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    Move List by mrFergo

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     released in 2002
     written by mrFergo and friends [see credits]
     available at www.gamefaqs.com
     copyright (c) is evil
     1. Table of Contents
     1. Table of Contents
     2. Introduction
     3. Moves
          3.1. Basic moves
          3.2. Advanced moves
          3.3. Die-hard moves
     4. Copyright Notice
     5. Credits
     2. Introduction
     The aim of this document is to present and define all moves available in
     the best game of all times i.e. Super Metroid. There are more moves than
     you might think, some of which were most probably not intended by the game
     designers. They are all covered here in greatest scientific detail.
         The moves are categorized into three groups; basic, advanced and
     die-hard. Basic moves are such which are of quintessence for playing the
     game, they include running, jumping, shooting etc. Advanced moves are
     such moves that may not be necessary to complete the game. They are often
     more complicated to perform. Die-hard moves are often really tricky to
     perform and many of them were most probably not intended.
         Whenever referring to a certain controller button the name of any such
     are enclosed in braces - {x}. Super Metroid items (such as the varia suit)
     are enclosed in brackets - [x].
     The AIM of this document is to include all moves, if you belive some
     move is lacking please contact me via [q_xyz_q@yahoo.co.uk]
     3. Moves
     Below is the full list of Super Metroid moves. See respective sub-chapter
     for detailed information on each move. Current move-count: 33
     .: Basic moves :.
          Charged beam
          Spin jump
          Laying bombs
          Bomb jump
          Speed dash
          Space jump
          Spring jump
          Screw attack
     .: Advanced moves :.
          Wall jump
          Vertical spin jump
          Bomb spread
          Psuedo screw attack
          Beam shields
          Crystal flash
          Super jump
          Multiple bomb jump
     .: Die-hard moves :.
          Psuedo screw attack wall jump
          Mid-air super jump
          Speed ball
          Moch ball
          Super gravity jump
          Double bomb jump
          Horizontal bomb jump
          Diagonal bomb jump
          Mid-air start
     3.1. Basic moves
       Walking, the most basic of all basic moves. Press {left} or {right} and
       Samus will walk (with a rather moderate speed) in respective direction.
       To run press {left} or {right} while holding the {run} button. Running
       is approx. 70% faster than walking. Samus will reach this speed
       immediately without any starting run. When running Samus can get past
       vanishing blocks (the blocks that break when Samus steps on them).
       With her arm-cannon Samus can fire missiles, super missiles, different
       kinds of beams and beam combos. To do either of this, make sure you got
       the desired ammo selected then press the {fire} button and Samus will
       fire her cannon. When standing on the ground Samus can shoot in seven
       directions and in mid-air she can shoot in eight directions. To fire in
       a specific direction press and hold desired such using the d-pad or the
       {aim-diagonally-up} or the {aim-diagonally-down} buttons, then press the
       {fire} button. The speed of beams somewhat depends on how fast Samus is
     Charged beam
       When Samus has the [charge beam] press and hold the {fire} button,
       release when Samus starts flashing to shoot a more powerful charged
       To jump, push the {jump} button while standing still. Press {left}
       and/or {right} to control Samus while in mid-air. The longer you hold
       the {jump} button, the higher Samus will jump. If Samus has the
       [high jump boots] she will jump higher yet.
     Spin jump
       Works much like a normal jump, but; To perform a spin jump, push the
       {jump} button while holding {left} or {right}. The length of Samus' jump
       depends on 1. how high she jumps, 2. with which speed she is traveling
       at the time of the jump. The maximum height and length of a spin jump is
       greater than that of a normal jump. If Samus shoots while spin jumping
       she will stop spinning.
       To do this press {down}. Samus can still shoot while crouching but she 
       cannot walk or move in any other way. Samus' fire will travel closer to
       the ground when crouching thus hitting enemies that may not be hit when
       shooting from a standing position. To get out of a crouching position
       start walking or jump or press {up}.
       If Samus has the [morphing ball] she can be turned into a ball by
       pressing {down} twice. When in this form Samus may move on the ground
       (with a speed approx. 20% faster than walking) or in the air by pressing
       {left} or {right}. To unmorph into a crouching position press {up} once.
       To unmorph into a standing position press {up} twice. Samus may also
       morph/unmorph in mid-air.
