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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Procyon_Lotor

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    Date sent:        Thu, 9 Jan 1997 02:52:14 -0800 (PST)
    From:             Jacobi - Procyon <procyon@netcom.com>
    Subject:          My updated Super Mario RPG FAQ
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            Procyon Lotor, author of the complete Mega Man FAQ,
            and the MM7, MMX2, and MMX3 FAQs, is proud to present:
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            Frequently Ask Questions  version 1.1
    i) Editorial
    Hello, and welcome to my Super Mario RPG FAQ.  Some of you may be familiar
    with my previous Mega Man FAQs.  Mega Man was very easy to write a FAQ for.
    Here's where to find a power up -- Here's what weapon to use on this guy,
    etc., etc.  Super Mario RPG however is a lot more difficult, as is any
    RPG-ish type of game.  I considered how much information should be listed
    as to provide constructive help, yet not be like Crazy Eddy and "practically
    give it away!"  It's a difficult decision to make as a FAQ writer, but I
    figured by putting an answer sheet at the bottom of the page, I can reach
    those of you who just want SOME answers and those who want ALL the answers.
    So if you're looking for just some of the answers, be sure not to read the
    very last section which contains some of the more difficult answers to the
    game.  I hope you will enjoy this FAQ.
    ii) What is this FAQ?
    This is a FAQ for the Super Nintendo game Super Mario RPG.  It is intended
    to be more than just answers to frequently asked questions, but that will
    be it's major objective.  There will be parts that are strategy guide
    oriented, and parts that are walk-through oriented.  There are some parts
    of the game I am still trying to find out.  Those parts are marked by a
    PL.  If you have any answers to these questions OR if you have corrections
    or additional information, please email me at procyon@netcom.com
    iii) What is Super Mario RPG?
    Super Mario RPG is the (very misleading) title of a joint venture between
    Nintendo's own Shigeru Miyamoto (of Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong fame, just
    to mention a few) and the master minds of RPG games at Square.  It is a
    (successful, in my humble opinion) attempt to bridge the world of action
    games like Super Mario Bros., with the world of Role Playing Games like
    Final Fantasy.  It is NOT (emphasis on NOT) a true Role Playing Game.  And
    don't expect anything like Super Mario World either.  To fully enjoy this
    game, you must be willing to accept this and allow yourself to be
    entertained by the programmers creativity in this decisively new entry in the
    world of adventure games.
    iv) History of FAQ
    v1.1 - Added missing details such as what you get for Super Jumping 100
           times, and winning "Look the other way" 100 times, plus minor
           format adjustments.
    v1.02 - Princess Toadstool information fixed
            Baby Yoshi on Yoshi Island info included
    v1.01 - minor details fixed
    v1.0 - First release
    PART I) How is Super Mario RPG played?
    As mentioned above, Super Mario RPG is not a true RPG like Final Fantasy or
    Dragon Warrior, but it does contain many similarities.  Throughout the game,
    you control Mario in a beautifully and fully rendered world.  You view the
    world in a "three-quarters" perspective (not quite overhead, not quite level
    with the ground) which produces a three dimensional affect.  Like RPGs, you
    walk around and talk to people, buy and sell items, and affect certain
    objects on the screen.  Unlike most RPG, Mario retains his ability to jump
    around the world, allowing you to jump on counters, beds, and even people.
    This feature greatly enhances the number of ways in which you must interact
    with the world around you.  Like other RPGs, there are many hidden items
    and tricks in the game.  Some must be found by pressing the A button at the
    right locations, and other must be found by jumping it the right places.  The
    directions for this game will be given in the following formate.  Assuming
    you are looking at the screen:       West_  _North
                                    or Left |\  /|  or Up
                                South or Down    East or Right
            Similarly, battles take place much like typical RPGs do, but with
    some twists.  Your party can only contain, at such a time when you have
    enough people, three fighters.  Though you may get more people added to your
    party, only three can engage in combat.  Switching members of your party can
    be done at anytime other than in the middle of fights.  Mario must always
    be the first member of your party.  You will never be allowed to switch him
            Combat proceeds in a turn taking fashion.  When it is your turn to
    enter a command, you have as much time as you would like to take without
    fear of being attacked.  Your options are as follows:
    A: Attack - Once you press this button, you must select the enemy who you
    will be attacking with another press of the A button.  Once you start your
    attack, you must watch your players animation carefully, and correctly time
    a third press of the button for extra damage.  The timing for such attacks
    is dependant on the weapon your character is using.  More information will
    be provided in the character section.
            In addition to using the A button for added offensive power, you may
    use to A button for added defensive power.  By timing the press of the A
    button in accordance to your enemies attack, you can reduce the amount of
    damage taken for the hit.  Press the A button just before you character
    would ordinarily reel back from the hit.
    B: Dodge or Run away - When you press the B button, you have a choice in
    Dodging the attack or Running away.  If you choose to Dodge, your character
    will remain in a defensive position until his next turn.  During that time,
    any attack to that character will cause only a fraction of the normal amount
    of damage that attack would cause.  If you choose to Run away, your character
    has a certain chance to get out of a fight.  If one character runs away from
    a fight, all of your characters do.  Bosses and other important battles may
    not be ran away from.
    Y: Special - Pressing the Y button activates that particular character's
    Special menu.  The character may select any highlighted spell with the Y
    button, and cast it at the enemies (or at your party, depending on the spell).
    Different spells require varying amounts of flower points, and different
    additional button presses to augment the affect of the spell.  Details on
    those buttons will be provided in the character section.  It is important to
    note that your characters SHARE the flower points throughout the game.  If
    one character uses 6 flower points for a spell, there will be 6 less flower
    points for everyone to use, until the oppertunity comes to raise them again.
    X: Item - When you press the X button, your item selection menu will pop up.
    you may scroll through your items by pressing up and down on the current
    window, or by pressing left and right to see other windows.  You select an
    item with the X button, and if the item requires you to select a friend or
    foe to use it on, you select that person with the X button as well.  The item
    will then be used.  On occasion, you might be granted an extra use of that
    item when the message, "Get a freebie" appears.
    After you defeat an enemy, there is a chance that a flower will pop out and
    give you a bonus.  The bonus depends on what words appear when you catch the
    flower.  The possibilities are:
    HP Max - fills your HP completely      Attack up - Doubles your attack power
    Defense up - Doubles your defense      Once again - Gives you another turn.
    Lucky - Gives you a chance to double your earned Experience Points or Coins.
            The game is like three card monte, and it's random.
    PART II) Who are the players?
    -------------------------------- MARIO --------------------------------------
    The main character, Mario is the "hero" throughout the game, and the
    "leader" of your party.  You start with him, and you must always have him
    in your party.
    Mario's Weapons:
    Punch - Press the A button just before the first punch starts to get
            one or two more added on, depending on the glove.
    Hammer - Press the A button just before the first swing of the hammer
             begins to get additional hits.
    Turtle Shell - Press the A button just as you begin to kick the shell
                   for more damage.
    Mario's Specials:
    Jump (3 FP) - Mario jumps on enemy.  Press Y just before contact to get
                  additional damage.
    Fire Orb (5 FP) - Mario blast enemy with little fireballs.  Push Y rapidly
                      to get more fireballs out.
    Super Jump (7 FP) - Like Jump, only now you can continuously press Y to get
                        theoretically unlimited jumps in.  The timing becomes
                        much more difficult, the more jumps you get in.  The
                        correct timing is just before contact with enemy.
