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    Pure Speed Run Guide by Smokey__

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 12/23/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                              Pure Speed Run Walkthrough    
                          (AKA. Any% or Sub-Hour Speed Guide)
                          By: Richard Rodríguez (aka. Smokey)
                              E-mail: dagonhx0@gmail.com
                              *Last Revised on 12/23/09*
    				 Version 1.05
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    This document is Copyright © 2003, 2004, 2009 Richard Rodríguez.
    Table of Contents: 
    I. Introduction
    II. Basics
       - Useful Glitches
       - Notes   
       - Speed Tips
    III. Walkthrough
       - Ceres Station
       - Crateria
       - Brinstar
       - Norfair I
       - Wrecked Ship
       - Maridia
       - Norfair II
       - Tourian
    IV. Revision History / Updates
    V. Credits
       I. Introduction
       Thanks for reading this guide. It's my first one, so I hope you find it 
    valuable. The main goal of this guide is to show you how to beat the game in 
    UNDER AN HOUR (0:59) with a minimum of items. 
       Many people have found numerous ways to get through the game to achieve 
    this, and have beat the game with the best ending and the lowest time stamp, 
    but why not do it with the best route at the moment? This guide covers the 
    latest way to date to do it wisely. Besides, it contains easy/useful items to 
    get along the way without slowing you down. And of course, for completing this 
    task will involve some sequence breaking tricks, which means tricks that alter
    or break the sequence of the game that the developers intended for you to go.
       Sure, in this run you are free to get an extra item along the way if you 
    are in desperate need of energy/missiles, or if you can't seem to continue the 
    run with the items you have. However, if you find this guide a bit complicated, 
    I suggest you first try some speed runs of your own, practice a bit in the 
    game, bosses, etc., or at least, see one of my movies.
       II. Basics
        There are many complicated tricks and glitches I won't cover in this run 
    because as I previously said, the main purpose of this document is to help you 
    obtain a time of under an hour. In case you're curious about the rest of the 
    tricks, or just want to stay updated, visit: http://www.metroid2002.com/3/ 
        Here I'll list some useful, basic moves commonly used throughout the run.
    - Wall-Jump: spin-jump on any wall (let's say you're spin-jumping 
                 towards a wall to your right) and once you make full 
                 contact with that wall, press away from it (press the
                 Just for an instant, after you press left, you'll notice 
                 Samus touching the wall with her feet; THIS is the time 
                 to press and hold down the 'jump' button while still 
                 pressing the left to do it. Very useful in practically 
                 any place you want to climb up faster.
    - ShineSpark or Super Jump (for all directions): When you have the 
      Speed Booster, press the 'dash' (B button by default) while running 
      and Samus will run faster. At this point you have to press 'down' on 
      d-pad while STILL holding the dash button, and she'll begin to
      flash. You can now press:
      a) the 'jump' button. Samus will fly on a vertical position.
      b) press 'R' and then the jump button at any direction. This will
         make Samus fly on a diagonal.
      c) tap the jump button, then press forward and the jump button again. 
         Samus will do a horizontal super jump.
      Here is how to do a Horizontal Super Jump while in mid-air:
      Charge your Speed Booster to full speed and press 'down' to trigger 'super 
      jump' mode. Now do a normal spin jump, and while in mid air, tap 'up' _or_ 
      the 'R' button (to activate the super jump position). Now just press 
      'forward' and the 'jump' button.
       Useful Glitches
    - Quick-Charge-Boost: This glitch significantly reduces the space needed 
                          to perform a charge boost, allowing you to charge it 
       You will need the Speed Booster to do this:
       Press forward (take two steps), and then press and hold down the dash 
       button. Below is my uber sketch of how Samus will look right when you 
       press the dash button.
        Correct animation ------>    \/ \
    - Mock-Ball: When performed, Samus will be rolling on the ground with the 
                 same amount of speed when she was running. This glitch lets 
                 you get the early Super missiles in the game, allowing you to 
                 entirely skip Spore Spawn's fight, as well as doing a couple 
                 of things faster.
       You'll need the Morph Ball to perform this, and you can also do this 
       without the Speed Booster.
         1- Dash at full speed (or at desired speed), do a normal spin 
            jump, and hold down the 'jump' button.
         2- Whilst in mid-air, press down _one_ time while STILL holding 
            the 'jump' button, so Samus will aim down.
         3- Now, as you make _contact_ with the ground, press down again
            (you'll morph now) and then press forward as fast as you
            can (in the direction you were running). 
            It has to be a smooth transition between landing, morphing
            and pressing forward. If you morph earlier you'll bounce, 
            which cancels out the Mock-ball effect. It's also crucial to 
            do all of this while holding the 'jump' button, at all times, 
            otherwise it will not work.
       The next glitches aren't required to complete this run, but it never hurts
    to try them ;).
    - KagoBall Glitch:
      You can do this glitch practically with every sprite you see in
      the game. To practice the glitch, quickly look for a nearby enemy
      and freeze it. Step on it, jump, and while in the air press 'down'.
      Now, at the very last second (or frame) before you land on the enemy
      press 'down' again to roll into a ball and you'll go right through
      the enemy to the floor. 
