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"Why am I on a dinosaur?"

Yoshi's Island is sort of a flashback back to time that Mario was a baby. This game is the sequel to Super Mario World, the first game to feature Yoshi. But, apparently, they had more of a past. This goes back to when Mario was a baby, as was Luigi. Many games after this also included Yoshi, a lot of these games had at least one island. Super Mario Sunshine, Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros., and Mario Superstar Baseball are all games that have had Yoshi in them. There are many more than this, of course, such as Game Boy Advance remake. As the series continued and Yoshi appeared much more and more, Mario became not just associated with Luigi, but is also associated with Yoshi. The brothers and Yoshi have just about become the main characters of the whole series. Anyways, on to the review!

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, just like the original Mario games, is a side-scroller. Side-scroller are games that basically move left to right, and some games also move vertically, not just horizontally. This is one of those. In most games like this, the start is at the left and finish is at the right. Few games deviate from this. This game does not. Basically, this aspect makes it seem just like Mario, so most can easily get used to it.

Yoshi's Island also has a choice in which level you do, like in Super Mario Bros. 3. In Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2, you could not choose the level you played. An occasional warp, though, let you somewhat select the world. In this game, you choose the level. Each world is divided into eight levels, six regular, one mini-boss, and one boss. This game has six worlds, not the typical eight. Weird, huh? Anyways, there are some extras that you can unlock by scoring well enough.

The story is simple enough to understand. It is many years ago. The Mario Bros. are still in diapers and are being delivered via stork. A Magikoopa, a minion of Bowser, Mario's future enemy, hits the stork. However, only one of the babies is kidnapped; the other falls far, far below. It was Luigi that was kidnapped and Mario fell. Mario and a map fall down onto a Yoshi's back on Yoshi's Island. Yoshi goes to talk with his friends. The set up a relay system to take Baby Mario to his brother, because he apparently has a psychic or telepathic connection to him (that seemingly got lost as they grew older...?). So they go through Yoshi's Island, destroying enemy bases up until they meet up with Bowser for an epic battle that is like a mind grenade, even to me today!

The graphics are decent. Yoshi's Island is a 2-D platformer, so you are in a flat world - at least that is how it looks. However, the SNES gives decent graphics for any 2-D game. Amazing, the colors are very colorful and vibrant. It is amazing on many levels, considering how old this is. There are many in-game enemies to see, such as the bats. The bats look like Zubat off of Pokemon. The Shy Guys look similar to the modern day thing, and on the stilts, they look funny. With so many new enemies, items, and animations to see, it is just amazing.

The sound effects are so-so. There is not any talking at all. It is just bleeps, bloops, and other sound effects. Alas, that is the price you pay for a decent game. The sound is a big flaw. Sure, they are heard very clearly, though, so don't worry. The sound of Yoshi hitting a Shy Guy on the head sounds kind of funny, the ground-pound is somewhat unrealistic, but hey, it is all good, right?

It doesn't take long to complete this game, two weeks if taken in moderation. However, it takes a good long while to perfect score all 48+ levels. It took me several months. Seriously, I have never seen any side quest that even took this long. Well, some games do, but they aren't horribly hard, just lengthy. It is also fun to play again. Well, not really, as there is no longer a real story at any main point. You can just replay the levels again.

Yoshi's Island is a great addition to the Super Mario World series. With the music being its only real flaw, this game is very great. Amazingly, it wasn't as much a hit as I hoped. Oh well... No one really paid too much attention to Super Mario World, either. This game somewhat underappreciated. Well, nevertheless, it a great game on both of its systems. So, buy the remake because you won't see the original anymore. Buy and enjoy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/22/10

Game Release: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (US, 10/04/95)

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