Review by EPoetker

"The best 2-d platformer ever. EVER!"

Ka-CHING! What a marvelous, splendiferous, scrumdiddlyumptious experience! Any platform games that were better than this...raise your hand!(Sonic attempts to raise hand, but it's immediately shot off by Solid Snake, while Sonic is hissed by the crowd of platform heroes.) Didn't think so. Where to start, where to START!

GRAPHICS, GRAPHICS! A coloring book comes to life without being irritatingly cute! Morphmation makes its big debut! Sprites move as smoothly as powder on a baby's rear! I'm dancing for joy here, people! Donkey Kong country may have had power, but this game had STYLE! Lush, beautiful palettes dripping with all the 256 colors the SNES was capable of. Little else to say except that the graphics DESTROY almost any other game even today! Forests, caves, mountains, underwater, it's ALL here, bigger and better than almost EVERY game on the SNES! <pant, pant...> Oh yeah, now I have to talk about the...

MUSic: Not all capitalized, just because music, in this rare case, is NOT a highly important part of the game. And I don't normally LIKE platform game music that much anyway. But the tunes are all upbeat and professionally done, although somewhat muted. I can't pin down which one I like best, probably the endboss music. But I'm actually wasting space here, because the absolute BEST part of this title is...

GAMEPLAY, GAMEPLAY, GAAAAAAMEEEEEPLAAAAAY!!! 32 megs of pure, unutterable bliss! No level is exactly like another, ALL have their own unique idiosyncracies! EVERY level can be played over for a 100% score, to open up two more secret levels on every world! The control setup is absolute genius, enabling you to interact with your environment'll become a pro at egg tossing in no time! Meanwhile, the world you have to travel through is HUGE. 8 levels per world, with each level fairly large. Countless mini-games, special items, and hundreds of other little extras make this game infinitely replayable. The challenge is big, but you won't care because the levels are so fun to play! Huge, well animated bosses...what was I trying to say again? PURE UNUTTERABLE BLISS!

If you have a Super Nintendo and don't have the cart...what are you doing? Unless your nearest used game store is out of this title, you have no excuse not to have played this game. GET IT, emulated, at funcoland, WHATEVER IT TAKES. Do not pass up the opportunity to play the best platform game in the world. Signing off...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/28/00, Updated 02/28/00

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