that.  Then take a 
    pipe up.
    We are now outside.  Jump right, wary of a jumping block from World 2, 
    and wag your tail (if you are Raccoon Mario) against the central block 
    on the turret to the right of the starting one for a 1UP Mushroom.  Now 
    jump right to a wall.  If you're Raccoon Mario, wag your tail against 
    the side blocks for coins.  Then take the pipe up.
    Ahead, avoid a Thwomp and a Roto-Disc (ooh, fancy) to reach a pipe past 
    a spike bed.  Do you really need me to help on this level?  Take the 
    pipe up to the left.
    Jump right and hit the blocks for coins.  Then hit the brick block to 
    make a blue vine grow.  Interesting...  Climb it up to two clouds.  Then 
    take the pipe there up.  Level complete!  Welcome to the real Sky Land!
                              |    Level 5-4    |
    Go right and hit the ? Block for a power-up.  Note that you can fly 
    over this level completely (it is rather self-explanatory; fly off from 
    the first cloud.  Land.  Fly), but I'll assume you don't.
    Jump into the spinning platform to be flung right onto another platform 
    (alternately, stand on the ? Block and jump clear over the platform).  
    Repeat this to the right (or just jump over the spinning platform) to 
    reach a somewhat tricky part.
    Jump onto the platform ahead.  It will tilt depending on where you 
    stand.  Jump repeatedly and make sure to leap right onto the spinning 
    platform as it is spinning so that you land when it is still.  Jump 
    right again and then land on a cloud.
    Stand back, run forward, and jump right over the spinning platform to 
    three wooden blocks.  Now jump over these blocks, which create a 
    waterfall for some reason (so this is how it rains...), and you'll reach 
    more spinning platforms.  Jump onto the first, jump to the second as it 
    spins to land when it is still, jump to the third, and then jump to the 
    fourth like you did the second.  Now just jump to the cloud and in the 
    pipe you go.
    Here, a Lakitu above is throwing down Spinies to stop you at the black 
    border.  Let it throw down four and then take the card.  All enemies 
    turn into coins, earning you 15000 points and a 1UP.  Pretty nifty, eh?
                              |    Level 5-5    |
    Collecting coins in this level might earn you a special prize...  Try 
    getting at least 28 coins to make it happen.  See "White Toad's Houses" 
    for details on this.
    The ground is made of falling platforms.  Quite simple, really.  Go 
    forward, defeating two Koopa Paratroopas, jumping all the way, to find 
    a Para-Goomba dropping Mugger Micro-Goombas.  Defeat the former as soon 
    as possible.
    Now, go back and take the shell of a Koopa Paratroopa.  Go right to the 
    stack of three wooden blocks and stand on it.  Now release the shell.  
    It will hit the block, earning you a power-up, and then bust the bricks 
    here.  Take the second pipe to fall through several coins and find a 
    large ? Block.  Hit it for a Tanooki Suit!  Now take the pipe out of 
    You'll land with a Fire Chomp coming at you from the left.  It shoots 
    several fireballs at you and then self-destructs.  To defeat it, just 
    stomp on its head (the large black ball).  Now break through the blocks 
    here and hit the leftmost brick block for a coin.  If you were hit, 
    there are two power-ups in the area - the right block and the wooden 
    blocks to the lower-right that can be bumped into you.  Both provide 
    you with either a Mushroom or a Super Leaf.  But, don't take them 
    unless you were hit, or you'll lose your status as Tanooki Mario.
    Note: If you go left, you can earn more coins.  Jump past a Para-Goomba 
    and a Piranha Plant to reach a series of coins over falling platforms.  
    Collect them all, position yourself on the leftmost block, and let it 
    fall.  Jump off once you've taken the coin from below.  Now repeat the 
    process until you've gotten all the coins.  Afterward, go right back to 
    where you exited the pipe.
    Now go right past more falling platforms and enemies to reach the black 
    border that marks the end of the level.  Neat-o!
                              |    Level 5-6    |
    Be sure to visit the Spade Panel and Toad's House before coming here.  
    This is an... interesting level.  It introduces you to Para-Beetles, red-
    shelled Buzzy Beetles with wings.  As the screen scrolls right, they 
    fly left.  Although certain suits have powers that can defeat them, you 
    need their help.  Jump onto their backs to cross gaps.
    Ahead, it is rather optional.  Jump on the Para-Beetles to reach the 
    three coins above if you want them.  Then you'll have to jump across 
    them to cross enormous gaps to reach a ? Block that can be hit for a 
    power-up that's rather risky to get.  Afterwards, use a Koopa 
    Paratroopa or Para-Beetles to reach a Jump Block.  Bounce on it to 
    reach coins above and land on the wooden block to the right.  Repeat 
    this with the next Jump Block, but this time you'll land on brick 
    If you stand on the lower level and hit the second block from the right 
    on the upper level, you'll hit a P Switch.  Use it to collect coins and 
    pass platforms (beware a Fire Chomp) with the greatest of ease.  At the 
    end, take a pipe to the black border.
    Let Lakitu throw four Spinies onto the screen before you take the card.  
    The four Spinies earn you 1000, 2000, 4000, and 8000 points, 
    respectively, and Lakitu will give you a 1UP as they are turned into 
    coins.  A great way to make use of enemies (that's what this level is 
    all about!).
                              |    Level 5-7    |
    You can either beat this level or 5-6, or both if you want points.  
    Either way, stop at the nearby Toad's House afterward.  Also, this 
    level is home to an odd area.  If you take the first pipe you reach 
    down, you'll find an area with a P Switch.  If you hit it, and if you 
    have used a Magic Wing, you can fly up to collect many coins.  Also, 
    this level is an "invincible level," meaning that it is possible to 
    play through it as Invincible Mario completely.  It's a neat trick, and 
    I will explain which blocks to hit for replacement Starmen, although 
    it's up to you to go through as quickly as possible.  You must use a 
    Starman before entering for it to work.
    Go forward, defeating a Koopa Troopa, and jump over a few blocks to 
    reach three ? Blocks.  Hit them for coins, and then go right to find a 
    wooden block.  Jump into it to defeat the jumping block atop it (it 
    also gives you a Mushroom or a Fire Flower).  Now go right, jumping up 
    a series of blocks (jumping included) to reach a Venus Fire Trap 
    surrounded by coin blocks.
    Go right to reach a Lakitu followed by some Bullet Bill Blasters.  Jump 
    over them and then run right as quickly as possible to outrun Bullet 
    Bills and Spinies and reach a pipe.  Take it to reach the black border.
    A Lakitu is here to hit you.  If you let its Spinies accumulate to four 
    and then take the card, you'll receive 15000 points and a 1UP to boot.  
    Hooray for Lakitu!
    STARMAN ROUTE: Run forward and hit the ? Block for a Starman.  Ahead, 
    hit the first ? Block in a set of three for another Starman.  Now go 
    forward to reach three blocks by a Venus Fire Trap.  Hit the block 
    above for another Starman, and then zip right as quickly as your little 
    plumber's feet can take you to reach a pipe at the end of the level.  
    Now take that card and rejoice!
                          |    Hammer Brother #3    |
    Aside from a change of scenery (you fight on clouds), there's nothing 
    special about these twin Hammer Brothers.  Stay put for now as they 
    throw hammers in arcs.  When they jump so that one is on the upper 
    layer and one on the lower, run under their hammer fire and jump to hit 
    the block the lower Hammer Brother is situated on.  He'll be knocked 
    off and defeated.  Then wait for the other to jump down.  Repeat the 
    process to win yourself a Music Box.  If only you could sell items...
                         |    World 5 Fortress #2    |
    Jump right across the lava to a block, and then jump to the pipe.  Take 
    it down to more lava.
    Jump two bridges over, waiting for Podoboos to be down before jumping, 
    and stop.  The next two bridges have reversed Podoboos; they fly down 
    from the ceiling to hit you.  Wait for them to start rising to jump 
    across the gap.  Now stop at the bridge with six ? Blocks on it.  There 
    are Podoboos on either side of the blocks; tread cautiously.  Hit the 
    first five blocks for coins, defeating a Dry Bones as you go, and hit 
    the sixth for a... Starman!
    Run, Invincible Mario, run!  After defeating Podoboos and possibly a 
    Boo, you'll reach two ? Blocks that the power wears off at.  Hit the 
    blocks for a power-up (face right as you do so), but don't go forward 
    past the blocks until the reversed Podoboo rises.  Then jump right over 
    another Podoboo as it drops to reach a bridge laden with Podoboos, 
    reversed and normal, jumping over and under it.  Also note the presence 
    of a Boo.  Pass a Podoboo, stop, and face the Boo.  Repeat this until 
    you can take a pipe up.  Go right to find everyone's favorite...
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    He's got a trick up his non-existent sleeves, but it's just as bad as 
    his health is going to be in a few moments.  Stomp on him.  Upon 
    recuperating, he grows wings.  You can either jump on him as he rises 
    up to the ceiling or as he swoops down.  It's really just a difference 
    in time; both are very easy.  Then he starts to run about like a madman.  
    Just give him the old one-two-jump and he's out like a light.  Use the 
    Magic Ball, please.
                              |    Level 5-8    |
    Have you visited the Spade Panel yet?  If not, I recommend doing so.  
    Start by jumping over a gap to the right and hitting the blocks here 
    for three coins and a power-up.  Jump right three more clouds to reach 
    another sky-walker (yet another not-so-obscure Star Wars reference), 
    Lakitu.  With irritating Spinies aplenty, he'll really make life tough.
    Jump right across the clouds to reach a ? Block.  Jump to it and give 
    Lakitu a taste of your shoe from there (jump on him!  Make him swim 
    with the fishes!  No, wait, Mario isn't that kind of Italian...).  Then 
    take the power-up from the ? Block.  Everyone wins!  Jump right across 
    a few more clouds to reach a pipe in peace.  Well, take it.
    Lakitu is back!   This time, though, he serves a purpose.  Go right by 
    the card slot and let the big Spinies fall.  When four of them can call 
    that screen their home, take the card.  Not only will you get a card 
    and five coins from the enemies, but you will get 15000 points, a 1UP, 
    and a brand new car!  Well, maybe not so much the last one...
                              |    Level 5-9    |
    The only thing between us and the king's castle...  And it's a side-
    scrolling level filled with jumps.  The screen starts scrolling to the 
    upper-right.  Jump onto or over the Koopa Paratroopa to reach another 
    cloud, and then jump up a series of wooden planks.  They are pretty 
    standard until you reach a horizontally moving one.
    Jump onto it and then jump left while going up, curving right as soon 
    as you're out from under the platform to land on it.  In other words, 
    jump like a backwards D, starting from the bottom.  When you land, take 
    it up to more planks.  A Fire Chomp assaults you as you rise, and it's 
    either you or it.  Jump onto it and bounce off of its shiny head to 
    land on a platform to the right.
    Another Fire Chomp can be used shortly afterward to reach the next 
    platform.  Then it's another horizontal platform and one more vertical 
    one to reach a pipe over a cloud.  Take this pipe to the end of the 
    Of course, a Lakitu decided it wanted to mess with us at the end.  Run 
    right to the card slot and let it throw four Spinies.  Then take the 
    card.  You'll get 15000 points and a 1UP because they were on the 
    screen when you beat the level, turning them into coins worth major 
    points.  Now that's more bang for your card.
                        |    Roy Koopa's Airship    |
    The king has been transformed into a crown-wearing vulture!  In remakes, 
    he's an Albatross, the bird enemies from Super Mario Bros. 2.  It's up 
    to Mario to deliver the Magic Wand to its rightful owner.  And to that, 
    we'll have to whoop what is the second-toughest Koopaling in the game.
    So, Mario boards the airship.  It's a revival of Larry Koopa's ship - 
    tons of gunpowder.  Go forward to a cannon and a Flame Thrower.  Avoid 
    both their attacks and keep your eyes peeled for two cannons appearing 
    in the lower-right corner.  When it's safe, hit the ? Block for a 
    power-up.  Then just right by a Bullet Bill Blaster to find several 
    cannons.  Stake it out in a corner, jumping when appropriate, until you 
    can jump over a wooden cylinder to reach a depression.  Duck there to 
    avoid a Bullet Bill Blaster, and then move on to reach eight diagonal 
    cannons (!).  It might be beneficial to you to bounce off a cannonball 
    above the cannons.  After one last Bullet Bill, take the pipe down to 
    the boss.
    Boss: Roy Koopa
    |                  |         This pink-shelled heavyweight is the hard-
    |                  |         est Koopa Kid by far so far, resembling 
    |                  |         Morton Koopa Jr. (only Roy wear a pair of
    |   __    ____     |         shades).  Roy's jumps are just like those 
    |__|  |__|    |____|         of a Sledge Brother; his jumps paralyze 
                                 you in place with their shockwaves.  But,
    aside from that considerable advantage, he's just like his brothers.  
    He has low jumps, meaning you can jump on him easily as he's coming at 
    you.  His strategy is to stun you and then shoot his magic attack, 
    which will end the battle in seconds.  So, when he jumps, you jump.  
    Either use ten fireballs or use the recommended three jumps to his head.  
    He does a double-jump each time he is hit; watch out for that.  He 
    flees when defeated, leaving behind a Magic Wand for you to take.  The 
    king is restored to his normal, old geezer form, and we get a letter 
    from Princess Toadstool.
    Be careful in the Ice World.  The creatures trapped in the ice will 
    come to life if warmed.  I have enclosed a jewel that helps protect you.
    How sweet!  We get a Jugem's Cloud and some good advice as we head off 
    to my least favorite world, # 6.
    ===============================World 6*================================
    Terrible, eerie music on the map, low traction, many levels, THREE 
    fortresses - Ice Land has got it all.  It's even named after a real 
    country!  I guess they could've called Grass Land Green Land and Water 
    Land Fin Land (fins of a fish).  But, back to my ramblings.  Hopefully, 
    you will dislike this world, thus proving your sanity.  Okay, so maybe 
    I'm exaggerating a bit, but this is no World 4, let me tell you.  This 
    is almost as big as Water Land, but Water Land cheats with all of its 
    boating space.
    |                   MAP KEY                   |
    |# = Action Scene Panel (Level)               |
    |[ = Pipe 1                                   |
    |] = Pipe Linking w/ Pipe 1                   |
    |( = Pipe 2                                   |
    |) = Pipe Linking w/ Pipe 2                   |
    |C = Castle                                   |
    |F = Fortress                                 |
    |H = Hammer Brothers Relative Location        |
    |L = Locked Door                              |
    |o = Circular Space                           |
    |P = Spade Panel                              |
    |R = Breakable Rock                           |
    |S = Start Panel                              |
    |T = Toad's House                             |
                           World 6 - Ice Land
                       T              )--oL-o
                       |                    |
                 o--2--o-R]              o--o--o     9--o--o
                 |     |                 |     |     |     |
      --S--o--1--P  F--HL-o--(  o--6--o  F--o  8--o--o  F--oL-o--o--o--C
           |     |     |  |     |     |     |        |     |
           [     o--o--3  P--4--o  T  H--HR-o--7     o--o--10
                                |  |  |  |     |
    Toad's House 1: Random (3)
    Contents      : Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Leaf
    Toad's House 2: Pre-Selected
    Contents      : Hammer Brother Suit
    Spade Panel 1
    Spade Panel 2
    Spade Panel 3
    Hammer Brother 1: Hammer
    Hammer Brother 2: Jugem's Cloud
    Hammer Brother 3: Starman
                              |    Level 6-1    |
    Already you can get a feel for the slippery terrain in Ice Land.  Go 
    forward and hit the ? Block for a power-up.  The enemy to the right is 
    a Ptooie, Piranha Plants that balance spiked balls above their heads.  
