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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by PPhillipis

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            S U P E R
                                        Frequently Asked Questions
                M A R I O                          &
                                           Strategy Guide v1.0
                    K A R T                   July 13, 1994
           FOR THE SUPER NES
        "Hi everybody!  Thanks for dropping by the Super Mario Kart
         race track.  My name is Lakitu, I run this track.  If you need
         my help, I'll be around."
    *************************** WHAT IS THIS? ****************************
    Super Mario Kart came out in 1991 and I have been playing it for the
    past two years.  One day, a friend and I were playing battle mode on
    track 2, like we do on every Friday, discovering new techniques in the
    game, and my friend says to me, "Boy, we should come up with an FAQ
    for this game."  I laughed and then thought, hey, what a great idea.
    So I figured it was high time someone put out an FAQ for this
    delightful game.
    Super Mario Kart is a 1-2 player game that consists of two play modes:
    kart racing and kart battle mode.  You can race against one opponent,
    one opponent and 6 computer opponents, or 7 computer opponents.  There
    are also time trials for improving your race course times.  Combat
    mode is 2 player only and can be played on any of the 4 specific
    battle mode tracks.  For this edition of the FAQ, I'm mainly focusing
    on the battle mode of Super Mario Kart.  Excelling at racing is best
    done by just practicing.  I've included some racing tips in the Tips
    and Tactics section but I hope to greatly expand the coverage in
    future revisions.  Unequivocally, practicing the tips mentioned
    herein will help you play better in race mode, and vice versa.
    Although some basics, rules, and options are included in the FAQ, the
    reader should have read the entire manual and have a good feel for the
    ************************** WHAT'S INCLUDED? **************************
       I.  Lingo - Definitions of Super Mario Kart terms.
      II.  Basics - Explanations of the options, controls, and rules.
     III.  Characters -  Brief description of character differences.
      IV.  Tracks - Brief description of battle mode tracks.
       V.  Secrets - What Nintendo didn't tell you.
      VI.  Frequently Asked Questions - What everyone wants to know.
     VII.  Tips & Tactics - Hints for improving your game.
    VIII.  Don'ts - What you should avoid doing.
      IX.  Varying Game Play - If the game gets boring, try these.
       X.  Genie Codes - Got a Game Genie, try these out.
      XI.  Future Enhancements - Nintendo, take note.
     XII.  MK to MK comparison - You've got to be kidding.
    XIII.  Version History
     XIV.  Release - Where to get future updates.
      XV.  Credits
     XVI.  Author E-mail Address
    A record sheet cutout is included at the end of this FAQ.  Use it for
    having tournaments between you and a friend.  I suggest recording your
    games to tape and then later watching them with your friend to record
    the stats.  A round averages around 45 minutes.
    ****************************** I LINGO *******************************
    The following 17 items define the terms used in the record sheet at
    the end of this FAQ.
    Some stats affect other stats as well.  For example, ramming an
    opponent into his own red shell when he fires it would count as a hit
    by own red shell as well as ramming.  A 3 hit combo with 3 red shells
    would also count as 3 hits by red shells.
    01 + 02) COMBOS are valid if at least one hit is not random and the
        opponent could not avoid getting hit in succession because he was
        immobilized or had just begun to takeoff.  For example, the player
        gets hit by a random green shell and then the opponent moves in
        and fires a red shell for a second hit before the player gets a
        chance to recover.  This would count as a 2 hit combo.
    03) RED SHELL HITS are collisions into red shells by karts.
    04) GREEN SHELL HITS are valid on direct and indirect hits, rebounds
        off walls, as long as the shot was immediate and planned.  Firing
        a green shell so that it bounces from wall to wall down a corridor
        in hope of it hitting an opponent would not count as a green shell
    05) Rare hits by an opponent who throws, not drops, a banana peel
        which hits the opponent or is thrown in front of the opponent who
        can not avoid driving over it is a BANANA PEEL HIT.
    06) DROP SHELLS include driving in front of an opponent and laying a
        green shell or banana peel so the opponent can not avoid driving
        over it.
    07) When a pursuing opponent enables star power, hitting an opponent
        counts as a STAR HIT.
    08) Sometimes, a player's own red shell that he fired will hit his own
        kart.  This can occur if the opponent drives near the player who
        fired the shell.
    09) RANDOM COLLISIONS include hitting a rogue green shell or driving
        over a dropped shell or banana peel (one that was not placed
        purposely by opponent so he hits it).  Also hitting one's own
        green shell that was just fired is a random collision.
    10) RAMMING is hitting an opponent's kart with one's own which results
        in a hit into a red or green shell, or banana peel.  Also,
        blocking an opponent's path so he gets hit by an oncoming green
        shell.  These do not count as random collisions.
