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    FAQ/Walkthrough Part 1/2 by JPuga

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 07/15/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    _______  ___    ___    _______   ____
                   |     _ | \ /    \ /    \   __ | / __ \
                   |_/| | \| | |    | |     | /  \| | |/_|
                      | |   | | |   | |     | |      \ \
                      | |  | |_| |  | |     | |_-¯|   \ \
                      | |  | ___ |  | |    <   ___|  __\ \
                      | | | |   | | | |  /| | |     / _\\ \
                      | | | |   | | | |_/ | | \__/| | \_/ /
                      /_\ \__\ /__//______|/______| \____/
                                 ___   _______
                                / _ \  \  ___ |
                               | / \ |  |/   \|
                               ||   || < '-¯|
                               ||   ||  ||¯¯
                               | \_/ |  ||
                                \___/  /__\
     _____  ___  __    ___  __     ___ _______  ___    ____   _     ___
     \  _  \\ / / /    \ /  \ \    \ /|     _ | \ /   / __ \ ( \    \ /
     | | / /| | \ \    | |   | \   | ||_/| | \| | |   | |/_|  \ \   | |
     | |/ / | |  | |  | | |  |  \  | |   | |   | | |   \ \    / /  | | |
    <   _/  | '-¯  | | |_| | |   \ | |   | |  | |_| |   \ \   \ \ | |_| |
     | |    | |¯¯| | | ___ | | |\ \| |   | |  | ___ |  __\ \  | | | ___ |
     | |    | |  | || |   | || | \   |   | | | |   | |/ _\\ \ | || |   | |
     | |    | |  | || |   | || |  \  |   | | | |   | || \_/ / | || |   | |
     /_\    /_\  /_|\__\ /__//_\   \_\   /_\ \__\ /__/\____/  /_\\__\ /__/
              ||                                              ||
              ||                    PART I                    ||
              ||              BY JOAQUIN PUGA                 ||
              ||         [joaquinpuga@infovia.com.ar]         ||
              ||       Copyright (©) 2000 Joaquin Puga        ||
              ||                                              ||
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                 Unpublished work Copyright 2000 Joaquin Puga
    This FAQ and everything included within this file cannot be reproduced
    in any way, shape or form (physical, electronical, or otherwise) aside
    from being placed on a freely-accessible, non-commercial web page in
    it's original, unedited and unaltered format.  This FAQ cannot be used
    for profitable purposes (even if no money would be made from selling 
    it) or promotional purposes.  It cannot be used in any sort of
    commercial transaction.  It cannot be given away as some sort of
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    and is therefore prohibited.  Furthermore, this FAQ cannot be used by
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    sites and the like. It cannot be used in magazines, guides, books,
    etc. or in any other form of printed or electronic media (including
    mediums not specifically mentioned) in ANY way, shape, or form
    (including reprinting, reference or inclusion), without the express
    written permission of the author, myself.  This FAQ was created and is
    owned by me, Joaquin Puga.  All copyrights and trademarks are
    acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned in this
     The above Copyright Notice was developed by Kao Megura (with a tiny
    bit of helping from Ignacio de Lucas). It is self-affecting, meaning
    that it cannot be reproduced without crediting its author (for all
    purposes, Kao Megura). A lot of FAQ writers out there are starting to
    be aware of the need to protect their work from plagiarism. This is
    Good. However, there's been an increasing trend among some of them do
    so by just copying and pasting Kao Megura's copyright notice, without
    crediting him at all. This is Wrong. He's too good a guy and is more
    happy about these people protecting their work (and doing so with
    something he has devoted a lot of time to perfect) than concerned
    about his own protection being transgressed. Thus, he'll say nothing,
    but I won't. If you're going to just copy his Copyright Notice (one
    that warns against plagiarism, for goodness' sake) at least have the
    decency of thanking him properly!
    | THANKS A LOT TO IGNACIO DE LUCAS for letting me use the disclaimer |
    | from his Xenogears FAQ. THANKS TO KAO MEGURA because he is the one |
    | who made it in the first place. Remember that, if you want to use  |
    | the above disclaimer you MUST ask for permission from Kao Megura or|
    | Ignacio de Lucas, not from me.                                     |
    |                                                                    |
    |       Ignacio de Lucas                          Kao Megura         |
    |     <de_lucas@yahoo.com>                   <kmegura@yahoo.com>     |
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                               REVISION HISTORY
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
    Version 0.1 [08/14/00] - Decided to make a walkthrough for Tales of
                             Phantasia. Made the ASCII art of the FAQ and
                             wrote the introduction. The design used is
                             the same from my FF IX FAQ project.
    Version 0.2 [08/30/00] - The FAQ covers as far as the Moria Gallery
                             and a little more. More to come soon!
    Version 0.3 [09/07/00] - Walkthrough up to The Tower of the Twelve
                             Stars. Added the Norse Mythology Section (I'm
                             not even near finishing it, but it's there).
    Version 0.4 [09/14/00] - Expanded the walkthrough up to the end of
                             Dhaos' Fortress. Added lots of information to
                             the Norse Mythology section. This is the
                             largest Tales of Phantasia FAQ that I know of
                             already, and I'm not even half done yet! (is
                             this good or bad?...).
    Version 0.5 [09/21/00] - The walkthrough is done until right before
                             going to the Fire Tower and the Ice Cavern.
                             Added a new part to the introduction. The
                             file now is as big as 242 KB, that's 54 KB
                             more than last week!
    Version 0.6 [09/28/00] - The walkthrough is almost complete, I'm right
                             before going after Dhaos. I'm almost sure
                             that the walkthrough will be complete by next
    Version 0.7 [10/08/00] - I know I almost promised the complete
                             walkthrough, but I was busy half the time
                             last week, and the other half I was... well,
                             just lazy. I had to delay the release of this
                             revision to include the full walkthrough of
                             the Moria Gallery and the Treasure Quest.
    Version 0.8 [11/05/00] - Okay, I'm really sorry about taking so long,
                             but the walkthrough is complete now and the
                             Coliseum section has been added. The next
                             revision will include cheats!
    Version 0.9 [11/29/00] - And yet again I'm late! This time I added the
                             'Cheats and Codes' section, check it out!
                             Last AND least, I completed the 'Menu
                             Explanation' section, but it's huge, so I
                             might move it somewhere below the
    Version 1.0 [12/15/00] - Made the list of skills for Mint, Klarth and
                             Arche. Added more information in section 8.3
                             Created the 'Voice Actors' Section and added
                             the 'Patch Related Questions' to the
                             Frequently Asked Questions.
    Version 1.1 [12/22/00] - Hooray! We just overcame the 500 KB barrier!
                             This time I made the list of skills for Cless
                             (Combos are still missing though) and
                             completed sections 2.3 and 2.4. I also
                             finished the 'Voice Actors' section.
    Version 1.2 [02/03/01] - After Dejap's Final Patch release, seeing how
                             big the file would get, I decided the divide
                             the FAQ. I changed all the item names in the
                             walkthrough and added a few minor things
                             (such as the combos you can get in each
                             section). Cless' combos were finally added to
                             Part II, as well as some new codes (most of
                             them are courtesy of Jeffrey Tam).
    Version 1.3 [03/29/01] - The huge increase in file size comes from the
                             fact that the Item and Shop Lists are done!
                             There were also many changes in the
                             walkthrough and the mini-quests, but they are
    Version 1.4 [07/14/01] - It was about time! This revision includes the
                             List of Enemies and a new section for extra
                             tactics sent by contributors. I am pleased to
                             announce that this is the Complete Version of
                             the FAQ (for more info, see section 1.4).
                             There won't be any more updates unless I
                             realize there is a big flaw somewhere in the
                             guide... Thanks for reading. Bye!
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
                              TABLE OF CONTENTS
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
          -  PART I  -
             1.1  About this Walkthrough
             1.2  About Tales of Phantasia
             1.3  About the Game and the Translation Patch
             1.4  A Short Message from the Author
             2.1  Characters Introduction
             2.2  Gameplay basics
             2.3  The Controls
             2.4  The Battles
             2.5  Menu Explanation
             3.1  Totus Town and the Southern Forest
             3.2  Betrayal in Euclid
             3.3  Escaping Jail
             3.4  Awakening of Dhaos
             3.5  A New World, or an Old Time?
             3.6  Euclid in the Past
             3.7  The Valley of the Sylphs
             3.8  Yggdrasill and the Destruction of Harmel
             3.9  Venezzia and Demitel's Island
             3.10 On the Way to Alvanista
             3.11 The Kingdom of Alvanista
             3.12 Undine's Water Cave
             3.13 Ifrit, the Fire Elemental Spirit
             3.14 Gnome, the Spirit of Earth
             3.15 The Moria Gallery
             3.16 Looking for Edward
             3.17 Maze! Treant's Forest
             3.18 The City of Midgard
             3.19 The Tower of Twelve Stars
             3.20 War! The Valhalla Plains and the Aerial Battle
             3.21 Dhaos' Fortress
             3.22 Unicorn! Help us Save the Yggdrasill
             3.23 Thor, the sunken Hi-Tech City
             3.24 Future Times are Better!
             3.25 Lightning Spirit! Volt's Cave
             3.26 The Future of Alvanista and the Grand World Tour
             3.27 Freeze! Fenrir's Ice Cavern
             3.28 Burn! Odin's Fire Tower
             3.29 Spirit of Creation, Origin
             3.30 Before Taking on Dhaos
             3.31 The Final Confrontation
             4.1  Elwyn and Nancy, a Love Story
             4.2  Mini-Games at Alvanista
             4.3  The Ninja Village
             4.4  Ayflite's Treasure
             4.5  Moria Gallery, the Lower Levels
             4.6  The Coliseum
             4.7  Ninjas at Euclid
             4.8  Cookin' 'n Stuff
             4.9  Cless' Classes
             4.10 Combo Command Combinations
             5.1  Clearing Things Out
             5.2  Game Related Questions
             5.3  Patch Related Questions
     6.- CREDITS
          - PART  II -
             I.1  List of Skills for Cless
             I.2  List of Skills for Mint
             I.3  List of Spirits for Klarth
             I.4  List of Spells for Arche
      II.- ITEM LIST
            II.1  Supply List
            II.2  Food List
            II.3  Weapon List
            II.4  Armor List
            II.5  Accessory List
            II.6  Treasure List
           III.1  Shops in the Present
           III.2  Shops in the Past
           III.3  Shops in the Future
            IV.1  List of Monsters per Location
            IV.2  List of Enemies
             V.1  Toying with Characters' Level and Status
             V.2  General Toying
             V.3  Skill Activation Codes
             V.4  Item Modification Codes
            VI.1  Yume Wa Owaranai Lyrics
            VI.2  Norse Mythology in Tales of Phantasia
            VI.3  Some Other Interesting Things
            VI.4  Voice Actors
            VI.5  Extra Tactics
           VII.1  Clearing Things Out
           VII.2  Game Related Questions
           VII.3  Patch Related Questions
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
    1.-                          INTRODUCTION
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
    1.1- About this Walkthrough
     First of all, note that I'm not a native English speaker, so, in
    spite of all my attempts to correct everything, there are quite a few
    grammar and spelling mistakes through the guide. If you happen to
    notice one of these, please let me know.
     I will be using Dejap's patch to make the walkthrough, which means
    that the names of items, skills, enemies, etc. will be called as in
    the aforementioned patch.
     The latest version of this file can always be found in the following
    GameFaqs               - www.gamefaqs.com
    Video Game Strategies  - http://vgstrategies.about.com
    PSX Codez              - www.psxcodez.com
    Neoseeker              - www.neoseeker.com
    Fresh Baked Games      - www.fbgames.com
    Hellhound Emulation    - http://plasticbrick.dyndns.org/hellhoundemu/
    The RPG Realm          - www.rpgrealm.com
    1.2- About Tales of Phantasia
     Tales of Phantasia is a Super Famicom classic released by Namco in
    Japan during 1995. The game was very innovative, it even included a
    full J-Pop song and lots of voice acting.  The battle system was
    different from most RPGs, instead of the classic turn based fights, in
    TOP, you control your main character in a battle field that looks a
    lot like a fighting game, you run, hit your enemies with your sword,
    use special skills, etc. Of course, like most good games, ToP never
    got released in America. Some have said says it's because of certain
    rather mature scenes in the game, which would most likely be
    considered "outrageous" in America; I think it's true.
     A few years later, Namco released a game in the same style of ToP for
    the Playstation, Tales of Destiny was its name. ToD followed the story
    of Stahn Aileron, a young man from a country village who goes out to
    see the world. Of course, being the main character of an RPG he
    couldn't do anything different from getting involved in an epic battle
    to save the world. Even though Tales of Destiny was meant to resemble
    ToP, it had many original features. The game was released in America,
    the only thing changed was the opening song, which was replaced for an
    instrumental theme in the opening video.
     Tales of Destiny was a great game, but people wanted to see Tales of
    Phantasia again, so Namco decided to release a remake of it for the
    Sony Playstation. The game was completely re-done, even the dialogues
    where written again. The remake included a new version of the original
    J-Pop song, a few videos, some new dungeons and even a secret
    character. But again, the game was not released in America, probably
    for the same reasons that kept the Super Famicom version of the game
    away from these shores.
     The latest 'Tales' game, named Tales of Eternia, was released by the
    end of 2000 in Japan. The release date of the American version is
    scheduled for September 2001!
     Finally, on November 2000, 'Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon' was
    released for the Color Game Boy. The story takes place in the same
    world of ToP, but some time later. The main characters are Mel and
    Dio, a pair of twins with a mysterious origin...
    1.3- About the Game and the Translation Patch
     Well, I don't know where you can get the original cartridge of Tales
    of Phantasia for the Super Famicom, probably you can find one in one
    of those auction sites. However, if you want to be able to use a patch
    to play the game in English, you will have to get the Rom of the game
    and a good emulator (neither of them are hard to find).
     The best Super Famicom and Super Nes emulator (in my humble opinion)
    is Zsnes, which can be downloaded from the Zsnes site at www.zsnes.com
    (and in many other sites of course, but that's the main one).
     As for the translation Patch, there are at least two groups of people
    working on it. One is Disnesquick's group, but there's no released
    patch so far ^_^ The ones who already released a final version are the
    people of Dejap. Even though they still plan to do some small changes,
    the current version is a complete translation of the game. For the
    FAQ, I'll use the item and enemy names of Dejap's Patch.
     And finally, the Rom: "where do I get it?" you may be wondering,
    well, try on a search engine! Roms are not hard to find and everyone
    knows that, but you must remember this: IT IS ILLEGAL TO HAVE A ROM IN
    CARTRIDGE. So, if you don't have the original cartridge, you have to
    break the law to play the game (unless you finish it in less than 24
    hours ^_~). It's your choice, not mine...
    NOTE:  Finally, somebody confirmed that it IS legal to have backup
          copies of games. Thanks a lot to Joe.J.Glogowski for this info.
          Also, thanks to Alexiyies and Stefan Zammit for their
          contributions on the subject.
    Where to find everything that's mentioned here:
    Zsnes        - http://www.zsnes.com
    Disnesquick  - http://disnesquick.faithweb.com/index2.html
    Dejap        - http://dejap.zsnes.com
    1.4- A Short Message from the Author
     It's been almost a year since I started this guide, and it's finally
    time to declare it complete... I must say writing was a very
    fulfilling experience, all because of you people, who supported me.
    I just wanted to thank everyone: readers and contributors! 
     I hope you read my next guides! Bye!
    PS:  Please DO read the e-mail policy before writing ^_^
                                                - Joaquin
                              - E-mail Policy -
     The fact that this is the 'Complete Version' of the FAQ does not mean
    I'll stop answering questions regarding ToP. However, since this guide
    supposedly contains all I know about Tales of Phantasia, you should
    make sure your question is not already answered here before writing. I
    mean it!
     I've answered every single question I've gotten so far, but from now
    on I will be a bit more demanding about the kind of e-mail I get. Try
    to make clear questions, write in good English (just make the text
    understandable) and please be polite. If you fail to respect such
    simple norms, I might not bother to reply.
     I will not reply to people who ask me where to find ROMs. Why?
    Because I'm tired of replying to people who are just too lazy to try
    using a search engine. The Tales of Phantasia and ToP Narikiri Dungeon
    ROMs are pretty common, so please don't ask me where to get either of
    them. Run a search on Google or Altavista!
     Last, but not least, write 'Tales of Phantasia' or 'ToP' in the
    subject of your messages, so that I don't have to guess the game you
    need help with!
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
    2.-                        PLAYING THE GAME
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
     This section has some info on the game that you might want to know
    before starting the game. 
    2.1- Characters Introduction
                                 Cless Alvein
     Cless is the hero of the game, son of a great swordsman who lives in
    a town called Totus. After receiving a Pendant for his 15th birthday,
    he goes hunting with his best friend; everything is just fine until
    they hear the town's emergency bell. When they get there, the town has
    been destroyed. This is the start of a series of events that will
    change the world, present, past and future...
                              Chester Barklight
     Chester is Cless' best friend, he lives in Totus with his little
    sister Amy. He goes hunting with Cless and also gets involved in the
    sad events that follow. The death of his sister during the attack
    makes him swear revenge on those who destroyed the town.
                                 Mint Adnade
     A shy girl whom Cless meets in jail. After their escape, they find
    out that there was some relation between their parents and the evil
    wizard Dhaos. The circumstances develop in such strange ways that they
    end up in the past...
                               Klarth F. Lester
     Klarth is a human from the village of Euclid in the past. After years
    of studying, he is able to make contracts with spirits and then summon
    them in battle. Cless and Mint request his help to defeat Dhaos in the
    past, so they can return to the present.
                                 Arche Klaine
     A pink haired half-elf whom the party meets under weird circumstances
    (at first she was possessed by an old friend's spirit). Once her true
    self comes out, she decides to join the others to go get some
    adventures. Being a half-elf, she can cast powerful magic, all she has
    to do is find books to learn the spells.
     A powerful black wizard whose real intentions no one knows. Is he
    just another megalomaniac trying to conquer the world, is he just
    plain evil, is he a nut or is there a more meaningful task he is
    carrying out? You will know once you play the game...
    2.2- Gameplay basics
     Some things you should know before you play the game:
    HP (Hit Points):    These represent your health: when an enemy hurts
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     you, the number that appears is the amount of Hit
                        Points that you lose. When the number is zero,
                        your character dies. Hit Points can be regained by
                        casting healing magic on the character, using an
                        item (such as an Apple Gummy), sleeping at an inn,
    TP (Tech Points):   When you cast a spell, use a technique, summon a
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    Spirit, etc. you use some of these. They are like
                        MP are in most games. In TOP you regain a little
                        TP after each battle. You can also recover these
                        by using an item (such as an Orange Gummy) or
                        sleeping at an inn.
    Sleeping at an inn: You can stay at inns to get your HP and TP to the 
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  maximum without spending an item or using your
                        magic. Of course, staying at inns will cost you
                        some money.
    Gald:               Gald is the money in Tales of Phantasia, you get
    ¯¯¯¯                it by fighting monsters and sometimes in chests in
    Food Sack:          The Food Sack is a special item were you put food
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯           items. When a character's hurt, he/she will regain
                        a little HP by eating from the bag with each step
                        (of course, the food value decreases).
    2.3- The Controls
    /                            FIELD SCREEN                            \
    |Directional Buttons: Movement                                       |
    |      SELECT button: N/A                                            |
    |       START button: N/A                                            |
    |           A Button: Talk/Confirm                                   |
    |           B Button: Cancel/Run (must have Jetboots equipped)       |
    |           X Button: Access Menu                                    |
    |           Y Button: N/A                                            |
    |           L Button: N/A                                            |
    |           R Button: N/A                                            |
    /                            BATTLE SCREEN                           \
    |Directional Buttons: Move horizontally                              |
    |      SELECT Button: N/A                                            |
    |       START Button: Pause (use the directional buttons to scroll   |
    |                     through the battlefield)                       |
    |           A Button: Attack/Confirm selections in the Battle Menu   |
    |           B Button: Use Cless' equipped Skills                     |
    |           X Button: Access Battle Menu                             |
    |           Y Button: Select Target                                  |
    |           L Button: Makes the party face to the left/Run away      |
    |           R Button: Makes the party face to the right/Run away     |
    /                          WORLD MAP SCREEN                          \
    |Directional Buttons: Movement                                       |
    |      SELECT button: N/A                                            |
    |       START button: Toggle Map                                     |
    |           A Button: Take Off (only after getting the Metal Birds)  |
    |           B Button: Land (only after getting the Metal Birds)      |
    |           X Button: Access Menu                                    |
    |           Y Button: N/A                                            |
    |           L Button: N/A                                            |
    |           R Button: N/A                                            |
    /                              AIRBIRDS                              \
    |Directional Buttons: Steer                                          |
    |      SELECT button: N/A                                            |
    |       START button: Toggle Map                                     |
    |           A Button: Take off/Fly Forward                           |
    |           B Button: Land                                           |
    |           X Button: Access Menu                                    |
    |           Y Button: Use the directional buttons while pushing to   |
    |                     strafe                                         |
    |           L Button: N/A                                            |
    |           R Button: N/A                                            |
    2.4- The Battles
     In most RPGs, battles are turn-based. Each character gets a turn per
    round. All you have to do is choose the commands from a small menu
    that includes the basic actions.
     In Tales of Phantasia, battles are more like a fighting game. Your
    party and the group of enemies are placed in a horizontal battlefield.
    Basically, you can only control Cless, the main character, while the
    rest of your party is controlled by AI. This system created by Namco
    is called the Linear Motion Battle System (LMB System).
     Cless can attack in several different ways. Pressing the A button
    will make him run and use a slash attack against the target, but if
    you press a down in the control pad while he runs, he will stab the
    enemy. Depending on the distance and height of the enemy, the attacks
    will vary differently. You will get used to it quickly once you play.
    TIP:  To get critical hits almost always, starting far from the enemy
         press A to attack (or Up + A to stab) and press A again while
         Cless runs. This should result in a critical hit. Thanks to
         Darkdude3 for this tip.
     As he becomes more powerful, Cless will acquire skills to use in
    battle. These skills consume TP when used, but are really powerful.
    You can have up to four skills ready to use in battle at the same
    time, two long-range and two short-range skills. To use the ability
    equipped on the first slot of either kind, press B; to use the one
    equipped on the second slot, press Up + B. Here's a small chart to
    explain better:
     Short-Range  1.[Press B while near the target]
                  2.[Press Up + B While near the target]
     Long-Range   1.[Press B while away from the target]
                  2.[Press Up + B while away from the target]
     Aside from normal Skills, you can use combos. To use a combo you need
    to master the two skills that form it (by using them over and over).
    You will also need someone who teaches Cless the combo. Note that,
    since all combos include a short and a long range skill, they can only
    be equipped on the Long-Range slots.
     As for the target: normally, it is the closest enemy, but you can
    change the target by pressing the Y button. This will make either a
    'S' or a 'L' appear over the new target. The 'S' means that the game
    considers the enemy is close enough to Cless to use Short-Range
    skills, the 'L' means the enemy if far enough to use Long-Range
     Even though you can't control the rest of your party as much as you
    can control Cless, you can control them with the help of the battle
    menu. To access it, just press X while in battle and a small menu from
    which you can choose the following options will appear:
    Magic:       Allows you to tell a character to cast a spell, use
    ¯¯¯¯¯       healing magic or summon a spirit. Note that you can't
                order a character to cast a spell while he/she is busy
                casting another one. Be aware that if the character gets
                damaged, the casting process is stopped.
    Tactic:      This option lets you access the Artificial Intelligence
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯      settings of your party. There are four option of AI for
                each character. Note that you can also change these
                settings from the menu while in the field screen.
    Formation:   You can change the disposition of your party on the
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   battlefield with this option. This allows you to make the
                spell casters of the party away from fighters, thus
                protecting them, since the fighters are always near the
                enemies. Note that the Formation can also be changed from
                the menu while in the field screen.
    Item:        Quite obvious, this option allows you to use an item. Of
    ¯¯¯¯        course, some items can't be used in battle, just like some
                others can't be used in the field. Remember that after you
                use an item, you will have to wait a few seconds before
                using the next one.
     To run away from a battle, get Cless to one of the ends of the
    battlefield and press either the L or R button (depending on which
    side of the battlefield it is). Note that you can't run from all
     Well, those are the basics of battling. It is really easy, not to
    mention fun, once you get used to it.
    2.5- Menu Explanation
     T h e   M a i n   M e n u :
    |SKILLS       ITEMS          FORM               CUSTOM   |
    |EQUIP        TACTICS        STATUS             SAVE     |
    |CLESS                      ||[Character Name]           |
    | LV    99                  || LV    99                  |
    | HP    9999/9999           || HP    9999/9999           |
    | TP     999/ 999           || TP     999/ 999           |
    |                           ||                           |
    | EXP           0           || EXP           0           |
    | NEXT         10           || NEXT         10           |
    |[Character Name]           ||[Character Name]           |
    | LV    99                  || LV    99                  |
    | HP    9999/9999           || HP    9999/9999           |
    | TP     999/ 999           || TP     999/ 999           |
    |                           ||                           |
    | EXP           0           || EXP           0           |
    | NEXT         10           || NEXT         10           |
    | TIME                15:30    GOLD              9999999 |
    | BATTLES              1254    FOOD                    0 |
    In the Characters' Boxes:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯
    LV:     Shows the current level of the character. Higher levels means
           the characters are stronger. The highest level the characters
           can have is 99 and the lowest is 1.
    HP:     It's shown in the following format: Current HP/Maximum HP. The
           highest Maximum HP possible is 9999 for all characters.
    TP:     It's shown in the following format: Current TP/Maximum TP. The
           highest Maximum TP possible is 9999 for all characters (except
           Chester, who doesn't have TP at all).
    EXP:    Shows how many Experience Points the character has gained.
           Experience Points are used to raise levels of the characters.
    NEXT:   Shows how many Experience Points the character has to gain to
           raise a level. If the character has reached level 99 this space
           will display the word 'MASTER'.
    In The Bottom Box:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    TIME:      Shows for how much time you have been playing the game.
    BATTLES:   Shows in how many battles you have engaged since the
              beginning of the game.
    GOLD:      Gold is the money of the game. This shows how much money
              you have at the moment.
    FOOD:      ToP has a Food Sack system. You can put food you find in
              the sack and characters will consume it while they walk in a
              dungeon, recovering HP if they are hurt. There are three
              different Food Sacks you can get in this game.
     T h e   S k i l l s   M e n u :
     For Cless:
     ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯
     __________________________  ______________________
    |              SKILLS      ||       OK     UNDO    |
    |  Char.  [Name]              || [The list of skills     |
    | Sprite  TP  999/999         ||  appears here when you  |
    |                             ||  are selecting skills]  |
    | SR A  [Skill]               ||                         |
    |    B  [Skill]               ||                         |
    |                             ||                         |
    | LR A  [Skill/Combo]         ||                         |
    |    B  [Skill/Combo]         ||                         |
    | [When selecting skills this box displays a short       |
    |  description of them; if you are not selecting skills, |
    |  a message about using skills appears]                 |
    In the top-right box:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    OK:     Use this command to accept all changes and return to the main
    UNDO:   Use this command to return everything to how it was before.
    In the middle-left box:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    SR      This marks the slots for the Short-Range skills.
    LR      This marks the slots for the Long Range Skills.
    In the middle-right box:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
     Obviously, if you are selecting skills for the Short-Range slots, the
    Long-Range skills and Combos will not be displayed and vice versa.
    Note that some skills can be used as Long and/or Short-Range.
    In the bottom box:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
     The information displayed for skills includes a description, the TP
    cost and the learning percentage. The information displayed for combos
    includes the name of the two skills that form it, the learning
    percentage of both skills and the TP cost of the combo. 
     For Everyone Else
     ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯
    |              SKILLS      |
    |   Char.     [Name]       TP   999/999                  |
    |  Sprite                                                |
    |                                                        |
    |   X [Spell Name]    X [Spell Name]    X [Spell Name]   |
    |   X [Spell Name]    X [Spell Name]    X [Spell Name]   |
    |   X [Spell Name]    X [Spell Name]    X [Spell Name]   |
    |   X [Spell Name]    X [Spell Name]    X [Spell Name]   |
    |   X [Spell Name]    X [Spell Name]    X [Spell Name]   |
    | [Displays a short description of the spell the cursor  |
    |  is pointing. The TP Cost is also included]            |
    |                                                        |
    In the middle box:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
     The symbol next to the spell name can either be a 'X' or a 'O'. The
    'O' is for the spells that can be used outside of battle.
     You can tell the AI of the character which spells it mustn't cast by
    pressing the 'Y' button next to the spell name. Once you do this, the
    name will be displayed in gray. Remember that you can still tell that
    character to cast the spell via a battle command. To reverse the
    process just press 'Y' next to the spell again.
     T h e   E q u i p   M e n u :
     __________________________  ____________________________
    |              EQUIP       ||   EQUIP    EMPTY    BEST   |
    | [This box displays the list || [Name]           Char.  |
    |  of items the character can ||                 Sprite  |
    |  equip in a certain slot]   ||                         |
    |                             || WEAP [Item Equipped]    |
    |                             || BODY [Item Equipped]    |
    |                             || SHLD [Item Equipped]    |
    |                             || HEAD [Item Equipped]    |
    |                             || HAND [Item Equipped]    |
    |                             || ACC1 [Item Equipped]    |
    |                             || ACC2 [Item Equipped]    |
    | Equipment  [See complete description under the graphic]|
    |  Picture                                               |
    |                                                        |
    In the top-right box:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    EQUIP:   Self-explanatory.
    EMPTY:   Self-explanatory too, just choose this and then select what
            you want to remove from the character.
    BEST:    The game simply selects the equipment that will raise the
            character's stats the most. Bear in mind that the game doesn't
            consider elemental advantages and disadvantages. Finally, this
            command doesn't affect the Relic slots.
    In the middle-right box:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
     When equipping something, this box displays how some of the
    character's stats will be affected. The four affected stats are:
    ATK:     Easy to guess, this is the power of the physical attacks of
            the character. When equipping gear on Cless, this attribute is
            changed for STB (Stab) and SLC (Slice), since he has two kinds
            of attacks. The Attack can be modified by equipping weapons or
            some special Relics.
    DEF:     Self-explanatory. The higher your defense, the less damage
            you receive. The defense can be modified by equipping armor,
            Relics and sometimes even weapons (such as Mint's Unicorn
    ACY:     The accuracy of the character when hitting. The Accuracy can
            be modified by equipping weapons or Relics.
    RUN:     Also known as Evade, this is the chance that your character
            has of avoiding any harm from an attack. This stat can be
            modified by equipping Armor or Relics.
    In the bottom box:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
     When selecting equipment, this box displays a short description of
    it. If you press 'Y' the box will display useful information of what
    you chose in this fashion:
    |[Equipment] [Name of the Item]            <[Item Type]> |
    | [Picture]                                              |
    |           ATK       **     ACY       **      TYPE      |
    |           DEF       **     RUN       **                |
    ATK:     How much it adds to your Attack.
    DEF:     How much it adds to your Defense.
    ACY:     How much it adds to your Accuracy.
    RUN:     How much it adds to your Evasion.
    TYPE:    Under this title will appear the elemental attributes of the
            weapon, armor, etc. Note that a piece of armor can have
            different elemental resistance, being there armors that
            diminish elemental damage, others that annul damage and others
            that absorb it.
