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    Boss FAQ by ShadowRaquaza39

    Version: 2.39 | Updated: 12/30/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Metroid (Wii/SNES)
    Boss FAQ
    Written by ShadowRaquaza39
    Version 2.39 (12/30/2010)
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. Copyright Stuff
    4. Main Boss Strategies
    5. Credits and Closing
    1. Introduction
    Hello everyone! This FAQ was created to help you guys out with Super Metroid's
    bosses. This is my first FAQ, so I hope you guys find this FAQ helpful. I'll
    also give alternate strategies for particular bosses. Now, let us get started
    on beating the bosses that inhabit Zebes, shall we?
    2. Version History
    Version 1.0 (8/17/2010): First version. Includes the main strategies for each 
    boss & mini-boss in Super Metroid.
    Version 1.15 (8/19/2010): Made some updates. I added Kejardon, Azor, Brickroad
    , aigamerDS from YouTube, evilchen from metroid2002, and michelangelo from
    a Super Metroid forum to credits.
    Version 2.0 (11/19/2010): Added the method of using Chainsaw Beam against 
    Ridley by ingx32 from YouTube. Fixed some spelling and grammatical errors. 
    Hope you guys have a happy Thanksgiving.
    Version 2.1 (11/23/2010): Added the method of skipping Bomb Torizo via
    arm pumping(credit goes to Michael Flatley from metroid2002; tasvideos.org's
    resource for Super Metroid also gets credit), thus adding those two to the
    credits section.
    Version 2.2 (12/18/2010): Added the method of skipping Spore Spawn via
    Mockball, thus giving more credit to Brickroad. Added Gamewinners.com to
    the list of websites that can post a link to this FAQ.  I wish you all a very
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Version 2.3 (12/22/2010): Added the method of using the Doppler Effect on
    Phantoon. This gives tasvideo.org's resource for Super Metroid more credit.
    Added cheatscodesguides.com to the list of websites that can post a link to
    this FAQ. Happy holidays folks.
    Version 2.39 (12/30/2010): Added 1up.com, supercheats.com, and cheatsguru.com
    to the list of websites that can post a link to this FAQ. Plus, you know how I
    put that I didn't know who discovered the Kraid Quick-Kill glitch at the end
    and I put who it was after I explained it? Well now I fixed that error. Happy
    New Year to all of you.
    3. Copyright Stuff
    This FAQ is for private view only and cannot be reproduced or edited without
    the advanced written permission from me. Failure to follow this warning could
    wind you up in prison or having to pay a fine, so just don't do it.
    The following sites are allowed to post a link to this FAQ or to refer to it:
    Why? Well because these sites are ones I visit regularly and that I trust. As
    long as you don't HOST this FAQ besides GameFAQs, you're OK.
    4. Main Boss Strategies
    Now, let's get to the strategies! I'll list them in the order you fight them
    without sequence breaking:
    Location: Ceres Space Colony
    Damageable by: Power Beam 
    Attacks: Fireballs, ramming into you, and smashing you with his tail
    Reward: None
    Ridley's first battle is very simple: just shoot him with your Power Beam
    anywhere. His tail does a lot of damage so watch out. His fireballs and contact
    do exceptional damage as well. Asyou damage him, he changes color from a light 
    purple to a faint brown to a bright red. Whenyour energy drops to 29 Units,
    Ridley will fly away and you'll have 60 seconds to escape. But if you shoot him
    100 times, he'll drop the Baby Metroid and pick it back up and depart.
    Location: Crateria
    Damageable by: Missiles or Power Beam 
    Attacks: Energy waves, swiping you with his claws, and bombs.
    Reward: Morph Ball Bombs
    The Torizo is an easy miniboss. When you acquire the Morph Ball Bombs, the door
    will close before you can exit. Torizo will burst out of the Chozo Statue and 
    start to attack. His clawswipe and energy waves do little damage and his bombs 
    can be shot for Missiles and Energy. During Phase 1, Torizo is just normal.
    After about 4-6 Missiles, Phase 2 will come in. His chest plate will be blown 
    apart and will gain a slight gain in speed. If you shoot him with your Power
    Beam, he'll go to Phase 3, where his head will blow up and will get even
    faster. However, if you only use Missiles and 8 of 'em hit Torizo, he won't
    engage in Phase 3.