    - Kraid's Quick-kill Glitch:
      The key to this glitch is precise timing. Right after he appears 
      from the ground, shoot a *charged beam* at his face to make him 
      open his mouth, then quickly select your super missiles. For some 
      odd reason, shooting a charged shot will stun his hands, allowing 
      enough space for you to shoot some super missiles. Before he makes 
      the growl (but still with his mouth half-opened), load a super 
      missile in his mouth. This is where the glitch comes in.
      Firing a super missile into his mouth, before he even makes the 
      growl, will keep his mouth open for a second. Use this time to load 
      all the super missiles you have in his mouth before he closes it. 
      It's pretty hard to do, but completely worth it and it only takes a
      few seconds to kill him with this glitch.
      I highly recommend practicing this glitch, because it truly SUCKS
      if you fail it. You'll end up shooting all (or most) of your super
      missiles into his evil left hand, thus having none left for the 
      rest of the battle.
    - Zebetite Glitch:
      As you enter to Mother Brain's hall, you will notice some red
      barriers (called zebetites) in your way. Equip your Ice Beam (and
      *un-equip* the Screw Attack, if you have it on) and freeze the lower
      Rinka as soon as it spawns (the orange ball that spawns from some
      tubes). Then spin toward the zebetite to be hit by it. Now, spin
      again, land, and then press the jump button and forward. This will
      take the next three zebetites in your path, granting you total
      access to MB without using a single missile or super missile. Note
      that if you break the first zebetite, after skipping it, will cause
      the next three zebetites reappear.
    - Murder Beam Glitch:
      The best place to test/use this glitch is before the fight with Mother 
      Brain (when her head is on the floor). Make sure you have the four main 
      beams. First off, equip Ice/Wave and Plasma beams. Charge your beam and 
      then press start and go to Samus' screen. Now equip the Spazer Beam, 
      and move the cursor to any of the boots items. Next, try to press the 
      left and the action button (the 'A' button is default) at the same time, 
      equip both the Spazer and Plasma beams simultaneously. If you did it 
      correctly, you'll see mysterious letters showing 'VAR' right beside 
      the Plasma Beam.
      Then press 'start' again while HOLDING the fire button to not fire it,   
      otherwise you'll crash the game. Step near MB's head and release the 
      fire button. Press start again and un-equip the Spazer or Plasma Beam 
      (mostly the Spazer) to have the beams return to normal and to not crash 
      the game.
      The battle will be slow-paced but the glitched beam will continue 
      damaging MB in the entire battle regardless. At the cinema, when the  
      Super Metroid is dying, you'll see MB with a red color, indicating 
      that she'll die soon. Just five seconds after you get the Hyper Beam 
      MB will begin to explode! Highly useful if you want to cut-off about 
      15 seconds at the third phase of the battle.
       In this run you will *probably* have to skip the following Mini-Bosses and 
    - Spore Spawn (Optional)
    - Crocomire
    - Golden Torizo (Optional)
    - Grapple Beam
    - X-Ray Scope
    - Spring Ball
    - Screw Attack (Optional)
       Why? It is because none of the above is necessary to beat the game. However, 
    skipping Spore Spawn requires the Mock-Ball glitch, which could be difficult. 
    As for the Screw Attack, you can collect it. It would be very handy to get 
    through Lower Norfair easily; this will also make easy to avoid Ridley's 
    fireballs, and it doesn't take too much time to collect it. Additionally, 
    you'll have to collect all the beams to finish the boss' fights (especially 
    with Ridley and Mother Brain) MUCH faster.
    - Never go out of your way to save the game unless I tell you so. This could 
      add around 15 seconds to your run. (Saving and continuing).
    - Ignore most of the enemies unless they get in your way. Only kill them if 
      you have to recharge your supplies or to unlock a metal door.
    - While doing speed runs, you'll learn to ALWAYS open red doors _and_ eye-doors 
      with Super missiles, unless you don't have any, or if you have a few of them 
      left before facing a boss. 
    - Never use the Ice Beam. Freezing enemies along the way will only slow you 
      down. The only purpose it has here is to add damage to your beam when facing 
      bosses, and to easily take out the metroids in Tourian.
    - Pause whenever you're doing a continuous flow in the game; such as running, 
      falling, jumping or if you're waiting for something: such as before a Boss 
      fight begins. Pausing when neither of these events are present is likely a 
      slow move to make. In addition, time stops when you pause the game. This tip
      applies more to those hardcore gamers...
    - Time stops when a room transition takes place, when you get an item, when 
      the game asks you to save, and when it tells you the game was saved. 
      (Unfortunately, time continues to run during the save animation and while 
      riding an elevator). 
    - Wall jumps are 2x faster than space jumps.
    - The 'RESET' button is your friend. If you've screwed something up again and 
      again for about 15-20 seconds, hit RESET. You'll never want to get an extra 
      minute at the end of your run. Just reset and do it more carefully the next 
    - Always hold the 'dash' button.
       III. Walkthrough
       If you have a broadband connection, go to the link below to watch an example 
    of this run, done by myself:
       Ceres Station
    Time: 00:00
       Ok, there's not much to do here. Run through the empty corridors until 
    you reach the metroid larva. In this room, hug to the right corner and duck, 
    so you can get hit by the tail of Ridley as soon as he appears. You'll want 
    to do this so you can end the fight sequence as soon as possible. When Ridley 
    appears, just jump to his tail, since it's the only spot of him where you can 
    lose more energy. In five hits, you'll have 24 energy remaining in your status.
