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    Secrets FAQ by Zelikman

    Version: 4.0 | Updated: 03/20/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |   Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Secrets FAQ)|
    |           Author: Cameron White (Zelikman)                |
    |           PanzerJumper[at]gmail[dot]com                   |
    Use Ctrl+F or Command+F and search the numbered search keys to find what you
    are looking for.
    | TABLE OF CONTENTS                         | SEARCH KEYS |
    | 1. Copyright                              |    [100]    |
    | 2. Secrets                                |    [200]    |
    |   2a. Hidden Treasures & Items            |    [201]    |
    |         i.   Hidden Treasure Chests       |    [202]    |
    |         ii.  Treasure Rooms               |    [203]    |
    |         iii. Get Rich Quick!              |    [204]    |
    |         iv.  Weapons & Armor              |    [205]    |
    |   2b. Cameos & Secret Bosses              |    [206]    |
    |         i.   Jinx                         |    [207]    |
    |         ii.  Culex                        |    [208]    |
    |         iii. Link (The Legend of Zelda)   |    [209]    |
    |         iv.  Samus Aran (Metroid)         |    [210]    |
    |         v.   Star Fox & F-Zero Vehicles   |    [211]    |
    |   2c. Sidequests, Minigames, & Miscellany |    [212]    |
    |         i.   BeetleMania                  |    [213]    |
    |         ii.  3 Musty Fears                |    [214]    |
    |         iii. Grate Guy's Casino           |    [215]    |
    |         iv.  Marrymore Debt               |    [216]    |
    |         v.   Melody Bay                   |    [217]    |
    |         vi.  Skip Mack Glitch             |    [218]    |
    |         vii. Vine Climbing                |    [219]    |
    | 3. Reader Contributions                   |    [300]    |
    | 4. Condensed Version History              |    [400]    |
    | 5. Conclusion                             |    [500]    |
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     > 01. Copyright < 
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    This file is Copyright (c)2006-2014 by Cameron White. All rights
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     > 02. Secrets < 
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    This document is a quick reference guide to many, if not all, of the many
    secrets, Easter eggs, and other small tidbits found in Super Mario RPG. It is
    constantly being improved, so always make sure you have the latest version of
    the guide. The latest versions will always be submitted to GameFAQs and
    GameFAQs ONLY.
    The search keys in the Table of Contents will help you quickly find what
    you are looking for. Enjoy!
    NOTE 1: In most cases, I refer to "Toadstool" as "Peach" even though this game
    was released before the official renaming of the character. As such, consider
    "Toadstool" and "Peach" to refer to the same person. Because they do.
    NOTE 2: The section previously called "Way Outta Reach" has been removed, but
    a technique for obtaining the chest is contained within the Land's End Hidden
    Treasure Chests in section 02a.
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     > 02a. Hidden Treasures & Items < 
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    This section of the guide details the locations of various hidden items and
    treasures, including the location of the hidden treasure chests.
    | Hidden Treasure Chests |
    This section denotes the location of every hidden treasure chest in the game.
    There's a talking Treasure Chest in Monstro Town who will inform you of how
    many chests are left to obtain, but he won't give you anything special for
    finding them all. (Jerk.)
    |  #  |   Map Location   |                    Where to Find                   |
    | 01  | Mushroom Kingdom | When you enter the Palace at the start of the game,|
    |     |                  | Toad will greet you and then run up the hall to    |
    |     |                  | tell the chancellor you've arrived. FOLLOW HIM     |
    |     |                  | QUICKLY and jump on his head before he exits thru  |
    |     |                  | the door. At the door, jump on top of the door to  |
    |     |                  | an invisible ledge, then jump around until you hit |
    |     |                  | the chest. (Frog Coin)                             |
    | 02  | Mushroom Kingdom | In the basement of the Item Shop. Follow the purple|
    |     |                  | guy's instructions to acquire it. (Flower)         |
    | 03  | Mushroom Kingdom | Same place as #02, stand on purple guy's head and  |
    |     |                  | wait for him to move to the lower-right corner     |
    |     |                  | (diagonal from the boxes) and jump. (Flower)       |
    | 04  | Bandit's Way     | The second screen of the area. Use the spining red |
    |     |                  | flower and jump towards the exit. (KeroKeroCola)   |
    | 05  | Rose Town        | In the Item Shop, in the upper-left corner of the  |
    |     |                  | shelf behind the counter. (Frog Coin)              |
    | 06  | Rose Town        | In the house on the cliff in the northwest of the  |
    |     |                  | town. Go upstairs and jump on the bed. (Frog Coin) |
    | 07  | Forest Maze      | Very first area, hug the wall on the upper-left.   |
    |     |                  | Jump until you hit it. (KeroKeroCola)              |
    | 08  | Forest Maze      | After traveling through the first stump area and   |
    |     |                  | emerging topside again, go to the left area (but   |
