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Reviewed: 03/26/01 | Updated: 03/26/01

A true classic. One of the last great Super Nintendo games.

1995. The second-to-last year of great Super Nintendo games, right? Many classics come out of it, including the best Donkey Kong Country game, and THE BEST game of all time, Chrono Trigger, and this. This game is up there with the rest of the games listed as a big finish to Super Nintendo. There are plenty of reasons for it to get this praise from me. Let's list them here.

GRAPHICS (10/10)
Along with Donkey Kong Country 2 and Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World 2 was at the peak of Super Nintendo's graphics. With ACM technology, the sprites were now looking much more detailed and larger than in the past. In addition, Super Mario World 2 had excellent bright colors to it. The colors were easily distinguished and were perfectly fit to the ''happy'' image of the game.

SOUND (8/10)
A bit bland. Although the cute music and cute sound effects fit in with the cute image of the game, like the graphics did, the music just wasn't anything special. It was plain and over-simple. However, it's not rated too low because it wasn't crap. You didn't immediately want to turn it off and put on a CD. It doesn't distract from the actual game as a bad thing. Rather, it was background. Thus, even though it wasn't great, it wasn't a problem.

Very nice. The B button lets you jump. The Y button lets you eat your enemies. The A button throws eggs. The R button helps aim eggs. The start button pauses the game. It is perfectly simple-in fact, it is slightly over-simple, bringing it down a notch. It would've helped if the L button did something special.

GAMEPLAY (10/10)
Simply wonderful. You will enjoy the game the entire way through. From the first level to the very end, it will be a pleasant experience. The difficulty level is absolutely perfect-a little bit of frustration here and there, but overall medium challenge. The replay value is amazingly high, because of the % factor. You will get a higher completage % for each Red Coin, Flower and Star you get. It will be enjoying to you to play through the levels again to get 100%, and once you complete the entire world (there are six worlds at 8 levels each) you can get an extra level and a permanent bonus round. That brings me to another point-the bonus rounds. They are fun. You will more likely get them the more Flowers you get, giving it even more importance of searching through the entire level. The bonus rounds give you items such as six eggs, a POW block, and a red coin marker. These items will be very helpful through your quest, making it much more enjoyable.

OVERALL (10/10)
Though the sound isn't the most enjoyable in the world, the BEAUTIFUL graphics and exceptionally enjoyable Gameplay more than make up for the sound. Also, the Play Control is wonderful. You will get used to it within moments. Overall, it's an excellent game, with many great features to keep you playing it over and over.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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