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    15% Walkthrough by Kejardon

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/26/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The 14/15% Walkthrough for Super Metroid
    Version 1.5
    WARNING: If you are not a pro at this game, SKIP THIS WALKTHROUGH.
    This is not a walkthrough to easily beat the game, this is a
    walkthrough to challenge people's skills and beat the game with
    a minimum of items.
    This walkthrough will get you through the whole game with only
    14/15%. Some parts of the game are pretty hard and will take a long
    time to perform, but everything in here CAN and HAS been done. I'm
    going to assume you have at least a basic knowledge of the game and
    its areas in general. Also, I'll refer to the enemies with generic
    names so you don't have to look them up.
    Although 14% is possible, it is only possible with the aid of
    glitches. Because many people don't like to abuse glitches, the
    glitchless 15% path will remain in this walkthrough.
    If at any time, you want to get something in the 14/15% ahead of
    time, go right ahead. Just don't get it later when I tell you to.
    This walkthrough is the first one of mine, so there's obviously
    going to be a few errors, or things that could easily be improved
    For a ZSNES Movie of one path possible, go to
    The ZSNES version used was Windows 1.30 (1.02). Other old ZSNES
    versions also work. Please note that the movie with Mother Brain
    doesn't work, unfortunately. The 7th movie also often breaks near
    the very end of it. Tourian doesn't seem to like movies. And please
    ignore the 8th movie, that was a joke movie. :P
    Other ZSNES movies inside this file use ZSNES 1.36 unless otherwise
            1) Updates
                    I'm finally keeping track of what's updated when
            2) The Essentials
                    What you need, and what you need to know.
            3) The Walkthrough
                    The whole journey from Ceres to Tourian.
            4) Thanks
                    Sources of ideas and support.
            5) Misc.
                    Whatever info that doesn't fit up above.
    A quick note: The buttons that are written in this walkthrough are
    the default buttons. Keep that in mind if you messed around and
    made your own button configuration.
    1) Updates
    1.0 (1/31/01)
    - Began the Walkthrough. Completed every part, though many weren't
        that thorough
    1.1 (6/24/01)
    - Elaborated on a few sentences
    - 14% branch-off
    - Added a few moves
    - Added more orginization
    - Added a few credits
    1.2 (6/4/02)
    - Removed 14% branch due to Varia Suit requirement
    - Removed Horizontal Bomb Jump
    - Added Charged Bomb Spread
    - Added more information on getting through areas
    - Added Gravity Jump. Suicide rate for SM players fell dramatically
    - More information on Ridley
    1.3 (12/29/02)
    - Added Updates section
    - Better orginization
    - Fixed the Items typo
    - Rewrote many sentences in the walkthrough
    - Major rehash on Ridley strategy
    1.4 (1/11/03)
    - Rewrote Mother Brain section and part of the ending.
    1.5 (7/13/03)
    - Minor typos fixed, also included link to the ZSNES movie
    - 14% path discovered and put in
    - 15% glitches removed
    - Many more moves and glitches put in below for new paths
    2) The essentials
    The most important peice of equipment for beating the game at 15%
    is going to be your skill. You'll have to pull off some really
    crazy things in this, but it's impossible to beat it without doing
            Required Moves
            Bomb Spread / Charged Bomb Spread
            Charge up your beam, then roll into a ball and let go of
            down. Samus will release five bombs.
            If you hold down down, Samus will remain flashing for a few
            seconds. During this time, the bomb spread is charged, and
            the bombs will be thrown farther the longer you charge it.
            At a certain point, the bombs will be fired even if you
            hold the down button. Releasing the fire button anytime
            during this will make the charge disappear without laying
            any bombs.
            You can stand up from this by pressing the jump button, and
            Samus will keep the charge. This is very useful against
            Ridley, when you want to be able to pseudo-screw attack as
            often as possible.
            Wall Jump
            Perform a spinning jump(be moving while you jump) and run
            into a wall. Press away from the wall, and immediatly
            afterwards, as it looks like Samus is holding onto the
            wall, hit the jump button. You should be able to do this
            flawlessly, time after time after time. If you can't master
            this, then chances are you'll be hopeless against Ridley,
            Bomb jumping, and other things you'll have to do.
            Also, if you want to Gravity Jump into Lower Norfair, you
            have to be able to wall jump up two blocks and away a
            block. A good place to practice this is the wall left of
            Samus's ship. I would definitely practice it some.
            Psuedo-Screw Attack Wall Jump
            Long name for an easy move. Charge your beam and do a spin
            jump. That's a psuedo-screw attack. Now, to wall jump with
            it, you'll have to do some fast button combos. Do a
            psuedo-screw attack by rolling your thumb first onto jump,
            then off of fire. You will be doing a psuedo-screw attack,
            but not holding the fire button. Now do a wall jump off a
            wall, and you will still be spinning. Now you can jump on
            walls with a charged weapon. If you are holding fire when
            you hit the wall and do a wall jump, you will stop
            spinning and do a normal jump. The drawbacks of this are:
            You are vulnerable while Samus is doing the wall jump. Not
            while you're spinning in air, if you do that you're safe,
            but while Samus pushes off of the wall, you can get hit.
            Also, as soon as Samus lands on a flat surface, she will
            automaticlly fire off the charge beam, because you aren't
            holding the button down. If you have excellent timing, you
            CAN press and hold the fire button as Samus lands and keep
            the charge, but it's not easy.
            This move is a must against Ridley. Using it will increase
            the damage you can do to him and simultaneously decrese the
            damage he does to you
            Bomb Jumping
            This is the trick of: 
            1) laying a bomb, then
            2) laying another right before the first one explodes, then
            3) getting knocked into the air, and laying another one as
               you come back down, then
            4) get knocked back up by the second one, and laying
               another as you fall, and so on.
            *********PLEASE READ THIS, EVEN IF YOU'RE AN EXPERT********
            Later on, you have to either wall jump or bomb jump up
            the Norfair Lava Pit, since you won't be collecting the
            Space Jump. The wall jump is easier, but requires a glitch.