    11) AMATEUR MISTAKES occur by a player when the opponent shoots or
        drops an item to hit another oncoming item.  Includes shooting an
        oncoming red or green shell with another red or green shell or
        dropping a green shell or banana peel to disarm an oncoming red or
        green shell from behind.  Disarming a green shell only counts if
        the danger was immediate.  The firing opponent should be able to
        tell that these shots would not have hit the opponent assuming the
        player is competent enough.
    12) RED SHELL SHAKES, also known as "OK"s, include eluding an oncoming
        red shell that would have hit the opponent.  Shakes do not include
        just going around the corner or poor shots by the pursuing
        opponent.  Lining the wall is a red shell shake as is jumping
        shells (not with feathers) or leading them into your opponent,
        other items, or walls.  Subjective criteria.
    13) Occasionally, a red shell will be fired at such an angle at a
        standing opponent, the shell will circle the opponent and be
        unable to hit the kart.
    14) A FAST TAKEOFF occurs when a player times reving his engine before
        the green light hits so the takeoff is as fast as using a
    15) A SUCCESSFUL STEAL is when a player uses his ghost when the
        opponent has an item in his position.
    16) A QUIT is purposely hitting start and selecting give up cause
        a) The karter is a baby or
        b) To deprive the opponent of the satisfaction of finishing him.
    17) A player can have a FLAWLESS VICTORY if he wins 1 game without
        losing any balloons.
    GAME - One game played opponent vs opponent with winning as a result
    of 3 hits on opponent.
    KARTER - That's you!
    LAKITU - 'The cloud rider' is the guy that sits in the cloud and helps
    you out by pulling you out of the water, informing you that you are
    driving the wrong way in race mode, and holds the race light in race
    and battle mode.
    LINING THE WALL - One technique to avoiding an oncoming red shell, is
    to drive along the side of the wall.  If done correctly, the red shell
    will hit the wall, not you, no matter how fast or slow the shell is
    traveling.  As you drive parallel to the wall, you'll notice that
    about half of your kart can drive in the wall.  This technique rarely
    works for head-on red shells fired at an angle.
    MATCH - Best of X Rounds.
    POWER SLIDES - The kart will enter a slide when it is turned in excess
    and if held, spin-out.
    PROFESSIONAL PUNISHMENT - When an player does not follow through in
    creating an amateur mistake by canceling an oncoming shell, it is
    called a PROFESSIONAL PUNISHMENT by the pursuing opponent.
    ROUND - First player to win 15 games.  A player must win by at least 2
    games, otherwise, round continues.
    TIME BOMB - Purposely firing a red shell slowly so that it hits the
    opponent at a later time.  Used to follow an opponent who is unaware
    that it is following him to set up for a combo, for an opponent that
    is lining a wall to avoid it and anticipates its demise incorrectly,
    or for an opponent weaving around corners only to connect with it.
    It can sometimes be harder to hit an opponent with a fast red shell
    than with a slow incoming one.
    PENALTY SHOT - If you think certain tactics in the game are cheap, set
    up PENALTY SHOTS.  Have one kart at the outer edge and corner of the
    track, and another kart at the other corner.  The penalized kart must
    sit and wait while the opponent kart gets one free standing shot with
    a green shell.  The Penalized kart can set his kart anywhere between
    the two walls of the corridor as long as the back of the kart touches
    the back wall and the opponent has a clear shot.  Neither kart is
    allowed to move during the penalty shot.  Both karts are allowed to
    move after the green shell either hits or misses.  The penalized kart
    is not allowed to hold onto any items.  Use PENALTY SHOTS for an
    opponent who selects quit in a middle of a game, messes with the
    opponent's controller, and other unethical tactics.
    *************************** II THE BASICS ****************************
    Title Menu     -  1 Player Game
                      2 Player Game
    1 Player Menu  -  Mario GP
    2 Player Menu  -  Mario GP
                      Player 1 vs Player 2 on GP tracks
                      Player 1 vs Player 2 Battle Mode
    Mario GP Menu  -   50cc karts
                      100cc karts
                      150cc karts
                      To play the game with 150cc karts you must get a
                      gold cup on the special league using the 100cc
    Confirmation   -  Number of players
                      Game type
                      Engine size
                      Are you sure? (Left = YES / Right = NO)
    GP Class Menu  -  Mushroom League
                      Flower League
                      Star League
                      Special League
                      Special League can only be selected when you have
                      won a gold cup in all three of the other leagues
                      using the 100cc karts.
                      Left Side               Right Side
    Practice Menu  -  Mushroom League         Track 1
                      Flower League           Track 2
                      Star League             Track 3
                                              Track 4
                      Special League          Track 5
    Battle Menu    -  Battle Track 1   Dirt
                      Battle Track 2   Water
                      Battle Track 3   Ice
                      Battle Track 4   Pavement
    Joypad - Steers the Kart
         Y - Brakes
         B - Accelerate and entering on selection screens
         A - Use item
         X - Cancels entries and toggles between map and rear view mirror
         L - Jump
         R - Jump
    Select - Toggles between course map and rear view mirror
     Start - Pauses and allows you to quit the game, and enters selections
                    Shell's and Peel's existence is terminated when
                    1 - It is hit by another item or water.
