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Reviewed: 11/25/13

Here's Egg in Your Face

Yoshi certainly undercut Mario in the 2-D days of the Super Nintendo. It was a real thrill to pop out Yoshi in Super Mario World and ride him along to take care of all of the problems in the first Mario game of the Super Nintendo. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island gives even more Yoshi fun by introducing a prequel of sorts starring baby Mario and the Yoshi clan who have to rescue the twin baby plumbers along with the stork that was sent to deliver the babies to their parents.

I don't know who invented the stork delivering a baby story, theme, concept, or whatever you want to call it but I would hope it isn't based on a true story. It probably could be based on a true story in which a stork saw a baby in a pond and thought it was a frog and went and dropped it down on some unsuspecting adoptive parents. How does a stork handle two babies though? These aren't very muscular birds. They eat small frogs and fish. Perhaps this is why the story of baby Mario and Luigi is made so much more fun as you must help the stork deliver the babies. Why couldn't the stork have its own game?

Yoshi's Island will come off as much shorter and easier than Super Mario World. Without as many levels, you also have a couple of very easy boss fights. I would assume this game with its baby theme would be geared more for a younger generation or for those considering parenthood and this game is helpful as Baby Mario is quite the annoying cry baby when you lose him.

The levels in the game are much more challenging than the bosses who are laughable at best. For a kid's game you would think a college educated dude with years of financial experience would be able to keep from dying in this game but let's just say I had to attempt some levels on more than one occasion. All of the bosses in the game are just giant sized versions of the regular baddies that you find in this game. The wizard Koopa or whatever his name is will spill some magic out on a small bad guy and turn him into a gigantic bad guy but your egg attacks will usually win the day against them.

Yoshi has to hop, skip, and transform his/her/it's way through this game. This is a relatively easy platform game, but things can get difficult and require multiple attempts to get through. Some areas allow you to transform into a vehicle like a helicopter or underground drill to get through some places you couldn't normally access. You can bounce on bad guys or eat them and turn them into eggs and toss those eggs at other bad guys so the game play is a lot more fun that just playing around with adult Mario.

Yoshi's Island also features a lot of new ways to earn lives beyond the collection of coins. A bonus ring at the end of each level gives you the opportunity to play a bonus game if you hit the right mark. I guess this is an ode to Super Mario Bros 2 where you got to try for bonus lives by playing slots. You can also collect flowers and these tiny stars which count towards the timer that delays the abduction of Baby Mario. Of course there are a lot of hidden locations and other things to explore in Yoshi's Island.

What makes me like Yoshi's Island over Super Mario World is that it is shorter than the first game. Super Mario World takes a lifetime and a half to complete where as you can make it through Yoshi's Island in a week or less. And frankly, I got lost and stuck in Super Mario World.

The graphics incorporate a few 3-D instances even though this is a two player game. Background action will occur such as the launching of the Chomp bad guys and the final boss fight with Bowser. The music is cool and relative to the music you heard in Super Mario World.

There is a lot of replay value to Yoshi's Island 2. Apparently this game is on the DS and one unfortunate night I was tasked with sitting a nine year old cousin who upon discovering Yoshi's Island 2 sitting ready to go in this thing called a Super Nintendo he exclaimed his overjoyment of having this game and for four straight hours this kid did not even take a break much to my satisfaction and lack of babysitting skills.

Final Recommendation 9/10

Super Mario World: Yoshi's Island 2 is a classic, fun, and one of the best Mario games out there. Yoshi is very fun character to play as. Yoshi's Island 2 is a short and challenging game that keeps your interest all the way through. This game may even want you to make babies in no better terms. I say you should buy this game, if only for its awesome babysitting qualities.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (US, 10/04/95)

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