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    Low-Level FAQ/Walkthrough by snoocete

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    Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars
    Low-Level FAQ/Walkthrough
    February 1, 2004
    Version 2.0
    author: Aaron Madrinan (snoocete)
    e-mail: snoocete@eudoramail.com
    subject: "Re: SMRPG Low-Level FAQ/Walkthrough"
    (Best viewed with Lucida Console 9pt at 800x600 resolution) 
    (This walkthrough is meant for people who have beaten the game
    before. If you haven't then I highly suggest you finish it first
    before attempting this challenge.)
    This thing will help you beat an SMRPG Lv3 Mario game in the quickest
    and cleanest way possible. I think. What might be the easiest way for
    me might be in fact the worst way to do it. I'm not totally sure. In
    that case, and any others where you see something wrong with your
    game or my FAQ, drop me a line, or post at the GameFAQs SMRPG board
    and summon me. I'll be there to help.
    Welcome to my low-level SMRPG FAQ. ^_^
    -2.00-   -30Kb-    -February 1, 2004-
    "This is my first FAQ, so please help me bring you a decent one."
    Thanks to all of those who are kind enough to criticize my FAQ,
    I'll continue what I promised half a year ago. For newcomers,
    this might look like just another FAQ, but should you see its
    contents before this version... let's say that its author (used to be)
    a newb.
     - major changes in content and format.
     - returned mail to Eudora.
     - dropped the use of Yoshi Ade.
     - removed Jinx from the side quest list.
     - a whole lot of unnecessary parts removed. *points to file size*
    What to come: some people want the debug room to be discussed, so
    I'll look into it.
    -1.10-   -54Kb-    -August 10, 2003-
    Changed the name of this FAQ. What was I thinking?!
    Switched my e-mail add to something better: snoocete@yahoo.com
    Dropped the use of the Rock Candy.
    Renamed the "Updates" section.
    Found out that tildes are better than asterisks.
    Some mail, fixes here and there, etc.
    -1.01-   -52Kb-    -July 18, 2003-
    A whole bunch of errors corrected, courtesy of Luster Soldier.
    Fixed some errors in the credits section.
    Trimmed some parts of the guide.
    Replaced the header ASCII art with something better to the eyes.
    Added a FAQ section.
    -1.00-   -47Kb-    -July 08, 2003-
    Made some changes in the first half of the guide.
    Added the fifth, sixth and seventh star search.
    It's the complete guide. Enjoy =)
    -0.50-   -20Kb-    -July 02, 2003-
    The guide is finished up to the start of the Marine Star search.
    What to come: the complete guide. I'm just taking a rest after
    a few days of typing. Maybe take some e-mail from concerned people
    about what to do next, what to add, what to remove, etc.
    First off, some notes:
    (1) Unless it is said in the walkthrough that you need to fight to
    continue, do not engage in a battle.
    (2) Learn to time your attacks and defenses. It's critical in some
    points in the game.
    (3) Magic spells are unblockable, so don't try. Good thing that they
    appear late in the game.
    (4) Freebies could be timed, unlike what most people say, however
    it's as hard as timing consecutive Super Jumps.
    (5) Always heal up and save your game whenever you can. Restock at
    the item shops.
    (5) You may do things your own way, just as long as you don't stray
    from your main goal.
    |No.1 - Blue Star|
    -Bowser's Keep-
    The terrapins should give you no trouble (and no experience), and
    Bowser's Kinklink could be felled with two Jump specials. After
    all those cutscenes you will go to Mario's Pad.
    -Mario's Pad-
    After Toad gives you the tutorial, save then go to Bowser's Keep,
    (whoa, that's a REALLY BIG sword) then go back, say yes twice to
    Toad so you get four mushrooms and no experience, save again, then
    you're off to Mushroom Way.
    -Mushroom Way-
    Don't bother rescuing Toad at all; he'll be okay anyway. Now, make
    your way through, collecting the coins from the treasure boxes.
    Since we aren't battling that much, our money will mostly come from
    treasure boxes, so SAVE every coin, ok?
    HAMMER BROS. - 50 HP per brother
    Difficulty: Easy
    --Hit them with Jump, and when you run out of FP, use physical
    attacks. Use a mushroom if you need to.
    -Mushroom Kingdom-
    Talk to the king and through all the story stuff.