    Super Flame (9 FP) - Like Fire, only bigger fireballs (more damage)
    Ultra Jump (11 FP) - Like Super Jump, only Mario will jump not just on the
                         enemy selected, but on all enemies present (randomly)
    Ultra Flame (14 FP) - Like Super Flame, only fireballs don't just hit enemy
                          selected, but all enemies present (randomly)
    -------------------------------- MALLOW -------------------------------------
    As in Marsh?  Mallow is not a frog.  You know it, the game even knows it, but
    Mallow appearantly doesn't know it when you find him.  Mallow is the adopted
    "grandchild" of Frogfucius.  Mallow is strong willed, determined, and
    friendly, although lacking some common sense and is easily upset.  Mallow's
    true origins are revealed during the game.
    Mallow's weapons:
    Punch - Like Mario, Mallow wields his fists.  Timing for A is the same.
            Just before the first punch gets going, press A for a second.
    Stick - Again, like Mario's hammer, press A right at the start of the first
            swing for a second whack.
    Cymbals - Completely original with the auditory attack, press A right when
              Mallow clashes the cymbals together to hit the enemy with the
              extra resonance.
    Mallow's specials:
    Thunderbolt (2 FP) - Lighting hits all enemies.  Press the Y button a little
                         before the animation ends for an additional shock.
    HP Rain (2 FP) - Cures one of your friends.  Press Y just before the cloud
                     stops raining for bonus healing.
    Psychopath (1 FP) - Give you information about the selected enemy's remaining
                        HP and potential weaknesses it may have.
    Shocker (8 FP) - Electrocute one enemy.  Press Y just before the animation
                     is over for additional damage.
    Snowy (12 FP) - Drop a big snowman on the enemies.  Rotating the control pad
                    during the animation can increase damage potential.
    Star Rain (14 FP) - Drop stars on the enemies.  Press Y just before it hits
                        for continued bouncing (Like Mario's Jump)
    -------------------------------- GENO ---------------------------------------
    Using the body of a wodden doll, Geno is a "spirit" from Star Road whose job
    is to ensure the recapturing of the 7 star pieces so that wishes may be
    granted once more.  By far one of the best "magic-users" in the game.
    You need to be more careful to time Geno's A attacks.
    Geno's weapons:
    Punch - As usual, press A just before the first punch goes off for more
            damage or punches.
    Gun - To get the bonus attack for shooting, you must press the A button
          before anything is fired.  This is includes the Rocket Punch.  There
          is usually animation of Geno sticking his arm out first.  This is
          when you need to press A.  No later.
    Geno's specials:
    Geno Beam (3 FP) - This releases a burst of energy at one enemy.  Hold down
                       the Y button until there are three stars at the bottom
                       for the most damage.  Don't hold the Y button past the
                       three stars or you'll only do the first level of damage.
    Geno Boost (4 FP) - A great spell, this allows you to raise the Attack power,
                        and with a properly timed push of the Y button, the
                        defense power of one friend.  In order to get the
                        additional defense, you must push Y just as the arrow
                        animation is about to end.
    Geno Whirl (8 FP) - A blast of energy nails one enemy.  Press Y just before
                        contact to get extra damage.
    Geno Blast (12 FP) - Like the Geno Beam, you must hold Y to store power.
                         Unlike the Geno Beam, this one hits them all.
    Geno Flash (16 FP) - Like the Geno Blast only better.  One of the strongest
                         spells in the game.
    ------------------------------- BOWSER --------------------------------------
    The bad @$$ king of Koopas eventually "employs" you to his Koopa Troopa
    army for his selfish attempt to reclaim his beloved palace.  A terrific
    and powerful fighter.  Some of the funniest attack animation as well.
    Bowser's specials are good for defeating skeleton turtles.
    Bowser's weapons:
    Claw - The same as any other punch.  Press A just before the first slash.
    Chain - Bowser swings a Chomp and later a spiked ball at his enemies.  Press
            A just after Bowser lets the chain lose for bonus damage upon contact.
    Glove - This particular weapon allows Bowser to chuck Mario at an enemy!
            Press A during Mario's first flight through the air to allow Bowser
            an additional throw.  What a team up!
    Bowser's specials:
    Terrorize (6 FP) - Hurts and potentially scares all enemies.  Rotate the
                       control pad while the ghost is on the screen for a better
                       affect.  Destroys all skeleton turtle enemies (may miss
                       them though)
    Poison Gas (10 FP) - Like terrorize, only stronger and potentially poisons
                         all enemies.
    Crusher (12 FP) - Raises a spiked rock from underneath the ground of one
                      enemy.  Press Y just before contact for more damage.
    Bowser Crush (16 FP) - Causes a giant mecha-koopa to bounce across the enemy.
                           Rapidly pressing Y increases damage potential.
                           (Vaguely remenisent of Frog's frog spell in Chrono
                           Trigger, don'cha think?)
    -------------------------------- TOADSTOOL ----------------------------------
    The fair princess herself sneaks out from her castle after she's been rescued
    to aid Mario in his quest.  She is the ultimate healer, but not much of a
    fighter.  Good to use against enemies that do a lot of damage, but don't
    need a lot of fighting against to defeat.
    Toadstool's weapons:
    Gloves - Same as punch.  Press A just before first slap.
    Parasol - Kind of like Mallow's Cymbals.  If you press A just before the
              first strike conects, the parasol will open for more damage.
    War Fan - Again, same as Mario's Hammer, or the like.  Press A just before
              the first hit for an additional hit.
    Toadstool's specials:
    Therapy (2 FP) - Heals one player.  Pressing Y towards the end increases
    		 health recovery
    Group Hug (4 FP) - Heals whole group.  Pressing Y towards the end increases
    		   health redovery
    Sleepy Time (4 FP) - Puts one enemy to sleep.  Rotating the control pad
                         increases chance of success.
    Come Back (2 FP) - Revives one friend back to %50 energy.  Pressing Y
    		   towards the end increases health recovery.
    Mute (3 FP) - Like Sleepy Time, only it prevents an enemy from casting
                  spells at you.
    Psych Bomb (15 FP) - Toadstools one true offensive spell.  Keep tapping Y
                         to drop more bombs on the enemy.
    PART III) The game
    -------------------------------- CHAPTER 1 ----------------------------------
    Bowser's Keep:
    - The game starts off like you'd expect it to.  Mario chases after Bowser in
      his clown-copter device from Super Mario World.  Mario runs into the Keep.
      You will encounter several enemies before reaching Bowser.
    BOSS: Bowser - Bowser actually isn't your target.  The princess will point
          out to you that you must strike the chain holding Bowser's chandelier.
    Mario's Pad:
    - After some animation you will fall through the pipe/chimney of your house
      with Toad waiting for you.  Press jump (B) to get off the wall.
    - Touching the mushroom lamp will cause Mario to sleep, restoring you.
    - After talking to Toad, he will run through several initial lessons about
      the game and how to fight.
    - You will be allowed to return to Bowser's Keep, but you will be sent back
      home.  Toad will be waiting inside for you, and he will ask you to go see
    Mushroom Way:
    - This is the path you must complete to get to the Kingdom. Toad
      often requires your assistance.  You aren't required to rescue him, but he
      usually rewards you if you do.
    - The rotating flowers allow you to jump far in the direction you face at the
      time you press B.
    - Note that Spikeys are not harmed by Jump.
    BOSS: Hammer Bros. - No big threat.  Use Jump to get rid of them faster.
    Mushroom Kingdom:
    - Here you'll find someone who's upset that a crocidile stole his wallet.
    - One floor below the shop owner, someone will teach you about hidden chests.
    - In the castle, you tell the chancellor about what happened and he gives you
      a map which may be accessed from the menu screen. He will also grant you
      access to the treasure vault.
    - When you exit the castle you will see Mallow unsuccessfully chase after
      Croco, who has stolen Frogfucius' coin.  When Mallow cries, it rains.  If
      you agree to help him get the coin back, he will join you.
    - You must chase Croco to Bandit's Way.
    Bandit's Way:
    - The yellow platforms you encounter will move into position by themselves.