            Also, the Ice 14% path requires exceptional bomb jumping
            skills with strange types of bomb jumps.
            There are actually many types of bomb jumping. One is where
            you go up at a slow place by doing as mentioned above.
            Another one is crucial if you want to bomb jump into Lower
            The second type of bomb jumping you need to know is
            Double Bomb Jumping. The timing of the bombs is like this:
            Bomb 1: Anytime on the ground
            Bomb 2: As bomb 1 blows up, before the green explosion is
            Bomb 3: At the height of the bomb jump
            Bomb 4: As bomb 3 blows up, before the green explosion is
            Bomb 5: At the height of the bomb jump
            Then just repeat 4 and 5.
            Here's a diagram of this move:
            Samus is propelled |Then, at the height|Back up on the top,
            up by the first    |of her jump, Samus |Samus lays another
            bomb, and leaves a |lays a third bomb. |bomb when the third
            second bomb on the |Going back down,   |bomb blows up, and
            ground like in the |she is bumped back |is bumped up.Repeat
            first style.       |up by the 2nd bomb |           B if
                               |                   |      S    S needed
                               | S     B     B     | S    B    B
                       S       |       S     S     |
              _S_     _B_      |_B_   _B_   ___    |___  ___  ___
            To bomb jump to Lower Norfair, you will have to know and be
            able to perform BOTH of these, and then to mix them 
            The 14% Ice Path will require you to either Horizontal Bomb
            Jump or Diagonal Bomb Jump, both of which are extremely
            difficult. The Horizontal Bomb Jump is easier, but takes
            more bombs to reach your destination. The Diagonal Bomb
            Jump is harder, but only requires a few bombs to make it
            across the lake. Both require you to know Hovering first.
            Hovering is a subset of the normal bomb jump. However,
            Hovering will not move you significantly either up or down.
            Instead of laying a new bomb as you fall back down, you lay
            a new bomb while or after the first bomb explodes. If you
            time it perfectly, it's possible to actually go down slowly
            with this move. If you slip up by just one frame, however,
            you'll fall to the ground.
            For a visual of this, go to
            Horizontal Bomb Jumping requires you to first be Hovering
            at the height you want to start moving left or right. Also,
            you want to be facing the direction you want to go in when
            you start bomb jumping (yes, you face a direction as a
            ball). When you're ready to move, tap forward at the height
            of a bomb jump. If you are pressing a direction as the bomb
            explodes, you will be propelled too far to return. Lay a
            bomb when the first explodes, like normal hovering.
            Immediately after the bomb explodes, hold back. If you
            timed everything right, you'll be able to get back over to
            the bomb with little difficulty. After you're close to it,
            however, you have to tap forward again to be facing the
            direction you want to go in. If you're facing the bomb as
            it explodes, you'll again be propelled too far to return to
            it. When the bomb explodes, lay another bomb, hold back,
            For a visual of this, go to 
            Diagonal Bomb Jumping is a mix of Horizontal and Double.
            They actually don't affect eachother; Samus's horizontal
            and vertical movement are completely independant. The only
            real change is that because Samus has to be hovering for
            the Horizontal Bomb Jump, the 2nd and 4th bombs in the
            above example have to be placed as late as possible. Then
            again, I have to admit I've done very little test work with
            the Diagonal Bomb Jump, so if anything's wrong, please
            e-mail me.
            Break through Floors and Ceilings
            Currently, it isn't confirmed if you can break through a
            full sized floor, so that part will be skipped for now. As
            for a ceiling, you simply need to freeze an enemy at the
            right height, then jump and do a quarter-circle forward
            into them, though in very few cases is it an easy task to
            freeze them at that height. Fortunately, the enemy you have
            to freeze will stay at just the right height. Anyways, the
            quarter-circle forward has to be timed so that you press
            forward at the same moment at which you hit the roof with
            your head. If you do it right, Samus will be standing on
            the enemy, with her head through the roof.
            Gravity Jump
            This is an interesting and very helpful glitch I found that
            makes getting into Lower Norfair easier if you prefer wall
            Anytime under water, when you have the Gravity Suit
            equipped, press the pause button. Before the screen
            completely blacks out and you can't see anything, press the
            jump button. Unequip the Gravity suit, then unpause the
            game and hold jump. Samus will be flying upwards at a
            ridiculous rate. Pretty simple.
            Blue Suit
            When Draygon dies, Samus's position is set to Standing.
            This is for when you use the grapple to kill Draygon. The
            catch is, it doesn't set other things it should set. So if
            Samus is at full speed, which sets a certain byte,
            Draygon's death will not change that byte back to 0. The
            easiest way to do this is simply to Super Jump into
            Blue Suit introduces a number of odd things into the game.
            Samus can kill most enemies simply by walking into them,
            and go through many other, but her status is normal if
            she's not moving. By simply crouching down at any time, you
            have a super jump charge available. However, Samus doesn't
            get any invincibilty time while you have the blue suit,
            something about it overrides that. The Blue Suit is lost if
            you run, fall into quicksand, use a super jump, die, or
            turn off the system. As for the quicksand, you can safely
            run on it from certain heights. Anything at least 5 blocks
            high is generally safe, but I've seen occasional heights
            which don't work. Make sure you hit the ground running, and
            don't turn around or stop.
            A movie of getting the Blue Suit and getting past the sand:
            Okay experts, you can go on to the walkthrough section now.
            Speed Jump
            With the speed boots equipped, run until Samus is flashing,
            then hit the down button. Samus will be flashing white now.
            There is a simple trick to charge up slightly faster.
            'Walk' about 3 blocks, then run. Samus will reach full
            speed slightly faster than normal. This can be useful in a
            few spots. You can jump in 5 directions.
                       \ | /
                     ---- ----
            To jump straight up, simply hit the jump button while
            standing still. To jump diagonal, hold R and hit the jump
            button while standing still. To move horizontal, hold the
            jump button followed by the left or right button while
            standing still. Mid air speed jumps can be preformed also.
            Perform a running jump, so that you don't do a super jump.