    Jump this one when the ball descends.  To the right is a walking one.  
    Jump under its spiked ball when it goes sky-high to reach a Piranha 
    Plant.  Jump onto its pipe and go right to a Venus Fire Trap.  
    Afterward, go right to two more Ptooies.
    Jump through their spiked balls when they rise simultaneously to reach 
    a ? Block with a coin tucked inside.  Now jump right to a few icy 
    blocks.  Hit the ? Block above them for a power-up, and then go right 
    for six coins that are guarded by two Ptooies' spiked balls.
    After it is one final Ptooie.  Stand on the lip of its pipe as you wait 
    for the spiked ball to rise, and then jump between the ball and the 
    plant.  Now just skid right to the card that ends this level.
                              |    Level 6-2    |
    Make sure you stop at the Spade Panel before coming here.  Jump right 
    from the starting platform to another platform.  As you must've noticed, 
    this is a side-scrolling level.  When the screen opens enough, jump 
    right to an ice platform.  Stay there until you can see another 
    platform to the lower-right.  Jump to it, grab the Grab Block, and 
    slide it into the ? Block to the right for a power-up.
    Jump on the clouds ahead to bypass the huge stack of brick blocks.  
    After that, just jump along the platforms, collecting coins as you go, 
    to reach a humongous stack of wooden blocks.  Jump up clouds as the 
    screen scrolls upward to get to the top.  Then jump over it to reach 
    solid platforms.
    You'll soon reach one with two Grab Blocks on it.  Use these to hit the 
    brick block above them for coins.  Then jump right to a Koopa Troopa 
    and right again to another platform.  The screen starts to scroll to 
    the lower-right now.
    Jump down the platforms through three coins to reach a Koopa Troopa.  
    Defeat it, wait for a cloud to come your way, and then drop from it to 
    the wooden blocks to the right.  Jump right to another block platform 
    to a cloud to a pipe.  Take it down to the black border.  Go right to 
    find the card that ends this level.
                              |    Level 6-3    |
    You must do this or 6-2.  Either way, raid the Toad's House and Spade 
    Panel afterwards.  Jump to the Jump Blocks to your right.  Bounce off 
    of them to a wooden platform to the right, which you should duck (or 
    stand if you're small) on to pass under a Grab Block stack.  Jump from 
    it to the platform above, on which you should take the shell of a Koopa 
    Troopa.  Jump right with it and cast it into a ? Block for a power-up.
    Now jump carefully across the gaps to collect six coins.  When you 
    reach the Koopa Troopa, defeat it, and then jump over the Grab Block 
    stack to your right.  Grab the shell of this Koopa Troopa and launch it 
    into the brick block to the right.  A vine grows!  Climb it to a Jump 
    Block, and bounce from it to a pipe!
    Take it to reach a giant ? Block that can be hit for a Tanooki Suit.  
    Once you have it, stand against the right wall and take off flying as 
    run left.  Fly upward, break through the blocks as you fly, and you'll 
    reach a chamber with thirty coins in it.  Take them all, drop to the 
    lower level, and take the pipe out of here.
    Jump and hover to the right (hover by pressing A repeatedly).  You'll 
    land on a thin stack of Grab Blocks.  Jump right from there to a brick 
    block, and drop from it to a wooden plank.  Duck there to get under the 
    Grab Block stack.  Now jump right, bouncing off Koopa Paratroopas, to 
    reach the black border.  Take a card and be proud.  The level is over.
                          |    Hammer Brother #1    |
    It's your normal Hammer Brother pair - with a twist!  Yes, the ground 
    is covered in an icy veneer that makes you skid, but it should not 
    concern you.  Just run under their arc of hammers and hit the block 
    they're standing on, just like all the previous times.  If this 
    challenges you, try using a Starman or a Fire Flower for easy victories.  
    To the victor go the spoils, and that's a Hammer this time around.  You 
    can use it to break the rock near the pipe.  If this Hammer Brother 
    moved toward you, this could effectively allow you to skip 6-2 and 6-3.  
    Or, you could save it to use later to bypass Level 6-7.
                         |    World 6 Fortress #1    |
    Drop right onto the floor and then jump onto the platform to the right.  
    It takes you past several Podoboos you must jump over and a power-up in 
    a ? Block.  It then passes over a long bed of spikes before beginning 
    its descent.  A Hot Foot will try to drop onto you, but it's nothing a 
    simple move to the left or a jump (or both!) can't handle.  Then you'll 
    just have to jump or duck to avoid Roto-Discs.  Make sure to hop off 
    the platform before it hits the spike bed.  Otherwise, you couldn't 
    take the door to the right.
    Ahead are two Roto-Discs orbiting the same orb.  Simply walk up to the 
    stack, jump onto the orb when you can, and then go right to a ? Block.  
    You can hit it for a power-up (either a Super Leaf or a Mushroom).  Now 
    go right to two Roto-Discs circling around ? Blocks.  One contains a 
    Starman!  As Invincible Mario, run right to a door.  Take it!
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    If you're still Invincible Mario, just tackle Boom-Boom to end the 
    battle rather quickly.  It's pretty cool because the Magic Ball will 
    appear upside-down afterward.  Alternately, you'll have to jump on his 
    head (it's a wonder he doesn't suffer from severe head trauma...) three 
    times.  The second stomp encourages him to grow wings.  Either crush 
    him before he can take to the skies or use the blocks in the air to 
    reach him while he pointlessly flies back and forth above.  One more 
    stomp on a swifter Boom-Boom will give you the Magic Ball.  Use it to 
    destroy the Locked Door on the map.
                              |    Level 6-4    |
    Take a shot at the Spade Panel game before coming here.  Jump to the 
    other side of the ledge, jump back to the falling platforms, take the 
    coins, and then jump back to the white ledge to the right.  Now jump 
    right onto the spinning platform as it spins so that you land on it 
    when it's still.  Jump from it to the Grab Block to the upper-right to 
    another spinning platform if you want to risk it for the coins.  If not, 
    just jump right to a wooden block.  Jump right to see a few Goombas.  
    Let them march themselves into a chasm, but follow them until you're 
    below the brick block.  Hit it while looking right to make a 1UP 
    Mushroom pop out.  Take it and then take the stairs back up.
    Jump right onto an icy ledge.  From there, jump to a wooden plank to 
    the right.  Ride it around, taking coins and a power-up as you go, 
    until you're satisfied, at which point you should jump to a wooden 
    plank to the right.  Jump from it to a pair of wooden blocks to two 
    wooden planks.  Ride them to a P Switch.  Hit it!
    You fall down through a series of coins.  Run right, collecting coins 
    by using sliding ducks under the platforms, until it wears off.  You 
    should have passed a Fire Chomp along the way and reached three coins.  
    Jump into the spinning platform at the end to be flung toward the black 
    border.  Take the card and rejoice; the level is over.
                              |    Level 6-5    |
    You now have a choice - do either 6-5 or 6-6.  6-5 is clearly the 
    better choice because it gives you access to a Toad's House with an 
    awesome item inside, but I'll let you choose for yourself.  In any case, 
    this is a very singular level; you can move beyond the black border to 
    continue the level.  So, this is easier than it might seem.
    Set up like an icy version of the Pyramid level in World 2, enter the 
    pipe to be underground.  A Buster Beetle ahead runs away from you (keep 
    running!).  Follow to a point; you want to enter the pipe ahead.  Hit 
    the ? Block for a power-up.  Go back down afterward and take the pipe 
    back up to hit the ? Block again for another power-up.  This means that 
    you're guaranteed to be Raccoon Mario.  Now go left through the pipe in 
    the power-up room.  If you get hit at any time, return to that pipe to 
    become Raccoon Mario.  It is necessary for beating the level.
    Immediately tail whip the Venus Fire Trap that pops up.  Now hike up 
    the slope, trek down the stairs, and hide behind your brick block 
    shield.  Defeat the Buster Beetle afterward and take a Grab Block in 
    your hands.  Use it to defeat two Buster Beetles ahead.  Now go back 
    right to a Koopa Troopa.  Grab its shell after jumping on it and stand 
    to the right.  Run left to fill your power meter and then fly through 
    the opening above the Grab Block stack.  You'll reach two Nippers.  Use 
    the shell to defeat them and create a path to a pipe.  Use this pipe 
    top reach the black border, the end of the level.  Be sure to pay the 
    Toad in the Toad's House a visit after this!
                              |    Level 6-6    |
    Go forward and take the pipe.  You'll drop down to a fork in the road.  
    The high road is better than the low road here.  Take it, avoiding a 
    Spike as you go, to find four pools of water a Cheep-Cheep jumps in and 
    out of.  Past these two menaces, though, is a ? Block containing either 
    a Mushroom or a Fire Flower.  After taking one, hopefully the Fire 
    Flower, return to the low road.
    A Cheep-Cheep and several Piranha Plants/Venus Fire Traps reside here.  
    There's also one Spike to take note of.  And don't be fooled by slopes.  
    Do not slide on them or you'll crash into a Venus Fire Trap.  Just pass 
    through these parts peacefully, unless you have the power of flames, to 
    reach the water.  Drat.
    Swim right to a Cheep-Cheep.  Defeat/avoid it and then swim upward to a 
    pocket of air (not that Mario needs air).  If you jump one space from 
    the right wall, you'll hit an invisible block for a 1UP Mushroom.  
    Return to the depths.
    Swim right, taking the upper route, to reach even more water and Cheep-
    Cheeps.  Swim along the top of the water to reach two ? Blocks, one of 
    which is a power-up of the Fire Flower variety.  Swim through a gap 
    after that to the right and sink down slowly to a wooden block.  Swim 
    right now to enter a tunnel.  It's filled with Piranha Plants that will 
    come up to bite you even if you're on top of their pipes; swim 
    cautiously (or set them on fire).
    You'll come out to land shortly after that.  Defeat a few Spikes ahead 
    with jumps or fireballs to reach several Cheep-Cheep pools.  If you 
    defeat that fish, you can go right to a pipe.  Take it up, defeat a 
    Spike to the right, and then advance to the black border to finish the 
                          |    Hammer Brother #2    |
    Same deal as before.  There's ice on the ground, two Hammer Brothers on 
    different brick rows, and then there's you.  Run forward, busting or 
    jumping into whichever block the lower one stands on, and then do the 
    same for the other one when it jumps down.  If you still can't seem to 
    beat them, try using a Starman or a Fire Flower before entering.  It 
    should make things a little easier.  Your reward is a Jugem's Cloud.
                          |    Hammer Brother #3    |
    This is just like the Hammer Brother duo.  Wait for them to be on 
    separate brick rows.  Run forward under hammer arc.  Hit block they are 
    standing on.  Repeat when the other jumps down.  Take prize - a Starman.  
    If you don't beat them that way, then fireballs from Fire Mario or a 
    touch of Invincible Mario will do the trick.  And, after this little 
    brawl, a Spade Panel is your for the taking before playing 6-7/busting 
    a rock with a Hammer.
                              |    Level 6-7    |
    A minimum of 78, yes, SEVENTY-EIGHT, coins must be gotten in this level 
    to win yourself a special prize.  What is it?  Why not check out "White 
    Toad's Houses" for the details on this and other levels like this.
    It's a side-scrolling level, everybody.  Jump forward to three falling 
    platforms.  When you see three more, stand on the rightmost one of the 
    second set and let it fall.  Jump before you die to get three coins and 
    land by a ? Block.  Hit it while looking right and take a power-up.  
    Quickly stand on a falling platform to let it plummet downward.  Jump 
    to the group of four falling platforms to the right and fall on the 
    third one through six more coins, jumping to the platform to the right.  
    Just beware a Fire Chomp in the area.
    Collect three more coins to the right using the fake-fall technique we 
    used earlier, and then jump right to the Grab Block, above which are 
    three more coins.  This all adds up to 15 coins so far.  Jump forward, 
    collecting three more coins from a fake fall, and jump right to a coin 
    block.  Hit it and then take three more coins from a fall (22).  Jump 
    right to find three coins in the air - take them (25).  Hit the brick 
    block for an additional coin and then jump onto the falling platforms 
    to the right (30).  Fall through here for four more coins and then jump 
    to the ? Block to the right.  It must be a Fire Flower if you hope to 
    get the required amount of coins.
    Go right now, collecting several more coins, which I think comes to 
    (41), and you'll reach a pipe.  Fall on a falling platform and jump to 
    two Jump Blocks to reach and take it.
    Here's where it all comes together.  You fall onto many frozen coins.  
    Collect all of them by flaming them, then hitting an invisible block 
    left of the iced-over money for a coin, and then go right to finish the 
    level.  Hopefully, you got enough to have 78.
                         |    World 6 Fortress #2    |
    An ice fortress...  Note that the whole place is frozen on the ground, 
    meaning that every step will be a slippery one.  You are very liable to 
    skidding here.
    Go right under a Boo, turning around once you've passed it, and drop 
    through a horizontal Thwomp's opening.  When you land, go right a bit 
    to a ? Block.  Hit it for a Mushroom/Super Leaf, and then scale the 
    Grab Blocks to a horizontal Thwomp.  When it is slowly moving right, 
    jump to the hallway and get past the frozen block quickly.  Then drop 
    through the hole ahead when the Thwomp is returning to its post.
    Go right to trigger a Thwomp above.  Jump onto the Grab Block on the 
    edge and wait for your motion-sensitive friend above you to be moving 
    to the left.  As soon as he is past, jump upward and run right (either 
    running under the blocks or sliding under them, both of which are easy 
    thanks to the icy floors).  Now just go right and jump to two Roto-
    Discs.  When you can, step under the ? Block (even as Super Mario or 
    better, they won't hit you).  Then jump to hit the block, releasing a 
    Mushroom/Super Leaf.
    Now go right to trigger a Thwomp.  Jump up and start going right, but 
    turn to face left.  You'll slide past two Roto-Discs, facing a Boo as 
    you go, and you'll hopefully stop before you fall to a Thwomp.  As it 
    is returning to its original position, drop through and go right slowly.  
    A Thwomp will fly at you, which isn't that bad unless you're running.  
    Wait for it to start moving right and jump to a door.  Take it to the 
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    The common dungeon master drops in from a ledge against the right side 
    of the room.  Two other blocks are placed to obstruct your jumps, but 
    they are not bothersome at all.  They are placed there to let Boom-Boom 
    make jumps and bounce off of them.  In other words, they're there 
    because the programmers didn't want to actually program Boom-Boom to 
    make unpredictable jumps; they just stuck in some blocks to make him do 
    it automatically.  In any case, he just runs around sliding with you.  
    Because he slides very quickly, do not go under his ledge; he'll ram 
    into you.  He has no flying stunts to speak of, and three stomps or 
    five fireballs will do him in.  Take the Magic Ball afterward to create 
    a bridge on the map to connect some pipes, and then throw the ball 
    straight down to the goalpost.  The crowd goes wild!
                              |    Level 6-8    |
    Somehow it's spring or summer outside.  Lift a Grab Block and let it 
    slam into the ? Block to the right for a power-up.  Then jump over the 
    Ptooie to the right when the spiked ball is down.  Alternately, you 
    could use a Grab Block to defeat the Ptooie.  Then go right to a Koopa 
    Troopa.  Grab its shell and let it bulldoze through a hill of Nippers.  