      Some move while you stand on another tile.
    - When you get the star in the board with the blue dogs, be sure to run into
      as many as you can.  You gain Experience points for hit them, and it is
      possible to go up in levels if you hit enough enemies.
    - In order to catch Croco, you must sneak up on him from behind three times.
    BOSS: Croco - Fire stuns him the first time you use it on him.  Get back
          the wallet and Mallow's coin.
    Mushroom Kingdom:
    - When you return the place is over run with Shy Guys, who you can enter into
      combat with.
    - Returning the wallet to its owner nets you a Flower Tab.  Talk to him once
      more and he'll give you a Frog Coin.
    - You will also get a Flower Tab for rescuing the family in the house on the
      left side of the Kingdom from the Shysters.
    - In the castle, you will be able to reenter the vault.
    - You receive a Flower Tab for helping Toad get back to the Princess' room.
      You can also revive and save in that room.
    BOSS: Mack - A Thunderbolt from Mallow should destroy all the Shysters and
          will stun Mack for a round.  Keep Mallow Thunderbolting since it's ten
          times more effective than his attack, and it will eliminate Shyster
          reinforcements.  Get the first star peice.
    - Mallow suggests visiting Frogfucius.
    - Before leaving, don't forget to return to the shop with the coin in
      Mallow's possesion.  You will receive the Cricket Pie.
    -------------------------------- CHAPTER 2 ----------------------------------
    Kero Sewers:
    - Here you learn to swim and go down pipes.
    - Pure Waters can be used to beat ghosts instantly.
    - Beating the trick treasure chest gets you a True Form Pin.
    - It's hard to see, but if you think you're stuck in the water, check the
      north and south ends of the area, and you can probably exit.
    - The object here is to drain the water so you may access the pipe in the
      southern most room.  You will do so by finding and pressing the switch deep
      within the sewers.
    - Going down the once submerged pipe, you enter a room where you can save.
    - You will see a treasure chest high above you, but you can't access it until
      much later in the game, so ignore it for now.
    BOSS: Belome - The first enemy that can turn you into a Scarecrow.  If this
          happens, all you can do is Defend or cast spells, and wait for it to
          wear off.  Belome may actually EAT Mallow.  Nail him to make him spit
          Mallow back out.  Use Super Jumps and Thunderbolts.
    Midas River:
    - Beating Belome sends you to the Midas River course.  You can reenter this
      stage at any time.
    - Here you fall down the falls, collect coins and enter caverns, possibly for
      bonus goods.
    - Be sure to return to get some green frog coins you are sure to miss the
      first time through.
    - Next is the Barrel Jumping contest.  The best way to get the most coins is
      to follow a pattern of going in the lane close to you three times, and the
      far lane just once, then back.
    - Completing the course the first time gives you the NokNok shell weapon for
    - Once you finish the course, the guy below keeps track of how many coins you
      gathered.  If you get enough, he gives you a frog coin.  If you don't, or
      have some left over, he holds on to what you have so far for next time.
    Tadpole Pond:
    - After Frogfucius sheds light on the situation and Mallow finally finds out
      he's not really a frog, Mallow can trade the Cricket Pie bought back in the
      Mushroom Kindgom for the Froggie Stick.
    - Frogfucius will tell you to go to Rose Town next.
    - At the west end of the pond are two tadpoles.  One runs the Frog Coin store.
      The other runs the Juice Bar.
    - To get better items at the Juice Bar, you need to get cards from Toadofsky,
      who rewards them to you when you help him complete part of his masterpiece.
      To do that, travel to the east part of the pond, and form the appropriate
      musical phrases with the clues you recieve.
    - The first phrase is So La Mi Re Do Re Do Re.  The tadpoles form the notes,
      from left to right, Mi Re Do Ti La So Fa.  Jump on the tadpole when it
      arrives at the right note.
    Rose Way:
    - Going west from the first board nets you a frog coin.
    - Use the platforms to access high chests and coins.
    - In the board with 5 chests and Shy Guys on everyone, the chest all contain
      coins, but it's more of a lure to get you into a fight.
    - Eventually, you'll stumble on Bowser trying to organize his army.
    Rose Town:
    - When you first reach Rose Town, it's in a sorry state.  People are getting
      struck by arrows that freeze them, and the whole town in scared.
    - Jump on the blocks up the shop chimney to get the chest above the book
    - At the inn, you'll find a boy playing with some tow models of the
      characters, and eventually, you'll get knocked out.  At this point a star
      spirit inhabits the doll's, Geno's, body and wanders off.
    - Help the man stuck outside his house by jumping on top of him to reach the
      house.  Go inside and press the switch upstairs.
    Forest Maze:
    - This is a great place to come to if you want free mushrooms. They're
      litered throughout the forest, but some may be enemies.
    - You can jump on the Wrigglers to get money from them, but if you touch them
      on the ground they attack.
    - When you arrive at the area with lots of tree stumps, enter the far stump
      and jump on the sleeping Wriggler to access a hidden pathway.
    - Beyond the save box you'll come to the maze where you can always go left,
      forward, right, and back, which will always take you back to the save box.
    - To find out how to find the treasure hunters stash, read ANSWERS-1 below.
    - To find Geno, wander around until you locate him, and then follow him.
    BOSS: Bowyer - He looks like a bow, and talks like Yoda.  Geno will jump in
          to fight him, and you join in.  Bowyer sets Y, X, and A buttons on the
          ground.  If an arrow hits one of those buttons, you will not be able to
          use the corresponding button on your controller.  Beat him and you get
          a Flower Box, as well as the second star.  When you win, Geno will join
          your party
    Rose Town:
    - Return to the house Geno came from to get the Finger Shot.
    - Much later in the game, when you visit Monstro town, you'll hear about a
      man who lives in Rose Town.  He lives in the very back, but you won't be
      able to find him until you talk to the guy in Monstro town.  If you find
      the seed and fertilizer, bring them to this guy.  You won't get the
      fertilizer until much later in the game.  For help finding it, read
      ANSWERS-5 below.
    Pipe Vault:
    - You are not required to complete this area, but as the name implies, it is
      a vault for some good items.
    - You must jump when the Thwomps land to avoid getting knocked backwards.
    - When you come to an area with brown blocks over head, jump just before the
      first one to make a hidden platform appear.
    - The second to last pipe in a long line of green pipes leads to a little
      game of skill.  For the most rewards, never score above what the mole
      tells you to score, even if you know you can do better.
    - The little white snapper plants take coins away if you touch them.
    - If you complete this area you will be allowed in Yo'ster Island.
    Yo'ster Island:
    - Here you'll find lovable Yoshi, who's very fond of racing.
    - Talk to Yoshi so you can hitch a ride on his back and talk to the other
      dinos that are around.
    - One will give you Cookies if you promise to challenge Boshi to a race.
      Boshi's the blue one with the bad attitude.  Challenge Boshi to a
      race.  In order to run, you have to tap the A and B buttons in time with
      the music that plays while you race.  It's tricky, and all I can say is try
      to pay very close attention to the music.
    - If you beat Boshi you will get three Yoshi cookies.  Yoshi cookies can be
      used to win more Yoshi cookies by betting with them on more races, where
      you can either watch, or participate.
    - Yoshi cookies can be saved and used in battle as well.
    - If you run out of Yoshi cookies, one of the red dinos will always give you
      three more.
    - When you return later on, Raini and Raz will be taking their Honeymoon here.
      They can give you some tips about finding the Grate Guy Casino.  For help
      on finding the casino, read ANSWERS-8 below.  