    |     |                  | not so far that you walk off the border) and jump. |
    |     |                  | (Frog Coin)                                        |
    | 09  | Forest Maze      | In the area with seven stumps, enter the stump in  |
    |     |                  | the lower-right and jump in the center of the      |
    |     |                  | largest spotlight. (Flower)                        |
    | 10  | Forest Maze      | In the area with seven stumps, enter the stump on  |
    |     |                  | the left in the second row. Jump around in the top |
    |     |                  | area near the small spotlight. (Empty)             |
    | 11  | Forest Maze      | In the area with seven stumps, enter the stump at  |
    |     |                  | the very end. The box is in the area near the very |
    |     |                  | back. If this is your first time here, you will    |
    |     |                  | need to either trigger the sleeping Wriggler and   |
    |     |                  | then return or else jump over him. (KeroKeroCola)  |
    | 12  | Forest Maze      | In the Save Point area right before the maze. It's |
    |     |                  | on the right wall, tucked into a corner.           |
    |     |                  | (Red Essence)                                      |
    | 13  | Pipe Vault       | In the narrow room with green pipes and Piranha    |
    |     |                  | Plants, enter the second one (first one after the  |
    |     |                  | pipe you arrive in). Jump near the raised section  |
    |     |                  | to make a platform appear, then jump onto the      |
    |     |                  | raised section. Four spaces forward is the chest.  |
    |     |                  | (Frog Coin)                                        |
    | 14  | Pipe Vault       | Same area as #13, equidistant from chest #13 and   |
    |     |                  | the chest already visible. (Frog Coin)             |
    | 15  | Yo'ster Isle     | Behind the Save Block next to the exit back to     |
    |     |                  | Pipe Vault. (Frog Coin)                            |
    | 16  | Booster Pass     | On top of the cactus on the raised edge on the     |
    |     |                  | left-hand side of the first area. If you already   |
    |     |                  | pressed the button in Booster's Tower, there will  |
    |     |                  | be an archway underneath it. (Flower)              |
    | 17  | Booster Pass     | Same area as #16, near the exit to the upper-right.|
    |     |                  | (Rock Candy)                                       |
    | 18  | Booster Tower    | In the room where Snifits are streaming endlessly  |
    |     |                  | out, at the top of the staircase. Hug the wall and |
    |     |                  | jump inside the dark square. (Frog Coin)           |
    | 19  | Booster Tower    | In the room after you are launched upward by a     |
    |     |                  | Thwomp on a see-saw, go over to the very left and  |
    |     |                  | jump while standing on the dark square. (Frog Coin)|
    | 20  | Booster Tower    | In the Save Block room outside Booster's room.     |
    |     |                  | Jump in the very bottom corner inside the light    |
    |     |                  | square. (Healing Mushroom)                         |
    | 21  | Booster Tower    | Same area as #20. Jump up the three yellow blocks, |
    |     |                  | then jump on top of the chest already there and    |
    |     |                  | jump. (Goodie Bag)                                 |
    | 22  | Marrymore        | In the 10-coin room, jump onto the tall bookcase   |
    |     |                  | on the left wall. (Frog Coin)                      |
    | 23  | Sunken Ship      | In the room with the clone Mario. Jump inside the  |
    |     |                  | center spotlight until you cause the chest to      |
    |     |                  | appear. You will need to manipulate clone Mario so |
    |     |                  | that you can stand on his head and reach the chest.|
    |     |                  | (KeroKeroCola)                                     |
    | 24  | Land's End       | In the first area, get onto the moving yellow      |
    |     |                  | platform. Wait for it to reach its highest height, |
    |     |                  | then jump north/up towards the ledge. (Red Essence)|
    | 25  | Land's End       | In the second area. Use the cannon to launch into  |
    |     |                  | the hole. Get out and jump near the lower lip of   |
    |     |                  | the hole until you trigger a hidden platform. Now  |
    |     |                  | return to the cannon and launch yourself again.    |
    |     |                  | You should land on the new platform, which will    |
    |     |                  | start moving. You can use this to get the visible  |
    |     |                  | chest, but also jump onto the top ledge, go to the |
    |     |                  | upper part of the left part of this ledge, and     |
    |     |                  | jump. (KeroKeroCola)                               |
    | 26  | Land's End       | Second Save Block area, where the bee enemies are  |
    |     |                  | buzzing around rotating red flowers. In the lower  |
    |     |                  | area, jump between the two closely-located purple  |
    |     |                  | flowers. (Frog Coin)                               |
    | 27  | Land's End       | After getting #26, follow the lower area into the  |