       End the fight quickly and escape, while trying to avoid the steam-gases and 
    ceiling parts on your way out.
       *NOTE: It's very possible to get a time of 0:44.xx remaining seconds at the 
    time of escape. Use it as a reference number.
    Time: 0:01 (1 min.)
       As soon as you land on the lonely planet Zebes, head left and open the door. 
    Keep running left until you see a wall and an opening. Drop down, and shoot the 
    blue door at the bottom. In this long, vertical shaft, go to the right wall and 
    stay close to it. Watch as you fall without stepping at the platforms, and at 
    the end, open the door. Follow this old wrecked corridor, shoot the door on 
    the other side and step on the elevator.
       Get the Morph ball to your left and continue to the right to get your first 
    set of Missiles that are in the lower room.
       Return, skip the missile in the red door and run back to the elevator to 
    Crateria. Carefully climb the vertical shaft using wall jumps, killing the 
    Space Pirates as you progress up, and reach the top. Keep heading up (like if 
    you were heading to your ship), and there will be a little passage that leads 
    down. Use the morph-ball there and fall down. Proceed to get the Bombs and 
    face the Torizo.
    Mini-Boss: Torizo
       The best way to kill the Torizo quickly, is shooting _one_ missile each 
    second. Don't fire them rapidly; just wait a second and then fire. When you 
    run out of missiles, simply reload by shooting the bombs that the Torizo 
       Don't get too much damage because if you do, and if you run out of missiles,
    the only thing that's going to spawn if you shoot his bombs will be energy 
    cells and thus slowing the fight. In the aftermath, reload all your missiles 
    and go back two rooms.
       Here, you can either escape this part by using wall jumps on the left side, 
    morphing at the last pixel to enter the hole (the little tunnel which you 
    entered) which can be a bit difficult, or taking the right side with the 
    blocks. It's up to you.
       If you escape through the left side in one try you can save around 10 
    seconds which are pretty good. Run to the left, bomb the fake wall and go 
    through the door. Collect your first Energy Tank (1) at the end of the cave 
    and enter the next room. Walk through the Space Pirates (ignore them), ignore 
    also the red-door to your right, and turn left to go down to Brinstar.
       Go down a bit and open the first red door to your right.
       (Remember that this part is OPTIONAL. If you don't know how to perform a 
        mockball correctly, you can skip ahead and fight Spore Spawn to get the 
        first set of Super missiles).
       Run and jump right as you get through the door and do the Mockball trick to 
    get past the gates. At the end, shoot the ceiling and work your way up to grab 
    your first Super Missiles. NOTE: After getting the super missiles, you might 
    want to get the nearby missile pack to open the red door at the back of this 
    room (to not use a super missile to open it), and get the Reserve tank and the 
    two hidden missile packs, in case you really want to be very well-equipped.
       This will allow you to save a whole minute of your run, completely skipping 
    the fight with Spore Spawn. Return to the main path, and open the right red 
    door at the bottom with a super missile. Keep dashing right until you come to 
    the 'main room'. Head down and collect both the Missile and the Charge Beam. 
    Go back out, use the morph ball and open the green door. Drop down and keep 
    dashing right and collect the pipe-secret missile. Drop down and keep running 
    to the right until you see the door gate. Open it and go through the blue door.
    Kill the two nearby Cactacs with missiles or charged shots to get some free 
    super missile refills and then dash through the bridge above-- or the NooB 
    Bridge! At the end, shoot the green door first and then kill another Cacatac 
    closely by the door to get another super missile refill. Enter through door.
       Head south in this red, vertical corridor and shoot the blue door to your 
    right (You can open the green door to the left if you're low on energy). Travel 
    to the right, wall jump up, and get the Spazer Beam. Now backtrack and dash 
    right. Pass the Marida-glass hall and select your super missiles.
       In the Norfair elevator room, shoot the lowest rightmost super missile 
    block and morph by it. Now at the lowest edge of the room, try to run right 
    and do a diagonal jump onto the monster's face. If done correctly, you can wall 
    jump onto the ledge to keep heading into Kraid's Hideout without traversing 
    Norfair (to get the High Jump Boots). Now, run all the way to Kraid's room.
       *NOTE: If you are willing to do Kraid's quick-kill glitch (see the Basics 
    section), it will be good to save in the room at Kraid's lair, since the glitch 
    is hard to pull off; it's unlikely to succeed on the first try and failing will 
    drastically slow down that part.
    * Reset your game and look at the game-time clock. It should read:
      0:09 mins OR LOWER. If you got somewhere around this, you're on 
      the right track for a goal time of 0:59 (UNDER ONE HOUR).
    Time: 0:09 (9 mins.)
       From the save room, head all the way to Kraid's room, making sure to kill 
    the mini-Kraid with a super missile to reload all of your super missiles. 
    When you come upon the eye door, shoot it with a super missile and enter the 
    boss room.
    Boss: Kraid
      There are two ways to kill him:
    1- The easy, but slower way:
       As soon as he appears, shoot a charged shot at his face and quickly select 
    your super missiles. When he opens his mouth, quickly fire one super missile 
    (or two if you can time it right) to quickly lower his health.