    Watch the points stack up - 100, 200, 400, 800, 1000, and then the 
    Koopa Troopa shell should outpace you.
    Now go right to find several Spikes.  Jump over them and you'll reach 
    the Buster Beetle brigade.  First, use a Grab Block to hit a ? Block 
    for, like the last block, either a Super Leaf or a Mushroom.  Then let 
    another Grab Block mow down a few Buster Beetles ahead.  Go right to a 
    large H spelled out with Grab Blocks where you can defeat another 
    Buster Beetle.  Now go right to a hill.  Slide down it and jump at the 
    ramp at the end to land on the grass.  Run right to reach the black 
    border where you can find the card and finish the level.
                              |    Level 6-9    |
    There are two very different paths through this level.  One is 
    extremely easy, and for this reason I will not cover the long, boring, 
    unrewarding water route.
    There is an interesting glitch in the game that I call the "wall kick 
    glitch," named after Mario's famed wall kick introduced in Super Mario 
    64.  We'll be using it here (if you don't want to use the glitch, then 
    a Magic Wing will get you to the same place).
    Walk forward to a pipe.  Stand on the edge and then run forward, 
    jumping against the ice wall.  As soon as you make contact with the 
    wall (and I mean the very instant), press A and Up at the same time to 
    perform a second jump.  This gives reliable results for me.  It should 
    for you, too.  It might take some practice, but you'll get it 
    eventually.  You want to use the wall kick to get on top of the ice 
    wall.  Walk forward to reach what seems to be a dead-end.  Instead of 
    jumping over it, though, grab the Grab Block and push it forward.  Now 
    walk forward for a 1UP Mushroom.  You'll fall down and be able to go 
    right to the card slot to finish the level.  Now there's a good level.
                             |    Level 6-10    |
    Either do this or 6-9 (I'd recommend 6-9, but it's your choice).  Jump 
    forward to a Koopa Troopa.  Use it shells to hit the next Koopa Troopa 
    before proceeding right to reach a ? Block and two more Koopa Troopas.  
    Defeat them with their own shells before going right to see a huge 
    brick stack.  Get ready for major coinage.
    Lift a Grab Block and knock it into the first brick block left of the 
    giant block stack.  This causes a vine to grow.  Take it up and hit 
    three brick blocks for a P Switch.  Hit it and dive into the coin 
    mountain to the right!  When it's over, go right to find three frozen 
    coins and three ? Blocks, one of which contains a power-up.  If you're 
    Fire Mario, melt the ice to the right for three coins (just don't melt 
    the Munchers' ice).  Then go right to more coins.
    Melt them if you can and collect the riches.  Then go right to jump a 
    gap (don't melt the ice of the Munchers, obviously) to reach a coin 
    paradise.  Collect them if you can, wary of Buster Beetles, and then 
    jump right to a Grab Block.
    Jump right of it onto a spinning platform (jump when its still and then 
    quickly jump off to the right).  Take the shell of this Koopa Troopa, 
    run right, and jump to the card.  You'll earn yourself a coin and 1000 
    points by bringing the shell along for the ride.
                         |    World 6 Fortress #3    |
    Note: If you run forward as Raccoon Mario and start flying over the 
    first conveyor belt, you'll reach a platform with a 1UP Mushroom in a 
    block over it.
    Resist the urge to jump for the first few steps.  Go forward until 
    you're out from under the spiked ceiling to reach two Roto-Discs 
    orbiting an orb.  Get onto the orb and jump right to a conveyor belt to 
    another orb.  A Boo is to the right; turn around to bait it to you, and 
    then turn right when it's right by you.  Jump over it when the 
    opportunity presents itself to another conveyor belt, and mad dash 
    across it to jump to a Stretch's bar.  Hit a ? Block for a power-up 
    there if you dare...  Then jump right over another Stretch's bar.
    Stare down a Boo ahead of you.  Then run right under a Stretch, jumping 
    to the orb a Roto-Disc is circling, and then stepping onto a conveyor 
    belt.  Try to stop yourself from running into the Thwomp and run under 
    it as it rises.  Then go right on another conveyor belt by another 
    Roto-Disc.  You'll reach dual Roto-Discs orbiting about dual Stretches.  
    When the coast is clear, jump to the right side of the Stretch's bar to 
    the next Stretch's bar.  Jump over the ghost head and then leap right 
    over a spike bed to reach a door.  Take it, please!
    You'll drop down to a room with three Boos and a rising floor.  Run 
    right and turn around to look at all three at once to keep them still.  
    Just wait for a door to become level with you and take it to the...
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    With five different blocks in the air, jumping space is at a premium.  
    Still, Boom-Boom is easy.  He doesn't even attempt to fly.  Get onto 
    the middle block and wait for Boom-Boom to run below you.  Drop onto 
    him, set yourself up again, and repeat this twice to earn yourself the 
    Magic Ball.  Take it to unlock the final Locked Door of Ice Land.
                       |    The Hammer Brother Suit    |
    It is time to discuss the amazing Hammer Brother Suit that you might've 
    gotten from the Toad's House after 6-5.  In my opinion, it's the best 
    suit in the game.  It operates somewhat like Fire Mario.  Walk around 
    dressed as a Hammer Brother and press B to throw hammers.  You can have 
    two out at once, and hammers can kill almost anything in one shot.  But 
    wait, there's more!  If you duck as Hammer Brother Mario, you will 
    retreat into a fire-proof helmet for a few seconds.  It's a wonderful 
    addition to any item collection.
                        |    Lemmy Koopa's Airship    |
    The unfortunate king of this barren wasteland (unfortunate because he 
    is the king of THIS world) has been transformed... into a seal (he's a 
    Monty Mole in remakes)!  Look how he balances the crown on his nose 
    playfully!  Only by defeating the demented (that is, more demented than 
    the rest) child of the Koopa Royal Line can we win back the Magic Wand 
    and restore him to his normal self.
    Ahead is a bolt platform.  You can either jump on it and hop 
    continuously to cross the gap (the same type of platform was modeled 
    after this in Super Mario RPG in the Factory area), or wait for the 
    screen to expand and make a running leap over this crazy contraption.  
    Jump onto the next bolt platform and wait until you can see the next.  
    Jump to it afterwards and then jump to land to the right when you can.  
    Ahead are Flame Throwers blocking your path.  Wait for them to stop 
    spewing flames to continue over/under/by them.  You'll continue up this 
    path to reach two ? Blocks, the left of which contains either a 
    Mushroom or a Super Leaf.  From there, you must pass one final Flame 
    Thrower to the right to reach the pipe leading to the boss room.  That 
    was a surprisingly easy airship...
    Boss: Lemmy Koopa
    |                  |         Just like in Super Mario World, Lemmy 
    |                  |         mimics his little sister, Wendy.  And, 
    |                  |         judging by all official artwork, his star-
    |                  |         branded balancing ball, and his behavior 
    |__________________|         in Super Mario World, we're supposed to 
                                 realize that not everything is right in 
    his head.  In any case, his room is flat to allow for rolling space 
    because he feels the need to roll on a ball.  He is quite easy, too.  
    He has difficulty turning and will start by releasing one ball to 
    bounce about the room.  You can stomp on them to stop them momentarily, 
    but don't waste your energy.  Just jump on Lemmy three times to beat 
    him.  After each stomp, he releases a new ball into the mix.  He rarely 
    uses the Magic Wand.  After three stomps, he will flee, dropping the 
    Magic Wand in his flight.  Lemmy can also be beaten with ten fireballs, 
    which has the added bonus of him only using one ball to ricochet about 
    the room, but it hard to connect with his actually body because he 
    stands on that ball of his (was it intended to be a fireball shield?).  
    In any case, Lemmy is easily beaten, and Mario falls down to the ground 
    to find the king back to his good old self, big though his nose is (it 
    does look like that of a seal...).  And he was holding a letter from the 
    princess for you.
    I am well.  Please retrieve the Magic Whistle hidden in the darkness at 
    the end of the Third world.  I have enclosed a jewel that helps protect 
    That's her longest letter yet.  As for the Magic Whistle, she is 
    referring to the one hidden in Level 1-3, not World 3.  See "World 9" 
    for the details.  As for the jewel, it is a Magic Wing.  We have quite 
    a collection now, hmm?  Let's move on to liberate the last region of 
    the Mushroom World!  It is guaranteed to be the hardest.
    ===============================World 7*================================
    Pipe Land...  This is truly the worst world in the game.  Although it's a 
    plumber's paradise, it's filled to the brim with warp pipes.  It's so 
    confusing!  As a result, a little change was in order.  Look at the Map 
    Key to see my new pipe system exclusive to this world's legend.  You 
    think it was fun making this map?  Well it wasn't!  Also, Piranha 
    Plants are the new Hammer Brothers.  Also, this is my least favorite 
    world.  It just plain stinks, people.
    |                   MAP KEY                   |
    |# = Action Scene Panel (Level)               |
    |@ = Connecting Pipes                         |
    |$ = Connecting Pipes                         |
    |% = Connecting Pipes                         |
    |^ = Connecting Pipes                         |
    |& = Connecting Pipes                         |
    |! = Connecting Pipes                         |
    |? = Connecting Pipes                         |
    |/ = Connecting Pipes                         |
    |C = Castle                                   |
    |F = Fortress                                 |
    |L = Locked Door                              |
    |N = Piranha Plant                            |
    |o = Circular Space                           |
    |P = Spade Panel                              |
    |S = Start Panel                              |
    |T = Toad's House                             |
                   S--o--o  &     @  F--P--6   7--o--/
                   |     |  |     L  |     |   |     |     ?
    World 7 -      1--$  @  T  !--N--o--^  /   P--o--8--T
    Pipe Land      $--&   o--4--P--o--5--?    !L-9--o--F
                   |      |        |     |             |
                   2--%   ^        3--%  T       C--o--N
    Toad's House 1: Random (3)
    Contents      : Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Leaf
    Toad's House 2: Random (3)
    Contents      : Frog Suit, Tanooki Suit, Hammer Brother Suit
    Toad's House 3: Random (3)
    Contents      : Frog Suit, Tanooki Suit, Hammer Brother Suit
    Spade Panel 1
    Spade Panel 2
    Spade Panel 3
    Piranha Plant 1: Magic Wing
    Piranha Plant 2: Mushroom
                              |    Level 7-1    |
    Enter the door.  It's a terrible, vertical, looping on the side level.  
    Jump onto the first pipe and then jump left to oust a Koopa Troopa of 
    its position.  Hit the ? Blocks for coins, jump right, and you'll be 
    faced with a fork in the road.  But, you can actually take either.
    When you emerge, drop left when the Piranha Plant is retreating, go 
    left when the other Piranha Plant is retreating, and then take the pipe 
    above.  When you emerge, go left to take the left pipe up.  Then, go 
    right and jump on the Koopa Troopa to knock its shell into the ? Blocks 
    for a power-up.
    Jump up the platforms here to reach a wooden block.  When the coast is 
    clear, jump through the opening above.  Remember, the sides loop; the 
    Koopa Troopa will walk through the right side of the screen and appear 
    on the left side, and vice versa.  Now jump onto the pipes when the 
    Piranha Plants are in to reach a Jump Block.
    Bounce on it to the pipe to the right, and then jump to the Jump Block 
    to the left.  Bounce to some wooden blocks from it and then enter a 
    pipe.  You'll take it up to a wooden frame.  Jump on the first Koopa 
    Troopa, grab its shell, and walk into the second Koopa Troopa.  Then go 
    left, jump onto the block, and jump over the Koopa Paratroopa to reach 
    the pipe.  Take it to the black border that marks the end of this level.  
                              |    Level 7-2    |
    A minimum of 46 coins is required to unlock a special prize in this 
    level.  What is it?  Why not check out "White Toad's Houses" for 
    details?  You'll be glad you did.  Also, be sure to stop at the pipe 
    right of the pipe you took from the first island to reach the island 
    with the Toad's House on it before coming here.  Also, for coin-
    collecting, you should use the Frog Suit.
    It's a desert level.  Go forward and jump over a Nipper.  Use a Grab 
    Block from the pipe to defeat it and use the other to defeat the Nipper 
    on the next pipe over.  Ahead, use a Grab Block to hit the first ? 
    Block for a power-up, the next for a coin.  Now, go right to a pipe, 
    the one that the Nipper was on, and take it down.
    Swim left, not hitting any brick blocks as you go, and you'll reach a P 
    Switch surrounded by coins.  Collect them all and hit the P Switch.  If 
    you're Frog Mario, swim right and collect the coins from the bricks as 
    quickly as possible.
    Return to the surface.  Jump right across a series of pipes to reach a 
    green Koopa Paratroopa.  Defeat it, keeping it in its shell.  To 
    dispose of the shell, walk up to a surface, standing so that you touch 
    it, and release the shell.  Now, jump up to fill the entire upper area 
    with Jump Blocks that were invisible.  Now take the right pipe down to 
    a power-up.  Take the left pipe now back to water.  Go left to enter 
    another pipe to return to the surface.
    Now go right (if you jump off the seventh Jump Block, a 1UP Mushroom 
    appears) to a series of Piranha Plant-infested pipes.  When you reach a 
    particularly low one, take it down.  Take the next pipe and then go 
    right to the black border's card.
                              |    Level 7-3    |
    This is an "invincible level."  Hit the first block for a Starman.  Hit 
    the first block and run right to slide down a hill to four ? Blocks.  
    Hit the lower-left one for a Starman to continue this cycle.  Run right 
    and slide down a hill through some Koopa Troopas.
    You'll reach four more ? Blocks next.  Hit the lower-left one for a 
    Starman and go right, sliding down the hill and jumping off the ramp, 
    and hit the brick block for a Starman (the above ? Block contains a 
    power-up).  Now go right to hit a brick block for a P Switch.  Get some 
    coins with it if you have the time.
    Run right and hit either brick block for a Starman.  Then run right to 
    the black border, jumping for the card at the end.  If you wait for 
    Lakitu to throw four Spinies, you can finish the level for a 15000 
    point boost and a 1UP thrown in, too.
                              |    Level 7-4    |
    Of course, play the Spade Panel game before coming here.  If you start 
    that level as Raccoon Mario, you can fly over the wall to the right to 
    find two 1UP Mushrooms.  But, you'll have to take the pipe here 
    It's an underwater side-scroller.  Oh, joy.  Swim right with the Spiny 
    Cheep-Cheeps over the Lava Lotus's balls of lava to reach a ? Block.  
    Hit it for a power-up and then swim right past a Big Bertha to see a 
    Blooper with Kids.  Avoid it as the screen rises to include Jelectros.
    Swim through this mine field of Jelectros to reach a Big Bertha.  Hover 
    there for a while to avoid her, and then swim right when you can to 
    another Blooper with Kids to join the current one.  Now fall to the 
    floor and swim over the "coral" when you can to hit a ? Block for a 
    Afterwards, swim right over a Lava Lotus to reach a Big Bertha and a 
    few Spiny Cheep-Cheeps.  Avoid all of them and enter a pipe to the 
    right to find the black border and finish this level
                              |    Level 7-5    |
    Take a pipe down to the underground.  Defeat the Koopa Paratroopas 
    ahead and go right to a pipe.  Take it to another room.  Take the pipe 
    here to another new room.  Defeat three Bob-ombs coming your way and 
    jump in the openings to the right (use a Grab Block to defeat the Koopa 
    Troopa) to fill them in with coin blocks.  Now go all the way right and 
    jump up to hit a few blocks for coins.  Now take the right pipe to a 
    power-up.  Get it and then hit the opening to the left for a coin block 
    to appear.  Take the pipe back down.