                    2 - It is hit by a kart.
                    3 - Time expires for it making it disappear.
    Green Shell  -  Can be fired by pushing A or dropped by pushing down
                    and A.
    Red Shell    -  Shoots forward only and guides itself to the nearest
                    opponent kart.  In race mode, guides itself to the
                    opponent in the position ahead of you.
    Banana Peel  -  Can be thrown by pushing up and A or dropped by
                    pushing A.
    Feather      -  Super high jump that only works once.  Use for jumping
                    items, jumping walls and obstacles for short cuts, and
                    jumping into puddles.
    Mushroom     -  Turbo boost for a few seconds.
    Star         -  Invincibility for a short while.  Makes your kart
                    handle, brake, and accelerate better and renders you
                    immune to attack. You can also knock other karts off
                    the track.
    Lightning    -  Makes other karts shrink to mini size for a short
                    while.  They can be squashed while in this state.
                    Available only in race mode.
    Coin         -  Gives you 2 extra coins when used.  >10 coins gives
                    you the maximum speed for your kart.  If you get hit
                    by another kart when you have 0 coins, you will spin-
                    out.  Available only in race mode.
    Ghost        -  Renders you invisible to the opponent for a limited
                    time and steels the item the opponent has in their
                    position if any. Available only in battle mode.
    First place   -  9 points
    Second place  -  6 points
    Third place   -  3 points
    Fourth place  -  1 point
    You must finish in the top 4 not to lose a life.
    Pipes      -  Just stand there and get in your way.  Can be eliminated
                  by a hit of star power.
    Stompers   -  Rise up slowly and stomp the ground below. These lay
                  dormant for the first lap of the track.  Can smash your
                  kart and cause you to lose time.
    Monty mole -  Jumps out of the ground and attaches to the front of
                  your kart slowing you.  If he grabs you, jump repeatedly
                  to detach him or go in the water.
    Flowers    -  These sit around the edges of the track.
    Fish       -  Found bouncing in the shallow waters of the island
                  tracks.  Can't hurt you.
    Mario    - Invincibility for a limited time.
    Luigi    - Same as Mario.
    Princess - Drops a poisoned toadstool which shrinks you to mini size.
               If you pick up one of these while small, you will revert
               back to your normal size.
    Yoshi    - Lays eggs which cause you to spin-out.
    Bowser   - Ejects fire balls which float around.
    Kong     - Shoots or drops banana peels.
    Koopa    - Fires red or green shells.
    Toad     - Same as Princess.
    ************************* III THE CHARACTERS *************************
    The most important factors for battle mode seems to be handling (ie
    ease of which the kart makes a turn) and acceleration.  Top speed
    isn't much of a concern in battle mode since you are bound to hit
    walls a lot.  Koopa and Toad are my personal favorites because their
    karts have quick responses and can turn a full 180 quickly.  As the
    chart shows below, the best combined score for steering and
    acceleration is Koopa Troopa and Toad with Princess and Yoshi
    following.  All the characters are pretty good and selection is a
    personal preference.  About the only characters I don't recommend for
    battle modes are Bowser & Donkey Kong Jr. because of their poor
    acceleration which sets them up for some massive combos.  I recommend
    Princess and Yoshi for race mode.
    PERFORMANCE CHART (Nintendo Manual)
    MARIO &               2           3          3
    PRINCESS &            4           2          2
    BOWSER &              1           4          3
    KOOPA TROOPA &        3           1          4
    **************** IV DESCRIPTION OF BATTLE MODE TRACKS ****************
    The second track, my favorite, has good maneuvering, good way to
    locate an opponent, a wide open space for some fun dodging of red
    shells, and a quick way to pursue an opponent with a relatively large
    playing field.  The water makes this track really unique.  The first
    track, your tires tend not to grip as much and you slide sideways on
    turns.  Not good if you're trying to build speed and keep bumping the
    walls.  The play field is also the smallest of all tracks.  The third
    track has about as good traction as the 2nd but the karts tend to
    spin-out much more easily.  Although track 4 has the best traction,
    there are too many walls to really do much turning although it is the
    easiest to locate your opponent of all tracks.  Expect long games on
    this track.
    - Using Koopa as a standard to judge tracks.
    - 4/4 indicates one full circle turn.
    - Sliding is immediate if you touch dirt.
                Track 1  Track 2  Track 3  Track 4
    slide       4/4      3/4      1/4      4/4
    spin-out    6/4      4/4      2/4      12/4
    Track 2 Comparisons
                Koopa & Toad Mario & Luigi Kong & Bowser Yoshi & Princess
    slide       3/4          2/4           2/4            1/4
    spin-out    4/4          3/4           3/4            2/4
    On the more traction tracks, you have to adjust your technique for
    turning.  Hitting jump but letting go early and steering the rest of
    the way with just the pad seems to work excellently with minimal loss
    of speed.
