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Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.07/26/05bluberry
The anti-FF7 review OR why I believe Super Metroid to be the epitome of video gaming.12/15/02waterforprez
This game has taken the series to a whole new level11/08/05Bect
Whilst definitely worth playing, Super Metroid is far from perfect10/26/10Blue Blob
Dedicated To A Special Retro Freak...06/05/03Bobo The Clown
I'm every woman...10/09/07discoinferno84
Super Metroid is a game that redefined the genre and set the standards for future games.07/27/04DJellybean
A Suggested Part of Your Balanced Gamer Breakfast04/28/14Echidnux
Run, Samus, run!08/01/08horror_spooky
This is gaming perfection.01/02/02Leetdude
The Space Pirates have returned and Samus comes back to take them down!07/26/06LightAngelTora
I can't get enough of it...03/17/03McGray
They sure don't make 'em like this anymore...05/16/05mikaa
Embrace the world of Super Metroid and allow the world of Zebes to become your own.05/30/04Mr. Grieves
Could I start again, please?03/01/03NT220
Above Excellence09/14/09Ofisil
I'm not big on picking favorites, but this is it. This is my favorite video game of all time.02/25/03Retro
Zebes Revisited01/22/16roosterpeacock6
Feels like I've been here before...01/23/15SethBlizzard
One of the greatest games ever created or another victim of the hype machine?01/20/05Simply Dave
One of the most classic games ever07/30/00TBranford
As One of Our Favorite South Park Characters Would Say: "It's Super"!10/10/07TheRedneck14
One of the absolute best games you'll ever play; it's almost impossible to put into words how brilliant Super Metroid really is.07/05/05UltimaterializerX
It fixes the small flaws Metroid had, and gives us much more of the good stuff.07/02/09Zylo the wolf

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If you enjoyed the other Metroid games, you won't regret buying this for $808/23/07Blacknite08
The greatest video game ever made.02/25/16BaconPancakes
Quite possibly the best non-rpg game of all time.02/14/04Braben
The best game I demoed when it came out and finally got to play 13 years later!05/21/08capefeather
Find Out What You've Been Missing!08/17/09CooperF4
One of the only games I've seen that lives up to all that's said about it.12/11/07Crazee Boy
A classic that all should own.07/30/00Cyber-Sushi
It's super, thanks for asking!09/08/03Doodleheimer
Could I pleeeease turn off the mapping system?06/20/00fduboo
The 2D adventure by which all others are measured.08/05/09Field Ranger
Descend to the core of Planet Zebes...02/11/10fresheadies
Best. Metroid. Ever.07/30/04Heroic Metroid
BG's favorite non-RPG on SNES? You bet!01/14/02Joe the Destroyer
Super Metroid may be the greatest game ever!10/25/04kts123
New Metroids, Old Metroids, This One Is Still The Best!03/12/04Magic Mario
The Metroid Hype is Warranted07/17/17MasterFox72
It's not for everybody.11/19/12MathewManson
Any last words Kraid?01/15/03Metalguru
One of the greatest games ever!!!!11/19/07Ocelot529
The game that got me into video games. I still love it.08/02/04plasmabeam
What a success! Best 2D Metroid ever!03/07/04Rango
The best game in the SNES library, without a doubt.03/29/10ShadowACS
Screw Attack the NES original and play this instead!02/16/10SilverMelee
Shoot those critters, Samus.04/28/02SullenOne
Is this game really as good as they say? Very much so.08/23/07Super Slash
A little gem that will look good on any Wii Menu06/17/08Thelorme
Adrenaline, adventure, and everything else!07/05/01UltimaZER0
A classic masterpiece in every sense: Ambient Amazingness.02/02/16videogamer1030
Excellent!!Once again they fail to disappoint the Magic Emperor!03/01/03Walker Boh Ohmsford
Ms. Aran graces us with her amazing appearance on the SNES.07/13/04ZFS

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"Watch Out Samus, Ridley is right behind you!"...08/17/09_VEGA
It's hard but it's also fun!!!07/16/01AMalatek
A classic game that will never be forgotten.08/01/00AmanDK64
Am I the only one who thinks Crocomire is cute as a button?01/10/08Archmonk Iga
A relaxing, satisfying experience05/06/13brutusmuktuk
One game that will make you say "I wish I owned this"05/05/08DrSage207
Metroid 3, A perfect installment01/05/11eno2009
Can a game that came out five years ago still be fun? Oh, yeah!07/16/01FlameDrake
One of the Best game ever in Nintendo's History03/05/01GeckoGreen
An amazing game01/22/15GobulPower
One of the best action games for the SNES...07/16/01GPalin
And it lived up to the hype12/04/14Hoogovens
Super Metroid is undoubtedly a Super Classic04/16/01hpsolo
This is the finest game ever crafted by human hand!09/28/02Katon
Mother Brain Is Back08/21/01MI4 REAL
The Metroid Games never cease to amaze...02/23/00MRam
Samus Aran is back, and better than ever...09/12/01Omni Mage
One of the greatest games ever made.08/22/07papercup
One of if not the best game ever08/23/07pedigreehhh1088
Destroy the Mother Brain!! (and have a lot of fun doing it!!)07/16/01Psycho Penguin
The best of the Metroid series, of course, not to mention the most fun and the scariest.11/26/00Psychopulse75
You're a fool if you haven't thought of trying this game out08/18/08pyro922
The metroid series gets even better03/10/00RMaster
I'm actually FRIGHTENED by this game??10/21/00Schlave
One of the best games ever made, period!06/02/01Scrapper7
Another Winner from Nintendo09/26/00shigman
The Best Platforming Metroid Game02/25/09shintear
Super Metroid: A super great game.03/24/08Skolar_Star
The "Super" Hunt02/04/08SpyHunter89
Samus Aran, the original "Girl With Big Guns"03/23/03Tokyo Fusion
A great game everyone should play08/22/07TR0391
A true, classic, a masterpiece from Gumpei Yokoi (R.I.P.)07/31/00Vertalyth7090
One of the best 2D games ever06/27/01Writer
Samus' galaxy never seems to be at peace...08/23/07xenogears06
Stop reading this review and play this game NOW08/26/07Zelda_Loves_Me
Without a doubt, one of the finest games ever created, if not THE finest.08/23/07Zell17

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