            To super jump up, hit R in mid air. To jump diagonal, hold
            R followed immediatly by jump. To jump horizontal, hold the
            direction, then hold R followed by jump.
            Required Equipment
            To achieve 15%, you're naturally going to have almost
            everything early in the game. In the order you get them...
            Morphing Ball   (1)
            Missiles        (2 or 3)
            Bombs           (1)
            Energy Tanks    (3)
            Charge Beam     (1)
            Super Missiles  (2 or 3)
            Varia Suit      (1)
            Speed Boots     (1)
            Power Bombs     (1)
            Gravity Suit    (1)
            There are actually two alternatives for 14%. Technically,
            you can get many different comboes for 15%, but they all
            require glitches.
            Morphing Ball   (1)
            Missiles        (1 or 2)
            Bombs           (1)
            Energy Tanks    (3)
            Charge Beam     (1)
            Super Missiles  (2 or 3)
            Varia Suit      (1)
            [Speed Boots OR Ice Beam]
            Power Bombs     (1)
            Gravity Suit    (1)
            The Speed Boots and the Ice Beam both allow you to pass two
            spots in the game with different methods. If you pick the
            Ice Beam, you'll have significantly more firepower, but
            you'll have to bomb jump over the missile lake. If you pick
            the Speed Boots, you'll have to kill Draygon and Mother
            Brain in one sitting - no saving in between.
            The Missile/Super Missile explanation (15%):
            You need either 10 missles and 15 super missles or 15
            missiles and 10 super missles to get past the Zebetites and
            Mother Brain's first phase (those red barriers are the
            Zebetites). 15 missles and 10 super missles makes Mother
            Brain slightly easier, while 10 missiles and 15 super
            missiles makes Ridley significantly easier. I'll let you
            decide which combination to use.
            The Missile/Super Missile explanation (14%):
            Technically, 5/15 is the best combination for 14%. However,
            the set on the missile lake is extremely hard to avoid if
            you have Ice. You'd have to Horizontal Bomb Jump over the
            entire lake. Fortunately, it is still possible with 2
            missile sets and 2 super missile sets.
            And that is everything you need. Give or take a billion
    3) Walkthrough
    Ceres Station
            Do I really need to write something here? Go fight Ridley,
    beat him (he takes 100 hits) or just let him beat you.
            This, being the beginning of the game, will be the easiest
    part. Enjoy it while you can. Go down and get the Morphing ball,
    then go to the right and get the first missle set.
            Back track to the bomb room. Blow the door open, reload
    your missles on the small flyers, then go in. Grab the bombs, then
    wait for the Torizo to get up. Fire *1* missle at a time at him. 
    Like Samus(and unlike all other bosses), he is invincibile for 1/2
    a second after each time he's hit. 8 missles will end the fight.
            Head back up and left, bomb the left wall, then go in.
    Follow the path left into Brinstar, getting the energy tank on the
            Go all the way to the bottom, and go in the right red door.
    SLOWLY edge to the right(kill the two crawlers while you're
    there) until a bit of the flying creature is on your screen. Snipe
    him down while he can't move. You'll be doing a lot of this in
    Norfair. Go all the way right and into the huge room. Make your way
    down to the Charge Beam, and get the missiles if you want 3 sets
    for 15%. Then hike all the way up to the top and go through the red
    door after reloading on the nearby pipe. Kill the Ki-Hunters, then
    go face Spore Spawn. Nail him with 10 missiles and move on. Follow
    the passage and grab the super missles. Now head on down and to the
    right. Reload your supers on the cacti.
            Head right and down, and just follow the path until you
    reach an elevator room. Shoot the right wall with a super missle
    and go through the hole. On the middle ledge, run and jump, then do
    a wall jump on the end of the platform, then go in Kraid's Lair. Or
    you can bomb jump up to the platform for practice. Onto the lair,
    Make your way to Kraid.
            There's a trick to kill him in no time at all. Shoot
    Kraid's mouth, wait a moment, then jump up and hit him in the mouth
    as it's about 1/2 open. On your way back down, shoot another super.
    Then do it again. For some reason, Kraid will stay there as you
    nail him if you do it right. If you mess up, no big deal, just kill
            Get the Varia and head back. Don't forget the energy tank
    on the way back in the flashing door. As soon as you open the door
    shoot 4 or 5 missles in there and you'll get all the leeches, or
    let them latch onto you, jump and shoot a missile straight down to
    kill them. The tank is hidden in the roof. Go back to the elevator
    and take it down.
    Upper Norfair
    15% or Speed 14%
            First door on the right. Follow the path to the bubble
    room, then either bomb jump up, or go around in the long circle.
    Either way, get to the door on the top right, then follow the path
    to the Speed Boots. Backtrack to the bubble room, then take the
    left door in the bottom-left corner.
    Ice 14%
            Open the green door on the left. Stand on the ledge, then
    run left into the room. Perform a mockball as soon as you can, and
    roll under the pillars. Follow the path to the ice beam, then head
    back to the elevator room.
            Grab the energy tank before the High-Jump boots, kill the
    crawler, then leave. Go back up the elevator.
            Go left until you find the corrider with the rippers. Kill
    them all with super missiles and bomb-jump up the corrider (or if
    you have ice you can use that). Go up and into the blue door, and
    reload on the cacti. Then go up past the next set of rippers. If
    you don't have ice, you'll have to wall jump up. You'll see two
    small 1x1 blocks on the left wall near the roof. That's about where
    you have to wall jump from to get into the roof. Once you make it
    up there, go all the way right then down. After some tricky
    jumping, grab the power bombs and head back. This time, go up to
    the elevator.
    Wrecked ship
            Use a power bomb on the door and enter, then use another
    one to kill the 2 creatures and reload. Go up and open the door to
    the right, then go left, and reload in your ship and save. Go back
    and kill the Ki-Hunters, and open the door again.
    15% or Speed 14%
            Go to(not in)the door on the left, run right to charge the
    speed jump, then perform a mid-air horizontal speed jump through
    the door. If you're going for Speed 14%, start the speed jump high
    so you miss the missile set.
