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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Crazyreyn

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/15/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                             S U P E R  M A R I O  K A R T
                         Super Nintendo Entertainment System
                             FAQ/Walkthrough, Version 1.0
                               Last Updated - 15/04/2006
                        By Crazyreyn (crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com)
                 Copyright (c)2006 Matthew Reynolds. All rights reserved. 
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    Hello and welcome to the Super Mario Kart FAQ/Walkthrough. This guide will tell
    you the game basics, how to use the items efficiently and the shortcuts to all
    the courses. The game is the start of one of the most popular racing and Mario
    franchises ever, and is still very playable today.
    Hope you enjoy using the guide,
    - Matt
                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1. Version History
    2. Game Overview
      2.01. Basics and Game Modes
      2.02. Controls, Karts, Driving Techniques and Tips
      2.03. Items
    3. Courses
      3.01. Mushroom Cup
      3.02. Flower Cup
      3.03. Star Cup
      3.04. Special Cup
    4. Secrets
    5. FAQ's
    6. Conclusion and Special Thanks
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                                  1. VERSION HISTORY
    | Version 1.0 - 15/04/2006 |
    The first version of the FAQ, everything is complete!
                                   2. GAME OVERVIEW
    This section provides you with an overview to playing the game, with tips,
    kart and character data and how to use the items more efficiently.
     2.01. Basics and Game Modes
    This is just a quick lowdown of the game basics and general main menu that
    you are presented with. If you are looking for a more in-depth explanation of
    the Game Menus, then refer to the relevant section not too far down from here.
    Game Screen
    This is the standard game screen in Grand Prix mode. This may vary according
    the Mode being played.
          |                    3 XX'XX"XX |
          |                          4    |
          |              1                |
          |                               |
          |                          6  5 |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |              2                |
          |                               |
          |                               |
    1 - Racing Screen
    2 - Map Screen
    3 - Item Held
    4 - Lap Time
    5 - Character Position
    6 - Coins and Continues
    Grand Prix
    Located in the Single Player menu, this is the main mode of the game. Here
    you race in cups in differing CC classes, where you can unlock more characters
    and carts, and generally have a good go at the courses. There are two CC
    classes - 50CC and 100CC, plus 150CC (you have to unlock this) and
    within these are 3 Cups, each with five courses to race in (you can unlock
    a forth cup - the Special Cup - see the Secrets section). With these five
    courses you are awarded points according to the position you come in. After the
    four races your points are totted up and if you get the most points
    you win.
    Time Trials
    Here you can just race on the course of your choice, practice up and set a
    best time. You can save ghosts so you can race yourself again later. When you
    have finished a race hold L, R, Y and press X and the course you've saved
    the ghost on will turn yellow. If you want to race it again, hold L and R
    and press B over the course. Thanks to the GameFAQs codes and secrets page
    for this.
     2.02. Controls, Karts, Driving Techniques and Tips
    Here are the controls for the game.
    D-Pad         -  Move kart
    A             -  Use Item
    B             -  Accelerate
    Y             -  Brake / Reverse
    X             -  Look behind
    L             -  Jump / Drift
    R             -  Jump / Drift
    SELECT        -  N/A
    START         -  Pause Game
    Each of the characters is configured into a different weight class. They are
    set into the following -
    Lightweight - Yoshi, Peach, Toad, Koopa Troopa
    Middleweight - Mario, Luigi
    Heavyweight - Bowser, DK
    For new players, middleweight is recommended as it has the best all-round
    stats. Then I would advise choosing one of the others according to your player
    style - lightweight karts have high acceleration and easier turning but get
    knocked off the road easier, while heavy weight has low acceleration yet a
    high top speed, rubbish turning but can knock other characters out of the way
    easier. Play around with the different characters and see who suits you best.
    Driving Techniques
    Rocket Start
    This performs a boost as the race starts, very handy for getting the
    advantage straight away. To do it, at the opening count down (red, red,
    green) press and hold A between the two reds. If done right, you'll
    boost away. Takes a bit of practice but once you've got it it's an invaluable
    You can drift by holding down the L or R button when going around corners. It
    allows you to take sharper corners without loss of speed, so is good for
    many of the game's courses. To start it, turn and press R to set the direction,
    and you can also adjust the direction of the drift slightly by using the analog
    stick as you go anyway.
    Throwing Items
    When you are using certain items, such as shells and bananas, you can throw
    them in front or behind you by pressing up and down respectively. You can
    launch green and red shells behind you and throw Bananas ahead of you.