       Repeat this strategy after the other half of his body comes up. Try 
    dodging all of his projectiles, or simply blast them if you need missiles, 
    super missiles or energy. It could take around 15 seconds to kill him this 
    2- The hard, but faster way:
       Here you can use the Kraid's Quick-kill glitch to beat him in just five 
    seconds. (Check the Basics section). When the battle is over, pray to collect 
    at least one or two super missile refills in the room.
       Either way, after you beat him, go to the east part of the room to collect 
    the Varia Suit and then go back out three rooms. Kill the mini-Kraid with a 
    super missile to reload all your supers, and then with missiles, continue 
    blasting away the next three Ki-Hunters in your way. 
       Keep going back until you see the flashing door and enter. Once in the room,
    let all the enemies attach to you and then select your missiles, aim up and 
    shoot one to kill all of them at once. Get the hidden Energy Tank (2) at the 
    ceiling and continue your way out and return to the Norfair elevator room. 
    Take it to go down to Norfair.
       Norfair I                                            
       Drop all the way down and blast the red door to your left. Get the Energy 
    Tank (3) and fall down to one of the false blocks. Kill the Greemer quickly and 
    turn back to open the flashing door. Turn back and roll through the passages.
    Proceed into the room and grab the High Jump Boots and the Missile pack on 
    your way back. Go through the blue door directly in front of you and SAVE. 
    * Reset your game and look at the game-time clock. It should read:
      0:12 mins OR LOWER. Load your game.
    Time: 0:12 (12 mins.)
       Head through the blue door to your left and go up toward the elevator. At 
    the top, open the blue door on the right and continue on to the 'bubble room'.
    Now wall jump up to the west part of the room (where a blue door is) and use 
    this small space to dash right, then jump off the ledge as high as you can and
    use a few wall jumps off the eastern ledge (watch out for the Cacatac above) 
    to reach the northeast part of the room.
       Open and proceed through the green door and head northeast. At the end of 
    this wide corridor is a red door. Look above it and shoot the bubbles to reveal
    a secret Missile pack. Blast the red door, get the Speed Booster and return to 
    the big 'bubble room'. Drop down through the first opening and walk down the 
    stairs-like bubbles to reach the east part of the room, where another blue 
    door awaits you. Avoid the enemies that pop up from the floor and open the 
    red door below. 
       This room can be somewhat tricky to get past and would be easier to 
    un-equip the Hi-Jump Boots so as to not get hit by the ceiling. Otherwise 
    you'll be failing most of the jumps and you'll probably fall down accidentally,
    which will look dumb. Jump over the rising platforms carefully, open the door-
    gate and get the Missile pack behind it.
       Use your speed booster and jump as far as you can off the ledge. As soon as 
    you hit the wall on the other side, wall jump up to the red door. Collect the 
    Wave Beam and go back out. Fall to the center of the spikes (the fake ones) to 
    not lose your energy. (You can also shoot the spore to recharge your supplies).
    Morph through the little tunnel, head left and take the door. Now work your way
    up and return to the bubble room.
       In the bubble room, jump and fall down into the center of the room and shoot
    the floor to reveal some tunnels. Kill the Greemers and find your way through 
    the maze. At the end of the tunnels, there will be two blue doors. Take the 
    one on the left and dash straight-forward. At the end you'll return to the save
    room where you previously saved. Head left, go up toward the elevator and go 
    through the green door on your left.
       Use the speed booster to pass the gates, and before you reach the end, 
    press down, open the blue door and do a horizontal super jump. That's the 
    easiest, fastest way to enter the room, but if you didn't make it just proceed 
    into the next two room. As you exit the last door, you will see an opening 
    directly above the blue door. Jump and at the peak of the jump, quickly morph 
    into a ball and work your way up through the tunnels to get the Ice Beam. 
       Return the way you came. Head to the elevator to go up to Brinstar.
       Now keep traveling left until you get to the red vertical room. If you are 
    low on energy, you can take the left door to recharge them.
       Use some wall jumps on the right wall to work your way up and freeze the 
    last floating turtle you see to use it as a platform. Keep going north and do 
    the same thing with the other flying turtles at the top. Shoot the fake block 
    at the summit, and enter the next room. Jump pass through the little platforms
    until you get to the other side of the room. (Try to not fall down to the 
    sucki-flowers below). 
       In the next room, destroy the two visible fake blocks below, open the green
    door and get your first and probably last Power Bombs of the run. Backtrack 
    and leave this room.
       As you climb up, select your power bombs and lay one to open the yellow 
    door. (We'll be coming back through here later, so you might want to have this
    door blue already, so you don't have to waste any power bombs later). Kill the 
    two Cacatacs to get some super missile refills and skip both the save room and 
    green door, and focus your way up to the elevator. Now take it to return to 
       Open the yellow door and go up. Lay a power bomb as you go up to open the 
    yellow door at the bottom and continue going up (again, we'll be coming back 
    here). Proceed up, shoot the fake block and lay another power bomb at the right
    side of the room to open the yellow door BUT, don't enter. Instead, go back to
    the far-left side of the room, kill the Ki-hunter and stand near the blue door. 
    This will allow enough space so you can perform a Quick-charge-boost (see 
    Basics' section). Then, run right, crouch to use the shinespark and hop up 
    to do a horizontal-super jump through the opened yellow door.