    Ice 14%
            Here's the most annoying part for Ice 14%. You have to bomb
    jump across the lake, either Diagonal or Horizontal. If you choose
    to use Diagonal, you can get it in just one bomb jump if you do it
    right. Simply do a Diagonal Bomb Jump like normal, but mess up the
    last bomb to propell yourself farther to the right. If you want to
    Horizontal Bomb Jump across, it will take you more bombs. Chances
    are, you'll want to just take the missile set in the middle of the
    lake for the headstart. If you're a master at the Horizontal Bomb
    Jump, you can try to bomb jump over it all the way from the left
    side of the lake.
            From your position, open the door to your right, and do a
    running jump over the first platform, but fall before you hit the
    low wall. You should then either land on the next platform, or be
    able to wall jump onto it. From there, just keep going with running
    jumps until you make it to the wrecked ship. Inside, go straight to
    Phantoon. If you need to, reload on the ghosts.
            He can be beaten fastest with a lot of missiles. When he
    starts raining fire on you, hit him with 2 missles, wait a second
    until he begins moving around, then fire three more at him. Not too
    hard, but can be a pain with such low amounts of weapons. Don't
    worry too much about damage, he doesn't live too long. Just don't
    go running into fireballs.
            After he's gone, there's no more ghosts. Instead, there's
    tons of blue-green globes. Go up to the shaft, then go left and
    grab the supers. If you're getting three sets, go right and get the
    extra Super Missle pack. Go back up, through the fake floor, and
    into the top room. Kill all the creatures, then go left. Out here,
    find the weak spot on the floor far left, go in and follow the
    path. RELOAD YOUR HEALTH! At the spikes, make running jumps and you
    may only be hit twice. If not, that's okay. Go to the chozo and
    then get the Gravity Suit. That's the last of your items.
    Here, you can either face Ridley or Draygon, your choice. This
    walkthrough is written in the order you're supposed to, so if you
    want to kill Ridley first, skip ahead till you see Lower Norfair
    Break-In. However, if you intend to beat the game with Speed 14%,
    you may want to kill Ridley first, because you need to mantain a
    blue suit from Draygon to the end of Tourian, and you can't even
    save after you use it.
            Head to the glass tunnel. Lay the power bomb to blow it up,
    then go up and into the second door. Freeze the creature if you can,
    and use them to get up to the door on top, otherise either do a run
    jump onto the wall, or bomb-jump your way up. In this next part,
    you have a few options of how to get up. A Diagonal Super Jump is
    probably the fastest, followed closely by the Gravity Jump, then
    bomb jumps. Whichever way, go in the top right door. Shoot the
    floor and head right. Lay a power bomb where it's needed, then wall
    jump up around the wall. Enter the door and head right.
    Ice 14%
            Considering that you don't have any speed boots, it's
    fairly obvious you can't take the normal path to Botwoon. Lure a
    mochtroid to the bottom right corner, by the speed blocks you have
    to get past. Make sure it's touching the ground, morphing into a
    ball if you need to, and freeze it there. Walk up to it, then jump,
    hold down, and right as your head hits the ceiling, press right. If
    you do it correctly, your head will go through the roof. Jump again
    and you'll break the blocks for good, and you can easily go through
    the fake wall to the right.
            The bosses begin to get a bit harder. Shoot his head when
    it appears with missiles or super missiles. Use whatever strategy
    you like. For the second half, it may help to know that if you're
    as far left as you can go, Botwoon can't hit you.
    Go to the room at the right, and run across the quicksand (or go up
    and use bombs to navigate through the maze), then refill on the
    bugs that fly out of the last quicksand hole. Then just follow the
    path. Save, then go fight Draygon. 
            This would be the third hardest fight of the game. To be
    able to keep from getting killed, you have to know what he's doing.
    Luckily, he only has 2 attacks. If he's not doing one, he must be
    doing the other. So if he's flying around, just dodge him, and if
    you can snipe him while he goes by. If he's not, head towards the
    wall you last saw him at. He'll be there spewing gunk at you. He
    will only start this when he's on the screen, and he always shoots
    off about 15 of them. Head to the other side and snipe his gunk. If
    you have more than 2 tanks and 10 missles or 5 supers, when he
    comes over, hit him as fast and with as much as you can, until he
    plows right into you. Ignore the damage. If you didn't have that
    much life/missles, snipe his gunk to make more, then run under him
    and collect it. Fortunately, if you get hit by gunk on accident,
    you can press left and right rapidly to escape when Draygon catches
    you. Or you can stay away from Draygon long enough for the gunk to
            If you have 15% with 10/15, you might be able to kill
    Draygon extremely fast like this:
    Shoot Draygon in the stomach at least nine times with the Charge
    Beam. Then, next time he starts to spew gunk, find him IMMEDIATLY,
    lay a power bomb, then when it gets rid of the gunk, run under
    Draygon, aim straight up and walk with him at the same speed, and
    pummel him with every missile and super missile you have. If every
    shot hit, he will be (just barely) dead.
            If you're going for Speed 14%, make sure you finish off
    Draygon with a super jump. For reference, Draygon has 6000 hp.
    Super Missiles do 300 damage, Missiles do 100, and your Charge Beam
    does 60. The Super Jump will do 150 damage every frame you're
    touching him. However, he also hits you as you hit him, so it'll
    drain your hp fast too. Also, after he dies, he can still hit and
    be hit for another 1/2 a second, and if you hit him it restarts his
    death. You can easily kill yourself like this if you're low on hp
    when you hit him. To be safe, have at least two full tanks.
            When the battle is over, save, then leave Maridia and go to
    Ridley, if you haven't already. If you have, skip the next section
    and go to Tourian.
    Lower Norfair Break-In
            Head to the lake of lava that leads to Lower Norfair. Here,
    you can either gravity jump or bomb jump up the lake. I recommend
    not bomb jumping.