    ***************************** V SECRETS ******************************
    As noted on page 33 of the Super Mario Kart manual, "If you race well
    enough in the TIME TRIALS, then choose the same course again, you may
    be able to race against yourself!"
    Select Time Trial and hit start on controller 2.  There will be a
    player with the word "COM" above him or her.  Next, select your player
    and select the computer player.  Start the Time Trail and you will see
    that the COM driver is really a computer controlled ghost driver that
    will be racing with you in the Time Trail competition.  If the ghost
    driver wins the race, it will not affect your time in any way.  This
    is an intelligent pace kart.  If you drive slow, it will drive slow
    keeping just in front of you.  If you drive fast, it will stay on your
    Select Time Trial.  Choose your player and go to the track of your
    choice.  While racing, be careful not to hit anything.  Get a good
    time and then access the Replay option. While in Replay mode press the
    L or R buttons to rotate the screen. You can do this on any level in
    Time Trail!
    Try this, get a good time so you can race with your shadow, and then
    the second time, get a good time without hitting anything and watch
    the replay rotating the screen on both of your characters.  You can
    not have a computer ghost racer and your shadow race with you at the
    same time.
    Shrink characters in Grand Prix or Match Races.  Hold down the Y
    button, then press button A while on the Character Selection screen.
    Again to enlarge the characters.  Note, the other racers will remain
    big, only the selected characters will be small.
    Turn off the music during battle mode and race mode.  Hit the start
    key, on either controller, very quickly and repeatedly until you do
    not hear any music.  The sound effects will still be there.  The music
    will turn itself back on if you use a star.
    ******************* VI FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ********************
    Q:  Why is it sometimes I fire a shell it goes slow, and other times
        it goes fast?
    A:  The speed of a shell is directly proportional to the speed of the
        kart at the time of firing.  A shell can be outrun if the firing
        kart is stationary or moving at a very slow velocity.  Of course
        it also depends on the top speed of the pursued kart.
    Q:  Why do I keep getting my butt kicked in battle mode?
    A:  Because you suck?  No?  Well then...
        As you record your games on the record sheet, you'll see that it's
        red shells that kill your opponent more than any other object so
        the more red shells you get, the better your chances.  Even if
        your opponent is a better shooter and shaker, the bottom line is,
        if you get significantly more red shells, you'll end up on top.
        Basically, if you get an object and it's not a red shell, lose it
        if there are ample free question marks, and try again.  Of course
        this is not a good idea if you have a green shell and your
        opponent has a red shell and is nearby.
    Q:  How do you do a fast takeoff?
    A:  As soon as you hear the first beep (not see the light), hit and
        hold the accelerator.  Don't hit or tap the accelerator before the
        lights light up.  If your motor is running at all when the first
        light hits, you'll have to hit the accelerator slightly later than
        usual for a fast takeoff.
    Q:  I could have sworn my shell went right through my opponent.  Is it
        a bug or can you jump shells?
    A:  No, you can not jump shells or banana peels.  For a shell to hit,
        it must be centered on the back of the kart.  Often what happens
        is, the shell will appear to come directly at the kart, but if you
        record and play back the animation, you will see the shell will
        pass slightly off center from behind.  This is not always the case
        however.  If you time firing your shell, your shell and your kart
        can pass right through your opponent.  Fire the shell just before
        you collide with your opponent.  This and other shells going
        through your opponent are most likely bugs.
    Q:  Cool, my partner is being picked up by Lakitu to be put back on
        the track and I have a green shell but I don't know where Lakitu
        will put him?
    A:  There seems to be certain magic spots the clouds will drop you on.
        If you are past a certain mark, it will always advance you to the
        next magic spot clockwise, even if there is a closer one counter-
        clockwise so keep this in mind.  When you see Lakitu, go to your
        partners location, face right and then just follow Lakitu enough
        to get a good shot.  There seems to be an exception to this when
        two karts are being picked up by Lakitu to be placed on the same
        magic spot.  If this is the case, one kart will go to the nearest
        magic spot clockwise, and the other to the nearest magic spot
    Q:  It seems the question marks are placed randomly after each match
        or at least when I turn the machine off especially on track 1 of
        battle mode.  Does it?
    A:  No, all the question marks have been placed and saved at a
        permanent location.
    Q:  What determines when the question marks get reset?
    A:  Don't know.  Maybe when all the question marks have been taken
        (except the ones in the puddles of track 2) or after a certain
        amount of time has transpired.
    Q:  How long does a shell and peel last?
    A:  Varies.  Have not been able to determine what makes some shells
        last longer than others.  May have to do with how active the
        players are and how many other items are on the playing field.
    Q:  How long does invisibility last?
    A:  20 seconds.
    Q:  How long does invincibility last?
    A:  10 seconds.