       You'll get the Missile pack on your way. Open the blue door, but again, do 
    not enter. Stand near the ledge and use another Quick charge-booster. At the 
    other side of the room, you'll begin to use the Speed booster sooner before 
    you reach the shore. Just press 'down' and use another horizontal super jump 
    to reach the Wrecked Ship's entrance quickly, leaving behind the completely 
    useless Grapple Beam during this run, as well as the entire Crocomire fight.
       Select your super missiles to open the green door and welcome to the Wrecked
       Wrecked Ship                                         
       Dash through this tight corridor and take the blue door at the end of the 
    hall. Head downward until you see a metal door to your left, and lay a power 
    bomb there to clear all the blocks down in your way. Make your way through the 
    tunnels and use a super missile to enter the next lower room. Take it east and 
    morph under the wall and use a bomb to get through.
       Blast away the eye-door, un-equip your Ice Beam (in fact, by doing this 
    you'll makes the boss fight faster) and go inside.
    Boss: Phantoon
       First, shoot his blue fireballs to refill your supplies. Phantoon's attack 
    pattern is completely unpredictable. He'll toss his circle of blue fireballs at
    you in any moment, whether he is invisible or not. 
       The essential move here is to be ready to do a spin jump, with your charged
    Wave Beam toward him, right when he's tossing the wave of blue fireballs to
    avoid damage (doing a Pseudo-screw attack) and quickly release the charged Wave
    Beam into his eye. This is important because after this, he'll be exposed to 
    two more charged shots. Also, by doing this, you won't have to wait an extra 
    round for him to reappear. Why charged shots? Well, you can use the missiles, 
    but the idea is to not waste them here. This opens the chances of appearing 
    more super missile refill-drops after the fight.
       If you missed the pseudo-attack, he'll automatically turn invisible. :-S. 
    Continue shooting his blue fireballs and then charge your beam. As soon as he 
    reappears, quickly release your charged shot at him before he disappears again.
    Another tip is to never use super missiles on him, because it'll lock himself 
    up in the room, repeatedly firing a wave of blue fireballs without stopping for
    some seconds... seconds that will eventually add to minutes if you keep using 
       Repeat and repeat this strategy. After he's gone, refill your supplies and 
    leave the room.
       Return to the area where you set off the power bomb and take the left 
    flashing door to easily grab some Super missiles. Leave this room and bomb the 
    right wall to collect the next Super missiles. Now go back to the vertical 
    shaft and head north, and shoot the blocks at the ceiling to continue further 
    up and open the blue door at the top. Next, select your power bombs and place 
    one in the middle of two Ki-Hunters to kill both at the same time. Then select 
    your super missiles (or the missiles, if you want to conserve super missiles) 
    and start going to the right side of the room killing all the enemies you see. 
    Once finished, run to the left side of the room and blast away the rest of 
    them. When you're done, open the flashing door at the west side of the room. 
    You'll now emerge at the unexplored, northeast side of Crateria.
       Travel to the far-left side until you see some tunnels below. Shoot the 
    ground to reveal the path-entrance to the small crawl space leading to the 
    right. Use the morph ball there, follow east and be sure to refill AT LEAST 
    TWO ENERGY TANKS by killing the flying creature at the pipe or by killing the 
    creatures in the next room. 
       Follow right until you come to the horizontal spike room. First off, did 
    you recover AT LEAST two Energy Tanks before? Since you don't have the Grapple 
    Beam to cross the room, you're going to RUN through the spikes.
       Just run, and when you get hit by them you will be invincible for about a 
    second. Use this time to boost more and spin-jump as far as you can until you 
    reach the standing Chozo statue. Morph into a ball while in its hand and watch 
    the slow and painful cinema of the Chozo taking you through the floor. When 
    you regain control of Samus, open the blue door and get the Gravity Suit.
       Rush through the blue door and go outside again. Stay along the right wall 
    until you reach the bottom of the lake. Now, dash to your left and right before
    you reach the end do a huge leap out of the water to reach the door quickly. 
    From here, just travel west to your ship. Before you save at your ship, open 
    the green door to the right-side of your ship, because you will be coming back
    here after you reload and save. Reload everything while at your ship and save 
    your game.
    * Reset your game and look at the game-time clock. It should now
      read: 0:24 mins OR LOWER. Load the game and continue on.
    Time: 0:24 (24 mins.)
       From your ship, dash right and go through the blue door. Kill the Ki-hunter 
    in your way and shoot the block below and open the blue door. Step onto the 
       Walk down and open the left blue door. Now just keep heading all the way 
    down until you reach the Maridia-glass hall. In the glass hall, lay a power 
    bomb to break the glass and head up.
       Ignore the red door, go up and immediately to your right where a blue door 
    is, at the end of a tunnel. Use some wall jumps to reach up and go through the
    blue door at the top. (You can freeze the fish here to use it has a platform). 
    On the left wall, climb up and you'll see a crab crawling along, and it'll 
    enter through a hidden tunnel. 
       Morph into a ball through the tunnel and quickly place a power bomb to kill
    the crab and collect the Super missile in the alcove. Roll back and fall. On 
    the floor, start dashing right and, as soon as you see the second opening, do 
    a diagonal super jump through it to reach the upper right blue door quickly.