    Jump onto the upper level to the left and take the first pipe to the 
    left that you find.  Jump here to make a 1UP Mushroom appear.  Let it 
    go to the next opening over, take the pipe down, take the next pipe up, 
    and then collect the 1UP Mushroom.  Now jump out and go left to the 
    leftmost pipe.  Take it down, collect the power-up from the ? Block, 
    and then return to that upper room through the pipe second from left.  
    Go right when you emerge to the rightmost pipe in the room.  Take it 
    Three Koopa Paratroopas can be found to the right.  Defeat them and 
    move onto the right, where you can either bounce off an enemy or make a 
    running jump to the pipe.  When you emerge, go right, taking the low 
    route to a Bob-omb.  Do a ducking jump to deal with it and go right 
    through several Grab Blocks to a pipe.  Take it down, go right, fill in 
    all the spaces above with coin blocks by jumping there, and then go 
    left past a Spiny to a pipe.
    Take it up and go right along the upper route by going right, filling 
    in several coin blocks there, returning left, jump from the Koopa 
    Troopa platform to the high platform, going right, and taking the pipe 
    down.  Now go right and take this pipe up.  Now go right and take the 
    card from the slot.
                           |    Piranha Plant 1    |
    Instead of Hammer Brothers, this world has Piranha Plant action.  And 
    let me say that it pays to come as Invincible Mario or Fire Mario.  Go 
    right and make running leaps onto each Venus Fire Trap pipe.  Jump 
    right when the Munchers to the right are down and quickly move to the 
    Now jump right under a Venus Fire Trap to reach... more Venus Fire Traps!  
    If you can make it past their barrage of fireballs, you'll reach a 
    small pipe.  Take it down to a treasure chest with a Magic Wing inside.  
    Yep, that's the reward for playing this considerably harder "Hammer 
    Brother."  After this, be sure to raid the nearby Toad's House.
                         |    World 7 Fortress #1    |
    A fortress made of brick blocks...  If you are regular Mario, you need to 
    become big.  To do this, follow the below paragraph.  Then rejoin us 
    one paragraph below that.
    BECOMING SUPER MARIO: Go right to a door that you should enter into the 
    "real" fortress.  All enemies are absent; don't worry.  Just run right 
    to find a doorway.  Take it to enter a room full of lava.  Jump right, 
    hit the blocks, and then jump left to a ? Block.  Hit it for the power-
    up.  Now return to the first room.
    Head under the gray platform and count four blocks to the right.  Jump 
    there to bust through two blocks to hit one for a P Switch.  This is 
    going to be good!  Hit it and either jump down through the coins (take 
    a door twice to return to the room) or enter the door on the gray 
    blocks.  You must do the latter to advance in the fortress.
    Take the first pipe to the right to fall through several coins and 
    reach a gigantic ? Block that contains a Tanooki Suit.  Cool!  Now go 
    right up the pipe and then take the pipe to the right.  You're in the 
    power-up room from before (in "BECOMING SUPER MARIO").  Jump down from 
    the pipe and hover left to a door.  Take it and then run left to the 
    left wall.  Turn around and start running right to take off to flight.  
    At the point where you take off (near an orb a Roto-Disc would normally 
    circle), fly straight upward to a pipe.  Take it up and walk right to 
    the mini-boss.
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    Who else, right?  Stomp on him once and he grows wings.  Stomp him 
    again and he drops to the floor (either jump on him as he swoops down 
    or as he takes off).  One more hit will do the trick.  Sue the Magic 
    Ball to create for yourself a path to a pipe (a shortcut) and a road to 
    a new pipe.  Aren't you just bursting with excitement?
                              |    Level 7-6    |
    Play the Spade Panel game before coming here (that goes without saying).  
    Another annoying Pipe Land level is coming at you.  Go forward to a 
    door.  Enter if you dare...
    It would seem that you're stuck, but remember that this is a wrap-
    around level; walk left to appear to the right.  Now head up these 
    stairs to reach six coins and two ? Blocks.  Hit the blocks for one 
    coin apiece, and then walk left to appear to the right.  Bounce off the 
    Jump Block onto the ! Platform.  Navigate upward until you reach a ! 
    Platofmr below a spiked block.  Move out of the way of things as it 
    rises until you see a horizontally moving platform to the left.  Jump 
    onto the ? Blocks above it and then jump back to the upward moving 
    platform outline.
    Ride it up to a <- Platform, and take it under the ? Blocks.  If the 
    power-up you want to get was a Mushroom, it should slide right to you.  
    At the end, drop down and jump onto the ! Platform to the right.  Jump 
    on it and navigate (change direction by jumping on it) up through an 
    opening in the spiked ceiling above.  Ditch it for a <- Platform to the 
    right and take it to a ! Platform.  Ride it up to jump to one to the 
    right.  Jump from it to the ? Blocks to the left and jump right over a 
    block stack immediately afterward.  Jump to a ! Platform above and ride 
    it left past a Piranha Plant.  Then redirect it to the right so that 
    you can take a pipe up.  Go right upon emerging to take the card from 
    the slot.
                              |    Level 7-7    |
    You have a choice to beat 7-7 or 7-8 now.  While 7-8 is clearly better 
    (you have access to the Spade Panel and a Toad's House), it's up to you.  
    If you are Raccoon Mario here, you can fly upward onto the block to hit 
    an invisible block for a 1UP Mushroom.  But, you'll still have to take 
    the pipe here.
    Go right past two Piranha Plants to find a Starman.  Starting now, you 
    must be swift.  Run right onto a field of Munchers and hit the ? Block 
    for a Starman (if you're small; you can stand to skip it if you're 
    Super Mario or better).  Then go forward to another ? Block that you 
    can hit for a renewal Starman.  Use it to run right, leaping through 
    two pipe openings, to reach another opening.  Leap through it and 
    quickly and hit the ? Block for a Starman (this one in particular is 
    difficult to make it to).  Now run right, ducking/running under a pipe 
    and jumping once more to reach a pipe.  Take it to the black border and 
    the end of the level.
                              |    Level 7-8    |
    After this level, stop at a Toad's House and the Spade Panel nearby if 
    you haven't already done so.  Go right and jump over the initial 
    Piranha Plant to reach four ? Blocks.  Hit them all for coins and then 
    make a running leap onto the pipe to the right when possible.  Now go 
    right onto another pipe.
    You must time your jumps ahead very well.  Jump as the Piranha Plant 
    (ground) to the right first starts to go down.  Repeat this again to 
    the right and you'll land by three ? Blocks, the leftmost of which 
    contains a Starman.  Yahoo!  Run right as Invincible Mario, plowing 
    through enemies (the lower-left brick block ahead is a power-up) to 
    reach a Nipper, a Piranha Plant, and a Ptooie.  Wait for the Ptooie's 
    spiky ball to rise and for the Piranha Plant to be up to run right 
    through them.  You'll come to another Piranha Plant; jump over it.  
    Then hit the coin brick ahead.  When the Ptooie is over the right pipe 
    and the Venus Fire Trap is down, take the first pipe down yourself.
    Jump across the stairs jump left when you can to a gigantic ? Block.  
    Hit it for a... Hammer Brother Suit!  YES!  Press B to throw hammers as 
    Hammer Brother Mario, and duck to become fire-proof.  That's all there 
    is to know.  Now go right and take the pipe up to two Ptooies.  Crush 
    them with your hammers and go forward to a Venus Fire Trap.  Use your 
    hammers of doom to destroy it, too, and then jumps over it to some 
    Nippers.  Let them taste your steel before you hit the ? Blocks for 
    coins and the block between the two upper ? Blocks for a 1UP Mushroom.  
    Then go forward to the black border.  Finish the level up and show off 
    your Hammer Brother Suit to all your friends!
                              |    Level 7-9    |
    It's a pipe maze...  How appropriate.  Go forward to three Jump Blocks.  
    Unless you're still Hammer Brother Mario (in which case do not get any 
    power-ups), hit the middle block for a power-up - either a Mushroom or 
    a Fire Flower.  Then bounce up through the hole above, jumping through 
    the next, to reach a Para-Goomba.  Defeat it so that you can jump 
    through the next hole, too.
    Go left through a few Grab Blocks to reach another hole.  Jump through 
    it and go right on the top of the pipe structure to reach two Goombas.  
    Defeat them as they come to reach a few wooden blocks.  Jump across 
    them and jump to the top of the structure.  Stop at five Jump Blocks.  
    From there, move left through a few Grab Blocks to reach a hole.  Jump 
    through it and remove the Grab Blocks to the right.
    Drop under them and go right to a Koopa Paratroopa.  After defeating it, 
    head right to three ? Blocks.  If you want a power-up, hit the central 
    one for either a Mushroom or a Fire Flower (if it's the latter, do a 
    running leap while ducking to reach it).  Now go right to a hole.  Fall 
    through and go left to bust a brick.  Lift the Grab Blocks, go left 
    down a hole (enter the compartment above for three coins if you want) 
    and defeat the Para-Goombas.  Go left to bust another brick and find 
    many coins (jump in a space with no coins for a 1UP Mushroom).
    Return to the Fire Flower/Mushroom you could've gotten last.  Jump 
    through the hole near there and remove a few Grab Blocks to the right.  
    Bust a brick above, collect coins, and jump up to go right to a few 
    wooden blocks.  Go right to a few Grab Blocks.  Take them, go left to 
    some more, take them, and drop through the hole.  Go left for many 
    coins, go right to a few Grab Blocks, and then jump through the hole.  
    Enter the pipe to the right to reach the black border and the card that 
    marks the end of the level.
                         |    World 7 Fortress #2    |
    Make a running leap onto the pipe to the right.  Bait a Boo toward you 
    (defeat-able with hammers) and then jump over it to the pipe to the 
    right.  Jump to the orb of a Roto-Disc to the right afterwards and then 
    to another pipe after that.  You'll reach another pipe after that.  
    Jump from it to the lower pipe to the right.
    This next part is tricky.  Wait for the Piranha Plant to the upper-
    right to rise and then wait for a second.  Hop onto the pipe ahead and 
    make a quick jump right to avoid a Thwomp.  The Piranha Plant should be 
    lowered by now.  Otherwise, you can fake out the Thwomp by jumping 
    forward and then pulling back (this is easier, in my opinion).  You'll 
    reach another pipe and another Boo right after that.
    Bait the Boo toward you and then look at it to keep it there.  Now jump 
    to the pipes to the right (only the first and third pipes are home to a 
    Piranha Plant), from which you can jump right.  Jump through the dual 
    Piranha Plant pipes as soon as they both lower.  Avoid the fire of a 
    Venus Fire Trap, jump right onto its pipe, and then jump to another 
    pipe.  Hit the ? Block and quickly jump onto it for a power-up.
    Jump onto the next pipe ahead (nothing's in it).  Now, jump forward and 
    pull back to bait the Thwomp down.  As it rises, jump onto the pipe it 
    guards and then to the next pipe.  Lure a Boo to you and then turn 
    around to keep it put.  Jump to a pipe to the right and another Boo 
    comes at you.  Jump over it to the gray platform to the right.  Now 
    drop down and take the pipe.  The hard part of the fortress is over.
    Let two Dry Bones come to you.  Defeat them and then slide under the 
    block, stopping at the end to avoid a Roto-Disc.  Ahead, bait a Thwomp 
    down and slide under the block as it rises.  You'll come to a staircase 
    that finally leads to the...
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    His hopes of beating us are only a "pipe" dream!  Oh, what a pun!  The 
    crowd goes wild!  The only things in the air are three blocks.  He does 
    not fly, either.  Stomp on him three times (remember, he picks up speed 
    after each hit) to get the Magic Ball.  Now, only one action scene 
    stands between us and the airship, the end of this miserable world.
                           |    Piranha Plant 2    |
    Make a running leap onto the Piranha Plant's pipe.  Now make your way 
    across the Munchers' pipes to the right (or just jump to the Venus Fire 
    Trap's pipe to the right) until you reach the pipe of the enemy 
    mentioned in the parenthesis of this sentence.  Then you'll reach the 
    pipes of several other Venus Fire Traps before a Muncher field.  Use 
    the Jump Blocks to cross, and take the tall pipe at the end down to 
    reach your reward for this less-challenging Piranha Plant scene - a 
    Mushroom.  What a rip-off!
                     |    Ludwig von Koopa's Airship    |
    It is my displeasure to inform you that the king has been transformed 
    into a (*shudders*) Piranha Plants.  In remakes, he transforms into the 
    lovable Yoshi from Super Mario World.  In any case, let's restore him 
    back to his normal state so that all of the Mushroom World will be 
    liberated.  And that includes this awful Pipe Land.
    Go forward to see a bolt platform.  But, we aren't taking it over that 
    Flame Thrower.  Instead, stand against the scrolling screen and wait 
    until you can see the next Flame Thrower.  Leap across the gap and land 
    on the bolt by the Flame Thrower.  Then jump right to solid ground.  
    Drop to the ? Block for a power-up to the right, and then jump back up 
    to the upper level.  Again, I recommend jumping to the bolt by the 
    Flame Thrower.  From it, you can jump to the blue cylinder to the right.  
    Jump to the next Flame Thrower's bolt, wait for the screen to expand, 
    and jump to solid ground to the right.  A few Rocky Wrenches and a 
    sliding duck brings you to a bolt platform.  Jump to the next cylinder 
    when you can to bypass the bolt, and then leap onto the next Rocky 
    Wrench.  Get onto the upper level, jump across a few platforms, and 
    you'll reach three bolt platforms.  Jump to the second, jump to the 
    third, and then jump to the cylinder.  Beyond it is the pipe that leads 
    to the wild-haired, turquoise-shelled, final Koopaling of the game.
    Boss: Ludwig von Koopa
    |                  |         Bowser's eldest son, Ludwig takes the most
    |                  |         after his dad.  In Super Mario World, he 
    |                  |         even breathes flames.  His fighting style
    |    ___     ___   |         is unique to only Ludwig, but it borrows
    |   |   |___|   |__|         from each other Koopaling except Wendy and
    |___|                        Lemmy.  That is, he can two rows of magic
    waves at once (a la Larry, Morton, and Iggy), and he can shake the 
    ground with each jump (a la Roy).  You want to make this a quick battle 
    or you're history.  Jump on him right away.  He'll do a double-jump 
    after being hit, and then fire his magic at a stunned Mario.  Jump 
    repeatedly to avoid the shockwaves and then land on his wide-eyed head.  
    Definitely the hardest of the bunch, three stomps or ten fireballs 
    (nearly impossible) will win it for you.  Take the Magic Wand - the 
    last in the game - and you'll fall down to the king!  Everything is 
    going so well, I can't wait to read that letter from the princess.  
    What's this?  It's a letter from..................  BOWSER!!??!!!?!!?  He's Luke's 
    father?  Wait, no, not that.  He has this to say:
    I kidnapped the princess while you were running around.  She's here in 
    my castle, if you dare to try and rescue her.
                                 Ha ha ha...
                              King of the Koopa"
    Say it isn't so!  He's leading us to our death because we beat up his 
    invasion forces (and his children), no doubt, but we must stop at 
    nothing to rescue Princess Toadstool.  To rescue her, we'll have to 
    trek into the very kingdom of the Koopa Troop.  Can Mario (and possibly 
    Luigi) rescue Princess Toadstool?
