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    100% Speed Guide by DemonicGoblin

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/30/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

           ___  _  _  ___  ___  ___     __  __  ___  ____  ___   __  __  ___  
          / __)( )( )(  ,\(  _)(  ,)   (  \/  )(  _)(_  _)(  ,) /  \(  )(   \ 
          \__ \ )()(  ) _/ ) _) )  \    )    (  ) _)  )(   )  \( () ))(  ) ) )
          (___/ \__/ (_)  (___)(_)\_)  (_/\/\_)(___) (__) (_)\_)\__/(__)(___/ 
                  __  __    __     ___  ___  ___   __  ___  _  _  ____ 
                 (  )/  \  /  \   (  ,\(  _)(  ,) / _)(  _)( \( )(_  _)
                  )(( () )( () )   ) _/ ) _) )  \( (_  ) _) )  (   )(  
                 (__)\__/  \__/   (_)  (___)(_)\_)\__)(___)(_)\_) (__)
                  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___      __  _  _  __  ___  ___ 
                 / __)(  ,\(  _)(  _)(   \    / _)( )( )(  )(   \(  _)
                 \__ \ ) _/ ) _) ) _) ) ) )  ( (/\ )()(  )(  ) ) )) _)
                 (___/(_)  (___)(___)(___/    \__/ \__/ (__)(___/(___)
           ___  ___  __  __  __  _  _  __  __  __   __  ___  __    __  _  _ 
          (   \(  _)(  \/  )/  \( \( )(  )/ _)/ _) /  \(  ,)(  )  (  )( \( )
           ) ) )) _) )    (( () ))  (  )(( (_( (/\( () )) ,\ )(__  )(  )  ( 
          (___/(___)(_/\/\_)\__/(_)\_)(__)\__)\__/ \__/(___/(____)(__)(_)\_)
    |===============================SECTION 1=====================================| 
    |======================WHY A SUPER METROID GUIDE?=============================|
    Well, nearly 11 years after the release of this game, I spotted Red Scarlet's 
    100% run done in 55 minutes on www.samus.co.uk. This inspired me and brought me 
    back to this game after not playing it for many years. The new glitches that 
    she pulled off astounded me. Of course, you have to be pretty good to get a 
    time of 1:20 even with her tricks. So now, I have come back to the game and 
    sought out every item and the quickest way to get them. So lets get started!
    |===============================SECTION 2=====================================|
    |===========================TABLE OF CONTENTS=================================|
    |1. Why a Super Metroid Guide?                                                | 
    |2. Table of Contents                                                         |
    |3. Coming Soon                                                               |
    |4. Required Moves                                                            | 
    |5. Speed Tips                                                                |
    |6. Walkthrough                                                               | 
    |     6a. Ceres Station                                                       |
    |     6b. Acquiring Needed Materials                                          |
    |     6c. Into Brinstar                                                       |
    |     6d. Descending Into Norfair                                             |
    |     6e. Crocomire Defeated. Now What?                                       |
    |     6f. Powering the Wrecked Ship                                           |
    |     6g. To the Gravity Suit                                                 |
    |     6h. Finding the way to Maridia                                          |
    |     6i. To Draygon we go                                                    |
    |     6j. Finding the rest of the spoils in Maridia                           |
    |     6k. Locating Ridley                                                     |
    |     6l. To the last of the items                                            |
    |     6m. Tourian                                                             |
    |     6n. ESCAPE!!!                                                           |
    |7. Legal Stuff                                                               |
    |8. Contact Info                                                              |
    |9. Special Thanks                                                            |
    |===============================SECTION 3=====================================|
    |==============================COMING SOON====================================|
    1.	FAQ
    2.	Enemy info
    3.	Maps (probably a different file with full color maps, zipped together)
    4.	More speed tricks
    5.	More glitches/tricks
    |===============================SECTION 4=====================================|
    |============================REQUIRED MOVES===================================|
    Here you will learn all of the tricks and moves required to beat the game fast.
    Wall jumping: To do this extremely important move, first you need to spin jump 
    at the wall you want to jump off of. As you start to drop back down, you want 
    to push the opposite direction of the wall you are on, right if on the left 
    wall, left if you are on the right. Immediately after that, press the jump 
    button and you should jump back up, higher and higher when you repeat this 
    Bomb Jumping- You will only use this a few times. To pull it off, ball up and 
    lay a bomb. When the bomb stars to flash faster lay another bomb. When the 
    first bomb blows up, you should come back down and get blown up by the second 
    bomb too. To get higher, all you need to do is place the third bomb and rest of 
    the bombs just a little bit higher than the last one. You should then get blown 
    farther up with each bomb.
    Quick charge speed boost: To do this simple trick, all you need to do is take 2 
    or 3 steps and then press the dash button. This is helpful if you need to store 
    a charge in a short space.
    Charge Beam Screw Attack: This maneuver will give you one hit of a Screw 
    Attack, but if you don't kill the enemy with it, you will be damaged. What you 
    do is charge a beam, then simply spin jump into an enemy for the same effect of 
    the Screw Attack.