    There is a way to actually SKIP fighting Torizo while collecting the Morph Ball
    Bombs AT THE SAME TIME. However, this is only possible on the PAL version of
    the game. You need to run towards the MBB and immediately turn around after the
    item collection fanfare finishes. Then run towards the door while rapidly
    tapping L and R back-and-forth and jump the latest possible point into the
    door. Credit goes to Michael Flatley from metroid2002. 
    *If this information isn't enough see the following link: 
    Spore Spawn
    Location: Brinstar
    Damageable by: Charge Beam or Missiles to his core
    Attacks: Shooting little spores and ramming into you
    Reward: Super Missile Tank
    Spore Spawn is a large venus fly-trap like plant that is the Brinstar miniboss.
    When you enter the room, Spore Spawn will lower himself down and swing about,
    trying to hit you with his body and shooting spores. The best way to avoid him 
    is to morph in the lower left-hand corner, where he can't reach you nor can the 
    spores, which can be shot for energy and Missiles. When Spore Spawn exposes his
    core, shoot a Missile or your Charge Beam to damage him. Charge Beam is
    stronger but Missiles are recommended because you can land multiple Missiles
    into Spore Spawn at once during the time it takes to charge up. 10 Missiles or
    about 8 Charge Beam shots should rot the plant, giving you access to the Super
    There is a way to potentially skip Spore Spawn entirely. To do this, you'll
    need Morph-Ball, Missiles, and patience and skill. In the Brinstar "mainstreet"
    (the first long shaft in the jungle one where you see a bunch of red doors),
    head to the first red door to the RIGHT and bust the door open. Stand on the
    ledge to the left and begin running. Now, time a spin jump so that you spin
    jump into the room and land on the big "bridge". The tricky part comes next.
    While still holding "Jump", the SPLIT SECOND you land on the bridge, precisely
    time a Morph-Ball transition and IMMEDIATELY move right while STILL holding
    "Jump". If done correctly, you'll be rolling very fast and bypass the shutters,
    allowing access to a Super Missile Tank in a room in the ceiling PlUS a 
    Reserve Tank AND two Missile Tanks. If you mess up on your first tries, don't
    worry. It takes a while to beat Spore Spawn with Missiles, so you won't waste
    any valuable time of you're going for a speedrun. Credit goes to Brickroad.
    Location: Brinstar Depths
    Damageable by: Charge/Spazer, Missiles, or Super Missiles to his opened mouth
    Attacks: Spitting rocks, swiping you with his claws, and shooting belly spikes
    and claw-boomerangs
    Reward: Varia Suit
    Kraid is a HUGE reptile that rules Brinstar. Before you can enter his room, you
    must defeat a miniature version of him. One Super Missile will defeat him. When
    you get into his room, Kraid will rise up from the ground. Shoot your Spazer
    Beam at his eyes to make him open up so that you shoot a Super Missile at 'em.
    Then Kraid will suddenly rise up from the ground. In this form, continue to
    pummel his mouth with Super Missiles or Charge Beam shots. The belly spikes he
    shoots can be used as platforms and the boomerangs he shoots can be shot for
    ammo and energy. 4 Super Missiles or 20 Missiles or Charge Beam shots total
    should take down the oversized reptile. 
    A glitch that kills Kraid practically instantly but is very difficult: When
    Kraid first rises up, shoot a charged shot at him. For some odd reason, 
    Kraid's hands will be stunned, making the glitch MUCH easier. Now here's the
    part where most people have trouble on: Timing your Super Missile shots. Since
    we shot Kraid's eye, he'll roar at us. Now, BEFORE we hear the roar, fire a
    Super Missile and then very quickly shoot 3 more Super Missiles at 'em. If
    done correctly, you'll kill Kraid in just a few seconds, a must for hardcore
    speed runners. Credit goes to mie from Metroid2002 for this trick.
    Location: Upper Norfair
    Damageable by*: Missiles: 1 step, Charge/Ice/Wave/Spazer: 2 steps, Super
    Missiles: 3 steps
    Attacks: Shooting fireballs and swiping you with his claws
    Reward: Grappling Beam & Energy Tank
    Crocomire is a large crocodile-like creature similar to Kraid. If you've
    noticed the little * after "Damageable by", it's because Crocomire cannot be
    defeated by convential means. You must push Crocomire into the acid pit by
    shooting his opened mouth with Charge/Ice/Wave/Spazer, Missiles, or Super 
    Missiles. Charge/Ice/Wave/Spazer is recommended because it's infinite and is
    very effective by pushing the monster 2 steps. His fireballs are the most 
    annoying attack, as they can waste your time charging your beam and Super 
    Missiles. My best tip is to use Missiles when Crocomire shoots fireballs and 
    then quickly charge your beam to shoot 'em again or use a Super Missile when he
    opens again. When you push him into the acid pit, Crocomire's skin will start
    to melt off of him, exposing his skeleton. Weird. Why do you see bubbles
    heading to the spike wall to the left? You'll find out when you go to the spike
    wall. Gasp! The room is rumbling violently, and Crocomire comes back! Luckily, 
    Crocomire can't hold himself up, and he just crumbles into a pile of bones.