    Driving and Item Tips and Tactics
    Here are some additional item and driving tips that might come in handy. Feel
    free to submit any of your own!
    • Make sure that you always have at least one coin on you. If you don't have
      any then you'll just spin out each time another racer touches you.
    • Coming off the track or hitting a wall slows you down to a literal crawl. So
      don't do it.
    • If you are gonna cut out some of the track, subsidize the slowdown with a
      drifting mini-boost or better yet, a mushroom.
    • Placing bananas by item boxes means there's a chance they could drive in to
      them. Same goes with bridges.
    • If you are neck and neck with an opponent and coming up to item boxes,
      drop back slightly so you are a position behind them and grab an item. As
      in first place you cannot pick up red shells, doing this method could bag
      you one so you can take them out and take a substantial lead. Although this
      is incredibly annoying and cheap its a sure fire winner especially if you are
      on the final lap.
    • Again like the above, if you are in a very close race then drop back a few
      positions and grab an item box. As items are based on position and not
      proximity, you could get something like Thunder or star.
    • Unlike other Mario Kart games, red shells just go straight toward the
      racer in front, and don't follow the track. Ensure that you can see your
      opponent, and is in your line of sight, before you fire.
    • If you are gonna use a red shell then wait for them to get a slight
      lead, otherwise the red shell will just fly straight past them.
     2.03. Items
    Pick up an item box in a race and you'll get an item. But do you know how to
    use it properly and to it's full advantages? If not, read on... Note that I
    have put How to Use and Defending Against. The How to use part is tips on
    how you can use it, while the other is what precautions you can take in order
    to avoid or minimize the impacts of the said item if others have it.
    How to use - Press A to drop this banana skin on to the track. When a
                 kart slips on to it they will slide out of control for a second
                 or two. It will remain on the track until someone slips on it or
                 until it is destroyed (by a shell for example). Try and place
                 bananas on parts of the track where most racers will go on to them
                 such as thin ledges, the insides of tracks, in front of boosters
                 and item boxes.
    Defending Against - If you see a banana on the track, common sense tells you
                        to avoid it (well at least I hope it does ;D) so try and
                        drive around it if you can - you can also blast them away
                        with a shell.
    Green Shell
    How to use - Press A to fire this forward in a rather linear fashion to hit
                 other karts and cause them to spin out of control. Rather handy,
                 but it's quite hard to hit other karts with. Better still is that
                 you can fire them behind you by holding down on the stick, and if
                 they are close enough then chances are they'll have little chance
                 of getting out of the way in time. Green shells can bounce  
                 off walls a few times before behind destroyed, so if you in a 
                 narrow tunnel or area firing one off and escaping could do a spot
                 of damage.
    Defending Against - Avoid shells hitting you as you'll spin out of control.
                        Rivals too can fire shells behind them so if you are
                        tailing them remember this also.
    Red Shell
    How to use - Press A to fire it ahead of you, where it will home in on the 
                 nearest kart and cause them to spin out. Sadly unlike the other
                 counterparts these don't home down the track, they just go
                 straight toward the next kart, so if they are around the corner
                 they'll just smash in to the wall. Make sure they are in your
                 direct line of the sight before hitting the A button. Some extra
                 points to be said though; don't fire when they are too close
                 as it'll just whizz by them, and the shell can hit corners so
                 fire it in a reasonably open area. It can also hit bananas and
                 other shells and get destroyed, but if that occurs then you're
                 unlucky. Like green shells, you can fire it backwards (L+Down)
                 and dangle it behind you. It WILL NOT home in if you fire it
                 backward, but rather go in a straight line like a green shell
                 would. I advise that you keep a red shell handy at all times for
                 defense and for regaining a position if you've just been taken.
    Defending Against - There is not much you can do to defend against a red shell
                        apart from trying to get another item to defend against, 
                        like a Star or Ghost.
    How to use - Press A to boost your karts speed for a second or two. This is
                 really handy for gaining a few places, and most of all for
                 skipping sections of the track like corners or tacking advantage
                 or certain shortcuts better. Just remember that you can't really
                 stop once you've used the boost (say if suddenly realised you
                 were going to go into a banana or off the track)so keep an eye out
                 of where you are going to boost into.
    Defending Against - Not a lot you can do here. I guess you could time a ghost
                        to steal their mushroom, but others you'll have to let
                        'em be.
    Boo Hoo Ghost
    How to use - Press A to send the Boo to steal items from other characters.
