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"DK2 may be good but this one brings home the bacon!!!!"

Way back in 1996 (where 16-bit was living it final days and 32 and 64 were being born) Nintendo was on a hot streak with thier games. First, they brought Donkey Kong Courtry 2, which is probably the greatest in the series. And Yoshi Island (or Super Mario World 2). My first thought was ''Hmm Yoshi in his own game, whatever''. But when I finally played it. My jaw dropped to the floor, this is the coolest 16-bit platform I've ever played. Next to DKC2, this game is my all-time favorite game on the SNES.

Graphics/10: Who would have thought a coloring book scenery would be so great looking. Everything has a child-like look to it but in a good way. Great job Nintendo!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Music&Sound/10: Very cool, the music fits each stage perfectly. Colorful stages have a nice memeroble tune while castle stages have a beat similar to the songs from Mario Bros. And sound is crips and clear, very nice.

Story/10: Our story take place some time in the past where Mario and Luigi are babies. Mr. Stork is delivering them to Brooklyn when that wizard guy (I forgot his name) rushes by them and snags Luigi. Mario, however, fall toward a island and right on the back of a green Yoshi. Now he must rescue Luigi and get both of them back to thier parents before wizard's henchmen nab Mario. Very nice story, indeed.

Gameplay/10: Right on, this is where Yoshi Island sturts it stuff. There are over 100 stages for you to go through and a lot of challages ahead. Yoshi(s) has all his orignal attacks plus a butt stomp, the ability to throw eggs and can even morph into vehicles. Good thing too because some of these eneimes are packing some serious power. Even baby Mario get some kicks in .

All in all: Yoshi's Island a instant masterpiece and by playing it you'll agree too. If you don't have it, there you are really missing out on something good.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/07/00, Updated 06/07/00

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