     Laying bombs
       When in ball form and if equipped with the [bombs] Samus can lay a bomb
       by pressing {fire}. Samus can lay four bombs at a time. You can lay a
       bomb about every 1/2 second, and they blow up after about 2.5 seconds.
       The bombs doesn't hurt Samus but the may propel her into the air.
       Certain blocks will break if a bomb is layed next to them. If laying a
       bomb when the [power bombs] are selected in the items menu Samus will
       lay a such. Power bombs can only be set one at a time.
     Bomb jump
       This move propells Samus, as a ball, into the air a few blocks. To do
       this lay a bomb then do nothing until the bomb detonates.
     Speed dash
       This move requires the [speed booster]. To speed dash press {left} or
       {right} while holding the {run} button. Samus will not reach max speed
       immediately but must first accelerate, this takes approx. 1.6 sec. If
       Samus runs into an enemy or other obstacle during this phase
       acceleration will be aborted. When Samus reaches the max speed phase
       she is rendered with blue "echoes". She will now travel at a speed
       approx. 275% faster than walking and speed blocks and enemies that comes
       in her way will be destroyed. If Samus runs out from an edge all her
       speed will be lost.
       Samus can get past gaps and spikes etc by swinging over them using the
       [grapple beam]. For this to work there must be a nearby grapple block
       that Samus can hook unto. Aim Samus' arm-cannon at any grapple block
       like when aiming to shoot, press and hold {fire}. If done successfully
       Samus will now hang in the grappe block (like from a rope) until you let
       go of the {fire} button. While hanging repeatedly press {left} and
       {right} and Samus will swing forth and back. You may increase/decrease
       the length of the grapple beam and thus the radius of the arc along
       which Samus swings. This is done by pressing {down} and {up}
     Space jump
       When Samus is equipped with the [space jump] she can do this by doing a
       spin jump and then when in mid-air pressing the {jump} button again and
       thus jumping in space. Samus can do this any number of consecutive
       times. When space jumping in water or lava each new jump can be executed
       immediately while under normal conditions the new jump cannot be done
       before Samus has fallen some from her highest point. If she falls too
       long (under any condition) the space jump will be aborted.
     Spring jump
       This requires the [spring ball]. When in ball form press {jump} to jump
       as a ball. Aside from this it works like a normal jump.
     Screw attack
       If Samus is equipped with the [screw attack] she can attack enemies with
       this by simply spin jumping into them. All enemies facing this dreadful
       weapon will die an instant death! Also the screw attack will break
       certain blocks.
     3.2. Advanced moves
     Wall jump
       The almighty wall jump is done like this: spin jump towards any wall
       and let Samus graze it, press the direction opposite of the wall and
       press {jump}. The wall jump requires rather precise timing. A tip is to
       to stay calm and not rush the button presses. Jumping forth and back
       between two walls takes Samus higher and higher. Wall jumps can also be
       used when only one wall is present.
     Vertical spin jump
       This is simply doing a spin jump straight up (hence _vertical_ spin
       jump). Tap {right} and then instantly press {jump} to do this.
     Bomb spread
       To perform this Samus needs the [charge beam] and the [bombs]. Press and
       hold {fire}, wait until Samus starts flashing then morph. Samus will now
       release five bombs that spread around her. These bombs will _not_ propel
       Samus into the air. The bomb spread may also be charged in order to make
       the bombs bounce higher upon release. To charge hold the {down} button
       after morphing, the bombs won't be released until you let go. The longer
       you hold the higher the bombs will bounce.
     Psuedo screw attack
       With the [charge beam] equipped press and hold {fire}. When Samus starts
       flashing attack an enemy by doing a spin jump into it (keep holding the
       {fire} button). This move is very similar to the screw attack but it's
       not as powerful, it won't break any blocks and Samus can still take
     Beam shields
       Using this Samus can create a protecting shield around herself. First
       make sure that the [power bombs] are active and that the [charge beam]
       and _one_ other beam is selected. Now press and hold {fire} until the
       shield appear. Depending on which beam is used (aside of the charge
       beam) the shield will look and work different.
     Crystal flash
       For this to work Samus' energy must not be higher than 49 (and her
       reserve tanks must be empty) and she must have 10 missiles, 10 super
       missiles and 11 power bombs. First select the [power bombs] then morph
       and hold these buttons: {down}, {aim-diagonally-down} and
       {aim-diagonally-up}. Press and hold {fire}. When the power bomb
       detonates Samus' energy will start to refill.