    Bomb Jumping into Lower Norfair
            Go all the way left, so that the skulls are shooting at
    you, then turn around and go back right, without pressing the jump
    button. You should be positioned so that the skulls to your left
    are off the screen, and you yourself are positioned like this:
            I know, Samus is bigger than that, but it's to give you the
    idea of where you should be.
    For those of you who can now do the second form of bomb-climbing in
    your sleep, PLUS do them from a hovering bomb-climb and rarely miss
    a bomb, congratulations! I sure can't. Skip the next two
    For those who can not hover or do so good at bomb-climbing, you'll
    have to rely on chance. Read the below paragraph.
            Start going up using the slow bomb technique, until you are
    just under the skulls fireballs. Switch to the double bomb jump
    style. Chances are, you're going to get hit. Don't fret, just keep
    trying. You'll get it eventually. At least there's only ONE skull.
    Once you clear the skull, switch to the slow bomb jump, and when 
    you're about level with the platform, hit left for about 1/4 of a
    second. The next bomb will propell you to the left and into the
    mouth of Ridley (a nice, positive picture). Go on to Lower Norfair.
            For the people that have the bomb jumps down perfect, bomb
    jump up till you're just under the fireballs at the height of your
    jump, then begin to hover. Wait until a fireball goes over your
    head at or directly after the height of your jump, fall, then go
    into the second form of bomb jumping. Once you pass the skull,
    switch to the slow bomb jump, and when you're about level with the
    platform, hit left for about 1/4 of a second. The next bomb will
    propell you to the left and into the mouth of Ridley (a nice,
    positive picture). Go on to Lower Norfair
            The above is actrually possible. For proof, there is a ZMV
    (ZSNES Movie) of it at
    Gravity Jump into Lower Norfair
            The funner and easier path. From the deepest part of the
    lake, go right until you find a skull facing left. Stand as far
    right on the platform below it. Basically, you're going to do an
    running Gravity Jump, re-equip the Gravity Suit at the peak of your
    jump, and then wall jump to Lower Norfair.
            From the position above, hold the run button. When there's
    an opening, press start, run left, and jump at the last possible
    instant. Unequip the Gravity Suit, then unpause the game and hold
    jump. Just before the peak of the jump, press start again (you want
    to have it pause *at* the peak of the jump) and re-equip the
    Gravity Suit. Unpause, and immediatly wall jump off the wall to
    your right. Regain your balance, then when there's an opening, wall
    jump up to the skull and quickly wall jump off of it to the left.
    Wall jump off the platform, then up and into Lower Norfair.
    Lower Norfair
            Once past the lava, save and go in the elevator. Go right,
    lay a power bomb, then go down and collect the two power bombs
    there. The next part is going to be tricky. Reload your energy if
    you want, but it'll be slow. Make sure your power bombs are
    equipped, and go inside. Do a running jump, turn into a ball, and
    lay a powerbomb RIGHT AGAINST THE PILLAR. Follow the blast, and lay
    another at the next standing pillar. Again, follow the blast. If
    you're good, you may take no damage at all, but chances are you'll
    lose about 1/2 a tank. In the next room, you have to kill all the
    gold pirates with your peashooter. Take your time not to get hurt.
    Then you have to bomb jump up to the roof twice to lay bombs on it,
    and a third time to get through it. Don't use a powerbomb to clear
    it, you want to save those for later. And that's the end of the
    bombs. Skip the next two pirates, then snipe the third. Then go in
    the room. Yep. It's the acid. A good thing to know before you
    attempt this room is that a running jump is lower but farther,
    while a walking jump(no dash button) is higher but slower. Make
    your way up hopping over the pirates, then into the next room,
    where we head on down into Red Ki-Hunters. Snipe them carefully,
    as they can kill you swiftly. SAVE. Once past them, go through the
    bottom to the right, and enter the door. To be safe, use a charged
    bomb spread to activate the pillar to your left, then jump over the
    flame and turn into a ball, then roll into the hole. Roll up to the
    block, lay a bomb, and stay in that spot till it explodes. Hold
    left, lay a power bomb when you're almost at the statues, then jump
    in the hole. If you're surrounded, try to wait until the nearby
    enemies are hit by the power bomb, that will make them temprarily
    intangible (they can't hit you). Now, in the hole, you can snipe
    the enemies for refills, if you're desperate. Go inside, and
    there're the two metal pirates. This is a much easier fight than
    you'd expect, do the following and you shouldn't get hurt at all.
            When you enter the room, go to the middle platform, as far
    right as you can. Shoot the pirate to your left to get his
    attention, then jump his second projectile. Run and jump over him,
    and get about 1/3 a screen away. He should do a spin jump over you.
    When he jumps again, jump with him, aim down, and snipe him. It
    doesn't matter what you use, you'll reload your weapons and energy
    real soon. Keep jumping and sniping until he dies. Run to the next
    pirate, again about 1/3 of a screen away, and he should spin jump
    over you. Kill him too, then go left.
            Finally! Just what we needed: Sniper friendly enemies and
    pipes to refill on. Snipe the first two fliers with whatever you
    want then jump over. Snipe the third as well. Reload after it dies,
    then jump onto the next platform. Snipe that guy with 3 supers,
    reload, then move to the left edge of the platform you're on. If
    you can see the edge of a flyer, snipe it. If not, go to the other
    edge of the platform you're on, then go back until you do see it.
    After it dies, jump over and snipe the last one, then reload.
            That was nice and easy. In the next room, with full life
    and missles, kill the blue spheres to replenish your power bombs.
    At the end of the corrider is a eye door. Kill it then reload on
    the lava pipes. Personally, I think it's worth going back and
    saving, because then you can blaze through that part, since you
    should have plenty of health, and you'll be travelling through it
    quite often. Now, go face Ridley. Good luck.
    18000 hp
    Super missiles do 600
    Powerbombs do 200 a hit(they can hit twice per powerbomb)
    Missiles do 100
    Charged beam does 60
    Charged Ice does 90
    Ice SBA does 90 x 4, if all hit (not a good weapon)
    Flame does 15
    Tail does 30
    Body does 40
    (You know you've been playing Super Metroid too long when you
    personally found these values from the game itself. Anyways...)