    Shoot the block in the middle and fall down. Proceed right, open the green 
    door, and in the next room, place a power bomb and fall down through the 
       Wall jump up the wall (or do a diagonal super jump) to reach the north-
    west part of this big room. Open the blue door at the ceiling and make your 
    way through the pipes. Use the speed booster to reach the blue door and face 
    Mini-Boss: Botwoon
       In the first phase of the battle he is always slow (with normal health), 
    so this is the right time to use your super missiles. Don't use all of them, 
    four or five supers should be enough. Then when he gets fast (when he is low 
    on health), switch to your ice/wave beam and camp in the left corner of the 
    room, which is the key spot. You will never get hit from this point unless 
    Bot shoots you grime.
       Now, just deliberately shoot charged shots in the middle of the room while 
    jumping, each time you see Bot swimming. You'll most likely miss some of your 
    super missile shots when he's swimming fast, so the best option here would be 
    to use charged shots.
       After victory, continue on to the next room.
       Proceed to the right and roll up to collect the Energy Tank (4). Get back 
    to the left and kill all the creatures along the way. From the door you came, 
    start speed dashing through this room and right after you see the blue door at 
    the other end, press 'down' to activate the Shinespark and then pass through 
    the door. 
       Here, do a diagonal Super jump to the right to reach the door on the upper 
    right corner and enter. In this huge room filled with Mochtroids, you will be 
    forced to do a series of difficult wall jumps to reach the east side, so take 
    your time here and do it carefully. At the other side, go through the top door
    and refill. (Save. Optional)
       Drop down and open the green door. Drop through the first false spikes you 
    see and open the eye door with a super missile to enter the Boss room.
    Boss: Draygon
       Some tips for the fight:
     1- Destroy the 3 turrets in this room (two on the right side and one in the 
        left) with missiles to prevent them shooting lasers at you. 
     2- When Draygon is flying around, dodge him with your morph ball form. Place 
        yourself in the middle of the room and try to snipe him when he's flying.
        Fire some missiles/supers at his belly and dodge him again with the morph 
     3- When he appears spewing gunk at you, just place a power bomb to clear them 
        all, then continue pounding him with missiles and switch to super missiles.
     4- If Draygon picks you up; don't panic, just press 'right' and 'left' 
        repeatedly on your control pad to get off his claws as soon as possible.
     5- If you run out of ammo, wait for him to spew gunk at you again and shoot 
        some of them to reload your missiles/supers and repeat this process. 
       Just make sure to take your time here, dodging his fly-by's with your morph 
    ball and finding those good moments when he's completely vulnerable to your 
    shots. Continue until he's gone.
       Enter the flashing door and grab the glorious Space Jump. From this Chozo 
    room, head back out towards the 4 rooms and enter into the flashing door in the
    middle. Here, kill all the Cactac you see to get some super missile refills and
    continue straight/forward until you come to a sand room.
       Quickly reload your supplies here by killing the enemies and then open the 
    blue door. Speed dash through this underwater sandy hall and fly ALL the way to
    the top and enter the flashing door. Take it north and blast the blue door at 
    the top. Get the Plasma Beam, kill all the space pirates scattered throughout 
    the room and return to the big yellow-sandy room.
       Head to the middle-west side of the room and blast the green door at the 
    floor. This tube will take you ALL the way down to southern Maridia. Walk down,
    lay a power bomb and take the left door. Space jump through this room and open
    the blue door at the end. Open the other one and kill the two crabs that'll 
    come from the invisible hole on the floor, then morph down there. 
       Ignore the red door and go through the blue door at the left. Keep heading 
    left, shoot the green gate and fall. Proceed right to Norfair.
       Drop all the way down and enter the save room. Save if desired, then open 
    the right door. Speed boost through this corridor and open the door to go 
    through. Head down and shoot the floor, look to your left, shoot both the door-
    gate and the door and run through. Head all the way down and open the door at 
    the bottom. Take the right and open the next one. The main intention of this 
    path is so you can reload your energies in this room. Shoot the next door and 
    space jump all the way across the room. Shoot the metal gate and morph through 
    the hidden tunnel while selecting your power bombs. Lay one as you fall to 
    open the yellow door below.
       In Ridley's room, you must fall into the boiling acid and do so space 
    jumps to get to the northwest part of this room (where Ridley's face statue 
    is). SAVE in the next room and reset your game.
    * Reset your game and look at the game-time clock. It should read:
      0:36 mins OR LOWER. Load up the game and continue on.
       Norfair II (Lower Norfair)                           
    Time: 0:36 (36 mins.)
    *NOTE* (From this point, you can go to the left to get the Screw Attack 
            if you don't feel right in proceeding with the next part without 
       From the elevator, space jump to your right and head into the door. Select 
    your power bombs and lay one to reveal a secret entrance in the center. Fall 
    down and refill your bombs from some of the dead enemies and open the door at 
    the right (make sure you have your power bombs selected). In this room the lava
    will slowly rise... use the power bombs to destroy all the columns in your way 
    and go through the door to the east.
       With your charged ice/plasma beam, kill the three Golden pirates in this 
    room and head up. Lay a power bomb at the top to get rid of all the blocks, 
    fall back down and then climb up further. Carefully dodge all the enemies here 
    and enter the blue door at the top-right. This big chamber will quickly fill 
    with lava, so use the space jump to fly above the Space pirates and head to 
    the northeast side and go through the door. Open the next door while quickly 
    selecting your super missiles. 
       Shoot the monster that is attached to the wall then descend through the
    opening and space jump east toward the Energy tank (5). Now return to the door
    where you came from. Shoot the blocks in the floor to reveal a secret area. 