    ===============================World 8*================================
    Welcome to Dark Land, the many part world where Bowser has set up his 
    entire army, mostly mechanical, to defeat you.  It's the toughest world 
    by far, but we must brave it if we want to ever see Princess Toadstool 
    again.  Was it his plan all along to kidnap Toadstool while we were 
    stopping his children, leaving him plenty of time to set up his 
    defenses in Dark Land?  It was a victory for him no matter what - if 
    his children lost or won.  For us, it is a defeat either way.  But, we 
    can still turn the tables.  Remember these words, grasshopper...  Not 
    even an entire army can compare to the might of a lone plumber.
    |                   MAP KEY                   |
    |# = Action Scene Panel (Level)               |
    |[ = Pipe 1                                   |
    |] = Pipe Linking w/ Pipe 1                   |
    |( = Pipe 2                                   |
    |) = Pipe Linking w/ Pipe 2                   |
    |{ = Pipe 3                                   |
    |} = Pipe Linking w/ Pipe 3                   |
    |< = Pipe 4                                   |
    |> = Pipe Linking w/ Pipe 4                   |
    |/ = Pipe 5                                   |
    |\ = Pipe Linking w/ Pipe 5                   |
    |` = Pipe 6                                   |
    |' = Pipe Linking w/ Pipe 6                   |
    |A = Tank Brigade (Level)                     |
    |BC = Bowser's Castle                         |
    |F = Fortress                                 |
    |L = Locked Door                              |
    |o = Circular Space                           |
    |S = Start Panel                              |
    |V = Naval Fleet(Level)                       |
    |X = Trap (Level)                             |
    |Z = Air Force (Level)                        |
                             World 8 - Dark Land
                                 The Lava Lake
    PART I                         S     (  o
                                   |     |  |
                                 The Graveyard
    PART II                    <--Z     {L-o
                                 The Darkness
                               >--o  `--o--o--o
                                  |        |  L
    PART III                   o--1     F--o  }
                               |        |
                               Bowser's Castle
    PART IV                   '--AL-o--o--o--BC
    Trap 1: Super Leaf
    Trap 2: Super Leaf
    Trap 3: Super Leaf
    NOTE: This goes without saying for all levels in the game, but I should 
    at least say it here.  I am guiding you through the game with the bare 
    essentials - no fancy item uses.  But, if you want to use a Magic Wing 
    to fly over a level or use a Jugem's Cloud, be my guest.  For the less 
    experienced especially, this is a challenging world.  Also, note that 
    you can skip the trap levels.  It is random when you have to play them.  
    So, sometimes you'll pass right over them, while other times you'll be 
    forced to play them.  Keep this in mind as you play.
                              |    The Tank    |
    Bowser's gone all out.  A tank brigade is our first obstacle.  Go 
    forward and jump onto the first tank, standing over the hatch should a 
    Rocky Wrench appear.  Then jump right past the diagonal cannon to the 
    right ands stay there is safety until the screens scrolls to a cannon 
    firing Bob-ombs.
    Jump past it and onto the cannon to the right of it.  If you stand on 
    the edge, you'll automatically hit the cannonballs as they come.  Then 
    jump right to another cannon.  Remain there until this tank has wheeled 
    itself out of the screen.  Two Rocky Wrenches man the next tanks.  Jump 
    onto their hatches, avoiding Bob-ombs and projectiles as they go, to 
    reach a third Rocky Wrench.  Crush it (the dark brown type don't 
    respawn), wait there in safety, and then jump right onto the large 
    cannon you see.  Jump from it to the next Rocky Wrench.
    It should be easy to jump onto the next Rocky Wrench.  Then slide (or 
    run) under a ? Block, hitting it for a power-up.  And I recommend doing 
    it before the cannon to the right appears.  Then jump onto that cannon, 
    defeating the Rocky Wrench you see there.  After two more cannons, find 
    a good time to leap right onto the head of another Rocky Wrench.  Jump 
    again to yet another Rocky Wrench.  Dispatch that foolish soldier to 
    jump right to another Rocky Wrench.  Let it taste your boot, and then 
    jump right into the melee of Bob-ombs.  Throw one into the other, jump 
    onto the next tank's cannon, and remain there.  A gigantic cannonball 
    will be fired at you, but you should be safe where you are.  Get onto 
    that huge cannon and jump right of it to a pipe.  Take it.
    The "mini-boss" of this level is a blue Boomerang Brother.  Since it 
    has no boss music, I will not treat it as one, though.  If you are Fire 
    Mario, then give it a fireball.  Otherwise, let it throw two boomerangs, 
    and let them pass its body.  Then run and jump onto it.  A chest 
    appears containing a Starman.  Take it to finish the level.
                              |    The Fleet    |
    It is Bowser's naval fleet sailing across pools of lava.  Jump onto the 
    Rocky Wrench ahead.  From it, jump to the top of the cannons to the 
    right.  If you are super-fast and rather foolish, you can run down and 
    hit a ? Block for a power-up.
    Leap right onto the head of the Rocky Wrench.  Then jump right onto the 
    next Rocky Wrench, soaring right over a group of Bob-ombs.  Now you 
    must jump to the next ship.  If you cannot make the jump, then bounce 
    across on a cannonball.  When you land on the bow, jump onto the next 
    few cannons, and then onto the Rocky Wrenches that follow.  A huge 
    cannon is ahead, and we must board a new ship.
    Upon landing, duck to avoid the cannonball behind you, but then jump to 
    avoid a giant cannonball.  Get onto the cannon, jump to the next level, 
    and then jump over three cannons firing a barrage of cannonballs.  When 
    you land, go right to a giant cannon.  Let two Bob-ombs ahead explode, 
    let the cannon fire, and then leap to the pipe.  Take it to...
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    He's not the hermit we thought he was; he leaves the fortress every now 
    and then.  Boom-Boom has a clear, flat, Koopaling-style room.  And not 
    only that, but he's also incredibly easy.  Jump on him.  He will pick 
    up speed.  Jump on him again.  He will pick up speed.  Jump on him 
    again.  He will explode.  Take the Magic Ball to clear a Locked Door on 
    the map, and then take the pipe there to a new section of Dark Land, 
    the Graveyard.
                       |    The Hammer Brother Trap    |
    Walk onto what I like to call the "bed of coals."  A hand, probably 
    that of those buried here (there are skulls all around.  It must be a 
    Graveyard!), pulls you down into this accursed level.  It's Hammer 
    Brother city here, and all his cousins are here to play, too.
    Walk forward to engage a Fiery Brother.  It doesn't fire with machine 
    gun-speed like those we fought in World 2, luckily; run forward, jump 
    the fireballs, and then stomp it.  Now go forward to find a Hammer 
    Brother duo.  Wait for them to be on separate levels before you run in 
    and hit whichever blocks they're standing on.  Hit the second's block 
    when it jumps down.  Then hit the other blocks for a power-up and four 
    coins.  Now go right to a Boomerang Brother.  When it throws a 
    boomerang, jump onto it.  Then you'll come to a Sledge Brother.  Jump 
    immediately to avoid being stunned on this bridge of lava, and jump 
    onto its head when it has thrown a hammer.  A pipe to the right leads 
    you to a treasure - a Super Leaf.
                          |    The Podoboo Trap    |
    This is a trap level that revolves around Podoboos.  It's actually 
    quite easy.
    Go forward and wait for a Podoboo to fall into the lava.  Jump through 
    the coins and onto the platform.  Repeat this ahead.  Now, to the right 
    are dual Podoboos.  When the right one rises, the left does as well.  
    So, wait for the left one to start falling and then jump over the gap.  
    There is no Podoboo in the next patch of lava (it was designed to make 
    you waste time).  Now jump over the next Podoboo as it falls to another 
    platform.  Repeat this twice to the right to reach a pipe.  Take it up 
    to open a chest for a Super Leaf.
                        |    The Cheep-Cheep Trap    |
    This level is reminiscent of Level 2-3 in Super Mario Bros., only 
    Cheep-Cheeps are flying out from lava, not water.  Cheep-Cheeps are 
    leaping out at you, making this is a rather difficult level.  If you're 
    really bad, then why not give Invincible Mario a go?
    Get onto the bridge and run forward to two ? Blocks.  Hit them for 
    coins or skip them, and then jump right across a series of platforms, 
    avoiding Cheep-Cheeps all the way through.  Hit the next ? Block you 
    come across for a power-up.  Then duck-slide under the next block stack.  
    Jump over the next one, too.  Now jump right across more platforms to 
    an M spelled out in coins (for Mario, of course) to reach a pipe.  Take 
    it to a treasure chest containing a Super Leaf.  Happy day!
                             |    The Airship    |
    More like "airships."  The Magic Wing seems to have been made for this 
    level...  If you do use it, do not fly too high up or you will die, 
    Jump from the first ship to the second to the third to the fourth.  
    Rocky Wrenches and Flame Throwers are going by so quickly they make no 
    difference.  Now jump to the next, avoiding/defeating another Rocky 
    Wrench, and continue the pattern.  A "landmark" is the ship with the 
    large crate and dual Flame Throwers; use the crate or blasters to reach 
    the next ship.  The only other thing to worry about as you go is 
    skidding into Rocky Wrenches.  If you are small Mario, it is safe to 
    stand next to a Rocky Wrench; their wrenches will fly over you.  
    Otherwise, duck or destroy them.  At the end, you'll reach a pipe.  
    Take it to the most popular mini-boss in Super Mario Bros. 3!
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    You know the drill; stomp him, stomp him before he flies, and then 
    stomp him again.  He explodes, you take the Magic Ball, and the Locked 
    Door is downed.  And remember, it is best to stomp on him as he takes 
    off into flight, but you can also stomp him as he swoops down.  Now we 
    can explore the region that gives Dark Land it's name.
                              |    Level 8-1    |
    There are two possible routes to take.  The first is far superior, but 
    it requires you be Raccoon Mario.  The second is your normal walking 
    through the level.  
    ROUTE 1: If you take off flying from the start (you should have at 
    least one Super Leaf from the trap levels), you'll reach a P Switch.  
    Hit it to collect several silver coins.
    ROUTE 1 (Continued): Now take off and fly right.  Hover down to a pipe 
    when you come across one and take it down to a gigantic ? Block.  Hit 
    it for three 1UP Mushrooms, and then take the pipe out of here.  Run 
    along here to fill your power meter.  Fly right as far as possible and 
    then use your tail to hover to a pipe.  One Piranha Plant is all that 
    stands between you and the end of the level.
    Route 2: Jump across the pit to the right, hit the ? Block for a coin, 
    and then get on the pipe of the Venus Fire Trap.  Then drop to the ? 
    Block (you can hit it for a power-up) to the right, from which you need 
    to jump across several pipes.  Dual Venus Fire Traps make it tough, but 
    you can avoid them completely by standing on the left edge of the 
    second pipe.  Then go right to two rows of bricks.  The second brick 
    from the left on either row contains coins.  Get on the top and jump 
    right to the high Bullet Bill Blaster.
    ROUTE 2 (Continued): The ? Block contains a Starman if you can collect 
    it.  Then go right to a small tunnel filled with Bullet Bill Blasters 
    with a Boo to the right.  Hit the brick above the blaster for a 1UP 
    Mushroom (the rest contain coins), and then go right to a black box.  
    Turn around to stare down the Boo from there.  The ? Blocks above you 
    and to the right of you contain coins only.
    ROUTE 2 (Continued): Jump to the top of the Venus Fire Trap's pipe from 
    the adjacent block.  Then go right to find stacked Bullet Bill Blaster.  
    Bounce from one Koopa Paratroopa to the top of the blasters.  If you 
    dare drop in for the coins, there's an invisible block above the third 
    hedge from the right.  Then go right to find a Jump Block.
    ROUTE 2 (Continued): You must do a running hop onto the Jump Block to 
    launch yourself to the pipe.  Then jump right to the pipe of a Piranha 
    Plant when it's dwon.  Go right to the "black border" that blends in so 
    well to finish the level.
                              |    Level 8-2    |
    This is a strange level, but at least there's some contrast in colors.  
    Go forward to a pit of quicksand.  If you go right, you'll eventually 
    tangle with an Angry Sun.  So, let's drown in the quicksand!  But, wait, 
    we don't drown; we fall down into a secret room!  Go left to a pipe.  
    Take it down to a staircase.  Hike up those steps, hit a brick block 
    for a power-up, and then take the pipe back up.
    NOTE: If you go right, you'll find a pipe with 100 coins tucked inside!  
    No joke!  They both lead to the same pipe; you must decide what is more 
    important to you - a power-up or 100 coins.  No brainer, right?  Of 
    course, the 100 coins require Raccoon or Tanooki Mario to collect them 
    You'll reappear by a few Venus Fire Traps.  Wait for the one to the 
    right to lower and then head up the hill.  Take the coins and then 
    slide down that slope!  You'll come to a Koopa Paratroopa, but you can 
    just jump over it to bounce on two Jump Blocks.  You'll come to the 
    end-of-the-level card.  Take it and be proud.  It's the last card in 
    the game.
                         |    World 8 Fortress #1    |
    This is a very unique fortress.  It may not be symmetrical, but one 
    door on one side can be entered to appear by another door on the other 
    side.  As a result, there are many different ways to complete the 
    fortress.  Mine covers all the power-ups you'll need.
    Go forward past two Roto-Discs.  Head past them to reach a brick above 
    a door.  Hit the brick for a power-up, and then go right past more 
    Roto-Discs and a Dry Bones to see a Roto-Disc circling by a door 
    surrounded by an H of brick blocks.  Break through the blocks (need a 
    power-up?  Enter the high door to the left, return, and then go back to 
    the power-up from earlier, the first one we got) and take the door.
    Jump instantly!  Otherwise, you'll be on a conveyor belt to your death 
    in a pool of lava.  Jump right to a stable ledge when the Podoboo is 
    down.  Now go right on conveyor belts past Podoboos to reach a Thwomp.  
    Let it crash down, run right over the gap, and hit the ? Block for a 
    power-up.  If you want to be fully powered-up to Raccoon Mario, you can 
    take the door the Thwomp is guarding, return, and hit the ? Block again.
    Now you must jump across conveyor belts to the right to reach a gray 
    blocked platform with a door on it.  Enter to find a P Switch.  Hit it 
    and run right, collecting coins and avoiding Boos, Roto-Discs, a Thwomp, 
    and reaching a door.  Take it.  When you appear in a new area, run 
    right and drop down as the Thwomp slowly moves right.  Jump over it and 
    go left to a few bricks.  Hit them for a P Switch, and then enter the 
    first door to the right.  Enter and exit it quickly to get power-ups so 
    that you're at top form.  Then repeat the P Switch deal, but this time 
    go right to a door on a gray block sticking out of the wall.  Enter, 
    wait for the switch to wear off, and duck.  You'll pass under a few 
    spikes on the conveyor belt to reach...
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    It's a slight twist with the conveyor belt, but he's still very easy.  
    He doesn't do the wing trick, for one.  Since you're probably Fire 
    Mario from getting the power-up from before, you can either nail him 
    with a fireball five times or beat him like normal - three jumps to the 
    noggin.  He will then explode, and the Magic Ball will be carried right 
    on the conveyor belt.  Take it to destroy the Locked Door on the map.  