    - Also, when you return, one of the dino eggs may have hatched.  You can feed
      the baby dino cookies.  As reported first by vincelee@aol.com (VinceLee),
      After a certain number of cookies, the baby dino becomes larger.  At this
      point, feeding the dino a certain number of consecutive cookies rewards you
      with an item.  Between 10 and 19 gives you a bracer or energizer, and
      above 20, you get a Frog Coin or Red Essence.  The cookies must be given
      in a row, so you're inventory must be very empty for this to work...
    - Some one in Rose Town mentions they heard a big boom in the mountains.
    - Frogfucius suggests that your help is needed in Moleville.
    -------------------------------- CHAPTER 3 ----------------------------------
    - When you arrive here, the town is upset about two kids, Dyna and Mite,
      being stuck up in the mountain.  You'll be asked to rescue the kids in the
    - On the west side of the mountain, you'll find Bowser preparing his troops
    - Jumping on the spring board in the mine will cause you to blackout and
      Croco will come along and steal all your coins.  You must chase him again
      to get them back.  If you do and beat him, you'll get a bomb.
    - A mole inside the mine will use the bomb to get your further in the mine.
    BOSS: Punchinello - Go after him and have Mallow use Thunderbolt to get rid
          of some of the bombs.  Get the third star.
    - When you beat Punchinello, you will be treated to the mine car challenge.
    - Upon returning to Moleville several things become available to you.
    - The guy who you met in the mines who said he was going to find a lot of
      has set up shop at the store.  At first only the Lucky Jewel is available.
      Much later, the Mystery Egg is available.  To find out what to do with it,
      read ANSWERS-7 below.  And then the Frying Pan becomes avaiable for
      Toadstool's use.
    - The house on the far right allows you to trade items for different bombs.
    - In the house below the mines is a guy who is making fireworks.
    - Right outside his house is a child with a pretend store who will trade you
      fireworks for a shiny stone.
    - A child inside the shop will trade you the shiny stone for a Carbo Cookie.
      Bring the Carbo Cookie to the child sitting in the bucket outside to the
      left.  She will run off to get what she wanted to trade you.  Jump on her
      bucket and you will be transported to the Midas River, only you will be
      allowed to keep the coins you earned.
    - The next musical phrase for Toadofsky becomes available.  Moles will be
      singing it in the mines, but you can also get it from the tadpole right
      outside the music pond.
    Booster Pass:
    - Some moles in Moleville suggest that the Princess might be in Booster's
      posession, but you need to get through Booster Pass to find out.
    - In the second stage, on the right is a nitch in the mountain.  If you walk
      in and jump to the left, you may trigger something which closes off the
      holes that the green spikeys inhabit.
    Booster Tower:
    - You finally find Bowser by himself here, and the confirmation that
      Toadstool is indeed in the tower.  He'll walk away, but if you walk up
      to the door and find out it's locked, he'll return when you walk away and
      open the door for you.  Then he "lets" you join him and you can proceed
    - When you reach the first part with train track, run to the left and
      up the side for a hidden Flower Tab.  Other items can be found in "out of
      view" hallways.
    - When you walk through a room with bombs and curtains at the top, there are
      two exits.  The top one leads to a room where you must jump down and
      correctly land on the see-saw so the Bomb on the other end launches you up
      to hit the chest.  If you can, you will get the Masher, a weapon for Mario.
    - After you press a Green Switch, you'll enter a room with curtains hanging.
      Walk through them for a great surprise.
    - To find out what order to look a the pictures read ANSWERS-2 at the bottom.
    - The room litered with coins and some frog coins has booby traps on the
      black squares that get you into fights. Jumping around sometimes helps.
    - The key in that room opens the door which leads to the Zoom Shoes accessory.
    - When you next encounter Booster on the railroad, get behind the clear
      screen to avoid taking damage from the bombs.
    - During the hiding sequence, you must outwit the snifits to stay safely
      hidden.  If you don't, you will fight Booster, which actually isn't very
      difficult, but you manage to stay hidden you will win the Amulet
    BOSS: Knife Guy and Grate Guy - Go after one, then the other.  Not very
          difficult.  Beat them and get a Flower Jar
    Booster Hill:
    - After you beat the two Guys, you will start your first Booster Hill
    - Time your jumps so you can land on the barrels rather than over them.  Same
      for the snifits behind you.
    - This is a great oppertunity to earn more flower points.
    - Much later, this stage becomes part of the beetle catching challenge that
      is set up for you in Seaside Town.
    - Booster kicks Raini and Raz out of the chapel to start his wedding with the
      Princess.  A Snifit baracades the door, but hints that it might be possible
      to use the back entrance.
    - The back entrance is around the right side.  Just go behind the side and
      push south
    - The Suite hotel is nothing major, but you do get some items for using it.
      Going through the doors in the sweet to take a shower is amusing.
    - In the kitchen, jumping on the cake makes the chef quite upset.
    - The snifit will ask you to bang the door down with him.  This is an
      important technique for helping Bowser open the next door.
    - Booster wants you to find Toadstool's four items.  Talk to the snifits to
      get back the three things they picked up.  The crown is on Booster's head.
    - If you recapture Toadstools items quickly, she'll kiss you.  If you're a
      little late, Bowser will kiss you.  If all the candles light up by the time
      you find the items, both Bowser and Booster will kiss you.
    BOSS: Bundt and Raspberry - To blow out Bundt's candles, any timed hit will
          do the trick.  He gains one candle back per round.  When you beat
          Raspberry, Booster will come back and eat it.  Toadstool will join your
          party temporarily until you get back to the kindgom.
    - Raini and Raz will happily proceed with their wedding plans.  In the chapel
      Toadofsky is playing the organ, you can act as the preacher, and one kid
      has to go really bad...
    - Outside the chapel, you can have your picture taken with the family.
    - You will be forced to head back to the Mushroom Kingdom to return the
      Princess.  She will appear to leave you, but when you exit the castle, she
      will sneak out and rejoin you.
    - If you pressed the button in Booster Tower, a new path opens up in Booster
      Pass.  If it off to the left in the stage where Lakitu tosses Spikeys at
      you.  You will see a cave.  Enter it and go all the way to the left.  You
      will fight one Snifit, and gain a Flower, Frog Coin and KeroKero Cola
    - When visiting Frogfucius like Mallow suggests, he tells you a star has been
      sighted on Star Hill.
    MINI - GAME:
    - Also at this point, you can return the Mushroom Kingdom and go to the
      inn.  There you will find a boy playing a portable game which you might be
      able to buy from him at 500 coins if you keep talking to him.  You are not
      required to buy this, but it is fun.  If he won't sell it to you at this
      point, play on and come back.
    - To get a higher score in this game, leave more shells on the screen so the
      chain reaction gets you a higher score.
    - Once you make it to The Gate, the background on the game will change to
      something more like the second stage in the beginning of Super Mario World.
    -------------------------------- CHAPTER 4 ----------------------------------
    Star Hill:
    - Find all the flowers and touch them to make the gates open.
    - Talk to the stars with faces to hear some wishes.  One of Mallow's is there
      and to Mallow's surprise, a wish from his parents.  You may even find a
      wish from Luigi
    - You'll find the fourth star in the upper left corner of the third stage.
    Seaside Town:
    - When you get here, the townspeople seem possessed, but they still give you
      information, and one will sell you things.
    - The "town elder" asks you to find the star in the ocean.
    - A student of Frogfucius has grown up and taken residence in the attic of
      the town elder's house.  He has many great items for sale, but you need
      Frog Coins to buy from him.  The Exp. Booster is very valuable.
    - When you first get in, you'll find a vendor.  You will see him throughout
      the Pirate ship stage as well.
    - Use the whirl pools to get underwater.  Look for hidden pathways when you
      are in the water.  When you see bubbles, they lift you back up.
    - Jump in the lookout mast of the sunken ship to gain access.
    Sunken Ship:
    - Through out the ship are a series of letters.  One tells you that you'll
      need to know a password to advance.