    -Bandit's Way-
    There's a Kero Kero Cola somewhere around here, check the Lists
    FAQ by Vincento to know where it is. Sell it for money, stock up
    on supplies like pick me ups and honey syrups, and buy armor for
    yourself. You'll need it.
    CROCO - 320 HP
    Difficulty: Hard
    --This guy is pretty hard this early in the game. Really.
    --The only bad thing about him is that he sometimes throws bombs
    that, at your current level, will OHKO you. And it's unblockable.
    Ouch. The best move to do when that happens would be to bring your
    partner back to life. If both of them are alive, give him a lot of
    timed attacks and stay alive. 
    --Halfway through the fight, he will use a Weird Mushroom, which
    gives him back 60 HP. He will lose one turn, use it against him.
    If you want to wipe him out easily in exchange for time, you could
    use this strategy submitted by Nate (AKA: aragorn64 (Sensei Jinx)):
    "I'd just like to point out a trick that can make a Level 3 game
    infinitely easier--it's called the "Jump Trick." (It was discovered
    by Shy Ranger on the boards, if I recall correctly.) By utilizing
    this trick, some of the earlier bosses in a L3G are, in fact, EASIER
    then in a regular game. (Note, that I said some of the EARLIER ones.
    This trick involves, the under-used Jump attack. What Shy Ranger
    discovered, was that for every time you use Jump, it's power
    increases by 2! And not just for that battle, but indefinitely. This
    can be done 125 times, powering up Jump to a whopping 250! An easy
    way to do this, is just to get into a battle with some Spikeys. Make
    sure Mario does NOT have the Jump Shoes on. Now, the Spikeys are
    invincible to Jump; it still powers up though. Keep using Jump on
    them till you run out of FP. Then, go heal, and repeat.
    Have fun destroying Croco in just 2 or 3 moves!"
    -Mushroom Kingdom-
    Avoid the shysters, and head straight for Mack. Come to think about
    it, this FAQ could also be a speed guide...
    MACK - 480 HP
    BODYGUARDS - 30 HP each
    Difficulty: Medium
    --Kill three of Mack's bodyguards, and leave one alive. This would
    give you an edge over him because: 1)the bodyguards don't regenerate
    and 2)you could focus your attack on Mack.  It is very rare that the
    Bodyguards and Mack do a Drain-Flame Wall combo but it happens so you
    might use a Pick Me Up. Have Mario consume the Honey Syrups to use
    Jump specials and Mallow the default item user.
    You should both level-up Mario and Mallow here. Any earlier and
    you'll overshoot your Lv3 mark.
    |No.2 - Green Star|
    -Kero Sewers-
    Find the green exclamation switch that will bring down the water
    levels to normal, then go down the one underwater pipe that you
    cannot reach before. There's a save on the way, use it.
    BELOME - 500 HP
    Difficulty: Easy
    --His special move is S'crow Funk, which is useless considering you
    are using special moves. He will swallow Mallow halfway through the
    fight but you don't need to worry unless you're a scarecrow.
    -Tadpole Pond-
    Not much to do here, just talk to Frogfucius.
    -Rose Town-
    And also here...
    -Forest Maze-
    There is a Kero Kero Cola, Red Essence and a hidden treasure room.
    I say find the kero kero cola, for money, and the red essence, it'll
    help you in future boss fights. 
    BOWYER - 720 HP
    Difficulty: Easy
    --Jump and Geno Beam would do this guy in. With Geno by your side,
    your party can't die in a single hit. He also shoots arrows that
    could be blocked by pressing A before it hits you.
    |No.3 - Orange Star|
    We're here for the coal mines.
    -Coal Mines-
    Jump on the trampoline about two rooms away from where you are. After
    you bonk your head on the ceiling, Croco will appear so you must give
    chase to him. Another mini-boss fight.
    CROCO - 750 HP
    Difficulty: Easy
    --Your party's attack is stronger than their magic, so use FP only
    for HP Rain. Sometime in the fight, he will steal ALL your items,
    that's the only time it gets bad if you don't have FP to heal or
    Mallow faints. This time he throws not only bombs but miscellaneous
    weak enemies as well.
    Difficulty: Medium
    --Be ready to defend yourself when he uses the bombs, they might kill
    you if you are not careful. Your party should use physical attacks
    for they are stronger. Do not kill the bombs; just be ready to press
    that A button to raise your guard.
    |No.4 - Purple Star|
    Somewhere in the town is a treasure hunter who sells the Lucky Jewel
    for 100 coins, BUY IT. You'll need it to stay at level 3.