    Q:  What's the best strategy against an evasive opponent when I got a
    A:  Get as close to him as possible, preferably in an open area and
        make sure there are some free question marks nearby.  Then, enable
        star power mode and immediately start getting objects.  If you get
        a red shell, you may have set yourself up for at least a 2 hit
        combo on your opponent, 3 if you hit your opponent correctly with
        your kart.  Remember, you have superior braking powers when you
        have a star.  After you hit your opponent at full speed, you can
        always break to avoid flying past him or if your opponent is
        trying to be cute by slowing down to let you pass, hit brake, line
        up, and then charge.  He won't know what hit him.
    Q:  How do you hit the opponent correctly with star power?
    A:  For the combo, if you hit the opponent slightly off, you will be
        thrown off and will have to waste time turning around to come in
        for another hit which may give your opponent enough time to get
        away.  If you are almost out of time, charge full speed head on
        and as straight as possible and you may get multiple hits on one
        pass, otherwise, come in slowly, hit, turn your kart slightly, hit
        again.  For those who think combos are cheap, I say, they are
        rare, and each opponent has equal chance to do it.  It's just
        another "feature" to be mastered.
    Q:  Somehow I got a red shell to circle me.  What do I do now?
    A:  Oh boy, this is a tough one.  You've got to respond immediately.
        You cannot give your opponent time to get another shell or ram
        you.  If it's slow enough, you might want to try to build speed
        inside the encompassing area the shell has created and then make
        a break for it to a wall as soon as the red shell passes in front
        of you.  You may get lucky and be able to get a question mark
        inside the circle.  If worse comes to worse, get yourself hit to
        avoid being comboed on by your opponent.
    Q:  A red shell is on my tail.  What do I do?
    A:  You can do several things.  Outrun it.  Line the wall.  Jump into
        the wall at the last possible moment.  Drop a shell or banana peel
        if you have one, if not try to obtain an item because virtually
        any item you get will be able to help you.  About the only thing
        that can't help you is a red shell.  If it's wiggling but moving
        fast on you, jump like crazy.  The shell will often get confused
        and make a sharp turn to come around for another pass.  Hopefully
        its turn will lead it into a wall.  Most importantly, if you are
        in the center of the track when a red shell is coming at you, head
        for the nearest wall full speed and then don't stop turning and
        jumping, that or line the wall if you have time and can do it
    Q:  Shoot!  A red shell is coming right at me head on.  What do I do?
    A:  If you got a shell (green or red), wait until the last possible
        nanosecond before firing your shell at the red shell to kill it.
        You do not have to be perfectly lined up for this to work
        although, the more lined up you are, the earlier you can fire the
        shell to intercept.  When firing red shells, it's still best to
        wait until the last possible moment as they might rear off and
        miss their target.
    Q:  Does the Karting Kombat continue in a sequel?
    A:  As far as Nintendo reports, they are not working on and have no
        plans to create a sequel.  However, Wacky Karts is slated for a
        release on the IBM PC.  Although different characters appear, the
        same mode 7, graphics, and combat game play seem to be there.
        Watch for it.  Although some have said that Stunt Race FX was to
        be the expected sequel to Super Mario Kart, the two are really
        different games, especially in battle mode.
    ************************* VII TIPS & TACTICS *************************
    Practice firing green shells on turns at an angle that can send it
    straight down a corridor.
    Practice making turns without slowing down and hitting walls.  The
    best way to make a turn is to hit the jump button coming up on a turn
    and then turn in that direction.  Sometimes you may need to jump more
    than once.
    Practice lining the wall on the fly.
    When you get hit by a shell, hold the gas and hit the jump button.  It
    seems hitting the jump button will break you out of dizzy spell
    After making a jump and turning, if you hold the jump button you will
    be at more of an angle.  Try this on track 2.  Start yourself in a
    circle, then jump and hold the button.  After you release the button
    you'll notice your kart straighten up a little.  Keep this in mind
    when you have a red shell and are being pursued.  You can use this to
    your advantage to make a quick 180.  Remember, you don't have to be
    fully turned around for your shell to turn around.
    It is possible to drop a shell or peel on top of a sitting opponent
    and other shells and peels.
    Remember, you can't spin-out when you are invincible.
    Learn to tell, by the music, when exactly invincibility will run out.
    As you near an opponent, if you shoot the shell just before you hit
    him, you and your shell will pass right through your opponent.
    If you are sitting right next to your opponent (whether sideways,
    behind, etc) and fire a shell, the shell will pass right through your
    opponent.  Be careful.  Firing a red shell like this will undoubtedly
    cause it to loop around and hit you!
    You are not immune to your own red shells that you have fired.  If
    your opponent has fired a red shell and and is standing still or
    moving slowly, you might want to try to whip by your opponent and hope
    that as the red shell is coming around for a pass to hit you by
    following you, it takes the same path and hits your opponent.  I
    usually have this happen once every couple rounds.