    |     |                  | next screen. You'll be underneath the Donut Block  |
    |     |                  | bridge. Go up to the hole in the upper rock ledge  |
    |     |                  | and jump when a cloud appears to enter a hidden    |
    |     |                  | cave. Follow the path until you pass an arrow sign |
    |     |                  | near various small alcoves that look like exit     |
    |     |                  | doors. In the upper "door" (where a Chow is pacing)|
    |     |                  | jump in the top corner. (Frog Coin)                |
    | 28  | Belome Temple    | In the room right before the elevator to Belome    |
    |     |                  | (whether fighting or getting treasure). Use the    |
    |     |                  | ledges to get on top of the chest on the upper     |
    |     |                  | area and jump. (Frog Coin)                         |
    | 29  | Belome Temple    | Same as #28, tucked into the corner to the right   |
    |     |                  | of the stairs. (Frog Coin)                         |
    | 30  | Monstro Town     | In the exit section (door northeast of the Save    |
    |     |                  | Block). Get behind the flowers and jump.           |
    |     |                  | (Frog Coin)                                        |
    | 31  | Bean Valley      | From the start, enter the lower-right pipe. In the |
    |     |                  | next section, go all the way left and jump around. |
    |     |                  | (Frog Coin)                                        |
    | 32  | Bean Valley      | In the area with five pipes guarded by Piranha     |
    |     |                  | Plants, enter the lower-right pipe. It's in the    |
    |     |                  | area on the left, southwest of the lottery chest.  |
    |     |                  | (KeroKeroCola)                                     |
    | 33  | Bean Valley      | In the five pipes area, enter the one on the right.|
    |     |                  | Jump up to the ledge and hug the lower-right wall. |
    |     |                  | (Red Essence)                                      |
    | 34  | Nimbus Land      | The Item Shop. Jump on top of the boxes, then jump |
    |     |                  | off them towards the shopkeeper. (Frog Coin)       |
    | 35  | Nimbus Land      | In the Palace, in the room with three doors. (The  |
    |     |                  | center door leads to Birdo and is guarded by a     |
    |     |                  | fat Paratroopa before defeating Valentina and by   |
    |     |                  | two Nimbus guards otherwise.) In the upper-left,   |
    |     |                  | jump near the bird cage. (Frog Coin)               |
    | 36  | Nimbus Land      | In the room immediately after Birdo, jump on top   |
    |     |                  | of the visible chest on the right. (Frog Coin)     |
    | 37  | Nimbus Land      | Outside the Save Block room where prisoners were   |
    |     |                  | being held (one of the guards here gives you a     |
    |     |                  | Castle Key for entering Birdo's room). It's right  |
    |     |                  | near the exit to the room, on the right wall.      |
    |     |                  | (Frog Coin)                                        |
    | 38  | Nimbus Land      | Same as #37. Hug the lower wall until you end up   |
    |     |                  | walking on the dark out-of-bounds area, follow the |
    |     |                  | invisible path to the end and jump. (Frog Coin)    |
    | 39  | Gate             | In the small square room with just a Save Block.   |
    |     |                  | The chest is to the left of the block. (Healing    |
    |     |                  | Mushroom)                                          |
    | Treasure Rooms |
    There are two rooms I like to call "Treasure Rooms" because these rooms are
    loaded with useful stuff for the player.
    To open the first room, go to Monstro Town and enter the second building from
    the left. There will be a Chow and a Thwomp sitting next to each other. Talk to
    the Thwomp a bunch of times; each time, he (she?) will stomp the ground. After
    a while, go back outside. The key that was on top of the building should have
    fallen to the ground. (If it hasn't yet, keep talking to the Thwomp until it
    Now take this key and head back to Belome Temple. The elevator that takes you
    to Belome requires that you grab a fortune. This fortune can read one of two
    messages: "Mmm, I'm starving! Wish I had something to eat." (which takes you
    to the pipe to Monstro Town) or "Sorry, I'm not accepting visitors past my
    bedtime." When you get the second message, ride the elevator down and enter the
    next area. Belome will be here, guarding the room. Give him the key you got
    in Monstro Town and he'll let you pass. This room contains big Flowers, Frog
    Coins, and various items.
    The second Treasure Room is a bit smaller and a little trickier to find. In
    Rose Town, if you press the button in the house on the cliff to let the guy
    back into his house, he'll give you a little tip for the Forest Maze: go
    left, left, straight, right, in that order. These directions refer to MARIO's
    orientation, not the player's. When you enter the maze, exit the following
    exits from the player's perspective: left, bottom, bottom, left. You'll find
    a stump that will take you to the room.
    | Get Rich Quick! |
    This section contains numerous ways to quickly accumulate coins and Frog Coins.
    Information in this section was contributed by gibcircle[at]yahoo[dot]com,
    Lord_rawnblade[at]hotmail[dot]com, and andyhuang155[at]yahoo[dot]com.
