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"Sometimes, I like to sit in a large bubble and cry until I'm rescued by a green dinosaur."


Yoshi's Island was just one of those games. One of those games that would change your life. The most memories of any game I've ever played might be this one. Like this one time, I had... well, never mind. Anyway, this game was amazing. It allowed my love of Yoshi (Hence the name, YoshiRiRu) to flourish beyond actual belief. With amazing music, visuals, and gameplay, this is surely a game not to pass up.

Graphics/Visual Effects: 10/10. Very kiddy, very bright, but VERY effective. You can practically look down baby Mario's throat when he starts bawling. The backgrounds, while still incredible, can be a tad bland from time to time, but no major problems with this department.

Sound/Audial Effects/Music: 10/10. The music is excellent. Everything fits like a glove. Fields sound like fields, caves sound like caves, castles sound like castles. All fine and dandy here. The sound... was average. Most of them sound a lot alike, and they can get on your nerves from time to time. But, as I have said before, they are effective.

Story/Plot: 9/10. Most Mario games have never been ones to shove a plot down your throat.. Mostly, it's just "Eat the mushroom, whack the turtle, and save the girl." This is no exception, except it's "Eat the enemy, whack the shyguy, and save the baby." While not a magnificent story, it does it's job as a plot. While delivering Mario and Luigi to their parents, the stork is knocked out of the sky. While the assailant nabbed the green dude, the red man managed to escape and land on our good pal Yoshi's back. Yoshi and Kamek (the assailant) hold council with their colleauges, and agree they have to get the other brother back.

Gameplay/Control: 10/10. Magnificent, Magnificent. While no game is flawless, this is one of those occasions where I just want to say it. Okay, here's the synopsis of the gameplay. You begin the level. You maneuver yourself (and baby mario) through the shyguy infested levels, and try to collect all the red coins, flowers, and stars by the time you reach the goal post. If you happen to unfortunately be struck by an enemy, the infantile plumber will be cast off your saddle, and into a large bubble, where he will wail, and wail, and complain until you rescue him. Meanwhile, a rather prominent timer will begin to tick at the top of the screen. This is not only your star count, but a death clock. If you don't rescue the whining runt, Kamek's fools will come down and steal the baby, in effect, killing you. There are 6 worlds, each with 8 levels in them. As you progress through the levels, you switch colored Yoshies. In the fourth level of each world, there is a mini-boss castle, and in the 8th level, there is an, er.. "boss" boss castle. A pretty awesome system, which works perfectly, in my opinion. The controls are very fluid, B is jump, A is fire eggs. Y is used to stick your tongue out to swallow, and in turn, use the produced eggs as ammunition. (Which is all you really need to know.)

Replayability/Features: 8/10. Alright. I'll admit it. This is not the most replayable game ever. It's more of a blast until you beat it, then play it in a couple of months again. There aren't a million secrets to be found, no characters to unlock, and an extremely minor 2 player mode. (minigames) But for what it's worth, It's a fun one to keep playing. It has a save feature for easy access, too.

Fun Factor: 10/10. This game is just so much fun to play. It's base is a very addictive game starring Yoshi. But the little secrets, the little jingles, all the little things that you remember over the years. Yoshi's hover sound, Mario's cry, it's all there.

Buy/Rent/Sell? Buy, for sure. If you can find this game, pick it up. You won't be let down, this I can guarantee.

Overall, Yoshi's Island is a rather amazing game. While not the best game evar, or a game that everyone knows, It's still a damn good game, plain and simple.




Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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