     T h e   I t e m   M e n u :
     __________________________  ______________________
    |            INVENTORY     ||       TREASURE       |
    |       */160      |¯¯¯|¯¯¯|¯¯¯|¯¯¯|¯¯¯|¯¯¯|¯¯¯|¯¯¯|¯¯¯| |
    |                  |New|Btl|ABC|Wpn|Arm|Shl|Acc|Fod|Msc| |
    |                   ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯  |
    |   O [Item Name] : **              O [Item Name] : **   |
    |   O [Item Name] : **              O [Item Name] : **   |
    |   X [Item Name] : **              O [Item Name] : **   |
    |   O [Item Name] : **              X [Item Name] : **   |
    |   O [Item Name] : **              O [Item Name] : **   |
    |   X [Item Name] : **              X [Item Name] : **   |
    |   X [Item Name] : **              X [Item Name] : **   |
    |   Item                                   <[Item Type]> |
    |  Picture  [This box displays a short description of    |
    |            the item you are pointing with the cursor]  |
    In the top-right box:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
     This option allows you to see a list of your rare items. To select
    it, simply press up while the cursor is pointing one the item sorting
    icons (see below).
    In the middle box:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
     To scroll the Item List up and down quickly, just press L (to go up)
    or R (to go down).
      */160:  This displays the line being pointed by the cursor at the
             moment, so that you can easily find an item again if you
             don't sort your items.
    O:        The circle next to an item means that it can be used at the
             moment, from the menu.
    X:        The cross next to an item means that it can't be used at the
    **:       Shows the stock you have of each item.
     The grid on the top right part of this box allows you to choose how
    to sort your items:
    New:      Places the items you got since the last time you entered the
             item menu first. Note that new items are always displayed in
             green instead of white.
    Btl:      Places items usable in battle first. This is quite useful
             and I recommend you always sort your items like this before
             fighting to save time.
    ABC:      Sorts items in alphabetical order.
    Wpn:      Places weapons first.
    Arm:      Places armor first.
    Shl:      Places shields, gloves and other protective pieces of
             equipment first.
    Rlc:      Places Relics first.
    Fod:      Places food items first.
    Msc:      Places miscellaneous items first (such as Apple Gummies,
             Remedy Bottles, etc.).
    In the bottom box:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
     Aside from the description of the item, this window can display other
    useful info if you press the 'Y' button. It can show you the 'Food
    Value' of Food Items and the attributes of equipment.
     T h e   T a c t i c s   M e n u :
    |                  TACTICS |
    |  Char. 2     [Name] [Artificial Intelligence option 1] |
    |  Sprite             [Artificial Intelligence option 2] |
    |                     [Artificial Intelligence option 3] |
    |                     [Artificial Intelligence option 4] |
    |  Char. 3     [Name] [Artificial Intelligence option 1] |
    |  Sprite             [Artificial Intelligence option 2] |
    |                     [Artificial Intelligence option 3] |
    |                     [Artificial Intelligence option 4] |
    |  Char. 4     [Name] [Artificial Intelligence option 1] |
    |  Sprite             [Artificial Intelligence option 2] |
    |                     [Artificial Intelligence option 3] |
    |                     [Artificial Intelligence option 4] |
     This menu allows you to choose one out of four different AI options
    for the character that you are not controlling all the time. This is
    specially useful for spell casters, since you can have them use magic
    moderately for normal battles or use all they've got for boss battles.
     To change the AI configuration of a character, simply select him/her
    in this menu and choose how you want them to behave. The options are
    pretty self-explanatory, hence I will not go into more detail.
     T h e   F o r m a t i o n   M e n u :
     __________________________  ____________________________
    |               FORMATION  ||    OK    UNDO    CHANGE    |
    |                                                        |
    |  [This window displays the disposition of your party   |
    |   in battles. You can change it easily by selecting a  |
    |   character and moving him/her to the left or right]   |
    |                                                        |
    |                                                        |
    | Char.  [Name]             || Char.  [Name]             |
    |Sprite  HP  9999/9999      ||Sprite  HP  9999/9999      |
    |        TP   999/ 999      ||        TP   999/ 999      |
    | Char.  [Name]             || Char.  [Name]             |
    |Sprite  HP  9999/9999      ||Sprite  HP  9999/9999      |
    |        TP   999/ 999      ||        TP   999/ 999      |
    In the top-right box:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    OK:       Use this to confirm all changes and return to the main menu.
    UNDO:     Use this to cancel any changes you may have done.
    CHANGE:   This option allows you to switch one of your active party
             members for the inactive party member. Obviously, this option
             can only be used once you get a fifth character, and that's
             after playing through the first half of the game. Note that
             Cless can NEVER be the inactive party member.
     T h e   S t a t u s   M e n u :
    |                  STATUS  |
    |__________________________|          |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
    |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  Character   |¯¯¯|
    |  [Name]   [Last Name]         Char. |  Portrait    |   |
    |  [Class]                     Sprite |              |   |
    |  LV   99                            |              |   |
    |  HP  9999/9999                      |______________|   |
    |  TP   999/ 999                                         |
    |                             WEAP  [Equipped Item]      |
    |  EXP   9999999              BODY  [Equipped Item]      |
    |  NEXT   MASTER              SHLD  [Equipped Item]      |
    |                             HEAD  [Equipped Item]      |
    |  STR   999                  HAND  [Equipped Item]      |
    |  CON   999                  ACC1  [Equipped Item]      |
    |  AGL   999                  ACC2  [Equipped Item]      |
    |  LUC   999                                             |
    |                             TACTIC                     |
    |  ATK  9999                  [Chosen AI option]         |
    |  DEF  9999                                             |
    |  ACY  9999                                             |
    |  RUN  9999                                             |
     Quite easy to understand, the Status Screen shows you almost all the
    information there is about your characters. You can always change
    character names from here, just place the cursor next to his/her name
    and press the accept button.
     Cless' Status Screen is a bit different from the others. There can be
    up to eight stars next to his current level, each star represents a
    class that he has acquired (the classes don't affect anything in the
    game). You can check the skills and combos equipped on Cless by
    pressing down on your controller. Finally, just like in the Equip
    Menu, instead of 'ATK', Cless has 'STB' (Stab) and 'SLC' (Slice),
    because he has two kind of attacks.
     T h e   C u s t o m   M e n u :
     __________________________  ______________________
    |              CUSTOM      ||      OK    UNDO      |
    |    MSG. SPEED                   1   2   3   4   5      |
    |                                                        |
    |    CUSTOM                       ACCEPT.(A)             |
    |                                 CANCEL...(B)           |
    |                                 MENU.......(X)         |
    |                                 TARGET.......(Y)       |
    |                                                        |
    |    SOUND                        MONO   STEREO          |
    |                                   SURROUND             |
    |                                                        |
    |    BATTLE                       ON  OFF                |
    |                                                        |
    |    TARGETING                    AUTO    SEMI-AUTO      |
    |                                    MANUAL              |
    |                                                        |
    |    BATTLE VOICE                 ON  OFF                |
    |                                                        |
    |    EVENT VOICE                  ON  OFF                |
    |                                                        |
    |    COMBO COUNT                  ON  OFF                |
    |                                                        |
    In the top-right box: 
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    OK:       Use this to confirm all changes and return to the main menu.
    UNDO:     Use this to cancel any changes you may have done.
    In the lower box:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
     Everything is pretty much self-explanatory. Only a few things are
    worth of noticing: The 'Combo Count' option doesn't appear until you
    get the 'Combo Counter' item from Moria Gallery.
     If place the cursor next to the bottom option and press down once,
    you can change the color configuration of the windows.
     T h e   S a v e   M e n u :
     Not much to explain here, so I won't make a graphic. Just select a
    'Save Slot' and confirm to save your game. The basic information about
    your active party will be displayed.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
    3.-                         THE WALKTHROUGH
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
     When you choose to start a new game you will be asked to name your
    character. The default name is Cless. Remember that you can always
    change the name from the status screen.
    3.1- Totus Town and the Southern Forest
    Items to Get:  Pendant [Rare Item], Small Sack [Rare Item],
                   Apple Gummy [2], Apple [1], Life Bottle [1]
     Once you select your name you will see a battle between four unknown
    guys and a powerful wizard. The unknown party seem pretty much done
    for until one of them manages to cast a spell...
     The next thing you see is a star flying around while the names of the 
    staff members appear. You can skip this scene by pressing any button.
    It turns out that the star was really the wizard. He appears in a
    temple inside a mountain and is sealed by the party that was fighting
    him before.
     Ten years later, our hero finally appears. Cless talks to his father.
    He wants to talk about the pendant Cless has. Now you see Cless' best
    friend, Chester, who is with his little sister Amy. He goes over to
    Cless' house. Cless postpones the conversation about the pendant to go
    hunting with Chester. Once you are outside, Maria (the hero's mother)
    comes out and gives you two Apple Gummies.
     Now you can access your menu for the first time. Note that you start
    with two Treasures in your inventory, the Pendant and the Small Sack.
    To see them go to your Item menu, press up twice and confirm.
     There isn't much to do in town, you cannot buy anything at the store
    or stay at the inn. Talk to everyone anyway, when you go to the Item
    Store, the owner will give you an  Apple for Chester's sister. The
    Apple is a Food Item, you can't heal a character by giving it to
    him/her, you have to put the Apple in your Food Sack and your
    characters will regain a little HP while walking (if they are hurt).
    However, this Apple is for Amy, so go to Chester's house and give it
    to her (there's no visible reward though). At the inn, the woman at
    the counter will ask you to move the Bush Baby statue by the window.
    Do so and talk to her again to receive 10 Gald (she's kinda cheap...).
     Try to leave town. Tristan will interrupt you and leave. Go out, you
    can save your game on the world map. It is advisable that you raise a
    few levels, so you can get used to the battle system. Remember that
    you can always go to your house to sleep if your characters are
     When Cless reaches level 2 he gets the long-range skill Psion Bolt,
    equip it right away. Go to the Tech menu and choose one of the two
    bottom slots, then choose your only ability. Try to use abilities
    often, you regain TP after each battle, and it's important to master
    every skill to get better ones.
     If you head West and then South you can reach a house and a cave, but
    you can't enter the house or go too far into the cave yet. Going East
    takes you to another cave, but there's nothing to do now. To North is
    the mountain pass, you will go there later, don't worry.
     Now, once you are used to the battle system, and a have a nice level
    (between three and five is OK) go south of the town to enter the
    forest. Soon after you enter, Chester will see a wild boar. You have
    to chase it, but first lets get some treasure: head right from where
    you are and then head up, you will get a chest with a Life Bottle. Go
    down and then right to see the boar again. Follow it right and up
    until you see a big burned tree. Chester will go to look for the boar 
    and Cless will have a vision of a lady who tells him to protect the
    tree. Chester comes back and the boar appears to attack. The battle is
    so easy that it's not even a boss fight, just attack the boar with
    Cless while Chester shoots arrows at it. If you reached level 5 with
    Cless, then he should have the Dual Kick short distance skill, it's
    very useful for this fight.
     When the fight's over you hear the town's alarm bell. Leave the
    forest and enter the town only to discover that it's been destroyed!
    Chester leaves to go see his sister, you can explore the rests of the
    town, but the bad guys seem to like to break the doors to every non
    plot-essential building, so you can't access any of the houses or
     Go near Cless' house to see his dead father. His mother comes out,
    and tells him to go to Euclid, to his uncle's house, then dies. Now
    Cless goes to Chester's house, who's holding his dead sister. Cless
    decides to go to Euclid, but Chester stays to bury everyone. As Cless
    leaves the house he thinks about what his mother said. He decides to
    go to Euclid to protect Chester, since the murderers are after the
    Pendant he has.
     Note that you can go up the stairs at Cless house to get a powerful
    sword, but if you do that now, you will lose it soon, so leave it
    where it is and go north from the town to reach the mountain pass.
    3.2- Betrayal in Euclid
    Items to Get:  Life Bottle [1], Orange Gummy [1]
     As you enter the mountain pass, Cless mentions he can move the
    statue blocking the path going up. Buy some items from the woman. You
    should have a few Apple Gummies since you win them from the enemies in
    the area. Buy at least one Orange Gummy just in case, and two or three
    Remedy Bottles.
      You can choose one of two ways, the short and easy (just go left
    twice) or the difficult one, with  more enemies, but with some
    treasure. To get the treasure move the stone soldier out of the way
    (press and hold the confirm button to move it). The encounter rate is
    quite high in this part, but the enemies are the same from before. You
    should have no problem reaching the top, where you get a Life Bottle
    and an Orange Gummy. Once you get them, head left and leave to the
    world map.
     Remember you can save anytime on the world map. In this part of the
    continent the only place to visit is the city of Euclid (the bridge to
    the other cities is conveniently broken).
     Enter the city and Cless will mention his uncle lives in the
    northwest corner of town. If you head right from the entrance you can
    go to the shop, it sells exactly the same things the woman in the
    mountain was selling. North from the shop you find the weapon and
    armor shop, but you shouldn't get any new weapons, because you will
    lose them very soon. Buy a pair of Jetboots from the armor shop end
    equip them (Jetboots allow you to run in the field map). Directly
    north from the entrance is a juggler, a little more to the north is a
    guy selling various stuff, including items, armor, weapons and food
    items, he also sells rods, buy one in advance (it's only 10 Gald).
    Right from there is a food shop, buy some good food from there, check
    how much it adds to your food bag by pressing Y (this is also useful
    to check weapon and armor stats).
     Right from the juggler you find the Inn, but you don't need to go
    there. The North exit of the town takes you to the castle, but cannot
    enter. Once you have got all you need, head to the top left house of
    the town. Cless asks if his uncle Olson is there, Olson and his wife
    appear and welcome him. Cless tells them what happened in Totus.
     Talk to Olson again and he will invite you to stay over. Say yes to
    continue with the plot. During the night, some soldiers will come and
    take you with them. Now we see Chester, who's in Totus. He hears some
    horses and hides.
    3.3- Escaping Jail
    Items to Get:  Earring [Rare Item], Longsword [1], Creamy Cheese [1],
                   Apple Gummy [2], Orange Gummy [1], Wooden Shield [1],
                   Savory [1], Rapier [1]
     Cless is  taken  into a dark castle,  where a spooky  guy takes  his 
    pendant  and has him thrown into jail. Check the door and the hole in
    the back wall, then wait a little. You will hear a woman's voice, now
    go check the hole in the back wall again, the voice will ask you to
    pass your hand through the hole, answer yes (first option) and Cless
    will find an earring, that he uses to enlarge the hole. Go near the
    dead body and you will be asked if you want to take the sword. Answer
    'Yes' (the first option) and you will get a Longsword. Equip it, and
    you will be able to open the cell doors. Exit through the nearest one
    (the one near the dead body) and go right, into the small cell with a
    barely visible bag (which contains a Creamy Cheese). Exit that cell
    and enter the one directly south,  were a woman is standing. Talk to
    her, she thanks you  for releasing her and asks about her mother.
    Cless lies saying he didn't see anyone.  Now Mint (that's her name)
    joins you. She's a powerful healer, and will help a lot in the future
     Equip the Rod you should have bought at Euclid on her. Now with Mint
    in the party, you cannot enter the room with the dead body (since it's
    her mother's body). You can't go near the guard either, so you should
    go down, then right, and check the sewer access, Mint will say
    something, now check it again and you will be able to pass.
     As you enter the new zone, you will get a long message (it's about
    how to control Mint). Note that there are random battles in this area.
    By the Way, Mint reaches level three she gets the ability "First Aid",
    you can give her the order to use it during battles by pressing the Y
    button, choosing the first icon, choosing Mint (Cless can't cast
    spells) and then selecting the ability to use and on who.
     Head a little left and pick the Apple Gummy from the chest (if you
    can't, then it's because you already have maxed out that item in your
    inventory). Now go north and right to pick an Orange Gummy. Go back
    down and then head left. Mint will talk about the Save Point, which
    you can use now (step on it, go to your menu and select save).
     Save and go up, then right along the passage, and north. Now head
    left and down to get a Wooden Shield (equip it on Cless). Go back and
    head right to leave the screen.
     In the new area take the Apple Gummy and go up. Now head right, enter
    the passage and go down to get a Savory (this item raises your max TP
    by 5%, but it's better to use it later). Go directly north until you
    get another chest (contains a Rapier), go down a little and then left
    to the Save Point. Go left and up, then right to get a chest with 1000
    Gald. Go back to the Save Point and use it. Use an Orange Gummy on
    Cless if his TP are too low. Now go up and face the first real boss of
    the game.
    BOSS: Devil___________________________________________________________
             HP    250
             TP      0
    Slug [2]
             HP    120
             TP      0
    TOTAL EXP:            82
    GALD:          566    
     First get rid of the two slugs using Cless' first short range
    ability. Mint will probably spend most of her TP casting Hammer if she
    has it (she gets it at level 5). Use her to heal if you are badly
     Once the two Slugs are dead, go for the Devil. Just attack it with
    the short range tech and it will not stand a chance.
    Now follow the path and exit the area. Once in the forest, go down and
    Mint will be attacked by a slime. Cless protects her, gets poisoned in
    the process and faints. Horses are heard and Mint carries Cless to a
    safe place.
    3.4- Awakening of Dhaos
    Items to Get:  Heavy Stone [1], Knight's Sabre [1], Mixed Gummy [2],
                   Protect Ring [1], Spy Lens [1], Hourglass [1],
                   Chain Mail [2], Rune Bottle [1], Creamy Cheese [2],
                   Apple Gummy [1], Sabre [1], Sage [1], Cheese [2],
                   Orange Gummy [1], Remedy Bottle [1],
                   Lace Ruby [Rare Item], Rabbit's Foot [1],
                   Reverse Doll [1], Lavender [1],
                   Tornix's Book [Rare Item]
    Combos to Get: Psion Kick [from Tristan, in the mausoleum cave]
     Cless calls for his mother and father in his nightmares. When he
    wakes up, an unknown man is standing by the bed. This man introduces
    himself as Tornix D. Morrison and explains you are in his house. Then
    Mint comes in.
     You will be told to go outside and get some fresh air, so exit the
    room though the door Mint just used and go down the hallway. Follow
    the stairs down and exit the house. Go near the tree left from the
    entrance and an arrow will pass by. You'll be happy to see that it's
    just your good old friend Chester. Everyone comes outside. It seems
    Morrison knew Cless' parents and Mint's mother (Meryl). Upon hearing
    that Cless' pendant was taken, Morrison decides to go to some
    mausoleum. Cless wants to go too, but Tornix won't let him. After that
    everyone goes into the house to discuss what to do. During the chat,
    someone knocks the door. It turns out it's Tristan!, the old man who
    left the village before you went hunting. The party decides to go help
    Morrison fight the one responsible for the destruction of Totus. Cless
    will note that the Earring he got in jail is gone, then you will
    regain control of him.
     Check out the music and go down the stairs. In the hall you will find
    a person selling items, buy a few Orange Gummies, and the gear for you
    characters that you can afford (concentrate on Mint and Cless and
    don't buy Chain Mails, you will get two pieces soon for free). You can
    go back to Totus and get the sword in the upper floor of Cless' house
    now, it's a Knight's Sabre.
     Go outside, go left from the tree that Chester hit with an arrow and
    there should be a hidden chest containing a Heavy Stone. Exit to the
    world map and save if you want to.
     Head south until you see a cave and enter it. Inside the cave, go up
    and cross the bridge. A little north from there you find an enemy
    guarding a chest (contains a Mixed Gummy). Go near Tristan and he will
    tell you that Morrison went into the cave and then give Cless his
    first combination Skill, Psion Kick. In order to use it, you have to
    master the abilities that are part of the skill (that's the meaning of
    the % next to the techs). In short, make sure that you use every skill
    with a % next to it's name at least a hundred times.
     Now enter the real dungeon by going north. When you get to a hallway
    with many doors, enter every one and choose to open the coffin, you
    will have to face a monster in each and then you will get your well
    earned item, the items you get are:
      First Coffin - Protect Ring
     Second Coffin - Spy Lens
      Third Coffin - Hourglass
     Fourth Coffin - Chain Mail
      Fifth Coffin - Rune Bottle
     You can't enter the big door in the middle of the hallway, so you
    will have to go deeper into the dungeon by the stairs in the near the
    right end. You will see a few rooms with nothing remarkable, just go
    through them.
     When you get to a place where the path splits, go down first and
    collect a Creamy Cheese and an Apple Gummy and then go back to the
    last room. Head right, there are a few chests in here, the one to the
    north has a Sabre (equip it on Cless if you don't have one yet). From
    the right door you can go north to another room with many small
    statues and a Chain Mail. Check the fourth statue from left to right
    to activate a switch that makes appear two chests in the last room.
     From the room with the Chain Mail, grab your new treasure boxes (they
    contain a Sage and a Mixed Gummy). Take the lower door. In this room
    go right first, grab the bag with a Cheese, heal up and save, then
    check the big statue to fight it. To defeat it, simply have Mint cast
    Pico Hammer on it and attack with Cless' Tiger Teeth short range skill
    until it dies.
     Once the enemy is defeated, get in front of the statue and press the
    action button to move it. Go left, down, and then left again to put it
    over a weird looking tile on the floor (you'll know you placed it well
    when the door opens). Before you go through that door, go all the way
    right and enter the door guarded by two small statues, there you will
    find a Creamy Cheese, an Orange Gummy and a Remedy Bottle.
     Now go through the door you opened with the help of the big statue to
    get the Lace Ruby (appears in the 'Treasure' screen). Go back to the
    hallway with the big locked door, which won't be locked anymore.
    Inside you find a teleport field, step on it.
     In this room with magma you have to move from platform to platform
    using the tiles. First take the upper tile, when you get down, go a
    little left and throw the switch on the wall. Before you go back, take
    the northern tile and grab a Rabbit's Foot and a Cheese. Go back to
    the platform with the transporter and go down a little, don't take the
    stairs yet, just wait for a tile and go to the platform on the left to
    grab a Reverse Doll.
     Go back to the first platform and take the tile in the right end of
    it. While you ride it Cless loses the Lace Ruby, go down the stairs
    and try to get it back, it will drop to the floor below. Go back up
    the stairs and step on the symbol, Cless will start flying! Take the
    tile back to the first platform again and this time go down the
    stairs. While you are floating you won't get damage. Go down and get
    the Lace Ruby, follow the short path and get the Lavender from the
     Go back up and enter the big door in the platform with the symbol.
    Save and heal up. In the next room you will fight two Golems. Have
    Mint cast Pico Hammer on one of them and throw everything you've got
    at the other. If Cless is at level 9 you should use Lightning Bolt
    on the Golems to kill them quickly.
     After the fight, remove all of Chester's equipment to sell it later,
    as he won't be in your party for a long time. Go ahead to find
    Morrison talking to the person who took Cless' pendant, Malice. He
    will enter the energy field and put the pendant to release the wizard
    we saw in the intro. Malice talks about how the great king Dhaos had
    once tried to take over a country a hundred years ago. Morrison
    reveals that it was him, along with Miguel, Maria and Meryl who
    defeated and sealed Dhaos ten years ago. Cless, Chester and Mint are
    getting ready to fight Malice when the tomb opens and Dhaos appears.
     Dhaos destroys Malice, who was actually being controlled by him; and
    his soldiers. Then, he gets ready to kill your party. Since normal
    attacks can't hurt Dhaos, Morrison decides to send you to a place
    where you can get the needed power. He gives Cless a book and starts
    casting a spell. Seeing Tornix won't make it in time, Chester attacks
    Dhaos directly, and so, only Cless and Mint are transported.
    3.5- A new world, or an old time?
    Items to Get:  Broken Bow [Rare Item], Medium Sack [Rare Item],
                   Orange Gummy [2], Remedy Bottle [1], Sage [1],
                   Hourglass [1], Reverse Doll [1], Spy Lens [1],
                   Life Bottle [1], Steak [1], Mystical Rune [1],
                   Elixir [1]
    Combos to Get: Mecha Blade [Get behind the counter at the weapon shop]
     Cless wakes up calling for Chester, but only finds Mint lying nearby.
    Not knowing where they are or the location of the others, they
    remember the book Morrison gave Cless and look at it. It tells the
    story of how Dhaos fought four warriors in the past and escaped
    through a Time Portal. Miguel, Maria, Meryl and Tornix sealed Dhaos
    using two pendants, which were kept by Miguel and Meryl. After the
    conversation, Cless finds Chester's bow on the ground.
     Now you are on the map, enter the town next to you and approach the
    group of people. A conversation will be triggered. Cless mentions he
    comes from the town of Totus, but no one there heard about it. The
    elder mentions Magic, confusing Cless, then you are taken to the
    elder's house. At one point Mint shows her healing powers, and then
    the old man shows his own little trick. Seeing how powerful magic is,
    Cless says it's probably what they need to defeat Dhaos. This leads
    to Lenios (the elder) mentioning that Dhaos has been terrorizing
    people for over ten years. Cless deducts they must be in the future,
    but contrary to his first guess, they were sent a hundred years into
    the past.
     When night comes, Lenios says that Dhaos is only vulnerable to magic,
    that's why two of the greatest nations of the world are researching
    it. Sadly, only Elves and Half-Elves can use magic. Since Cless and
    Mint are decided to defeat Dhaos, Lenios tells them about a man named
    Klarth in Euclid who might help.
     Cless and Mint agree to stay in Lenios' house, but there is one
    problem, only one bed is available, so Cless decides to sleep on the
    floor. In the morning, talk to Lenios' wife to get the Medium Sack (it
    can contain up to 2000 units of food).
     Outside the Item Shop, on the left side you find two bags containing
    an Orange Gummy and a Remedy Bottle. Go to the Weapon Shop and buy a
    weapon you like, the Sharp Sabre is pretty well balanced if you ask
    me. Right after buying your weapons, walk right, into the wall to
    enter a secret passage that takes you behind the counter. Talk to the
    boy to get the Mecha Blade combo. Now go by the Item Shop and buy
    anything you need.
     Now you should go to Euclid, but there are a few things to do before:
    First go to the southern forest, since you can go and rest for free at
    Lenios' house, don't refrain your TP use with Cless' skills, it's
    important that you master them. From the place where Cless and Chester
    spot the boar (directly south from the entrance) head right to grab
    two chests, one is barely visible, and the other is hidden under a
    nearby tree (the chests contain a Sage and an Orange Gummy). From
    there go up and pick up a Hourglass from the chest. Go to the big
    three where Cless has a vision at the beginning of the game and get a
    Reverse Doll from the chest. Now exit the forest, go to the town and
    rest, then leave through the northern exit.
     The area where Morrison's house and the cave would be is empty, so
    don't bother going there. There's a dock if you head a little north
    and then go right. You can find a Spy Lens, a Life Bottle, a Steak,
    a Mystical Rune (equip it on Mint) and an Elixir. Right from there is
    a cave, but you will use it later.
     Now get some training. Stay near the town and use Cless' skills as
    much  as you can, going to the town for healing when you run out of
    TP. The enemies in the area leave some good Gald, it's better to save
    for later. Don't overtrain your characters anyway, because you will be
    going to a better place for EXP quite soon.
    3.6- Euclid in the Past
    Items to Get:  Orange Gummy [1], Charm Bottle [1], Mixed Gummy [1],
                   Rune Bottle [1]
     Once you are ready head to the mountain pass. Just like you did
    before, you can choose the easy or the taxing way. I recommend you go
    up in the fork (that's the taxing way); the encounter rate is higher
    which gives you some good EXP and the chance to practice Cless' skills
    a bit more. Note that if you missed the treasures at the summit when
    you were going to Olson's house, you can pick them now.
     Once you are on the north part of the continent enter Euclid town.
    You will notice a girl under the tree near the inn. By talking to her,
    you can start a whole quest from which you get nothing... To know more
    about it, see section 4.1.
     Now enter the upper right house. The person looking at the books is
    Klarth, at first he will refuse to go with the party, but Miranda (his
    assistant) will make him go. Klarth will explain that since he is a
    human, he can't really use magic, but he has been researching a method
    to use magic, it's called summoning. Before leaving the house, check
    all the book selves, they contain interesting information about the
     Now that Klarth has joined the party, lets get the treasure available
    in town: behind Klarth's house, to the right, you can enter the bushes
    if you stand on the little flower on the floor, then move one step up,
    and the rest to the right, in the bushes move up as far as you can,
    left, up, left, down, left, up and finally left to get a chest with a
    Charm Bottle.
     Left from the Armor Shop is a chest containing 1000 Gald. Go to the
    food shop and buy enough Apples to fill your Food Sack (the maximum
    you can have at one time is 15), and then buy as many as possible
    (Apples cost 1 Gald and have a food value of 60!). Right and up from
    the Inn you find a pair of chests containing a Mixed Gummy and a Rune
     There are some musicians in the center of the town , you can give
    them money, and they will thank you accordingly, if you give them 100
    or 1000 Gald, they will give you a bit of information, but it is
     Exit the town and head to the town directly north (the town, not the
    little house you find on your way north).
    3.7- The Valley of the Sylphs
    Items to Get:  Thief's Mantle [1], Opal Ring [1], Blue Ribbon [1],
                   Apple Gummy [1], Spy Lens [1], Talisman [1],
                   Rune Bottle [1], Charm Bottle [1],
                   Elemental Orb [Rare Item]
     This is Harmel town, first go to the Item shop and buy a Pick-Axe and
    a Rope, you will need them for the next dungeon. You should also buy a
    few Holy and Dark Bottles (one makes you find less enemies, and the
    other makes you find lots more when used, it's good for training).
     If you helped the girl at Euclid, you can meet her at the Inn, she's
    on her way to see Elwyn at Venezzia. The Weapon and Armor Shop in town
    sell some good equipment for Cless, buy a new weapon for him, unless
    you want to go north to the city of Venezzia and buy a better weapon
    (it's not necessary).
     Exit the town using the same gate you used to enter (the south one)
    and enter the little house you didn't enter before. Klarth explains
    this place is called the Long Valley, where the Air Spirits are
    supposed to live. In order to become able to summon a Spirit, Klarth
    must make a contract with it, using the appropriate ring.
     Before entering the house grab the chest behind it (contains a
    Thief's Mantle). Inside the cabin the party meets Bart. He says that
    ever since an earthquake a couple of weeks ago, the Sylphs have been
    mad. Bart agrees to give you the Opal Ring (needed to contract with
    the Sylphs) if you look for her daughter, who has been missing for
    weeks. Her name is Arche and she has pink hair. Equip the Opal Ring on
    Klarth to raise his defense.
     Now exit the house and go north to enter a new area. You fight
    enemies here, so be careful and remember you can always go for healing
    to Bart's place.
     Check the stones blocking the way and Cless will use the Pick-Axe to
    break them, then go ahead. The way will be blocked by wind, head right
    to discover the Sylphs making it. Try to talk to them to enter a
    battle. The two blue ones are easily killed with one attack of Cless'
    Lightning Bolt long range skill , but the other two are healed with
    it, so you will have to make Cless run and jump to hit them. When they
    are defeated, they will explain that they lost control because of the
    air from the Magic Realm that is seeping through some rifts in the
    caves. Klarth explains that the air from the Magic Realm is called
    Shoki, and it's really dangerous for magical spirits. You will have to
    find the rifts and block them. Go a few steps down and get the chest
    (it has a Blue Ribbon inside).
     The next screen has a Save Point. In this screen you also find some
    tornadoes, they draw some HP from you if you stand in them, but it's
    not a big problem. Go up until the Sylphs move you to the right, and
    then go up again, and right as soon as you can to get an Apple Gummy.
     Where you are now are two different entrances to the cave and one way
    that goes north (that one's to the right). The path going north takes
    you to the summit where the Sylphs should be, but it's empty now. Of
    the two entrances to the cave, you should use the left one (the other
    one leads to a place blocked by wind). So, enter the left opening and
    let the Sylphs move you to the right, use the Save Point there if you
    want to and check the little stalagmite near the hole in the floor to
    place the rope. Go down.