    Use the colors on the map to quickly locate your opponent and move in
    for the kill.  Counterclockwise  Red - Yellow - Green - Blue
    The manual that comes with the cartridge has a few useful hints listed
    on page 17,18, and 33 for battle mode tactics and tips.
    Power slides slow your kart down.  Rather, to do a more efficient
    turn, drive on the outside of the track and take the turn close on the
    inside (like they do in formula 1 racing).  Perfect it so you don't
    slide or hit the wall.  If you think you can't make it at the speed
    you are going, try letting go of the gas, or better yet, tap the gas
    which will slow the kart down yet still keep you at the fastest speed
    coming out of the turn.
    I recommend using Yoshi and Princess for the best results in race mode
    once you have learned the tracks.  While Donkey Kong and Bowser have
    the best top speed, hitting other opponents and walls can be costly
    and you are bound to have it happen on the 100cc and 150cc races.
    Beginners should stick with Koopa and Toad because they are easiest to
    handle and can recover from crashes quickly.
    Practice, practice, practice.  Learn where all the turns are so you
    can anticipate where your kart should be for best turns.
    ***************************** VIII DON'T *****************************
    Don't pursue an opponent in an open area (as in track 2) when you have
    a star and he has a red shell.  This is suicide because with practice,
    an opponent can estimate when invincibility will run out by the music
    so the opponent can fire the shell while you are still invincible and
    it will hit right after invincibility runs out giving you no time to
    make your escape.  Either pursue for a reasonable amount of time or
    more intelligently, obtain items to fire at your opponent.
    Don't hold on to a ghost indefinitely.  The opposing player can just
    continue jumping or avoiding question marks.  Although it's probably
    somewhat cheap, it's sometimes advisable to use a feather to wait out
    an opponent's invincibility in a puddle.  If you got a ghost during
    the pursuit by an opponent with enabled star power, I suggest holding
    onto it in case the opponent gets a red shell.  Otherwise, if he is
    near, use it to avoid capture.
    Don't underestimate red shells.  I've thought I've lost some fast
    moving red shell only to get hit by it a minute and 5 corners later.
    Don't ever give up.  Even if your opponent is waiting with a red shell
    and you are being brought in out of the water by Lakitu, jump like
    crazy and for the wall.  You'll be surprised what you can avoid
    sometimes and soon it'll be the norm to avoid red shells, rather than
    get hit by them.
    ************************ IX VARYING GAME PLAY ************************
    Have a contest to see who can kill themselves first.  Hint, if you
    have a green shell or banana peel, go full speed into a wall and just
    before you hit the wall, drop the shell or peel.  If done right,
    you'll bounce off the wall and into the shell or peel killing
    Allow no use of red shells.  Vary the items you can use to tweak your
    aiming skills.
    When you spin-out, use the star and you will continue to drive
    straight with your kart turned on its side until you steer.
    Get a star, build as much speed as possible, get a feather, then jump
    into the water on track 2.  After you land, keep driving.  Yes, you
    can drive underwater.  See how far you can drive out.
    Hip Hop the tiles on track 2 that hold the puddles of water.  If you
    do it right, you can hop tiles until the corner and you will bounce
    backwards, hopping the tiles backwards.  Sometimes this can continue
    for several hops.
    Practice having red shells chase you.  I've had 4 on my tail.
    Practice having red shells loop immobile opponents.  I've had up to 4.
    Hit jump just before you die.  It will make your kart do jumps after
    he is dead adinfinitum.
    After you die, don't release the gas button, instead keep your kart
    going.  You can continue to pickup items and shoot them at your
    opponent.  On a couple occasions, after I was killed, my kart suddenly
    took on a life of its own.  The kart would drive itself around the
    track as if the computer was controlling it.  The demo does show
    computer players battling it out in battle mode.  This makes me wonder
    why Nintendo didn't have computer opponents in battle mode instead of
    just leaving it as a 2 player only mode.
    If there is a banana peel laying on the outside of the track, it is
    still possible to hit it by jumping onto it using a feather.
    *************************** X GENIE CODES ****************************
    All codes are not confirmed by me but you can try them.  I had rented
    Game Genie but didn't get a chance to try them all.  This section
    definitely needs to be cleaned up.  Anyone willing to send me a
    complete ordered list?
    F*C4 CDA4
    0 - WEIRD CAR
    2 - DEJA-VOUS
    7 - COLOR
    **E* 6767
    34EB - TOP SPEED
    **C4 CDA4
    **EB CDA4
    F7 - COLORS
    **** CDA4
    1A3E - Invincible!!!
    4DEB - allows you to drive anywhere!