    One more thing: don't use Power Bombs on Crocomire, because he'll get mad and
    pin you against the spikes, with little chance of surviving the damage.
    Location: Wrecked Ship
    Damageable by: Missiles, Charge/Ice/Wave/Spazer, or *Super Missiles* to his
    opened eye
    Attacks: Shooting bursts of fire in many different ways and ramming into you.
    Reward: More exploration of the Wrecked Ship, thus giving access to the Gravity 
    Phantoon is a ghost-like being that is responsible for the Wrecked Ship's power
    outage. He is a very annoying boss with a very annoying and unpredictable
    pattern of movement and fireball bursts. Luckily, this is what this FAQ is for:
    helping you with the bosses. When you enter the room, a circle of fireballs
    will appear and Phantoon will appear out of nowhere. He'll then vanish and
    start his patterns. He'll pop in here and there, raining down fireballs and
    opening his eye. Firing a Missile will allow you to continue hitting him with 
    Missiles or to smash a charged shot into his eye socket. A Charge/Ice/Wave/
    Spazer shot will cause him to disappear and use his figure-8 pattern, shooting
    fireballs here and there. He'll then open his eye and shoot a circle of
    fireballs. Quickly shoot a Missile or two and then a charged shot and he'll
    continue the figure-8 pattern. However, shooting a Super Missile may do twice
    their normal damage, but will cause Phantoon to disappear and reappear on the
    top of the room. He'll then unleash waves of fireballs, alternating a
    clock-like pattern. The best strategy here is to immediately charge your beam
    after the impact of the Super Missile and spin-jump into the flames. In other
    words, performing a Pseudo-Screw Attack, Ghetto Screw Attack, or whatever you 
    wanna call this technique will defend you from the fire, by not only protecting
    you from it, as it also doesn't wear off after jumping into the fire, unless
    you let go of the Fire button or do a normal jump. Phantoon is defeated after 9
    Charge/Spazer/Ice/Wave shots, 25 Missiles, or 5 Super Missiles. With his
    defeat, the power will be restored to the Wrecked Ship, allowing further
    exploration but also replaces the skull ghosts to floating atoms, khaki-colored
    Ki- Hunters, and enemies that look like the atoms but have holes and little 
    extensions on them. 
    If you time a Wave Beam Shield so that all four beam particles hit Phantoon's
    eye, you can kill Phantoon very quickly; in only 2 rounds. Credit goes to
    Kejardon and Azor. Another alternate way to defeat Phantoon is to use the
    "Doppler Effect" to kill Phantoon VERY quickly. For more information about the
    Doppler Effect, refer to the following link:
    Location: Eastern Maridia
    Damageable by: Missiles, Super Missiles, or Charge/Spazer/Ice/Wave shots to his
    Attacks: Ramming into you and shooting you with little poison bolts
    Reward: None
    Botwoon is a sea-serpent that inhabits Maridia. He is VERY easy if you follow
    my strategy. When you enter the room, Botwoon will come out of a hole and
    start to swim around. Fire some Super Missiles, Missiles, or charged shots at
    the head. Supers are recommended because they not only do damage equivalent to
    charged shots but are faster. After some time Botwoon will swim into a hole and
    reappear with his head sticking out, attempting to shoot you with poison bolts.
    Quickly smash a Super Missile or charged shot into his head. He'll then repeat
    the pattern above, by getting faster and redder with each hit taken. After
    about 5 Supers or charged shots Botwoon will stop using poison bolts and stick
    to ramming. 10 Super Missiles, 10 charged shots, or 50 Missiles will destroy
    the serpent for good.
    A trick involves using the Wave Beam Shield and precise timing to make all four
    beam particles hit Botwoon, allowing the damage of 4 Super Missiles. Credit
    goes to desk_jockey from metroid2002.com, since this trick makes the fight MUCH
    shorter and is very essential for those doing speed runs. 