                 Your kart will also turn invisible and impermeable to damage as
                 well. When using the Boo, think what you need it for. For example
                 if you are using it to steal an item, check your opponents screens
                 (in multiplayer only I'm afraid) to see what items each opponent
                 has so you know what possible items are up for grabs. Wait until
                 you get a decent item then use it, and with some luck you should
                 get it. Otherwise using it to stop damage is very helpful as well
                 - such as avoiding red shells or lightning.
    Defending Against - You should hear when a ghost is being used, so if you do
                        you *might* not get your stuff taken, but then again you
                        might so decide if you want to use your item in case of
                        the latter.
    How to use - Press A to make all other karts shrink in size, causing them to
                 slow down. Not only this you can run over the other karts to
                 squash them and delay them for a few seconds, so if you see any
                 then go out of your way to run them over. Shrinked karts won't
                 make big jumps, even boost ones, so if you can time it around them
                 that's an advantage to you.
    Defending Against - If you get shrunk, then avoid jumps, even boost ones, as
                        you won't make it. Instead just wait around before them
                        until you regain your size.
    How to use - Press A to use the star, making you invincible, giving you
                 extra speed and removing terrain slowdown. So when you have it,
                 run in to other karts and through any obstacles in your way and
                 take advantage of shortcuts and cutting corners as you won't
                 slowdown. It's also handy to blast away the tiles in the Vanilla
                 courses. A star lasts about eight seconds.
    Defending Against - If you see someone using a star then they'll be brightly
                        multi-coloured. Avoid touching them otherwise you'll get
                        spun out and lose a good few seconds. You cannot use shells
                        or other items against them in this state, so just wait
                        until it's over and let 'er rip.
    How to use - Press A to jump into the air, higher than you normally would on
                 a normal jump. This is perfect for getting over barriers and wide
                 gaps and could shave seconds off your time.
    Defending Against - I guess you could steal one if you can or place a banana
                        by shortcuts so it's harder to use, but apart from that
                        there isn't much you can do.
    How to use - Press A to get between 1-5 coins. Pretty pointless I guess, but
                 remember to always have coins on you.
    Defending Against - As there is nothing really offensive about this item, you
                        can't defend against it.
                                     3. COURSES
     3.01. Mushroom Cup
    Mario Circuit 1
    Walkthrough - Turn left and head down the straight towards the pipe ridden
                  corner. Drift towards the inside to avoid the pipes and collect
                  an Item Box. Drift into this tight left, along a small straight
                  and drift right, finishing off with a long left toward the
                  check point.
    Shortcuts - You can cut a portion of the track out using a mushroom over the
                large dirt area, just after the load of Item Boxes.
    Other Tips - Placing items around the pipes will limit the room opponents can
                 travel though, hindering their progress.
    Donut Plains 1
    Walkthrough - Drift right on to the bridge, followed by another driftable
                  right turn. Go left and then drift right, nice and close to the
                  mud, followed by nice and long left and right corners. Again
                  drift these close to the inside, and that's a lap!
    Shortcuts - After the right turn after the bridge, you can go straight on
                and miss the corner via the gap in the barrier. Use a mushroom
                through this to make full advantage of it.
    Other Tips - As the bridge is thin, place a few items on there to hinder your
    Ghost Valley 1
    Walkthrough - Drift round the first left and go straight through the bendy
                  section of track. Drift the left, drive over the bump and drift
                  the next left. Be sure to drive over the next bump at some speed
                  to make it over the gap in the road, right and around the next
                  two bends to the checkpoint.
    Shortcuts - After the second bump, the one that takes you over the gap, you
                can use a feather to jump the gap ahead to the thin path that skips
                the final few corners.
    Other Tips - If you hit a tile at the edge it'll be destroyed, so you can
                 be a bit clumsy on some of the tricky corners but on later laps
                 watch out you don't fall out of the holes you've made.
    Bowser Castle 1
    Walkthrough - Drift round the first corner and through the Thwomps further down
                  and drift the next left. Head down the straight, and drift right
                  around the U bend to the next bumpy straight over the segments of
                  lava, completely drift another bend to another bumpy straight,
                  and do the same with the last few corners to the home straight.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - Drive in-between the Thomps to avoid getting squashed. If you get
                 hit then you'll be flattened!
    Mario Circuit 2
    Walkthrough - Drive straight through the middle of the S-bend (through the two
                  pipes in the middle), drift the next two left corners, drive
                  slow round the tight right, drift the right corner, and drift
                  early around the corner before the speed boost over the road. If
                  you boost on the left side you can go through the pipes around
                  the corner to get on the inside a shave off some time.
