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"This game means a lot to me, and changed how I would view video games to this day!"

I have always been a huge fan of Mario and all of his classic games. Especially the ones on the Super NES the console I grew up with, but Yoshi would soon become my new all time favourite Nintendo character thanks to this very game. It was given to me as a present from my Dad who picked it up reasonably cheap and brand new as they were trying to phase out the SNES and make way for the N64 at this time. Anyway at the time I never knew how much of an impact one game could have on my childhood.

Graphics: 10 / 10
Awestruck! yes simply amazed is the first impression I was given thanks to the beautiful graphics in Yoshi's Island. The cute introduction scene setting the events for the game contained a mild 3D view to them but at the same time 2D its kind of hard to explain but this game will explain it perfectly and no it's not cell shading. After the scene the game graphics are now fully 2D and are just lovely. All eight-coloured Yoshi's look great along with all the enemies and baby Mario as well. The environments are the best part though. Yoshi and baby Mario will be exploring tropical forests, mud creeks, crystal caves, snowy hills and dangerous wastes lands. Each area is just worth so much praise overall the graphics are amazing and smooth and some things are 3D thanks to the FX chip so we can have realistic turning platforms and similar things to help spice the game up even more. The graphics were definitely one of this games, most finest hours.

Sound / Music: 10 / 10
Aaaah, such peaceful happy music is all this game has to offer each track fits the stage it is played in and helps set the mood for this game so easily. Also all the little noises like Yoshi laying an egg and colliding with a coin have their own sounds that never seem to irritate. Sometimes baby Mario cries when he is knocked from Yoshi's back by an enemy this can get frustrating if it occurs to often but it is quite accurate that such a thing would happen in real life. Sound and music is great.

Storyline: 10 / 10
Well a stork is flying in the early morning sky with two babies hanging from his beak in white blankets. Suddenly Kamek the evil Magi Koopa attacks the poor bird. Kamek only mages to steal one baby, who is Luigi the other baby, Mario falls towards Yoshi's Island. A collision occurs between the two and so Yoshi and his pals decide to help reunite the two children and set out on a thrilling adventure.

Characters: 10 / 10
Well all the playable characters are Yoshi and his many different coloured Yoshi friends. Also just encase somebody out there doesn't know what a Yoshi is a Yoshi is a dinosaur with a big nose that can lay eggs and stretch his tongue a fair way. Hopefully that's not new information to anyone though. Otherwise it's basically Baby Mario who will journey with you everywhere and you should also meet a friendly dog-named Poochie.

Gameplay: 10 / 10
I have a fair bit to go into here. Just like your basic platform game Yoshi can run jump and duck. Yoshi can also shoot out his tongue and eat enemies and lay them into eggs. You can only carry six normal sized eggs at a time and three massive eggs at a time. The massive eggs can only be found in certain stages by eating large shy-guys. You can also throw your eggs at your enemies when you do so an X shaped target will appear in screen and move in a quarter circle like motion allowing you line up you target to trow the egg at, you'll be doing this a lot in this game. Also Yoshi has the ability to hover in mid air by jumping and pressing the button again he can cross-large gaps and reach high platforms doing this. Another very cool feature was the fact that by touching certain morph bubbles Yoshi can transform into different vehicles for a limited amount of time. Such as a Helicopter, Train, Mole Tank, Submarine and lastly a Car. Combining all this stuff together with all the above just makes the gameplay top notch. Definitely a gaming experience I won't forget anytime soon.

Replay Value: 10 / 10
I push away so many other SNES games I own just to play Yoshi's Island again. Anybody who has played this masterpiece will usually play it again it's just that good a game and offers so much and the mini-games are quite fun too. Not only that nearly anyone in your family should find Yoshi's Island appealing so it can please a large audience as well.

Overall: 10 / 10
If I was going to be serious about any game it would be this one. This game really defined how I see video games today. Although the title still gets to me because it's not really Super Mario World 2 rather Super Mario World 0. It's more of a prequel than a sequel. For those of you SNES owners out there who don't own Yoshi's Island you've committed the biggest sin a SNES owner could ever commit. I recommend this game to all platform game fans and Nintendo fans alike. This game deserves a 10 out of 10 more than any other game I've given a 10 too. Cheers everybody.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/02/10

Game Release: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (EU, 10/06/95)

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