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"The stork is getting a little sloppy lately...."


Now for those who may remember, my last version of this review looked like what's inside babies diapers for more then two days long and it was possibly worse! After a certain someone kept pestering me to update my review for this marvelous game I finally decided to muster up the time and as Nike would say, JUST DO IT! Now let's get on with the soon to be long review, get ready to read :)! Super Mario World 2 is an awesome game which, as the name says it, is the sequel to the first game on the SNES: Super Mario World. Everything about this game just rules and it definitely deserves the score that I gave it. It all started five years ago where my friends and I were sitting in their room reading on a couple of Gameplayers magazines (don't know if they're still around) and a big picture took up the next page saying ''Coming soon, Yoshi's Island 2!!'' I was excited and so were my friends. We really liked Super Mario World and now there's going to be a second one! Awesome! We waited and waited ad finally when it came out none of us unfortunately had any money to get it. My friends rented the game and I spent the night over at their house and got ready to play some awesome Yoshi action! I was not disappointed and neither were my friends after we accustomed to the game. Super Mario World 2 came out five years ago in 1995 and is developed by Nintendo. I loved everything about the game and hopefully after this review you will to!

STORY: (10/10)

Are you expecting another Mario tries to save the princess in each world and will end up with one ordeal? Nope, not in Yoshis Story. Exactly how the game is titled, this game is basically about Yoshi and the main character and the person you play is Yoshi! Here's the story and even though it's the sequel, this is how it all started! One day the stork had a special job, which was different than any other ordinary day. He had to deliver twins! There names were none other than Mario and Luigi (duh :P) and the stork had a long trip ahead of him. During his long and hard trip a weird thing appeared at blazing speed and it was so dark the stork could not see a thing. This 'thing' named Kamek ( a wizard) did a hit and run attack on the stork and kidnapped one of the babies, when it had in mind to capture both. The other baby fell down into the dark blue sky towards the ocean! Luckily, it soon landed on top of Yoshi, who at the time was chilling with his friends on a normal day at Yoshi Island. The baby came with a map and the clueless Yoshi and his seven other friends decided to return this mystery baby to where it rightfully belongs, but where do they go!? That's for you to do and for you to find out! I personally thought it was a clever way to make this story into a childish plot that everyone can relate to. Everyone has heard that stuff about the stork bringing babies (that ain't real!?) and so everyone can relate and easily identify the plot. Overall, this story definitely gets a 10 in my book.

GAME PLAY: (10/10)

The game play is not a let down in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (I'll just abbreviate it as SMW2). It's a unique and very innovative adventure game that should and probably has captured the hearts of millions. I'll describe how the game goes and what's the objective ... other than finding where baby Mario belongs. There are six different worlds and a total of 10 levels in each one. There are two extra levels in each world which consist of two bonus levels. One is an actual level while the other is a mini game. How do you get those levels? Well in each level there are a total of 30 stars that is needed, 20 red coins, and 5 flowers. Each item converts into points. Stars = 1, red coins = 1, flowers = 10 so 5 flowers equal 50 points and 30 stars plus 20 red coins all together comes to 100 points. You need 100 points in each level to be able to obtain those levels. Now that's not the main point in the game, but the main point is to just beat the world and move onto the next one while progressing through the little story that occurs during worlds. Throughout levels there are little boxes with talking faces on it. If you bounce up and hit it that box will give you some information on the level that you are on. There are enemies of all traits scattered throughout the world and how can Yoshi alone protect baby Mario? A bounce on the head? Nope, this time Yoshi has got some ammo with him to take on the bad guys!

His ammunition is none other than his own eggs! Yes, he can carry up to six eggs with him and he shoots them off as his ammunition. He even has a target! Yoshi so totally rules! How does he get his eggs though? Well, he can eat most of his enemies and then he can make them into eggs. I will explain more of this stuff in the controls part of the review which is next. Be careful though, because if Yoshi gets hit baby Mario flies away in a little bubble and that gives a chance for Kameks lackeys to capture Mario. On the other hand the stars you get are for that purpose. The stars stand for a time meter and if it gets to 0 then the bubble pops and the bad guys come and steal baby Mario. The slightest hit will do this so you have to be very very careful. There are tons of mini games such as roulette, cards, balloon popping, matching, etc. and they can be accessed if by landing on a flower once through the circle that Yoshi has to go through to finish the level. Also, you can play them if you get a 100 on each level. Also in each level there are checkpoints, so if you die you can start from there other than the start of the level. That's about all you need to know about the game. Overall, game play is excellent!

CONTROLS: (10/10)

The controls are very good, but they can be very frustrating if you do not know what to do. That's why I'm here to give you a brief explanation on the controls. The main button is everything. You use the 'Y' button to eat and you use the start button to check your main menu. The 'X' button is the only button that I don't think has use for, at least nothing important. The 'A' button is for shooting eggs and the 'L' button controls the target that you get once shooting off eggs. The 'B' button is for hovering above ground and for jumping. Those are the basic controls and you will learn how to do everything while playing the game. I liked the controls because it added challenge for knowing what to do and to be able to do it quick. Hovering is hard to do when an item is high in the air and far away. The controls are crisp and very smooth. The only thing hard about them is knowing which one to do and to do it fast. It's easy to mess up and mix things up in the beginning, but later in the game it's easy to get a hang of the controls. Overall, the controls are really good but they can be confusing or frustrating. If you're great at games (like me of course =I) then these controls should be no problem!