    Shortcuts - As you enter the S-bend at the start, use a star or mushroom
                straight across to the far side of the dirt.
    Other Tips - If you use a mushroom at the speed boost jump you can get more
                 height and skip the pipes out completely.
     3.02. Flower Cup
    Choco Island 1
    Walkthrough - Head left of the flower and drift the corner, over the small
                  bumps and straight through the S-bend. Drift the next left and
                  drive around the puddles in the road on these last few turns to
                  the checkpoint.
    Shortcuts - You can use a mushroom straight after the checkpoint to the right
                of the flower and round left.
              - There are a few bumps around the puddles at the end, and if you
                use a mushroom before them you can jump over the barriers and cut
                out some of the track.
    Other Tips - The puddles toward the end slow you down, so if you have a star or
                 mushroom you can go straight through them and retain your speed.
    Ghost Valley 2
    Walkthrough - Drift around the first wide U-Bend and drive left round the
                  corner. Stick to the left to go around the barrier and go right,
                  and then right left right quickly making sure you exit wide on
                  the right to avoid the gaps in the track. Finish off my drifting
                  the final corner to the checkpoint.
    Shortcuts - After the first few corners there is a corner where the barrier
                sticks out and you have to turn right; instead you can use a
                feather and use the small path there as a means to go through
                this corner.
    Other Tips - As said in the walkthrough, toward the end after a few quick
                 corners exit wide on the right turn to avoid the hole in the
    Donut Plains 2
    Walkthrough - Drift this first long left corner, onward and start to drift the
                  next left but slow down and carefully drive through this lake
                  side S-bend as it's tight and full of Monty Moles. As you exit
                  there's a sharp hairpin right, stick close left round the corner
                  that follows the avoid the Monty Moles, and continue onward
                  and drift around the wide right turn. Drift tight on the inside
                  of the final corner to avoid the Monty Moles at the outside
                  to finish at the checkpoint.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - The Monty Moles are a pain. There are various holes over the
                 course which the Moles jump from - you can drive over them fine if
                 no moles are present, but if one jumps out they'll stick on you
                 until you use an item to get them off.
    Bowser Castle 2
    Walkthrough - Drift the first right angled corner and stick on the right side
                  of the track and over the lava pit and drift the U-bend that
                  follows, avoiding the Thomps. As you exit cut right where an
                  arrow will be pointing on the track. The route left is a shortcut
                  that requires a mushroom, so read about that below. Otherwise
                  drift left after the arrow, down the straight and drift on the
                  inside of the next corner when the Thomps aren't coming down.
                  Drift left and quickly right, where you'll come to a plaza like
                  section where you are offered two routes around a square segment.
                  Take the outside as it allows you to drift round around it.
                  Drift the right turn to a bumpy lava straight with two paths;
                  either side is good but remember that they form into one later
                  down. After drift close to the inside to be on the finishing
    Shortcuts - After the first U-Bend there's an arrow pointing onward on the
                track. Just to the left of this is a road with the word 'STOP' on.
                Use a feather to jump the lava to cut one of the straights.
    Other Tips - Again, avoid the Thomps as best you can.
    Mario Circuit 3
    Walkthrough - Drift right, drive around the two left corners and drift right
                  on the exit to a tight right surrounded by pipes and a straight.
                  This ends in a really tight hairpin so stick to the right and
                  drift close to the corner and wide again (but make sure you don't
                  hit the pipes as you exit the corner). You can drift the next
                  wide bend around to the S-bend which has to be taken with care,
                  finishing with the final driftable corner.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - None.
     3.03. Star Cup
    Koopa Beach 1
    Walkthrough - Drift round the immediate right and drift straight through the
                  middle of the islands that go slowly right round. Head straight
                  through the light section of water, drift the corner as you
                  return to land to meet a vegetated section. Drive around the left
                  side and finish by drifting right through the small island and
                  back to where the checkpoint is.
    Shortcuts - Just before the first section of water you can turn right and
                head straight across to the far corner and over a small island
                along the way, which has a item box on.
    Other Tips - Stay on the light segments of water at all times; the dark areas
                 will cause you to sink instantly.
    Choco Island 2
    Walkthrough - Drift left, then drift left then right to a thin path through
                  several piranha plants. Drift right to a massive mud field,
                  where on the left is an island with some item boxes. After is
                  a load of bump ramps scattered everywhere, and if you are in
                  a light kart you'll go flying, so try and remain on the ground
                  at all times (you can't jump them, either). After the item
                  boxes stay on the right side to miss most of them here, and
                  finish with a drift to the right and race to the check point.