    Thanks again, everybody!
    | Ten Frog Coins |
    To quickly get ten Frog Coins, enter the cave beneath the Donut Block Bridge
    in Land's End (jump into the hole when you see a cloud appear) and follow the
    path to where three barrels are stacked. There should be a treasure chest
    floating nearby. Get on top of that chest, then jump down onto the trampoline.
    You will pop out of a pipe in Kero Sewers. Jump onto the platform southwest of
    the pipe and hit the treasure chest to get "Cricket Jam." Give this item to
    Frogfucius in Tadpole Pond and he'll repay you with ten Frog Coins.
    | More Frog Coins |
    After you beat Valentina, return to Land's End and go to the desert area with
    the whirlpools. With good timing, you can jump on the ant as he appears inside
    the whirlpool, netting you 20 coins and 1 Frog Coin. The timing is difficult,
    but once you get it, you'll be rolling in dough.
    Also in Land's End, a quick and easy way to rack up lots of Frog Coins as well
    as some other items is to play the Paratroopas Cliff Scaling game and get
    really fast times. Each playthrough should net you 1 to 5 Frog Coins once you
    get really good at it.
    | Quick Cash |
    A quick way to get cash is to fight ghost-type monsters (like the Boos in
    Kero Sewers, for example). Each time you defeat ghosts, you get Pure Water, an
    item that allows for instant kills of ghost-type monsters. Rack up a bunch of
    Pure Waters, then sell them to any shop in the game for 75 coins apiece. This
    is a fairly reliable way to make money early in the game, or if you're saving
    up for BeetleMania's steep 500 coin cost.
    | Weapons & Armor |
    This section will detail how to obtain some pretty powerful weapons and armor
    for your team to use.
    | The Super Jump Items |
    In the second building from the left in Monstro Town is a Chow who keeps track
    of the total number of times you stomp on an enemy using the special attack
    Super Jump. (Stalker much?) The Super Jump is learned by Mario at level 6.
    The timing of pressing Y to continue a Super Jump streak changes ever so
    slightly at jump #18, but otherwise, once you've mastered the timing, it
    should be easy to keep a streak going. The game punts you out of a streak once
    you reach 100 jumps.
    When you achieve 30 Super Jumps, talk to the Chow and he'll give you an Attack
    Scarf, an accessory which greatly boosts Attack Power and can be worn by
    anyone. When you achieve 100 Super Jumps, talk to the Chow again and he'll give
    you the Super Suit, one of the best armors for Mario to wear.
    | Ultimate Weapons |
    This section talks about the ultimate weapons for each character. It is split
    into two charts: one for locating each weapon, one for the timing for achieving
    extra damage.
    | CHARACTER |    WEAPON     |                  WHERE TO FIND                  |
    | Mario     | Lazy Shell    | See "Lazy Shell" section below.                 |
    | Mallow    | Sonic Cymbals | In Bowser's Castle. At the six doors challenge, |
    |           |               | complete the first obstacle course area (it     |
    |           |               | begins with moving platforms under a ledge).    |
    | Geno      | Star Gun      | Bowser's Castle. At the six doors challenge,    |
    |           |               | complete the first fighting challenge, which    |
    |           |               | starts with a Gu Goomba fight.                  |
    | Bowser    | Drill Claw    | Bowser's Castle. At the six doors area, finish  |
    |           |               | the second fighting challenge.                  |
    | Toadstool | Frying Pan    | Moleville, after you defeat Valentina in Nimbus |
    |           |               | Land. In the Item Shop, you'll find the blue    |
    |           |               | mushroom guy you helped in Moleville Mines. He  |
    |           |               | offers to sell you some rare items. His third   |
    |           |               | rare item is a Metal Pan, which sells for 300   |
    |           |               | coins. Purchase this; it's the Frying Pan!      |
    | Lazy Shells |
    The Lazy Shell items are two very powerful tools to have when facing the last
    few bosses of the game. To gain access to them, you need two key items: the
    Seed and the Fertilizer.
    The Seed is fairly hard to miss. After you defeat Smilax in Bean Valley, the
    Shy-Away drops what appears to be a piece of paper. If you "read" this paper,
    you'll find that it is actually the Seed. Take it.
    Later, after you defeat Valentina, return to Nimbus Land. On the eastern
    (right-hand) side of the town, hug the wall until you walk right out into thin
    air. You'll find the Shy Away again, who will gladly give you the Fertilizer
    in exchange for letting him live.
    Once you have both the Seed and the Fertilizer, go to Rose Town. There will be
    an exit to the northeast, which will take you to a section of town with just a
    single house. Enter the house and speak to the man inside. He's a farmer who
    has spent his life looking for the rare Seed and Fertilizer. Hand both of them
    over to him. After a manic speech or two, he'll plant the Seed in the giant pot
    in his house and fertilize it with the Fertilizer. This will cause a large vine
    to sprout up through his chimney and into the sky. Climb this vine to the top.