    -Booster Tower-
    You can find the Masher, Chomp and Zoom Shoes here, get them before
    you go to the top and instead of fighting Booster, win the Hide n'
    Seek mini-game so you won't fight Booster, equip the Amulet on
    Bowser and save.
    GRATE GUY - 900 HP
    KNIFE GUY - 700 HP
    Difficulty: Hard
    --Your party should be Mario-Geno-Bowser. Use the Lucky Jewel at the
    very start of the battle.
    --Battle them normally until they go on top of each other. This is
    where the trouble begins. Besides having a big boost in their stats,
    they also use assorted unblockable magic. Hopefully you have acceso-
    ries to block the status changes. Heal often and try to keep Bowser
    alive all the time. Revive Geno when he falls. As for Mario, from
    now on he's pretty much useless, so let the poor guy rest.
    --Geno Beam does great damage to Knife Guy. For Grate Guy, just
    use physical attacks.
    --After defeating them, the Egg Game should come up. It SHOULD be the
    one which doubles your experience. If it's not, reload from your last
    save. Then, if it is the exp. one, you have to guess the WRONG answer.
    If not, reload from your last save. The odds that you will get it
    right the first time you do it is 1:6. Disappointingly, until you get
    the Lucky Hammer, that's the only way you could prevent level-up.
    BUNDT - 900 HP
    RASPBERRY - 600 HP
    Difficulty: Hard
    --Use the Lucky Jewel at the very start of the battle.
    --Not so merry anymore :(. Have your party attack the Bundt with
    physical attacks. Soon the chefs will run, then you have to kill the
    cake by putting out all the candles. That's the point where it
    becomes quite hard; the cake's got invisible attack, hard-to-defend
    attack, AND strong magic. Worse, when the Bundt attacks, it always
    does three in a row, and most likely one of them is a spell. Every
    turn it regenerates a candle, so there must be at least two party
    members to attack it. After it falls, the Raspberry will remain. It
    is easier than the Bundt in such that it attacks only once and has
    shorter HP. It will soon be over <sigh>.
    --<repeat this boss fight until you get the wrong egg in the exp game>
    Replace Geno with Toadstool. Don't have much to do now, just settle
    your appointments.
    |No.5 - Marine Star|
    -Seaside Town-
    Just find the Sunken Ship.
    -Sunken Ship-
    The password is PEARLS, and you can sidestep the Greaper guarding
    the door so that you would not battle it.
    TENTACLES - 200 to 260 HP
    Difficulty: Medium
    --Use the Lucky Jewel at the very start of the battle.
    --First round is with the tentacles. To defend from the tentacles
    you must press A at its farthest point from the ground. Take them out
    one by one the physical way. The same goes for the second wave. As
    for King Calamari, treat him like a tentacle, only that he has more
    HP and could do magic like poison and fear.
    Ok, this part is rather difficult to describe, so what you need to
    do: find the Safety Ring, battle some Bandana Reds on your way there
    so save often (IIRC there is a save point there somewhere).
    JOHNNY - 820 HP
    BANDANA BLUEs - 150 HP
    Difficulty: Medium
    --Thankfully, you may not need to use the Lucky Jewel here because
    his minions throw Lucky flowers when they die. Anyway, just like
    what we did with Mack, kill three and leave one. If you kill all of
    them, they won't regenerate but instead you will fight a one-on-one
    battle between Mario and Johnny. And Mario is Level 3, so that ain't
    good. He will "get tough" halfway through the battle, just attack
    physically, healing every now and then, and you will be okay.
    -Seaside Town-
    YARIDOVICH - 1500 HP
    Mirage - 500 HP
    Difficulty: Hard
    --Use the Lucky Jewel at the very start of the battle.
    --Most of the time, his first attack is Water Blast, so before he
    could do that, use a Bracer on both Toadstool and Bowser. Have
    Toadstool heal all the time, and Bowser attack normally. A few turns
    afterwards, he will use his Mirage Move. To know who the real thing
    is, the cursor will point automatically to Yaridovich (not his
    mirage) if you attack him before. Also he runs out of FP earlier
    than other bosses.
    *falls unconscious after defeating three consecutive bosses* Zzzzz...
    |No.6 - Red Star|
    -Seaside Town-
    Now that you freed the town, explore it and buy everything you need.