    Shortcuts - Straight ahead from the start is a gap in the barrier, which can
                be made via a mushroom skipping out the first two or so turns.
    Other Tips - Use a mushroom or star over the mud sections.
    Vanilla Lake 1
    Walkthrough - Drift right, straight on, drift the next right and through the
                  pipes that follow. After are several ice tiles that block the
                  path; try your best to drive through them but if you hit one
                  then it'll be destroyed for further laps anyway. There is
                  another line after, then turn right and stick on the right to
                  avoid the cracks and navigate your way through the field of
                  tiles. Stick on the inside turn that follows to avoid the
                  pipes and the sticking out barrier both on the outside that
                  follows to the checkpoint.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - One of the tougher tracks in the game.
               - As said in the walkthrough, if you hit a tile then it'll be
                 destroyed for future laps.
               - Try and use a star when going through the tiled section, making
                 your work a lot easier.
    Bowser Castle 3
    Walkthrough - Drift left and move to the centre of the track quickly as it
                  tightens up. Gain some speed to use the bumps over the lava
                  and turn left immediately after the second to get round the
                  corner. Next is an area of bumpy sections to the far side, so
                  stick to the far left side to finish on the far left exit meaning
                  you'll save a few seconds of time. Turn left straight away
                  and down the thin straight, drift the wide U-Bend that follows
                  and drive down any of the three paths down the following
                  straight. Drift round this final bend and drive through the
                  bendy track to finish.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - None.
    Mario Circuit 4
    Walkthrough - Drift the first left corner and turn early for the sharp right
                  afterward. Turn right and get ready for the sharp left, drift
                  round left on the red inside of the track while not hitting a
                  pipe and drive round the next corner to a wide straight.
                  Be sure not to hit one of the four pipes on the way down and
                  stay on the left to drift early and close to the hairpin that
                  follows. Drive on down the slightly bendy lane, drift the corner,
                  through the S-Bend and wide round the final bend to avoid the
    Shortcuts - Before the final S-Bend you can use a mushroom to cut through
                the gap in the barrier to the right.
    Other Tips - Plenty of tight corners and hairpins here, so make sure you
                 practice your drift!
     3.04. Special Cup
    To see how to unlock the Special Cup, see the Secrets section toward the end
    of this guide.
    Donut Plains 3
    Walkthrough - Drive slow through this windy path to the bridge, ensuring that
                  you stick to the left side to avoid the hole on the right.
                  Drift right around to the next bridge and jump the gap toward
                  the end. Brake and turn hard left after, drive slow down the
                  path and drift round the inside of the bend to avoid the Monty
                  Moles. Drive close to the insides of the S-bend like section
                  at the end to finish at the checkpoint.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - If you fall in to the water, you can drive out again before the
                 Lakitu rescues you.
    Koopa Beach 2
    Walkthrough - Drift left until the item boxes are close, and do it again
                  until you are close to the Cheep Cheep. This water section has
                  both light and dark shades of blue; stay on the lighter shade
                  as you'll instantly fall down the darker shade and have to get
                  dropped back on again. Head down the right side to avoid most of
                  the nasty parts and to sample one of the three item boxes. Drift
                  round the rest of the corners now, until you reach the shallow
                  bit of water that you can drive through, to the check point.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - You can hit Cheep Cheeps with shells and other items.
    Ghost Valley 3
    Walkthrough - Drift the first right corner and stick in the middle and
                  drift around the U-Bend at the end. Head straight down the
                  middle of this jagged section and round the next corner close
                  to the inside and onward sticking to the left to avoid the gap in
                  the track. Drift right around the U-bend ensuring you come out
                  on the left side to avoid the gap on the right; when you use the
                  bump try and go down the left of the hole ahead. Head through
                  the jagged section and round to the checkpoint to finish.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - You could try using a feather on the gaps toward the end of the
    Vanilla Lake 2
    Walkthrough - Drive left around sticking close to the cracks and head through
                  the pipes, jumping the crack if you can. After the next crack
                  are blocks of tiles - there are small gaps between that you
                  can drive down, so slow down and head through here. Jump the
                  next crack sticking out and instead of dealing with the crazy
                  cracked piped section on the left just plow straight the snow
                  and through the barrier gap on the right. Drive around the
                  outside of the tiles here to the checkpoint.