    You'll be in the clouds, where two chests containing the Lazy Shell weapon and
    armor await you.
    The Lazy Shell weapon is Mario's most powerful weapon, with the same Critical
    Hit timing as the other shell weapons in the game. The Lazy Shell armor can be
    worn by anyone; it drastically decreases attack power but boosts defense to
    near-impenetrable levels.
    +-                             -+
    |                               |
     > 02b. Cameos & Secret Bosses < 
    |                               |
    +-                             -+
    This section of the guide details the location of both the secret bosses, as
    well as some special Nintendo character cameos.
    | Jinx |
    In Monstro Town, climb the stairs near the Save Block to a door with a sign
    hanging outside painted with a "J". Enter the door. After a scene with Bowser
    and the Koopa in here (his name is Jagger), talk to him and fight. After you
    win the fight (Jagger isn't too difficult, just keep pressure on him and you'll
    have no trouble), Jinx will reveal himself as the master of this dojo. You can
    now talk to Jinx to challenge him to a fight.
    Jinx has an average amount of health compared to most bosses, but the real
    danger is his attacks, which either deal high damage or are essentially one-hit
    KOs that can decimate a party in just a few turns. Having the Lazy Shell armor
    on a healer character (Peach is a good choice) helps a lot if you tackle him
    right when you get to Monstro Town. Geno's Geno Boost can also help punch
    through his high physical defense stat. NT220 of the GameFAQs message boards
    also notes that Jinx is susceptible to Jump attacks.
    Once you defeat Jinx three times (he gains more HP and defense each time),
    he'll acknowledge Mario as the true dojo master. Your reward for beating him is
    the Jinx Belt, which in addition to boosting a character's stats also prevents
    one-hit KOs. The sign outside the dojo will also change from "J" to "M" in
    acknowledgment of Mario's fighting prowess.
    | Culex |
    In Monstro Town, notice that the third door from the left (the one right before
    the Item Shop) is sealed tight. To open it, go to Moleville. Buy some Fireworks
    from the guy in the house near where the little girl is sitting next to five
    crates. After, go talk to that girl and trade the Fireworks for a Shiny Stone.
    Go back to Monstro Town and examine the door again. The Shiny Stone will react
    to the door and allow you to enter. Before you do, make sure you save your game
    and prepare for the fight ahead.
    Culex is a throwback to classic Final Fantasy bosses (though he is not, as was
    rumored for years, from any particular Final Fantasy game). Culex himself only
    uses physical attacks and a special move called Shredder, which negates any
    boosts to attack and defense, such as Geno's Geno Boost ability. He also has
    ridiculously high HP, so be ready for a lengthy fight. Following are a couple
    of strategies for tackling this guy.
    STRAEGY ONE (by: Zelikman)
    | PARTY  |                       EQUIPMENT                        |
    | Mario  | Lazy Shell(w), armor or acc. that prevents insta-death |
    | Peach  | any weapon, Lazy Shell(a), any acc.                    |
    | Bowser | any weapon and armor, Safety Ring/Badge                |
    Use Peach as a healer and have Mario and Bowser attack normally. You can use
    Bowser's full-screen attacks to hit the crystals as well, but his specials
    aren't all that powerful.
    STRATEGY TWO (by: MeowSaur53[at]aol[dot]com)
    | PARTY             |                       EQUIPMENT                        |
    | Mario (LV 25-30)  | Lazy Shell(w), Hero Shirt, Safety Badge                |
    | Peach (LV 27-30)  | Frying Pan, Lazy Shell(a), Safety Pin                  |
    | Bowser (LV 24-30) | Drill Claw, Heal Shell, Jinx Belt                      |
    Start by using up any Rock Candy you have, then continue the damage by having
    Peach use the Star Egg (see Grate Guy's Casino section, search key [xxx]). Only
    heal her when she gets in the low 50s health-wise. Don't worry about reviving
    Mario or Bowser once they fall.
    STRATEGY THREE (by: balindwarf[at]comcast[dot]net)
    | PARTY  |                       EQUIPMENT                        |
    | Mario  | Lazy Shell(w), any armor, Troopa Pin OR Jinx Belt      |
    | Peach  | any weapon, Lazy Shell(a), Safety Ring                 |
    | xx     | strongest weapon, any armor, Troopa Pin OR Jinx Belt   |
    |        | (whichever one Mario isn't wearing)                    |
    Similar to MeowSaur's strategy, but with the added power of the attack weapons,
    reviving Mario and the third party member is more to your advantage. Just keep
    using the Star Egg and Rock Candies, then whale on Culex with Mario and Bowser
    while using Peach to heal.