    - Only spells will completely defeat the turtle skeletons.
    - To get the clues, You must enter the doors which have ghosts blocking the
      entrance.  To find out the clues and the answer to the password, read
      ANSWERS-3 below
    - One hint is given to you by the pedler.  He tells you it has to do with the
      sea.  He will also tell you, after you make your password guess, if any of
      the letters you chose are in their correct places (but not which ones)
    BOSS1 - TENTACLES & SQUID: You have to beat 6 tentacles (with a little over
            200 HP each) and then 2 more and the squid.
    - Avoid getting knocked off the higher ledges by the Bullet Bills.
    - An enemy hides in the niche below the two treasure chests, so be careful
    - The mirror image can be used to find a hidden treasure, and it can be
      fought against.
    - In the room with a wall of blocks on the left side, there is a door that
      is obscured from you vision. 
    - Beating the false chest gets you the Safety Badge.
    - In the water, where you see a Blooper with baby Bloopers, walk behind the
      barrels to enter a room and get the Safety Ring.
    - In the same room, jump out of the water and swim the bottom left corner
      to pick up a frog coin.
    BOSS2 - JOHNNY: Go after Johnny.  Use Mallow's Thunderbolt if he's in your
            party to knock off the other sharks.  When Johnny gets hit enough
            times, he and Mario will fight one on one.  Get the fifth star
    Seaside Town:
    - You have no choice but to give up the star no matter how many times you say
      no to the elder.
    - Yardovich runs off to the west side of town to the beach
    BOSS - YARDOVICH: Keep nailing him.  To find out which Yardovich is the
           mirage, use and attack that hits both of them.  The one you do more
           damage to is the fake on.  Keep attack it until they merge again.
    - You will get the star back.  Pick up the key, and read the note Johnny left
      for you.
    - The key opens the shed.  When you open it, the towns people will return.
      New things can be found in the shops now.
    - In BEETLES ARE US, you can buy a beetle box which you use to catch beetles
      on Booster Hill for 50 coins.  You can get money back depending on how well
      you do on Booster Hill.
    - In the Mushroom Boy's shop, you can give your (regular) mushrooms to him.
      There is a small chance it may be a "special" mushroom, which he will
      trade you items like Maple Syrup and even Flower Tabs among other items.
    - The town elder suggests that you might find a star in Monstro Town.  You
      need to go to Lands End to get there.
    -------------------------------- CHAPTER 5 ----------------------------------
    Lands End:
    - Use the timed cannons to lanuch up to higher platoforms.
    - On the second stage, jump just ahead of the pit that you get launched into
      and the launch yourself on top of it to reach the frog coin in the chest.
    - On the fourth stage where you use the rotating flowers to move up, reach
      the top to get to the Sky Bridge.  Going through the Novice route will win
      you 5 coins.  The Special route wins you 8, and the Expert route wins you
      a Frog Coin.  You will have the oppertunities to double your winnings by
      repeating the trip, but it gets harder each time.
    - On the same stage as the above mentioned tip, there is a path on the right
      that leads to the floor of the Sky Bridge.  In that stage you'll find a
      cave.  Jump in and go through the cave, and you'll be sent to the chest in
      the Kero Sewers you were unable to access the first time you visited.  In
      that chest you'll find the Cricket Jam
    - Give the Cricket Jam to Frogfucius for 10 Frog Coins.
    - You have to cross the Sky Bridge (at the cost of 5 coins) to reach the
      desert.  The mouse you find there is a friendly inhabitant of Monstro town.
      He will give you advice.
    - Like the mouse suggests, when you are in a new stage, look for the
      whirlpool containing the ant.  The first time through, you will have to
      fight them, but each time after, they will just guide you.
    - At one point, you will find a desert stage with an exit to the north.  This
      leads to a sheer cliff that, at the moment, you won't be able to climb.
    - The final ant/whirlpool will take you to Belome's Temple.  To find out how
      to earn as much Experience points as possible, read ANSWERS-10 below.
    Belome's Temple:
    - The guy who offers you a shortcut home for 100 takes you to the stage
      just before the cliff.
    - You must pay the fortune teller to be able to hit the faces in order to
      get your fortune and advance.  If you hit the first face first, you tend
      to get edible items.  If you hit the second face first, you will have to
      fight enemies.  If you hit the third face first, you can get money or
      rare items.
    - The last fortune either says "I'm hungry" or "I'm sleeping".  If it says
      I'm sleeping, you need to get the key from Monstro town to pass Belome in
      order to get his treasure.  If it says "I'm hungry" you must go on to
      defeat Belome to gain access to Monstro town.
    BOSS - BELOME: Belome may swallow one of your guys to make a clone of him.
           Concentrate your attack on Belome.  An anti-sleep accessory would
           come in handy.  Beat him and the switch appears that will allow you
           into Monstro Town.
    Monstro Town:
    - MonsterMama says the star is upstairs, but it's just a singing star.  To
      find out what it's telling you, see ANSWERS-4.  When she realizes you don't
      mean that star, she'll get the help of the Sky Troopas for you so you can
      scale the cliff.
    - Talking to the mouse grants you access to the guy in the back of Rose Town
    - The chest tells you how many out of about fourty hidden chests you have
      found.  This FAQ (at this point in time) does not cover the locations of
      the hidden chests.
    - The wolf who comments about your jumping capabilities challenges you to
      jump more than 30 times in a row.  If you do, he'll give you the Attack
    - If you do 100 Super Jumps in a row, the wolf will give you a Super Jacket.
    - Talk to the thwomp and make him bang the floor a number of times to make
      the key on the ledge outside fall down.  Take this key to Belome's Temple
      and get the fortune "I'm sleeping" and go down the elevator to get Belome's
      treasure stash.
    - One door is sealed.  To find out how to open it, read ANSWERS-6 below.
    - The mushrooms that you buy from the triplets act like normal mushrooms, but
      you not be allowed to give one to yourself during battle.
    - The Three Musty Fears hide three flags and challenge you to find them.  To
      find out the location of these flags, read ANSWERS-9 below.
    - In the upper level, you'll enter the dojo of Jinx.  You will be challenged
      to fight a student turtle, and then three seperate fights against Jinx.
      Beat him and you'll win the Jinx Belt.
    Lands End:
    - Back at the cliff at Lands End, the Sky Troopas will arrange themselves so
      you can climb up.  Do it under 12 seconds, and the sergeant will give you
      a Troopa Pin.  Do it under 11 seconds, and you get Frog Coins
    Bean Valley:
    - Some pipes lead to other areas of the Valley, others go to dungeons
    - In the stage where there are five baby plants in five pipes, wait for the
      shyster to feed them so you can attack and enter the pipes.
    - When you see treasure chests that act like slot machines, you can get
      flowers and mushrooms.  Winning stars doesn't seem to do anything.
    BOSS - Smilax: Smilax gets more and more heads.  Just keep whacking them off.
           Beat him and you gain the seed (See ANSWERS-5 for what to do with it)
           You will also find a block where a vine grows out of to go to the sky.
    - You will be sent to the bean stalks in the sky.  Climb the stalks to get
      to the top.
    - Talking the left vine on the first stage of vines leads to what seems like
      a set up of vines with an impossible jump.  Get to the small middle vine
      and jump straight up to make a hidden platform appear.  Continue up the
      left to find a Frog Coin and the Rare Scarf.  From there, fall down the
      right hole for two flowers.
    - Fall from the whole there, or go up the right vine from the first vine
      stage to arrive at the warp to Nimbus Land.
    -------------------------------- CHAPTER 6 ----------------------------------
    Nimbus Land:
    - When you arrive here, Valentina has the innocent cloud citizens of Nimbus
      Land dupped into think Dodo is their prince (Mallow isn't getting any
      smarter at this point, and still hasn't figured it out)
    - The town seems generally upset about the changes that have taken place to
      their palace.  The palace guards won't let you in.