     Down there go south and right, check the weird wall to break it with
    the Pick-Axe. Go right as far as you can and break the wall to grab a
    chest with a Spy Lens, then go back a little and go down the stairs.
    Now go right and up, and use the rope you find there.
     Once you are on the floor above, go directly south from the hole and
    exit the cave, get the treasure (a Kite Shield and an Amber Cloak) and
    go back inside. Attack the group of Sylphs to your right (just make
    Cless run and jump, the Lightning Bolt skill will heal them).
     Once the Sylphs are defeated, you can go to a new area of the cavern,
    use the Save Point from before if you want to and then go north, to
    the area filled with Shoki. While walking in the Shoki, you will lose
    some HP with each step, it's best to fill your Food Sack to also
    recover a little while you walk. Now go right and break the wall with
    your Pick-Axe, then press and hold the action button next to the rock
    to move it. Place it on the rift in the floor to your right and the
    Shoki will disappear.
     Go right as far as you can and then go down. Put the rope on the
    stalagmite and descend to the floor below, which is filled with more
    Shoki. Klarth will say that there might be Demons down here, and you
    should run from them. What you have to do here is find two rocks and
    two rifts to eliminate the Shoki which sustains the monsters. If you
    run into an enemy called Hell Lord, RUN! That guy is really hard to
    beat and doesn't give any good EXP. If the random battles here annoy
    you, just use one of the Holy Bottles you bought in Harmel.
     Go right to the Save Point and go down a little, then go right and
    grab the rock. Move directly south from where it is as far as
    possible, then go left until you hit the wall and place the rock over
    the rift north from there. That's one, one more to go! Go back to
    where you found the first rock. From there go up and right as far as
    you can (avoid the rift) and grab the chest containing a Talisman. Now
    break the wall south from you and move the rock on top of the little
    hole you just avoided. That should make the gas go. Now go back up and
    notice that all the Sylphs are gone, so you are free to take the chest
    near you (contains a Rune Bottle). There are no more random fights in
    the cave either, so smile and take any treasures you didn't take
     Go outside the cave and the party will comment on how the Sylphs are
    back to normal now that the Shoki is gone. Go get the chest that the
    Sylphs on the left where guarding before (it contains a Charm Bottle)
    and go right passing the caves and up. Cross the two bridges as you 
    head right and then approach the tree to meet Sylph, the wind
    elemental. She accepts to make a contract with Klarth, but she also
    says that Magic is being consumed too fast lately, Magical Spirits
    will disappear soon anyway. You will have to go to the Tree of Life
    (AKA Yggdrasill) in the southern part of the continent to find out
    more. You get the Elemental Orb (a rare item) that will allow you to
    talk to the Spirit of the tree. Klarth asks about Arche, too, but the
    Sylphs haven't seen humans in months. Finally, Klarth makes the
    contract with Sylph using the Opal Ring.
     Go back to Bart's place, he will meet you outside and ask about his
    daughter. The party tells him that the Sylph's hadn't seen her, then
    they discuss the location of the Tree of Life, which is south of
    Beladum, the very first town you met in this period of time. But
    before you go anywhere, use the beds in Bart's place to heal up. Also
    now that Klarth can summon the Sylphs, he will do it a lot, unless you
    go to his 'Tactics' screen in the menu and change his settings.
    3.8- Yggdrassil and the Destruction of Harmel
    Items to Get:  None
     Exit the Valley, then go to Harmel and buy any items you are running
    short of.
     Make the long way to Beladum, go to rest in Lenios' house if you want
    to and then use the lower exit of town to enter the Spirit Forest. Go
    to the place where the burned tree was when Cless and Chester went
    hunting (if you didn't come here to get treasures right after you left
    Beladum for the first time, then get them now).
     The spirit of the tree appears in front of you and introduces herself
    as Martel. She says that the tree is dying, and it's no ordinary tree,
    it is the source of all the magical power of the world! It's because
    someone, somewhere is consuming huge amounts of magic. The party
    decides to try and save the tree, since they need magic to defeat
    Dhaos. After Martel vanishes, Mint tries to heal the tree casting
    First Aid, but it's useless. Klarth says that Luna, the Spirit of the
    Moon can probably help, but in order to contract with her, you will
    need to get a Moonstone Ring in the Moria Gallery (the ancient home
    of the dwarves), near Alvanista. To get there, you have to go to
    Venezzia first. So, exit the forest and go north, to Harmel.
     When you enter the village you will notice something... It's been
    destroyed! All the doors in town are broken, so the only thing to do
    is to talk to the pink haired girl near the northern exit. A person
    called Demitel attacked the town. Cless and Mint want to help her take
    revenge on Demitel, but Klarth doesn't seem to be so happy with the
    idea. The girl introduces herself as Lia Scarlet, and joins your party
    as an NPC (Non Playable Character).
     Demitel went north, to Venezzia, so just go there.
    3.9- Venezzia and Demitel's Island
    Items to Get:  Protect Ring [1], Mixed Gummy [1], ?Book [1],
                   Spy Lens [1], Savory [2], Magic Key [Rare Item],
                   Elixir [1], Apple Gummy [2], Verbena [1],
                   Reverse Doll [1], Corsesque [1], Armet Helm [1],
                   Holy Bottle [2], Rune Bottle [2], ?Book [1],
                   Aquamarine Ring [1], Ruby Ring [1]
    Combos to Get: Tempest [Pay 3,000 to a woman in Venezzia's Armor Shop]
     Go north to Venezzia. If you helped Nancy (the girl at Euclid), you
    can talk to her at the inn (go north from the entrance). See section
    4.1, 'The First Date' to find out what to do.
     Now lets get on with the business in town. From the entrance of town
    go right and enter the only house with a door there. Talk to everyone,
    some people will talk about Demitel, who now lives on a small island.
    Once you have talked to everyone leave the house. Remember that you
    MUST talk to these people in order to be able to take the ship to
    Demitel's Island. Remember to go upstairs and talk to the mayor,
    Lenios' twin brother (this helps you get a spell later).
     From the fountain, go up and right, talk to the guy on the boat and
    pay him to be transported around. First choose number 1 to be taken to
    the Weapon Shop (buy a new weapon for Cless and a Gem Rod for Mint).
    Talk to the guy again and choose number 2, in the Armor Shop talk to
    the person walking around and pay 3,000 Gald for the Tempest combo for
    Cless, then buy new armor. Go back to the boat guy and choose number
    four to be left near the Item Shop. Buy anything you need and exit to
    the right.
     You are now in Venezzia Harbor, but the only boat you can get on
    right now will not take you to Demitel's island, so take the northern
    exit to enter the city again. There go down and buy food at the store
    (Apples and Beefs are the best, they are cheap and have a quite high
    food value). Now go up and left to the fountain. Go past the place
    where you took the boat the first time and talk to the captain of the
    Ship. He will charge you 400 Gald per head, so you have to pay 1600
     Inside the ship you can buy items from the guy in the upper left
    corner of the bar. You can also rest and save in your cabin. And if
    you talk to the captain, don't say yes or he will take you back to
    the city. In the docks you can find two chests, one has a Mixed Gummy
    and the other contains a ?Book. The Items that start with ? are items
    on which you have to use a rune bottle to discover what they are. This
    one transforms into a Porno Magazine, it's a weapon for Klarth, but
    it's very weak, so don't waste a Rune Bottle on it.
     Now go north, to the left from the gates to the mansion is a chest
    containing Spy Lens. When you try to enter Lia will say that Demitel
    probably destroyed Harmel to prove that he had surpassed his master,
    Lia's father. Go in and ignore the crystal things. Head left, there
    are three doors, the first one contains a Save Point, in the second
    one (Demitel's Library) go to the back to get a chest with a Savory
    (it's hidden behind a pot) and check the closet next to the chest to
    get the Magic Key (a rare item). The third door in the corridor is the
    bathroom's door :)
     Go back to the room with the crystals and head right. Of the two
    doors use the right on first to get an Elixir, 430 Gald, a Savory, two
    Apple Gummies and a Verbena. Now exit the room and use the key you
    just got on the left door. There are random battles in this garden,
    but the enemies are the same from before. Check the big tree four
    times to get into a battle with two Oak Roots. Use Cless' Lightning
    Bolt skill, make Mint cast Pico Hammer on them and let Klarth use
    Sylphs as many times as you want to.
     After the battle, the big tree is no more and the light can come into
    the house. If your characters are hurt and have little TP (most
    likely) go to the ship and rest in your cabin to recover.
     Back in the room with the crystal prisms, open the middle curtain,
    then move the middle prism twice (that should make the light split
    into two rays, each going to one of the other prisms), then move the
    other two prisms three times, so the light goes into the orbs. A
    passage should be open.
     Enter the just opened passage and go south until the path splits into
    two, go left to get a Reverse Doll, then go right until you have the
    choice to go up or down, go down and follow the path right to get a
    Corsesque (weapon for Cless) and a Armet Helm (helmet for Cless,
    duh!). Now go back and this time go up. Use the Save Point and heal
    your characters, don't forget to recover your TP if you are low on it.
     Proceed into the chamber where Demitel awaits. Demitel denies having
    killed Lia's parents. Moreover, he says that the girl by your side is
    not Lia! The real Lia died in an accident with her parents. The party
    starts to doubt, but then Cless notes Demitel's reflection, which is
    just like Malice's, meaning that he is under Dhaos' control. Now that
    you know who controls him, Demitel attacks you.
    BOSS: Demitel_________________________________________________________
             HP   2700
             TP      0
    Lilite [2]
             HP    600
             TP     20
    Golem [2]
             HP    280
             TP      0
    TOTAL EXP     2414
    GALD          6440
    ITEMS    Holy Bottle [2], Rune Bottle [2], ?Book [1]
     An easy fight. Have Klarth summon Sylphs to attack Demitel while
    Cless uses short range skills, like Tiger Teeth on the Golems. Mint
    should just use Hammer on Demitel to prevent him from casting some
    nasty spell. Don't worry too much about the Lilites, they have low TP,
    so after casting two spells that Mint can easily heal they will not be
    a menace anymore.
     NEVER let Demitel alone for too long, or he will summon Lich, easily
    hurting your characters for more than 700 HP! When Demitel is all
    alone use your best techs on him. The Blade Storm will work wonders.
    Have Mint ready to heal all the time, because Demitel can hurt your
    characters quite badly pretty quick.
     When the battle is over Lia thanks you and says she will go with her
    parents now. She tells you to take care of her friend, then she faints
    and her soul goes to heaven. Mint finds a ribbon in her hand, then
    everyone freaks out because Lia gets up! She asks where she is and
    where is Lia. It turns out she is Bart's daughter Arche! So now you
    are taken to Bart's place. After the scene about Lia, Arche decides to
    come with the party, so now you have a Half-Elf that can cast magic!
    She gives you two contract rings from Bart, the Aquamarine and Ruby
    3.10- On the Way to Alvanista
    Items to Get:    Halberd [1], Veggies [1], ?Book [1], ?Weapon [1]
    Spells to Get:   Fireball [Arche already knows this spell]
                     Ice Needle [Arche already knows this spell]
                     Grave [Klarth's house]
                     Ice Tornado [Klarth's House]
                     Eruption [in Beladum, talk to Lenios]
                     Lightning [bought from woman in Venezzia]
                     Storm [bought from woman in Venezzia]
     The ?Book you got from your fight with Demitel can be transformed
    into a Yellow Kings book, a weapon for Klarth that's much better than
    the one he has now (you transform things using Rune Bottles).
     Arche has two spells already, the Fireball and Ice Needle spells, but
    can get a few more right now, so why not? First, go to Klarth's house
    in Euclid and check the bookcase next to the bed (upper-right corner
    of the house) to get the Grave spell, then check the right-most
    bookcase (in a small corridor south of the room with the bed) for the
    Ice Tornado spell. Now go to Beladum and talk to the good old Lenios,
    if you talked to his twin brother in Venezzia, he will gives Arche the
    Eruption spell.
     Now go to Venezzia. In the small house left from the fountain (not
    the Trading Company's, the other one) a woman can sell you two spells:
    Lightning (for 200 Gald) and Storm (for 1,000 Gald).
     Remember there where a few item bags in Demitel's chamber that you
    didn't have a chance to get? Well, why not go there now? Talk to the
    Captain of the ship from before and pay the 1600 Gald. Work your way
    to Demitel's chamber (remember you can use a Holy Bottle) and get the
    items: a Halberd (weapon for Cless, quite strong), Veggies (food item)
    and another ?Book (transforms into a Rabionis, equip it on Klarth).
     Go back to Venezzia and heal at the inn. Once you are ready go right
    from the fountain and talk to the captain of the ship there. Klarth
    will convince him to take you. The price is 200 per head, so that's
    800 Gald total.
     During the trip Klarth asks Cless which of the girls he likes the
    most, Cless is embarrassed by the question (that and what Klarth says
    about Arche), and says he shouldn't think about that, since he has
    Miranda, but he replies she's just his assistant (and something
    else...). A stranger introduces herself as Meia and chats with the
    party a little bit, then she goes to the pub. The party comment they
    are hungry, so enter the pub.
     The party sit with Meia, then she and Klarth start drinking. One hour
    later Klarth and Meia are drunk and happy, another hour later Arche
    starts drinking, and by the third hour Cless and Mint already went to
    sleep, Meia reveals that she is actually going to sell some
    information about Alvanista's government to a spy. The truth is,
    Alvanista is being controlled by Dhaos. Meanwhile, Arche is dreaming
    about doing nasty stuff with Cless...
     The next morning Meia knocks the door, but when Cless opens the door,
    Klarth knocks her! It seems Meia is possessed. Klarth and Arche have a
    hangover and Mint is seasick, so Cless has to go all by himself to
    look for Meia. Save your game if you want to, if you haven't equipped
    the halberd you got at Demitel's Mansion then equip it now, it's very
    powerful. When you are ready exit the room and go north, to the pub,
    go outside and talk to Meia to engage in a battle.
    BOSS: Meia____________________________________________________________
             HP   2400
             TP      0
    EXP            450
    GALD          4000
    ITEMS    ?Weapon [1]
     This battle is not hard even with Cless all alone. Most of Meia's
    attacks are weak but some of them can make up to 200 damage, which is
    quite a lot. The boss is fast, but if you make the most out of your
    techs you will win easily.
     After the battle, the party discuss how Dhaos probably knows who they
    are and what they plan to do.
    3.11- The Kingdom of Alvanista
    Items to Get:    Lavender [3], Black Onyx [1], Opuscule [1],
                     Gungnir [1], Garnet Ring [1], Moria Pass [Rare Item]
    Combos to Get:   Psion Storm [pay 6000 Gald in the Adventurer's Guild]
                     Burning Soul [in a camp south-west of Alvanista]
                     Lion Lunge [in a camp south of the Moria Gallery]
    Spells to Get:   Tractor Beam [Magic Research Room in the Castle]
                     Thunder Blade [Magic Research Room in the Castle]
     In the docks of Alvanista you can catch a ship going to the docks
    near Beladum (but you don't want to go there). There's a chest in the
    docks that might be hard to get because of the crabs. You have to go
    down the short stairs near the old lady talking to a sailor and follow
    the path, the problem is, it might be blocked at some point by a crab,
    and even worse you may get the item and be stuck for a while if a crab
    gets in the way! The item is a Lavender, so try to get it (another tip
    is, if a crab is blocking the path, exit the screen and re-enter, all
    crabs will be reset to other position).
     About the ?Weapon you got from Meia, it transforms into an Ice
    Scimitar, a water elemental sword. It's weaker than the Halberd you
    found in Demitel's chamber, and the next boss you face absorbs water,
    don't equip it.
     Okay, the city is quite big and has plenty of things to see. In the
    food shop fill your food sack as always. The weapon and armor shop
    sell things that are a little bit better than what you have now, but
    you can go to better stores pretty soon, so don't spend all of your
    Gald. The Item shop sells some good stuff, they have Rune Bottles (too
    bad they are so expensive) and good accessories, such as Battle Runes
    (they raise your attack by 10%). Nancy and Elwyn are there if you
    helped them, see section 4.1 to know what to do now.
     In the Pharmacy buy Apple and Orange Gummies if you don't have any,
    and don't go down the stairs to the pub, you will be going there
     There's a boy in the right side of town whom you can race. Speak to
    the man next to the lady and answer yes three times to see the route
    you have to follow. Look at the 'Secrets and Extra Stuff' section of
    the FAQ to see the rules of the contest. The prizes you can get are:
          1.-Cat's Eye
          2.-Beef [Food value 700]
          3.-?Weapon [transforms into a weak Longsword]
          4.-?Weapon [Transforms into an Ice Scimitar]
     The only thing worth to get is the Cat's Eye, the Beef isn't that
    impressive and you already have an Ice Scimitar and a Longsword. Try
    to get as many Cat's Eyes as you can, they can be sold for lots of
    money later.
     When you are ready go outside, save and go to inn of the city (we'll
    explore the area later). When you go to sleep the party will think of
    a way to sneak into the castle, and Arche's broom seems to be the only
    way. Answer 'Yes' to sneak into the castle, and 'No' to just go to
    sleep (if your characters are low on TP then choose no).
     Answer to and then yes again to confirm. Arche will take everyone up
    to the castle. Inside, you have to wait until the guards are outside
    the screen to walk past the hallway the are watching, you will be
    kicked out (only to the balcony) even if the soldier is facing the
    other way. Before going any further, make sure Cless isn't equipped
    with the weapon you got from Meia, because the next boss absorbs the
    damage from water elemental stuff. Also, turn off Arche's ice spells
    (go to her skill menu and press Y next to the spell). Equip the Heavy
    Stone you got in a chest in Morrison's house on one of the characters
    (Mint is a good option) to protect him/her from the Tractor Beam spell
    the boss will be casting.
     Go to the right and don't enter the throne room (it's empty), enter
    the door in front of the stairs (there's nothing downstairs). The
    prince will be in the dark room. He calls for the guards, and the
    party realizes that the bird is controlling him. The bird then goes
    next to the prince and reveals its true form, Jahmir. You have to 
    fight the demon now.
    BOSS: Jahmir__________________________________________________________
             HP   3400    Weakness: Fire, Air
             TP    100    Absorbs:  Water
    Alice [2]
             HP   2500    Weakness: Fire
             TP      0
    TOTAL EXP     3300
    GALD         10528
    ITEMS    Lavender [2], Black Onyx [1]
     First destroy the two Alices with Cless' techs while Klarth and Arche
    cast spells on Jahmir to prevent her from casting any powerful spells
    on your party. Mint must be ready to heal all the time, for Jahmir's
    attacks are really strong.
     Once both Alices are dead, go for Jahmir, but don't get too close.
    Have Cless use his long distance skills, Klarth summon Sylph and Arche
    cast Eruption or any other fire spell.
     Jahmir can protect herself with a magic bubble anytime, during these
    times, Cless cannot hurt her, he will be hurt instead if he touches
    the bubble.
     When you win you will receive some EXP and a ton of Gald. Also, the
    Black Onyx, an item that raises the wearer's MAX HP by 30%
     Upon Jahmir's defeat the prince freaks out and the guards come in to
    get you and take you to jail.
     After some time in the cell, a person (called Runeglom) comes and
    takes you to see the king. Klarth explains that the prince was under
    Dhaos' control. The king mentions that Midgard and Dhaos are at the
    brink of war.
     Klarth asks for permission to enter the Moria Gallery and the king
    grants it. You will have to pick it at the Adventurer's Guild in the
    city. After all the conversation you get the Opuscule (a new weapon
    for Klarth), the Gungnir for Cless (it's pretty strong) and the Garnet
    Ring (a contract ring for Klarth).
     You can now explore the castle freely. First go down the stairs in
    front of the prince's room. In the left room talk to a pink haired
    person in a green hood, buy the Thunder Blade (12,000 Gald) and the
    Tractor Beam (4,000 Gald) spells. Talk to everyone else there, they
    mention the location of the elemental spirits you will have to contact
    (you MUST talk to the people here to be able to access Undine's Cave).
     Go down the stairs that are right from the throne room. Go right from
    the stairs and talk to the old guy there, he will ask something (he
    gives Cless a new class, which doesn't affect a thing). In the center
    of this room is a guy against whom you can play a little game, look at
    the 'Secrets and Extra Stuff' section for more info. You get a Mental
    Ring from this game (only once, after that the guy won't play with
     The floor below doesn't have anything worth of noticing, there are
    two guys who play with the BGM speed and the library (read the books,
    they are interesting). To the right you can visit the castle's jail,
    but you cannot go too far.
     Leave the castle and go to the pharmacy in town (from the castle
    gates go left, down as soon as possible and left again until you see a
    sign on a building). Go down the stairs there, to the Adventurer's
    Guild. The guy near the stairs will sell you the Psion Storm combo for
    6,000 Gald (if you run out of money, go outside and get some from
    monsters, or just sell the stuff Cless doesn't need any more). Talk to
    the old man behind the counter to receive the Moria Pass (it is a rare
    item). Talk to the old man again and answer yes if you want to hear
    Sakuraba play the Piano (Sakuraba is one of the composers of the
    game's music). If you talk to Sakuraba, he will sell you a password
    for 1000 Gald, but you don't need to ask for it, since I'll tell you
    the password when you need it.
     You can enter the Moria Gallery now, but you cannot do a thing there
    without the four Elemental Spirits, you have one of them already, so
    there are only three left.
     Before going anywhere, exit Alvanista and cross the left bridge,
    avoid the house near the lake (you can't do a thing there yet) and go
    along the southern shore to reach a small camp. Talk to the woman to
    get the Burning Soul combo for Cless. Go back to Alvanista and now
    cross the right bridge, head south, then left and south until you
    reach another small camp, talk twice to the man there and he will
    offer to sell you the Lion Lunge combo for 12,000 (buy it of course,
    if you don't have enough, just stay in the area fighting enemies until
    you can afford it).
     The next three chapters can be done in any order, but it might be
    easier to make them in the order presented in this guide.
    3.12- Undine's Water Cave
    Items to Get:    Orange Gummy [1], Spy Lens [1], Rune Bottle [1],
                     Aqua Mantle [1], Seafood [2], ?Book [1]
    Spirits to Get:  Undine [Cavern north of Venezzia]
     Go to Alvanista's harbor and talk to the captain of the leftmost ship
    to travel to Venezzia. Stay at the inn there and then go talk to the
    captain of the ship that took you to Demitel's Island. Now you can
    choose where to go: 1 takes you to Demitel's place, 2 takes you to
    Undine's Cavern (choose 2, duh!).
     In the restaurant of the ship you can buy Items from the guy in the
    top-left corner. When you are ready, go north from the ship and enter
    the cave (the other way takes you to the map, and that's useless at
    the moment unless you want to save). There are some strong monsters
    inside the cave, you can get some good experience, so if you want to,
    use a Dark Bottle to fight enemies more frequently and go to rest at
    the ship when you need to.
     When you are ready (with all characters around level 20 you will be
    OK) go right, follow the path and go down the stairs. Cross the little
    bridge and pull the lever on the wall to the right, then  go up, left
    and go down the stairs there. Get the chests in the formerly flooded
    pool (contains an Orange Gummy and Spy Lens). Go down the stairs in
    the same pool. Get the Rune Bottle and throw the switch.
     Go back the way you came into the room and throw again the switch to
    make the water re-flood the pool you have just been to. Use the top
    left door, enter the empty pool, get the Aqua Mantle from the chest
    and equip it on someone (it reduces damage from water). Go through the
    now unlocked door.
     There are two pools in this room. First go into the left one (it
    should be empty), get the treasure (it's Seafood) and then go down the
    stairs to throw the switch. Go back up and exit north use the Save
    Point if you want to and proceed. There are two levers here, the one
    nearer to the stairs makes the pool in this room flood (that's useless
    now), the other one changes which pool is filled in the last room. Of
    course throw the second switch and go back. In the right pool (now
    empty if you did it right) get the chest (contains a Seafood), then go
    downstairs and throw the switch (you should hear a weird sound when
    you throw it).
     Go into the room north, there should be a hole in the ground of the
    pool. Save and heal both HP and TP because a boss battle is to come.
    Go to Arche's Skill menu and turn off all of her Ice spells, and do
    remember to go to the tactic menu and put her and Klarth in the 'Cast
    Many Spells'/'Call Many Spirits' mode. Cross the empty pool and throw
    the nearest switch, the one that floods this room. Undine will appear
    and quickly attack you!
    BOSS: Undine__________________________________________________________
             HP   6450    Weakness: Fire
             TP    300    Absorbs:  Water
    Red Slug
             HP    650    Weakness: Fire, Thunder
             TP      0
             HP   2243    Weakness: Fire
             TP      0    Immune:   Wind
    TOTAL EXP    10470
    GALD          8885
    ITEMS    ?Book [1]
     At the beginning of the battle have Arche cast Thunder Blade on the
    Red Slug to eliminate it (it can do some damage if you let it). If
    Cless is at level 23 or above he should have the Phoenix skill, use it
    on the Calamari until it dies, and then go for Undine, it takes an
    awful lot of her HP (for my case, about 800!). If Cless does not have
    the Phoenix skill, then attack with his Lightning Bolt, it does pretty
    decent damage, if she gets too close, Blade Storm doesn't work on her,
    so don't use it. Klarth should cast Sylphs on Undine to prevent her
    from casting a spell (remember that you cannot attack the Calamari
    with Sylphs, it won't hurt it). Have Mint use Hammer on Undine to
    knock her for a good while. If you want to, use a Flare Bottle on
    Cless to raise his attack power for a short time.
     As for Undine's attacks, she can cast a spell that drops an ice ball
    on a party member, this damages for about 600 HP. The worst is not a
    spell, but a skill she has. She moves her sword and a wave of energy
    crosses the whole battlefield, hurting your guys quite badly and
    stopping the casting of any spells. If Mint is at level 23 or above,
    have her cast the Nurse spell, which heals all characters on the
    screen at once (if she's not at level 23, then have her heal two of
    them and use Apple Gummies to heal the others).
     The key for this battle is to bomb her with all you've got. When
    she's alone, make sure that Arche uses Thunder Blade and that Klarth
    calls Sylphs (it won't hurt her much, but it will stop her spells)
    while Cless uses his Phoenix tech. After a not-that-long time, Undine
    should be defeated.
    NOTE:  For another Tactic to defeat this boss, look at Section VI.5 of
          Part II.
     Okay, now Klarth makes a contract with Undine using the Aquamarine
    Ring and you have to leave the dungeon, but first, turn off Undine
    from Klarth's skill menu, to avoid healing the enemies in here. Don't
    waste a Rune Bottle on the ?Book you got from the battle because it is
    a weapon for Klarth that you should already have.
     Save if you want to and go south, past the chamber with the two
    pools. When you get to the screen where you found the first switch of
    the dungeon, you have to throw it and go up, left and down, because
    the door leading to the path around is now locked. Cross the pool and
    exit the cave.
     Go to the ship and say yes to the captain to leave to Venezzia. Take
    this chance to talk to Elwyn's father if you decided to do so, if not,
    just catch the ship to Alvanista, to go for the next spirit.
    3.13- Ifrit, the Fire Elemental Spirit
    Items to Get:    Mixed Gummy [2], Spy Lens [1], Talisman [1],
                     Resist Ring [1], Sorcerer's Ring [1], Savory [1],
                     ?Weapon [1], Battle Rune [1], Magma Key [Rare Item],
                     Charm Bottle [1], Flame Mantle [1]
    Spirits to Get:  Ifrit [In the Molten Cave of Freland]
    Spells to Get:   Fire Wall [In the Fire Cave of Freland]
     In Alvanista, get any spells or combos for Cless you couldn't afford
    before (refer to 3.11). Refill your supplies of Gummies, Holy Bottles,
    Dark Bottles, anything you have spent and buy a few Rune Bottles if
    you don't have any, and of course, do fill your Food Sack, remember
    that the cheapest way to do that is with Apples.
     Once you are ready, go to the map and cross the bridge to the right
    of the city. Go south and enter the little structure on the shore,
    that's the docks. Get on the Ship and talk to the Captain, the price
    to go to the Freland is 80 Gald per person, 320 Gald in all. Accept
    of course.
     When you get to the desert continent exit the docks (use the narrow
    path south). Go directly east to get to Olive Village. There are two
    treasure chests in the city, one is near the southern entrance of the
    village (contains a Mixed Gummy) and the other is north, between two
    houses (contains 2600 Gald). Buy equipment you need (you can get to a
    city with better equipment right now, but you have to travel quite a
    lot and the stuff there is VERY expensive). In the Item Shop buy two
    Silver Capes, one for Mint and one for Arche, then use a Rune Bottle
    on them to make them Princess Capes (they protect you from Fire!). Use
    a Rune bottle on the Aqua Mantle you got from Undine's Dungeon to make
    it a Flame Mantle that reduces damage in Ifrit's Cave (equip it on
    Cless or Klarth). In the Food Shop is a bunch of weird people
    (probably programmers). Oh! make sure you have Remedy Bottles, because
    some of the enemies in the next dungeon can paralyze Cless.
     When you feel ready, go East from the city, save your game and enter
    the cave. Inside, equip Cless with the Ice Scimitar you got from your
    fight against Meia (it is a ?Weapon until you use a Rune Bottle on
    it), it is a water elemental weapon, so it will hurt enemies pretty
    bad in here. Make sure Klarth can summon Undine (from his Skill Menu)
    and turn off Arche's fire spells (such as Fireball, Eruption, etc.).
    If Cless has the Phoenix Skill, replace it by another one, as it will
    not hurt the enemies here.
     Go right and up to get a chest (contains Spy Lens), then go south
    and down the stairs. Go south here and get the treasure chests, they
    contain a Talisman and a Resist Ring, then go left and up to get the
    blue chest containing the Sorcerer's Ring. With it you can shoot rays
    of energy (if it is equipped, of course), so equip it on one of the
    characters and go back, because the door here is locked.
     From the stairs go all the way left (ignore the door you find in your
    way for now). The door is locked, but there is a button in the wall
    that you cannot reach normally. Walk over the column, face the button
    and press A, the ray from the Sorcerer's Ring should open the door. Go
    through it, and get the three chests in the top-left corner of the
    room (they contain a Savory, a ?Weapon and a Battle Rune). The Battle
    Rune raises the attack power of the character by 10%, so equip it on
    Cless if he doesn't have one yet. The ?Weapon becomes a Thunderclap
    axe. Go south and down the stairs to continue with the dungeon.
     Go through the empty room and when you get to the room where the door
    locks behind you get the three chest containing a Mixed Gummy, 1000
    Gald and the Magma Key (a special Item). Continue on and you will
    reach the chamber where you got your Sorcerer's Ring. Go up the stairs
    and walk left to the open door you ignored earlier, go through it.
     Go left from the Save Point and get the Charm Bottle from the chest,
    then shoot the button on the upper wall to open the door near the save
    point. Recover all your HP and TP and save, because the battle against
    Ifrit is near. Go Through the door, and use the Magma Key on the next
    one. Use the Sorcerer's Ring on the pillars over the magma to knock
    them down and be able to walk around (it's really easy).
     When you cross you will find Ifrit guarding a chest. He says he has
    to test you strength before granting you a contract, which means you
    have to fight!
    BOSS: Ifrit__________________________________________________________
             HP   5500    Weakness: Water
             TP      0    Absorbs:  Fire
    TOTAL EXP     4000
    GALD          8000
    ITEMS    Flame Mantle [1]
     He's really easy to beat. Ifrit can teleport around and throw a few
    fire balls at your characters.