    Shine Spark:  To activate a shine spark, first you need the Speed Booster. 
    Next, while running, run until you start boosting. With this done, press down 
    to store it, you will be flashing white. This is called a "charge". To "spark", 
    you press the jump button and the direction you want to go. However, you cannot 
    go in any downward direction. To spark diagonally, face either left or right, 
    depending on the direction you want, the aim diagonally up button, and then 
    press jump. This is helpful in cutting time in long straight-aways that would 
    take a while to navigate normally, or if you want to jump up a long shaft.
    Mockball/Speedball: This semi hard trick can be hard to pull off at times. What 
    you need to do is start dashing then jump and hold only the jump button. Press 
    down to stop spinning. Now the next part is the hard part. Right before you 
    land press down again to roll into a ball and quickly move your thumb to the 
    direction you are traveling. If done correctly you will be going a lot faster 
    in ball form, called a mockball. If you have the Speed Booster, the name is 
    called a speedball. This helpful in getting some items early, such as the Super 
    Missiles as soon as you enter Brinstar.
    |===============================SECTION 5=====================================|
    |===============================SPEED TIPS====================================|
    1.	Always, ALWAYS, hold the dash button.
    2.	Do not save all the time! If you want a fast time you should only save 
    when necessary, such as right before a tough boss, or when entering a new 
    area. I have labeled certain save points to use in the walkthrough.
    3.	Remember, if possible, wall jump, do not Space Jump. It's much faster.
    4.	Customize the buttons to your preference. The easiest way for me is: 
                Shot- Y
                Jump- B
                Dash- A
                Item Select- X
                Item Cancel- Select
                Angle Up- R
                Angle Down- L
    5.	If it seems like a certain item is taking you a long time to get, you can 
    always restart. Don't be disappointed if you do not get a good time your 
    first time through.
    6.	Try to master the tricks on a different file before using the 
    walkthrough. This will save a lot of time when they are needed.
    7.	Try not to have the ice beam equipped a lot. It slows down the time to 
    kill enemies.
    8.	If you have plenty of Super Missiles, use them to kill enemies instead of 
    your beams.
    9.	Once the Screw Attack is acquired, it will kill most enemies easily.
    10.	Know what weapon to have selected. If you are going to a Power Bomb door, 
    have the Power Bombs equipped before you get there and lay it as soon as 
    the door comes into view. 
    11.	1 Super Missile will open red doors, instead of 5 regular Missiles.
    12.	If there are many bomb blocks to destroy, use a Power Bomb instead.
    13.	Remember, shine sparking is quite useful in straight-aways.
                 >*$]]]œœ"      ;"~+$$œœ$$[=~^^                    
    |===============================SECTION 6=====================================|
                        "The last Metroid is in captivity.
                             The Galaxy is at peace.
                         I first battled the Metroids
                         on planet Zebes. It was there
                         that I foiled the plans of
                         the space pirate leader
                         Mother Brain to use the
                         creatures to attack
                         galactic civilization.
                         I next fought the Metroids on
                         their homeworld, SR388. I
                         completely eradicated them
                         except for a larva, which
                         after hatching followed me
                         like a confused child.
                         I personally delivered it to
                         the Galactic Research Station
                         at Ceres so scientists could
                         study its energy producing
                         The scientists' findings were
                         astounding! They discovered
                         that the powers of the
                         Metroid might be harnessed
                         for the good of civilization!
                         Satisfied that all was well,
                         I left the station to seek a 
                         new bounty to hunt. But, I
                         had hardly gone beyond the
                         asteroid belt when I picked
                         up a distress signal!
                         Ceres Station was under
    The moment the elevator stops, spin jump of and try to dodge the platforms by 
    zigzagging as you fall. The door opens automatically so step inside. Follow the 
    path through a few rooms until you get to the room with the Metroid in a jar. 
    Run and stand against the right wall, and soon enough, Ridley appears. The 
    quickest way to defeat him is to just stand at the wall and let him hit you. 
    When you have less than thirty health left, Ridley will fly towards the camera. 
    Hurry up and escape (should only take thirty seconds). When you get to the room 
    with the many platforms, wall jump up the left side to the platform in the 
    middle then make your way to the elevator. That wasn't so hard.
    When your ship lands, head left. Hmmm. Seems there are no enemies. Never mind 
    that for now, but keep heading left and then go down the shaft. Shoot the door 
    at the bottom and drop in. jump off to the right side pf the platform you are 
    on and slide down the right wall. There will be only one platform you will hit, 
    near the bottom. Move out of the way before you hit it if you can and head 
    right at the bottom. Move through Mother Brain's old room and into the door at 
    the end. Head down the elevator. At the bottom, head left, over the block of 
    bricks to get the MORPHING BALL. Head right and into the next room. Shoot the 
    blocks and head down into the door at the bottom. In here get your first pack 
    of MISSILES from the statue. Head back to the elevator and go up. The fog has 
    disappeared now. In the next room there are some space pirates. Kill them all 
    quickly and the door will be unlockable. Move into the shaft. Start wall 
    jumping the right wall and dodge the space pirates if you can, kill them if you 
    At the top of the shaft, head right and roll into the tunnel underneath the 
    three Skrees. At the bottom of this shaft head into the door and roll along the 
    floor under all the flies. Go into the next room to collect the BOMBS. Stand in 
    the middle of the room and the "Chozo" statue will come to life. This is 
    actually a Torizo, an evil "twin" if you will. Just pound his face in with 
    missiles and regular shots. When it spits balls at you, shot them for powerups. 
