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"A very cool little game"

Super Mario World 2 :Yoshi's Island was a prequel to Super Mario world...or even to all Mario games ever made for that matter, since the Yoshis were all trying to save Baby Mario from Baby Bowser and his Toadies. The stork that sends baby Mario and Luigi got captured by Kamek. Luigi also got captured, but baby Mario fell onto Yoshi's seat, and the other Yoshis help get baby Mario saved via a relay system at the level worlds. Now you trek to Bowsers castle to rescue the Stork and Luigi.

The game is rather easy to beat. Once you beat it, you can replay the levels and find all the red coins and flowers to get the single level hi scores. You can get 100 points per level. Get 100 in all 8 stages of a world and you get an Extra stage and a bonus game. That is a test of your skill at this game. I don't think it takes all that much skill IMO.

This game was also the first to use ''morphmation'' which allows those wavy backgrounds (World 1-7 for example when you touch a Fuzzy) and those gigantic bosses you encounter.
The gameplay is fun and somewhat addictive. Granted the graphics make this game look like something for a 6 year old (see graphics section) But the game IS good and no one should judge this game by it's graphics alone. I think this game was a nice little gem to my collection of video games.

The game looks like something for 6 year olds (scribbled crayon on the walls and childlike graphics) But the graphics are cool and the game looks great nonetheless. The graphics are pretty awesome in some areas, and this game is for all ages, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

The music is not really upbeat, but definitely not downbeat, giving it a somewhat peaceful, but somewhat hostile atmosphere. The first stage's music (Make Eggs, Throw Eggs) sounds like something you would walk through a bed of flowers to, but this particular bed of flowers is filled with enemies you must contend with. The sound is pretty good, I can't really thing of anything to say about it, sorry ;( Well, the only thing I can think of is that Crying Mario was one of the voted Annoying sounds in the Nintendo Power Awards, so keep that in mind.

The control is easy, and any moves you learn can be found in hint blocks in the courses on your way to Bowsers Castle. Once you learn them, you can do better and better and plan more strategic moves to foil the enemies' plots. And giving you an edge to getting that high score!

For all ages, kid friendly, and no control hassles, and definitely no fatal glitches.

Replay Value-6
Beating the game is one story. Then you can go on to get highscores and unlocking all the extra worlds, as well as just getting prestige for your file. The replay value isn't soaring, but it isn't mediocre either.

Buy? Rent? Borrow? Burn?
I suggest renting this game first, but I think it is a nice addition to your collection, wait until it goes down a bit, then buy the game.

The game pak saves your files automatically

Player Info
This game is for one player, but there is a code that allows you to play mini games, some of them allow 2 players.

Game Info
An adventure through a strangely drawn world, with some rendered graphics put in.

Company Info

Scale 1-50, I give it 4-20 (Low-Moderate)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/06/01, Updated 09/06/01

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