Review by will0957

Reviewed: 08/08/05

Not only is this the best Mario game, it's the best 2d platformer of all time.

Yoshi's Island is a game that I never played up until last Christmas when I got the port of it for GBA. I just recently bought the SNES version which is even better in my opinion. I can't believe I never played this game back in the day, because I was always a big fan of all the other mario games.

The controls in this game are amazing. Easily the best of any mario game. Everything just feels right. I love the way you can hold down the jump button to make yoshi keep kicking to jump a little higher (or "float" if you will). I find myself going back and playing all the other mario games after playing yoshi's island and wishing the controls were as good.

The game is just plain FUN. I honestly can't sit down and just play one level. I just keep saying "oh I'll just play 1 more level and then go to bed".. and it turns into 3 hours of nonstop gaming. It's really hard to stop playing this game once you start...

Story? What story? Does anyone care if there's a story in mario games? I honestly never even bothered to read any of the storyline stuff written in the game, it's useless. Just play the levels and have fun like any other mario game.

The graphics in this game are the pinnacle of the SNES's capabilities. The animation and drawing style in the game is fresh and unique, not only for the mario series, but for games in general. Every time I play this game I am thinking to myself "wow, I didn't know the snes could do THAT". Anyone who has played that level with the puffy guys, where if you hit them the screen starts to look like you're on acid, knows what I'm talkin about.

The sound in the game is quite good also. One thing that people seem to complain about in this game is the sound of baby mario crying, and how annoying it is. I don't really find it annoying.. but maybe it's just because I'm good enough at the game so I'm not having mario fall off of me that often so I hardly ever hear it. :P

-Play Time/Replayability-
Honestly, I don't have a hard time at all passing this game. I think this is definately one of the easiest mario games. The reason for that is the star system, where you get a certain number of seconds to grab mario if he falls off your back.. and that can be up to 30 seconds. The only time I ever die in levels is if I fall into a hole or something.

I think the game is more fun because of the level design and what-not... some of the levels are pretty tricky to figure out, and that's what makes it fun. So, it's tricky to figure out HOW to beat some of the levels, but you probably won't die in the process... if that makes any sense.

I think the game has plenty of replay value... I find myself wanting to play it all the time, and whenever I sit down to play it, I almost feel like I want to just sit and beat the entire game because it's so much fun.

The bosses in the game are all really easy, with the exception of Bowser, which is pretty much how it goes for every other mario game. The challenge is more of getting to the boss, rather than beating the boss. To be honest, the one thing that I don't particularly care for is the battle with bowser. It's still fun and not bad by any means, but it feels like they were trying too hard to do something different.. and I would have just preferred something more similar to the other mario games for the ending.

-Final Recommendation-
For anyone who is a fan of any Mario games, 2d platformers, or just plain FUN games, you can't go wrong with this game. In my opinion this is the best Mario game ever, and the best 2d platformer ever. This is as good as it gets on the SNES. Definately worth buying.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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