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Reviewed: 05/10/00 | Updated: 11/09/02

Nintendo's most original platformer?

Yoshi's Island was one of Nintendo's last great games for the SNES. In fact, it might be the systems very best platformer. Don't let the name fool you. Yes, it's called Super Mario World 2, so yes, it is a sequel. But Mario World and Yoshi's Island are two very different games.


Yoshi’s Island was released at about the same time as Donkey Kong Country 2. DKC2 had amazing computer rendered sprites, but Yoshi uses basic sprites. The graphics are simple in design, at least at the core. Now here comes the real charm of Yoshi's Island. It's a coloring book world. What? Everything except Yoshi and enemies look like they were scribbled on the screen like a crayon. It looks very good, it fits the mood perfectly.

Characters, though not as messy as the backgrounds, still look very cartoonish. All enemies, and Yoshi, have excellent animation. It never looks choppy or blocky, unless it's supposed to. Yoshi's Island also uses polygons in a few areas, mostly for rotating floors, and it looks very well done. Bosses look very cool. There is this one enemy at is basically living water. It emerges from the water and pulsates and stuff. And it's all thanks to ''Morphmation.'' What is it? I don't know, but Nintendo made a big deal about it. (Really, I think I do know, it's a advanced way of altering sprites like polygons on the Super Nintendo.)


This is where Yoshi really differs from Mario World and DKC. It's not just ''Hop and bop.'' Nintendo took one of the coolest things in Mario World, riding Yoshi, and made it into Yoshi's Island. Yoshi and swallow enemies with the tongue, turn them into eggs and then throw them. Or he can just spit them back out. He can jump and the air and float for a few seconds, or do a Mario 64-esque Butt Stomp. It seems a bit overwhelming, and it will take you a bit to master them perfectly.

This game is a prequel. Baby Mario rides on your back, and it's your job to keep him safe. Yoshi can never die, unless he falls of a cliff or into lava. You lose if you lose Baby Mario. If you get hit by a enemies, Mario with float off your back in a bubble. A timer will count down, and you have than much time to get him back, or else some baddies will take him away. You can increase the timer by collecting stars. Yoshi can transform into stuff, like helicopters and submarines.

Also, in a completely unnecessary but nonetheless groovy, feature, Yoshi can collect flowers to play bonus games.

SOUND 8/10

Music is somewhat limited, and enemies make almost no sounds. Yet effects are very crisp, and music is very catchy and well done. Marios screams and cries sound excellent, but are somewhat annoying.

STORY 7/10

Two twins were dropped by a stork who was bring them to their parents. (So THATS where babies come from!) One is found by the Yoshi Tribe, the other by the Koopa Clan. Yoshi and his friends must re-unite the two brothers.

I like it, because your not rescuing Baby Mario.


Unlike it's sequel, Yoshi's Story for the N64, Yoshi's Island can be very challenging at times. Plus, if you beat a level with all red coins, all flowers, and 30 timer points, you get a 100 score for the level. Do it for the entire world and you get a challenging bonus level, and a bonus game you can play over and over. Plus, it's really fun!


Nope, can’t think of any. Wait, I know! It too much of a classic.


Yoshi's Island is a masterpiece, both in terms of gameplay and innovation. Try and find this game a bargain bin, quick!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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