                           |    The Second Wave    |
    We're up against the tank again, with airships above to shoot 
    cannonballs at you from above.  Jump onto the first tank and then to 
    the second.  Move right to jump over three cannonballs to reach a 
    cannon that shoots Bob-ombs.  When one explodes to destroy the others, 
    jump to the cannons to the right and get on top of them.  A tank of 
    Rocky Wrenches lies ahead.  Stomp them once to defeat them permanently, 
    and then move onto the ground.
    After avoiding a few cannonballs from the airship above, jump onto the 
    tank.  Jump past cannons when you can to see one shooting Bob-ombs.  
    Let one explode before you jump right, possibly bouncing off a 
    cannonball, to land by another Rocky Wrench.  Defeat it, jump right, 
    and take the pipe.
    Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom
    It's the final Boom-Boom in the game.  You can't help but pity that 
    persistent loser.  Jump onto him once the rumble begins.  He'll then 
    sprout wings and try to fly upward.  Stomp him before he can do so, or 
    stomp him when he swoops down later.  Let him feel your boot one last 
    time.  He will explode, leaving the last Magic Ball in the game behind.  
    Take it to destroy the last Locked Door in the game.  The path is clear 
    now.  We can proceed to Bowser's Castle...
                          |    Bowser's Castle    |
    This is a long, confusing castle.  It is quite appropriate for the last 
    level of the game.  Without a guide, you could easily fall victim to 
    the time limit (well, maybe I'm exaggerating).  But, we must find our 
    way to evil King Bowser if we are to rescue Princess Toadstool.  Also, 
    we just generally hate Bowser.  Let's-a go!
    Go forward to find a Statue.  It shoots a laser at high speeds at a 45-
    degree angle.  Run under these Statues as fast as you can to reach a 
    staircase.  Take it up and walk forward to... huh?  You're taken up the 
    shaft above by a blue platform.  Jump off at the top and go right to a 
    falling platform.  Take it down, holding right as you fall, to land in 
    a hallway.  Run right by a Hot Foot and jump onto the staircase.  Take 
    the stairs up by the Roto-Discs three to reach the top.  Once there, 
    jump in the upper-right corner for a 1UP Mushroom.  Now take the stairs 
    down to a hallway.  Go right in it to find several falling platforms.  
    Jump across them, wary of the Podoboos, to reach four hallways.  The 
    bottommost one is 1, the one above it 2, above it 3, and the topmost 
    one is 4.  # 2 and # 4 are the different paths for proceeding in the 
    castle to the boss.
    1) This leads back to the entrance.  Don't take this hallway.
    2) Go right past a few Roto-Discs to reach a Thwomp.  It will come at 
    you; jump over it.  Use a falling platform (hold right) to reach a new 
    area.  Jump right past the first Podoboo patch, and then jump right to 
    the Roto-Disc's orb.  Now jump right to another platform and then to 
    another one.  From it, take the door.  Go right to find a room filled 
    with Statues.  However, only the first one is dangerous.  Avoid its 
    laser and then pass the others, getting a power-up from the ? Block 
    along the way, to reach a pit of lava with a few blocks hovering over 
    it.  As you jump across them, though, Bowser will start breathing 
    flames to hit you.  Yes, even though he's in a different room, he can 
    still attack.  This is actually from Super Mario Bros.  At the end, 
    take a door to the boss...
    3) This leads to a power-up.  You can then take a falling platform down 
    to the second choice.
    4) To get in here, stand on the upper-rightmost block and let it fall a 
    bit before jumping into the hallway.  Ahead is a Statue.  Jump over the 
    first one, but the others are harmless.  When you reach lava, jump 
    across a few fallen platforms to reach a door (as you jump, Bowser 
    sends flames your way.  Avoid these).  Take the door to the boss...
    Not only did Bowser get his name from this game, but he also got his 
    look - red mane, yellow spikes, etc. - from this game.  Before, he was 
    called Koopa.  He had white spikes, he was tiny and bald, and he looked 
    as though he could be some shriveled old man.  In any case, Bowser's 
    arena of doom (for him!) looks like so:
                                  _ _
                                 | D |      +----------------------------+
     _ _                        _|_  |      | Picture Key                |
    |_|_|                      |_|_|_|      |-----------                 |
    |_|_|----------------------|_|_|_|      | |_|_| = Metal Blocks       |
    |_|_|_|_|----------------|_|_|_|_|      | D = Door                   |
    |_|_|_|_|_|_|--------|_|_|_|_|_|_|      | - = Breakable Brick        |
    There are three ways to beat Bowser.  First, there is the normal way in 
    which Bowser defeats himself.  Stand in the center so that you're above 
    all three layers of brick blocks.  After firing a few flames, Bowser 
    will make a tremendous and surprisingly swift jump to crush you.  Run 
    right or left to avoid it.  Bowser will shatter one layer of bricks 
    below him.  Now get in the depression he formed.  The instant you see 
    him jump, hop out and run.  He is now two layers in.  One final time 
    and he will pass through the floor!  Note that if you are Super Mario 
    or better, you can duck when he tries to crush you.  He will not hurt 
    you.  After a long fall, Bowser is defeated.  Then, there are two other 
    options.  You could fire around 25-35 fireballs to defeat him.  Yes, 
    he's a toughie.  Alternately, the other way to defeat him requires you 
    be Hammer Brother Mario.  Depending on how dead-on your aim is, he will 
    take anywhere from three to ten hammers to defeat (the easiest way to 
    beat him by far, but still, he's quite strong).
    GLITCH: A useful, little-known glitch for beating Bowser is not one 
    you'd expect.  If you get to the arena before Bowser Raccoon or Tanooki 
    Mario with a Magic Wing, try to fly above the right wall.  Go left to 
    the edge, and then go right to fall into the arena.  For some strange 
    reason, Bowser won't be able to breathe fire.
    Do an obnoxious victory dance, throw in some pun about him "going down" 
    or something like that, and move over to the door.  Enter to find 
    Princess Toadstool in her room.
    "Thank you.  But our princess is in another castle!... Just kidding!  
    Ha ha ha!  Bye bye."
    They now show the credits, showing each land and enemies you faced - 
    Goombas in Grass Land, Boomerang/Fiery Brother in Desert Land, Blooper 
    with Kids (as Frog Mario) in Water Land, Boss Bass in Giant Land, Koopa 
    Troopa (as Tanooki Mario) in Sky Land, Bob-ombs and company in Ice Land, 
    Piranha Plants (as Hammer Brother Mario) in Pipe Land, and then Bowser 
    in Dark Land.  Then it's The End.  Short credits, huh?  Personally, I 
    find the ending to be a let down.  Toadstool does not talk like that!  
    She doesn't pretend to be a Toad!
    CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat the game.  But, since there's no saving 
    after The End on the NES, you can play again to experience it all over 
    again!  Try seeing how quickly you can beat the game, or try to get 
    everything.  Super Mario Bros. 3 is a huge game, and I think you'll 
    greatly enjoy a second play-through... maybe even as Luigi...
      /                                                                 \
     /                                                                   \
    ||----------------------------Section 3*-----------------------------||
     \                                                                   /
    ===============================World 9*================================
    Some would argue that World 9 - Warp Land - isn't a world, but I beg to 
    differ.  After all, it says "World 9" in the lower-left corner.  But, 
    what is this Warp Land I speak of, and how does one reach it?  All will 
    be explained here, folks.
    |                   MAP KEY                   |
    |# = World Pipe Warps To                      |
    |o = Circular Space                           |
                               WELCOME TO WARP ZONE!
    World 9 - Warp Land             o--5--6--7
    To access World 9, you need to use a Magic Whistle, a very rare item.  
    Only three exist in the game - two in World 1 and one in World 2.  
    Depending on what world you warp in, you are taken to different areas.  
    Use it in World 1 and you'll have the option of warping to World 2, 3, 
    and 4.  Use it World 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 you can go to World 5, 6, or 7.  
    Use it in World, 7, 8, or 9 to warp to World 8.  But, how does one get 
    a Magic Whistle?
    There are three, and they are found like so:
    1) In Level 1-3, get to the black border at the end.  Turn around and 
    go left to a white block with a red-shelled Koopa Troopa on it.  
    Dispatch the Koopa Troopa and then duck on the block.  Eventually, you 
    will fall through the block!  Yes, you'll be behind the background 
    hedges.  Run right, jumping an enemy as you go, to run behind the black 
    border at the end of the level.  Keep going to enter a hidden Toad's 
    House.  The Toad there will give you the Magic Whistle.  Quite nice of 
    him, huh?
    2) This is found in World 1 Fortress # 1.  Get to the end of the first 
    room as Super Mario or better.  Hit the ? Block for a Super Leaf to 
    become Raccoon Mario, and then defeat the Dry Bones to keep it inactive 
    and out of the way for a while.  Walk right against the wall there, 
    turn left, and take off.  When your power meter is full, fly upward 
    into the opening , holding right so that you're flying against the 
    block mass above, until you land and can walk right.  Go right until 
    you can no longer, press Up, and you'll go through a doorway.  You fall 
    down into a room with a treasure chest that contains the fabled Magic 
    Whistle.  This particular whistle is the only one that Toadstool does 
    not make reference to in her letters.  Note that this destroys the 
    Fortress, but not the Locked Door.  Not that it really matters, of 
    3) A Hammer Brother in World 2 has this Magic Whistle, but you might 
    not see it.  There's good reason for that, though.  When you get the 
    Hammer from a Hammer Brother duo in World 2, save it (don't use it to 
    reach the Spade Panel that is obvious).  When you can, go up a few 
    spaces from the Pyramid to the upper-rightmost circular space.  Use the 
    Hammer there to destroy a Rock.  Go right now to find a Toad's House 
    and a Fiery Brother duo that can be defeated for a Magic Whistle.
    Knowing this, it should be easy to reach whichever world you need to.  
    They had to put something like this in the NES version so that you 
    could beat it in one sitting (there's no save on the NES version).  And 
    if you wanted to do a speed test, see the next section for details.
    ===========================Minimalist Quest*===========================
    For all those speed demons out there, or for all those lazy video 
    gamers, I've got you covered.  It is possible to reach World 8 in just 
    four levels.  How's it done, exactly?  Well, it should be rather 
    obvious, but I'll explain anyways.
    1) Beat Level 1-1.
    2) Clear Level 1-2.
    3) Play Level 1-3, but don't use the normal exit.  Instead, get the 
    Magic Whistle in this level (see above section for details).
    4) Skip the Spade Panel and Toad's House to play the World 1 Fortress 
    #1.  Instead of fighting Boom-Boom at the end, though, find the secret 
    exit by getting the Magic Whistle.
    5) Go no further.  Use the Magic Whistle.  You will now have a choice 
    of either visiting World 2, 3, or 4.  Pick none of them, though.  
    Instead, use your other Magic Whistle to warp here in World 9.  You'll 
    be brought to a warp to World 8.  Take this warp.
    Now you just have to clear the various levels of World 8 to beat the 
    game!  Yes, it is possible to beat the game in a reasonable amount of 
    time.  The only disadvantage to this is that you'll have no items and 
    few lives in the hardest world in the game.  Only experts can pull it 
    off.  Good luck.
    =======================Toad's Houses & Bonuses*========================
    There are several bonuses in the game.  Here, I'll give strategies for 
    winning these bonuses - Toad's Houses, card-collecting, Spade Panels, 
    and the N-Mark Spade Panel.
                            |    Toad's Houses    |
    There isn't much to say, really.  Toad's Houses can give you any of 
    these items: Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, Super Leaves, Frog Suit, Tanooki 
    Suit, or the Hammer Brother Suit, differing on which house you visit.  
    Some special houses also contain a Magic Whistle, Anchors, and Magic 
    Wings.  Just visit these places, pick up a chest, and take your prize.
                           |    Card Collecting    |
    You must've noticed that you get cards with either a Mushroom, Fire 
    Flower, or Starman on them by now.  If you get three non-matching cards 
    (for instance, two Mushrooms and a Starman), you'll get a 1UP.  If you 
    get three Mushroom cards, you'll get a 2UP.  Three Fire Flowers earn 
    you a 3UP.  And three Starman cards, the most desirable, earn you a 5UP.  
    But, there is a way to guarantee you get a Starman card.  When you 
    reach the black border, run forward so that your power meter is full.  
    Jump at a 45-degree angle into the slot, passing through the lower-left 
    corner of the box.  You'll get a Starman, even if it wasn't flashing on 
    that.  This should help in getting extra lives.  Also, note that you 
    can "share" cards with your partner in a Two Player Battle.
                             |    Spade Panel    |
    The lining-up pictures game is rather easy to play, but there is no 
    surefire way to win.  Three pictures - Mushroom, Fire Flower, and a 
    Starman - are cut into three.  The three parts scroll across the screen 
    and you must stop them to line them up.  If you can complete a picture 
    of a Mushroom, you get a 2UP.  Fire Flower pictures earn you a 3UP, and 
    a 5UP goes to the lucky soul that can match up the parts of a Starman.  
    Just press A to stop the scrolling and hope for the best.  50 % of the 
    pictures are Mushrooms, 25 % are Fire Flowers, and the remaining 25 % 
    are Starmen parts.  So, it's easier to get Mushrooms to line up, but 
    the chances of lining up pictures of Fire Flowers and Starmen are very 
    slim.  Good luck.
                          |    N-Mark Spade Game    |
    This is the most interesting game by far.  The N-Mark Spade Panel 
    appears every time you get 80,000 points.  When you go, you'll play a 
    card-matching game in which you can win a 1UP, a Mushroom, A Fire 
    Flower, a Starman, 10 coins, and/or 20 coins by simply matching the 
    cards that feature those pictures (you do not get points for collecting 
    items in this game).  You are allowed to make two mistakes.  If you do, 
    the game disappears, but you'll pick up playing the same game the next 
    time it comes to town.  You'll get any one of eight sets of cards, 
    which is random, and I have diagrams below of each possible setup.
    |CARD KEY                     |
    |10 = 10 Coins                |
    |20 = 20 Coins                |
    |FF = Fire Flower             |
    |SM = Mushroom                |
    |ST = Starman                 |
    |UP = 1UP Treasure Chest      |
                             |    Pattern 1    |
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |FF|  |10|  |UP|  |FF|  |UP|  |SM|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |ST|  |SM|  |20|  |ST|  |SM|  |10|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |ST|  |FF|  |20|  |SM|  |FF|  |ST|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                             |    Pattern 2    |
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |FF|  |20|  |SM|  |ST|  |UP|  |FF|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |UP|  |FF|  |10|  |SM|  |20|  |ST|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |SM|  |10|  |ST|  |SM|  |FF|  |ST|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                             |    Pattern 3    |
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |FF|  |ST|  |UP|  |FF|  |20|  |SM|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |10|  |SM|  |20|  |UP|  |SM|  |10|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |ST|  |FF|  |ST|  |SM|  |FF|  |ST|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                             |    Pattern 4    |
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |FF|  |ST|  |UP|  |FF|  |UP|  |SM|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |10|  |SM|  |FF|  |ST|  |SM|  |10|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |ST|  |20|  |20|  |SM|  |FF|  |ST|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                             |    Pattern 5    |
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |SM|  |FF|  |20|  |FF|  |10|  |ST|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |20|  |UP|  |SM|  |10|  |UP|  |FF|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |ST|  |SM|  |ST|  |SM|  |FF|  |ST|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                             |    Pattern 6    |
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |SM|  |FF|  |UP|  |FF|  |ST|  |ST|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |20|  |ST|  |SM|  |10|  |UP|  |FF|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |20|  |SM|  |10|  |SM|  |FF|  |ST|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                             |    Pattern 7    |
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |SM|  |FF|  |20|  |SM|  |10|  |ST|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |FF|  |UP|  |SM|  |10|  |UP|  |20|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |ST|  |FF|  |ST|  |SM|  |FF|  |ST|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                             |    Pattern 8    |
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |UP|  |SM|  |10|  |SM|  |FF|  |ST|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |SM|  |10|  |ST|  |20|  |20|  |FF|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
                       __    __    __    __    __    __
                      |ST|  |UP|  |FF|  |SM|  |FF|  |ST|
                      |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|
    Notice that the right three cards in the bottom row is always a 
    Mushroom-Fire Flower-Starman combo.  So, how does knowing what these 
    are help you?  I've made some simple instructions for determining which 
    pattern you have.
                      |    Determining Your Card Set    |
    Check the card in the upper-left corner.