    When he is dead, head back out and roll under the flies. You can either go out 
    the way you came in (to the left) if you can wall jump and roll into the tunnel 
    (must have good reflexes), or you can head to the right and bomb the four 
    blocks to get out. Either way, head left and jump over the shaft you were in 
    earlier and bomb the blocks in the wall. Open the door on the other side and 
    run down the tunnel. Collect your first ENERGY TANK here then go through the 
    door. Shoot a missile into each space pirate in here and make sure you have 
    five missiles before you leave the room. Head out to the left and jump over the 
    yellow lumps and go into the elevator room. Descend.
    Now drop down to the first red door on the right. Open it using five missiles 
    and go in. jump over the pipe in the ground and bomb the bottom of the beam. Go 
    in to collect a MISSILE pack and head out. Here's where your first mockball 
    comes in. shoot open the door but don't go in. stand on the left edge of the 
    platform and start running to the right. Jump just before you get into the 
    door. Perform the mockball just before you hit the platform and you should sail 
    under the lowering pillars. Open the door at the end and go inside for a 
    RESERVE TANK. Roll into the pipe under the Chozo statue and receive some 
    MISSILES in the next room. Where the missiles were, bomb the wall. A block 
    should crumble. Repeat it in the indent you made and before it blows up, move 
    away and crouch. Shoot the bottom of the new wall to find more MISSILES. Head 
    back out and shoot the ceiling in the room with the falling pillars. Wall jump 
    up here to get your first pack of SUPER MISSILES at the end of the path. Fall 
    through the block they were on and head back out into the shaft.
    Drop down to the bottom and head right, through the red door and into a hall. 
    Follow the hall and bomb the blocks in the way. In the next room, head up and 
    through the door on the top right, but make sure you have at least four Super 
    Missiles before you do. In the next room, take care of the flying things with 
    Missiles each the go through the door.
    Spore Spawn goes down really quickly with those Super Missiles I told you to 
    save. What you do is wait in the left or right corner, on the ledges in ball 
    form. When Spore Spawn opens and reveals its core, pump a Super Missile into 
    it. Repeat as necessary. If you need to, shoot the small particles floating 
    down for refills.
    Climb up after the battle and go through the door. At the end of the hall, jump 
    on the pipe to fall through, when you eventually reach the bottom, get your 
    second pack of SUPER MISSILES from the statue. These really would have been the 
    first if we didn't do the mockball trick at the beginning. Head left and open 
    the green door with a Super Missile. In the next room jump on the ledge, squat 
    down and shoot a Super Missile into the square. Roll through and bomb your way 
    out. Head down and get the MISSILES on your left. To the right is a ledge with 
    some weird blocks on the bottom. Bomb them and drop down for the CHARGE BEAM. 
    Head back up and through the small hole in the blocks through the green door 
    into a room with many pipes. When you drop down and see a pipe on the left and 
    one high on the right, wall jump into it for some MISSILES.
    Continue down the hall shooting the gate on the blue square and follow the 
    corridor until you get to a tall red shaft (the music changes). Fall to the 
    yellow door on the side and shoot the ground to the right of it. Fall all the 
    way down and head right. In the room with the claw in the water, shoot the 
    block right above the door. Wall jump up here, bomb the blocks, and open the 
    door to get the SPAZER. Drop back down and run right, to the elevator room. 
    Don't go down. Instead shoot a Super Missile at the right wall near the floor. 
    Here's a tricky part. Stand on the opposite side of the blocks and run right. 
    You need to jump off the platform and wall jump on that long overhang. Once 
    inside the head, shoot the floor and bomb the right wall on the bottom. Open 
    the door and wall jump through. Kill the weird things with Missiles and shoot 
    the strange crack in the floor. In the next room, kill the three space pirates 
    with a Missile each and then shoot a missile at the mini Kraid. Shoot the door 
    in the eye with three Missiles or a Super Missile. Now, onto Kraid.
    There is a very quick way to kill him but unfortunately, it is extremely hard 
    to do. In order to do it you need to shoot him in the mouth the second it opens 
    with a Super Missile. You want to do this before he roars. If you succeed just 
    pump three more into his mouth.
    On the other hand, if that didn't work, just shoot him in the head with a beam 
    and when he opens his mouth, hit him with a Super Missile. You can shoot the 
    claws flying around for refills.