    After you defeat Culex, he'll give you the Quartz Charm, an accessory that
    raises attack and defense by 50%, prevents insta-death, and doubles the damage
    of Rock Candies and the Star Egg. Not bad! Also, once you've defeated Culex,
    the door behind which he was waiting will disappear from Monstro Town forever.
    | Link (The Legend of Zelda) |
    After defeating Bowyer, return to Rose Town and spend a night at the Inn. When
    you awaken, Link will be sleeping in the bed next to yours. If you try to talk
    to him, you'll hear the signature "found a secret" chime from the Zelda games!
    | Samus Aran (Metroid) |
    Samus is cool enough to have two separate cameos in this game. First, after
    you clear Seaside Town and obtain the fifth Star Piece for good, go back to
    the Mushroom Kingdom, enter the Palace, and find the guest bedroom (it's
    across the way from the vault, which you should have visited earlier in the
    game). Samus will be resting here; if you talk to her, she tells you that she's
    resting up for Mother Brain.
    The second cameo is small, but fun: after clearing the Booster section of the
    game, giving you full access to Booster's Tower, return to his bedroom at the
    very top and look in the basket. Is that a doll of the great Galactic
    Federation bounty hunter? Or possibly an action figure?
    | Star Fox & F-Zero Vehicles |
    These cameos are fairly easy to miss. In Hinopio's Place inside Barrel Volcano
    (right before you fight the Czar Dragon), look on the shelf at the back of the
    room. You can see Captain Falcon and Samurai Goroh's craft from the SNES F-Zero
    game, as well as the Arwing, which is Star Fox's spacecraft.
    +-                                          -+
    |                                            |
     > 02c. Sidequests, Minigames, & Miscellany < 
    |                                            |
    +-                                          -+
    This section covers a few of the sidequests and mini-games available for
    playing in the game, as well as some miscellaneous things that don't really
    fit in anywhere else in the guide.
    | BeetleMania |
    After you complete Seaside Town/Sunken Ship and obtain the fifth Star Piece for
    good, return to Mushroom Kingdom. In the Inn, on the first floor, there is a
    Toad playing a handheld game in the corner. If you interrupt him enough times,
    he'll eventually say he beat his high score, then offer to sell you ther game
    for 500 coins.
    (Note: simalarion[at]hotmail[dot]com says you can also basically purchase the
    game anytime after you've rescued Toadstool from Booster.)
    The game is BeetleMania. It can be accessed from the X menu at any time in the
    overworld. You control a beetle moving along the bottom of the screen. Your
    objective is to shoot down the turtle shells by firing stars with any of the
    four buttons (A, B, X, Y) on the controller. If you get hit, rapidly mash the
    buttons to recover. The way to rack up high scores in this game is to use the
    shrapnel of the shells to your advantage. Each time you destroy a turtle shell,
    it creates a ring of damage around it that can start a chain reaction, wrecking
    multiple turtle shells in one go.
    | The Three Musty Fears |
    In Monstro Town, the door to the right of the Item Shop is a kind of Inn for
    resting and recovering HP/FP. There's a catch, though. The first time you sleep
    in this bed, you'll be visited in your sleep by the Three Musty Fears. These
    three ghosts want to play a game with you. Each one will go out into the world
    and hide a flag somewhere. Your job is to find all three flags. Their locations
    Greaper: In Rose Town. Press 'A' behind the Welcome sign shaped like a flower.
    Dry Bones: Mario's Pad. Press 'A' in front of the bed, the flag is underneath.
    Big Boo: Yo'ster Isle. Press 'A' between the letters 'O' and 'A' in 'GOAL'.
    Once you have all three flags, return to Monstro Town and sleep again. The
    Fears will reappear, congratulate you on finding their flags, and equip the
    Ghost Medal onto Mario. The Ghost Medal raises your defense while attacking;
    more importantly, it's worth 800 coins, which will buy you just about anything
    you need prior to the end of the game.
    | Grate Guy's Casino |
    Gaining access to Grate Guy's Casino is a little maddening, but well worth it
    if you are looking to obtain the Star Egg, a highly useful item that is
    essentially a Rock Candy that never runs out.
    First, go to Booster's Tower after you've finished the events at Marrymore.
    Climb the tower until you encounter Knife Guy juggling some multi-colored balls
    on the stairs. Talk to him and he'll ask you to play a game with him. The game
    is this: guess which hand is holding the yellow ball. With each correct guess,
    the game gets harder, but losing will only drop you down a win; you won't have
    to start over every time you lose, in other words. A simple way to track the
    yellow ball in the higher difficulties is to pay attention to its location in
    the last moments before Knife Guy asks you to pick a hand. If it was in the
    front set of balls, it will be in his left hand. If it was behind the front
    set, it will be in his right hand. Win 13 times to obtain the Bright Card.