    I) If it is a 1UP Treasure Chest, you have Pattern 8.
    II) If it is a Mushroom, then match the Mushroom to the card third from 
    the right on the bottom row.  Now select the second card from the right 
    on the upper row.
    A) If it is a Starman, you have Pattern 6.
    B) If it is 10 coins, match with the card to the lower-left of the 10 
    coins card.  Now select the second card from the left on the lower row.  
    If it is a Mushroom, you have Pattern 5.  If a Fire Flower, you have 
    Pattern 7.
    III) If it is a Fire Flower, match it with the card second from the 
    right on the bottom row.  Then select the second card from the left on 
    the upper row.
    A) If it is a Starman, then match the Starman with the lower-rightmost 
    card.  Now select the second card from the right on the upper row.  If 
    it is a 1UP Treasure Chest, then you have Pattern 4.  If it is 20 coins, 
    then you have Pattern 3.
    B) If it is 10 coins, you have Pattern 1.
    C) If it is 20 coins, you have Pattern 2.
    Be sure to clear out some spaces in your inventory to gain three new 
    items.  Hopefully these instructions will help you to identify your 
    pattern and claim all of the items for yourself.  Everyone wins!
    ==============================Coin Ships*==============================
    In World 1, 3, 5, and 6, it is possible to transform the Hammer Brother 
    into a ship of coins with two Boomerang Brothers at the end.  It is 
    likely that you won't get this on a normal play-through unless you try, 
    as certain conditions must be met.
                           |    The Conditions    |
    - As I said earlier, it only works in World 1, 3, 5, and 6.
    - You must finish the level with a coin total that is a multiple of 11.  
    The following numbers only work: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99.
    - The ten's digit in your score must match the number in your coin 
    count (for instance, the ten's digit is 7 and your coin count is 77).  
    Or, you could have the ten's digit in your score be five more or five 
    less than the coin count's number (for instance, ten's digit is 2 and 
    coin count is 77).
    - Now you must finish the level.  If the ten's digit of your score is 
    equal to the ten's digit of your coin count, finish the level with an 
    even time.  If it is five under/over, finish it with an odd time.
    - The coin ship will go away if you die on it.  Also, if you meet these 
    requirements again, the Hammer Brother will transform back into the 
    coin ship.
                            |    The Coin Ship    |
    The ship is a side-scrolling "level" filled with coins.  Run forward on 
    the lower level, jumping through the platforms for coins, and then jump 
    over the cylinder to the right.  Collect coins to the right, jump to a 
    pipe, and take it down to a duo of Boomerang Brothers.  Defeat them and 
    take your prize.  This is, after all, the replacement of the Hammer 
    =========================White Toad's Houses*==========================
    In the first seven worlds, collecting a certain amount of coins in 
    certain levels will create a Toad's House painted white.  Inside are 
    prizes you can get, and some are well-worth the trouble.  Here, I will 
    list where to collect coins, how many to get (at least), and what the 
    reward is in the White Toad's House that will appear.
    Minimum Coin Requirement: 
    Above is the setup.  Below is the list.  Let's go!
    Level 1-4
    Minimum Coin Requirement: 44
    Prize: Magic Wing
    Level 2-2
    Minimum Coin Requirement: 30
    Prize: Anchor
    Level 3-8
    Minimum Coin Requirement: 44
    Prize: Magic Wing
    Level 4-2
    Minimum Coin Requirement: 22
    Prize: Anchor
    Level 5-5
    Minimum Coin Requirement: 28
    Prize: Magic Wing
    Level 6-7
    Minimum Coin Requirement: 78
    Prize: Anchor
    Level 7-2
    Minimum Coin Requirement: 46
    Prize: Magic Wing
    And there you have it, folks.  Try your luck to see if you can win a 
    fabulous prize!  Good luck to all, and to all a good night!
    ==============================1UP Tricks*==============================
    Just like in the original, there are several ways to get 1UPs 
    continually by making use of the point system.  There are a few good 
    places to do these, and I'll mention where in each.
                           |    Endless Airtime    |
    The idea here is to bounce off enemies perpetually to rack up points.  
    The ninth enemy will yield a 1UP, as will each enemy after that.  This 
    can be done in several places.  You must be Raccoon Mario to perform 
    any of them.  The first is Level 1-2.  Go to the pipe that produces 
    Goombas endlessly (right) and jump on one, being sure to bounce off and 
    slowly tail-descend to another Goomba produced.  This is rather 
    difficult to do because Goombas are produced so slowly, though.
    A slight variation lies in Dry Bones at the beginning of World 2 
    Fortress 1.  Round up the first three Dry Bones, be Raccoon Mario, and 
    stomp on one.  Bounce up, hover down, and stomp on the second.  Do the 
    same for the third.  By the time the third is hit, the first should 
    revive, allowing you to continue the cycle endlessly.  The same can be 
    done for multiple Koopa Troopas or Koopa Paratroopas, but it is 
    considerably trickier.
    Another variation of the idea can be performed in 3-7 and 5-4.  In 3-7, 
    get to the point where you must kick a Koopa Troopa shell into a block 
    to make a vine grow.  Stop the shell by stomping it, bounce to the vine, 
    and drop down to the shell, repeating this endlessly.  The game does 
    not register the vine as ground, which is why it works.  Of course, 
    this take much longer than other tricks, and it's rather hard to do, 
    even as Raccoon Mario.  But a far harder trick lies in 5-4.  Hit it a 
    Koopa Paratroopa, bounce onto the spinning platform, and repeat.  If 
    you can manage to repeat this like a good pro should, you'll rake in 
    the 1UPs.
                          |    Lakitu to Coins    |
    A few levels have Lakitu follow you at the end of them.  Let him escort 
    you to the card.  Then have four Spinies be thrown down to your 
    position.  Take the card.  The four Spinies earn you 15000 points and 
    Lakitu turns into a 1UP.  Pretty nice, eh?
                          |    Fortress of Coins    |
    The idea here is to collect at least two lives, die, and repeat.  
    That's a net gain of one life.  The best application of this is in 
    World 7 Fortress #1.  Find the P Switch in the first room, hit it, and 
    fall through the coins.  Take a door and repeat until the time runs out!  
    You'll earn several extra lives from the coins (it depends on whether 
    you're Raccoon Mario or not), but you'll lose one from the timer.  That 
    means that you can return to the fortress and keep on doing it to your 
    heart's content.  When satisfied with your life count, move on to 
    actually beat the level.  It's great for replenishing lives you 
    might've lost while getting to World 7.
                       |    Endless Line of Enemies    |
    When a Koopa Troopa (or any other enemy's) shell is launched into 
    several enemies, it builds up points until the ninth enemy onward gives 
    a 1UP Mushroom.  Well, where is one going to find an endless supply of 
    enemies?  A Lakitu and a Bullet Bill Blaster, of course!  3-4 and 3-9 
    both have each in them.  In 3-4, bring a Koopa Troopa shell from a 
    slope to the point where Lakitu appears and there are two blocks on the 
    ground to fence in your shell.  Throw the shell between the blocks and 
    let the Spinies of the Lakitu be thrown down there, thus defeating them 
    for more and more points that become 1UPs.  This runs the risk, however, 
    of a Spiny being thrown at you.  3-9 has no such risk.  If you take the 
    first Koopa Troopa shell you find and throw it between two Bullet Bill 
    Blaster ahead, the shell will bounce continuously, defeating any Bullet 
    Bills launched, for points and eventually 1UPs.  A very handy trick, it 
    is, much easier than the endless airtime trick.
    Unfortunately, because you do not bounce after landing on a shell, it 
    is impossible to replicate the awesome 1UP trick in Super Mario Bros. 
    where you got about 1UP per every two seconds.  But, we don't have a 
    bad selection here, either.
    =========================Tricks and Glitches*==========================
    This section will cover the myriad tricks and glitches, as the title 
    says, of Super Mario Bros. 3.  Here goes.
    On a side note, thanks to The Mushroom Kingdom web site (the address is 
    http://www.classicgaming.com/tmk/tmk.shtml) for providing most of these 
    glitches.  An excellent site on everything Mario-related that I first 
    noticed when referred there in the guide of spacepope4u.
    - In several locations, it is possible to duck on a platform and fall 
    behind the scenery.  This is intended in Level 1-3, but elsewhere it's 
    a glitch.  If performed underwater, you'll be "invisible," although air 
    bubbles still rise up.
    - The kings give different thank you messages depending on what suit 
    you're in.  Yes, it's true.  I have them listed below.  As it turns out, 
    not even kings can resist the Hammer Brother Suit.
    "Oh, me!  Oh my!  You've been transformed!  Shall I change you back 
    with this wand?" - Frog Mario
    "Thank you, kind raccoon.  Please, tell me your name" - Tanooki Mario
    "Hey, you!  Can I borrow your clothes?  No dice?  What a drag!" - 
    Hammer Brother Mario
    - In Level 7-8, enter as Tanooki Mario and get to the gigantic ? Block 
    with the Hammer Brother Suit in it.  Hit it so that the suit is 
    bouncing about, and when it is about to hit you, press Down and B to 
    turn into a statue.  If done correctly, you'll have some properties of 
    Tanooki Mario, but you'll be in the Hammer Brother Suit.  Unfortunately, 
    this transformation cannot go down pipes, which means that you can't 
    exit the level in this state.
    - If find a pipe that you can take down as Tanooki Mario, stand on the 
    top and press Down and B to turn into a statue and go down the pipe 
    simultaneously.  If you do it correctly, you will turn gray as Tanooki 
    Mario and turn into a statue when you come out of the pipe.
    - Strangely, fireballs change color in different settings.  In 
    Koopaling chambers, they appear whitish gray, and in Toad's Houses they 
    appear green.  This is only in the NES version, though.
    - It is possible to duplicate Grab Blocks.  If you and a Buster Beetle 
    try to lift the same block at the same time, you will both lift the 
    same Grab Block, meaning that you pulled a Grab Block out of a Grab 
    - You can go down the side of a pipe, but it won't work out very nicely.  
    You must be Super Mario, and you must be willing to sacrifice your game 
    (you will be frozen in the level after doing this).  In 3-9 and 7-5, 
    there are pipes with Grab Blocks on the right side of the pipe.  Lift 
    and throw away the bottom four Grab Blocks in the stack, leaving only 
    the fifth.  Now, go to where the Grab Blocks were and duck.  Jump, hold 
    left (while still holding down).  You'll enter the pipe from the side!  
    And when you come out, you're behind the scenery.  You can scroll right, 
    shooting fireballs from random locations, and you won't die, even if 
    the timer stops.  The only way to stop this odd glitch is to turn the 
    console off.
    - This is an odd glitch found in Level 5-7.  When you reach a Venus 
    Fire Trap, take the pipe down to a strange area.  When you reach a gray 
    ledge, hold Down to fall behind the scenery.  If you return to the pipe 
    and take it up, you'll be Invincible Mario for the rest of the level 
    (or until you take a pipe down), but you won't have gotten a single 
    - Oddly, jumping/flying too high, especially in a side-scrolling level, 
    over the screen results in death.  I guess the air's too thin for a 
    plumber who can breathe underwater...
    - If you stand one block away from a pipe or block and throw a shell, 
    it will pass right through you without hurting you.  If you stand 
    touching a pipe or any other solid material, the shell will disappear.
    - It is possible to make Boom-Boom fly out of a fortress.  But, he 
    won't return, meaning that you won't get the Magic Ball, meaning that 
    you'll have to wait for time to expire to win.  To do this, be Raccoon 
    Mario (or Tanooki Mairo) and be in a fortress where Boom-Boom flies.  
    When he starts flying, start flying as well, and fly up in a corner.  
    When Boom-Boom swoops in on you, dodge his attack.  He'll go straight 
    through the edge of the screen and fly off.
    - There are two places in Bowser's Castle where it is possible to pass 
    through the walls.  For the first, get to the point after the Roto-Disc 
    staircase where there's an invisible 1UP Mushroom in a block.  If you 
    stand below the block and duck and jump onto it, you'll pass through 
    the wall to the right.  In either room before Bowser, if you use a  
    Magic Wing to duck and fly onto the last Bowser statue and then stop 
    ducking, you'll pass through the wall right of it, too.
    - As you probably know if you read my guide for Bowser, there is a way 
    to handicap him.  When you reach the door that leads to his room, stop.  
    You should have a Magic Wing and be Raccoon/Tanooki Mario to do this.  
    Fly up to the left wall, get on the edge, and run right to fall into 
    the arena.  Try as he may, Bowser will not be able to breathe fire.
    - This is an understandable glitch that somewhat reveals how Bowser is 
    programmed.  If you stand on a non-breakable block and Bowser jumps, 
    and then you move right to a breakable block, timing it just right so 
    that Bowser lands on the breakable block, the block will not break.
    - Bowser is only dangerous when stomping you and if you touch his lower 
    half; Bowser's lower half can be walked right through if you're regular 
    Mario.  This is why Super Mario must duck to avoid being damaged by a 
    stomp.  It is surprising that there are so many Bowser and Bowser's 
    Castle glitches...
    - When you beat the game and start playing again, you'll begin with 28 
    Magic Wings!  Yes, that's your full inventory!  With them at your 
    disposal, you can skip any and all levels that give you trouble.
    Those are the glitches and tricks I've found in Super Mario Bros. 3.  
    But, that doesn't include some other tricks and glitches covered under 
    the various "bonus" parts of Section 3.  Check there to see if you can 
    learn anything else new.
    ========================Two Player Battle Mode*========================
    There is an option for playing with two players in Super Mario Bros. 3.  
    Mario and Luigi (Player One and Player Two, respectively) alternate 
    turns as they work together to beat the game.  But, let's say Mario 
    clears Level 1-1.  Then Luigi is passing over 1-1.  If Mario presses A, 
    then a battle begins to claim each other's cards and turn!  It also 
    works in reverse on any other level.  In Super Mario All-Stars, there's 
    an option for playing these battles outside of the main game.
                            |    The Objective    |
    The game itself is a huge reference to "Mario Bros.," the arcade game 
    that Mario and Luigi first starred in together.  Mario and Luigi start 
    on opposite sides in the sewers of Brooklyn (where they hail from 
    originally, although Nintendo has since changed them from Brooklyn 
    residents to Mushroom Kingdom-born citizens.  A group of baddies have 
    infiltrated the sewers and are now running amuck.  Plumbers as they are, 
    it's up to Mario and Luigi to clean up this mess.