     To kill him quick use a Flare Bottle on Cless and have him use Short
    Range skills (that should get about 500 HP per hit!) while Arche casts
    Thunder Blade and Klarth summons Undine (she can knock about 1000 HP
    from Ifrit each time she's summoned). Mint should try to use Delay
    on Ifrit to make it easier for your other spell casters to get a
    spell out without being hit.
     Ifrit should die in a few minutes this way, without any difficulty.
    NOTE:  For another Tactic to defeat this boss, look at Section VI.5 of
          Part II.
     After the fight, Klarth makes a contract with Ifrit, using the Garnet
    Ring. Now get the chest in the back for the Fire Wall spell. Turn off
    Ifrit and Fire Wall from Klarth and Arche's skill screen because they
    will heal enemies in here. Exit the Molten Cavern now and return to
    Olive Village to heal up, then go back to Alvanista.
    3.14- Gnome, the Spirit of Earth
    Items to Get:    ?Book [1]
    Spirits to Get:  Gnome [In the Cave East of Beladum]
    Spells to Get:   Stone Wall [In the Cave East of Beladum]
     In Alvanista do as always, buy any Items you need (remember that Rune
    Bottles are always useful, so make sure you have a few). You can buy
    a password for the next dungeon from the pianist in the Adventurer's
    Guild if you want to, but I'll give you the password so, why would you
    want to waste money?
     Go to the harbor and get on the Ship to the right, talk to the
    Captain and he will offer to take you to the docks east of Beladum for
    100 Gald each, making a grand total of 400 Gald. Say yes, because
    Gnome's Cave is near that place. Note that this ship is a Cargo Ship,
    so there's is no pub and there is no guy to buy Items from, and, more
    importantly, they won't wait for you, so you will have to take long
    way back later!
     Once on the continent of Beladum (and Euclid), exit the harbor (get
    the treasure if you didn't get it after leaving Beladum for the first
    time). Exit the docks and walk South over the bridge and then East to
    the cave (if you are hurt for some weird reason, go to Beladum and
     Inside the cave cross the bridge to your right and go north. Touch
    the door and you will have to put the password. You have to choose a
    syllable each time to form the word you were given by Sakuraba. The
    password is KIKURIMU, so the numbers are: 3·1·2·4. If you do it right,
    the door should open.
     Go down the stairs, go south through the door, then go right and up
    to talk to the gnome. He will ask if he can come along. Answer 'Yes'
    and he will start following you, but he's not fast, and you have to
    keep him near you when you pass from a screen to the other.
     Go south (remember to keep the guy near you, and make sure he appears
    after you in each screen, if not, then go back for him). This screen
    has lots of other gnomes, but they are a little hostile, and attack
    you if you come too close. The only way to beat them seems to be the
    Tractor Beam spell. You should avoid fighting them, since the
    experience is worthless. Walk left, ignoring the first door you see
    (it takes you nowhere) and then go through the next one, follow the
    path avoiding the guys that go after you (equip the JetBoots and press
    A to run in the field and you will be safe). Remember to wait until
    the gnome is near you to cross the screen.
     Go north and then right, talk to the group of guys and they will run
    out with the one following you. Go right and downstairs. Cross the
    bridge to the right and go through the door up there (following the
    other path takes you to the same place anyway). Use the Save Point
    because the battle against Gnome is near. If you talk to the gnomes
    guarding the doors, they will ask you if you want to fight. Don't do
    it, they would just regenerate. The top-right door takes you around
    back to the bridge you just crossed, so it's useless.
     Okay, after healing and saving, go right from the Save Point and
    examine the switch and choose yes. The alarm will sound and all the
    little guys will leave their post to go see what happened. Now's your
    chance! The top-left room is empty, so the only thing to do is to
    enter the middle room (make sure you are healed before!). The party
    will go near the chest and Gnome will attack.
    BOSS: Gnome___________________________________________________________
             HP   3400    Absorbs: Earth
             TP    150
    TOTAL EXP     9200
    GALD         13003
    ITEMS    ?Book [1]
     Gnome can be more an annoyance than a menace. It has a rocket attack
    that doesn't hurt the guys badly, but that stops any spells, and you
    cannot attack it while it is underground or in the air.
     Whenever you see that the four shadows are going into one point of
    the ground, calculate the time it takes your guys to cast spells and
    have Mint use the Hammer spell, have Klarth summon Ifrit and Arche
    cast Thunder Blade. Use a Flare Bottle on Cless and hit it with your
    best techs. If you have good timing and a little luck, you can hurt
    Gnome pretty badly, leaving it ready to be defeated the next time it
    shows its head. You might want to use a Hourglass or Chrono Glass.
     Remember that when Gnome starts its missile attack you can't do a
    thing about it, only wait until it stops and heal if necessary.
    NOTE:  For another Tactic to defeat this boss, look at Section VI.5 of
          Part II.
     After that annoying battle Klarth makes a contract with Gnome using
    the Ruby Ring. Now open the chest in the back to get the Stone Wall
    spell for Arche. The ?Book you got from the battle is just another
    Porno Magazine, so it's not worth the Rune Bottle. Now exit the cave,
    you will notice that all the little guys are gone now and you can walk 
    freely. You will have to walk North to Venezzia, because the Ship you
    used to come here is gone. If you need to rest go to Beladum and use
    Lenios' beds.
     Go through the Mountain Pass, this time around use the short path,
    because the enemies in this area don't give good experience at your
    levels. Buy anything you need in Euclid and then just go to Venezzia.
    Get on the ship to Alvanista and that's it!
    3.15- The Moria Gallery
    Items to Get:    Orange Gummy [1], Lavender [1], Protect Ring [1],
                     Steak [1], Rune Bottle [3]Lemon Gummy [2],
                     Yellow Cake [2], Mystic Broom [1], Apple Gummy [1],
                     Turquoise Ring [1], Heavy Stone [1],
                     Broken Ring [Rare Item], ?Rod [1], ?Armor [2],
                     Verbena [1], Black Onyx [1]
    Spirits to Get:  Maxwell [10th floor of the Moria Gallery]
     Well, buy all the Items you might need, such as Apple and Orange
    Gummies, Remedy Bottles, Flare Bottles, and don't forget to bring a
    few extra Rune Bottles, because you might need them. Go to the Food
    Shop and fill your Bag (again, the cheapest way to do it is buying
    Apples and filling the Sack, them repeat until it is full). Buy 15 of
    any food available, just in case. Make sure you still have the
    Pick-Axe and the Rope you bought a long time ago (you don't want nasty
     When you are ready leave the town and cross the bridge to your right.
    Go south. The Moria Gallery is near the harbor where you caught the
    Ship to the Freland, just go right and up from there and enter the
     Inside a guard will ask to see your Pass and you will be able to go
    on (if the guard doesn't let you in, then go back to Alvanista and
    talk to the old man behind the counter of the Adventurer's Guild under
    the pharmacy).
     In this floor go up and left to get an Orange Gummy from the chest.
    Check the switch on the upper wall and choose 'Yes' to throw it. Don't
    go down the stairs you see there, they lead to the fourth level, but
    the door is closed at the moment, so you would be wasting your time.
    Now head right, into the next screen. Go through the door (if it's not
    open, you forgot to throw the switch). Go downstairs here.
                               - Second Level -
     Step on the switch that's right from the door and it should open. Go
    through the door. Check behind the sign and you will get a Lavender
    from a barely visible chest. Walk left to the next screen. Press and
    hold the confirm button next to the statue of a woman and move a
    little right and then down. Place the statue on the switch and the
    door will open. The chests in the room contain 2000 Gald, a Protect
    Ring, and a Steak. Remember to throw the switch and go back to the
    room with the sign, then head right and go downstairs.
                               - Third Level -
     Go a little right and north as far as you can. Step on the symbol on
    the floor that says 'ON'. Cless will start flying (just like in Dhaos'
    Shrine). Go south and left as far as possible avoiding the symbol that
    says 'OFF' (or Cless will be walking again). Then fly North and
    through the door (it would close if you were walking). The next door
    is just like the one you saw in the Second Level, but you are flying
    now, so, go a little North and DO step on the symbol that says 'OFF'.
    Cless will be walking now, so step on the left switch and go through
    the door.
     Head right into the next screen. Move the statue away from the switch
    and head South. The door will close behind you, but it doesn't matter,
    because all you have to do now is walk right and go down the stairs.
                               - Fourth Level -
     When you get here all you see is a short corridor, at the end of
    which is woman looking for a passage. If you pay attention, you will
    note that the middle torch is not lit, check it twice and you will be
    given the option to pull it (choose yes, of course). A passageway
    opens, leading to a room with two doors. The right one is open, so go
    through it. Talk to the woman there and step on a switch, when the
    woman steps on the other switch (if she's coming towards the one you
    are on, move to the other) a chest with a Rune Bottle will appear.
     Go back to the last room and step on the left switch. Go through the
    door that opens (should be the left door). In this room read the sign
    (it reads Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left and Right). Walk
    left, into the next room, where you find a statue and four switches.
    Ignore the statue for now and step on the switches in the order the
    sign indicated (if you make a mistake during this process just start
    over). When you hear a door opening go back into the room with the
    sign. From it walk a little to the right and down. Go through the just
    opened door and use the Save Point if you want to (you probably do).
     Throw the switch on the wall and the door there will open, now you
    can go between the 4th and 1st level anytime you want to. Step on the
    switch there, but don't go down the stairs there, they lead to the 9th
    level, but the door is closed there.
     Go back to the room with the statue. The door is now open. Take the
    statue with you through the door and place it on the switch there. Now
    you are free to go to the Fifth Level.
                               - Fifth Level -
      This level is in absolute darkness, except for the light surrounding
    you. From the stairs walk right into the next screen. Keep going right
    a little and then go up, a woman there says something. Walk a few
    steps left (until you hit the wall), then go up, and finally right to
    find a door with two switches like the ones you have seen several
    times in this dungeon. Open it and go through it. Remember the ring
    you used in the cave where you got Ifrit? Well, equip it on someone,
    stand in front of the button on the wall and  shoot. If you do it
    right, you will hear a door opening.
     Exit that room walk directly left, into the next screen. Walk near
    the southern wall of this corridor and ignore the first path going
    down. You should see an open door soon, go through it and down the
    NOTE:    If you have any trouble to find anything in this room, use.
            this map:
    /Moria Gallery - Fifth Level Map                                     \
    |   __________________D_                                             |
    |  |  __ ___   ____   __|   s - The stairs that come from the 4th    |
    |  | |××S×××| |××××| |××        level.                               |
    |  | |××××××| |××××| |××    S - The stairs that take you to the 6th  |
    |  | |××××××| |××××|  ¯¯|       level.                               |
    |  | |×××s××| |××××|   W|   W - The woman.                           |
    |  |  ¯¯¯ ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯     |   D - The door to the room with the switch.|
    |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    × - Places where you cannot walk.        |
                               - Sixth Level -
     In the first room just go through the door you see. The next room is
    dark, and has spikes on the floor, but all you have to do is walk
    right into the next screen (make sure you are healed for battle after
    walking over the spikes).
     In this screen you can see a chest, but the teleporter takes you back
    to the room with spikes if you try to come near it. What you have to
    do is enter the room that's near you, where there are three statues,
    each on a switch on the floor. Move the rightmost one and throw the
    switch on the wall it was covering. A path opens, leading to the chest
    that contains a Lemon Gummy. Once you take it put the statue back in
    place and leave the room using the door (you can also step on the
    teleporter and come back from the room with spikes).
     From the room you have just been to, walk south and go down the
    stairs into the 7th level.
                              - Seventh Level -
     Use the Save Point here and then use shoot energy from the Sorcerer's
    Ring to the light torch. A transporter should appear and you should
    step on it of course.
     You are taken to a dark room. If you walk few steps to the North you
    can see a chest, but if you try to take it a hidden transporter makes
    you go back to the last room. The room is square, so you have to walk
    the other way to be able to get the chest and continue. When you
    finally get the chest (it contains a Lemon Gummy) keep going and you
    will be teleported back into the room with the Save Point. Use the
    teleporter again and you will be in the same room, but in a different
    part of it. A new chest will be near you, but you have to take the
    long way around again. This time the chest contains a Yellow Cake.
    Step on the teleporter to be back on the Save Point room. Now repeat
    the whole process (this time the chest contains a Mystic Broom, a good
    weapon for Arche). Finally, go back to the Save Point and step back on
    the teleporter. This time you are taken to a room with candles. Shoot
    them with the Sorcerer's Ring to light them. When all candles are lit
    the door will open.
     This is another dark passage. Just go straight and follow the long
    path until you reach the next screen. Here you have break the weak
    wall with the Pick-Axe that you used in the Sylphs' quest. Go right
    and up to light the candles, then walk back down and go through the
                               - Eighth Level -
     There's another candle here, but if you try to light it your
    characters will be shot with arrows. Instead of lighting it, check it,
    to discover it has a switch, choose to throw it and the door will 
     The next passage is dark and spiky, but you can avoid any damage if
    you step on the switch just by the entrance to the passage and go back
    to the room with the candle. The candle will be gone, and an 'ON'
    symbol will be in its place. Walk over the symbol and enter the
    passage flying. The spikes won't hurt you now. Just follow the path,
    right after turning right go down to get to a chest containing a
    Yellow Cake, then return to the path you were following and just keep
    going. At the end of the corridor is an 'OFF' symbol.
     The next room is also dark, but it's easy to get around. Just go
    South to get a pair of chests (they contain a Rune Bottle and an Apple
    Gummy). Now go back to the place from where you entered the room and
    head left until you hit the wall, then South and finally right, to
    find the door into the 9th level.
                               - Ninth Level -
      The door here is closed. Take the path to your right. If there are
    flames in the holes throw the switch to make drops of water fall.
    After that go up and step on the switch to open the door. Go through
    it and head left. Throw the switch near the locked door to open it.
    Now you can go from the 9th floor to the 4th one, and from the 4th one
    to the 1st one directly. If you are running out of items go to
    Alvanista and buy whatever you need.
     Go right from there and North into the passage. Walk right and up
    when you can until you come into a room with a switch on the floor.
    Step on it of course and go back to the locked door near the passage
    with holes in the floor. The door should be open now, which means you
    can go to the 10th level.
                               - Tenth Level -
     There's a Save Point here and a chest containing a Turquoise Ring.
    Throw both switches on the wall. Each one makes a teleporter appear or
    disappear. Use the right teleporter. In this room you find a stone
    tablet and a locked door. Check the stone tablet and Klarth will try
    to read it. Seeing he can't, Arche does it, as it is in Elf Language
    and she is a Half-Elf. The tablet has some kind of poem that clue's
    you about the solution to the puzzle in the next room:
      'Death is always at your back, for all return to the earth from
       which they came...'
          '...the fire of life is at the births to come...'
              '...the tears of the mourning woman are on your left...'
                  '...and the wind blows forth from your right...'
     Go back to the room with the Save Point, and this time step on the
    left teleporter. You will have to control Klarth to put the four
    Elemental Spirits, each in a specific position. In the northern spot
    choose to place Ifrit (number 1), in the southern spot place Gnome
    (number 2), in the western spot place Undine (number 4) and finally
    summon Sylphs in the eastern spot (number 3). If everything's right
    Klarth will hear a voice calling him to the tablet room.
     Now go back to the room with the Save Point and heal up, both HP and
    TP, then save, because the boss of this huge dungeon is near. Use
    the right teleporter. Go near the stone tablet to find Maxwell. Klarth
    will say you are looking for the ring to contract with Luna, but
    Maxwell says you have to be tested before you can enter the treasure
    BOSS: Maxwell_________________________________________________________
             HP   7500
             TP    400
    EXP          12000
    GALD         25005
    ITEMS    Heavy Stone [1]
     Okay, Maxwell can be quite hard to beat. He can become invincible
    and attack you at the same time whenever he wants to. Maxwell can also
    use the Heal spell to recover about 900 HP each time.
     Use Flare Bottle on Cless and make him use his Phoenix attack when he
    is far away and his best short distance techs when close. Mint should
    cast Haste on Cless at the beginning of the battle and on the others
    if she has the opportunity (if everyone was in the screen when she
    cast the spell on Cless, it's not necessary). Klarth should summon
    Undine constantly and Arche should cast Thunder Blade all the time. If
    anyone gets killed revive him/her immediately with a Life Bottle.
     Do not depend only on Mint for healing, use plenty of items, or you
    could be killed in a very short time. And remember to use the Flare
    Bottles on Cless when the effect fades away. You mustn't give Maxwell
    the chance to start one if his endless attacks.
     If you do it right you should kill him in a few minutes.
    NOTE:  There's an Extra Tactic for this boss available in Part II.
     After his defeat Maxwell grants you access to the treasure room and
    offers to contract using the Turquoise Ring. When you can walk go
    north, through the door that was just closed. The party finds some
    broken rings, and they wonder if one of them is the ring they need to
    contact Luna. Klarth suggest to go to Alvanista and talk to Runeglom.
    The other chests contain a ?Rod (it transforms into the Rune Rod, a
    good Rod for Mint), a Hourglass, an Elixir, two ?Armors (they both
    become Mithril Meshes), a Verbena, 6000 Gald, a Black Onyx and a Rune
     Equip the Mithril Meshes, one on Cless and the other to the character
    of your choice and equip the Rune Rod on Mint. Now go back to the 9th
    level, and from there use the short-cut to the 1st floor, then exit
    the Moria Gallery.
    3.16- Looking for Edward
    Items to Get:    Letter [Rare Item], Rune Bottle [1],
                     Flame Mantle [1], Medicine Bottle [1],
                     Life Bottle [1], Mental Ring [1]
     Walk North to Alvanista and enter the castle. Talk to Runeglom (in
    the magic research lab, near the prince's room). Klarth will tell him
    about the broken rings, one of which you need to forge a contract with
     Next you will be chatting outside. Runeglom says his friend Edward
    probably knows how to repair the rings. He gives you a Letter for him
    and leaves, then Cless hears someone's voice telling him he's not
    worthy of the weapon he carries. Before leaving town, buy anything you
    need and fill your food sack.
     The next destination is west from Alvanista. Cross the bridge and
    enter the small house by the lake. Knock the door and Edward's wife
    will talk to you, her name is Lilith. She says Edward went to the
    Freland and then goes back inside. If you try to knock again Mint will
    stop you.
     Head to the Freland (from the docks near the Moria Gallery) and enter
    Olive Village. Mint suggests to ask the person under the tree about
    Edward, the person tells you that he might be in one of the oasis of
    the desert, so get ready to travel around the whole desert.
    The First Oasis:  Talk to the man looking at the pond and he will say
                      Edward is not around. Even if you don't understand
                      what he says, do talk to the man, or you might have
                      to do it all again anyway. There are two chests in
                      this oasis, the one that's easy to see contains a
                      Rune Bottle, and the one hidden under a tree right
                      from the lower entrance has a Flame Mantle.
    The Second Oasis: Go west and north from the first oasis and you will
                      find the second one. Talk to the old man there to
                      hear that Edward went to the oasis to the north. Get
                      the chest that contains a Medicine Bottle.
    The Third Oasis:  Walk north and East to find it. Before you talk to
                      the woman here, get the chests. The visible one
                      (which is near the eastern entrance) contains a Life
                      Bottle, and directly south from it is a hidden chest
                      containing a Mental Ring (it slowly recovers TP in
                      battle). Talk to the person now to hear that Edward
                      went back to Olive Village (don't worry, you will be
                      taken there by the game).
     Cless will ask the man from before about Edward. The guy tells you
    that he entered the inn, so enter the Inn and talk to the owner! The
    old man says Edward needs five Basilisk Scales, which you get from
    fighting the Basilisks in the desert. Rest and save, because you could
    get killed if you are not careful. Buy 15 Remedy Bottles (the
    Basilisks can petrify the party members) and any items you don't have.
     The best thing to do is to use a Dark Bottle to lure the enemies and
    walk around. Most enemies in the desert (with the lone exception of
    the Basilisk) are wimpy, so just kill them. When you run into a
    Basilisk, an enemy that comes all alone (it looks like some kind of
    big fish in my humble opinion), have Klarth summon Maxwell and Cless
    use his lightning skill (the phoenix tech heals the Basilisk). Arche
    should cast Thunder Blade and Mint should be ready to heal or cast
    Slow on the enemy. Maxwell will most likely kill the Basilisk, if not,
    just summon him again. You need 5 of the items this enemy drops, and
    it doesn't drop the item after every fight.
     When you have the five Basilisk Scales, go to Olive Village and enter
    the Inn. Talk to the keeper and choose yes to hand him the scales. The
    party will stay over the night. The next morning, Edward shows up.
    Cless and Mint are shocked when Klarth calls him Mr. Morrison. It
    turns out he is Tornix's ancestor. About the rings: Edward says that
    they are irreplaceable, which means you have to find a way to repair
    them. You should consult with the elves in Ymir Forest, but to enter
    the forest you must get permission in Alvanista.
     Before leaving, Edward tells you to meet him at Midgard when you are
    ready to face Dhaos. After Edward leaves the inn, Cless catches up to
    him and shows him the Tornix's book. When he realizes Cless is really
    from the future, he tells you that he was just about to quit
    researching Time Travel... Meanwhile, Mint explains to Arche that she
    and Cless come from the future.
     You have to get permission to enter Ymir Forest, so go to Alvanista
    and talk to Runeglom.
    3.17 Maze! Treant's Forest
    Items to Get:    Royal Emblem [Rare Item], Mixed Gummy [2], Sage [1],
                     Lavender [3], Spy Lens [2], Veggies [1],
                     Black Onyx [1], Holy Rune [1], Charm Bottle [1],
                     Armlet [2], Savory [2], Hourglass [1],
                     Heavy Stone [1], Apple Gummy [3], Orange Gummy [1],
                     Holy Bottle [1], Battle Rune [1], Life Bottle [2],
                     Verbena [1], Medicine Bottle [1], Resist Ring [3],
                     Steak [1], Thief's Mantle [2], Rune Bottle [1],
                     Dark Bottle [1], Reverse Doll [1], Gorgon Amulet [1],
                     Protect Ring [2], Moonstone Ring [1], Topaz Ring [1]
     Klarth tells Runeglom that you will have to enter Ymir forest. Since
    the paperwork will take a day, go to the inn and stay, then talk to
    Runeglom again to receive the Royal Emblem (a rare item).
     The Royal Emblem is an permission to enter the forest, but there is
    one problem: half-elves, like Arche, are not allowed into the forest,
    so she will have to stay at the city this time.
     When you leave the castle Arche will separate and go to the inn to
    wait for your return. Now go shopping, buy as 15 Orange Gummies,
    because you don't have Arche and the enemies will be tough, so you
    will be using your skills a lot. Also buy Remedy Bottles, because the
    enemies in Ymir can petrify your guys (and of course you don't need me
    to tell you to fill your Food Sack, do you?)
     When you exit the city Arche will follow you in a not-so-good
    disguise. Cross the eastern bridge and walk far to the south, and west
    when you can (that's near the harbor). Keep it straight until you see
    a forest surrounded by a lake, then enter the place.
     The guard will let you in. Use the small hanging bridge that's a few
    steps behind him to go right, then go up. Follow the path and go
    up when you have to choose, the go left and up.
     You should arrive in a fork with a Save Point. Save if you want to
    and walk to the right, into a new screen. Get the chest in front of
    you, then follow the other path for a Sage. Go back to the fork.
     Go left this time to get to a new area. Follow the path and get the
    chest behind a big tree (it's in your way, so you can't miss it), the
    chest contains a Lavender. A few steps forward is a crossroads, first
    go south to get a chest with another Lavender. Go back and this time
    walk left to find yet another Lavender.
     Now go back to the crossroads and head north. Klarth will say he saw
    something pink... In the Elven Village, the party shows the Royal
    Emblem, and the guards take you to the inn, where you meet an Elf
    called Rambard.
     When Klarth shows him the rings, Rambard says you will have to go to
    the Heimdall Stone to repair them, then leaves. You will have to
    prepare yourself for the trip and then meet Rambard at the north end
    of town. You are now free to explore town, there's not much to see,
    though. As you leave the inn, check the hair color of the keeper...
     The weapon shop specializes in bows, which means there's nothing for
    you to buy, so just buy any food you might need and the items you
    spent during the trip into town. There are two kids playing hide and
    seek in town, if you speak to the one that's hiding, you will reveal
    his/her location to the other (this doesn't give you anything, but
    hey! if you want to be mean you can do it).
     When you have everything you need exit town going north. Rambard will
    tell you to find Heimdall, the holy place of elves somewhere in the
    forest. The Bush Babies mark the way to the Stone. After Rambard joins
    as an NPC (not playable character), go north into the Treant's Forest
    and save.
     This forest can be quite confusing, but also has lots of goodies to
    get. I will write the short path for those not interested in treasure,
    and a long long long walkthrough for those who want to get every
    treasure in this area (I recommend you get all the treasure, because
    you get useful stuff and plenty of experience). I've also made an
    ASCII map of the forest... It's not so good, but hopefully it will
    help you a little (considering that my instructions might not be clear
    enough). The Map is below the whole part of the forest (trust me, you
    will see it, it's huge).
                              _-The Short Way-_
     Basically what you have to do is follow the Bush Babies. I mean, when
    a Bush Baby is near the exit of the screen, use that exit. Just get
    all the treasure you see. The directions to get to the Heimdall Stone
    from the Save Point are:
                    Go north three times, then east twice, then north
    twice, then east twice again. Go south twice and exit that screen by
    the lower right exit. Follow the path and you will get to the Stone
    Slab. Skip the 'The Long Long Way Around' section that's right below
    this one to see what happens next.
                         _-The Long Long Way Around-_
     This will take a while, but it has some advantages. A good tip is to
    use the items you have a much as you want, because you can go back to
    the town periodically to heal and buy new ones (and the enemies in
    this place drop loads of Gald).
     From the Save Point go north once and turn left to find a chest that
    contains a Spy Lens under a tree. Go back to the last screen and
    walk north again, turn left and get the Veggies from the chest, then
    head back to the last screen and go north.
     In this screen walk up and leave to the left. Go straight into the
    next area and get the two chests (they contain a Black Onyx and a Holy
    Rune). From there walk left into the next screen. Walk down a little
    and get an Apple Gummy from the bag near the water. Go left a little
    and use the south exit to find a Charm Bottle.
     Go back up and walk into an opening in the foliage for an Armlet. Get
    the bag that's right from the northern exit for a Savory, then go
    north into the next screen. Turn left for a chest containing a
    Hourglass, go back one screen and north once. Get a Moon Crystal from
    a chest hidden under the foliage on the left and go up again to get a
    Heavy Stone. We have cleared a whole area! Go back to town for healing
    and items (the way is S, S, S, E, E, E, S, S, S (the Save Point should
    be here) and S. Fill your food sack and buy items!
     Okay, supposing that you are ready, from the Save Point near town go
    three times north, twice west and north again. Grab the chest for an
    Apple Gummy and walk up, to your left you will see a chest (it
    contains an Orange Gummy). Exit by north for a Holy Bottle, then walk
    back down. Near the lower right exit is a chest between two trees, it
    contains a Battle Rune. Use the lower right exit and follow the path.
     Go up twice for a chest that contains an Apple Gummy. Walk down three
    times, if you want to heal and save just keep going south to get to
    the town, if not, walk to the right. Near the Bush Babies is a Life
    Bottle, grab it and exit to the right.
     Exit to the south to get a Verbena, then go back up and head right,
    into the next screen. Get the chest in front of you (it contains a
    Savory), then walk a few steps left and go down to grab an Armlet from
    the chest. Use the southern exit of this screen, get the Spy Lens
    inside the chest near you and then walk a few steps to the right for a
    Mixed Gummy. Leave the screen by south for a Life Bottle. From there
    go back up and head right, into the next area.
     Follow the straight path and get the Medicine Bottle and the Resist
    Ring. Back in the screen with the lake use the north-eastern exit for
    a Steak, a Thief's Mantle and a Rune Bottle. Leave the lake screen by
    north and walk right for a Dark Bottle. Leave this screen by north
    too. Go straight one screen and turn right in the other.
     Go straight  one screen and use the northern exit in the next one for
    an Elixir (the chest is hidden under the foliage to the right).
     From the screen with the Elixir walk down and exit the screen by
    east. In the T junction go down to get a Reverse Doll, then go back up
    and left. Walk a few steps down to get three chests (they contain a
    Protect Ring, a Resist Ring and a Thief's Mantle. Leave this screen by
    south and follow the path.
     Under the tree to your right is a chest containing a Gorgon Amulet
    (protects against petrifying). Use the upper right exit and follow
    the straight path for a Protect Ring, the go back two screens and use
    the lower-right exit.
                         ¯-_ _ _ _ _ _·_ _ _ _ _ _-¯
     After the straight path you finally find a Save Point, before using
    it or exploring a little to north get the chest under the tree to the
    right (it contains a Resist Ring). Use the Save Point now.
     Go near the stone slab that's north from the Save Point and a scene
    starts. Rambard says that a Magical Spirit is supposed to be sleeping
    inside the stone, that Spirit is Origin, the king of the dwarves.
    Origin has the power to restore things to a previous state, which is
    how you are going to get the rings fixed. He will start praying and
    the rings will be repaired with some flashy effects.
     Now that you have the Moonstone ring, you have to go to the Tower of
    Twelve Stars near Midgard to find Luna. You get the Moonstone and 
    Topaz rings when the chat is finished. Now get the pair of Elven Boots
    hidden behind the Heimdall Stone and save, because the programmers
    decided to make you go on foot to the village. The way out of the
    forest from your current location is: twice west, twice north, three
    times west, once south, once west, and finally four times south.
