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"Super Mario RPG is one of the most amazing SNES games to ever come to existance."

Super Mario RPG is different from the other mario games you have probably played. Possibly one of the few games that I would ever give a 10. I will be describing the game step by step on what I believe I should describe. First, I will start off with the graphics.

Graphics - The graphics are in a 3D type of style. Great for the SNES generation. Graphics do not take away from this game at all. On the contrary, they only add to this game's fine design. The graphics are very understandable as well and stick out which helps out. The graphics also help in battle very much and the story line. Simply put, the graphics are amazing and perfect.

Sound - This game's sound is great. The quality is good, the moments are right, but most importantly, the songs are amazing. I speak as a musician, these songs are ones I shall never forget. They are played at the right times at the right place, and to top it off, they sound amazing. Most of the songs in this game are memorable, especially of course when something important happens. The sound in this game is amazing, down from the music, to the thumping on the floor when Mario or friends fall on the floor.

Gameplay - The gameplay is in a more traditional RPG style. One thing that's good about the game is before a battle happens, you can see your enemy and have a chance to run away from them, though, some surprising you or some of course (boss battles and such) are forced upon you. Once in a battle, you get to choose your actions like in most RPGs, except, instead of choosing from a list, you have to press certain buttons to do certain actions like, attacking, items, ect... When you do these actions, you can also increase your chances in attacking, receiving items, ect... by pressing said button at the right time. The game also has many fun mini-games to keep you occupied (Yes, FUN mini-games). The game is also unique as well, an example being at one point (partly a spoiler) a boss named Bowyer can lock certain buttons on your controller. The game has a very unique style and just becomes more fun and funny.

Storyline - The storyline is actually interesting. To sum it up, a giant sword cuts into Bowser's castle and Mario is trying to save the princess from him. Mario meets friends along the way and figures out that the star road has been broken. Without the star road, people's dreams can't come true. So Mario and friends, sorta, set out to fix the star road and defeat whomever is behind all of this.

Jokes/Puns/Games/Ect... - One of my favorite part of the games. I wouldn't add this if there wasn't so much to say about it. There are so many secrets and jokes in this game it's unbelievable. One example is that you can find a Casino in the game. Other examples are secret items. There are also jokes such as turning into classic NES Mario as a joke. There are many minigames such as Mida's Falls, Yoshi's Racing Contest, Wack-A-Goomba, and many more. There are a lot of puns that don't even need to exist, but just exist because they are entertaining. I believe without these games, puns, and secrets, this game would not be receiving a ten and would not be as great as it is today.

I highly recommend this game if you love RPGs. Great Super Nintendo game with great songs, great gameplay, and many great secrets.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/30/08

Game Release: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (US, 05/13/96)

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