    Here is a small glitch that allows you to pass right through the red Ki-hunters
    without getting a hit: just shoot them right before the very last moment you 
    go running through them. 
       At the bottom of the room, lay a power bomb to destroy the blocks blocking 
    the little tunnel, morph right and then proceed into the yellow door. Here,
    take the left tunnel and keep running to the left while ignoring the enemies. 
    When you get to the end, place another power bomb (if you run out of power 
    bombs, there's a secret room on the left side of this room that contains a 
    power bomb pack) to blow up the statue. Below the statues, you'll see some 
    reversed-spike platforms for you to step onto, but instead of waiting for the 
    first one to go down, you can use the Kagoball glitch on the spike platform 
    (check out the Basics section) to skip it and go right to the other one, 
    saving around 6 to 8 secs at most. Head left to the next room.
       Now it's time to face some armored golden Space Pirates. Fly above the
    first one but make sure the screen isn't showing the left golden pirate,
    and then proceed to land. You want to do this so you can take one at a time. 
    Never shoot them, instead, wait for them to attack you until they throw the 
    ninja kick at you and turn yellow. Dodge that kick with a simple jump, and 
    now it is your time to aim back and shoot some super missiles or charged 
    plasma shots.
       Continue on to the next 2 rooms and open the eye-door, making sure to 
    reload all of your missiles, super missiles and energies before entering the 
    next room. Then, go inside...
    Boss: Ridley
       When Ridley appears, select your super missiles and shoot some of them at 
    him, and once he flies up, follow him up with your space jump and pound him 
    some more with super missile, and make sure all of them count. 
       Missiles here won't help you that much because of their poor, hit damage. 
    So when you run out of your super missiles, equip your Ice Beam and use 
    charged/ice/plasma beam shots at Ridley to end the fight as soon as possible.
       I'll list some tips here to counter his attacks:
     1- At the first phase he'll be tail-bouncing most of the time. Simply
        use your morph ball form to roll under his tail, stand up and quickly
        shoot some super missiles or charged/ice/plasma shots to his back.
     2- Now if he gets rough and goes up, follow him up quickly with your Space
        Jump to watch him. Everytime he does this it means that he'll perform his 
        U shape swoop attack. Luckily, the U shape attack takes place at the
        platform of the stage, and he does it so slow that right before he does it,
        you can charge up your beam while in the air and shoot him one time after 
        he completes the U shape.
     3- As for his fireballs, well, just space jump up to avoid them. Don't go
        completely up to the ceiling because that will make him automatically
        go up and do another U swoop, so when you space jump always try to keep 
        the screen showing Ridley at all times to avoid this.
       Another good tip is staying in the left corner of the room when Ridley is
    *facing* to the left and bouncing on the ground. You won't take any damage, 
    and this spot is quite advantageous for leaving Ridley open to free shots.
    After the fight, collect all the refills and enter the next room to...
       Grab your last Energy Tank (6) and backtrack all the way to the save room. 
    Save if you want, and head up to the right door. Keep climbing up and go past 
    the boulders and fireballs. At the top, ignore the door and go through the wall 
    on the left. Rush through this secret passageway and open the door. Fly west, 
    climb up and open another blue door at the left. 
       Space jump through this corridor and you will find some red Ki-Hunters at 
    the other side of the room. If you get to this part low on energy, take a 
    moment to kill them using charged shots, otherwise just ignore them if you're 
    good on energy. Fly above them until there's a visible door at the top. 
    Destroy the blocks with a regular shot and continue to the left.
       You'll be back in a room after the bubble room of Norfair. Now just take 
    it all the way back to Brinstar. Now instead of taking the red-Brinstar path 
    to go to your ship, the fastest way is heading through the Maridia-broken 
    glass hall, and go up into the big room with the grappling blocks. Fly up 
    through the door on the ceiling and morph through the secret path at the 
    top left corner. Open the green-gate and morph through the tunnel. Step 
    on the elevator to return to Crateria and now save at your ship.
    * Reset your game and look at the game-time clock. It should read:
      0:48 mins OR LOWER! Continue on.
    Time: 0:48 (48 mins!)
       Finally, the last segment. Twelve minutes should be enough for you to clear
    up this last part. Trust me. From your ship, take the left and just dash your 
    way while destroying everything on your path to reach Tourian's elevator room. 
       After you watch the statues collapse, step on the elevator...
       In the next couple of rooms you will be killing Metroids, so use the Ice 
    Beam on them and then use one Super missile. Make sure to get everything they 
    leave behind. If they manage to catch you, don't waste time using your power 
    bombs, just leave the room and re-enter. Later, run past the Torizo-sand statue
    and go to the Metroid scene (you can un-equip the Varia and Gravity suit, so 
    the big metroid can drain your energies faster). 
       After the scene, reload all your energies in the computer, then head right 
    and open the eye-door. Drop to the bottom and enter left.
       Now here you can use the Zebetite Glitch (check out the Basics section) to 
    skip the red barriers. If you did it right, you'll pass the zebetite without 
    using any missiles or super missiles. But the really useful thing is that the 
    next 3 zebetites will be gone.
       If you don't know how to execute this move flawlessly, then shoot all 
    the zebetites with a few missiles or super missiles until you get to Mother 
    Brain. To open the glass, first use the missiles and then use all of the super
    missiles you have to awaken the Mother Brain. *NOTE: If you run out of missiles
    you can always reload them at the missile recharge computer from the previous 
    rooms, just in case you don't have any before breaking her glass.