    YOU MUST BUY THE LUCKY HAMMER. Give mushrooms to Mushroom Boy, if
    you're lucky, you will get Rock Candy, Maple Syrup and Flower Tab.
    Stay around here to fill your FP to 99, and some rock candies to make
    upcoming battles a lot easier. Better to be prepared than sorry, right?
    Hmmm, you may wonder, "Why should I buy a Lucky Hammer?" If you
    get a Timed Hit with a lucky hammer, you get to play the Egg Game at
    the end of the battle. Then you might say, "But I already have the
    Lucky Jewel!" Yes, you do, but try using it a few more times and
    you'll see that it'll expire and disappear from your inventory.
    The lucky hammer will never run out, and that's what makes a low-
    level game possible.
    -Land's End-
    Climb the mountain side until you reach the friendly mouse. Talk to
    it, save, then head to the next section. Enter the whirlpool with the
    Shogun that pops out, then time it right so that you go into the
    whirlpool WITHOUT fighting the shogun. If you did it wrong, it's
    okay, the save point is near where you are. Keep going through
    whirlpools-with-shoguns until you drop down to a cave. As you go on,
    you meet monster dogs blocking your way, battle them and get no exp,
    return to the save, then battle another one until there is a clear
    -Belome Temple-
    BELOME - 1200 HP
    BOWSER CLONE - 300 HP and TOADSTOOL 2 - 120 HP
    Difficulty: Easy
    --Feed him with a half-dozen rock candies (4 with energizer). Any
    clone would be instantly obliterated. Problem solved.
    -Monstro Town-
    My favorite town of all! I love it here because you could get the
    Jinx Belt, Ghost Medal, and Quartz Charm within a few doors of
    each other. Obtain the Ghost Medal and equip it to Bowser. We'll
    return later when we have the Star Egg.
    -Bean Valley-
    Unlock Grate Guy's Casino, and then return here with a few ice bombs.
    MEGASMILAX - 1000 HP
    SMILAX - 200 HP
    Difficulty: Easy
    --Drop the ice bombs here. Poor plant. :(
    -The Star Egg Side Quest-
    From now on, the only way you're going to respectable damage is with
    this thing. That and the other way if you're good at timing freebies.
    *points to rock candies at FAQ section*
    The Star Egg is a reusable battle item with half the strength of a
    Rock Candy. It's really simple to get, however it requires a lot of
    patience. First, climb Booster Tower and on your way up, you will
    meet Knife Guy. Play his "touch the hand with the ball" game, and if
    you win consistentle he will give you the Bright Card. Now go to
    Grate Guy's Casino, and this time you will meet Grate Guy. Play
    "look the other way" with him until you win a hundred (100!) times
    for him to give you the Star Egg. No kidding.
    -Nimbus Land-
    Enter the castle. Walk, dodge enemy, more walk, puzzle solve, walk
    a bit more, boss battle!
    SHELLY - 500 HP
    BIRDO - 777 HP
    EGGBERT - 10 HP
    Difficulty: Easy
    --Shelly is the easiest boss in the game. It's because it won't
    strike back whenever you hit it. When it comes to Birdo, there is
    not much difference. Use the Star Egg all the time. His physical
    attack does serious damage, but it's easy to block.
    Before the next boss fight, reorder your team such that Toadstool
    (not Bowser, my mistake) is in the middle.
    VALENTINA - 2000 HP
    DODO - 1000 HP
    Difficulty: Hard
    --Toadstool vs Dodo shouldn't be too hard, just bring a bracer and
    then crack the Star Egg on him.
    --After Dodo is defeated, the battle switches back to Mario and
    Bowser. If Valentina uses Water Blast (you thought that only
    Yaridovich has that god-forsaken ability?), you're most likely dead
    unless you used a Bracer on the Princess. Even then, she could make
    you sleep or turn you into a mushroom then follow it up with a
    strong spell. You might want to use a Red Essence here. Once
    Toadstool comes back, patch up your team and finish the battle
    Now get the fertilizer, and head to Rose Town.
    -The Lazy Shells Side Quest-
    Very simple, just bring the Seed and the Fertilizer to the gardener
    on weed, and equip the Lazy Shell armor to Bowser. The Lazy Shell
    weapon? Sell it.
    -The Battle with Culex Side Quest-
    If you beat this hidden boss, you get the Quartz Charm, which
    doubles every stat. So you should definitely get it. The battle
    is not that hard, just time-consuming and annoying due to that
    guess-the-wrong-egg factor.