    Anyway once he is finished, step in the next room to get the VARIA SUIT. Return 
    back to the room before the flying things and the door is now open, so step 
    inside. These things latch onto you so take care of them with bombs or 
    Missiles. Shoot the ceiling in this room for an ENERGY TANK. Return and ride 
    the elevator down to Norfair.
    Shoot the green door on the left and get read for another mockball room. Still 
    on the outside, perform the mockball into the room so you will slide under the 
    descending pillars. After this is done, jump over the pits of lava in the next 
    room and enter the door. Climb the platforms in the next room, but don't enter 
    the door. On the way up you should have seen three orange enemies coming in 
    from the wall on the right. That's where you want to go. Bomb the small section 
    of floor in front of the door on the top and hold right. You want to fall into 
    the longer passage on the right. When you are in, get the ICE BEAM from the 
    statue. Get out past the room with the lava and bomb jump up to the two square 
    blocks on top. Roll in and to the right when these are destroyed and reenter 
    the shaft.
    Drop down to the red door on the left and open it. Here, jump the energy tank 
    and shoot the red guy before he gets away. If you miss him don't worry, just 
    follow him and go into the room. Get the HI-JUMP BOOTS from the statue and head 
    out. If you missed the red guy, head right and roll under where you dropped 
    down. Shoot up the skinny tunnel to kill him and go to the other side of the 
    rock. Get the MISSILES at the top and bomb the blocks to roll through. Now you 
    can grab the ENERGY TANK and head out. Save in the room directly across from 
    Head back out to the left and go in the top door on the right. Bomb the floor 
    in front of you and open the red door at the end. In the next room, go to the 
    third vertical shaft (jump over two pillars). At the bottom of this shaft, bomb 
    the right wall in the lava for some MISSILES. In the next room, roll along the 
    floor until the lava starts to hurt you and then continue on the platforms to 
    the door. In the room with the green bubbles, jump up to the door above you but 
    don't go in. run and jump of to the right, wall jump up and over the puffy 
    thing and into the door at the top. In the next room with the three Skrees, 
    shoot the celing near the middle one and jump up. Head right and run all the 
    way right until you get to the door. Shoot the ceiling above you to get 
    MISSILES, and jump into the next room for the SPEED BOOSTER. Now hurry up and 
    run back left before the lava rises.
    Head back outside into the room that you wall jumped over the orange puffy 
    thing and go to the door right below you. Head in the first door on the right. 
    Jump over the platforms and shoot the gate for some MISSILES. Now run right and 
    jump. Wall jump up the wall and into a room with the WAVE BEAM. Drop down into 
    the middle of the spike pit and head out. Continue up the shaft, back in the 
    room with the green bubbles and drop off the place with the puffy thing. Go to 
    the far right and shoot the floor for some MISSILES. Head back up and shoot the 
    floor between the faces. Head through these tunnels and take the door on the 
    left. In the next room, drop down on the left and open the gate, go through the 
    door. Head down the shaft. In the next room take a left and then the green door 
    in the following room to fight Crocomire.
    Head right and when he opens his mouth, shoot something in it. A Missile, Super 
    Missile, or charged shot works. When you hit him with it, he will get knocked 
    back. Eventually he will fall into the acid below him. When he's dissolving, 
    run to the right and jump through the acid for an ENERGY TANK. Head back left, 
    to the spike wall and wait. His skeleton will knock down the wall so you can 
    In the next room, get one of the five enemies that rise out of the pipe to go 
    left, freeze them and use them to get to the door on the top left. In here is 
    your first POWER BOMBS. Go back out and head into the door on the floor. Fall 
    all the way don to the shaft and into another floor door. Lay a Power Bomb and 
    head right. Start boosting to the left. Right before you go off the slanted 
    part, jump and hold right, wall jump up this wall for some MISSILES. Head back 
    down, through the small pipe in the wall and boost again, but this time jump 
    and hold left. In this room you will find the grappling beam. Standing at the 
    statue, open the door and door a Quick Charge Speed Booster to the right. You 
    should jump at the end and land on the slanted part you jumped off earlier.
    Head up and into the red door.  Wait for the lava to almost get below the rock 
    and run right, store a charge, and roll through the crack. Get up and shine 
    right to some MISSILES. On the way back do the same thing but store a charge 
    right before you get out the door. Once you get out, don't move and shine 
    strait up. When you hit the top, hold left to fall on the platform. Head into 
    the door above you and go back into Crocmire's room (top-right). Head out the 
    door on the top, climb the shaft and head into the top door. Grapple across the 
    ceiling in this room for some MISSILES, and then hit the gate with a Super 
    Missile. Climb up the next shaft to the elevator and go up.
    In Brinstar, head all the way left, into the long vertical shaft. Head all the 
    way up, and into the next room. Carefully make your way to the right, avoiding 
    the spikes and plant traps. In the next shaft, shoot the floor and open the 
    green door. Shoot the jumpy yellow things so you can make your way across and 
    get some POWER BOMBS at the statue. Power Bomb the statue for some MISSILES and 
    head out and up the shaft. In the green door at the top, head to the left and 
    lay a Power Bomb, jump into the plant for some POWER BOMBS. Head out and up the 
    elevator. Power Bomb the door and in the next room head up and out to the left, 
    dash through the rock and jump into your ship to refuel and save.