    Location: Eastern Maridia
    Damageable by: Missiles, Super Missiles, or Charge/Ice/Wave/Spazer shots to his
    stomach & *Grappling Beam*
    Attacks: Ramming into you, spitting gunk to slow you down, and picking you up
    and smashing the stuffings out of you, plus turrets that fire electricity
    Reward: Space Jump and access to Plasma Beam
    Draygon is a large crustaceon-like creature that controls Maridia. When you
    enter his room, destroy the turrets on the wall with Missiles. You'll then see
    Evirs, which are kinda like Mini-Draygons. After they disappear, Draygon will
    come out and attempt to ram into you. He then disappears and continues ramming 
    into you back and forth. Aim your Super Missiles, charged shots, and Missiles 
    into his belly. After a few rounds, Draygon will slow down slightly and start 
    spitting gunk at you to slow you down. Shoot them for more energy or ammo. If 
    Draygon grabs you, work the buttons like crazy to make him let go of you. 
    Otherwise, Draygon will smash you to pieces. 20 Super Missiles, 20 Charge/Ice/
    Wave/Spazer shots, or 60 Missiles will destroy Draygon. Or, if you let Draygon
    grab you after destroying the cannons and hook onto one with the
    Grappling Beam, the electricity will channel through your suit, zapping Draygon
    like crazy. However you'll take damage too as well, about 3 energy tanks.
    There is a glitch known as the Blue Suit Glitch that will instantly kill
    Draygon but takes ALOT of patience. First, get Draygon down to low HP by using
    15 Super Missiles to make his belly red. Then when Draygon spits gunk, let some
    catch you and then charge a Spineshark. The next time Draygon comes, time a
    Diagonal Spineshark to hit Draygon's belly. If done correctly, you will kill
    Draygon and receive the "Blue Suit" status. In this state, you will be in a
    speed boosting state without even running. You can kill enemies by just walking
    through them, perform Spinesharks anywhere, and have invincibility to anything
    except spikes, acid, Ridley's tail, and Mother Brain's Hyper Beam. However,
    you'll lose this status if you die, reset the game, run, Spineshark, or jump,
    but you can spin jump without losing the Blue Suit. This glitch is easier with
    the Short Charge Glitch: When caught in the gunk, push Dash after taking a step
    or 2 to charge a Spineshark faster (credit goes to Brickroad). Credit goes to
    michelangelo and Brickroad for the Blue Suit glitch. 
    Golden Torizo
    Location: Lower Norfair
    Damagable by: *Carefully aimed Super Missiles to the chest plate* and Charge/
    Ice/Wave/Plasma shots
    Attacks: Shooting energy waves, eye beams, swiping you with claws, and throwing
    caught Super Missiles at you
    Reward: Screw Attack, Missile and Super Missile tanks
    Golden Torizo is a much more advanced Torizo than the previous one in Crateria.
    When you enter his room, you'll spot the Missile tank on the opposite side of a
    platform. When you fall through, Golden Torizo will drop down and start the 
    fight. Now first off, DO NOT use Super Missiles. Even though they do twice 
    their normal damage on him, he'll catch most of them and through 'em at your 
    feet, emptying half an energy tank. And don't use Missiles because Golden
    Torizo will sidestep to dodge them. Use Charge/Ice/Wave/Plasma shots; they pack
    a heck of a better punch on Golden Torizo than Super Missiles. Now let's get to
    the strategy. To dodge his eye beams, Space Jump away from them. Dodge the
    bombs and energy waves the same way with the eye beams or shoot the bombs for
    refills. Be careful not to make contact with Golden Torizo, as you'll lose 40
    energy. Keep plastering him with Charge/Ice/Wave/Plasma shots to defeat him or
    use Supers if you aim well. It'll take 15 charged shots to finish off Golden
    Torizo. For the Super Missile tank, Space Jump to the top-right of the room 
    and lay a Power Bomb in mid-air to break some blocks hiding the tank. 
