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"Perfect for everyone!"

This game is good for everyone! This is the big prequel to a great game called Super Mario World. The prequels a bit different this time becuase you play as Yoshi(8, each different color). Yoshi's Island makes Yoshi's Story, for N64, look like junk. This game is the prequel to Super Mario World, which takes place when Mario is a baby

You can't compare these to Donkey Kong Country but they still seem to be one of the best of the SNES. They are a bit better than Super Mario World so you'll like it even more. Yoshi, baby Mario, and those shyguys and everyone else animate smoothly and look very good.

Very easy in fact, its almost the same as its sequel. Jumping is very important for a lot of reasons. If you get hit and lose baby Mario, you must jump to get him back, and when theres a high jump point, you must double jump which is very cool that the yoshis can peddle up to jump. The rest you should figure out. Shooting eggs though takes practice.

A stork carrying 2 babies is hit by Magikoopa(your main enemy), dropping one onto Yoshi Island. The Yoshis find him and must bring him back to his new parents by carrying him on the Yoshis' back. Very original and well thought out. These N64 days, games dont have a good story like they used to.

Finally, All the Yoshi's dont sound like they did in Yoshis Story. That means, this game has no kiddy sounds and have similar voices to Mario's Yoshi in Super Mario World, the sequel to this excellent game. The Sound and Voices are very impressive. The music is good, too. Although there arent a whole lot of tracks, its not bad at all. Music fits the levels well and so does the boss fights.

Go through 6 worlds and each of them have 8 levels and 2 secret ones. There are 2 bosses for each world. The levels are long and you must collect a lot of stuff from them. There are keys, red coins, Suns, and star peices to get. Keys open bonus rooms, red coins give you a lot of points, coins give you points, star peices increase the time it takes before you lose baby Mario. There are 5 suns in a level, and when you finish, you get a total and if you get lucky, you play bonus games that may get you free lives. There are a ton of enemies, too, mostly interesting. All the bosses in this game are blown up versions of enemies so it takes some effort too kill them. All the levels are very unique, too.

by no means easy. Finding every thing is hard and fighting bosses is very tough when you get far. You will definatly need effort and free lives.

High scores to beat and secret levels to find. Perfect

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Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/28/01, Updated 07/15/03

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