     Super jump
       When using this tech Samus dashes through the air leaving utter mayhem
       in her path. To do this speed dash until the blue echoes appear, press
       {down}. Samus will now be flashing for about 3 seconds, during this time
       press {jump} and immediately thereafter press _one_ of these directions:
       up, left, right, diagonally up. If done correctly Samus will perform a
       super jump in the given direction. Note that super jumping will actually
       drain Samus' energy.
     Multiple bomb jump
       This is the art of climbing further and further up into the air by
       repeatedly using bomb jumps. To do this lay a bomb. Precisely before the
       bomb detonates lay a second bomb (this requires exact timing). The first
       bomb will propel Samus into the air, when she falls back lay a third
       bomb slightly above the second bomb. The second bomb will now explode
       and push Samus up again. Once Samus gets of the ground it's not so
       difficult and by repeating this process over and over she'll be able
       reach (in theory) any height.
     3.3. Die-hard moves
     Psuedo screw attack wall jump
       Normally Samus will stop spinning after one wall jump if she is charged
       with the psuedo screw attack. To avoid this charge up, do a wall jump
       but before hitting the wall let go of the {fire} button. Samus can now
       wall jump any number of consecutive times and still have all the
       properties of the psuedo screw attack.
     Mid-air super jump
       Like the super jump but in mid-air. Start out like a regular super jump;
       speed dash until the blue echoes appear, press {down} and do a spin
       jump. Now press diagonally down in order to break the spin jump, press
       {jump} and immediately press desired direction, Samus will do a super
       jump starting in mid-air.
     Speed ball
       Speed balling is speed dashing in ball form. With the [speed booster]
       equipped run until reaching maximum velocity then do a spin jump. When
       Samus has reached the desired height press and hold {jump}, she will now
       start falling from the jump. Now tap {down} and wait until Samus is just
       above the ground, press {down} again and roll your thumb to (and hold)
       {left} or {right} (whichever direction Samus is traveling in). This last
       phase must indeed be done _right_ before Samus touches the ground and it
       must be done _very_ swiftly. If done too early Samus will bounce and
       loose her speed.
     Mock ball
       Mock balling is running in ball form. This is performed exactly like the
       speed ball but without the [speed booster].
     Super gravity jump
       This only works in water or lava and requires the [gravity suit]. To do
       this press {pause} and just before the screen fades do a spin jump.
       Unequip the gravity suit, make sure you hold the {jump} button and exit
       the pause-screen. Samus will now do a jump much higher than normal.
     Double bomb jump
       Start out like a multiple bomb jump but set the third bomb at the height
       of the first bomb blast, the second bomb (on the ground) will push Samus
       to the height of the third. Now lay a fourth bomb before the third
       explodes and sends you even higher. Repeat to reach any height. This
       technique is much harder than the multiple BJ since precise timing is
       necessary at all times, but (obviously) it makes the climbing much
     Horizontal bomb jump
       Lay a bomb, then move a pixel or two in either direction. Lay bomb #2
       just before the first one explodes. Immedietly after the bomb explodes,
       hold left until you're directly over the second bomb. Tap right, lay
       bomb #3 just before bomb #2 explodes, and repeat. This is VERY tricky.
     Diagonal bomb jump
       Start out like the HBJ (above) but after the first bomb explodes lay
       bomb #3 at the height of your jump. Again, wait until you're directly
       over bomb #2. Now tap right, and lay a fourth bomb just before bomb #3
       explodes, then immediatly hold left again. Basically, it's the
       Horizontal bomb jump + Double bomb jump.
     Mid-air start (more describing name anyone?)
       Enables Samus to start a bomb jump in mid-air. Do a normal jump straight
       up, morph and lay a bomb before reaching the height of the jump. As
       Samus falls back lay a bomb slightly above the first bomb and so forth.
       The tricky thing with this move is to set the first bomb at the right
       height so that it sends Samus up when it explodes.
     Hovering (when bomb jumping)
       This means; stay at the same height for an extended period of time when
       bomb jumping. This is achieved by setting bomb after bomb at the exact
       same position.
     4. Copyright Notice
     "If creativity is a field, copyright is the fence."
                                                                - John Oswald
     5. Credits
     Tack sa mycket;
       Press enter
       metroid composite

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