    Head back to the right and open the green door. In the room with the flying 
    enemies, kill both of them and then use a Power Bomb to open the door on the 
    right but do not go in. Head back left and do a quick charge speed booster and 
    hold the charge. Quickly spin jump into the next room, fire a missile, and then 
    shine to the right, picking up MISSILES on the way, heading through the door 
    that the Missile opened and through the next room all the way to the green door 
    on the right side. If you hit the door in the room with the missiles, step 
    through and walk to where the rocks meet the water. Do a quick charge speed 
    boost and charge right before you hit the door. Now shine to the right and you 
    will hit the green door described above. Enter it.
    After the corridor, ignore the door in front of you and go down. After the 
    first gray door, bomb the left wall and roll in for some MISSILES. Go back out 
    and shoot the floor. Go in and open the green door. Go to the right and bomb 
    the wall. Open the boss door and go in.
    De-equip your ice beam and charge a shot. You can only hurt him when his eye is 
    open so shoot the blue flames for powerups. When he opens his eye shoot a 
    charged shot into it and he'll start to fly around. Hit him three more times 
    and he will go back into the figure-eight patter again. Repeat until he is 
    destroyed. The ship is now powered.
    Head back out and up through the door. Head through the blinking door on the 
    left to get some SUPER MISSILES and go back out. Bomb the wall directly across 
    from you and head in. Power Bomb the right wall and roll in the third tunnel 
    from the top for some SUPER MISSILES. Go out and continue up the shaft. Skip 
    the door on the right for now and enter the door across from where you entered 
    the ship. This save room is now powered, so use it. Head back down and into the 
    door you just passed. Open the door on the other end, and carefully jump the 
    spikes. In the next shaft, skip the door and shoot the ceiling. Enter the red 
    door and jump across the platforms for an ENERGY TANK. 
    Head back to the first shaft and head up past the save point. In the corridor 
    at the top, kill all the enemies and open the doors a both ends before going 
    through the door on the right, move the robots out of the way for some 
    MISSILES. Head back to the left to go out side. Drop on the ground and boost 
    left. Charge and shine straight up immediately to the right of the third 
    platform from the left, hold left and shoot to get some MISSILES. Drop down and 
    head left. Shoot a Super Missile at the middle of the patch of land in between 
    the grass patches. Bomb the wall to get some MISSILES. Head back out the way 
    you came in or you'll fall and have to go through the ship again. Head right 
    and bomb the floor where there is a passage leading right (right after some 
    Head right until you get into a room with spikes and grappling blocks. Run 
    through the spikes, jumping every few seconds and roll into a ball in the 
    Chozo's hand. He will carry you through the spikes and drop you. Bomb the floor 
    and head right. Grab the MISSILES and then Power Bomb the statue. Boost right 
    and charge, shine up the small shaft and drop into the room. There is a large 
    hole in the floor, so jump over it to get a RESERVE TANK. Drop through the 
    floor and go back to the statue. Head through the door to get the GRAVITY SUIT. 
    Out the other door, fall into the water and run into the left wall, bomb it and 
    roll through for some MISSILES. Head back to your ship to save.
    Jump of to the right of your ship and dash left, store a charge and go to the 
    mound to the left of your ship. Face right and hold the angle-up button and 
    press jump to shoot to a ledge high above your ship. Open the door and head 
    back to the left, charge right before you get into the door and shine into it 
    to get some POWER BOMBS. Exit this room and boost left. Charge just before you 
    fall off, walk off and land on the platform directly below you. Now shine left 
    and open the door in front of you. Return to your ship to refuel and shine up 
    again. Charge and shine left again to go through the door and into an ENERGY 
    TANK after another door. Power Bomb the statue and roll under. Continue to 
    Power Bomb the squares of blocks you see and the spikes at the end to find 
    another door. In the next room, Power Bomb and jump in the crack between the 
    third and fourth bricks from the door. You should be crumbling two sets of 
    bricks now. Shoot to the right and get some MISSILES and then shoot left to get 
    the other set of MISSILES you see. Follow the path and then go in the blue door 
    on the bottom. Head into Brinstar.
    Power Bomb the bottom of the shaft and fall through. At the bottom head through 
    the room and into a room with many square tiles. In here is any energy tank, 
    but don't let this room fool you, there is a pit right in front of it. So run 
    through and jump over the pit to get the ENERGY TANK. If you fall through, try 
    and wall jump back up before you fall through the crumbling blocks. Head into 
    the green door on the other side for some SUPER MISSILES. Head out and fall 
    through the floor. Roll under the spikes and head to the right. In this shaft 
    these Etecoons will teach you to wall jump but you already know how so just 
    jump all the way to the top and land on the platform on the left. Now you must 
    roll into the hole on the right. Grab the POWER BOMBS and head back to the 
    platform on the right. Head back out and up through the floor you Power Bombed 
    and take the door on the right.