    Bowser must be in the party and equipped with the Lazy Shell and
    Ghost Medal. Also bring some Energizers and Bracers. Go to Moleville,
    buy the Fireworks for 500 coins from  the mole in the northwest
    corner of the town. Exchange the Fireworks to the girl-mole behind
    the crates for a Shiny Stone. Now go to Monstro Town, save, then
    open Culex's door.
    CULEX - 4096 HP
    EARTH CRYSTAL - 3200 HP, and WIND CRYSTAL - 800 HP
    Difficulty: Medium
    --Use an Energizer and/or a Bracer on Bowser ASAP.
    --Unless Culex uses his physical attack or his Dark Star special,
    you won't get hurt too much (only about 0-1 HP). You should always
    heal when your life goes 2/3 and lower; you never know, Culex might
    use Dark Star, and it simply sucks if you faint by that.
    --If Culex uses Shredder, the stat boosts you have will be gone. Use
    a stat-upper when you have the opportunity.
    Sell the Ghost Medal and equip the Quartz Charm. You now have a tank.
    -Barrel Volcano-
    CZAR DRAGON _ 1400 HP
    ZOMBONE - 1800 HP
    Difficulty: Easy
    --There is an odd thing with this boss: it's made up of fire but it
    has (guess what)... WATER BLAST! Most probably, only Bowser will live
    because the dragon just CAN'T kill him.
    --The second form of this boss reminds me of the Crocomire from
    Super Metroid. It is still inferior against you.
    AXEM PINK - 400 HP, AXEM BLACK - 550 HP, AXEM RED - 800 HP,
    AXEM YELLOW - 600 HP and AXEM GREEN - 450 HP
    Difficulty: Easy
    --Now use Star Egg and watch them get hit. After a few turns, they
    will all fall, but they reunite as the Axem Rangers' robot and fires
    the Breaker Beam. All I could say about their most powerful weapon
    is that... it's pathetic. It could kill you but you aren't that
    stupid as to let that happen, right?
    *sigh* This is one of the few things I hate in a low-level game: it
    gets easier near the end.
    |No.7 - Yellow Star|
    -Bowser's Keep-
    The room after Croco's has The 6 Doors, you must complete four of
    them to move on. Preferably the ones where you don't have to fight a
    parade of enemies. Once you have four doors done, you will drop down
    to a room with a save point, then continue on to fight...
    MAGIKOOPA - 1600 HP
    JINX CLONE - 320 HP, KING BOMB - 500 HP, BAHAMUTT - 500 HP
    Difficulty: Easy
    --Ignore what he summons, just bombard him.
    The next part is just the most annoying part of the game: you have
    to guess the wrong egg twice in a row. Check the FAQ section for tips.
    EXOR - 1800 HP
    Difficulty: Easy
    --Try not to look at the screen too much, some people get epileptic
    seizure from viewing sparkly things. You might be one of them.
    COUNTDOWN - 2400 HP
    DING-A-LING x2 - 1200 HP
    The other set:
    CLOAKER - 1200 HP
    DOMINO - 900 HP
    EARTH LINK - 2500 HP
    Difficulty: Easy
    --To hell with these machines...
    Dilute the welcoming party, and get your supplies from Toad.
    Prepare for the final battle.
    Woohoo!! If I were you, I'd turn the volume way high and listen to
    the incredibly good final boss theme (even better than Culex', IMO).
    Oh, the strategy...
    SMITHY - 2000 HP
    SHELTER - 1500 HP
    SHYPER - 400 HP
    Difficulty: Medium/Hard
    --For some reason, it's difficult to get a freebie when battling this
    boss. That's when the Star Egg comes in really handy. You could just
    tough it out in their barrage of attacks, heal when HP goes low, and
    soon you will stand victorious.
    SMITHY - 8000 (!) HP
    Body- 1000 HP
    Difficulty: Hard
    --Just a few statistics: You need to use the Rock Candy 27 times, or
    the Star Egg 54 times, or your team's physical attack 8000 times, to
    defeat Smithy. And that's when you have the stat boost from the
    Quartz Charm.
    --This boss has many forms (5 in all), and each form has its own
    weakness. The only form you need to worry about is the Wizard,
    which casts some really strong spells.