    / MAP OF THE TREANT'S FOREST                                         \
    |  SECTION A                                                         |
    |            ____                                                    |
    |           | T12|                                                   |
    |           |    |                                                   |
    |           |_--_|   ____                                            |
    |           | T11|  |T16 |                                           |
    |           |    |  |    |              ____                         |
    |           |    |  |_--_|___          |T17 |                        |
    |           | -- |  |        |___      |    |                        |
    |           |¯  ¯|  |T15    -|-  |     |_--_|                        |
    |       ____|    |  |   WW   |¯¯¯      |    |                        |
    |      |T10-|-   |  |    WW  |______ __|    |                        |
    |       ¯¯¯¯|    |  |T13 T14-|-    -|-      |                        |
    |           | -- |  | --_____|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯|    |                        |
    |         |¯ ¯  ¯ ¯|¯¯  T4 T5|         |    |                        |
    |         |   T9  -|-        |         |    |                        |
    |         |        |  ###    |         | -- |                        |
    |         |        |  ###    |_ ____|¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯|                      |
    |         | T8 WW  |_ --      -|-  -|-        |                      |
    |         |     WW | |  |¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯|   ### C |                      |
    |         |     T7 |¯   |           |   ###  -|- To B                |
    |         |    -- -|-   |           | --    T3|                      |
    |          ¯¯|¯  ¯|¯¯¯¯¯            |¯  ¯|¯¯¯¯                       |
    |            |    |           ____ _| C  |                           |
    |            | T6 |          |T2 -|-     |                           |
    |             ¯¯¯¯            ¯¯¯¯ ¯|    |                           |
    |                                   |_--_|                           |
    |                                   |    |                           |
    |                             ____ _| C  |                           |
    |                            |T1 -|-     |                           |
    |                             ¯¯¯¯ ¯|    |                           |
    |                                   |_--_|                           |
    |                                   |    |                           |
    |                                   | C  |                           |
    |                                   |    |                           |
    |                                   | SP |                           |
    |                                   |_--_|                           |
    |                                  ENTRANCE                          |
    |                                                                    |
    |  SECTION B                                                         |
    |                                       ____                         |
    |            ____                      | T30|                        |
    |           |    |                     |    |                        |
    |           |    |                   __|_--_|___                     |
    |           |    |                  |           |__________ ___      |
    |           |_--_|_ ________ _______|          -|-        -|-  |     |
    |           |  C  -|-  C   -|-   C -|-  ###     |¯¯|_--_|¯¯ ¯¯¯      |
    |           | WW   |¯|_--_|¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   ###C T31|  |    |            |
    |           |  WW  |_|    |         |     C  T32|  | T34|            |
    |           |    C-|-     |         | --     T33|  |____|      ____  |
    |          _|_--___|¯|    |         |¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_____ _____  | T38| |
    |  To A  -|-      |__|_--_|         |   T35 C  -|-   -|- T36| | HS | |
    |         |  ###  | T19    |        |     WW    |¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯  |    | |
    |         |  ### -|-  ###  |____    |      WW   |_________ ___|SP  | |
    |         |     C |T20### -|-   |   | --     C -|-       -|-    T37| |
    |         |       |     T21|¯¯¯¯    |¯  ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |
    |         |_--____| --     |        |____|                           |
    |         |    | | ¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|______________                        |
    |         |    | |    T22 T23-|- T25 T26 T27 |                       |
    |         |T18 | |    WW      |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                        |
    |          ¯¯¯¯  |     WW     |_______ __________                    |
    |                |           -|-     -|- T28 T29 |                   |
    |                |_--_________|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                    |
    |                |    |                                              |
    |                |    |                                              |
    |                |T24 |                                              |
    |                 ¯¯¯¯                                               |
    |                                                                    |
    |    LEGEND:                                                         |
    |             SP  Save Point                                         |
    |             B   Bush Baby (this show the way to the Stone Slab)    |
    |   '--' & '-|-'  These signs show the connections between screens   |
    |            ###  Big stone blocks in some screens                   |
    |            WWW  Areas with water                                   |
    |             T#  Marks a treasure, the meaning of the numbers       |
    |                 is below                                           |
    |             HS  Heimdall Stone                                     |
    |                                                                    |
    |  TREASURES:                                                        |
    |         T1   Spy Lens            T20  Armlet                       |
    |         T2   Veggies             T21  Dark Bottle                  |
    |         T3   Life Bottle         T22  Spy Lens                     |
    |         T4   Black Onyx          T23  Mixed Gummy                  |
    |         T5   Holy Rune           T24  Life Bottle                  |
    |         T6   Charm Bottle        T25  Steak                        |
    |         T7   Big Apple           T26  Thief's Mantle               |
    |         T8   Armlet              T27  Rune Bottle                  |
    |         T9   Savory              T28  Medicine Bottle              |
    |         T10  Hourglass           T29  Resist Ring                  |
    |         T11  Moon Crystal        T30  Elixir                       |
    |         T12  Heavy Stone         T31  Protect Ring                 |
    |         T13  Apple Gummy         T32  Resist Ring                  |
    |         T14  Battle Rune         T33  Thief's Mantle               |
    |         T15  Orange Gummy        T34  Reverse Doll                 |
    |         T16  Holy Bottle         T35  Gorgon Amulet                |
    |         T17  Apple Gummy         T36  Protect Ring                 |
    |         T18  Verbena             T37  Resist Ring                  |
    |         T19  Savory              T38  Elven Boots                  |
     We are done with the forest!!! All right!!!
     When you get to the town a soldier will talk to Rambard about a
    half-elf intruder. The party hears a familiar voice... It's Arche, she
    got caught snooping around! By the elven laws, Arche must be executed,
    but the inn keeper appears and implores for Arche's life. Rambard
    suddenly decides to release her. The inn keeper calls her "my little
    Arche", apologizes several times and says she loves her. Arche doesn't
    understand until she is leaving town, when she realizes that the woman
    was her mother! But it's too late, you are no longer allowed into the
    village. The only thing you can do now is leave the forest.
    3.18- The City of Midgard
    Items to Get:    None
    Combos to Get:   Magma Bolt [from a woman in a camp south of Midgard]
                     Bolt Crash [pay 18,000 Gald to a man in Midgard]
     Walk east from the forest and enter the harbor near the Moria
    Gallery. Get on the ship and pay 320 Gald to the captain for the trip
    to Freland.
     Buy anything you need in Olive Village (which is east from the docks
    in case you forgot), especially buy Apple and Orange Gummies and
    Remedy Bottles, and do fill your Food Sack.
     From the outside the village walk east and south (you should be able
    to see the first of the oases you visited earlier), go far north past
    the second oasis and turn west when you find the ocean to see the
    third oasis. Head north and you should see a series of bridges, cross
     In this new continent walk north a little and you should see a bridge
    over a river to your left, cross it and head left, over another
    bridge. Follow the narrow path to find an area with a little camp by
    the mountains. Enter the camp and talk to the lady, she will give
    Cless the Magma Bolt combo.
     Go back to the place where you were before going over the first
    bridge and head north, past a tower near the mountains, cross bridge
    over a river and walk right, into the big city by the lake.
     Welcome to the famous city of Midgard, the most powerful country in
    the world and the leading force in the war against Dhaos. Walk
    directly right from the place you enter (assuming you used the western
    entrance), when you get near the castle's gates fairy will appear and
    take the Royal Emblem. He tells you to go to the Tower of Twelve
    Stars if you want it back. You were going there anyway, but lets buy
    some good equipment before.
     This town is so big that it is divided into two parts, you are now in
    the southernmost one. Walk south from the castle's gates and turn
    right (going right takes you to a locked house and an Orphanage). You
    can't stay at the inn, but you can buy whatever you need from the
     From the Pharmacy go up and enter the door in front of you. This is
    the Armor and Weapon Shop, most stuff here is better than your current
    equipment, but it costs a lot of money. Concentrate on Cless and Arche
    (buy the Mecha-Halberd for Cless, it's a lot stronger than the Gungnir
    you have). If you can't afford the equipment you need just sell one of
    the Cat's Eyes you got from the racing boy in Alvanista (it's worth
    39,000 Gald).
    Note:  When I got to the town I had a ?Weapon in my inventory that
          transformed into a Slayer Sword, which is almost as powerful as
          the Mecha-Halberd you can buy in the city. I got it from the
          enemies outside town, but they don't drop it often. Check if one
          of your ?Weapon transforms into a Slayer Sword if you want to
          save some money.
     Now use the path going up from the right side of the Weapon Shop
    building to get to the northern part of the city. Fill your Food Sack
    in the shop you find in the way up and continue. Turn left, right in
    front of the Pawn Shop is a guy between the buildings, he sells you
    the Bolt Crash combination for Cless for 18,000 Gald, make sure you
    buy it (if you sold a Cat's Eye you should have enough, try to keep
    your Cat's Eyes, they are REALLY valuable later on).
     There's nothing else to do in town, so just leave. Note that you
    can't go north from the city, so the only new place to visit is the
    tower you saw when you where coming to the city (if you don't remember
    where it was, go south from the city, near the mountains to the east).
    3.19- The Tower of Twelve Stars
    Items to Get:    Tractate [1], Spy Lens [1], Basilisk Scale [2],
                     Sage [2], Apple Gummy [1], Orange Gummy [2],
                     Bread [1], Holy Rune [1], Remedy Bottle [1],
                     Protect Ring [1], Sirloin Steak [1],
                     Charm Bottle [1], Silver Cape [1], Battle Rune [1],
                     Rabbit's Foot [2], Mantle [1], Resist Ring [1],
                     Black Onyx [1], Rune Bottle [1]
    Spirits to Get:  Luna [Top floor of the Tower of the Twelve Stars]
    Spells to Get:   Ray [Sixth Floor of the Tower of the Twelve Stars]
     This tower has an extra twist to make it interesting, the doors in
    each floor leading to the next one are controlled by music, a specific
    music has to be played in order to make the doors open. To change the
    music you have to use the statues scattered around each floor. The
    design of each floor is almost the same, only the placing of the
    statues and treasure chests change.
    / MAP OF THE TOWER OF TWELVE STARS FLOORS                            \
    |                                __S__                               |
    |                               |     |                              |
    |                               |     |                              |
    |                               |_DDD_|                              |
    |                  ______     _/       \_     ______                 |
    |                 |      |  _/           \_  |      |                |
    |                 |      | |      ---      | |      |                |
    |                 |      | |               | |      |                |
    |      ______  |¯¯ ¯¯  ¯¯ ¯                 ¯ ¯¯  ¯¯ ¯¯|  ______     |
    |     |      | |  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_____     __ __|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  | |      |    |
    |     |      | |  |              |   |  S           |  | |      |    |
    |   |¯ ¯¯  ¯¯ ¯   |              |   |              |   ¯ ¯¯  ¯¯ ¯|  |
    |    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯               |   |               ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   |
    |             ______    ______   |   |   ______    ______            |
    |            |      |  |      |  |   |  |      |  |      |           |
    |            |      |  |      |  |   |  |      |  |      |           |
    |          |¯ ¯¯  ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯  ¯¯ ¯¯     ¯¯ ¯¯  ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯  ¯¯ ¯¯|        |
    |           ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         |
    | LEGEND                                                             |
    |                                                                    |
    |     S   Stairs                                                     |
    |     DDD The doors that open only when the right music is playing   |
    |     --- The stone slab that clues you about the music              |
    - First Floor -
     This is just the entrance, go through the door and up the stairs in
    the room with the image of Aquarius on the floor.
    - Second Floor -
     The music that opens the door in this floor is already playing (yes,
    the Dungeon Music), so if you have no interest in treasures just go
    through the door.
     If you do want treasure then head go down first (the left path has no
    treasures). When the passage splits go left, the first door takes to a
    chest containing a Spy Lens, the second door takes to a Tractate(a
    good weapon for Klarth). To the right from the Pisces sign on the
    floor where the path splits head right, the first room contains a Sage
    and a Basilisk Scale, the second room has an Apple Gummy.
     Once you have got all the treasure in this floor go north from the
    main room (if you didn't touch any statues, the door should be open).
    - Third Floor - 
     The music that opens this floor's door is Arche's Theme (the lovely
    music that was played when you met her). The statue that controls that
    melody is found by going down from the main room and entering the left
     For the treasure lovers: exit the main room to the left, go through
    the second door you find for an Orange Gummy, then go back to the main
    room and use the southern exit. Turn left over the Taurus symbol on
    the floor and enter the first room for a Bread, then enter the next
    one and check the statue, say 'Yes' and Arche's Theme should start
    playing. Walk right from the Taurus symbol and enter the far right
    room for a Holy Rune. Go back to the main room and head right this
    time, go through the first door for a Sage and just walk back into the
    main room. Now that we got all the treasure in the floor we can go
    into the next one!
    - Fourth Floor -
     The key theme here is the Mystic Forest theme, the  statue is in the
    second room of the left corridor.
     In the left corridor use the first door to get two chest, containing
    a Basilisk Scale and a Remedy Bottle, then go back to the corridor and
    use the next door, check the statue and say 'Yes' to change the music
    to the Mystic Forest theme.
     The southern corridor (this one has the image of Cancer on the floor)
    has a Protect Ring in the first room to the right and a Sirloin Steak
    in the second one (the left hand has no treasures).
     Finally, for the right corridor, ignore the first door (it just takes
    you to a statue) and use the second one for an Orange Gummy and a
    Charm Bottle. Now just go north from the main room to get to the
    - Fifth Floor -
     You have to put the Dungeon Music again, you can find the statue by
    going down and using the second door to the right.
     As we have been doing in this whole tower, let's go left first, the
    first door takes you to a chest containing a Silver Cape and the
    second one guards a Battle Rune.
     From the main room walk down and turn left, inside the first room is
    a Rabbit's Foot, after getting it use the second door to the right and
    check the statue, say 'Yes' and the Dungeon Music theme should be
     In the right corridor of this floor enter the first room for a Mantle
    and just go back, the other room just contains a statue.
    - Sixth Floor -
     In this floor the 'Open Fire' theme must be played to open the door,
    the statue is found in the second room of the right corridor.
     Walk west from the main room into the left corridor, go through the
    first door for a Resist Ring, then go back to the room with the stone
    slab and head down, turn right and enter the second room, which
    contains two chests (the treasures are a Rabbit's Foot and a Black
     Okay, now let's check the right corridor. The first door takes you
    to a chest containing a Rune Bottle, and the second door takes to the
    statue that activates the 'Open Fire' theme you need to open the door!
    We are almost done with the tower!
     From the main room go north, when you try to go up the stairs the
    fairy you met in Midgard appears and introduces himself as Artemis,
    (Luna's assistant). He doesn't want to let you see Luna unless Arche
    kisses Cless. She is willing, but Mint stops her.
     A voice then tells Artemis to stop playing and give you something in
    return for all the trouble. Seeing Arche can use Magic, Artemis gives
    Arche the Ray spell. After Artemis disappears, go upstairs to meet
    - Seventh Floor -
     After Luna gives you the Royal Emblem Artemis had stolen from you,
    Klarth requests a contract. Even though she doesn't like to fight,
    Luna accepts to forge a contract using the Moonstone Ring.
     You have to go down all by yourself now, but all the doors are open
    already so all you have to do is to go down the stairs in each floor.
    Finally we have finished this tower!
     Save outside, and don't be afraid of testing Arche's new spells and
    Klarth's new Spirit!
    3.20- War! The Valhalla Plains and the Aerial Battle
    Items to Get:    Poison Amulet [2], Chicken [1]
    Spells to Get:   Indignation [given by Lyzen after the aerial battle]
     Walk back up to Midgard and try to enter the castle. Now that you
    have the Emblem Klarth shows it to the guards and says he comes to see
    Edward D Morrison. The party is taken into a room to wait, talk to
    your party if you want to, note that if you try to leave the room
    Klarth stops you. Just wait a while and Edward will come in.
     The man with Edward introduces himself as Lyzen. During the meeting
    Arche behaves strangely (she's questioning Dhaos' motives to fight).
    Once you can move you can explore this floor of the castle, but
    there's nothing to see, only a bedroom and a room guarded by soldiers.
    Go near the stairs to find Lyzen talking to a researcher (it seems
    Dhaos warned Lyzen to stop a certain research), he then proceeds
    to introduce you to the king.
     The king talks about several subjects, mainly the about fact that
    Dhaos' troops have gathered at the north end of the Valhalla Plains
    and that the country has been developing a secret weapon...
     Now that the chat with the king is over, Lyzen takes you to the Magic
    Research Labs, where he reveals that his goal is to give humans the
    ability to use Magic, then and leaves. Now talk to the people in the
    rooms. Many of them comment on how the elves refuse to help in the war
    against Dhaos. You can't enter the room guarded by soldiers, it's
    probably where they keep the secret weapon.
     Go up the stairs, if you go straight up you can see a room full of
    cannons, weapons and armors (but you can't take or use any of them).
    You can also visit the king's bedroom which is right from his throne,
    but there's nothing to do there either, so just leave the castle.
     When you leave Arche will start questioning Dhaos' motives to attack
    only some cities. She deduces there must be some relation between the
    Scarlet family, Harmel and Midgard. To clear this out, she decides to
    see her father (she has some other reason to see him...).
     As soon as you enter Bart's house, Arche starts questioning him about
    her mother, who he said was dead. Bart explains that until ten years
    ago, elves lived with humans in peace, but they suddenly moved to Ymir
    Forest one day. Even though Arche's mother, Luche, didn't want to
    leave, she was forced to. She asked Bart to tell Arche that her mother
    was dead. Once the family affairs are finished, Klarth asks about the
    Scarlet family (Lia, Arche's friend, was from that family). Bart says
    that they had moved to Harmel from Midgard, and were working on a top
    secret project...
     Now you will be back at Midgard, where something seems to be wrong.
    All the soldiers are terrified watching something inside the castle.
    Go through the gates to find Edward and a monster holding a kid
    hostage. The monster's name is Jestorna, he brings declaration of war
    from Dhaos. Edward transports behind the demon, surprising him and
    making it let the kid go. Jestorna grabs Edward, but he uses a very
    preliminary form of Time Travel, disappearing with the demon. After
    watching Edward's sacrifice, Arche is convinced to fight Dhaos.
     It's time for a strategy meeting. Lyzen explains the plan, which is
    to go through the plains north of the city defeating Dhaos' armies.
    The army will divide into four teams, each will have a leader, and
    Klarth is named as the leader of the fourth team, so he has to stay
    with Lyzen for a while to talk about he mission. Now go to the city
    and stay at the inn. Buy items and equipment if you need to, then go
    back into the fortress and approach the conference room to get Klarth
     Lyzen goes into one of the rooms that are guarded to check on
    Midgard's secret weapon, the MysTek Cannon. A series of scenes follow,
    showing the preparations for the war. After that, you will finally be
    in the fields north of the city, where Lyzen instructs everyone on how
    to proceed in the Valhalla Plains.
     The main thing here is to find the boss waiting for you in the upper
    right corner of the plains in the shortest time possible. The sooner
    you do it, the better the prize you get. When night comes you are
    asked if you would like to set camp and rest, then the day changes.
    You can't leave the plains without having killed the boss.
     You start in the camp. If you want to rest talk to the soldier
    standing to the right of the tents. The soldier standing to the left
    can give you up to 15 of one of four items each time you talk to him.
    The items are:
                   1.- Apple Gummy
                   2.- Remedy Bottle
                   3.- Life Bottle
                   4.- Bread
     Here's a map of the plains, hopefully, you can understand it. The
    plains are so big that I had to make two sections. Note that I tried
    to keep proportion as much as I could, but it wasn't possible all the
    / MAP OF THE VALHALLA PLAINS                                         \
    |   White Forest                                                     |
    |       |--|    ________     _____ ____________ ______               |
    |       |  |   |        |   |    -|-          -|-     |              |
    |       |  |   |  |¯¯|  |   |  |¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯|  |              |
    |       |--|   |--|  |--|   |--|                   |  |              |
    |       |  |___|  |  |  |_ _|  |      _________    |  |              |
    |       |         |  |   -|-   |     |         |  _|--|___           |
    |        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯ ¯|  |     |  |¯¯¯|  | |        |          |
    |                           |--|     |--|   |--| |       -|- To A    |
    |                           |  |     |  |   |  |_|        |          |
    |                           |  |     |  |   |   -|-       |          |
    |   __________              |--|     |--|    ¯¯¯¯|________|          |
    |  |          |             |  |__ __|  |   __________               |
    |  |  |¯¯¯¯|  |             |    -|-    |  |          |              |
    |  |--|    |  |             |  |¯¯ ¯¯|  |  |  |¯¯¯¯|  |              |
    |  |  |   _|--|___          |--|     |--|  |--|    |--|              |
    |  |--|  |        |______ __|  |     |  |__|  |    |  |              |
    |  |  |__|       -|-    -|-    |     |        |    |  |              |
    |  |    -|-       |¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯|  |      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |  |              |
    |   ¯¯¯¯¯|        |         |--|                   |  |              |
    |         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          |  |                   |  |              |
    |             _________     |  |                   |  |              |
    |            |         |    |  |                   |  |              |
    |            |  |¯¯¯|  |    |  |                   |--|              |
    |            |--|   |--|    |--|        ____ ____ _|  |              |
    |      ____ _|  |   |  |____|  |       |   -|-  -|-   |              |
    |     |   -|-   |   |          |       |  |¯ ¯¯¯¯ ¯|  |              |
    |     |  |¯ ¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       _|--|___     |--|              |
    |     |--|                           |        |____|  |              |
    |     |  |_ __________ ____      ____|       -|-      |              |
    |     |   -|-        -|-   |    |   -|-       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯               |
    |     |  |¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯|  |    |  |¯|        |                      |
    |     |--|              |--|    |--|  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                       |
    |     |  |              |  |____|  | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                    |
    |     |  |              |          | |  |¯¯¯¯|  |     To B           |
    |     |  |               ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |--|    |--|     |--|           |
    | E   |  |            __________     |  |    |  |__ __|  |           |
    | N   |  |           |          |    |  |    |    -|-    |           |
    | T  _|--|___        |  |¯¯¯¯|  |    |  |    |  |¯¯ ¯¯|  |           |
    | R |      SP|       |--|    |--|    |--|    |--|     |--|           |
    | A |        |_____ _|  |    |  |____|  |    |  |_____|  |           |
    | N |       -|-   -|-   |    |          |    |           |           |
    | C          |¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            |
    | E |        |                                                       |
    |    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                                        |
    |                                                                    |
    |                 _____ _______                                      |
    |                |SP  -|-  Boss                                      |
    |                |  |¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                      |
    |                |--|                                                |
    |               _|  |                                                |
    |         A   -|-   |                                                |
    |               ¯|  |                                                |
    |                |--|                                                |
    |                |  |                                                |
    |                |  |                                                |
    |                |  |                                                |
    |                |--|                                                |
    |                |  |__ _____                                        |
    |                |    -|-    |                                       |
    |                 ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯|  |                                       |
    |                        _|--|_____                                  |
    |                       |          |________                         |
    |                       |         -|-       |                        |
    |               ________|          |¯¯¯¯¯|  |                        |
    |              |       -|-         |     |  |                        |
    |              |  |¯¯¯¯¯|__________|     |--|                        |
    |              |--|              _____ __|  |                        |
    |              |  |             |    -|-    |                        |
    |              |  |             |  |¯¯ ¯¯|  |                        |
    |              |  |             |--|     |--|                        |
    |              |  |             |  |___ _|  |                        |
    |              |  |             |    -|-    |                        |
    |              |  |             |  |¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯                         |
    |              |--|             |--|                                 |
    |              |  |__ ________ _|  |                                 |
    |              |    -|-      -|-   |                                 |
    |              |  |¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯|  |                                 |
    |              |--|             |--|                                 |
    |                B          Southern Exit                            |
    |                                                                    |
    | LEGEND                                                             |
    |                                                                    |
    |  -- Connection between screens                                     |
    |  SP Save Point                                                     |
    |  B  Boss                                                           |
     The shortest way to take, starting from the camp, up, up, up, right,
    up, right, right up, up, right, up, up, right, right, right and up.
    There should be a Save Point in this screen if not, then either you
    messed up, or I made a mistake while writing the instructions ^_^
    Heal your characters and save. If you still have the Princess Capes
    you used in Ifrit's cave, equip them on Mint and Arche, because the
    next boss can use a very powerful fire spell.
     Go right to find a Dragon, its name is Ishrantu and he is one of
    Dhaos' servants (of course you have to fight him). If it took you more
    than five days to find this place, another party will be there
    already, but you have to fight the same boss anyway.
    BOSS: Ishrantu________________________________________________________
             HP   5000
             TP    100
    Drake [2]
             HP   1500    Absorbs:  Water
             TP      0    Weakness: Fire, Thunder
    TOTAL EXP    13200
    GALD         15402
    ITEMS    Poison Amulet [1]
      First have Cless take care of the Drakes, they are just like the
    Lizard Men you fought in the Ymir Forest, just use your best short
    distance techs to kill them (use a Flare Bottle if you want to).
     While Cless kills the Drakes, Arche should cast Ray on Ishrantu, it
    can make quite some damage, and keeps him from casting spells. Klarth
    should summon Maxwell or Luna (the later can hurt Ishrantu for about
    900 HP always, but with a little luck, Maxwell can reach 1500 HP and
    even more!). If you want to be completely safe, have Mint cast Hammer
    on the boss, but remember that she must be ready for healing in case
    Ishrantu casts the Fire Storm spell.
     When both Drakes die, have Cless use long-range skills on the boss,
    but don't get too close, because Ishrantu can bake a little fire
    barrier in front of him that hurts you if you touch it.
     NEVER let Ishrantu alone for too long, or he will use a deadly spell.
    He can use Thunder Blade (this one is not that powerful) and Fire
    Storm, which happens to be his favorite spell and the most damaging
    (can take about 1400 HP from all the characters!). Equipment with fire
    protection (such as the Princess Capes for Mint and Arche) is very
    useful here.
     Right after the battle you are taken to Midgard, go to the inn and
    stay for free, then go to the world map and save your game.
     When you are ready, enter the castle. The guards will take you to see
    the king. The king will pay you 10,000 if it took you two days or
    more, if you manage to make it in one day, you get 50,000 Gald!. If
    it took you more than five days (meaning that there was another party
    fighting Ishrantu), you still get 10,000 Gald.
     Everyone is happy with the victory, until a soldier comes in
    terrified. It turns out that Dhaos not only had an army, he also has
    his personal Air Force! A scene shows how monsters slowly appear on
    the sky. Lyzen runs into the room of the MysTek Cannon.
     Before going out, buy anything you need from the merchants inside the
    castle (the old man sells weapons, the young man sells gummies and
    some other items, the woman to the left sells food and the other woman
    sells accessories). Buy the best armor you can find for Cless and
    Arche, and if you don't have a Mecha-Halberd yet, don't buy it now
    (you wont use it right now, and you can get one for free a little
    after that).
     When you have everything you may need go outside. Just like in
    Alvanista, Cless will hear a woman's voice talking about the Gungnir.
    He separates from the party and is absorbed into a gate.
     You are now in an unknown place, there's a transporter near you, but
    it just takes you to a dead end (a Bush Baby statue is blocking a
    corridor). Go north and Cless will see a woman on a winged horse. She
    says that she works for Odin, she is the Valkyrie. She wants Cless to
    return the Gungnir, which belongs to Odin. She offers to give you
    something in exchange, Cless has an idea and asks her to lend him the
     In the mean while, Lyzen fires the MysTek Cannon, killing most of the
    monsters and everything else around them. At the same time, in the
    forest south of Beladum, Martel is surrounded by animals near the
    Tree of Life, she can feel how the Mana is disappearing. Lyzen now
    tries to shoot again, but it overloads and fills the room with smoke.
     Klarth and the others are just watching, as they can't do a thing
    against enemies in the sky. Suddenly, Cless appears with the Pegasus
    and explains his plan. He will fly into the sky and fight the
    remaining monsters. The Pegasus lends some of his power to Arche's
    broom, allowing her to fly high to help Cless.
     While on the Pegasus, Cless can only do normal attacks. Remember to
    heal yourself as soon as needed, because you only have two party
    members, and Mint is not around to heal you.
    / FIRST BATTLE       | MIDGARD - AERIAL BATTLE                       \
    |Vultura [2]         |  The Vulturas can hurt your characters for    |
    |         HP   1800  | about 400 HP with each hit, so watch out. The |
    |         TP    100  | effective way to kill them is to have Arche   |
    |--------------------| cast Thunder Blade while Cless attacks Thunder|
    |TOTAL EXP   2200    | Blade hurts them for about 1000 HP each time, |
    |GALD        2640    | and Cless' attacks make about 300 points of   |
    |                    | damage.                                       |
    |ITEMS  Chicken [1]  |                                               |
    |                    |                                               |
    \                    |                                               /
    / SECOND BATTLE      | MIDGARD - AERIAL BATTLE                       \
    |                    |  The Charons are the toughest enemies of the  |
    |                    | whole aerial battle, because they can cast    |
    |                    | Thunder Blade (hurting your characters for    |
    |Charon [3]          | about 500 HP) and ABSORB all elements. To     |
    |         HP   2000  | prevent Arche from screwing up, go to her     |
    |                    | tactical menu and put her on Passive mode (the|
    |         TP     60  | tactic menu is the third icon of the battle   |
    |                    | menu, the Passive mode is the fourth option   |
    |--------------------| next to Arche in the menu).  Use a Flare      |
    |                    | Bottle on Cless and attack the Charons. Some  | 
    |                    | times they might fly very low, not letting    |
    |                    | Cless hit them with normal attacks, in those  |
    |TOTAL EXP   3000    | cases go far from the enemy, press the attack |
    |GALD        1200    | button and push up in the control pad to make |
    |                    | him jump and hit the enemies.                 |
    / THIRD BATTLE       | MIDGARD - AERIAL BATTLE                       \
    |Demon [2]           |                                               |
    |         HP   1150  |  First, have Arche cast Thunder Blade on the  |
    |         TP      0  | group of enemies to kill the Demons and the   |
    |                    | Vultura (but let her in Passive mode, so she  |
    |Charon              | doesn't heal the Char when are trying to kill |
    |         HP   2000  | it).                                          |
    |         TP     60  |                                               |
    |                    |                                               |
    |Vultura             |  Now use a Flare Bottle on Cless and kill the |
    |         HP   1800  | little Charon.                                |
    |         TP    100  |                                               |
    |--------------------|                                               |
    |TOTAL EXP   4160    |                                               |
    |GALD        3720    |                                               |
    / FOURTH BATTLE      | MIDGARD - AERIAL BATTLE                       \
    |Demon [3]           |  Very simple, just have Arche cast Ray on the |
    |         HP   1150  | Demon while Cless attacks with the Gungnir.   |
    |         TP      0  |                                               |
    |--------------------|  Use this chance to heal your characters to   |
    |TOTAL EXP   3090    | full HP, because you will be facing a boss    |
    |GALD        3000    | next.                                         |
    BOSS: Ishrantu________________________________________________________
             HP   5000
             TP    100
    Demon [2]
             HP   1150
             TP      0
             HP   2000    Absorbs:  Light
             TP     60
    TOTAL EXP    15060
    GALD         17400
    ITEMS    Poison Amulet [1]
     This Ishrantu is the same from the battle in the Valhalla Plains,
    that means it can cast Fire Storm and hurt you pretty badly.
     First cast Ray on the Demons to kill them (it doesn't matter if you
    heal the Charon right now), then use a Flare Bottle on Cless and take
    care of the Charon, while Arche uses Ray on Ishrantu to prevent it
    from casting Fire Storm. Once Cless kills the Charon, use another
    Flare Bottle on him and attack Ishrantu until it dies.
     Remember that if Ishrantu is left alone for a while, he will cast a
    spell, and that Fire Storm is really powerful. If he ever gets to cast
    it, heal immediately with the items at your disposal.
     After the battle Cless thanks the Pegasus and it leaves (taking the
    Gungnir with him). Lyzen appears and gives you a book that belonged to
    Edward, it contains the awesome Indignation spell for Arche! (you do
    remember the Indignation spell, don't you? The spell that is used on
    Dhaos during the introduction).
     Now, you have defeated Dhaos' Army and Air Force, it's time to go for
    his Navy... Just kidding! The party goes to bed and now it's time to
    enter Dhaos' castle. Of course, make sure you fill your Food Sack, buy
    any items you need, if you want Holy and Dark Bottles you will have to
    go as far as Olive Village, because nobody sells them in Midgard (same
    for Rune Bottles, but you have to go to Alvanista). Re-equip weapons
    on Cless, because the Valkyrie took the Gungnir.
    3.21- Dhaos' Fortress
    Items to Get:    Flame Mantle [1], Aqua Mantle [1], Mystical Rune [1],
                     ?Weapon [5], Mecha-Halberd [2], Halberd [2],
                     Savory [1], Sage [1], Orange Gummy [2],
                     Life Bottle [2], Apple Gummy [3], Rune Rod [8],
                     Protect Ring [1], Battle Rune [1], Steak [1],
                     Magic Mirror [Rare Item], Lavender [1],
                     Hourglass [1], Elixir [1], White Mist [1],
                     Mental Ring [1], Magical Broom [1], Armlet [1],
                     Gold Key [Rare Item], Charm Bottle [1], Jade Ring [1]
    Combos to Get:   Earth's Rage [buy from a man in the Valhalla Plains]
    Spells to Get:   Fire Storm [Dhaos' Fortress, near the entrance]
                     Distortion [Dhaos' Fortress, behind a mirror]
     When you are ready, exit the city, save of course, and enter the
    Valhalla Plains. You have to work your way to the spot where you faced
    Ishrantu, happily, there are no fights this time around.