    There is a glitch involving the Murder Beam against Golden Torizo. When you get
    to the battle floor, charge your beam and go to the equipment screen. Equip
    every beam but Plasma. Then go to a boot upgrade. Press Left+A at the same
    time. If done correctly, you'll equip every beam and "VAR" will appear next
    to Plasma Beam. Exit and fire at Golden Torizo to the left (fire at him from
    his right side). Equip your beams regularly. Whenever Golden Torizo passes an
    invisible vertical barrier, he'll take damage. On the last hit, Golden Torizo
    will freeze and explode when he thaws out. Credit goes to evilchen from
    Location: Lower Norfair
    Damageable by: Missiles, Super Missiles, Charge/Ice/Wave/Plasma shots, and
    Power Bombs (may connect twice)
    Attacks: Shooting fireballs, ramming into you, smashing you with his tail, and
    picking you up in a damaging way
    Reward: Energy Tank
    Ridley is back and he's WAY tougher than last time. When you enter his room,
    Ridley will be "hiding". Before he appears, use this opportunity to lay a 
    Power Bomb to score free damage. When he appears, he'll fly up and acid will
    come to the pit below the platform. When he comes back, he'll first shoot
    fireballs at you, which you can Screw Attack through. When he attempts to bash
    his tail against you, Space Jump away from him, because his tail can break 
    through your Screw Attack. When Ridley flies up, Space Jump up to him and fire
    as many Super Missiles or Missiles as you can into him or bash a charged shot
    into him. As you damage him, he'll start flying in a U shape. Dodge this by
    Space Jumping over him. When he has significant damage, Ridley will get a
    slight increase in speed signaled by a change in color. With severe damage,
    he'll get another increase in speed and another change in color. With no health
    left, Ridley will go insane: Ridley will use one tail bash after another and
    shoot fireball after fireball. Any damage at this point or letting him grab
    you will defeat Ridley for good. Enter the door near the platform to find the
    Energy Tank hidden in the room below the door.
    There is a glitch that once again involves Murder Beam against Ridley. First,
    follow the steps in Mother Brain's Murder Beam trick before entering Ridley's
    room. Your beam should be green if done right. The moment Ridley comes out, let
    'er rip against him from with a shot facing left. If you fired right, you've
    just essentially crashed/froze the game and you're out of luck. Just like
    Golden Torizo's version, the barrier is vertical but more effective in Ridley's
    cramped room. All you have to do is dodge Ridley and shoot Super Missiles here
    and there to speed up the damage. This glitch is great to end the fight quicker
    plus with the free shot thing with the Power Bomb. The Power Bomb damage 
    thing's credit goes to Brickroad and the Murder Beam vs. Ridley part goes to
    aigamerDS on YouTube.
    There is also ANOTHER slightly tougher glitch involving the Chainsaw Beam, the
    combination of Spazer/Plasma/Wave. It’s very hard to explain, so I’ll give you
    the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OitD-kdqWy4. Kudos to 
    you, ingx32 from YouTube.
    Baby Metroid
    Location: Tourian
    Damageable: Impervious to ALL attacks
    Attacks: Simply latching onto you and draining your energy
    Reward: None
    When you enter a sandy section of Tourian, you'll start seeing the corpses of
    enemies. Eerie. You'll even see a dried Torizo! In the last room of the dusty
    remains, you'll spot a live Hopper. Oh my goodness!! What a huge Metroid that
    is!! As you watch it suck the Hopper dry, oh no, it's coming for us!! When it
    latches on, it's hopeless... but wait. You hear that? It's the Baby Metroid
    from the previous mission! Looks like it mistaked us for an enemy. Man did it
    grow!! After this room you can recharge your supplies at a recharge station.
    Mother Brain-1
    Location: Tourian
    Damageable by: Missiles and Super Missiles to the brain
    Attacks: Turrets and Rinka lasers
    Reward: None
    Mother Brain is a mechanical life-form that controls Zebes. Those that remember
    the MB fight in the original Metroid should have no problem. Use Missiles to
    break the glass and shove Super Missiles into the brain, while dodging the
    Rinkas and turrets (not to mention the acid pit). 6 Missiles will break the
    glass and 30 Missiles or 6 Super Missiles will destroy her life-support 
    equipment. We've finally defeated the main villain!
    Hold on. Why are we still mobile, and why are we in a closed room. Uh oh,
    What's that?!?! A huge robotic body comes in outta NOWHERE and connects to
    Mother Brain. Here comes the trick up MB's sleeve: her new toy!! Time to get
    Note: I won't put the "Reward" and "Location" parts since you know the location
    and that there's no reward.