            Arguably the hardest fight with low percent. This is
    definitely going to be a long, tiring fight.
    I'll use a lot of "If"s to tell you what to do when. When you reach
    the end of a "If" tree, you should be in a familiar position.
            When you see his eyes, wait about a second, then fire a
    charged shot, then follow it up with another charged shot. He'll
    fly up, then stand near the right, and when he comes down, get in
    another shot, then morph and roll under his tail when possible.
            Tail Bouncing
            Ridley will only bounce on the ground, nothing else, when
    he has more than 14500 hp(A bit more than 1/4 of his life). When
    he's bouncing, there is almost ALWAYS an opening to go under if
    he's moving towards you. There is only one time, when Ridley hits
    the platform with the tip of his tail 1/2 way inside it, then does
    his smallest bounce at his slowest speed, that you can't manage to
    roll under it. Fortunately, this rarely happens, maybe once per
    fight. Anyways, with practice, you should be able to tell when to
    roll against him. A critical thing to note: If you change direction
    as a ball, you will still spend 1/10 of a second to turn around.
    Small, but vital in timing.
            Quick rule of thumb: Always stay about 3-4 blocks from
    Ridley's tail-tip when he's bouncing. Also, try to stay on the side
    of the screen he isn't on, the exception being when he's facing
    left on the left side.
            When Ridley is facing left, there is a 'safe' spot on the 
    far left of the platform (If you're facing left, Samus's left-most
    foot must be about 1/2 off the platform or more). This isn't safe
    from fireballs, however. Go there, unless Ridley is in the middle
    of the platform.
    If he is left of the middle of the platform, stand in the safe spot
    and just shoot straight up when he moves above you. Easy shots.
    If you know you can kill him with the missiles and super missiles
    you have, start using them. But remember he'll change attacks every
    6 to 8 bounces, so don't waste supers. 10 missiles and 15 supers:
    Use them after he speeds up once. 15 missiles and 10 supers: Wait
    ~25 shots then use them. The reason is, you don't want to face
    Ridley after his last speed change, as he gets immensely harder,
    even though it's a relatively small speed change(about +15%).
    If he is right of the middle of the platform, stand about 3-4
    blocks away from him, charge your beam, and see the below if tree.
    But remember that since he's facing left, you can switch "Shoot
    once and roll into a ball" with "Stand in the safe spot and shoot
            When Ridley is facing right, there are no safe spots to
    stay at. Just stay as a ball and keep rolling. If Ridley moves his
    whole body left past the middle of the platform though, he CAN hit
    you with his fireballs (and if he's going fast, he can even hit the
    platform with fireballs without having to be all the way left in
    the lava!) If he does move far left, stand up and charge up your
    beam. Stand close to him (about 3-4 blocks from his tail-tip) until
    your beam is fully charged (he shouldn't have time to go into the
    lava before this, so there's no way he can hit you if you do it
    fast). When your beam is charged, stay a tad bit farther from him,
    so you can spin jump without risking hitting him.
    If he breaths fireballs that you can't walk under, scroll down
    three paragraphs.
    If he goes towards you (he ususally does) just hit him with the
    charge beam, then roll under him like in the beginning. You may not
    have enough time to pull this off when he speeds up, though. Still,
    this is the most preferable outcome, since there's not much risk of
    getting hit, and early on it provides an easy shot. If you can't
    pull it off in time, keep the charge as a ball, never know when you
    may need it.
    If he goes backwards in the lava, be ready to spin jump through
            If he breaths the fireballs at you, spin jump, then if the
            fireballs will miss the platform, fall right away.
            Otherwise hold jump for a second. He will occassionally
            breath fireballs twice within a second, if he does this you
            should be spin-jumping so they'll go right through you and
            hit the wall behind you. Because you jump, though, he will
            often go up as well.
                    If he turns around, you're fine. Just shoot him, if
                    you can, then morph into a ball and go left to the
                    safe spot.
                    If he hovers for a moment, then he will bounce,
                    towards or away from you, and often breath fire at
                    the same time. This is an annoying move. Spin jump
                    through the fire (there's usually two), then if he
                    went towards you, you can shoot him once then roll
                    under him. When he speeds up, you might not be able
                    to pull this off in time, just keep the charge as a
                    ball for later. If he went back into the lava and 
                    breathed twice, you can get a safe shot off, and he
                    will either hover or continue bouncing.
                    If he goes up, but doesn't turn around, that means
                    he's going to swoop down in a U. (Only after 14500)
                    If, by some stroke of luck, he ignores the fact
                    that you jumped, you're back to the beginning,
                    watch to see if he goes towards you or back into
                    the lava.
            If he doesn't breath fireballs at you, you're lucky; he
            almost always does. He'll make his way back towards you.
            Shoot him once, then roll under him.
            U Swoops
            He'll start using these in his attack pattern at 14500
    health. This is where he goes up to the corner of the room and then
    comes down in a U shape, ending up in the other top corner.
            Ridley goes into this by accellerating upwards, and not
    turning around as he would with his tail bounce. After he does it
    once (his first one is quite often very high and fast) equip your
    power bombs. The next time he goes up to repeat it, IMMEDIATLY wall
    jump up the opposite wall, go outwards, and lay a powerbomb ASAP.
    Then run up to the wall again, wall jump up, and lay a powerbomb
    again, this time further out. If he is near the top, lay it at the
    peak of your jump, and if he is near the bottom, lay it lower, just
    before you reach the middle of the screen. Keep repeating it until
    you're out of powerbombs; every time Ridley will rush towards you
    when you lay it, then retreat. And every time he will be hit twice
    by it. That's a free 2000 damage if you do it right. There's only
    once catch: When you're done, it's hard to predict what he's going
    to do, and you have a fair risk of getting hurt. I'd still say it's
    worth it.
            Besides that power bomb spree, the other U swoops should be
    handled by psuedo-screw attack wall jumping up the wall opposite of
    him. He will occassionally breath fire. This usually doesn't do
    anything as it usually hits the roof and you never even see it.