     Before going to Dhaos' Fortress, you can buy a new combination from a
    man in the plains. To find him, go (from the entrance) up, up, right,
    right, down, right, right and up. The man there will sell you the
    Earth's Rage combination for 50,000 Gald. If you don't have the money,
    don't worry, you can it later.
     Now, to leave the plains (from the spot where you bought the combo),
    go right, right, up, up, left, left, up, up, right ,right, right, up,
    right and finally right again. Refer to the map in the previous
    section if you need more help.
     You should appear in the map, near a small bridge. Cross it and walk
    north until you see a castle (it look more like a factory if you ask
    me). Save your game and enter the place.
    Okay, before going deeper into this dungeon, here are some general
         ·  The Golems absorb many elements, so make sure the weapon
           equipped on Cless is a non elemental one, the Mecha-Halberd is
           fine, if you don't have one, don't worry, you will get one
         ·  Equip the Lightning tech on Cless, it hurts the Golems and
           most of the enemies here. Arche should cast Indignation and
           Ray and Klarth should summon Luna, of course, whenever you find
           an enemy that absorbs all elements (such as the Charons),
           summon Maxwell.
         ·  Some enemies in this place may leave a ?Weapon after a fight.
           It can be modified into a powerful Moon Falux with a Rune
           Bottle. However, don't equip this weapon on Cless, you need
           him to hurt enemies that absorb all elements most of the time.
     From the first room, exit to the left. There should be two doors in
    this room, use the left-most one and get the Flame Mantle from the
    chest, then go right and grab the Aqua Mantle. Use the door directly
    to the south from the chest (or where it used to be). You should come
    out in a staircase, walk to the right and check the gargoyle to get a
    Mystical Rune, then use the door a few steps down from there to come
    out in the first room. Go down the stairs, then go through the other
    door in the northern wall. At a first glance, this room is empty, but
    if you check the three groups of weapons standing there (anyone knows
    the right name for this?) you can get a Halberd, a Mecha-Halberd and a
    ?Weapon (this one transforms into a Slayer Sword). If you don't have
    one yet, equip the Mecha-Halberd on Cless, if you already had it, take
    it anyway, because it can be sold for quite some money. Once you have
    all the weapons found here, just go back to the main room and exit to
    the right.
     You should come to a small room with two gargoyles and a door that
    opens only from the other side. Before you leave, check the red plant
    near the door to get a Savory and a Sage, then just proceed to your
    right. Walk through the narrow passage, when you step on the switch,
    the door in front of you will open, go through it and get the Fire
    Storm spell from the chest, then go back to the last room and head
    left. Check both groups of weapons for another Halberd and
    Mecha-Halberd. The door in the left end of the room in locked, so use
    the door found south from the mirrors on the wall to appear in the
    room of the red plant, go left and step on the same switch from
    before, the door in front of you should close, walk to the door that
    was locked before and it will be open, go through it!
     Just go up the stairs to come to a corridor with two doors, the left
    one takes to a locked door, and the right one to a switch puzzle (the
    choice seems to be pretty obvious). In the right room the sign reads:
    Up, Down, Right, Left, Down, Up. Step on the switches in that order
    and the sound of a door opening should be heard (if you mess up, just
    read the sign again or re-enter the room). Once you are done with the
    switches, go back to the corridor and use the left door, follow the
    path and go through the open door.
     This corridor is full of mirrors, in one of them you see a monster
    instead of your reflection. Ignore that for now and go up the stairs.
    This new room also has mirror with monsters, but ignore them to and go
    up the stairs to come to three doors. Go through the left one to get
    an Orange Gummy and a Life Bottle, then go back to the last room and
    use the right most door to get two Apple Gummies and a Rune Bottle. Go
    back one room and now use the middle door.
     You should be in a fork shaped room. Head left first and enter the
    room to get an Orange Gummy, a Life Bottle and an Apple Gummy, then
    go back and head right. You will come into a large room with a long
    table in the middle and eight switches. Read the sign near the
    northern door (it's in the same language as the stone slab in Moria
    Gallery, so Arche has to read it). The switches on both sides of the
    table have to be pressed at the same time. Here's my method to do it:
        - When the countdown starts stand next to the first switch and
          step on it right after Arche does.
        - From the second to the third switch just walk straight, right
          after stepping on the first switch.
        - For the third and fourth switches, try to do the same thing you
          did in the first one (of course it's harder now). Remember to
          step on the switches right AFTER Arche does, it's quite hard to
          do it at the same time, and the game counts it as bad timing if
          you step on the switches before she does.
     If you mess up and the door doesn't open Arche will ask you if you
    want to try again.
     It should take a couple of tries, but finally you will get it right.
    Go through the door to see a Save Point, use it of course and go up
    the stairs.
     Of the two doors here, use the lower one first to find a Protect Ring
    and a Rune Bottle, then go through the northern door. You come to yet
    another three doors here, one is in front of you and the other two are
    a little to the left, go through the later ones to get some treasure
    (a Battle Rune and a Steak), then proceed by the northern room.
     This room has some stairs and a room that opens only when something
    in placed over the switch next to it. Go up the stairs, there's a hole
    in the floor and a statue that looks like Demitel in the southern part
    of the room. Grab the statue and push it into the hole, then go back
    down the stairs and place the statue on the switch to open the door.
     The next room has the same kind of door you just saw, but there's a
    problem, you don't have a statue here. Step on the switch twice and
    Klarth will suggest you leave someone behind to step on the switch. I
    recommend you choose Arche, but it's up to you. If you change your
    mind about the character you leave behind, just talk to him/her and
    choose whom you'd like to leave.
     Go through the open door and up the stairs. Walk down through the
    door and then go left (the door to the right is locked). Go straight
    left and follow the stairs up. This is the top floor of the castle,
    a Mini Boss battle is coming soon, so you probably want to save your
    game. Exit to the left and follow the path, a couple of screens later
    you should come to a room with two doors, use the right-most one and
    the Save Point should be there (don't bother trying to open the door
    behind it, you need the strength of four people here). Now, to face
    the Mini Boss, from the Save Point go back to the room with two doors
    and go through the left door, you should appear in the main room of
    the top floor.
     Now heal up and, if you have a Moon Falux, equip it on Cless. Exit by
    the north door in this room to find a chest guarded by a monster, get
    near it to face the Mini Boss!
    MINI BOSS: Evil Lord__________________________________________________
    Evil Lord
             HP  10500    Weakness: Fire, Thunder
             TP     60
    Draygen [2]
             HP   2000    Weakness: Fire, Light
             TP      5
    TOTAL EXP    10401
    GALD          9200
    ITEMS    ?Weapon [1], Rune Bottle [1]
     All the enemies in this battle are weak to Light, that's why a Moon
    Falux helps a lot (not only it is more powerful than a Mecha-Halberd,
    it also has the elemental advantage). If Cless has a Moon Falux, he
    will probably hurt the enemies for about 1000 HP with each hit (more
    if you use a Flare Bottle, which you should).
     Klarth of course should summon his most powerful and happily Light
    elemental spirit, Luna, to hurt the enemies for about 2000 HP with
    each casting, if you left behind Klarth instead of Arche, the later
    should cast Indignation but it's not as powerful as Luna for this
     As for Mint, just have her ready to heal anytime it's needed, after
    all she's just the healer of the party, you can't expect her to do
    much else ^_^ If you want to, let her cast Hammer on the Evil Lord
    while you take care of the Draygens.
     After the battle open the blue chest that was guarded by the monster
    to get the Magic Mirror (a Rare Item), which allows you to fight all
    the monsters you saw inside mirrors before. Go back to pick up the
    character you left behind so he can help you fight the many Mini
    Bosses you will be finding now, just talk to the one standing on the
    switch and choose the fourth option.
     From the room with the statue of Demitel go south twice, then down
    the stairs and use the Save Point. Exit this room by south to find the
    Dinning Room (the one with the eight switches), then go south again
    and down the stairs.
     There should be two mirrors with monsters in this room, each leads to
    a fight against the same group from before, which will be easier to
    kill now that you have all your characters (refer to the strategy
    above if you have any problems, and remember that a Moon Falux makes
    this a piece of cake). To engage in a fight with the monsters on the
    mirror just try to talk to them, when a monster is defeated you are
    taken inside its mirror to get the treasure inside. After you do, just
    check the mirror to exit. Of the tow mirror in this room, the left one
    takes you to a room with treasure (a Lavender, 10,000 Gald, a
    Hourglass, an Elixir and a White Mist) and the right one takes you to
    a room where you find the Distortion spell for Arche (her first death
     When you are done in that part go down the stairs and talk to the
    monster in the mirror there and fight yet the same Mini Boss to be
    transported into another part of the castle. Walk left, check both
    gargoyles and say 'Yes' when you are asked if you want to throw a
    switch, when you throw the second switch a chest containing a Mental
    Ring will appear. The other chests in the room contain a Rune Bottle,
    a Magical Broom (which you should equip on Arche right away) and a
    Armlet. Now go right, past the mirror, then down, and enter the door
    to your left in the next room. The puzzle here is just like the one
    you saw earlier in this fortress, but instead of left you have to
    press right and vice versa. In case you are just too lazy to look at
    the instructions above, step on the switches in the following order,
    Up, Down, Left, Right, Down and Up. When you do it right go outside
    the room and a chest should be there, it contains a Gold Key (a Rare
    Item), which allows you to open all the locked doors in this castle.
     Go all the way back to the room where you have to leave one of your
    characters and choose to leave Arche (don't worry, you will get her
    back really soon). Go up the stairs and head south like you did
    before, but this time open the door to your right with the Gold Key,
    this door connects to the room with the hole on the floor. Cless will
    call Arche and she will fly with her broom through the hole! Just get
    the chest near you (it contains a Charm Bottle) and go back to the
    last room, then exit to the left.
     There is a small table in the middle of this room, and directly south
    from it is a door, go through it and use your Gold Key on the locked
    door, get the four chests (three Dragon Steaks and a Silver Cape) and
    just go to the top floor of the castle. We are getting close to Dhaos!
     From the first room of the top floor use the door on the southern
    wall that's found to your right, then go through the door to your left
    to find a Save Point (use it of course). Check the door in this room
    and Klarth will say you need four people to open this door (that's
    why you couldn't open it earlier). When the door opens proceed into
    the next room, where you have to fight another Mini Boss, refer to the
    strategy above if you need help.
     Before you go on, save your game, heal up and recover full TP to all
    your characters, because Dhaos is next. Put Arche and Klarth in the
    Cast Many Spells/Summon Many Spirits mode, also go to their Skill menu
    and cancel all the spells but Indignation and Luna (just press Y next
    to the spell name to gray it out). Equip Cless with his Lightning Bolt
    skill, it works just fine. Make sure Arche has the Mystical Rune you
    got at this castle equipped, it halves the time it takes to cast a
     Once you are completely ready and have saved, go north twice from the
    Save Point to find Dhaos. He behaves rather strangely, saying he has
    no quarrel with you, but since the party is so insistent, he decides
    to fight anyway...
    BOSS: Dhaos___________________________________________________________
             HP  49900    Weakness: Thunder, Light
             TP   1000
    Evil Lord [2]
             HP  10500    Weakness: Fire, Thunder
             TP     60
    TOTAL EXP    25000
    GALD         25000
    ITEMS    Jade ring [1], Rune Bottle [2]
     Dhaos comes with two bonus Evil Lord, but this is good, because he
    won't do a thing as long as they are between you and him, so you will
    want to cast spells on Dhaos and keep the Evil Lords alive for as long
    as you can, leaving Cless receive their hits and healing him
     If you remember the introduction of the game, you know that Arche
    MUST cast Indignation on Dhaos, it takes about 6000 HP each time she
    casts it, plus, it makes Dhaos curse! Luna does decent damage (about
    2000 HP) but it's not that much, however she's the best Spirit for
    this battle.
     Cless can't hurt Dhaos normally, because Dhaos heals back all the
    damage taken from physical hits. However, as you hurt him with spells,
    he becomes weak, and starts healing only half of the damage or nothing
    at all. Even if you can't hurt him, attack all the time once the Evil
    Lords are dead, because Dhaos could cast some very damaging spells,
    or even worse, use one of his deadly attacks. When you note that you
    can hurt him, use the Lightning Bolt skill to take about 1200 HP out
    of Dhaos each time.
     Once the Evil Lords die (you will end up killing them  before Dhaos
    even if you don't want to, that's for sure), Dhaos will start casting
    spells, his repertory includes God Breath (about 2400 points of damage
    to one character), Fire Storm, Thunder Blade and some others. But the
    worst thing he can is to use one of his very own attacks, they take no
    casting time, and are just as deadly (even more) as the spells, his
    attacks include:
           ·  Dhaos Laser: hurts all characters in front of him for about
              1200 HP
           ·  Tetra Assault: A combo of four hits, each one hurts for
              about 700 HP
           ·  Dhaos Corridor: A big explosion, it hurts all characters in
              the screen for about 2500 HP! This one is the deadliest of
              his attacks.
           ·  Just plain hits that can hurt one or two characters for
              about 700 HP
    NOTE:  There's an Extra Tactic for this boos available in Part II.
     After the battle Dhaos vanishes, just like he did in the
    introduction, and Cless is really mad about it. Being unable to do
    anything, the party goes to Alvanista.
    3.22- Unicorn! Help us Save the Yggdrasill
    Items to Get:    Medicinal Herb [6], Rune Bottle [3], Unicorn Horn [1]
     Runeglom welcomes you in Alvanista, he has a goodbye letter Edward
    left before disappearing and a key, but Runeglom doesn't know what it
    is for, so he suggest to go ask Edward's wife about it.
     Once in Edward's house, Lilith (his wife) says it is the key to his
    husband's private library and opens the door for you. The party reads
    in a book that Edward was researching Time Travel and that an ancient
    civilization called Thor had mastered its secrets. However, Thor sunk
    into the sea, and the book doesn't mention a way to get there, but
    Klarth has an idea and says that one of the spirits you have might
    help you to get to the bottom of the ocean, he also says that Thor was
    supposed to be about a hundred kilometers north from Venezzia, so they
    should go there first. Mint comments that they need to heal the
    Tree of Life before going to the present and facing Dhaos in the
    shrine, because if the tree dies, they will not be able to use magic
    in that time, and Dhaos will surely kill them. Klarth says it's true
    and asks Cless if he understands, say 'Yes' to go on with the game.
     Go to Alvanista and stay at the inn. Mint will have a dream about her
    own childhood. She was talking with her mother (Meryl) about her
    beautiful earrings, which are shaped like a Unicorn. Mint wanted to
    have them, but her mother told her that her mother had given them to
    her, and that she would give them to Mint when she became older and
    experienced, because the earrings are a proof of being a healer. Meryl
    gave Mint her hat instead.
     Before leaving Alvanista, make sure you win all the Cat's Eyes
    possible from the racing kid (three prizes is the maximum you can get
    from him). Buy Rune Bottles, use one of them on the Jade Ring you got
    from your fight against Dhaos to transform it into a Fairy Ring, which
    cuts TP usage of the spells by one half.
     Now buy items if you need them and catch a ship to the Freland in the
    harbor near the Moria Gallery. During the trip a conversation will
    start, in which Mint mentions she could heal the Tree of Life, but she
    is not powerful enough by herself and needs the help of the Unicorn,
    symbol of healing. And so, the party decides to go to the White
    Forest, found north from the Valhalla Plains.
     Work your way to Midgard (you will notice that now that Dhaos is
    gone, there are people on the streets) and buy whatever you need. Make
    sure you talk to a woman in the northern half of the city, who
    mentions the Unicorn; then enter the Valhalla Plains. You have to find
    the top left exit of this place, to do so, go up three times, right
    once, then up, right twice, up four times, left once, up, left twice
    and finally up (if you need any more help, just look at the map of the
    plains in section 3.20). You should come out in a place of the map
    near a small forest. Save your game and enter.
     Inside the forest, Mint and Arche separate, because the Unicorn only
    appears before pure girls, which Cless and Klarth are not ^_^ You will
    be from now in control of Mint and Arche, but don't worry, because
    there are no monsters in this forest. I have drawn a little map of the
    forest, here it goes...
    / MAP OF THE WHITE FOREST                                            \
    |                                                                    |
    |                                        \        /                  |
    |                                         \  U   /                   |
    |                                          \    /                    |
    |                                           |  |                     |
    |                                           |  |                     |
    |       E                                   |  |                     |
    |       N                                   |--|                     |
    |       T  ______ _________________ _____   |  |                     |
    |       R   C   -|-               -|-  H |  |  |                     |
    |       A  ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯   |  |                     |
    |       N           |--|     |--|           |--|                     |
    |       C           |  |__ __|  |__ _____ __|  |__ _____             |
    |       E           |    -|-      -|-   -|-      -|-  H |            |
    |                   |  |¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯             |
    |                   |  |     |--|           |--|                     |
    |                   |  |__ __|  |           |  |                     |
    |                   |    -|-    |           |A |                     |
    |                   |  |¯¯ ¯¯|  |            ¯¯                      |
    |                   |--|     |  |                                    |
    |           _____ __|  |__ __| H|                                    |
    |          |H   -|-      -|-    |                                    |
    |           ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯|  |                                    |
    |                   |--|     |--|                                    |
    |                   |  |     |  |                                    |
    |                   | H|     | H|                                    |
    |                    ¯¯       ¯¯                                     |
    |                                                                    |
    |                                                                    |
    |   -|- & -- Connection between screens                              |
    |         C  Place where Cless and Klarth are                        |
    |         H  Medicinal Herb                                          |
    |         A  Spot where Arche hides                                  |
    |         U  Unicorn                                                 |
    |                                                                    |
     If you go near the guys, Cless will ask you if you are ready to leave
    the forest, so go near them if for some reason you want to leave.
     From the place where you start, go right, to the next screen, then
    straight and pick up the mushroom-looking thing for a Medicinal Herb
    (this item can be sold for quite some money later). Go back one screen
    and, of the two paths going down, use the left one. Just walk down
    until you find a crossroad, turn left and pick up another Medicinal
    Herb, go back and walk down, get the Medicinal Herb there.
     Back in the crossroad, go right, then down for another Medicinal
    Herb. Go back one screen and get the Medicinal Herb that's on the
    right side of the path as you go up. When you find another crossroad,
    turn right and follow the path, then keep it straight to get yet
    another Medicinal Herb (this one is kind of hidden under a tree in the
    lower part of the screen).
     Go back once and head up. Follow the long path going north, and when
    you try to leave the screen Arche will run away (she will be at the
    bottom of the forest if you follow her, but she won't join you
    anyway). Just keep going up with Mint and she will meet the Unicorn
    and ask it to help her.
     Meanwhile, Cless and Klarth are talking about the girls and about
    going to see the forest by themselves when Mint and Arche come back.
    All of a sudden, Klarth feels an Evil presence in the forest. Mint is
    still talking to the Unicorn, she asks if it understands her point,
    but then, monsters appear, and of course it's time for Cless and
    Klarth to come to rescue.
     First of all, if you have a Moon Falux, equip it on Cless, because
    the monsters you will face are weak to the Light element. From where
    you are, go right, then down (using the path to the right), right
    twice, down to find Arche (talk to her and she will join), and finally
    go all the way up to find Mint and face the bad guys.
    MINI BOSS: Evil Lords_________________________________________________
    Evil Lord [3]
             HP  10500    Weakness: Fire, Light
             TP     60
    EXP          24000
    GALD         24000
    ITEMS    Rune Bottle [3]
     This are the same guys you fought in Dhaos' fortress, and they are
    just as easy as then, even now that there are three of them. All their
    attacks are a whip attack (about 400 HP less to one character) and
    an attack called "Hell Gem", which creates five little balls in the
    air that hit one or two of your characters for about 250 HP with each
     Use a Flare Bottle on Cless and just attack with his best short-range
    skills (the one that hits the enemies twice and costs 7 TP is great
    here). Each hit takes more less 1200 of the Evil Lords' HP.
     Being the enemies weak to Light, Klarth should summon Luna to hurt
    them for about 2000 HP, and Arche should cast Ray (it's even better
    than Indignation for this battle). If you want to give Mint something
    to do other than healing, cast Hammer on the Evil Lords, or Haste on
    the party to make them faster.
     The party is OK after the battle, but the Unicorn is mortally hurt.
    It decides to help Mint by transforming itself into the Unicorn's Horn
    Staff. With this precious piece of equipment, Mint's power can be
    amplified and the Tree of Life (AKA Yggdrasill) can be healed! Cless
    asks Arche why she had run away, Arche answers she was afraid that the
    Unicorn wouldn't want to see her because she had a boyfriend once.
     Now in the forest south of Beladum, the party is in front of the
    tree. Mint asks them to step back, because she is about to cast a
    spell with all of her strength and the Unicorn's Horn, meaning it
    should be really powerful. When Mint casts the spell, the effect is
    huge indeed, so much that she almost can't hold the staff. Cless tells
    her to step back, but she doesn't listen, because she really wants to
    heal the Tree of Life. Mint asks for her mother to give her strength,
    and a blast of healing energy follows.
     Cless is the first one to regain consciousness, he looks at tree, it
    is just like the illusion he saw in his own time, when he went hunting
    with Chester, which means that the Tree of Life has been healed! When
    everyone wakes up, they congratulate Mint for accomplishing such
    labor, then Martel appears, asking whose power healed the tree. Mint
    answers it was a little from her, but the one to thank is the Unicorn.
    Everyone tells her not to be so modest. Martel thanks her and says
    that the Mana will gradually recover from now on.
     Once Martel disappears, Cless begins to think that maybe Dhaos
    attacked Midgard to preserve the Mana... The next step is to go to
    Venezzia. Exit the forest and enter Beladum, sleep at Lenios' place if
    you need to (you should, because you haven't recovered since the fight
    in White Forest). Equip the Unicorn Horn on Mint! It's much more
    powerful than any weapon you can buy for her now.
    3.23- Thor, the sunken Hi-Tech City
    Items to Get:    Magnetic Card [Rare Item], Skeleton Key [2],
                     Diamond Ring [1]
    Spells to Get:   God Breath [In a small room in Thor, the sunken City]
     Go all the way up to Venezzia, if there's something you haven't done
    yet, do it now, because you will soon leave this time period. When you
    are ready, go talk to the Captain of the ship that took you to
    Demitel's Island and to Undine's Cave. You can ask him to take you to
    the Abyss of Thor! Choose that option (number 3) and pay the 200 Gald
    (50 per person).
     When the ship gets to the place where the city was supposed to be,
    Cless tells the Captain that they will get off there. Klarth calls
    Undine and she makes an air bubble to take you to the bottom of the
    ocean. Once the party dives, the ship leaves.
     Undine takes the party deeper and deeper, until something becomes
    visible in the bottom of the sea... It's Thor! Klarth was right! Once
    you are down there, the party decides to start the search for the Time
    Travel device. The city is quite small, and there's almost nothing to
    see here. If you go right from you current position and follow the
    stairs going up, you can find a rusted shut door, you can't enter now,
    but you should remember this place, because you will come back later.
     Enter the building found a few steps north from where you start in
    this city and check the shiny thing on the counter, say 'Yes' to pick
    up the Magnetic Card, then leave. Walk directly south from the
    building, go down the stairs and turn right. Use the Save Point if you
    want to and check the panel next to the door near you. Cless will use
    the Magnetic Card on the panel and the door will open.
     Follow the short path (there are enemies here, they are all weak to
    Thunder attacks) and you will come out in a big room. Walk south,
    avoid the monster in the way if you can or just go straight and kill
    it (it's not hard to defeat). At the bottom there are eight chest,
    seven of them are empty, one of them contains the Skeleton Key, which
    is used to open one of the doors in this room.
     Go up, but don't use the Key yet. This is how this works, there are
    eight doors in this room, but only three of them are real, one takes
    you to the path you used when you came in, the second door takes you
    to a small room in which the God Breath spell is found and the last
    one takes you to the Mother Computer and the Time Travel device. When
    you use the Skeleton Key and a door opens, the key is lost and you
    have to come into the room again to get a new Key. Emulator users will
    have it easy, as they can just save before using the Key, and load if
    it's not the wanted room. Console users will see themselves trying
    their luck several times.
     The first thing you should get from this place is the God Breath
    spell for Arche, it is in a small room with a chest in the middle, if
    you enter any other room before finding the spell, go back, get the
    key again and try your luck. Once you have the spell, try to find a
    room with a Save Point where the floor is orange, when you find it,
    save, equip a Mystical Rune on Arche, and if you have another one,
    equip it on Mint. Equip the Moonstone Ring on Klarth and equip a
    Mithril Mesh on the other characters to protect them from Light
    attacks. Make sure Cless has the Lightning Bolt skill equipped.
     When you are ready, go forward, the alarm will go off, sending robots
    to attack you!
    BOSS: 2SH_____________________________________________________________
    2SH [2]
             HP  18600    Weakness:   Thunder, Fire
             TP      0
    4400R [3]
             HP   4400    Weakness:   Thunder
             TP      0
    TOTAL EXP    16000
     This battle could get complicated, as the 2SH just love to shoot
    missiles at you. However, casting Indignation a few times will teach
    them who's the boss ^_^
     As soon as the battle starts, have Arche cast Indignation on the
    4400R near you, so it doesn't bother you any more. When she is done
    with that one, she must cast Indignation on the 2SH several times, to
    kill them quickly (every casting takes about 5500 of their HP).
     Klarth should summon Maxwell to attack the 2SH, because they are the
    most dangerous enemies. Save Mint for healing, you will need it,
    because the 2SH can put Cless' HP in red numbers in no time.
     Use a Flare Bottle on Cless and make him attack the 2SH so it doesn't
    use its 'Physics Missile' attack on you. When the first 2SH is killed
    and the way to the second one is free, use the Lightning tech.
     Once the two 2SH are dead, just cast Indignation on the 4400R that
    might have survived.
     After the battle you find a contract ring on the floor, the Diamond
     Go north until you find a computer, which immediately starts working.
    It introduces itself as Oz, the Mother Computer and gives you two
            1. Time Warp
            2. Medical Treatment
     Choose number 2 first, because you will be facing the Dhaos of the
    present very soon, and then choose number 1 to request Time Warp. Oz
    will do all the necessary checks and inform you that there is not
    energy because the city's power is not turned on. The only one who can
    decide whether to turn on the power or not is the mayor, but the mayor
    is dead, so Oz makes you the new mayor of Thor and asks you if you
    want to turn on the power (answer 'Yes', of course). When the power is
    restored, the city is lifted from the bottom of the ocean.
     Now, before talking to Oz again, go back and Save (be careful not to
    get out of the room when you step on the Save Point). Do the same
    arrangements you made before fighting Dhaos the last time (put Arche
    and Klarth into the 'Cast Many Spells/Call Many Spirits' mode, cancel
    all spell and spirits but Indignation and Maxwell, etc.). If you have
    an extra Mystical Rune, equip it on Mint, you will soon need lots of
    healing, and the faster, the better. Cless should equip his best
    combination techs, I found the Tempest combo extremely useful for the
    upcoming battle.
     Talk to Oz and choose 1. Cless instructs the Mother Computer to take
    them 102 years into the future, May twenty-first, inside the mausoleum
    south of Totus, in front of Dhaos' sarcophagus. Then everyone steps
    on the machine and the Time Travel begins.
     In the shrine, you witness the same scene that took place after Cless
    and Mint were sent to the past, then the party appears attacks Dhaos.
    BOSS: Dhaos___________________________________________________________
             HP  16250/65000
             TP   1000
    TOTAL EXP    25000
    GALD         25000
     This version of Dhaos is weird, his max HP is 65000, but he starts
    with about one fourth of it, and thank god for that, because if Dhaos
    had full HP here, he would be a nightmare. Oh, forget about how much
    you used to hurt him with your spells before, Dhaos has really
    improved his magical defense in the last one hundred years.
     As soon as the battle starts, use a good long-distance skill, the
    Tempest combination works great, as the first attack, even tough it
    doesn't hurt Dhaos, it keeps him busy defending and gives Arche and
    Klarth lots of time to cast spells or summon spirits, and the second
    part of the attack (Lightning Bolt) hurts Dhaos for about 500 HP. And
    as a bonus, the stabbing attack could stun Dhaos! As soon as Cless
    finishes the combo and goes back to his place next to the party,
    repeat the process, remember that the key for this battle is to be so
    fast that Dhaos dies before knowing what hit him ^_^
     Arche should cast Indignation, even though Dhaos is no longer weak to
    it, this is the strongest spell you've got for now. Indignation will
    hurt Dhaos for about 1500 HP. Right after she casts the spell, give
    the order to cast it again.
     Things for Klarth have changed, now he has to summon Maxwell instead
    of Luna, Luna does about 550 points of damage, while Maxwell can hurt
    Dhaos for about 75 points with each hit, and some of the hits might
    be more powerful, reaching 500 and sometimes 1000 points of damage.
     It's really helpful to have Mint cast Haste on Cless, since this
    battle depends on speed. After she casts Haste, just save her for
    healing, you will probably need it.
     Dhaos' attacks remain more less the same, but he has stronger spells
    now, including Explode, which hurts all the characters in screen for
    about 4000 HP (surely killing you) and God Breath, which hurts all
    the characters on screen for about 2300 HP. However, it's not usual
    for Dhaos to cast spells, as he likes more to get near your party and
    use his favorite no-casting-time deadly attacks, such as Dhaos
    Corridor and Tetra Assault. Also, Dhaos can turn your characters to
    stone with his normal attacks (which take about 800 points out of your
    HP), so you could use a Medicine Bottle on Cless, just to be safe.
     This is a hard battle, but if you are fast enough, you can win
     Great! This time Dhaos couldn't escape from you, but there's no time
    to celebrate, because the whole cave starts to fall apart. All the
    energy released by Dhaos' awakening and the battle weakened the
    mausoleum's structure. Everyone runs away, and a big piece of stone
    falls over the unconscious Dhaos. The party escapes from the cave and
    take Tristan with them just in time, before the cave blows up.
     Dhaos was buried in the cave, everyone is happy now, so it's time to
    say goodbye to Arche and Klarth, who must return to their own period
    in history. When they are leaving to the Abyss of Thor to go back in
    time, something terrible happens, meteors start crashing over the
    whole area! Once that's finished, a man appears in Time-Travel-fashion
    and introduces himself as Harrison, emissary of the King of Alvanista,
    fifty years into the future. It seems that Dhaos wasn't dead after
    all, and is now doing the evil stuff he likes to do in the future.
     Harrison came back in time to ask for help from the only people who
    ever defeated Dhaos. The meteors where an attempt from Dhaos to kill
    you, so you couldn't go to the future. The party decides to go to the
    future and defeat Dhaos. Cless invites Chester, who agrees, event
    though Arche says he looks too weak. Tornix stays behind, while
    everyone else goes to the Abyss of Thor. Harrison instructs the Mother
    Computer to take them fifty years into the future, to a town in the
    southern part of Euclid.
    3.24- Future Times are Better!
    Items to Get:    Large Sack [Rare Item], Reverse Doll [1],
                     Sardonyx Ring [1]
    Combos to Get:   Flare Talon [buy from a swordswoman in Miguel]
     The party arrives in the future of Totus town. It's unbelievable how
    much the town has progressed after its destruction fifty years ago,
    and it is called Miguel Town now, after Cless' father.
     Harrison goes to Venezzia, to arrange transportation to Alvanista,
    and tells you to go there as soon as you can. You get a message
    explaining that even though you have five party members now, only four
    of them can participate in battle. You can change who's in the active
    party by going to the Formation Menu and choosing 'Change'. Put your
    party's settings back to normal (you know; Arche's spells, Klarth's
    spirits, etc.).