    --Unless you need to heal, don't you ever give Smithy a break from
    your barrage of Star Egg. You're basically fighting a stronger Culex
    here. So whatever precautions you took in the Culex battle, do it
    here too.
    Yay, you beat a low-level game. Take a picture of your final fight,
    and post it for the world to see. Congratulations.
    ---> Frequently Asked Questions
    -Could you beat the game at a level lower than 3?
    No. Maybe with a cheating device but that would ruin the gameplay.
    -I don't have money and my party's hurt badly. How can I rest?-
    Return to Mario's Pad and take a nap there, Rose Town inn is a good
    place too, or if you aren't afraid of ghosts, try the Three Musty
    Fears' inn.
    -I can't run away from enemies!!-
    Obtain the See Ya item for 10 frog coins from the frog dude at the
    elder's house in Seaside Town. Use it at battle with enemies you
    don't want a fight with to escape.
    -In previous versions of this guide, you used rock candies to defeat
    all enemies beyond Yaridovich. How did you get so many of them?-
    Many people asked me this one. There are two ways:
    1. The harder and expensive way. Visit the Mushroom Boy in
    Seaside Town. When you feed him some mushrooms, there is a random
    chance that he tastes it as a "Rippin Mushroom" then gives you a
    rock candy in exchange. Not only that, he also gives Maple Syrups
    and Flower Tabs. Cool, huh?
    2. The easier-but-needs-practice way. Remember that you can double
    your attack, defense and magic just by pressing a button at a right
    time? It also works for items. It turns out that getting a freebie
    isn't that random, you can turn it on at will. Just as the animation
    of the item is finished, and about before the time that the numbers
    start flashing, press the X button. You will somehow get a freebie
    if you do it correctly. It's risky, however, because different
    enemies have a different timing (Smithy, for example).
    Starting with version 1.10, I dropped the use of this item because I
    found out from the message boards that not many people could do it.
    -What is the enemy's most powerful attack?-
    Two words: Dark Star. Even with the best armor (Lazy Shell) and
    accessory (Quartz Charm) the game can offer, it still does a lot
    of damage (sometimes enough to kill you).
    -How do I guess the wrong egg correctly?-
    Keen eyes and/or pure luck.
    I have a tip that might help you a bit: select the egg where you
    last saw the wrong answer. For example, if you chose the left one
    the last time and you get 0 exp., then next time select the left
    egg again. Then, it will change so you have to choose between the
    other two eggs, which is easier because the probability is 1:2. 
    ---> CREDITS
    --that unknown person (no, that's not a username, we at the SMRPG
    message board do not really know exactly who did), for creating
    the challenge;
    --Juggling Joker, for the topic idea that kept it alive for so long;
    "Be proud of your mediocrity!"          -- Juggling Joker, 8/29/2001
    --Shy Ranger, for continuing the thread about it in the SMRPG board
    His mail is shyrangersmrpg@yahoo.com;
    "A Level 3 Game is the ultimate low-level challenge in Super Mario
    RPG. To beat a Level 3 Game, you must defeat Smithy with Mario at
    Level 3, Mallow at Level 4, Geno at Level 6, Bowser at Level 8, and
    Toadstool at Level 9."
                                                -- Shy Ranger, 9/24/2002
    --E13, for letting me take over in making the guide;
    --Astroblue, for making such an outstanding FAQ/Walkthrough to help
    me beat the game in the first place, and also for some of the stats
    and other miscellaneous info;
    --jamescom1, for using the See Ya item to run away easier;
    --Luster Soldier, for spotting so many errors (see, I am a newbie)
    Although I don't really get why you prefer Toadstool over Bowser;
    --Kejardon, for making a 15% Super Metroid guide which in turn gave
    me the idea on how to make an SMRPG Lv3 guide;
    --KADFC, for the criticism. It made me think more about improving
    this guide;
    --Nate, about the Jump Trick;
    --Nick14578, for spotting an error about Dodo and Mario;
    --My friends at home, for the moral support;
    --The people in the SMRPG thread "Who hasn't beaten a Level 3 game?"
    It makes me feel good, now that I can help them in their struggle to
    be Level 3 till the end of the game;
    --NINTENDO and SQUARESOFT, for making one of the best RPGs out there;
    --CJayC, for the best game FAQ website out there, GameFAQs;
    and last but not the least...
    My contributor recognition page is:
    You might wanna check it out. See you next mission...
    |>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Copyright 2003 Aaron Madrinan<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|

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