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"A very colorful classic that you will play ten years from now."

This is a review for one of the greatest SNES games of all time, Yoshi's Island. This game has beautiful 2D graphics that can withstand the ages of time. An awsome tropical soundtrack to really get you into the levels. and Lastly 48 levels of adventure with different Yoshi's. This is one Nintendo's truly golden games. released in 1995 and is a sequel to the hit classic Super Mario World I think this game is just another golden opportunity no Nintendo or Mario fan should pass up.

Story 7/10
A stork is carrying two young babies to their parents. The babies are none other than Mario and Luigi. One of Koopa's henchmen then kidnaps one of the babies. Little does he know he nabbed the wrong one. Meanwhile, Baby Mario ends up on Yoshi's Island where the clan of Yoshi live. Yoshi then goes on a journey to take Mario to his parents. But the evil guys are dead on his trail. You must go through 48 levels to see what happens to our baby heroes and our dinosaur friend!

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are what I truly love about this game. It really puts 16 bits and the SNES capabilities to the test. Such a beautiful color collaboration in this game. It has a tropical feel to it since it is on an island so its like it almost HAS to be full of color. I just think that this game's graphics can withstand any amount of time. and for it to come out in 1995, the graphics were the best of its time.

Sound 9/10
The music in this game are truly perfect for its setting. It has a very tropical sound and is, in my opinion, one of the best soundtracks to be put into any Mario game. I honestly hum some of these tunes in my head while I'm at school or relaxing. They really knew what they were doing when they created the music for this game.

Game play
The basic concept of it's game play is to go from level to level and beat it. Each level is very original. After you complete a level you are graded on a 1-100 grading scale which can unlock "secret" levels and also make you wanna go back and beat your high scores. There are secret mini-games hidden within some levels that give you bonus items or lives or stuff. According to if you got 5 flowers (much like Super Mario World's Yoshi coins) you will get 1-ups plus a chance at the end of each level to play a mini-challenge which can score you extra lives and/or bonus items. I personally never figured out what the items were for. This game does have its share of challenges. It can be VERY difficult at some points. you have to go through each level with Baby Mario on your back and protect him from the goons. You collect eggs by eating enemies or grabbing them from egg bearing plants and whatnot. You are only allowed to carry six at a time. The eggs destroy enemies and help you obtain coins and flowers. you have 10 star points to begin each level with (yes you can gain more) and they determine how long Mario can float in a safe bubble before the bad guys come and nab him from you. when the star points reach zero you lose. Some of the boss castles are very lengthy and fun. I'm sure you will love this game's basic play.

Difficulty 8/10
I'm sure even the best of gamers will find this game a bit difficult at some points. Like in some castles where you have to figure out puzzles, or in some levels where there are so many enemies and its hard keeping Mario on your back. Then again there are much MUCH more levels that are easier than hard. But you always have to have your occasional challenge. Am I right? Oh yeah...the secret levels are extremely hard. I hate those levels personally.

Controls 10/10
I know your probably thinking "hmm...A control review? but it's Mario!" and I agree it is a Mario game but it has different type of control features the others didn't. Like when you jump if you hold down B then you can hover for a little while. And when you eat an enemy you don't swallow it immediately you just press down and it turns into an egg. You also have a different setting for the way you throw your eggs. For instance you can either have it set on "lazy" which allows you to just let go of the button and it hurls an egg or "regular" which you can press the button once and aim and press it again to throw. I personally used "lazy".

replay value 7/10
Although you can go back and beat your own high scores in ANY level, it does get quite tedious. I know there are very few levels I like to replay, however I love replaying any of the castles. The only reason to go back is just ot beat high scores and try to unlock secret levels.

Summary/overall score 9/10
This game is one of my favorite Mario games to ever be released. 12 years after purchasing it and I'm still playing it almost daily. it is one player so thats a big letdown. But everything else is awsome. Beautiful graphics, perfect soundtrack, and an awsome adventure with Yoshi!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/02/06

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