    Final Boss: Mother Brain
      There are two ways to kill 'her':
    1- The fastest way is using the Murder Beam glitch (see Basics section) to 
    finish off the battle right after you get the Hyper Beam or:
    2- Staying in the right corner of the room, avoiding all of her beams and 
    using your charged/ice/plasma beam on her head until she uses her mind-beam. 
       Now here, if you have more than 3 energy tanks, you can purposefully lower 
    your energy until you have three energy tanks. You want to do this so you don't 
    have to wait for MB to lower all of it for you. Keep shooting her until she 
    finally unleashes her mind-laser beam. Now watch the time consuming cinema of 
    the super Metroid (yeah, I call it like that) sucking up Mother Brain's energy, 
    and then it'll reload all of your energies in a matter of seconds. 
       When the baby Metroid explodes, the last bits of its energy will fall down 
    to Samus, and granting her final beam. As Samus quickly wrestles herself to a 
    standing position, you'll have your newly obtained Hyper Beam! Do some lower 
    jumps while shooting at her so to never give her a chance to step forward and 
    shoot something back at you. Finally, when the epic battle is over, the 
    infamous bomb sequence time will begin.
    First room: 3:00
       Break the columns with your Hyper Beam and open the door with a diagonal 
    Second room: 2:57
      Fall down to the right and quickly aim down to open the door.
    Third room: 2:55
       Take the bottom path and speed dash all the way to the right, and then do 
    a vertical super jump through the ceiling and jump through the door.
    Fourth room: 2:45
       Go up and shoot all the space pirates. Keep going up, turn right, and then 
    go down. Now, do some wall jumps in the nearby wall you see and go up again. 
    Remember that wall jumps are faster than space jumps. Shoot the exit and 
    speed boost into the next room.
    Fifth Room: 2:25 (Aprox.)
       You'll return to the long, vertical shaft of Crateria. Now crouch to use 
    the shinespark and hug on the far right wall to use a nice vertical super jump
    to get to the top quickly. A VERY useful trick.
    Sixth Room: 2:15
       Now the rest is just getting back to your ship. If you did it faster, you 
    can do it in less than a minute from Mother Brain's room. Board your ship and 
    watch your time. Hopefully, it will say less than an hour.
                             -GOAL TIME: 0:59 (59 mins)-
              Congratulations! You have beaten the game in less than an
              hour! Now just practice more to do it perfectly the next 
              time. ;-)
       IV. Revision History / Updates
    V. *(1.05)* (3:53 PM 12/23/09)
       Just rewrote some of the paragraphs to present everything nice and readable. 
    Most of the past, minor updates you noticed during this year were about the 
    same thing (changing and deleting stuff), so I'm glad to finally take this 
    time to fix everything. Happy New Year!
    V. *(1.04) (2:17 PM 09/21/04)
       An update devoted to the correction of grammar and spelling errors 
    throughout the guide. Thanks to Jay for the generous job. 
       Added the crappy Super Metroid ASCII artwork. 
    V. *(1.03) (1:04 PM 08/31/04)
       Long time no news, huh? I've decided to remove the High Scores section, 
    mainly because some people have been e-mailing me with their submissions 
    (precisely the same people) almost daily, again and again, which drove me to 
    do this.
       In any case, the same High Scores list can be found at samus.co.uk in the
    Super Metroid section. I just wanted to notify you of this.
       Added a few hints at the Speed Tips section, supplied by rah0070.
    V. *(1.02) (9:16 PM 10/31/03)
       Fixed a minor error on the shortcut section and in the Credits section. 
    Added a small High Scores section for the players' scores in general runs.
    V. *(1.01) (8:56 PM 09/11/03)
       A short revision to the guide. Added a few touch ups at the end of the 
    guide thanks to dracokl (dracossphere).
    V. (1.00) (9:31 PM 08/30/03)
       First version of the guide. Everything is complete; from Introduction to 
    Credits section. Anyway, from time to time I'll be updating with small 
    changes. Enjoy the walkthrough.
       V. Credits
       - Andrew Mills for inspiring me to write this guide.
       - CJC for hosting this guide at GameFAQs.
       - Ultima4701 for the route and for most of the tricks. Also for some 
         info on the speed run tips at his site. (Which gave me incentive 
         to make this).
       - Nate and Radix for converting and hosting my SM VHS movies at
       - Red Scarlet for the KagoBall trick at LN and for the Murder Beam info.
       - rah0070 for providing the 'pause and time stopping' info in the Speed 
         Tips' section.
       - Many special thanks to Jay (HSO) for kindly taking apart his time to fix 
         this guide from grammar/spelling errors. Excellent job.
       - Special thanks to Cerberus for a nice glitch at the Lower Norfair 
       - The people from the Super Metroid Board at GameFAQs for their great info 
         at times.
       - Nintendo for making such a CLASSIC game.
                 If you have any comments, questions, suggestions or   
                 anything else about this guide, contact me via e-mail: 
                 dagonhx0@gmail.com and I will respond to you as 
                                    soon as I can.
                    Copyright © 2003, 2004, 2009 Richard Rodríguez
                                  All Rights Reserved.  
                                       - EOF -

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