    Mother Brain-2
    Damageable by: Missiles, Super Missiles, or Charge/Ice/Wave/Plasma shots
    Attacks: Eye laser, shooting blue rings, shooting bombs, hand lasers, and 
    Hyper Beam
    With the mechanical body in use, Mother Brain will now have attacks. Use your 
    Charge/Ice/Wave/Plasma beam as it packs a heck of a bigger punch than Super 
    Missiles, and go trigger-happy on MB. To dodge the eye laser, simply don't 
    worry about it, as it's MB's most useless attack. To dodge the rings, jump over
    them if they're shot low. If they're shot high, don't Screw Attack through
    because they can break through the Screw Attack and do good damage, just duck.
    To dodge the bombs, jump just as they explode, yes they do cover the whole
    floor. After Mother Brain takes severe damage, she'll switch to a new attack,
    her deadly hand lasers. Dodge them at all costs. If you get hit, say hello to
    2 FULLY emptied tanks. After a few charged shots, Mother Brain will stop
    attacking and reel her head back. Oh my gosh!! She's gaining energy and.... 
    AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! We've been smashed against the wall by MB's sinister Hyper
    Beam. Man, she drained 3 FULL tanks AND we're on our knees. If you can take
    another Hyper Beam, you can stand up by mashing the buttons like crazy. But our
    efforts to defeat Mother Brain with our current condition are futile. She then
    comes to finish us off. It's hopeless........ WHOA!! The Baby Metroid flew in
    outta nowhere and it's sucking the stuffings outta Mother Brain. After her
    energy is drained, she rots and crouches in a pose just like the Chozo Statues.
    The Baby then comes to us to refill all of our energy, including Reserve Tanks.
    Suddenly MB drools. Looks like MB is still alive. NO!! She then stands up and 
    shrieks at the Baby. MB then shoots ring after ring at the Baby. When the Baby
    can't take no more, it charges at Mother Brain once more, but it gets destroyed
    by a few rings. NO!!! The Baby starts to blow up and it's body falls on us as 
    dust. Whoa. That dust is analyzed as weapon data. Yes!! We now have the
    devastating Hyper Beam. We then stand up, ready to finish off Mother Brain!!
    Note: This is the time to use the infamous Murder Beam. When Mother Brain's 
    head is on the ground, charge your beam and go to the equipment menu. Equip 
    all 5 beams except for Plasma and go to a boot upgrade. Press Left+A at the 
    same time. If done correctly, you'll equip Plasma without canceling Spazer and
    "VAR" will appear next to Plasma. Now unpause and keep the charge. Fire at MB's
    head. If done right, an orange orb will be where you fired. Equip your beams 
    normally. It'll make the game lag, but MB will take severe damage, killing MB 
    by the time you get Hyper Beam.
    Mother Brain-3
    Damageable by: Hyper Beam shots to the head
    Attacks: Same as previous phase except Hyper Beam and hand laser
    Now we can beat Mother Brain!! Fire at her head nonstop, she can damage us, 
    but don't worry. We have PLENTY of energy. Witness the awe inspiring power as
    MB's head reels back and shrieks in pain with each blow. When at 0HP, she
    starts to explode and her brain falls to the ground and turns into dust. 
    However, we gotta get out in 3 minutes! Enter the opening behind MB to begin
    your escape!! It's pretty easy.
    5. Credits and Closing
    And there's my first FAQ! I hope you find it helpful. Here are the credits:
    Metroid2002.com- For having some awesome Super Metroid trick videos.
    desk_jockey from metroid2002.com- For finding that useful trick with Botwoon's
    evilchen from metroid2002.com- For that useful method with the Murder Beam
    against Golden Torizo.
    aigamerDS from YouTube- For his video showing a way to kill Ridley with the
    Murder Beam.
    Brickroad- For archiving/finding those cool glitches; Blue Suit, Free Shot
    for Ridley glitch, Short-Charge glitch, and Mockball glitch (one where you
    could skip Spore Spawn).
    Kejardon and Azor- For finding that useful trick for Phantoon's battle.
    mie from metroid2002.com- For that glitch with killing Kraid quickly.
    Ingx32- For discovering that trick with the Chainsaw Beam against Ridley.
    Michael Flatley form metroid2002.com and tasvideo.com's Super Metroid
    resource- For the information on skipping Bomb Torizo via arm/shoulder 
    tasvideos.org- For their awesome resource for Super Metroid.
    All you GameFAQs users who contributed- For inspiring me to write a FAQ.
    Nintendo- For making such a great game!!
    See you all on any future FAQs I make!!

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