    Run right and be careful not to fall through the floor. If you do, then shine 
    spark up. Head right in the next room and either wall jump or grapple to the 
    MISSLES below you. Power Bomb where the missiles were and jump left to go 
    through a fake wall. Shoot a Super Missile at the weird shaped block in the 
    floor, to score some POWER BOMBS. Head back to where the Charge Beam was and 
    Power Bomb the pipe. Roll in and open the red door. Run through the water for 
    an ENERGY TANK and head back out. Climb up the shaft and enter the yellow door 
    on the right side. Kill all the enemies and open the door then wall jump and 
    open the gate. Hop through and enter the room for an ENERGY TANK. Head out and 
    down into the room with the pipes.
    Run and jump up to the right to find a yellow door. Enter it and Power Bomb 
    both walls of blocks getting the POWER BOMBS on the way to find the area with 
    the morphing ball. Head right and enter the red door in the next room. Shoot 
    the ceiling near the blocks to find an ENERGY TANK. Power Bomb the wall and get 
    the MISSILES on the other side. Head back left, run right and charge. Shine up 
    where the black spot is in the wall you just bombed, and go into the door at 
    the top. Head left, jumping on the invisible walkway near the ceiling. Get the 
    MISSILES in this room the shoot the left corner of the platform they were on to 
    get another MISSILE pack. Head back right and Power Bomb the area between the 
    two heads, and Power Bomb again near the bottom. Head all the way back to the 
    room with the green pipes.
    Back in the room, head all the way down until you reach the area just before 
    the elevator to Norfair. Power Bomb the pipe and save at the bottom.
    Climb back up and into the door at the top. Head into the red door on the right 
    and open the gate. Kill all the creatures in here and then start running right. 
    Store a charge right before you exit the room and then go through the door. Go 
    to the left and stand on the taller plant on the left. Shine straight up to get 
    some MISSILES. Drop down and head right just above the door you came out of. 
    Wall jump over the right column and drop down. Run right, through the wall and 
    into a room with a turtle. Forget about him and wall jump up and grapple onto 
    the block and swing around to get an ENERGY TANK. Jump off to the right and lay 
    a Power Bomb near the funny spot in the middle of the long part of the wall. 
    Wall jump back up to get some MISSILES. Head out of this room and back to the 
    left. Freeze the fish below the door and jump through. Wall jump up the left 
    wall and roll into a hidden tunnel about halfway up the wall (watch the orange 
    creature if you need help). Follow the tunnel for some SUPER MISSILES. Drop 
    back down onto the door and run to the right. Charge and jump on the left slope 
    of the smallest mound, stand near the edge, face right and shine diagonally up 
    to a door. Head in and up in the pink room.
    Run to the right to get some MISSILES behind a fake part of the wall. Head back 
    and take the door on the left side. Follow the tunnel, going through another 
    fake wall and go in the door on the top. Head left and drop down, shoot the 
    enemy and fall into another hidden room with MISSILES and SUPER MISSILES. Get 
    them and head back to the pink room. Lay a Power Bomb and enter the green door 
    at the bottom. Lay another Power Bomb and dash right. Charge and shine up the 
    skinny shaft near the end to get some MISSILES. Head to the right and jump over 
    the segment of pipe that's two blocks long and has a pie on either end for some 
    SUPER MISSILES. Fall down now and head to the door on the top left, above where 
    you came in. Shoot the pipes on the next room with the weak metroids and run 
    along the bottom to get to the next room.
    Arm your Super Missiles and Nail him in the head whenever he pops up. This 
    shouldn't take to long.
    When he's gone, head out the door on the right. Proceed to the quick sand and 
    jump up and roll unto the overhang to get an ENERGY TANK. DO NOT FALL DOWN 
    THROUGH THE LAVA!! WE'LL DO THAT LATER. Keep bombing yourself up and hold right 
    when you are in the overhang. In the next room, head into the top door. This 
    next room can be a little difficult. You can either grapple or wall jump. I 
    prefer wall jumping because it's easier and faster. Anyways, head all the way 
    to the right and through the door on the bottom (you can save and refill your 
    energy in the top door if you need to). Head over the "spike" pit and shoot the 
    wall on the right for some MISSILES. Head left and fall into the first spike 
    pit and pump a Super Missile into the doors eye.
    As soon as you enter the room, shoot a Super Missile into each of the four 
    cannons, then arm your grappling beam. Stand in the middle of the room and wait 
    for Draygon to pick you up and continue trying to hook your beam into one of 
    the cannon remains. Once you do, hold it there for four seconds and Draygon is 
    toast. Piece of cake. Head into the next room for the SPACE JUMP. Head back up, 
    out, and save in the room above.