    - You find out that their are springs that can heal, but they are for royalty
      only.  You can get in them.
    - At the inn, for 30 Coins more you can use the Dream Cushion and see your
      dreams.  If you keep trying, eventually you will have a nightmare involving
      Toad.  When you wake up, he'll be there and give you 2 Red Essences
    - In the upper right corner of Nimbus is Garro the sculpter.  Look at what
      appears to be a sculpture of Mallow.  After Mallow finally figures out he's
      the prince, Garro will come up with a plan to sneak you in the castle.
    - When Valentina commands Dodo to polish the statues, you must avoid getting
      pecked.  If you are successful, you will get the Feather.
    - In one room in the castle are some imprisoned towns folk.  Talk to one and
      he will give you the master key.
    - One door is guarded by a heavy Troopa.  That leads to the giant egg that
      contains Birdo.  You also need the master key to enter.
    BOSS1 - Birdo: First hit the egg enough times until it hatches.  Then nail
            Birdo with everything.  You'll get a second key, which opens the
            door in the back.
    - After some interludes with Bowser and Valentina, you need to chase her to
      get the key to Mallow's parents.  But after chasing past Dodo, you'll
      fall back to the spring entrance.
    - Going back to Nimbus, you'll catch up with Valentina.
    BOSS2 - Valentina & Dodo: Dodo will first carry off you middle guy and fight
            him alone, so make sure it's someone strong like Bowser.  When that
            fight is over, the other two must fight Valentina until the first
            gets back.  Be carefule, if the first guy dies alone, it's Game Over!
            When Dodo returns, concentrate on Valentina.
    - The key will drop out of the sky.  Mallow will pick it up and rescue his
      parents.  They will mention that a star fell in a volcano.
    - Talk to some of the people in the castle.  One has a Flower Jar.
    - In the upper right house, Croco is stealing items.  Catch him to get the
      Signal Ring, a valueable tool.
    - One lady mentions that you can get to the volcano through the hot springs.
    - At some point in the game, a man will stay at the inn and will be holding a
      pamphlet about the casino (See ANSWERS-8 below)
    - You will now be given access to the hot springs because of Mallow's
      discovered royalty.  In the spring room is a path to the volcano.
    - At the start, there are little platforms that run from the bottom of the
      screen to the right.  Jump across them for two flowers.
    - Falling in the lava does not damage you, but places you back where you
      entered a room from.
    - Use the star to get past the large enemy in the next room.
    - Jump into the lava to pick up the frog coin
    - To get the frog coin on top of the exit, walk through that exit, come back
      and fall in the lava to be thrown on top of the exit with the coin.
    - You'll meet Hinopio half way through.  He has items and weapons to sell, as
      well as a place to rest up.
    BOSS1 - Czar Dragon: He looks a lot like Blarg from Super Mario World.  Beat
            him and he turns into a Zombone.  Beat that, and you'll be granted
            access further on at full health.
    - You'll see the 6th star, but it will be ripped away from you by the Axem
      Rangers.  You'll have to chase them to the top of the volcano to get the
      star back.
    BOSS2 - Axem Rangers: Glad someone had enough courage to make fun of the
            power rangers finally.  Go after them with spells that hit everyone.
            They'll drop out one by one with their own little whine.  Once you
            beat the middle red ranger, he'll jump on the face like weapon.  Nail
            that until it's destroyed.  You'll get the 6th star back.
    - If you go back to talk to Mallow's parents, they'll let you use the bus,
      which you need to use to get to Bowser's Keep.
    - Don't forget to check back with the Treasure Hunter in Moleville for new
    -------------------------------- CHAPTER 7 ----------------------------------
    Bowser's Keep:
    - Once you make it here, you can go full circle on the map.
    - If Bowser is in your party for some of the fights, there's a good chance he
      will scare away some of the enemies.  Otherwise, his mood just confuses the
    - When your vision gets obscured, there is a chest in the upper left corner
    - Croco joins your side by offering to sell you items.
    - You will come to 6 doors.  2 lead to long series of fights, 2 lead to
      challenging puzzles where you can get lots of items, and 2 lead to little
      quiz type challenges.  Author's note - It's best to take the fighting and
      puzzle routes to get items and Experience Points.
    - In the puzzle rounds, if you blow all your chances, you return to the doors
      to try again.
    - In the puzzle round that starts with the floating platforms, jump up to the
      top platform and run back to get Kerokero Cola.  In the next room, you must
      jump on the balls and move backwards to the exit.  You can pick up chests
      along the way, but don't hit the Bob-ombs.  The last part lets you pick up
      chests by maneuvering a platform to go underneath them.
    - In the puzzle round that starts off with three turtles running around, jump
      up and down to see the invisible pathway.  In the next room, jump from
      platform to platform and pick up the chests.  The platforms stop moving
      while you jump.  The last stage should be a fun nostalgic trip back into
      Mario's very beginnings.
    - Getting through the stages will award you the Sonic Cymbals, the Super Slap,
      the Star Gun, and the Drill Claw
    BOSS1 - Magikoopa: After he takes some abuse, he'll call out Bahamutt to
            fight for him.  Knock about Bahamutt and finish Magikoopa off.
    - The left door leads to a room with your last chance to buy from Croco.  He
      will have some good armor now.
    - The thwomps in the next room aren't a threat, they just freeze you in
      position.  The bullets the fly by are the threat.
    BOSS2 - Boomer: After he takes enough damage, he will change color to a more
            powerful version.  If you win, the chandelier will take you up to the
            final fight for the keep
    BOSS3 - Exor: The swords eyes protect Exor (the little head on top) from
            getting hurt, so you must hit the eyes first.  You only need to beat
            one eye to break the protection, but they will come back, as well as
            the mouth.  When one eye is out, go for Exor.  Beat him and you will
            be sucked into the Gate
    The Gate:
    - Jump up and down on the bolts in the direction you want to travel in to
      move across (like in Super Mario Bros. 3)
    - Falling into the gap will cause you to bounce back up.  In some cases, you
      may find items below.
    - Eventually you will find the Ultra Hammer for Mario.
    BOSS1 - Count Down: Go after the bells first, then take out the clock.
    - When creatures are rolling off the conveyer belts, beware of arrows that
      will stop you.  If you're in the line of the conveyer belt, you will be
    - Some of the earlier bosses will be remade and mass produced.  You will have
      to fight with them if you touch them.
    - When you see a block floating in the air, and fake Yardoviches falling on
      it, jump and the block and fall through the hole.
    BOSS2 - Cloaker & Domino: Go after one or the other, but don't mix up your
            attacks.  Stay constant.  The survivor will back up into a snake
            machine.  Again, hit one or the other until it's defeated
    - Sorry, this is where I get off.  You should have enough strength and
      experience under your belt to make it through the last part of the game.
      There has to be SOME mystery {=^)  Have fun.
    PART IV) The items, weapons, armor, accesories
    -------------------------------- ITEMS --------------------------------------
    Mushroom (4 C): Heals 30 HP
    Mid Mushroom (20 C): Heals 80 HP
    Max Mushroom: Heals all of your HP
    Rotten Mush/Wilt Shroom/Moldy Mush: Like Mushroom, but can't be used in
                                        battle, only on the menu.
    Bad Mushroom (30 C): Poisons one enemy
    Honey Syrup (10 C): refills 10 FP
    Maple Syrup (30 C): refills 30 FP
    Royal Syrup: Refills all of you FP.