    But, I guess that glory-hog Mario wants to take all the credit, or 
    Luigi wants to shine for once, and so they are competing with each 
    other.  In any case, Mario and Luigi compete to see who can defeat the 
    most enemies (the first to five), or who can survive the longest.
                             |    The Enemies    |
    Mario and Luigi wouldn't be here without these guys.  There are only a 
    few enemies in these sewers, but beating them is trickier than your 
    usual Goomba.  You defeat all enemies by hitting them from below 
    (jumping into the block they're standing on).  This applies to all 
    enemies but the Fireball.  Then you must bump into them to defeat them.  
    If they are not bumped into soon, enemies will eventually right 
    themselves (they can also be righted with another blow from beneath).  
    If you let them right themselves, they will be faster upon righting.  
    Alternately, hitting the POW Block (you can hit it up to three times 
    between you two) will defeat any enemies on the ground.
    Fireball: These appear when the competing players take too long to 
    clear out the enemies.  They are indestructible obstacles that appear 
    from pipes, and they are designed to take out a brother to end the game.
    Fly: Hopping out of the pipe, these look like what they sound like - 
    flies.  Since they are hopping, they might dodge the POW Block.  It's 
    probably the middle difficulty in the game.
    Lobster: This is the hardest enemy in the game.  It requires two hits 
    to knock it onto its back.  After one hit, it increase speed.
    Spiny: This is the most common enemy in the game is the Spiny.  These 
    walk forward in a straight line (remember, the screen wraps around!) 
    and require one hit to be defeated.
    Note that the last enemy in the game will change color and increase 
    speed to make it harder.  Defeat any five of these enemies to win.
                               |    Purpose    |
    Battling does serve a few purposes.  Some of them can be cooperative, 
    while others are for fun/being mean.
    - If you jump on the other player in a battle, one of their cards will 
    pop out of them and bounce about the screen.  You two can use this to 
    your advantage to get better sets of cards.  For instance, if Player 
    One has a Starman and a Fire Flower and Player Two has two Starmen, 
    then Player One could "give" Player Two the Starman card so that Player 
    Two could get a 5UP.
    - The winner gets the next turn.  So, if it's Luigi's turn and Mario 
    wins the battle, then Mario steals Luigi's turn.  This can be useful if 
    one player can't beat a level or if you want to be a turn-hog.
    - And of course, it's just fun to fight.  This is why Super Mario All-
    Stars has a separate mode of play devoted to this.  Also, you can use 
    this to vie for superiority or reach a Toad's House before your friend, 
    etc.  It has many more competitive purposes than cooperative ones.
    And that's all there is to know about Two Player Battles.  Have fun 
    duking it out!  Bop him, Mario!
    =========================NES/SNES Differences*=========================
    For one reason or another, Nintendo decided to change a few things in 
    the remakes of this game.  Super Mario Bros. 3 was included on Super 
    Mario All-Stars for the SNES in 1993, and it was later re-released on 
    the GBA as "Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3."  Why and how 
    they chose all these crazy numbers and ways to re-release these 
    classics on Super Mario Advance games is beyond me, but they did.  
    Since I haven't played SMA 4, I can't identify any differences.  So, 
    this will cover the NES to SNES differences.
    - Obviously, the graphics are better.  The graphic changes are less 
    noticeable for Super Mario Bros. 3 than other Mario games because it 
    started with such exceptional graphics.
    - On the title screen, the "TM" has been moved to the "Bros" from the 
    - A great change, the opening "cinema" now has music.  It really adds a 
    lot to the scene.
    - Speaking of music, letters now have music added to them.
    - There's a 2 Player Battle Mode in All-Stars that can be accessed at 
    any time.
    - Controller 1 can no longer pause Player 2's game.
    - Upon starting the game, you'll have one more life than you would on 
    the NES.
    - Originally, Luigi used Mario's sprite touched up a bit.  Now Luigi 
    actually looks different - taller and thinner.  Similarly, the Mario 
    Bros. now have darker skin.  And now everything looks smoother and 
    - The Spade Panel is blue and the spade rotates about its cover.
    - Several things, including fortresses and enemies, have changed 
    somewhat in color.
    - A white block in 5-7 has changed color.
    - Three coins have been added near the beginning in 2-2.
    - The water level is lowered in 4-4.  This makes it a lot harder to 
    reach the bonus room at the beginning without the Frog Suit, but it can 
    be done.
    - The background of the status bar is a darker shade of blue (this goes 
    for several things in the game), and it's been divided into another box; 
    "World #" and the life count are now boxed off.  Also, the $ sign on 
    the status bar has been replaced by a coin icon.
    - On airships, you can hear thunder and see lightning in the background.
    - When you start a level, it now says "Mario Start!" or "Luigi Start!" 
    based on who you're playing as.  This is from Super Mario World.  Also, 
    when you enter a level, the screen goes black in a circular shape, not 
    a rectangle like in the original.
    - Cards at the end of levels are now colored (Starman cards are yellow, 
    etc.).  In fact, things in the black border now have color instead of 
    being white outlines.
    - Cleared levels now have colored letters on them based on who beat 
    them.  The same goes for the oval-shaped M or L by your life count (it 
    is now colored red or green).
    - In the original, fireballs appeared different colors depending on 
    where you used them.  They turned white in the arenas with the 
    Koopalings and green in Toad's Houses.  Now they are universally red.
    - When hit in a suit, the outline of the suit leaves your body.  Before, 
    it just disappeared in a little poof of white smoke.
    - A few enemies make new noises now.  Podoboos and Hammer Brothers are 
    two good examples of this.
    - Coins now sparkle, as do Action Scene Panels.
    - Just like in Super Mario Bros. 2, doorways are now doors.
    - In Toad's Houses, you can now take a chest even while Toad is still 
    talking.  Speaking of which, Toad resemble his Super Mario Bros. 2 self 
    more now.  Toad's Houses even feature different items.
    - Mushroom Kings are now different animals.  They are listed below 
    (World) NES/SNES).
    1) Dog/Cobrat (snake enemies in Super Mario Bros. 2)
    2) Spider/Hoopster (ladybug enemy in Super Mario Bros. 2)
    3) Turtle/Dino Rhino (fire-breathing rhinoceros from Super Mario World)
    4) Dinosaur/Donkey Kong Jr. (ape from "Donkey Kong Jr." in the arcade)
    5) Vulture/Albatross (bird enemy from Super Mario Bros. 2)
    6) Seal/Monty Mole (mole enemies from Super Mario World)
    7) Piranha Plant/Yoshi (dinosaur ride debuting in Super Mario World)
    - For some reason, the names of the kingdoms have been changed.  Grass 
    Land stays the same, but Desert Land is Desert Hill.  Water Land 
    becomes Ocean Side, Giant Land is now Isle of Giants, and Sky Land is 
    just "Sky."  Ice Land remains the same, but Pipe Land is now Pipe Maze.  
    Dark Land is newly named as Koopa Kingdom.  And World 9 is not 
    officially named Warp Land.
    - The timer no longer works when going between pipes on the map.
    - The ending scene that shows the various worlds is changed.
    - And of course, the game is now on the SNES with different controls 
    and the works.  And, you now have the ability to save your game, making 
    things loads easier (you can beat it multiple sittings)!
    And those are the differences between the NES and SNES versions of the 
    game.  Not too much was changed, fortunately.  Oddly, I enjoy playing 
    the NES version much more than the SNES version.
    FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Questions."  In other words, read this 
    section before e-mailing me a question because I do not want to answer 
    the same thing over and over.  Chances are, your question is listed or 
    covered here.
    Question: Why do you always say Super "Mario" and such?  Luigi's in the 
    game, too, you know!
    Answer: I know.  It's just that Mario is the default character and he 
    is used more often.  And really, Mario and Luigi are just pallet swaps.  
    So, anything Mario can do Luigi can do.
    Question: Do you really have to play all eight worlds?
    Answer: No.  You can reach World 8 in just four levels.  See 
    "Minimalist Quest" for details.
    Question: Hey!  I turned off my game when I was in World ___ and now I 
    have to start over!  Why is that?
    Answer: This game, despite the fact that it was released in 1990, has 
    no save feature.  So, you're going to have to work back up to wherever 
    you were.  Remakes of the game do have save features, though.
    Question: How do I beat [insert level number/boss name here]?
    Answer: Please see the appropriate section for that.
    Question: Why can't I perform a glitch you listed?
    Answer: Well, you might be doing it wrong, but the more likely 
    explanation is that you're playing a remake.  The SNES and GBA versions 
    have mended quite a few glitches from the original.
    Question: Do you have to get points to beat the game?
    Answer: It isn't mandatory, but it is helpful.  You can play the N-Mark 
    Spade Panel game by getting points, and some point-collection methods 
    can earn you 1UPs.  But, I wouldn't go out of my way to earn points if 
    I were you.
    Question: You like Super Mario Bros. more than THIS?
    Answer: I said so, but I guess I'd debate with myself over this.  It 
    really depends which version you're playing.  For some strange reason, 
    I just can't stand the SNES version of this game.  The NES version, on 
    the other hand, is a little 8-bit piece of heaven.  So, it really 
    depends what system we're talking about.
    Question: How do you get Anchors?
    Answer: In White Toad's Houses in even-numbered worlds except World 8.  
    See "White Toad's Houses" for the details.
    Question: Your maps are incorrect!  My Hammer Brothers were in 
    different places!
    Answer: Well, that's not really a question, but I'll run with it.  You 
    see, Hammer Brothers move around every turn to different circular 
    spaces.  So, my maps aren't incorrect, they just don't change magically 
    to reflect your game's map.
    Question: "Warp Land" is not its own world.
    Answer: Yes, it is.  Why else would it say "World 9" in the corner of 
    the status bar?
    Question: How can I contact you?
    Answer: By e-mail only.  The address is Kirby0215@aol.com (caps don't 
    matter).  Please do not send chain letters, "tags," petitions, spam, 
    flames, or intentionally stupid questions.  Include the phrase "Super 
    Mario Bros. 3" in the subject line, and try to spell things as well as 
    you can so that I know what you're talking about.  I do NOT accept IM's 
    or personal questions like a/s/l and junk like that.  Be as specific as 
    possible in your questions.  And please read the FAQ before sending me 
    e-mail.  That way, we can save both of us some time.
    Question: Can I use your guide on my site?
    Answer: No, no, no, no, and NEVER!  Stop asking, because the answers 
    don't change.
    Question: What games do you have guides written for?
    Answer: Quite a few.  This is my thirty-fourth one (I know what you're 
    thinking), and it will soon complete my Mario binge (interrupted by 
    Star Wars).  So, I have guides for the following games: listed in order 
    of my writing them: The 
    Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, 
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 1, Sonic Heroes, Mario Kart: Double Dash, The 
    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of 
    Time/Master Quest, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Super Smash 
    Bros. Melee, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Paper Mario: The 
    Thousand-Year Door, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 64, Super Mario 64 
    DS, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, 
    Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish 
    Cap, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, The Legend of Zelda: 
    Link's Awakening, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX, Mario Power 
    Tennis, Mario Party 6, Paper Mario, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario Bros., 
    Super Mario Land, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan), Super 
    Mario Bros. 2 (American), Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, 
    and now one for Super Mario Bros. 3.  Two 3's in a row!  Or, you could 
    use the below URL to see an up-to-date list of my guides by system.
    Question: What games are up next?
    Answer: Well, I'm going to cover Super Mario All-Stars next, and then I 
    think I'll finally cover a Zelda title.  Oracle of Ages/Seasons or A 
    Link to the Past/Four Swords are all good candidates, and those are the 
    only three titles I will need to have a guide for every English-
    language Zelda game, not counting the CD-i ones and other minor remakes.  
    Then, we'll see what way the wind blows, now won't we?  There are a few 
    Kirby titles I should do (after all, my contributor name is 
    "Kirby"021591, and yet I haven't covered a single Kirby game), but 
    maybe other games will catch my eye.  Or maybe I'll pull a Star Wars 
    Episode III and do something totally unexpected (because no one thought 
    I'd do that game for # 33.  In fact, no one even made a prediction 
    Now onto the best part of the walkthrough.  Yes, I might say that I 
    write guides just to write the legal sections...  SO GOOD!
      /                                                                 \
     /                                                                   \
    ||----------------------------Section 4*-----------------------------||
     \                                                                   /
    ====================Credits and Legal Information*=====================
    I bet everybody just skipped down here to the best section of the guide 
    - the legal section.  I won't keep you in suspense any longer.  Let's 
    do this crazy thing!
    First, the credits, because everyone wants to know who helped me write 
    this guide, right?  Let's take a look.
    First, thanks to me, myself, and I.  I wrote the guide, etc., and I'm 
    allowed to be as egotistical as I want to be.  The man!  The myth!  The 
    Second, a big round of applause for the only way to fly - Nintendo!  
    Yes, they simply all-out-rock.  They made this game, they invented home 
    consoling, and they continue to be the most innovative company in the 
    video game market.  Thanks a million, big N!
    Third, who could forget GameFaqs?  My guides have found a happy home on 
    the site, and it's always been the best FAQ web site on the Internet.
    Recently, some other folks have helped me out.  Here's who and what 
    they did for the guide.
    The Mushroom Kingdom web site, found at 
    http://www.classicgaming.com/tmk/tmk.shtml.  You just can't beat them 
    when it comes to Mario.  I found several glitches in that section of 
    the guide from their site.
    Spacepope4u, a contributor here on GameFaqs.  I admit to being a great 
    fan of his Mario Series Character Guide, and I write him with various 
    tidbits, etc. regularly.  Anyway, I learned a bit about Mario's origins, 
    mostly name origins, from his guide.  It was a pleasure reading it.  So, 
    let this thanks for information  like "ruiji" that evolved into Luigi's 
    name and so on.  Also, for creating a truly entertaining guide.  Check 
    it out if you haven't, because it is great.  It is nearly impossible to 
    find an encyclopedia of Mario characters that goes as in-depth as his 
    guide does, and for that I thank him.
    That's all for now, but the list could grow.  Now, onto the truly best 
    part of this guide - the legal section.
    First of all, I take no credit for the creation, distribution,
    production, idealizing, or in any way making this game.  That honor
    goes to Nintendo, not me, and I do not deny this.
    Second, this document is Copyright 2005 Brian McPhee.
    Third, this may not be reproduced in part of in full under any
    circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on
    any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written
    permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
    public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    To phrase that first item legally, all trademarks and copyrights
    contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and
    copyright holders.
    To make it clear for those of you who might having problems absorbing
    information, no one but the website GameFaqs may use my guides on their
    sites, books, magazines, etc.
    THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!  Oh, yes, I'm typing...  See the way I buttered you 
    up with the credits, and then I got your attention with the legal 
    section announcement, but I stood and delivered from the first uttering 
    of legal nonsense!  I can feel the adrenaline!  But, this is not a time 
    for happiness.  This is a time for weeping bitterly all over your 
    keyboard and monitor.  Yes, the guide is ending now.  You knew it would 
    happen eventually...  Thanks for reading, and may I say that it was blast 
    writing this guide.  It's not every day that you play a piece of 
    history on the NES, and it's not every day (for most people) that 
    you're writing guides for games as good as this.  So, let's not say 
    good-bye.  Instead, let's say a far superior good-bye catch phrase.  
    Yeah, I Houdini out of these guides with style, and there's nothing 
    more stylish than an ultra-cool off-the-chain and totally awesomicular 
    good-bye phrase.  Brace yourself, and could I get a drum roll, please?  
    Here it comes...
    See ya later.

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