    Head all the way back to the room with the energy tank, forgetting about the 
    flashing door on the way. One spot in the overhang makes you fall, so fall down 
    into the quicksand. In the room that you are brought to, head left into a 
    familiar room. Drop down to the floor and shoot it near the right wall. Get 
    sucked into the first quicksand pit. In the next room grab the MISSILES on the 
    left. Head to the right, going up the shaft next to the falling sand and make 
    your way around to the pit blocks holding left as you fall in ball form to get 
    some POWER BOMBS. After receiving them stand in the sand just to the right of 
    the pit blocks to be sucked into a corridor, and then head right. Grapple the 
    block in the ceiling and space jump through when it disappears. Make your way 
    up top, and then fall down to a door on the right. 
    Switch to Power Bombs and roll into a ball before going through. Lay a Power 
    Bomb as soon as you enter the room and DO NOT kill the creature, he will 
    destroy the yellow block in your way. In the next room, fall down the hole and 
    head left for the SPRING BALL. Use it to get back out. In the shaft, fall down, 
    lay a Power Bomb and head out. Follow the path until you get to another pink 
    shaft. Lay a Power Bomb and head up. After the pipe head up the shaft and go 
    around to the blinking door. Head through until you get to the room with the 
    red space pirates. Head to the bottom right to get the PLASMA BEAM and then 
    take care of all the space pirates. 
    Back in the room you entered this area from, head all the way down and take a 
    right. Head through the next room and your back at the flashing door I told you 
    to skip earlier. Head down and fall through the quicksand again. Pass the next 
    room and head to where you shot the floor, this time sink in the second pit 
    (after the pipe in the background. In the room you fall into, head up in the 
    first shaft on the left, shooting the block in the way. When you hit the pit 
    blocks, use the Spring Ball to bounce up into the area above. In here are some 
    MISSILES and a RESERVE TANK. Fall back down and sink where the pit blocks are. 
    Head left and down in the room with the broken pipe and left some more. Fall 
    out of Maridia through the longer hole in the ground.
    Head back to the tall shaft and enter the yellow door on the left. Enter in and 
    Space Jump all the way to the red door at the end. Get the X-RAY SCOPE and head 
    back to the right toward the elevator to Norfair. Don't go down but run into 
    Kraid's area with the flying creatures. Stay on top and Power Bomb the wall. 
    Head in the tunnel using the Spring Ball and get the MISSILES. Now head to 
    Head to the left door and into the area with the Ice Beam. Power Bomb the 
    blocks you see and head left. In this room there are MISSILES hidden in the top 
    left corner, shoot them from the door and Space Jump to them. In the door on 
    the bottom, run all the way until you hit the door that lead to Crocomire. Head 
    left all the way to the gate; use the energy refill if you need to. Power Bomb 
    the door under the gate and space jump through the lava into the stone mouth.
    Head down the elevator and go left. Space Jump over the acid and Power Bomb the 
    wall, roll into a ball in the statue's hand and wait for the acid to go away. 
    Head in the crack in the floor and head right. When you can see the MISSILES, 
    Spring Ball over to get them. Drop down and charge a shot.
    Only use charged shot in this fight, he catches all missiles. Treat this guy 
    like the one in the beginning and he'll go down the same way. Only charged 
    shots work, though.
    When this is done, space jump up to the right and use a Power Bomb to clear the 
    rocks. Get the SUPER MISSILES then go into the door at the bottom. Get the 
    SCREW ATTACK from the statue and head up. Pass the door and enter the top one. 
    Space Jump down the hallway and the Zoomers will be shred to pieces. Go through 
    the gate and into the next room. Head right and Space Jump through the pillars 
    in the next room. Climb up the shaft and at the top, lay a Power Bomb and head 
    into the door on the left. Shoot the floor and drop down. Stand on the block on 
    the very left and bomb. Hold left to get some MISSILES. head back out, making 
    sure not to fall through the floor and head through the first door on the 
    right. Quickly space jump to the upper right of this room and head into the 
    door. Power Bomb the floor and head down the shaft. Use the save room along the 
    way. Keep heading down, Power Bombing the blocks on the way and head through 
    the yellow door. Power Bomb the room and Space Jump left land on the pillar 
    that rises and roll through. At the three statues, Power Bomb them and head 
    into the hole that opened on the left for some POWER BOMBS. Head down where the 
    statues were and go in the door at the bottom. In the next room, is two space 
    pirates. The only way to hurt them is to wait until they turn yellow and then 
    blast them. In the next two rooms, Space Jump through. It might be a good idea 
    to fill up some energy, at least the bottom row of E-Tanks because after the 
    boss door its.
    By far the hardest boss fight in the game. As soon as you see they eye glow, 
    lay a Power Bomb. Then just pound away with your Missiles and Super Missiles. 
    Try to dodge the tail as it does the most damage and keep firing. He might pick 
    you up, so just wiggle free. On a very rare occurrence, he will pick you and 
    self-destruct. If you hit him with every Super Missile, if you entered with all 
    45 that is, he'll go down fast.
    Anyway head through the door and, WHAT!!! The Metroid is no longer in the tube! 