    EFEB - can't pick up coins, ? marks
    FA65 - no background music in lap 5
    E4C4 - strange dust appears and disappears, stay in turns longer
    E9EB - mud and other land doesn't effect driving
           AS From simpsojw@aston.ac.uk:
    1DC4 - get either a mushroom or do a turbo start and you will drive in
           the grass watch the map (1 player code) and try to get 1st
    3FC4 - Any kind of jump small or big gives you constant mushroom (This
           code alone is VERY DIFICULT)
    FEEB - Watch as you drive over dirt,water and sand (use this code with
           3fc4 cda4 and you are grantead a 1st place win every time! (you
           cannot use this code on final race on mushroom)
    1AEB - same as above but the cpu cannot throw or plant there weapons
    1DEB - Wierd code may not be able to continue after finish of race
    1FEB - same as above but even more wierder!
    69C4 - just plain wierd
    89C4 - Your rpm is high movment is slow!
    B9C4 - Faster normal mode?? (not to sure)
    C9C4 - You turn like your small!
    3FC4 - Mushroom
    3DEB - Lightening
    41AE - Invisable
    1A3E - Star
    3FEB - Feather
    6EEB - Computer Karts are invisable
    O3EB - Don't Loose Coins
    OEEB - Random Effects on impact
    2OEB - No coins
    2CEB - Racers get stuck
    41EB - High jumps
    45EB - No jumps
    F4eb - Cpu stinks
    4FEB - Dooms day code (can't get it to work)
    36EB - Awesome Donkey Kong Jr.
    4BEB - Float super high
    19EB - Ride in air
    4FEB - Phantom mode (Try it out first! Works really well)
    C4EB - Drunk drivers
    7883 - Square coins
    3DC4 - Ghost's Revenge (never got it to work)
    DEC4 - Defective Car (never got it to work)
    EE6A D4DD - Always in first place
    E2EA 34D1 - It doesn't work on all levels and on some levels it
                "crashes" the game; however for 150cc levels it's well
                worth using.  Keep track of what levels crash and FX off
                before hand.  (Non-GG)Hold down Y and A while picking your
                driver and you'll race as mini dudes.
    5DE9 67A7 - better Steering
    WW32 D4DD - (have no idea what it does. Never tried it)
    **** CDA4
    1DEB - Throw up pipes
    B238 - Mushrooms make you fly
    AFC4 - Always last place
    OEEB - Computer spins out constantly
    3F31 - Faster Kart
    F1C4 - Sensative Stering
    F3C4 - Strange Jumps
    6OEB - Automatice Smallness
    36EB - Non-bumpable
    47EB - Latika kidnaps you
    BABD - Terrible Muffler (works well)
    C4eb - CPU can't turn
    DFA5 - (No idea what it does. Never tired it)
    4FE3 - Phantom Mode
    41EB - go over a yellow question mark and jump
    3DEB CDA4 + FDEB 67A7 + 2CAE CDA4 + 4BEB CDA4: "Hop" code
    F6C4 CDA4 - special boarder code: (need Phantom Mode)
    0*B6 4DDD - Transformations for Boswer
    0*B6 4FDD - Transformations for Mushroom
    0*B6 44DD - Transformations for Donkey Kong Jr.
    0*B6 47DD - Transformations for Mario
    *'s = D-mario;F-Boswer;4-Princess;7-Kong Jr.;
    B-Yoshi;9-Koopa;1-Toad;5-scrambled box figure
    66B* 4DDD   or  66B* 4FDD  or  66B* 47DD  or 66B* 44DD: deforms
    peoples heads, carts, noses, hats, wheels, etc. Fill in with anything
    you want.
    C7EB CDA4 - All Karts are sucked to Southeast
    1OEB CDA4 - Unlimited retries in GP Mode
    67EB CDA4 - All racers look like ghosts + Mud doesn't slow you down
    34EB CDA4 - Making turns doesn't slow you down (no friction)
    CBEB CDA4 - Driver can't move
    33EB CDA4 - Instant top speed/Instant stop
    C8EB CDA4 - Drive Sideways
    87EB CDA4 - Kart goes bezerk and keeps spinning.
    00B6 44DD - turns Donkey Kong into a red Yoshi
    0*B6 44DD - Donkey Kong
    0*B6 4DDD - Mario
    0*B6 47DD - Mushroom
    Replace * with
    These will change the above in to the below.
    0 - Yoshi
    9 - Koopa
    1 - Mushroom
    6 - Mario
    B - Bowser
    C - Princess
    8 - Donkey Kong
    *********************** XI FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS ***********************
    Get rid of the shadow when you are invisible.  How fake.
    Random amount of time you stay invincible.
    Invisibility to red shell sensors.
    Possibility to get hit by banana peels in mid air.
    Have banana peels float in the water as possible hazards.
    A countdown timer.
    More tracks with obstacles and non-level surfaces.
    Lots of variable settings including time, balloons, etc.
    New characters.  How about the Mortal Kombat characters driving the
    Ability to machine gun green shells or drop multiple banana peels.
    Item to make you a big kart to squash your opponent.
    Multiplayer combat over the modem.
    Ability to guide direction of a green shell after firing and just
    before it hits a wall by holding a button and pushing a direction.
