"This game proves that there are no boundries in Nintendo's way of making video games."

Video games do come and go. There are some where it was only good for the time period. Others will never go bad. This game is one of them.

Yoshi's Island acts as a prequel rather than a sequel as Mario and his brother are babies in this game. This has some interesting concepts that made the levels feel like themselves all the time!

The story is that a stork is bringing two babies along to their mommies. Some evil wizard realizes that this could mean the future would be very bad if they go to their mommies. And the kidnapping begins!

Well, one baby actually survives the attack and falls into a rather familiar island...

Well, that's all for the storyline! If I tell you anymore of this, it will count as spoilers!

The graphics looked very cool. The backgrounds are really colorful. The Yoshis themselves looked cute. Cute, which I mean great. And the levels really differ alone because of the graphics. It was just that great.

The music is at its best when it was first released in 1995. But by 2010 standards, it's still one of the best soundtracks ever! I especially loved the underground theme of this game. It really was stuck in my head for months before I returned to playing this game again. It was just that great.

The sound was average. I really didn't care for much of it because it was just plain. Nothing. Not the Mario's crying, not Yoshi, not even the end hoop was even the slightest exciting.

The controls are nearly perfect. You can throw eggs with ease and jump and eat enemies. The only time it failed on me is the final boss battle. That's where I couldn't jump at the right time and lost health. Once. Other than that one time, the control response was perfect.

Your goal is to bring Mario to the end of the level unharmed. How simple is that? I mean, the level designs were very creative. What I mean creative is that there's always a seed of hope in a "dead end". They used some natural resources to make some parts of a level.

This game also presents a lot of challenges in some of the levels. There are some challenges that stumped me for long periods of time. That proves that some of the challenges are very amazing to pull off and complete at the same time.

This game lasts about 10-12 hours of amazing gameplay. If you want to see Yoshi again, go ahead and play this game again.

Yoshi's Island is a remarkable game with great controls, nice looking graphics and very engaging gameplay. You should buy it now.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/19/10

Game Release: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (US, 10/04/95)

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