    Pick Me Up (5 C): revives a friend whose HP was reduced to 0
    Able Juice (4 C): restores friend to normal condition
    Freshen Up (50 C): restores party to normal condition
    Bracer (2 FC): Increases friend's defense for one fight
    Energizer (2 FC): Increases friend's attack for one fight
    Crystalline (5 FC): Increases all defense for one fight
    Power Blast (5 FC): Increases all attack for one fight
    Red Essence: Prevents attack to recipient for 3 turns.
    FroggieDrink (16 C): Everyone heals 30 HP
    Elixer (42 C + Alto Card): Everyone heals 80 HP
    Megalixer (90 C + Tenor Card): Everyone heals 150 HP
    Kerokero Cola (150 C in the suite at Marrymore or
                   200 C + Soprano Card): Everyone heals completely
    Yoshi-Ade: Increase offense and defense
    Yoshi Candy: heals 100 HP
    Yoshi Cookie: Yoshi comes out and grabs an item from the enemy.
    Muku Cookie (69 C): Partially heals whole party.
    Flower Tab: adds 1 to your total FP
    Flower Jar: adds 3 to your total FP
    Flower Box: adds 5 to your total FP
    Pure Water: Kills ghosts instantly
    Sleepy Bomb (1 FC): Puts enemies to sleep
    Fright Bomb (100 C or 100 points in Moleville): Casts fright on one enemy
    Fire Bomb (100 C or 100 points in Moleville): Casts fire on all enemies
    Ice Bomb (100 C or 100 points in Moleville): Casts ice on all enemies
    Rock Candy: Attacks all enemies
    Star Egg: 100 points of damage to all enemies
    Lucky Jewel (100 C): Forces the Lucky Bonus (like the Lucky flower)
    See Ya (10 FC): Lets you run away from battles
    EarlierTimes (15 FC): You can start a battle over
    Fireworks (500 C): Can be traded for a Shiny Stone
    Shiny Stone (Fireworks): See ANSWERS-6
    Carbo Cookie (Shiny Stone): See Moleville entry.
    Mystery Egg (200 C): See ANSWERS-7
    Goody Bag: Gives you one coin per use in Battle.  Worth a lot if sold
    -------------------------------- WEAPONS ------------------------------------
    Hammer - 	Mario: +10 Attack
    NokNok Shell - 	Mario: +20 Attack
    Punch Glove - 	Mario (36 C): +30 Attack
    Super Hammer - 	Mario (70 C): +40 Attack
    Masher - 	Mario: +50 Attack
    Troopa Shell - 	Mario (90 C): +50 Attack
    Mega Glove - 	Mario (102 C): +60 Attack
    Ultra Hammer - 	Mario: +70 Attack
    Lazy Shell - 	Mario: +90 Attack
    Froggie Stick - Mallow: +20 Attack
    Cymbals - 	Mallow (42 C): +30 Attack
    Whomp Glove - 	Mallow (72 C): +40 Attack
    Ribbit Stick - 	Mallow (86 C): +50 Attack
    Sticky Glove - 	Mallow (98 C): +60 Attack
    Sonic Cymbal - 	Mallow: +70 Atack
    Finger Shot - 	Geno (50 C): +12 Attack
    Hand Gun - 	Geno (75 C): +24 Attack
    Double Punch - 	Geno (88 C): +35 Attack
    Hand Cannon - 	Geno (105 C): +45 Attack
    Star Gun - 	Geno: +57 Attack
    Chomp Shell - 	Bowser (60 C): +9 Attack
    Chomp - 	Bowser: +10 Attack
    Hurly Glove - 	Bowser (92 C): +20 Attack
    Spiked Link - 	Bowser (94 C): +30 Attack
    Drill Claw - 	Bowser: +40 Attack
    Slap Glove - 	Toadstool (100 C): +40 Attack
    Parasol - 	Toadstool (90 C): +50 Attack
    War Fan - 	Toadstool (100 C): +60 Attack
    Super Slap - 	Toadstool: +70 Attack
    Frying Pan -    Toadstool (300 C) : +90 Attack
    -------------------------------- ARMOR --------------------------------------
    Shirt - 	Mario (7 C): +6 Defense, +6 Magic Defense
    Thick Shirt - 	Mario (14 C): +12 Defense, +8 Magic Defense
    Mega Shirt - 	Mario (22 C): +18 Defense, +10 Magic Defense
    Happy Shirt - 	Mario (38 C): +24 Defense, +12 Magic Defense
    Sailor Shirt - 	Mario (50 C): +30 Defense, +15 Magic Defense
    Fuzzy Shirt - 	Mario (70 C): +36 Defense, +18 Magic Defense
    Fire Shirt - 	Mario (90 C): +42 Defense, +21 Magic Defense
    Hero Shirt - 	Mario (100 C): +48 Defense, +24 Magic Defense
    Pants - 	Mallow (7 C): +6 Defense, +3 Magic Defense
    Think Pants - 	Mallow (14 C): +12 Defense, +6 Magic Defense
    Mega Pants - 	Mallow (22 C): +18 Defense, +9 Magic Defense
    Happy Pants - 	Mallow (38 C): +24 Defense, +12 Magic Defense
    Sailor Pants - 	Mallow (50 C): +30 Defense, +15 Magic Defense
    Fuzzy Pants - 	Mallow (70 C): +36 Defense, +18 Magic Defense
    Fire Pants - 	Mallow (90 C): +42 Defense, +21 Magic Defense
    Prince Pants - 	Mallow (100 C): +48 Defense, +24 Magic Defense
    Mega Cape - 	Geno (22 C): +6 Defense, +3 Magic Defense
    Happy Cape - 	Geno (38 C): +12 Defense, +6 Magic Defense
    Sailor Cape - 	Geno (50 C): +18 Defense, +9 Magic Defense
    Fuzzy Cape - 	Geno (70 C): +24 Defense, +12 Magic Defense
    Fire Cape - 	Geno (90 C): +30 Defense, +15 Magic Defense
    Star Cape - 	Geno (100 C): +36 Defense, +18 Magic Defense
    Happy Shell - 	Bowser (38 C): +6 Defense, +3 Magic Defense
    Courage Shell - Bowser (60 C): +12 Defense, +6 Magic Defense
    Fire Shell - 	Bowser (90 C): +18 Defense, +9 Magic Defense
    Heal Shell - 	Bowser (100 C): +24 Defense, +12 Magic Defense
    Polka Dress - 	Toadstool: +24 Defense, +12 Magic Defense
    Nautica Dress - Toadstool (50 C): +30 Defense, +15 Magic Defense
    Fuzzy Dress - 	Toadstool (70 C): +36 Defense, +18 Magic Defense
    Fire Dress - 	Toadstool (90 C): +42 Defense, +21 Magic Defense
    Royal Dress - 	Toadstool (100 C): +48 Defense, +24 Magic Defense
    Work Pants - 	ALL (22 C): +10 Attack, +15 Defense
                                +10 Magic Attack, +5 Magic Defense
    Lazy Shell - 	ALL: -50 Attack, +127 Defense,
                         -50 Magic Attack, +127 Magic Defense
    Super Jacket - 	ALL: +50 Attack, +50 Defense,
    		     +50 Magic Attack, +50 Magic Defense
    -------------------------------- ACCESORY -----------------------------------
    Jump Shoes - 	Mario (30 C): +1 Defense, +5 Magic Attack, +1 Magic Defense
                                  Improves Jump Damage.
    Antidote Pin - 	ALL (28 C): +2 Defense, +2 Magic Defense
                                Prevents poison
    Wake Up Pin - 	ALL (42 C): +3 Defense, +2 Magic Defense
                                Prevents sleep and mute
    True Form Pin - ALL (60 C): +4 Defense, +4 Magic Defense
                                Prevents shape changing
    Fearless Pin - 	ALL (130 C): +5 Defense, +5 Magic Defense
                                 Prevents fear attacks
    Zoom Shoes -	ALL: +5 Defense, +5 Magic Defense, +10 Speed
    B'tub Ring - 	Princess (145 C): For it's purpose, read ANSWERS-7
    Amulet - 	ALL: +7 attack, +7 Magic Attack, +7 Defense, +7 magic Defense
    Exp. Booster - 	ALL (22 FC): Doubles the Experience Points earned for the
                                 person who equips it.
