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Reviewed: 11/29/11

Maybe it should be called "Yoshi's Island", minus the "Super Mario World"...

The Mario series, which you are probably familiar with, is a run-and-jump platformer series in which your goal is, well, most of the time, to run through levels and castles to save the princess who was kidnapped. However, the goal of this Mario game is far, far different, as is the gameplay. You play as a different-colored Yoshi in each level of this game, relaying Mario through the island to get to his brother Luigi. If you are hit, Mario floats away in a bubble, and, depending on how many seconds you have built up (You can collect little stars to make this time longer), he will last until the time is up, then the bubble explodes, and, you lose a life and restart the course.

I hope that by the tagline of my review that you didn't incorrectly infer that this game isn't good... My score is a 6, as you may have seen; that score is described by the guidelines for these reviews as "Fair; game is okay, but there are many better". The game is 1 point past playable; the game IS beatable, and it isn't the worst thing I've played, but, I'd rather be playing Super Mario World instead of this, in my opinion... If this was a completely different series, like "Yoshi's Story 64", I'd be fine playing it- it's just that they're considering this part of the Super Mario World series, so, my expectations are a bit higher than this... Say it was called "Yoshi's Story" (Note that there's "Starfox" on SNES, then "Starfox 64" on Nintendo 64; so, we'll say that Yoshi's Story came first, as opposed to "Yoshi's Story 64". Well, then, in THAT case, I'd probably have rated this game a 7. My expectations for the game definitely do contribute to my score if it's in the Donkey Kong, Zelda, Mario, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, or Metal of Honor series, since they have had SO many games that run on the same engine.

Gameplay 7/10: The gameplay for this game isn't exactly akin to that of other Super Mario World games; like I said, the Yoshi are relaying Mario through their island to get him to his twin brother Luigi. You are controlling the Yoshi, with Mario riding on it's back. If you hit an enemy and it damages you, you lose Mario, and he starts floating away in a bubble. The bubble will burst after a certain amount of seconds (As I stated before, you can get more seconds by collecting stars hidden in groups in each level). If you do not burst the bubble and catch him, and the time runs out, you lose a life. You can swallow enemies and poop them out as eggs, and then use those eggs to hurt other enemies. Certain blocks with egg-like patterns will dispense eggs if you jump up and hit their bottoms. I have no big problems with the gameplay, other than how the levels make you go around in circles most of the time. Super Mario World games are normally MUCH more linear than this.

Graphics 7/10: The graphics are a bit dim, in my humble opinion. Most Super Mario World games have bright graphics that stick out, as opposed to darker graphics that blend into the scenery (Or scenery that blends into the graphics!). They're well shaded, though. There are only a few enemies in the game, and only a few backgrounds and level setups, which is just plain boring to look at... I guess there's not much more to say here; it's just average.

Music and SFX 10/10: The music is really cute, catchy, and has good rhythm. I especially love the title song, with the music box style it has! (Although, it DOES sound a bit like the USSR anthem, or so I've heard...). Better than the music in Super Mario World, in my opinion. At least they outdid ONE thing they did in the previous game, huh?

Controls 7/10: It's SNES. There's 4 freaking buttons to press, as opposed to the Game Boy line's simple two. The controls seem WAY too hard to me. But, it seems like everyone else can play it just fine... I think it's just beginners like me who aren't good at this 4 button setup, so, 7/10. Could've been a bit better, I guess.

Replay Value 5/10: You might want to replay it, if it didn't bore you to death or wasn't lower than your expectations for a Super Mario World game. I've heard that if this game is nostalgic for you, you'll like it a lot more, and play it a lot more.

Overall Score 6/10: The game is playable, but it's the letdown of the Super Mario World series, in my opinion. Try it- you might like it. But, I wouldn't really waste too much time on it, if I were you.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (US, 10/04/95)

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