     From where you start in this village, head left and talk to the woman
    next to the item shop, pay her 30,000 Gald to get the Large Food Sack,
    which can store up to 20,000 units of food. Buy the items you need
    from the item shop, don't buy new equipment, because you will soon
    need loads of cash to pay for new techs and some really expensive gear
    in other towns (as for Chester, just give him Cless' old stuff).
    NOTE:  If you forgot to get the Eruption spell from Lenios in the
          past, you can get it now from a woman in the Weapon Shop. It's
          not going to be useful, anyway...
     In the spot where Cless' house used to be (the top left corner of
    town) is now a Dojo, go inside, talk to the sensei and pay 20,000 Gald
    to buy the Flare talon combination for Cless. If didn't get the Mecha
    Blade combo in the past, go to the house that used to be Chester's,
    talk to the old man in bed and check his drawers to get it combo.
     Before you leave town and head to Venezzia, put Chester in the active
    party, so he gains a few levels during the trip, because he is just at
    the exact same level he was when you separated in the shrine. Equip a
    Black Onyx on him, so his HP his higher and he doesn't get killed too
     When you get to the mountain pass, choose the long path, so Chester
    gains some extra levels. At the summit of the pass you will find a
    chest containing a Reverse Doll.
     In Euclid, buy some food and put it in your food sack, but don't try
    to fill it, because it will cost you a fortune (or a lot of time
    buying and consuming Apples ^_^). While you are in the food shop, talk
    to a boy who asks you to buy him an Apple, if you buy the guy about
    nine Apples, he will be full, and that's it. I don't know if this has
    any effect at all in anything in the rest of the game, but come on!
    each Apple only costs you 1 Gald. Also, buy Jet Boots if you don't
    have any, because you will need them soon. If you have enough money,
    buy a Holy Cloak or two in the Armor Shop, they will be useful soon.
     There is a man hiding between the inn and the exterior wall of the
    city, if you talk to him and enter the house a few steps down from
    there, you can tell his wife where he his hiding. Again, this doesn't
    affect the game, it's just for fun. Another amusing detail, is in the
    house in the top-right corner of town. The dog there can "sing" the
    game's theme song, Yume wa Owaranai ^_^ 
     In the top left corner of the city (where uncle Olson's house used to
    be) you can find a Research Center, there's not much to see, but note
    that the guards won't let you go downstairs.
     Inside the castle you can find lots of people, all of them are there
    for the big tournament being held at the coliseum. You can enter this
    tournament and get good prizes, but it's VERY unlikely that you win
    right now. Look at Section 4.6 if you want more information...
     Go talk to the king. he will be amazed to meet the people who
    defeated Dhaos in the past and offer to give you money, say 'Yes' to
    get 80,000 Gald.
     Once you've got the money, there's not much else to do here, only a
    guy in the First Floor wearing a black armor, who can give Cless a new
    class when he fulfills certain requirements (it doesn't seem to affect
    anything). Leave the city and go north, if you need to rest just stay
    at the house where Bart used to live.
     Venezzia hasn't changed much since you last came (one hundred and
    fifty years ago!), the only thing to notice is that the building where
    Elwyn's company was has changed. If you got Elwyn and Nancy together,
    the building will be empty, but if you didn't help them, it will be a
    school. There's yet another possibility: if you got Nancy and Elwyn
    together and helped Elwyn make up with his father, the Trading Company
    will still be here, managed by one of Elwyn's descendants.
     Go to the ship in which you used to go to Alvanista to find Harrison,
    who's talking to the captain. He says that no ships are leaving
    because of the attacks of Dhaos' navy, so you have to look for some
    other kind of transportation to Alvanista, like flying.
     Harrison tells you there is a Research Center in Euclid, where a new
    way of transport is being developed. And so, you are taken to Euclid,
    inside the Research Center. Harrison shows his ID and you are allowed
    to go downstairs, where you meet doctor Stanley and his inventions,
    the Airbirds. The birds can't fly as far as Alvanista, they need to
    get more power from somewhere. Stanley says that the spirit Volt could
    probably do it, but there are no summoners that he knows of to make a
    contract with Volt. Klarth reveals his ability to contract with
    Spirits, making Stanley really happy, so much that he offers to give
    you the prototypes of the airbirds for free if you can find Volt.
     Stanley gives you the Sardonyx Ring, a ring of contract you could use
    with Volt and tells you the spirit lives in the mountains east of
    Miguel. The summit of the mountains is probably easier to reach by
    going through the cave in the area.
    3.25- Lightning Spirit! Volt's Cave
    Items to Get:    Holy Bottle [1], Lavender [2], Shield Ring [1],
                     Life Bottle [1], Grimorum [1], Apple [1],
                     Bread [1], Sylph Broom [1], Protect Ring [1],
                     Jade Ring [2], ?Armor [1], Wing Pack [Rare Item]
    Spirits to Get:  Volt [summit of the mountains near Morrison's house]
     The cave mentioned by Stanley is near Morrison's house, southeast
    from Miguel. Enter Morrison's house first and go to the library to
    meet a new member of the Morrison family, Harold D. Morrison. Sadly,
    he doesn't have any magical powers to help you. Cless asks Harold if
    he knows what happened to them in the past, but he refuses to tell
    him. While you are in the house, buy any items you need from the
    merchant in the kitchen and use the bed to rest if you are hurt. When
    you are ready, enter the cave next to the house.
    NOTE:  From outside the house, you can see a chest through one of the
          windows. I haven't been able to discover a way to get the chest
          normally, but through some complicated cheats, I found out it
          just contains a Mystical Rune, which is not a very special
     Inside the cave, walk north first and get the Holy Bottle from the
    chest, then go through the door near you to get two Lavenders. Go back
    to the last room and head left, ignore the door a few steps down and
    get the chests in the room (they contain a Shield Ring and a Life
    Bottle). Equip the Shield Ring on one of your characters, preferably
    one of those who can't use normal shields, like Arche, Mint and
     Go back to the first room and exit to the west. Go right in the next
    screen and you will find a locked door and some strange device, which
    consists mainly of a light bulb and a generator of some kind. Equip
    the Sorcerer's Ring you got at Ifrit's Cave and shoot the generator
    to make it start working for a while, turning on the light bulb and
    opening the door for a short time. Go through the door and get the
    Grimorum book from the chest (equip the book on Klarth of course),
    then walk a few steps to your right and go down follow the stairs
     Don't use the door in this room yet, instead walk through the wall to
    your right and step on the switch, only then use the door, go north
    and turn right.
     In this big place, walk up and right, go through the door and use the
    stairs. Get the Orange Gummy and go back (the door going north locks
    behind you, forcing you to start from the beginning of the cave). From
    the big open place exit to the south to find a room with four
    generators, of which only you can only start two by shooting them. If
    you start them now, the power is only enough to open the door a
    little, what you have to do is enter the little room in the lower part
    of the screen and pull the lever, then use the Sorcerer's Ring on the
    generators, run through the door and go down the stairs.
     Get the Apple and the Bread from the chests here and use the door.
    You will come out in a large room, equip the Jet Boots now because you
    will need them (if you don't have any, use the teleporter in the right
    side of the room to get out of the cave and buy a pair). Walk a few
    steps to the right to find a group of generators and a broken switch
    near them. Shoot the generators and run right, through the thin wall
    there and use the door that just opened, then just use the door in
    go straight, because an invisible barrier doesn't let you reach the
    other door.
     You will appear in another room, go through the door near you and
    throw the switch, then head right and up to get the Sylph Broom for
    Arche (equip it right away). Use the southern exit of the room to be
    back in the large room from before. Go down and turn left, avoiding
    the teleporter that takes you to the entrance of the cave. Note that
    a wall on the east side of the room has disappeared, revealing the
    path to another group of generators. Pull the lever on the back wall
    and use the Sorcerer's Ring on the generators. Quickly run down, right
    and up, trying to go through the door that just opened (you will need
    to be fast). Try as many times as you need to, use a Holy Bottle
    before doing it, to reduce the chance of meeting enemies on your way
     When you do it right you will arrive at a room that contains a Save
    Point and yet more generators. Equip a Mystical Rune on Klarth, he
    will be really useful for the next battle, also cancel all of his
    summons, leaving only Maxwell. As for Arche, just make sure you cancel
    Indignation and Ray. If you have Chester in the active party, replace
    him for a more powerful character. If you bought Holy Cloaks in
    Euclid, equip one of them on Klarth and the rest on the characters of
    your choice.
     Go to the far right of the room (don't step on the teleporter or you
    will be taken to the beginning) and shoot the third group of
    generators (counting from left to right, that is), then shoot the
    second group before it turns of and do the same for the last
    generator, then go through the door.
     You will be in the outside of the mountain, walk north to meet Volt.
    Cless tries to talk, but Volt just emits weird sounds and attacks.
    BOSS: Volt____________________________________________________________
             HP  28000    Absorbs: Thunder, Light
             TP    400
    Aruroun [3]
             HP   2200
             TP    100
    TOTAL EXP    23000
    GALD         32767
    ITEMS    Protect Ring [3], Jade Ring [1]
     Use a Flare Bottle on Cless and just use his best short distance
    skills to get rid of the Arurouns. Once they are all dead go for Volt,
    using your best skills.
     Klarth is the most useful guy for this battle; Maxwell usually hurts
    Volt for about 500 HP per hit (sometimes reaching peaks of 2000 HP!).
    As you could have guessed, Volt absorbs lightning, so Arche's
    Indignation spell is out of the question. Cast God Breath on the
    Arurouns instead, to help Cless, then just cast the same spell on
    Volt, it only hurts him for about 750 HP, but at least she's not
    healing him. Make Mint cast Haste on Cless, then just save her for
    healing or cast Hammer on the boss to knock him.
     Volt will be casting Thunder Blade most of time, hurting your
    characters for about 1000 HP if they are not protected from Lightning.
    The other attack he likes to do is a ring of electricity that goes
    through the whole battle field, hurting everyone on the floor for
    about 500 HP. All of Volt's attacks are Thunder elemental, so it's
    important to have Klarth (who's your main attack force in this battle)
    protected from that element, this can be achieved by equipping a Holy
    Cloak on him (you buy them in Euclid).
    NOTE:  For another Tactic to defeat this boss, look at Section VI.5 of
          Part II.
     After the battle, Klarth tries to contract with Volt using the
    Sardonyx Ring given to him by Stanley and it works!
     Now that you've got a new spirit to summon and are so happy, walk
    back south, when you do, Cless will ask Arche to go down to get the
    treasure for them. Chester tells Arche not to steal anything, which
    makes Arche furious! She says that she really hates Chester, and
    Chester replies he doesn't like her either, which seems to make Arche
    sad, but she denies it all. The chests contained another Jade Ring and
    a ?Armor (it transforms into a Star Cloak, equip it on one of your
    non-fighting-type characters).
     Go back to the room with all the generators and use the teleporter to
    leave the cave, then just head to Euclid. Talk to Stanley in the Magic
    Academy to inform him that you have made a contract with Volt already.
    Klarth will summon his new spirit and tell him to energize the
    Airbirds and Arche's broom.
     Once everything is energized, Stanley will show you a cool invention
    of him that allows you to take the birds with you everywhere you go.
    He gives this invention to you, with the birds inside it, you get the
    Wing Pack (a Rare Item) and Harrison goes to get everything ready in
     Stanley will explain you how to use the Airbirds and then ask you if
    you need him to explain again, say 'No'. The controls of the Birds are
    as follows:
    /                              AIRBIRDS                              \
    |Directional Buttons: Steer                                          |
    |      SELECT button: N/A                                            |
    |       START button: Toggle Map                                     |
    |           A Button: Take off/Fly Forward                           |
    |           B Button: Land                                           |
    |           X Button: Access Menu                                    |
    |           Y Button: Use the directional buttons while pushing to   |
    |                     strafe                                         |
    |           L Button: N/A                                            |
    |           R Button: N/A                                            |
     Go outside and press the accept button to feel the magic of flying!
    Yahoo! No more walking on the map!
    3.26- The Future of Alvanista and the Grand World Tour
    Items to Get:    Dedis Emblem [1], Drum Set [1],  Medicinal Herb [6],
                     Emerald Ring [1],Reverse Doll [1], Amethyst Ring [1],
                     White Mist [1], Iron Boots [1],Sapphire Ring [1],
                     Star Broom [1], Elven Bow [1],Muramasa [1],
                     Painting [1], Blue Crystal Rod [1]
    Combos to Get:   Lion Flare [Buy from a Swordsman in Freezekill]
                     Cinder Hawk [Buy from a Swordswoman in Ary]
                     Odin's Wrath [Buy from a Swordsman in Freland]
    Spirits to Get:  Aska [In Thor, in the chamber of the Mother Computer]
                     Shadow [In the cave south-east of Ary]
    Spells to Get:   Ice Wall [In Undine's Cave, north of Venezzia]
                     Death Cloud [In Demitel's Mansion, SW of Venezzia]
     You probably want to go and explore what's new in the world right
    now, but I think it's better to go to Alvanista first. The city can be
    found to the south-east of Euclid.
     Let's go around the city first. Make sure you talk to the blonde elf
    at the southern exit of the city, she mentions how it is said that the
    ancient civilization of Thor had captured the spirit of Light, Aska.
     If you go to the right side of town, a new racing boy will be there,
    the route and the rules are the same from before, only that the music
    is different now, and the race is a bit harder, look at the 'Secrets
    and Extra Stuff' section to see the list of prizes.
     Try to enter the castle, the guards will try to stop you, but
    Harrison will come out and let you in. Inside the castle you meet with
    and old friend, Runeglom, who ages slowly because she is a half elf.
    The king explains the problem they are having to fight Dhaos. It seems
    that our good old friend has mastered Time Travel, so it's impossible
    for the army to attack him. However, there's still a way to do it,
    Runeglom explains that on an expedition to Thor, information was found
    about something really interesting. A long time ago, the world
    consisted of three countries, Odin, Fenrir and Thor. After Thor was
    destroyed by a meteor, the other two countries eliminated each other
    in war. A book found in Thor reveals that the most powerful weapons of
    each country were hidden, and if you can get the three of them, they
    could be combined into a sword capable of controlling time, which
    would put you in the same conditions as Dhaos, so you can attack.
     Runeglom tells you to ask to the people in the Magic Research Center
    of the castle for information on where to find the treasures (it's not
    compulsory to ask). The people on the research center (reached by
    using the door next to the princess' room)say that Odin was in the
    Freland and that all that's left of Fenrir is the town of Freezekill,
    were Fenrir's Church is.
     Now go outside, if you didn't talk to the blonde elf near the
    southern exit of the town before, do it now, then just leave the town,
    because it's time to explore the world.
     Flying north from Alvanista you can find the town of Freezekill, were
    you can buy good equipment, however, just buy the Laser Blade for
    Cless, it's really powerful, but really expensive too. Sell all the
    useless equipment you have (the Mecha-Halberds are worth a fortune)
    and use a Lotus Perfume to get a 50% discount (to get a Lotus Perfume,
    just use a Rune Bottle on a Charm Bottle). If you want to, buy a Holy
    Staff for Mint, but don't buy any armor, especially for Cless, because
    you will get to a place with better armor soon.
     Go to the inn of the city, talk to the swordsman in the far left room
    and pay him 33,000 Gald for the Lion Flare combination. Note that if
    you stay the night at the inn, you will hear a wolf's howling, that
    wolf is the guardian of Fenrir's treasure, which is found in a dungeon
    inside the church you reach if you exit the town to the north.
    However, we will come back here later, just leave the town now.
     Going northwest from Freezekill is the town of Ary. This town has
    been in perpetual darkness ever since Dhaos reappeared three years
    ago. In the pub of the city you can buy the Cinder Hawk combination
    from a swordswoman for 50,000 Gald. In the same pub, a soldier from
    Alvanista will give you a Dedis Emblem he found on a monster he fought
    on the mountain. Talk to the woman next to him, who reveals the
    location of a Ninja Village inside of Treant's Forest (remember to
    actually talk to her or you won't be able to enter the village!).
                                Edward's House
     Not too much to do here, this place is now a Magic School, so it's
    full of people. Go upstairs, into what used to be Edward's private
    library and get a chest hidden under the bed containing a Drum Set.
    The Drum Set serves no real purpose as far as I know, but you can have
    fun with them, just enter the Item sub-menu and press the confirm
    button over them to be able to play!
     Remember Olive Village? Well, go there, you probably are running out
    of money, but here's a little something you can do, look for a guy
    standing between the item shop and a house (the only building that is
    actually a house in this place). When you talk to him, he will offer
    to sell you an Egg for 80 Gald, buy 15 of these and go sell them to
    the shop right next to you. Each Egg is worth 3140 Gald, making it
    47000 Gald for the 15 of them! (the guy selling the Eggs for 80 Gald
    sure doesn't know a thing about business, does he? ^_^). Repeat this
    as many time as you need, don't do it too much though, because later
    you can get loads of cash from your enemies.
     When you are done there, go to the first of the Oasis in Freland (you
    can reach it by going south east from Olive Village). The swordsman
    there will offer you the Odin's Wrath combination for 40,000 Gald, buy
    it (if you don't have enough, go make some money in Olive Village).
                               Aegis' Workshop
     More less to the south of Olive Village you can find an island that
    is not marked on the map. On this island you find Aegis' Workshop,
    where you can buy some good stuff. Try to buy everything you can equip
    on Cless from the girl, not only this equipment is strong, each piece
    is strong against a different element also! You can get protection for
    Fire, Water, Thunder and Earth. The boy in this store sells the Combo
    Command, which, when equipped on Cless, allows you to use any tech in
    battle by pressing a sequence of buttons (you know, like a fighting
    game), too bad it's worth 5,000,000 Gald!
     Finally, the third person behind the counter is an ivory carver. If
    you have an item called Ivory Tusk, he will use it to make Mah Jong
    Tiles. However, you don't have any ivory right now, the only way to
    get some is by certain enemies in the bonus dungeon. Try to remember
    this place...
                                 Herbs to Go
     Note that Midgard is... well, no longer there. Go to Unicorn's
    Forest and get all the Medicinal Herbs (six in total), they are in the
    same place they were when you came here seeking help of the Unicorn
    (if you need a map, refer to section 3.22).
                               Cave of Spirits
     Go to the cave where you got Gnome, which is east of Miguel. There
    are new enemies there now, so watch out. Work your way to the room
    where you had to activate the alarm to distract the little guys, use
    the left-most door to find a chest containing a contract ring, the
    Emerald Ring. Just leave the cave now, because there's nothing else to
    do here.
                                 Long Valley
     Go to Long Valley, enter the cave and go down the rope into the room
    where you had to push two rocks, each over a rift, to make the Shoki
    disappear. Once you are down there, walk right and go down when you
    reach the Save Point, get the chest in your way for a Reverse Doll and
    keep going down, then turn left and go up to get a new contract ring,
    the Amethyst Ring. Go back to the point where you got the Reverse
    Doll, walk right and head up, then right and go down a few steps from
    the little pond to get a chest (contains a White Mist), then go right
    and down to get Iron Boots. Leave the cave now.
                                Undine's Cave
     North from Venezzia you can find Undine's Cave. The goal here is to
    reach the room where you met Undine, which is not a hard task, but for
    all the lazy people out there... Exit the first room through the north
    door (the pool in this room should be empty). Walk right and down in
    the second room, throw the switch and exit to the north. Remember
    which of the two pools in this room is empty and go north, in the
    upper part of the chamber you will find a chest which contains the Ice
    Wall spell for Arche. If the left pool in the last room was empty,
    throw the right-most switch, then go back one screen. Use the stairs
    going down in the right pool and get the Sapphire Ring from the chest
                               Demitel's Island
     Fly southwest from Venezzia and land in Demitel's Island. Enter the
    mansion, go to the chamber where you fought Demitel (it's not hard to
    find) and get the Death Cloud spell from the chest in the center of
    the room (this is a Death spell, just like Distortion). Now leave the
                                 City of Thor
     To the east of Undine's Cave is the city of Thor. You do remember the
    building in the top right corner of town you couldn't access in the
    past, don't you? It's open now, so go there! When you enter, the party
    will look through the window and think about how advanced the people
    of Thor were. Walk near the lower part of the counter in this place to
    discover a holographic TV. You can choose out of four channels to
    watch, the first three are just jokes, including a Tales of Phantasia
    commercial, but the fourth channel is interesting, it's a news program
    from before the city sunk into the sea, it was December second, even
    though the countries of Odin and Fenrir had signed a peace treaty a
    few days before, a war declaration had just been signed, and the
    president of Thor was in favor of peace. The news report includes a
    comment about a Comet that was going to be visible that night, the
    report mentioned the scientists denying the possibility of the comet
    crashing into the planet (and if you remember what Runeglom said, you
    know that Thor was destroyed by a meteor...).
     Remember what the elf woman in Alvanista said, about how Thor had
    captured the spirit of Light, Aska? Let's check it out. Work your way
    to the room where Oz is and talk to it. If you spoke to the elf in
    Alvanista, there will be a new option, which is 'Information About
    Aska', choose that option (number 3) and you will be told how Aska was
    captured by the scientists of Thor to analyze the way in which she
    produced light as a part of an investigation about new energy forms.
    However, there were no great discoveries, and there is no record of
    the spirit being left free. Klarth tells the computer to let her go,
    and asks Aska for help to save the planet, she accepts of course,
    she's more than thankful because you released her after about 2000
    years, so Klarth uses the Topaz Ring to make the contract with Aska.
     Oh, in case you are wondering, you can't travel through time now,
    there's no energy left.
                               Cave of Darkness
     In the same continent of the town of Ary (the one where it's always
    night time, north-east of Thor) you can find two caves, enter the one
    located south-east of Ary. If you got the contract ring in Long Valley
    the Spirit of Darkness, Shadow will be there. Shadow will explain that
    his friends were brainwashed by Dhaos, and he wants to help you defeat
    Dhaos to take them back to normal. Klarth makes a contract with Shadow
    using the Amethyst Ring.
                                Elven Village
     Head to Ymir Forest, southwest of Alvanista. You will have to leave
    Arche at the entrance, but Chester will take her place right away. Go
    all the way to the Elven Village, in case you don't remember how to
    get there, cross the hanging bridge found a few steps behind the
    guard, then go up and follow the path. Head up when you have to
    choose, turn left and go up to exit this screen. You should be in a
    place with a Save Point were the path splits, choose to go left here
    and enter the next screen. Now go up, turn left and go up again when
    you come to a crossroad.
     Once inside the village, enter the weapon store, which is actually a
    Bow Store. Talk to the owner, who explains that his specialty is
    bows, Cless asks him if he could repair the Broken Bow he found right
    after being transported to the past with Mint. You can have the bow
    repaired for 20,000 Gald, accept, because the bow you get from this is
    great. You need to stay a night at the inn to give time to the shop
    owner to repair the bow, so let's go to the inn now.
     At the inn you find Rambard, the elf that helped you in the past to
    repair the rings found in the Moria Gallery. He and some other elves
    are discussing about letting half-elves into the village. The village
    has undergone lots of changes in the last 150 years, some humans are
    welcome in the village now, and an alliance with Alvanista has
    developed. However, half-elves are not allowed yet, because the elves
    fear something like the disaster of Midgard could be repeated. The
    party points out that the half-elves that developed the MysTek Cannon
    in Midgard couldn't understand what delicate gift is magic because
    they weren't allowed to make contact with the Elven culture. Rambard
    says he understands, but that the elders of the village are not very
    open minded.
     Talk to the inn keeper (Arche's mother, remember?), she gives you a
    Star Broom to give to the "pink haired girl", after that, she refuses
    to talk about Arche and just asks if you want to stay the night for 30
    Gald, say 'Yes' and go to the weapon shop the next morning to get the
    powerful Elven Bow (equip it right away).
     Lastly, go to the Item Shop and buy the Dark Robe from the left
     Don't leave this place yet, because the next place to visit is inside
    the Treant's Forest.
                              The Ninja Village
     You can access the hidden town of Tales of Phantasia right now, it's
    hidden inside the Treant's Forest. Check section 4.3 of the FAQ to
    see how to get there. The forest around town is a great place to build
    up levels right now. Remember to equip the Dark Robe you bought in
    the Elven Village on Arche when you get her back here.
     In the Ninja Village you can buy a good non-elemental sword that
    could help you beat the coliseum right now, however it's better to go
    to the coliseum later, once you have gained access to better
    3.27- Freeze! Fenrir's Ice Cavern
    Items to Get:    ?Helm [1], ?Armor [1], Armlet [1], Charm Bottle [1],
                     Black Onyx [1], Silver Cape [1], Aqua Mantle [1],
                     ?Book [1], Silver Plate [1], Shield Ring [1],
                     Ankh Shield [1], ?Helm [1], Cute Mittens [1],
                     ?Bow [1], Vorpal Sword [1]
    Skill to Get:    Soul Edge [defeat Fang Wolf in Fenrir's Cavern]
    Spells to Get:   Tidal Wave [in the Ice Cavern, maze section]
     Go to the town of Freezekill and use the northern exit, instead of
    appearing on the map, you will be in the entrance of a church. If you
    got Elwyn and Nancy together in the past you can meet one of Elwyn's
    descendants in this screen you, who is with his daughter and wife, who
    looks exactly like Nancy (maybe they are cousins or something and
    don't even know it! ^_^).
     Before you enter the dungeon, make sure you've got about five Rune
    Bottles and at least two Mystical Runes (the ones that cut the casting
    time of spells by one half). This shouldn't be a problem, if you
    trained enough you should have lots of money now.
     Check the door of the church and Klarth will say it's locked. A voice
    from within the church threatens you, then the you hear how the door
    unlocks. Mint and Arche try to open the door, but it blows down to
    pieces. Inside the church, walk north near the pulpit, Cless will be
    amazed by the art of the stained glass. A voice is heard again, and
    a beast appears in front of you, he's the guardian of Fenrir's weapon,
    the Vorpal Sword. The beast says that he will kill anyone who dares to
    take the sword, Cless replies that they will take the sword no matter
    what. The beast then invites you to come in to die (how nice of him!).
    Now walk behind the pulpit and a secret passage opens, allowing to
    enter Fenrir's Cavern.
     This place could get tough if you are not careful. Equip on Cless
    his best fire elemental skills, such as Phoenix and Magma Rift. Cancel
    all of Arche's spells, except for the fire elemental ones of course.
    As for Klarth, cancel Undine, Sylphs and Gnome, all the other spirits
    are useful, especially Aska.
     The first room contains just a Save Point, use it and go down the
    stairs. Walk down, left and up, get the ?Helm from the chest (it can
    be transformed into a Paladin Helm, which is not as good as the helmet
    you bought at Aegis' Workshop). The switch on the wall near you is
    frozen, so equip the Sorcerer's Ring on someone and shoot at it, then
    check the switch twice, the first time Cless will say it's hot, the
    second time you will be asked if you want to throw it, say 'Yes'. Walk
    down and right, into the next screen.
     If you threw the switch in the last room, the door here should be
    open, so just go through it! Then go down the stairs into the next
     You have to light all the candles to open the door in this room, so
    make sure you still have the Sorcerer's Ring equipped on someone.
    Light the first pair of candles, walk right and light the second pair,
    go down, light another pair and head left to light two more pairs. Now
    go back right and up, then go right again. Light the final pair of
    candles (you should hear the door opening), walk directly south to
    find the door and get the ?Armor from the chest (it's a Star Cloak,
    equip it on Mint or Klarth, Arche has the Dark Robe, which absorbs
    most elements). Now just go down the stairs.
     Walk down and left in this big room, then go up and you should see
    the statue of a nun, use the Sorcerer's Ring on it (in other words,
    shoot the nun, just kidding ^_^) to unfreeze it. Grab the statue and
    place it in front of the cave opening, as close as possible to it).
    Now walk right and light the candles to open the door. If the statue
    is in the right spot, you will be able to pass, if not, a blizzard
    from the cave will put out the candles, closing the door. If this
    happens, go back and move statue, then try again. Once you get it
    right, go down the stairs.
     The first screen of this floor is pretty simple, just go up and leave
    the screen to the left. You will be in a crossroad, this is actually
    the beginning of a maze. Here's the map for it, the walkthrough is
    under the map:
    / MAP OF THE MAZE INSIDE THE ICE CAVERN                              \
    |                     EXIT      __       __                          |
    |                     |  |     |  |     |  |                         |
    |                     |  |     |  |     |T7|                         |
    |                     |--|     |--|     |--|                         |
    |              ____ __|  |__ __|  |__ __|  |__ ____                  |
    |             |T8 -|-      -|-      -|-      -|- T6|                 |
    |              ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯¯¯                  |
    |                     |--|     |--|     |--|                         |
    |              ____ __|  |__ __|  |__ __|  |__ ____                  |
    |             |   -|-      -|-  T5  -|-      -|-   |                 |
    |              ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯¯¯                  |
    |                     |--|     |--|     |--|                         |
    |              ____ __|  |__ __|  |__ __|  |__ ____                  |
    |             |T4 -|-  T3  -|-      -|-      -|-    ENTRANCE         |
    |              ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯¯¯                  |
    |                     |--|     |--|     |--|                         |
    |              ____ __|  |__ __|  |__ __|  |__ ____                  |
    |             |TW -|-      -|-      -|-  T1  -|-   |                 |
    |              ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯¯¯                  |
    |                     |--|     |--|     |--|                         |
    |                     |  |     |T2|     |  |                         |
    |                     |  |     |  |     |  |                         |
    |                      ¯¯       ¯¯       ¯¯                          |
    |                                                                    |
    |                                                                    |
    |    --  Connection between screens                                  |
    |    TW  Tidal Wave spell for Arche                                  |
    |                                                                    |
    |    T1  Armlet                                                      |
    |    T2  Charm Bottle                                                |
    |    T3  Black Onyx                                                  |
    |    T4  Silver Cape                                                 |
    |    T5  Aqua Mantle                                                 |
    |    T6  ?Book [transforms into an Ex Mortis]                        |
    |    T7  Silver Plate                                                |
    |    T8  Shield Ring                                                 |
     From the first screen of this maze go down, get the Armlet, then go
    left and down for a Charm Bottle. Go back up, go left twice and get
    the Tidal Wave spell for Arche (turn it off right away, because it
    heals the enemies in this dungeon). Head back right and go up, get the
    Black Onyx from the chest and exit to the left to get a Silver Cape.
    From the screen with the Black Onyx the way to the next treasure is
    right and up. Get the Aqua Mantle, then go right, up and right to get
    a ?Book (it can be transformed into an Ex Mortis, a good weapon for
    Klarth). Go back left and then go up to get a Silver Plate from the
    chest behind the rocks (the armor is nor as good as the one you bought
    in Aegis' Workshop, so don't equip it). Now, from the screen with the
    Silver Plate, go down and three times left to get a Shield Ring (equip
    it right away, it's the only shield a magician could use). Finally, go
    right and up to find the exit, go down the stairs and that's it.
     You are now in a room with four doors, two of them to your left and
    another two to your right. Use the far left door first to get an Ankh
    Shield, go back and use the other left door, open the hidden chest
    blocking your way to get a ?Helm, which can be transformed into a Star
    Cap, which is a good for Mint or Klarth. From where you found the last
    chest, go up and right to leave the screen.
     Follow the path going down, eventually you will find a lever, pull it
    and you should hear how the water is drained from a pool somewhere in
    this floor. Go back to the top of this screen and exit to the right.
    You find an empty pool here, go down the stairs inside it to get to
    the next screen.
     Walk right and go up through the door. Pull the lever on the wall
    near you (this should lock the door behind you and open another one).
