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"The Best Mario Game Around"

Hello and welcome to my Yoshi's Island review. This is a game about Yoshi the Dino and his friends helping Baby Mario get to his Brother Luigi and the Stork who was carrying the babies until Kamek the witch came by and knocked the Stork over and capturing Baby Luigi. You adventure in 6 worlds with 9 stages in each 1 of them being the extra levels. Their will be 1 mini boss and as usual 1 boss in each world. The official creators of Yoshi Island are Nintendo and they have successfully continued Super Mario World in the most best style. Yoshi Island is the 2nd game of Super Mario World and is a big part of the Mario series and will be for a very long time.

The graphics in this game are super superb because they stand out and are very colourful. The enemies are stand outs and are colourful as well because they are not that much cartoon-ish and the background of the levels are good because they stand out the most out of the game. The level selection screen background is very good and the colour amount is used at the right time and that makes it stand out very good.

The Game play was absolutely fun when it comes to the levels because there are some very fun and enjoyable parts while at the same time it can get annoying and frustrating. The good part of the game play was the puzzles and the adventuring parts of the levels while their can be fun bonus levels and hard challenging red coins, stars and flowers to collect. The bad part of the game play was some parts of levels can be too hard and annoying because enemies can get in the way and hit you then you lose stars which can down your tally by heaps.

The difficulty was not right because it makes some parts of the game not challenging and some parts hard and annoying. The difficulty starts off easy and gets harder and harder as the game goes on. The bad side of the difficulty was some levels in hard worlds are easy for example Raphael Ravens Castle is easy when its world is filled with hard levels. So difficulty was not so good and not so bad and that could be improved by starting the game easy and make it harder and harder as the game goes on because this game is way too Easy.

The sound is very catchy when it comes to the final battle with Bowser because it is very clear and loud. The cave song is very good because that has a tune and it is clear. The bad part of the sound was the levels on the outside because they are too babyish and boring. They could improve that by putting more excitement into the boss battles because they sound like a bonus level. A bit of excitement like the battle with big Bowser and the sound could be the best because Mario World overruns this game in Sound.

The story is very simple and easy to understand. It is basically about Mario and his friend Yoshi. The storyline is the Stork was carrying two babies named Mario and Luigi before a magikoopa named Kamek swooped and took baby Luigi away to Bowser the Koopa King. Baby Mario falls onto a island which contained friendly Dino's named Yoshi. After Yoshi and his friends have a talk they agreed on taking turns carrying baby Mario around until they rescued baby Luigi.

The Fun Factor is very good because of some adventuring parts and challenging puzzles to get past. The hidden Red coin and flowers are very good and hard to find which makes this game challenging. The bad part of the fun factor is that some parts are very easy and are not that hard to get past and the red coins and flowers can be a bit too easy to find and that makes the level Easy but other than that this game is very fun and a challenging game with heaps of puzzles and adventuring rides.

Some features other than the 8 levels of the worlds are an extra level in each world. They are simply made to be the hardest levels in the worlds and they are the hardest levels in the worlds because they fit the difficulty's and provide a heap of a challenge. The other feature are the bonuses and they are meant to be a bonus to collect items and to regain lost lives. When you obtain the bonuses it is easier to play them instead of going into a level and getting one out of the flowers.

Rent or Buy:
I recommend to buy this game because it has one of the best puzzles in any video games and it is challenging. This game is also adventurous in some levels and the most important part of all this is it os worth of all your money.
But if you want to test this game out before buying it then rent it and if you do like it then go for the buy.

Overall Yoshi's Island Super Mario World 2 is a very fun and challenging game. This game deserved the rating of 10/10 because of the entertaining puzzles and challenging levels. The letdown for this game was the music because you can barely hear it or it is too babyish. The best part of the game was the features because it is so fun to play something hard and new than playing boring old easy game. So Yoshi's Island is a very very good game and fun with the red coins, stars and flowers you collect. The difficulty was fair and the game play was the best part of all.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/09/06

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