    Shortcuts - Although I've counted it in the walkthrough, when you come to
                the major cracked and pipe section there is a gap through
                the right barrier; if you use a mushroom you can go straight
                through here without being bogged down in the snow.
    Other Tips - Try and use a star when going through the tiled sections, making
                 your work a lot easier.
    Rainbow Road
    Walkthrough - Head round the first right corner and drift the second and slow
                  down a little for the next corner. Drift around the U-bend here
                  and watch out as the track gets smaller as you exit. Drive
                  through the Thowps at the end, slow down the next two corners
                  and on the next straight the path splits into two; of you stick
                  on the inside then you'll avoid the Thomps. Slow down for the
                  final corner and watch out for the Thomps just afterward to  
                  finish at the checkpoint.
    Shortcuts - None.
    Other Tips - This course has no barriers, so take it slow round most corners.
                                       4. SECRETS
    Most of the following secrets are at the Mario Kart 64 Cheats page on 
    Special Cup
    Get gold on the Mushroom, Flower and Star cups at 100cc class to unlock
    another five tracks in the Special Cup. You can also unlock it by putting in
    codes; for the Grand Prix at the cup select screen press L, R, L, R, Lx2, Rx2.
    To unlock the cup in Time Trial, highlight the Mushroom Cup and enter
    L, R, L, R, Lx2, Rx2, A for it to appear at the bottom of the list.
    150cc Engine Class
    Get gold on the Mushroom, Flower, Star and Special cups at 100cc to unlock
    the 150cc engine class.
    Smaller Characters
    Holding Y and pressing A when selecting your racer at the character select
    screen makes your racer go small when you race. Although you are vunrible to
    getting ran over your speed remains.
    Extra Continues---------------
    In Grand Prix mode, finishing three times in the same position gets you an
    extra continue.
    Time Trial Camera Control
    After completing a race in Time Trial, using the L and R shoulder buttons
    allows you to pan the camera round when watching the replay.
                                        5. FAQ'S
    Q. What is the best character to play with?
    A. It all depends on your style of play - check the Karts section to see the
       difference in weight categories.
    Q. What kart and character do you race as?
    A. I race with Yoshi, as lightweight fits my playing style and is one of the
       better Mario characters anyway. :)
    Q. What are the coins for?
    A. If you have no coins and an opponent hits you, you'll just simply spin out,
       so be sure to have at least one coin on you. The more coins you have the
       higher your top speed, although you shouldn't concentrate on getting the
       coins to much as you should try and follow the racing line and shortcuts
       as best you can.
    Any other questions, feel free to give me an email.
                            6. CONCLUSION AND SPECIAL THANKS
    That's just about it, folks. I hope that this document has been of aid in
    one form or another, and that it has been easy to use. If you could, please
    either ask me questions, suggestions, comments or contributions at 
    crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com. Also could you rate this FAQ so I could get some 
    feedback. Thank you for reading.
     | Special Thanks to these who have contributed to the guide in some way... |
    CJayC (Gamefaqs) -      For accepting this guide and for creating the best site
                            on the internet. Thanks! http://www.gamefaqs.com
                            The site also supplied most of the cheats and
                            unlockables, so thanks to them and their contributors.
    IGN -                   For accepting this guide and for creating an awesome
                            video games site. Thanks! http://www.ign.com
    Nintendo  -             For creating a great Mario Kart game!
    ASCII Generator -       For producing the text ASCII for my Crazyreyn sig.
                            Thanks, and is a great site if you need any ASCII text.
             | Special Thanks to these who are my good GameFAQS friends... |
    Robert Lane        (Lanerobertlane)
    Richard Arnett     (Guitarfreak86)
    Ryan Harrison      (RHarrison0987)
    Thomas Carter      (Carter12)
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    Rebecca Skinner    (Karpah)
    Martin Dale-Hench  (Fox)
    Brian Sulpher      (BSulpher)
    Trace Jackson      (Meowthnum1)
    Richard B.         (Gbness)
    Steve McFadden     (Psycho Penguin)
    Chris Noonan       (Merca)
    Colin Scully       (me frog)
    Tom Hayes          (THayes)
    And everyone else at the FAQ Contributors board! Also a nod to the GameFAQs
    UK board and v3, for being so damn funny and cool. :)
    If I have forgotten you, then please contact me and I'll fix your name up here!
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     \___|_| \__,_/__|\_, |_| \___|\_, |_||_|
                      |__/         |__/      
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    Copyright (c)2006 Matthew Reynolds. All rights reserved. 
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