    Coin Trick - 	Mario (36 FC): Doubles the coins you win
    Scrooge Ring - 	All (50 FC): Halves the required amount of FP needed for the
                                 person who quips it.
    Safety Badge - 	ALL: +5 Defense, +5 Magic Defense, prevents mute and poison
    Safety Ring - 	ALL: +5 Defense, +5 Magic Defense, prevents attacks that kill
    Attack Scarf - 	Mario: +30 Attack, +25 Magic Attack,
                           +30 Defense, +25 Magic Defense
    Quartz Charm - 	ALL: Reputedly doubles your magic attack and defense, and
                         raises your attack and defense by %50,
                         prevents attacks that kill.
    Ghost Medal - 	ALL: Raises defense while attacking.
    Jinx Belt - 	ALL: +27 Attack, +27 Defense
    Troopa Pin - 	ALL: +20 Speed, prevents fear attacks
    Rare Scarf - 	ALL: +15 Defense, +15 Magic Defense
    Feather - 	ALL: +5 Defense, +5 Magic Defense, +20 Speed
    Signal Ring - 	ALL: Signals when you're in the vicinity of a hidden treasure.
    ******************************** WARNING ************************************
    From here to the end I have listed the answers to some of the trickier
    problems you may want to figure out for yourself.  If you do not wish to
    know these answers ahead of time, do NOT read any further.  Each answer is
    referenced by the walk through at the appropriate time.
    ******************************** WARNING ************************************
    ANSWERS-1: How do I get through the Forest Maze and find Geno?
    When you help the man get back into his house in Rose Town, he will tell you
    to go left, left, straight, right.  These are not pathway directions, but
    turning directions.  The proper was to go, from the start, is west, south,
    south, west.  There you'll find his store of treasure.
    ANSWERS-2: In what order do I look at the pictures in Booster's Tower?
    When you first walk in the tower, you see the same pictures.  If you look at
    them, they read "Booster the 1st", "Booster the 2nd" and so on.  When you get
    to the locked door, the pictures are out fo order.  They are in the order:
    4 5 3 6 2 1.  Looking at them in this order will win you the key to the door
    which will provide you with access to Chomp, which Bowser uses as a weapon.
    ANSWERS-3: What are the clues and the password in the sunken ship?
    clue 1: The flying koopa follows you in the sky.  Get him to bump into the
            ball and knock it on the switch.  "There is an 's' in the word"
    clue 2: Hit the blocks to stop the trampolines so they are positioned under
            the ball that will drop when the last box is hit.  The first two
            should be to the right, and the last should be about center.
            "It is found on the bed of the ocean"
    clue 3: navigate the 3 dimensional maze.  Press X even if you don't want to
            quit so you can see where you are.  "It has two vowels."
    clue 4: Follow the moving coin and pick up every coin it leaves behind, but
            don't pick up the moving coin until it stops.  "It has 4 consonants"
    clue 5: Hit the low box, then stand underneath each high one to knock the
            cannonballs into them.  "At least... two consonants are side by side"
    clue 6: Jump on the discolored barrel.  Jump on it and roll it back onto the
            left switch.  Then jump on the right one.
            "The 'r' comes before the 'l'"
                                    SOLUTION: PEARLS
    ANSWERS-4: What's the last Musical phrase that the star is singing?
    The star in Monstro Town is singing the final phrase that Toadofsky is
    looking for.  After you've entered in the song on Frogfucius' sign, and
    the Moleville mining song, the last phrase is: LA TI DO RE SO DO RE MI
    If you enter it in correctly, you will be allowed to freely compose the
    last part of the song.  You will also get the Soprano Card for the Juice Bar.
    ANSWERS-5: Where is the fertilzer that the guy in Rose Town wants?
    When you talk to a rat in Monstro Town, he tells you about a guy in Rose
    Town.  He lives in the very back.  He wants the Seed and Fertilizer.  The
    Seed you get from beating Smilax in Bean Valley.  The Fertilizer is a lot
    harder to find.  After you beat Valentina, walk along the right side of
    Nimbus until you begin to walk on an invisible path.  There, you'll catch a
    shyster who gives you the fertilizer for his freedom.  Take them back to the
    guy in Rose Town, and he'll grow a Bean Stalk that will take you to a place
    where you can get the Lazy Shell weapon and armor
    ANSWERS-6: What is the Shiny Stone, how do I open the sealed door in Monstro?
    When you first buy fireworks from the Mole who makes them, trade them with
    the kid with the pretend store right outside his house for the Shiny Stone.
    Use this stone to unseal the door in Monstro town.  Inside you'll fight a
    tough Final Fantasy like boss with great FF2 music playing in the background
    of the fight.  Use offensive magic that attacks everyone at once for best
    effects.  Win and get the Quartz Charm.
    ANSWERS-7: What's the purpose of the B'tub Ring, and the Mystery Egg.
    When the treasure hunter in Moleville makes the Mystery Egg available, buy it
    and equip Toadstool with the B'tub Ring.  With it equipped, have the Princess
    use the Mystery Egg in battle 10 times.  It will turn in to Sheep Lure.  Have
    anyone use the Sheep Lure to transform enemies into sheep a large number of
    times until it says "sheep herd full."  At this point you will get the Sheep
    Attack.  Use the Sheep Attack instead of running away.  It will turn all
    enemies (except bosses) into sheep.  You will get no Exp. points or Coins,
    but the battle will be automatically over.
    ANSWERS-8: Where is the Bright Card and the Grate Guy Casino?
    The Knife Guy hangs out in Booster's Tower after you defeat him.  When you
    find him, he will ask you if you want to play follow the ball.  Play with him
    and win 8 or 10 times, and he will give you the Bright Crad.  The Pamphlet
    you might have found in Nimbus Inn says you need the Bright Card and three
    jumps to get in, and no Chomps.  Raz in Yo'ster Island says the Bright Card
    can be used in Bean Valley.  Go there and get to the stage where there are
    five baby plants and a shyster who feeds them so the grow.  Beat the plants
    and go down the pipes until you find the pipe with a Chomp inside.  Go to the
    lower left corner and jump three times.  There you will find access to the
    Grate Guy Casino:
    - One guy lets you play slot machines.  It costs 10 coins per game.  If you
      win, you'll get a Frog Coin.
    - One guy plays Blackjack with you.  If you lose, it costs one Frog Coin.  If
      you win you'll get one Frog Coin.
    - Grate Guy plays "look the other way" with you.  Win 100 games (not 
      necessarily in a row) to get the Star Egg. It's a bomb that does 100 damage 
      to all enemies in a group and can't be used up.
    ANSWERS-9: Where are the three flags the Three Musty Fears hid?
    "behind a wooden flower" - The welcome sign at Rose Town
    "under a green bed" - The bed in Mario's pad is green.
    "between 'O' and 'A'" - The word GOAL is spelled out on Yo'ster Island
    ANSWERS-10: How can I earn a lot of experience points very quickly?
    In Belome's Temple there's a series of actions you can repeat to get to the
    higher levels faster.  When you first arrive, save at the save box, grab the
    star, and proceed to kill everything.  Fall through the hole, and pay the
    guy behind the boxes for another star, and kill the enemies there.  Now
    proceed to Belome as usual, and allow yourself to be killed.  You will return
    to the save box with all of your earn Experience points, and you may repeat.
    Having the Exp. Booster really helps.

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