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This game is fun for the whole family11/01/99attitude130
After much thinking, I gave this game a rare 10.............11/01/99Blackjack4x
Lets just say it could have been better but also could have been worse.01/02/06Chunkey Simmons
One of the top 10 games for the SNES no doubt07/02/01Da Ass Man
Super Mario Kart is a milestone when it comes to racing games.01/31/11Daavpuke
The beggining of my favorite racing series of all-time!10/14/09DarkMark42
A great racer, with shells and lightning bolts galore11/01/99GL
Some say this is way better than the N64 version.01/25/00Gruel
A Racing Game to Remember.....10/01/00GScotty
A racing game with a twist.08/09/01MI4 REAL
This game still is the best of its kind.10/30/00Mortanius
Mario is taken to another level in this short Nintendo exclusive game.08/29/05Mortortex
Good game, but bad control.08/23/01NESMaster
Better than the Nintendo 64 version07/16/01Psycho Penguin
Kart racing made almost easy!01/15/10Retroreviewer Productions
Racing at it's wackiest and funnest!04/23/00SCCAN85
Better Stick With Mario Kart 64 and Later Games09/08/09snowboarder9
Easy to learn, hard to master. That's Super Mario Kart.06/02/01The_Griffin
A cult classic...only with nostalgia glasses on08/22/12UnderratedGamer
Mario shoots Bowser with a red shell! You gotta play this game04/21/03XCommander
An example of what Nintendo's know for!!!08/14/02XtremeGundamX
The mode 7 effects make it better than Mario Kart 64!!!12/16/02YSF
The Best Racing Game Ever to Hit the Super Nintendo08/18/01ZeldaGuy

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