    Now make your way to Bean Valley. In the section with five pipes, enter the
    one at the top, closes to the Save Block. (You'll have to wait for the Shy-
    Away to water the Smilax, then fight the Smilax, to gain access.) You'll be
    in an area with three lizard enemies and a Golden Chomp. Clear out the Chomp,
    then go to the very left corner and jump three times. Each time you jump, you
    will hear a chime to let you know you're in the right spot. On the third jump,
    a platform will appear, leading you to a special exit. Leave via this exit and
    you will be back on the overworld, with a path to Grate Guy's Casino unlocked.
    The games offered in the casino are fairly self-explanatory. The only one you
    should really be concerned with is Look the Other Way. To play this game, talk
    to Grate Guy a couple of times and eventually he'll offer to play it with you.
    As the name implies, the goal is to look the opposite way of where Grate Guy
    plans to look. Since the chances of guessing right are 50-50, you just have to
    be persistent and play the game over and over again. Win Look the Other Way
    100 times and you'll receive the Star Egg.
    Additionally, if you aren't interested in the casino, you can sell the Bright
    Card to a guy outside the chapel in Marrymore. His first offer is 100 coins;
    refuse him, and his next offer will be 5 Frog Coins. His last offer will be
    for 10 Frog Coins, which is a pretty sweet deal. You can also buy it back from
    him, but the price will be 15 Frog Coins. Capitalism at work, I guess.
    | Falling In & Out of Debt With You |
    This is more of a distraction than anything else. In Marrymore, you can buy
    the deluxe suite at the Hotel for a higher price than the normal room (both
    rooms will heal you when you sleep in the bed). The cost only covers a one-
    night stay, but you are quite free to stay as many nights as you like, as
    long as you don't go downstairs to the lobby. When you finally do go down to
    the lobby, having overstayed your welcome, the owner will subtract the total
    cost of your stay from your current funds. If he winds up bankrupting you,
    you'll have to work as a bellhop in the Hotel until you've paid off your debt.
    The process of being a bellhop is mostly automatic: when a customer pays for
    the deluxe suite, you take them upstairs and explain everything, just like the
    original bellhop did when you stayed there. Afterwards, talk to the customers
    and see if you get a tip off of them. Leading one customer up to the suite will
    pay for one of the extra nights you overstayed in the suite. When the debt is
    fully repaid, you're finally released into the world again.
    | Melody Bay |
    Off to the right side of the main screen of Tadpole Pond is an area called
    Melody Bay. It features a large pond set up almost like a piece of musical
    notation, with a Toad named Toadofsky standing on the other side. Toadofsky
    needs help composing a piece; you can help him by using the pond to play out
    the songs.
    Crash course: from left to right, the notes are: Mi Re Do Ti La So Fa. You will
    encounter the songs Toadofsky is thinking of throughout the game, but for
    simplicity's sake, here's a chart. Note that you'll have to have cleared
    Moleville Mountain and obtained the third Star Piece before you can get the
    Moleville Blues. The Star Song is available as soon as you reach Monstro Town.
    |         SONG          |    WHERE TO FIND    |      NOTES TO PLAY      |
    | Frogfucius' Suite #18 | On a piece of paper | So La Mi Re Do Re Do Re |
    |    (Tadpole Pond)     | behind Frogfucius.  |                         |
    |   Moleville Blues     | Moleville Mountain. | Mi Do So Do Re La Ti Do |
    |    (Moleville)        | Talk to the miners. |                         |
    |     Star Song         | First house on left.| La Ti Do Re So Do Re Mi |
    |   (Monstro Town)      | Upstairs, talk to   |                         |
    |                       | the star.           |                         |
    After you successfully play a song for Toadofsky, he'll give you a card. These
    cards will allow you to buy items at the Juice Bar in Tadpole Pond (left of the
    tadpole bridge to Frogfucius on the mainland). Here's another quick chart.
    |   CARD  |  AFTER PERFORMING...  |     JUICE BAR ITEMS      |
    | Alto    | Frogfucius' Suite #18 | Froggie Drink (14 coins) |
    |         |                       | Elixir (38 coins)        |
    | Tenor   | Moleville Blues       | Froggie Drink (12 coins) |
    |         |                       | Elixir (36 coins)        |
    |         |                       | Megalixir (90 coins)     |
    | Soprano | Star Song             | Froggie Drink (8 coins)  |
    |         |                       | Elixir (24 coins)        |
    |         |                       | Megalixir (60 coins)     |
    |         |                       | KeroKeroCola (200 coins) |
    | Skip Mack Glitch |
    This is one of the most well-known, highly useful glitches in Super Mario RPG.
    To accomplish it, walk into the throne room where Mack and his cronies are
    bouncing around. Approach the Shysters on the left-hand side by walking up the
    part of the stairs on that side not covered by carpet. Jump onto their heads
    when you get the opportunity. You can now walk along their heads. Jump off
    their heads onto the platform where Mack and the throne are. If you do it
    correctly, you won't trigger the cutscene that occurs right before fighting
    Mack. Now you can walk right up to the Chancellor and talk to him. When you do,
    the game will proceed as if you have already defeated Mack and obtained the
    first Star Piece!