    This could mean big trouble, anyway, shoot below the door for an ENERGY TANK 
    and head back. Go all the way back, past the save point and up the shaft. Take 
    the door on the right and launch a Super Missile at the head. Run through and 
    take the last ENERGY TANK at the end. Head back up and run through a fake wall 
    on the left. Run through the room and take a right at the top and get the 
    MISSILES. Lay a Power Bomb and go through the top hole. Hold right and jump to 
    bounce to the end of the room. Go in the door and shoot the head on the right 
    to get the POWER BOMBS. Head out through the left and run through the wall 
    again, this time taking a left at the top. Head through, roll under the chunk 
    of rock and on the first platform bomb the third block for some MISSILES. head 
    up and out, follow the path into an earlier shaft and head up into the green 
    bubble room.
    Space Jump to the green door on the right and go in. Lay a Power Bomb and get 
    the MISSILES. Jump on the pillar that rises and go through the hole in the 
    wall. Space Jump through the next room to get the last RESERVE TANK. Shoot the 
    block closest to you to find some hidden MISSILES. Head back out into the 
    bubble room (We could have gotten these before but it is much quicker to get 
    them with the Space Jump and the Spring Ball). Power Bomb the floor near the 
    door and head left and left again. Run through this room and into a save room. 
    Use it. Head back out into Brinstar.
    Go all the way back to the room where you got the Morphing Ball (green pipe 
    room, Power Bomb the blocks) and head up into Crateria. Head to Mother Brain's 
    old room and Power Bomb near the door. Head down for some MISSILES. head into 
    the long shaft on the left and stand on the only platform on the right that 
    touches the wall. Power Bomb it and freeze the yellow jumpy things in the next 
    room then shine straight up the pipe to your last pack of SUPER MISSILES. go 
    out of the shaft and into the door on the left. Power Bomb the bricks to get 
    your last pack of MISSILES and then head back to your ship. If your items say: 
    Missiles-230, Super Missiles-50, and Power Bombs-50 then you have everything. 
    Now we an go to Tourian. Head back left, bomb the wall, and run through the 
    corridor. In the room with the space pirates take the red door at the bottom 
    and proceed to the room with the statues. Wait for them to turn gray and ride 
    the elevator when you can.
    Head left through the door. When you see the Metroids, freeze them and then hit 
    them with five Missiles or a Super Missile. If they latch onto you take them 
    off with three Power Bombs. In the next rooms are some more Metroids, 
    eventually you will hit a sandy room. Kill the blue hoppers with some Super 
    Missiles and then go through the door. In the next room touch the figure so it 
    crumbles the go through the door. When you cant go any farther left wait for a 
    hopper to get his brains sucked out by. you guessed it. "Your" Metroid that is 
    now huge. Now let it suck your brains out until you have 1 unit of health left 
    and it realizes you are its "mother" (remember the beginning? This is the 
    Metroid that hatched when you were near). Head out through the door and then go 
    in to the room on the left for energy and Missile refill machines. Head right 
    through the boos door and save in the room below. In the next room, shoot the 
    red parts of the pillars with missiles.
    Stage One: When you get to Mother Brain in the tank, just shoot it continuously 
    with regular Missiles. Stay out of the acid and shoot the red doughnuts if you 
    need refills. Eventually everything will explode and the brain will fall.
    Stage Two: Jump and shoot Super Missiles at the Brain. Try to dodge the attacks 
    as best you can and when she starts firing a stream of red energy at you, you 
    know she's close to dying. Eventually she charges and shoots a rainbow beam at 
    you, which is unavoidable. Let her do this until you are almost dead and then 
    the big Metroid will suck her brains out too. He refills your health as Mother 
    Brain slowly is regenerated.
    Stage Three: The Metroid is killed and you know have your very own Hyper Beam. 
    Just jump and hit her in the head with it and she'll start the self-destruct 
    mechanism when she dies.
    *6N: ESCAPE!!!*
    Jump out the hole and shoot the rising pillars. Blast the door open and fall 
    through. Enter the door at the bottom and jump on the platform with the space 
    pirate on it. Follow this path to a door and once through, climb up. As you are 
    running across the top, shoot diagonally down and you should open a door. Fall 
    down the skinny path and climb the platforms to the top. Start running and go 
    through the door. Blast through the wall and store a charge. Stand right at the 
    edge of the shaft, right under the platform that connects to the left wall and 
    shine up. You should make it to the top. Now head back to your ship. Get in and 
    you're off.
                                CLEAR TIME 1:30 
                        YOUR RATE FOR COLLECTING ITEMS IS
                               SEE YOU NEXT MISSION!
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    |=============================SPECIAL THANKS==================================|
    Gumpei Yokoi- for making an excellent series of games.
    Red Scarlet- for her AWESOME videos of completing the game with 100% in 55 
    www.samus.co.uk- for actually having Red Scarlet's movies to download.
    www.metroid2002.com- for help with some glitches and boss strategies.
    You- for reading this guide.
    And me of course- for spending the time to write this guide for you.

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