    However, it will sometimes hit the wall opposite of him, which is
    why you'd want to psuedo-screw attack.
    Note: Sometimes, at this point, he will breath fire and immediatly
    swoop at you, and it is impossible to dodge, as far as I can see,
    since you can't wall jump while touching the fire. This seems to
    happen most often when Ridley goes up at about 45 degrees towards a
    Pick the lesser of the two evils, get hit by his fireball, or if
    you can't reach it in time, roll into a ball to hit his tail
    instead of his body. Fortunately, this is fairly rare.
            When Ridley goes down in his swoop, and is at about the
    bottom of it, wall jump over him, quickly turn and fire a free
    shot, then charge up your beam and jump. If you were a bit behind
    on the wall jump over him (he was past the middle of the screen
    when you wall jumped) jump up early, even if you haven't charged up
    your beam yet. If you don't jump at the right time, Ridley will try
    to ram into you, and it is pretty hard to dodge. Fire again at him,
    then wait to see what he does next. If he accelarates back up, then
    he's going to do another swoop. If he goes down, he's going to tail
    bounce. And occasionally he just hovers. Respond accordingly.
            0 health - Berserk
            As far as I can tell, the best method at this point is to
    keep jumping (only spin jump if you have a full charge already) and
    shooting him with charged shots. Hopefully he'll fall into the
    pattern of moving forward when you land, and moving back when you
    jump, effectively doing nothing. If he does, you should be able to
    kill him at this point fairly easily; ~7 shots from anything and he
    should die quickly.
            Misc. Notes
           -When tail-bouncing, every 6 to 8 bounces Ridley will switch
            directions, hover, or fly up if you don't cause him to
            change first.
           -Ridley includes U swoops in attack pattern at 14500 health
           -Ridley speeds up to about 150% normal at 9000 health.
            Marked by a color change
           -Ridley speeds up to about 175% normal at 1000 health.
            Marked by a color change
           -Ridley goes berserk at 0 health (Not sure if speed changes)
            He will die from grabbing you, or some other trigger I
            think is related to shooting him. Not marked by a color
            change, but you CAN tell when it happens
           -Your health should match up like this: 300+ health at first
            attack pattern change, 225+ health at first speed change,
            100+ health at berserk, and 1+ health when he dies. Those
            seem to be about average for me, at least.
            After the epic battle is over, leave the room and refill
    your power bombs and most of your life. Fortunately, escaping Lower
    Norfair is pretty easy, just so long as you take your time. Save
    anyways. I know, I just said you had a slim chance of dieing, but
    you also had a slim chance of killing Ridley.
            As you snipe the Red Ki-Hunters on your way out, remember
    that as long as 1/16 of your charge beam isn't touching a wall, it
    can practically go through the wall. So let them bounce against the
    ground as you shoot through it to hit them.
            Make your way back to Crateria, reload and save on your
    ship, and then go all the way back to that red door you passed
    after your first energy tank. Follow the path to Tourian. From now
    on, do not use another super missile unless told to.
            The first thing you may realise is that you're facing
    Metroids and you have no ice beam(well, you might not). What to do?
    Get all 4 onto the screen at one time(psuedo-screw attacks help
    alot) and then lay 3 power bombs. One down. Go back to your ship
    and reload, then go to the next room. Kill those two, reload, kill
    the next 3, reload, next 3. After the last 3, reload once more,
    then come back. Continue on until you reach the Zebetites,
    preferably saving before them.
    If you have 10/15, use 10 missiles then *one* super missile on each
    Zebetite. If you have 15/10, just use normal missiles on each one
    till it dies. Reload your missiles after each Zebetite.
    Ice 14%
    Run into the bottom left corner immediatly, aim up, and freeze the
    Rinka the moment it appears. Do a spin jump onto the platform,
    landing as far left as possible. You should get 'hurt', but take no
    damage. This is actually the Zebetite hitting you; because you're
    so close to the Rinka when you land, the game automatically puts
    Samus just barely on it, slightly inside the wall and touching the
    Zebetite. While you're invincible from the Zebetite's hit, do
    another spin jump onto the Rinka. You'll be one pixel inside the
    wall; quickly jump up and through the Zebetite while you're still
    Speed 14%
    First off, you're crazy for keeping the blue suit all the way to
    there. Anyways, run to the bottom left corner, charge for a Super
    Jump, then do a diagonal left Super Jump. Do NOT press down-jump-
    aim up. If you press the buttons in that order with nothing in
    between them, you will hit your head on the platform. Stand before
    you do the super jump, hold aim-up before you press jump, charge
    before you reach the corner, just don't press the buttons in that
    With that warning over, you should be imbedded inside the wall.
    You have a few options on how to get through.
    Painless but tricky: Face right, and press Jump-down-left. It has
    to be seperated, but one right after the other. Keep holding left
    after you do it, then simply jump again.
    Even though this says painless, it's still extremely likely that
    you'll get hurt by a Rinka once.
    Painful but somewhat easier: Wait until a rinka hits you, then
    press jump and down at the same time, then hold left. Afterwards, 
    simply jump through the Zebetite.
    This method guarantees at least one hit, and makes it likely that
    two will hit you.
    Pressing jump-down causes Samus to get hit by the Zebetite. The
    first method uses an obscure move not documented anywhere, as far
    as I know, but actually part of the game's engine: A mid-air roll-
    back-from-hit, all you do to activate it is hold back the moment
    you're hit (which is why you have to face right). The second method
    simply makes it so you're invincible, and can jump through the
    Zebetite without it pushing you back.
    When you reach Mother Brain taking care to take as little damage as
    possible(you have to have at least 301 energy when you 'beat'
    Mother Brain), fire every missile first, making sure every one hits
    Mother Brain once the glass opens up, then use super missiles. With
    15/10, you should have 3 super missiles left over. With 10/15, you
    should have just 1.