    The best part is that this glitch won't mess up your game at all. When the
    screen fades to black and then fades back again, Mack and the Shysters will
    be gone, and the game will proceed as normal.
    | Vine Climbing |
    On the second screen in the clouds (counting from when you first enter the
    clouds via Bean Valley's beanstalk), there are two vines to climb. Take the
    left vine to its peak and jump to reveal a treasure chest. Jump down and climb
    the other vine up until you can jump onto the top of the treasure chest. Use
    the chest to jump onto the vine previously out of reach and climb it to the
    next area. Climb up until you jump onto a yellow vine, then jump to reveal a
    hidden platform. Make your way around and up until you can get on the yellow
    platform, then make a running jump to the green vine. Climb up to find some
    treasure chests with items inside.
    +-                          -+
    |                            |
     > 03. Reader Contributions < 
    |                            |
    +-                          -+
    This section is for thanking and acknowledging the people who have e-mailed
    in various contributions to this guide. It is now available in, you guessed it,
    a handy chart!
    |           NAME/E-MAIL             |              CONTRIBUTIONS              |
    | simalarion[at]hotmail[dot]com     | -BeetleMania info                       |
    |                                   | -Culex "Shredder" info                  |
    | apocalypseman00[at]aol[dot]com    | -Getting the Star Egg                   |
    | NT220 (GFAQs msg boards)          | -Jinx "Jump" info                       |
    |                                   | -Vine Climbing area                     |
    | Dagganoth (GFAQs msg boards)      | -Way Outta Reach (see Land's End Hidden |
    |                                   | Treasure Chests)                        |
    | anonymous/unknown                 | -Ghost Medal sell price                 |
    | MeowSaur53[at]aol[dot]com         | -Culex strategy #2                      |
    | balindwarf[at]comcast[dot]net     | -Culex strategy #3                      |
    | gibcircle[at]yahoo[dot]com        | -Frog Coin info                         |
    | Lord_rawnblade[at]hotmail[dot]com | -Frog Coin info                         |
    | BUGLEBOY616[at]msn[dot]com        | -Hidden Treasure Chest #22 (formerly 23)|
    | andyhuang155[at]yahoo[dot]com     | -Various pieces of info over the years  |
    +-                               -+
    |                                 |
     > 04. Condensed Version History < 
    |                                 |
    +-                               -+
    Given the many revisions this guide has gone through over the years, in lieu
    of the more detailed breakdown of its evolution, I have condensed eight years
    of work into this short chart. It describes the many different states this
    document has been through, leading up to the present. Minor version updates
    will no longer be included here.
    | VERSION |                 ABBREVIATED DESCRIPTION OF CHANGES                |
    | 1.0     | The first version of this guide. The core elements of information |
    |         | contained in this guide are laid out. Hidden Treasure Chests      |
    |         | section was still incomplete.                                     |
    | 2.0     | The second version of the guide. Contributors providing plenty of |
    |         | useful information. Added: Small Treasure Room, Marrymore Job.    |
    |         | Hidden Treasure Chests section expanded, still incomplete.        |
    | 3.0     | The third, highly volatile version of the guide. Attempted a high |
    |         | scores table for BeetleMania; removed it later, citing it as pure |
    |         | filler. Added: Cameos, Flowers and the Once Again Theory, Kao     |
    |         | Megura dedication. Spam-proofed e-mail addresses. Attempted       |
    |         | something called a "technological" format for the guide; failed.  |
    |         | Regrettably, Hidden Treasure Chests section still wallowing in    |
    |         | unfinished self-pity. Spelling and grammar check instigated;      |
    |         | "pubescent" jokes purged. Last known update (3.01): copyright     |
    |         | update, with intention to add search function later.              |
    | 4.0     | The fourth version of the guide. Reworked from the ground up for  |
    |         | maximum efficiency. Hidden Treasure Chests section completed,     |
    |         | achieves nirvana, will probably live longer than the author. Most |
    |         | sections of previous guides condensed into organized subsections. |
    |         | Guide is now a fully operational battle station, proceeds to blow |
    |         | up Alderaan. Oops.                                                |
    +-                -+
    |                  |
     > 05. Conclusion < 
    |                  |
    +-                -+
    This is the end of the guide. Thanks to CJayC, SBAllen, and Devin Morgan, who
    will all have seen this guide pass their eyes in various forms. Thanks to the
    Super Mario RPG board for keeping the dream alive. Though the Kao Megura
    dedication has been removed, this guide remains a salute to all of the FAQ
    writers who have come and gone, sometimes forever, over the years.
    If you have any contributions or questions about this guide, feel free to
    e-mail me at PanzerJumper[at]gmail[dot]com. I hope this guide has been useful
    to you!

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