    SOAD Shells (Seek out and destroy) - Superior intelligent but slower
    red shells.  These shells won't blindly go into a wall but will seek
    you out around corners until either they make contact (and I don't
    mean ask questions now and shoot later), disappear, or hit another
    object including the other kart.  These shells have the ability to
    adjust their speed (but do have a maximum of less than the karts
    maximum speed) so a hovering kart is in for a treat when it lands from
    a feather.
    Colored shells.  These shells are like green shells only they can pass
    through karts that are not of the same color.
    Ability to fire shells from all 4 sides of the kart not just dropping
    them.  This would make it much more difficult to hit an immobilized
    opponent as he could shoot an incoming shell easier.  Would add to
    strategy of staying on an opponent's tail or side.  Watch out!
    Little shells.  These don't actually pop balloons but stick on the
    opponent for some time causing the kart to be reduced in maximum
    speed.  3 little shells will cause a balloon to pop.
    Computer opponents allowing for 1 to 4 players and 4 human player
    capability using the 4 player game adapter.
    After ending a game in battle mode, make the default position of the
    cursor on RETRY, not CHANGE COURSE as RETRY is probably the most
    selected option.  Irritating how I keep hitting CHANGE COURSE every
    Change the default.  Hitting the button alone drops a banana peel but
    fires a shell.  Make it so hitting fire throws a banana peel and shell
    and pushing down drops a peel and shell.
    Option to reconfigure buttons.
    Option for manual shifting
    Add seasons and time of day options.
    If you got more ideas for the sequel, corrections, comments, or things
    to add to the FAQ, email us.  I'll add them and then see Nintendo
    receives this archive in hopes of a sequel.
                            - Pete "Karter Koopa" Philippis signing off...
    *********************** XII THE MK COMPARISON ************************
    Mario Kart & Mortal Kombat really do have a lot in common.
    * Both have acronyms MK.
    * Both have fun combative 2 player competition.
    * Both are my favorite games.
    * Both are cool and have lots of features.
    * Both have long lasting appeal.
    * Both you try to kill your opponent by taking down energy.
    * Both have several characters to select from.
    * Both have secrets.
    * Both have projectiles.
    * Both have nearly identical looking prices
      Mario Kart     $40.00
      Mortal Kombat  $4000
    Go figure that one would be made by Nintendo and the other by a US
                F U N  W/O  T H E  G O R E
    ************************ XIII VERSION HISTORY ************************
    v1.0 - FIRST RELEASE  July 13, 1994
           Inception of the Super Mario Kart FAQ.
           Small racing mode coverage given.
           Possibly contains inaccurate or missing details.
           Unordered game genie codes.
    **************************** XIV RELEASE *****************************
    You can pick up the latest copy at:
    -   ftp.netcom.com  /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs
    FTP site for numerous FAQs maintained by Andy Eddy of GamePro Magazine
    -   E-mail me a request
    ***************************** XV CREDITS *****************************
    Pete Philippis.............................................Head author
    Joe McElmeel..........Conception, cartridge, and document contribution
    ???................Writer of SNESDOX4.TXT for secrets and basics guide
    ???....................Game Genie codes contributors from the internet
    Andy Eddy.....................................................FTP site
    Nintendo...................................Info, secrets, and the game
    **************************** REACH US AT: ****************************
    ********************** BSC@TIAMAT.UMD.UMICH.EDU **********************
    *************************** CUT HERE - 1 SHEET *********************************
    S U P E R   M A R I O   K A R T   C O M P E T I T I O N   S T A N D I N G S
    R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R  R
    O  O  O  O  O  O  O  O  O  O  O  O  O  O  O  O  O  O        M A T C H
    U  U  U  U  U  U  U  U  U  U  U  U  U  U  U  U  U  U
    N  N  N  N  N  N  N  N  N  N  N  N  N  N  N  N  N  N          #  1
    D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D
    0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0
    1  1  2  2  3  3  4  4  5  5  6  6  7  7  8  8  9  9
    A  B  A  B  A  B  A  B  A  B  A  B  A  B  A  B  A  B       PLAYER
                                                           01) 3 HIT COMBOS
                                                           02) 2 HIT COMBOS
                                                           03) RED SHELL HITS
                                                           04) GREEN SHELL HITS
                                                           05) BANANA PEEL HITS
                                                           06) DROP SHELL/PEEL HITS
                                                           07) STAR HIT
                                                           08) HIT BY OWN RED SHELLS
                                                           09) RANDOM COLLISIONS
                                                           10) RAMMINGS
                                                           11) AMATEUR MISTAKES
                                                           12) RED SHELL SHAKES
                                                           13) RED SHELL CIRCLINGS
                                                           14) FAST TAKEOFFS
                                                           15) SUCCESSFUL STEALS
                                                           16) QUITS
                                                           17) FLAWLESS VICTORIES
                                                           18) GAMES WON
                                                           19) VICTOR

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