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"Super Yoshi World would be a more accurate title."

When Super Mario World 2 first came out in 1995, I kind of dismissed it. I didn't have a Super NES at the time, and I only got to play on it occasionally at Toys R Us. I felt that maybe I had unfairly treated it, so I recently decided to give it another chance. And upon playing it, I discovered to my shock—I STILL didn't like it very much.

I mean, don't get me wrong. Tossing the eggs around is fun and all that, but there is still a lot about this game that just annoys the ever loving daylights out of me. Where do I begin? Well, let's start with my primary complaint, an enigma in video gaming history that ranks about a 9.5 on the WTF scale. It's not a problem in the game design, or in the gameplay, it's just a feature that defies all logic, and to this day has me scratching my head as to why they did it. CRYING…BABY…MARIO. This is so irritating! Is it supposed to be fun, or even Fun-ny? Well, it's not fun, and it's most certainly NOT funny, except perhaps to some sadistic game designer who's laughing his ass off now for pissing off the whole world of gaming with this completely unnecessary feature. Why did they have to do this?! OK, babies cry. So what?! Did you really have to have one crying in a game?! I mean, why? Even Nintendo Power knew it was annoying. In the 1995 issue featuring SMW2, it ranked numero uno on the most annoying videogame feature of the year, and even offered a remedy for it, saying: “Either practice and get better, or turn down the volume.”

Ok, now that I've gotten that off my chest, more about the game. What else don't I like about this game? Well, for one thing, I was irritated when Mario was reduced to little more than a peripheral character in this outing. It should have been called Yoshi World or something. I was never a huge fan of Yoshi, and here, he is the main character. I also can't stand how the game doesn't save your place the way the first one does. If you turn off your SNES, you don't start where you left off. No, you start on the map screen, and have to play the whole level over! That is so stupid!! On the Super Mario World game I have on GBA, if you stop at a halfway point, you start there. Maybe it was just the GBA version that featured that though, and not the SNES. Oh well, it still sucks.

Well, what is the Game Story? The Story is involving Mario and his twin brother, Luigi, being taken to their parents by a stork. They run into a Magikoopa by the name of Kamek, who kidnaps Luigi, but accidently misses Mario, who falls from the sky on Yoshi's back. Yoshi, and his other dino buddies, valiantly set out to rescue Luigi, and return our diaper-clad duo to their parents. But wait a second. I thought they were born in Brooklyn before they became plumbers and then they—Oh, never mind! Let's get to how I rate this game.

Graphics: (10-10): The graphics are admittedly impressive, featuring some of the best in the illustrious history of the SNES. The animation is silky-smooth, Yoshi is much better rendered then in the previous installment, and going along with the whole “Childhood” theme, the background all looked crayoned in, like they were drawn by children. Nice touch.
Sound: (6-10): Other than the afore mentioned incessant crying of our pre-pubescent hero, the other sound effects are not too bad. Still, they aren't anything special.
Music: (5-10): The main title theme is kind of catchy, but only a few other themes remain. But this is a Mario game; you play for the game, not the music. So why carp?
Difficulty: (7-10) : There are a few levels that got me frustrated, and a few bosses that got me scratching my noggin on how to beat them, but overall, not overly difficult. Not too shabby.
Replay Value: (8-10): It's a Mario game, after all, so you should find no problem with popping this baby (no pun intended) into your game system until it's complete. Like SMW 1, you can go back and beat the game until you achieve the high-score, but after that, the game will probably get stale after a while.
Overall score: 7.2

My verdict: Not bad game, but again, it's a tad overrated, at least in my humble opinion. I preferred the first game where Mario actually has a more major role then just sitting on diapered butt the whole game. Well, Mario does get a chance to move around when you obtain a super star, but other than that, he's sitting down all the time like a…baby. Well, got me there. That is all the more reason to have adult Mario in the game, especially since he doesn't spend half the game crying. Oh, Well.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/13/12

Game Release: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (US, 10/04/95)

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