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"A Contra clone that is actually better than Contra."

This little gem was made long ago by a company called Seika. Yes, it is a Contra clone, but it s a very good one, it actually liked it better than any Contra, because it is easier and while not so furious, I found to be a lot more enjoyable.

Story: A bad guy dressed with a cheap superhero looking costume named Katakis has frozen some kind of planet and now the units from the U.S.S Freedom I don’t know what are going to save them with they new Turrican suits. Nice excuse to beat the hell out of some aliens.

Graphics: With only 4 megabytes of memory this game has great graphics, but they aren’t good only for a 4 megabyte game, they excellent in their own right. Neat explosions and wonderful visual effects like beams, missiles, rain, and things like that. Then the backgrounds are splendid, maybe not too appropriate for game like this one (I’ll try to explain that later), but splendid anyway. Great graphics.

Music: An odd mix between pop and rock, not very suitable for a futuristic action game but surprisingly good and catchy, don’t ask why, just enjoy it.

Gameplay: Again, just think about Contra, but one million times easier and you are on the right direction. Really, this game is basically a Contra copy, you are left there in the battle field with lots of aliens, killer beasts, and weird assassin mechanics. There are power ups to improve your weapon, energy shields, super bombs only to use in the most dangerous situations, huge bosses, etc. And the last scenario is so similar to the last one of Contra (enemies included) that it is almost an insult, but if it is a good copy who cares right?

The level of destruction is not as high as the one found in any Contra, the scenarios are not as “violent” as they were in Contra, I would even say that Super Turrican’s world is very beautiful, all the scenarios are made with nice and vivid colours, and the enemies are not as aggressive looking, but the action is as intense as in Contra, only that not near as difficult.

Paradoxically, the only problem with this game, the difficulty, I know I have said that was easier than Contra, but I haven not said it was an easy title, I am going to say that now, this game is hard, only that Super Turrican is not hard in the same vein as that Konami game, it is hard because you’ll have to beat the game in one ride without being able to save or to get a password, and it is not a short game, if it is hard and more or less twice as long as Contra (my!, how many times have I said Contra?), the difficulty level is very high.

Those who enjoyed Contra will find in this obscure game a new serious competitor, really, and like it or not, its second part, that is Super Turrican 2, completely blows any Contra away anywhere anytime, if you don’t believe just try to find that game, if you can’t, well, I pity you, but I have played both, and while I like Contra a lot, I can see that Super Turrican is better.

”My lack of vocabulary and grammatical errors (if there’s any) are because I’m not from an English speaking country, sorry about that.”

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/17/04

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