    Mother Brain
            This could be harder or easier than Ridley. Harder, because
    you need 301 health when you finish Mother Brain, or easier because
    Mother Brain has an extremely hard time hitting you.
            HP: 18000
            Hand Beam at under 4500
            Charged: 60
            Ice: 90
            Missile: 100
            Super Missile: 300
            Powerbomb/Ice Shield: 90 damage per Ice (not recommended)
            At the beginning, you'll get a few free shots. Take them.
    Fortunately, Mother Brain isn't too complex. She has no secondary
    attacks, only main attacks. Bombs, blue circles, and an eye beam.
    For the whole fight, stay on the far right, and don't jump unless
    she forces you to. Just aim up and keep shooting, over and over and
    over. If she tries to move forward, shoot her in the head a few
    times with your uncharged shots, it doesn't have to do damage to
    move her back.
            If Mother Brain drops a bomb while standing, watch her
    mouth; she often follows it up with the circles. If she does, wait
    as late as you can, then jump as high as you can. Position yourself
    to land precisely where the bomb exploded from (if there's a chance
    you might hit the explosion). If you get it right, it doesn't even
    matter if you get hit by it; the center explosion does 0 damage.
    If she doesn't follow it up with the circles, just jump at the last
    moment to about the middle of the wall, then land where the bomb
    If Mother Brain crouched down to drop the bomb, she'll rarely
    follow it up with the circles. Jump just when it's about to hit you
    to the middle of the wall, and land where it exploded from.
    Occassionally, she will follow it up at a random time with circles.
    Either jump as high as you can to dodge them, or run left just
    after you land, whichever one you can do.
    If Mother Brain manages to drop a bomb from her second step (never
    let her do this if you can help it), then jump as late as you can,
    as high as you can. Very rarely will she be able to hit you. If you
    want to be perfectly safe, do a psuedo-screw attack wall jump in
    the middle of the wall, and be ready to jump up if she uses her
    circles. The downside is that this gives Mother Brain a chance to
    move forward, never a good thing.
            Blue Circles
            Very simply, wait as late as you can, then jump as high as
    you can. No difficulty avoiding these.
            Eye Beam
            Even more simply, just keep shooting. These will never have
    a chance to hit you.
            Hand Beam
            At 4500 health, she'll start using hand beams. This point
    is a bit cheap; sometimes Mother Brain will hit you faster than you
    can react, or while you're in mid-air. The safest thing to do would
    be to count out the shots, and around 220 normal, or 145 with ice,
    shoot only when you're on the ground, and pay very careful
    attention to her hand. Then when she uses her hand beam, just jump
    over it. From my experience, if you don't prepare for it, it'll hit
    you about a third of the time.
            This part requires good reaction skills. Pay the most
    attention to Mother Brain's hand. She'll most often simply just use
    her hand beam. However, she'll often move her head around a bit, to
    distract you, and then fire the hand beam while you watch her head.
    Focus primarily on her hand, secondarily on her head. Also, for
    this part you can't be as trigger happy as you used to be; only
    fire two shots after she uses her hand beam then wait. *EVERY* jump
    should be a psuedo-screw attack. Yes, you're actually invulnerable
    to her hand beam when you psuedo-screw attack.
            Easier than the last time, but still the most dangerous.
    For these, wait till the last second, then spin jump as high as you
    can. Again, she may fire blue circles while the bomb is bouncing,
    just spin jump before it hits. If she uses her hand beam when
    you're in the air, wait till you're back on the ground, then get in
    your two shots. Otherwise, just wait for what's next.
            Blue Circles
            Spin jump at the last second as high as you can. If she
    uses the hand beam in mid-air, wait till you land then fire twice.
            Hand Beam
            Spin jump, wait till you land, then fire twice. It is
    possible to spin jump as late as possible, fire a shot in the air,
    then fire two more after you land, and still have enough time to
    charge your beam for whatever's next, but I don't think it's worth
    the risk. One hit from the hand beam and you have to restart.
            Eventually, she'll finally resort to her final attack. Wait
    through the whole scene.
            Mother Brain's last form is no serious challenge. From
    where you recover, simply fire up and left, and jump whenever
    needed. Don't stop firing, if you stop she *will* step forward,
    and that's really the only major threat. 30 shots will end the
    fight, so your 400 energy should be more than enough to survive.
    The space pirates in the next part do 3 damage a hit, so there's
    little chance of them killing you.
            A minor glitch to help you out at the end: In the last
    Tourian room, when you're at the door to the exit, run right and
    charge for a super jump in the next room. Run to the right wall
    (you MUST be standing) then do a super jump straight up. If you
    have enough energy, you'll fly almost all the way up to the top.
    Hold left and you'll land on a nearby platform.
            Save the animals if you want, board your ship, watch the
    credits, and take a picture of your percent. Congratulations.
    4) Credits
    hpsolo, from the GameFaqs Message Board, for inspiration to
    complete this insane project.
    Mr Dan, from the same board for reminding me to finish my ZSNES
    movie, which in turn reminded me to rewrite this walkthrough
    Aw, why not. The other veterans from the same board for other
    inspirations and support. mrFergo, SaviourV, metroid composite,
    HotShot, Brickroad19, and whoever else I missed.
    5) Miscellaneous
    I can only think of a few things to put here. My e-mail is
    Kejardon@Juno.com, for contacting me. I use AIM, MSN, and Yahoo,
    which I can be found as Kejardon. For that matter, if you ever see
    me, it'll be as Kejardon.
    A great site is www.classicgaming.com/MDb/, the first major Metroid
    website I found. Contains general and background information for
    all the games, as well as its own message board.
    http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/gentopic.asp?board=9418 is the board
    that I most often visit, made for Super Metroid. If, for some
    reason, the link doesn't work, it's GameFAQ's Super Metroid
    Discussion board. Go to www.gamefaqs.com, find Super Metroid, then
    click on Message Board near the top.
    On IRC, you can join #SuperMetroid on the server irc.beyondirc.net
    to find me and a few other friends.
    Kejardon's 15% Walkthrough
    Written and Copyright Kejardon, 2000-2003

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