The music in Yoshis Island: SMW2 is excellent! It's not the best I've heard in a video game, but I think that every single theme in the cartridge totally goes great with the entire game. From scenery to the mood of the game, the music makes it. The music is usually upbeat and it goes well with the jungle scenery and the island scenery too. Whenever there are castles, the music is not only somewhat evil but like happy evil. The music would probably appeal to kids younger than teenagers more likely, but when I started playing this I was a kid younger than a teenager! The music is very clear and has some very good beats.
The sounds are great as well. You can even hear when Yoshi tries to eat something and he goes ''ech.'' You can hear tons of things in SMW2 such as the target moving, making eggs, slamming on the ground, running through water, eating something, Mario crying, cards flipping, etc.. They're are so many good sounds that I have to give it a 10. The sounds are all extremely detailed and for an Super Nintendo game that is rare. I think that the development team who worked on the music and sounds deserve a pat on the back because they did one heck of a job. Overall, perfect music and sounds give this category a perfect score!

GRAPHICS: (10/10)

Now these are what I call some serious eye candy! For a Super Nintendo game, these are possibly the most beautiful, most enhanced and possibly the best graphics there is! Now I know Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3 are really good in terms of graphics as well, but man these are extremely detailed and very colorful graphics that just make you say ''wow!'' I think that the reason why these graphics are so good is the unique colors that cover the whole screen. They don't look hand drawn, but they seem like it because there is no other game on the Super Nintendo that has similar graphics to SMW2. These graphics are so detailed that the way the game is drawn or designed just looks awesome. The character designs are really nice! Yoshi looks better than ever and so do his friends. There's not much of a difference between the friends and Yoshi except for the different colors they each have. Mario as a baby looks much cuter, less hairy and of course less fat! Now the enemy designs are awesome. I don't want to spoil anything, but the final boss looks very cool and nicely detailed. Normal enemies are very colorful and greatly detailed as well. Overall, the graphics are simply the best there is and was and ever will be on the system known as Super Nintendo!


Now the game isn't much of a challenge, but they're are some things that do make it very difficult. For example, getting to accustom yourself to the controls and the button configuration is pretty hard and also the bosses aren't just a walk through the park. Each boss fight is usually different and all are usually innovative and unique in some way. It's not always just jump on the bosses head three times ... sometimes it involves hitting a certain spot or hitting the enemy with eggs. Whatever the case may be it's always different. I think that age may be in affect for difficulty or possibly the rate of ''technique'' among video gamers may vary for the difficulty as well. What I'm trying to say is that this game did not take me long to beat and it wasn't very hard for me to find all the flowers and red coins, so I completed the game with 100 points on each level and that includes the bonus levels as well. I'm not that into video games, so I'm guessing this should be pretty easy for the average gamer. Overall, difficulty isn't too big.

REPLAY: (10/10)

The replay value is very high for Yoshis Island two. Do you know why!? The reason why the replay value is so high is because there are tons of mini games to play to have fun with and to occupy yourself if you're bored with the game. You can try to get 100 points in each level and that is time consuming and not everyone accomplishes that feat by playing once through the game. There are also three open spots that allow either you or any of your friends to have your or their files on the game. That's about all you can do by replaying the game, but that's a lot of stuff to do. There aren't many games with so many mini games, which is why I gave the score of 10 to the replay value. If you don't play this game for a long time and then play it again it gets really fun and I just experience that feeling about a month ago when I replayed it until the end. Overall, the replay value for Yoshi's Island: SMW2 is really high and not everyone will feel the same way about the replay value as I do.

- Yoshi is the main character
- Lots of levels
- Innovative game play
- Graphics are amazing!
- Soundtrack rules

- Possibly too easy
- Controls may get confusing

OVERALL: (10/10)

Now that I'm done talking about SMW2 I want you to consider purchasing this game. I don't care if you have to download it (that possibly might be the only way, but only do it if it's your final option), but make sure you try and play this game because it rules! I've loved this game ever since it came out and I still think of it as one of the best adventure games of all time. The graphics are great, the game play is awesome, story is good, what else could you want from an adventure game!? Well, I hope this review has given you some insight on how the game is and I hope it gives you the idea of possibly purchasing it. I'd recommend a purchase over a rental definitely, but also because it is highly unlikely (or at least where I live) to see a Super Nintendo game out for rent at any local stores. Get ready to have fun with Yoshi and I hope you'll take my advice and start playing this game! That's pretty much all I've got to say and I hope that certain ''somebody'' is happy now, yeesh! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/19/00, Updated 11/19/00

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