    Instead of using the door to the left of the lever, walk right and
    leave the screen. Get the two chests inside the small chamber in this
    room, they contain Cute Mittens (for Mint or Arche) and a ?Bow (it
    can be transformed into a Gale Spread, which is not even nearly as
    good as the Elven Bow). Now leave this screen to the left, you will be
    in a room with a deep pond, the door near it should be open (if not,
    you forgot to throw the switch, just go down the stairs in this room
    and do it). When the door is open, go through it and step on the
    switch to freeze the water outside. Leave the room and cross the
    frozen pond, then go up the stairs to exit the room.
     You appear in the room with the four doors. Go through the door right
    door that's closest to the stairs and leave the screen to the right as
    you did before. Throw the switch in this room just like before, only
    that this time you will hear water flooding the pool and freezing.
    Leave the screen to the right; the pool is now filled with ice,
    allowing you to take the path going north.
     You find a Save Point, good thing it's there, because the next boss
    battle is quite hard. You need to make lots of arrangements for the
    upcoming fight: cancel all of Arche's spells, leaving only Fire Storm,
    do the same for Klarth, but leave only Maxwell. Equip a Mystical Rune
    on Klarth and Arche, if you have another one, use it on Mint, it's
    essential to cast the spells quickly. Equip the Aquamarine Ring on
    Klarth, so he is protected against Water elemental attacks. Make sure
    Arche has the Dark Robe equipped to absorb all elements. As for Cless,
    give him a Black Onyx so his HP is higher and he can shield the party
    for more time. If you have two Aqua Mantles (you should), equip them
    on Mint and Cless to reduce the damage taken from water. Finally, go
    to the order menu, and put Arche and Klarth far from Mint and Cless,
    so they are nor interrupted while casting a spell by another character
    who's been hit.
     Now save you game and go north to meet Fang Wolf, who quickly attacks
    BOSS: Fang Wolf_______________________________________________________
    Fang Wolf
             HP  30000    Absorbs: Water
             TP      0    Immune:  Light, Darkness, Wind, Earth, Thunder
    TOTAL EXP    12000
    GALD          9000
     This guy's hell! He's really fast and the only element that damages
    him is Fire, all the other do no damage at all or heal him. For this
    battle Cless' attacks are useless.
     The key is to cast spells really fast, that's why the Mystical Runes
    are a must. Your main weapon here is Maxwell who usually hurts Fang
    Wolf for about 700 HP with each hit. Arche should cast Fire Storm,
    which only does 800 HP of damage each time, but at least keeps the
    boss busy. When one of the characters is going to cast a spell, go
    to the menu and choose 'Spell', as soon as the character casts the
    spell or calls the spirit, order him/her to cast the spell again, time
    is crucial in this battle.
     Mint must be ready to heal Cless all the time, because he must try
    to keep Fang Wolf busy, so it doesn't get the chance to attack your
    other characters, stopping the spells. Use a Flare Bottle on Cless if
    you want to, but it won't make much of a difference, because you will
    be the one getting hit most of the time.
     If you are quick enough, the Fang Wolf won't be much of a problem.
    too bad the experience you get from this battle seems to be a joke,
    you can get more experience from any group of monsters! I guess
    someone forgot to type another zero into the experience points.
    NOTE:  There are several Extra Tactics for this boss available in the
          second Part of this file.
     After the battle, Fang Wolf decides you are worthy of having the
    Vorpal Sword and gives it to you. Cless also receives a new long
    distance skill: Soul Edge (try to master it right away).
     Don't equip the Vorpal Sword yet, because you still have to get out
    of this cavern, use a Holy Bottle to save yourself some troubles. I
    guess you know how to get out of here, so I won't write the
    instructions, however, if you need help to go through the maze part
    again, refer to the map above.
     Stay at the inn of the city now, it's been a pretty tough dungeon and
    you deserve it (note that the howling wolf is no longer during the
    3.28- Burn! Odin's Fire Tower
    Items to Get:    Basilisk Scale [1], ?Armor [1], Moon Crystal [1],
                     ?Book [1], Verbena [1], Ankh Shield [1],
                     Flame Mantle [1], Mixed Gummy [2], ?Helm [1],
                     Life Bottle [1], Shield Ring [2], Veal [2],
                     Holy Bottle [1], Reverse Doll [1], Mental Ring [1],
                     ?Armor [1], Cute Mittens [1], ?Helm [1],
                     Flamberge Sword [1]
    Skill to Get:    Soul Wave [Defeat Flambelk in Odin's Tower]
    Spells to Get:   Explode [Left path of Odin's Tower, top floor]
     Odin's Tower is located in the Freland, near the Molten Cavern, where
    you found Ifrit. Put some food in your Sack before entering the
    dungeon, just in case. Also, make sure you have at least four Rune
    Bottles, you will need them. Save your game and go inside. This tower
    is (in my humble opinion) a bit more difficult than Fenrir's Cavern,
    even though the boss is not as hard. It's better to come here once you
    have the Tidal Wave spell and the Vorpal Sword.
     Now, let's get ready for the dungeon. Make sure you replace any Fire
    elemental skill from Cless, because all enemies here absorb that
    element. Cancel all of Arche's spells, leaving only Tidal Wave. Cancel
    Ifrit, Sylphs and Gnome for Klarth, all other spirits are useful.
    Since Arche will be using a high TP consumption spell most of time,
    equip a Fairy Ring to reduce the TP used by one half.
     There are some rooms in this dungeon with magma on the floor where
    your characters get hurt really fast, happily there's a way to avoid
    it. Almost every time you fight the enemies called Kary in this tower,
    you get items called Salamander's Ring, using a Rune Bottle on them
    transforms them into Nymph's Rings, which protect you from fire
    damage, not only in battle, but also in the rooms with magma. Fight
    enemies in the first room until you have enough Nymph's Rings for your
    entire active party (note that the other character will still get hurt
    and die). It is really important that you do this to make the rest of
    the dungeon really easy (oh, just in case, don't forget to equip the
     Now that we are done with the preparations, lets get started with the
    dungeon. First, go left and use the upper door to get a Basilisk Scale
    and a ?Armor (it can be transformed into a Reflect Plate, but don't do
    it, because Cless' current armor is better). Go back to the first room
    and use the lower-left door, you will find a transporter that takes
    you to the room where Cless met the Valkyrie a long time ago, however,
    all you find there now is a statue of Odin on his horse (it resembles
    more the Quixote than a god, though).
     Back in the first room of the dungeon, in front of the door that
    leads to the statue is a passage going north, follow it and throw the
    switch on the back wall. Use the lower right door to get a Moon
    Crystal (this raises your Max TP by 30%, you can get more by using a
    Rune Bottle in a Black Onyx and vice versa) and a ?Book which can be
    transformed into a Seventh Sun, a book for Klarth that's just a good
    as the one he has right now.
     Now, follow the passage in front of the room with the Moon Crystal
    and throw the switch on the back wall, this opens the main door of
    this floor. The dungeon is divided into two sections here, one of them
    takes you to the sword you are looking for, and the other takes you to
    the Explode spell. I think you should get the spell first. However,
    it's your choice whether you go for the spell or the sword first.
                          Getting the Explode Spell
     Go through the big door in the first room of the tower (if it's
    locked, then you forgot to throw the two switches in this room), then
    follow the stairs going up.
     Walk north and leave the screen to the left. Go down and get the
    Verbena from the room with magma on the floor (your characters will
    get hurt unless they have the Nymph's Rings equipped), then go back up
    and enter the northern room for a worthless Ankh Shield and Flame
    Mantle. Go back down and right, then enter the room in front of the
    stairs to get a pair of Mixed Gummies. Now follow the stairs going up.
     Go north twice from the room with magma, then go left and get the
    ?Helm from the chest, it can be transformed into a Paladin Helm, but
    it's not worth the Rune Bottle. Walk down and use the door to get a
    Life Bottle and a Shield Ring (equip it on one of your magicians).
    Go back to the firs room of this floor, the one with magma, and use
    the southern exit (left from the stairs going down) and go up the
     Walk up and go right to get a couple of Veals and a Holy Bottle, then
    use the stairs going up in the last room. The next two floors have no
    treasure, so just go up the stairs. You will appear in a room with a
    chest in the center, open it to get the Explode spell (turn it off
    right away!). Now work your way back to the first floor (it's not hard
    at all). Before going for the sword, go to Olive Village to rest and
    buy the items you need, save your game too.
                            Getting the Fire Sword
     To access the main part of this dungeon (the one that takes you to
    the fire sword) you have to go through the upper-right door in the
    first room of this dungeon. Go up the stairs and you will come into a
    room with magma on the floor, the sign talks about a potion that
    changes fire to ice and vice versa (this is of course the Rune Bottle
    that transforms the Salamander's Rings into Nymph's Rings). Get the
    treasure in the middle of the room to get a Reverse Doll, leave to the
    left, walk a few steps down and go up the stairs.
     Go north in the first screen of this floor and you will find a locked
    door. Head left into the next screen, walk down a little and use the
    narrow passage going left. Pull the lever and get the Mental Ring from
    the chest, then go back to the locked door and head right. Walk down a
    little and go right using the narrow corridor. Grab the ?Armor from
    the chest (it can be transformed into another Star Cloak, equip it on
    Mint or Klarth, but leave Arche with her Dark Robe, because it absorbs
    all elements). Throw the switch and go back to the door, which should
    now be open. Then go up the stairs.
     First, walk right to see a statue near a locked door. Grab the statue
    and take it away from the door, once it's far enough, the door will
    open, go through it and get the Cute Mittens from the chest (equip
    them on Arche or Mint). Go back to the last room and walk left, enter
    the first room for a ?Helm (it's a Star Cap, good for Mint or Klarth),
    then go outside and grab the statue near the door to your left and do
    as you did before to open the door and get a Shield Ring. Go back to
    the last room.
     Walk down and turn right near the bottom to enter a new screen. There
    are two statues, two switches and a locked door in this place, if you
    have some common sense, then you know that you have to place the
    statues over the switches in the lower portion of the screen to open
    the door. Once it's open, go through it and up the stairs.
     This floor has four doors, behind each one is a mini-boss (which just
    like a random fight actually). You have to fight them all to open the
    path to the main boss of the dungeon.
    MINI BOSS: Group of Enemies___________________________________________
    Kary [2]
             HP  13200    Weakness: Water
             TP      0
             HP   8300    Weakness: Water, Fire
             TP     60
             HP  11200    Weakness: Water
             TP     40
    TOTAL EXP    14350
    GALD          8501
    ITEMS    Salamander's Ring [2], Apple Gummy [1], ?Bow [1]
     These battles are really easy. Cless should just attack with the
    Vorpal Sword, using his best techs. Arche should cast Tidal Wave (this
    will kill any enemy in one or two castings). Klarth should summon Aska
    and Mint... there's nothing to do here for her, too bad.
     The Druid cast the Hammer Head spell, which could knock your entire
    party, but you will probably kill this enemy before the spell is cast.
    Djinn can cast Explode, but if you have the Nymph's Rings equipped
    this shouldn't affect you. The Kary take about 500 HP with each hit,
    but it shouldn't be a problem.
    NOTE:  the items you get from these battles may vary.
     Once the fourth mini boss is killed you will hear a sound coming from
    outside. A stairway has appeared to the left!
     Go up the stairs, heal up and use the Save Point. Cancel of Klarth's
    Spirits, leaving only Maxwell, and check that Arche can only cast
    Tidal Wave. If you want to finish the battle quickly, equip a Mystical
    Rune on your magic users to halve the casting time of spells. When you
    are ready walk up to meet the boss, who introduces herself (I presume)
    as Flambelk and attacks you.
    BOSS: Flambelk________________________________________________________
             HP  45700    Absorbs: Fire
             TP    300    Immune:  Light, Darkness, Wind, Earth, Thunder
    EXP          30000
    GALD         19800
     Hey! Someone stole Undine's sprite and repainted it! Shame on you
    Namco! Ahem... Now, back to the boss strategy, this battle is not
    hard, since the boss' main attack is the Explode spell, and you are
    now immune to it.
     The best of Cless' skills for this battle is the short-range skill
    called Fury Slash (it costs 12 TP) and gives one blow of power to the
    enemies in front of you, it's quite slow, but that can be fixed by
    having Mint cast Haste on Cless. Use a Flare Bottle and each time you
    hit the boss with Fury Slash you will take about 3000 HP!
     Just like Fang Wolf, Flambelk is immune to all elements but Fire
    (which she absorbs) and water (the only element that hurts her). This
    means that Arche must cast Tidal Wave (about 2000 HP per casting) and
    Klarth should summon Maxwell (between 150 and 2000 HP per hit). Mint
    should just cast Haste on Cless once or twice and then cast Hammer (if
    you want to, it's not needed).
     Among Flambelk's attacks are an energy wave that crosses the whole
    battlefield just like the one Undine used (this takes about 700 HP of
    your characters); a normal sword hit that takes about 800 HP from you
    and a strong sword hit that takes about 1200 HP (the later two only
    affect those characters that get too close). Finally, Flambelk can
    cast some spells, like Indignation, for example.
     After the battle, Flambelk accepts you as worthy of wielding Odin's
    weapon and gives you the Flamberge Sword. Also, Cless gets a new short
    range skill, Soul Wave (try to master it right away).
     Now you have to leave the tower, use a Holy Bottle if you want to
    save yourself some trouble.
    3.29- Spirit of Creation, Origin
    Items to Get:    ?Bow [1], Eternal Sword [1]
    Skill to Get:    Teleport [Received after defeating Origin]
    Combos to Get:   Soul Strike [Received after defeating Origin]
                     Soul Forge [Received after defeating Origin]
    Spirit to Get:   Origin [Treant's Forest, in the Stone Slab]
     We have all the needed items to make the sword that controls time
    now, but how do we make it? The people in Alvanista's Magic Research
    Center say that Origin, the king of dwarves, could combine the two
    items. If you remember in the past, when Rambard fixed the contract
    rings you found in the Moria Gallery, he borrowed some power from
    Origin, so taking a wild guess, I'd say that Origin can be found in
    the Treant's Forest.
     However, before going there, let's do some stuff! There are two
    things to notice that appeared only now:
               · In Alvanista's Castle you can find a person wearing white
                 clothes, it's Yukari Yoshida, the singer of ToP's song!
                 She will ask you if you want to listen to her singing, be
                 aware that she will disappear when you leave the room
                 after she sings.
               · This one is a bit more interesting, if you visit the
                 Tree of Life now, a scene will take place. The party sees
                 how the tree is completely healthy now, after all this
                 years. Martel appears, she talks about how the Mana
                 consumption of the world has stabilized, she also
                 mentions a tall blonde man is in her dreams some times.
                 Suddenly, Martel disappears and you are attacked, it's
                 Dhaos! He didn't expect you to be there, but he tries to
                 kill you anyway, however, he stops because of the respect
                 he has to the Tree of Life and Martel. The party wonders
                 what he was doing there...
     Now, let's meet Origin so he combines the two swords. Go to the Ymir
    Forest and work your way to the Elven Village (you should know how to
    get there by now). Buy anything you may need and enter the Treant's
    Forest. From the screen with the Save Point go three times up, right
    twice, up twice, right twice again, down, then right using the lower
    exit and right again. You will find the Stone Slab where you came with
    Rambard to fix the rings found at the Moria Gallery.
     Before going any further, let's do the arrangements for the boss
    battle (what? you thought you could get such a powerful sword just by
    talking to Origin?). Give Cless his best combination techniques, Lion
    Lunge is a good combo for this battle. As for the short-range skills,
    make sure he has Gale Shield equipped.
     Remember to check if you don't have any new equipment for Chester in
    case you haven't used him for a while (like I did). Go to Klarth's
    skill menu an cancel all spirits but Volt, equip the Sapphire Ring on
    him so he is protected from Thunder and a Mystical Rune to summon
    Spirits in half the normal time. Finally, go the Formation menu and
    place Cless and Chester in front of the party.
     When you are ready, save your game and get near the Stone Slab.
    Klarth will feel a presence and remember that he saw something here
    when he came with Rambard, that's probably the Spirit of Creation,
    Origin. Arche appears (now that Volt has powered her broom, she can
    fly as high as she wants to) and Origin comes out of the slab to
    attack you.
    BOSS: Origin__________________________________________________________
             HP  45000    Absorbs: Light, Darkness
             TP   1000
             HP  12700    Absorbs: Light, Darkness
             TP    300
    TOTAL EXP    49800
    GALD         13280 
    ITEMS    ?Bow [1]
     Origin and his fellow Undine clone, Seraphim absorb Light and
    Darkness elemental damage, Origin is even healed by Maxwell! This
    makes Volt your main summoning weapon, so just have Klarth call him
    all the time (this will take about 3000 HP from Origin and 1500 HP
    from the Seraphim).
     To raise the damage dealt by Cless and Chester, have Mint cast
    Valkyrie on them a few times. Cless should use his combination techs,
    the one I recommended above hurts Origin for about 3500-4000 HP,
    making it a killer weapon. Once the Seraphim is dead, use Gale Shield
    to corner Origin and prevent him from casting nasty spells.
     Origin can cast powerful spells like Indignation, so be careful,
    just in case, Klarth is protected from Lightning by the Sapphire Ring.
    His other dangerous attack is 'Forge of the Cosmos', which affects all
    characters on screen, hurting them for about 2000 HP.
     Origin admits his defeat and agrees to listen to you. Klarth asks him
    to combine the Vorpal and Flamberge Swords so the party can go after
    Dhaos. Origin kind of laughs at you for trying to defeat him without
    even knowing his true motives. Mint replies that even though what he
    said is true, they can't just sit and watch how Dhaos makes people
     Origin says he has been defeated, so he has to carry your request
    anyway. The two swords merge into one, making the Eternal Sword. Cless
    receives two new combinations (Soul Strike and Soul Forge) and one
    normal skill (Teleport), then Klarth makes a contract using the
    Diamond Ring.
     Now you need to find out where Dhaos is to be able to fight him, and
    the one who may know is Runeglom, which means the party has to go back
    to Alvanista.
     Runeglom says that Dhaos is probably hiding near the town of Ary,
    which is in perpetual darkness ever since a few years ago, when Dhaos
    reappeared. Once the chat is over, equip the Eternal Sword on Cless.
    Use a Rune Bottle on the ?Bow you got from the last battle to make it
    a Soul Stealer bow, which is stronger than the Elven Bow. Finally, put
    Arche back in the active party is you want to.
    3.30- Before Taking on Dhaos
    Items to Get:    Mana Earring [1]
     Okay, let's go where Runeglom told us to go. The town of Ary can be
    reached by flying north-west from Alvanista. When you enter, Klarth
    suggests to find the inn and stay there for the night. The inn is
    located in the lower-right part of the town, go there and pay 70 Gald
    to get a room.
     Quite a nice scene happens now, and it would be a shame if those
    playing the game in a console couldn't understand the dialogues, so
    I'll copy the dialogues here...
    NOTE: these dialogues were taken from the Dejap patch available right
          now at their home page (look at section 1.3 for details). I did
          not translate any of this!
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
    Klarth:   Brrrr!! It's Cold!!
     -Arche, Chester and Klarth go to the room-
    Cless:    What's wrong Mint?
    Mint:     Cless, can I talk to you alone for a few minutes?
    Cless:    What is it, Mint?
    Mint:     I'll tell you later, just meet me outside, okay?
    Cless:    Okay... I'll be out in a few minutes...
     -Mint goes outside, Cless goes to the room-
    Arche:    Huh? Where'd Mint go?
    Cless:    Umm... she took a walk...
    Klarth:   Too cold outside for me...
     -We see Mint waiting, she has something shiny with her-
    Klarth:   What's wrong, Cless?
    Cless:    Huh? Nothing... I'm gonna step outside for a bit...
    Arche:    Hey, I'm going too!
    Cless:    I'd really prefer to go alone, okay?
     -Cless leaves-
    Arche:    Something's fishy...
    Klarth:   Cless too? It's way too cold for these old bones...
              How nice it must be to be so young and full of life...
    Arche:    Oh, puh-LEASE! You're not so old! You're not even thirty!
    Klarth:   Yeah, whatever...
              -Silence for a few seconds-
    Klarth:   Well, it's still early. What should we do to kill some time?
              -He has an idea and walks near the table-
    Arche:    What are you doing?
    Klarth:   I've been toying around with an idea...
              -He summons Origin-
    Klarth:   Origin, one of your powers is the ability to see the future
              and the past, correct?
    Origin:   ...Well, I can use the Eternal Sword to show you a scene
              from the past... showing a mortal events yet to come is
              strictly forbidden.
    Arche:    What are you talking about?
    Origin:   Even though you technically have a contract with me, I can
              only do this once, Klarth.
    Klarth:   I understand...
              -He remains silent for a few seconds-
    Klarth:   Hey, can you guys give me a little privacy?
    Arche:    Why? What are you going to see?
    Klarth:   Hey, come on! It's private!
    Arche:    Man, everyone is trying to get away from me tonight!
              -Chester and Arche leave-
    Origin:   So what is it you'd like to see?
    Klarth:   -mumble-
    Origin:   What?
    Klarth:   -mumble, mumble-
    Origin:   Ah, I see. You don't need to be embarrassed about that!
              Everyone can tell! You should be shouting that as loud as
              you shout my name when you call me!
              Regardless... Here we go...
    -We see Euclid in the past, inside Klarth's house-
    Miranda:  Well, that's all for today's lesson, kids.
    Children: Thanks! When will Klarth come home?
              When he beats up Dhaos and comes home... can we have a
    Miranda:  Well, he's strong like an ox and smart like a snake.
              So I'm sure he's fine and will be back soon.
    Children: -giggle- Yes! See you tomorrow!
    Miranda:  Goodbye, children!
              -The students leave-
    Miranda:  I wonder where he is now... Please be safe, Klarth.
    Miranda:  I will continue to wait for your return.
    -End of the scene-
    Arche:    What're you doing, Chester?
    Chester:  I was going to check on Cless and Mint.
    Arche:    What?
    Chester:  What do you mean, what?
    Arche:    I swear, we're like total opposites...
    Chester:  Well, at least we agree on SOMETHING.
    Arche:    Why are you always so mean?
    Chester:  Me mean to you? Ha! Ever since we met you've done nothing
              but purposefully get under my skin! To think, when I first
              saw you I thought that you were cu...
    Arche:    When you first saw me you thought what?
    Chester:  Nothing. Never mind.
    Arche:    Hey! Let's go outside!
    Chester:  Nah, it's freezing out there. You can go by yourself.
    Arche:    Dammit, boy! Come ON!!!
              -She drags him outside-
    -Finally, we are back with Cless-
    Cless:    Sorry to keep you waiting...
    Mint:     Don't worry about it...
    Cless:    It took me a while to get away...
    Cless:    Is it okay if I sit down next to you, Mint?
    Mint:     Yes, please...
    Cless:    So... what did you want to talk about?
    Mint:     Take a look at this...
    Cless:    It's...
    -Flashback to when Cless was jailed-
    Cless:    It's an earring.
    ???:      Place this on the wall... and you will be able to escape...
    Cless:    Wait just a minute! Who are you?
              ...... Okay... I'll give it a try...
    -End of the flashback-
    Mint:     Unicorn Earrings are very rare, Cless.
              The only one I've ever seen belonged to my mother...
              When we were at Tornix's house, I saw it while you were
              sleeping... and I took it.
    Mint:     I just can't believe I never got to say goodbye to her...
    Cless:    ... I'm sorry...
    Mint:     Cless, I want to thank you for not telling me then...
              If you had... I...
    Cless:    Mint...
    Mint:     I really think I would have given up hope... Thank you...
    -Arche and Chester are outside, they overheard the last conversation-
    Arche:    Mint...
    Chester:  Hey! It's snowing again!
              Can we PLEASE go back inside where it's WARM?
    Arche:    Oh, shut up and kiss me...
              -Chester drags her inside-
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
     When you try to leave the room the next morning a soldier will come
    looking for Cless. A huge castle has been seen in the mining area to
    the west. The game now lets you know that you have the Mana Earring in
    your inventory (actually, it was your inventory since you woke up).
    This earring can only be equipped on Mint; it raises her stats quite a
    lot and makes her spells more effective.
     Okay then, just as the soldier said, leave the town and enter the
    cave to the northwest, but don't worry, we are not going to take on
    Dhaos yet, but this is necessary to activate a few extra quests.
     The guard in the cave will let you pass, so just go up the stairs to
    be outside. Go up a little and the game will take control. Klarth
    mentions what Runeglom said, that the castle doesn't exist in any
    time, that's why you had to get the Eternal Sword, to bind the castle
    to this time and thus be able to attack Dhaos. When Cless uses the
    sword, the floating castle appears and you are transported there.
     Well, that's all we had to do; now just step back and you will be
    taken to the mountain near Ary. This might seem pointless, but
    actually you just opened the way for two extra quests, the Treasure
    Quest and the lower floors of the Moria Gallery. It will be a lot
    easier to win at the coliseum after you complete these two quests, but
    it's your choice. I recommend you do the Treasure Quest first, and
    then go to the Moria Gallery, look at the 'Secrets and Extra Stuff'
    section for all the information about these three quests. Of course,
    try to do all other sub quests, even though they lack importance in
    front of the ones mentioned above.
    3.31- The Final Confrontation
    Items to Get:    Gorgon Amulet [1], Holy Bottle [5], Sage [5],
                     ?Armor [1], Rune Bottle [2], Elixir [2], ?Armor [2],
                     Dedis Emblem [4], ?Helm [1], ?Book [1], ?Rod [1],
                     Star Gloves [1], Spy Lens [2], Charm Bottle [1],
                     ?Helm [1], ?Weapon [1], Apple Gummy [1],
                     Mixed Gummy [1], Savory [2], Life Bottle [1],
                     Jade Ring [1], Resist Ring [1], Lavender [2],
                     Hourglass [1], Magic Pouch [1], Elven Boots [1],
                     Dragon Steak [1]
    Spells to Get:   Meteor Storm [Second Floor of Dhaos' Castle]
     Okay, of course you have to be prepared before going to Dhaos'
    Castle, which means you should go to Alvanista and buy everything you
    can think of. Buy 15 of every kind of gummy, Remedy Bottles, Flare
    Bottles and Rune Bottles. If you feel like it, you can use Rune
    Bottles on the gummies you bought to make them better (you know, the
    kind of gummies that restore 60% of something instead of 30%);
    naturally, remember to buy more Rune Bottles and gummies of the normal
    kind after this.
     You also have to check your equipment. Put the best gear you have on
    your party, this is easy with the 'Auto' command of the 'Equip' menu,
    but remember to leave the Dark Robe on Arche to protect her from
    elemental attacks. In the 'Relic' slots of your magicians you ought to
    put a Fairy Ring and a Mystical Rune. As for Cless and Chester, the
    Battle Rune is always useful. Also, equip an Jade Ring on Cless,
    because he will be using techs constantly. Chester is not all that
    important, he is probably really low in levels (in my case, he was at
    level 42 while the rest of the party was around level 90!). And
    finally, your favorite skills and combinations will work fine; if you
    want my advice, anything the includes Teleport is good.
     Once you are ready enter the cave to the northwest from the town of
    Ary (the snowy town where it's always nighttime). The guard should let
    you pass, go up the stairs and walk a bit right and up. Cless will use
    the Eternal Sword to enter Dhaos' Castle.
     You will arrive in a platform outside the castle. If you want to go
    back all you have to do is walk to the southern piece of the platform
    where Cless asks you if you want to go down.
     Now use the Save Point if you want to and enter. You will find a big
    eye thing in your way, in you 'Order' menu replace Arche with Chester,
    even if he is low in levels, then put him behind Cless from the same
    menu. Now talk to the eye to fight it.
    MINI BOSS: Dark Eye___________________________________________________
    Dark Eye
             HP  56600    Immune:  Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, Thunder,
             TP    100             Light, Darkness
    TOTAL EXP    24000
    GALD          9800
    ITEMS    Gorgon Amulet [1]
     Wow, this guy sure has a lot of HP! And to make it worse, it is
    resistant to most elements, that's why Arche wouldn't be useful for
    this fight.
     Cless and Chester will be your main attack force. Have Mint cast
    Valkyrie and Haste on them while they attack. The Dark Eye will most
    likely start casting a spell at the beginning of the fight, take the
    chance to use one of Cless' techs, them keep hitting until you get it
    cornered in the right side of the battle field. Once you have the
    it there, use Teleport or gale Shield to make lots of damage and stun
    the Dark Eye. Chester, if equipped with the Berserker Bow from the
    Moria Gallery, can shoot two arrows at the same time, each one hurting
    the boss for 2300 HP (if Valkyrie has been cast of course).
     If the Dark Eye teleports away from the corner, just press L on your
    controller to change the direction of your party and start the process
     Klarth should call Gremlin to deal about 3300 HP of damage or Origin
    (2200 HP of damage) if you haven't been to the Moria Gallery yet. 
     Dark Eye can cast Explode and Tidal Wave, but it is too slow, so you
    will probably stop any spells it tries to cast. Aside from the spells,
    Dark Eye uses a spin attack that deals several blows for about 500 HP
    of damage to anyone around it; this is really annoying if the boss
    appears between your party members during the fight.
     Put Arche back in the active party after the fight. You can explore
    the area now. To your left is a door that takes you to a dark dungeon,
    but there's nothing to do there right now. From where you fought the
    mini boss walk up a little and use the door there to get a Holy Bottle
    and a Sage, then go back out and leave the screen using the path going
    north that's found to your right. In the nest screen turn right and
    enter the room there for a Star Shield, which is almost as good as the
    Blue Line Shield you got from the Treasure Quest. Now, go back out and
    this time go up, throw the switch there and return to the entrance of
    the castle.
     Go right in the first room to find and open door (if it's closed,
    it's because you didn't throw the switch). Go through the door and use
    the stairs to access the next floor.
    NOTE:  You can get ?Weapons from some of the enemies in this dungeon.
          By using a Rune Bottle on them, they might become Saint's
          Rapiers, a powerful Light Elemental weapon. It's Stab power is
          way higher than that of the Excalibur, but the Slice power is
          really low. You might consider using this weapon, but I don't
          recommend doing so.
                               - First Floor -
     This floor has good treasure, which is very useful if you haven't
    been to the Moria Gallery yet, and of course this includes the best
    spell in the game, Meteor Storm. Here's a map of the place:
    /    MAP OF THE FIRST FLOOR OF DHAOS' CASTLE                         \
    |               ______                                               |
    |              | Sign |                                              |          
    |              |__--__|________________________________              |
    |              |  --                     |×××|   MS    |             |
    |              |   _______________       |×××|   --    |             |
    |              |  |××××××|==|×××××|      |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯--¯¯¯¯|             |
    |              |  |×|¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯|×|      |             |             |
    |              |  |×|           <<<      |_____  __    |             |
    |              |  |×|___________|×|                |   |             |
    |              |  |×××××××××××××××|                |   |             |
    |              |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯        __    ___|   |             |
    |               ¯¯/  \¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|      |××|==|×××|   |             |
    |              ×××|  |××××××××××××|      |××××××××/ T1 |             |
    |              ×××|  |××××××××××××|¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  T2 |             |
    |              ×××|  |××××××××××××|____________________/             |
    |              ×××|  |××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××             |
    |              ×××|  |××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××             |
    |              ×××\--/××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××             |
    |                 /--\      _____                                    |
    |                 |  |     |  s  |                                   |
    |                 |  |_____|_--__|                                   |
    |                 |          --  |                                   |
    |                 |  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                    |
    |               __\--/___                                            |
    |              |  T3 T4  |                                           |
    |              |_________|                                           |
    |                                                                    |
    |                                                                    |
    |    ×××  Unwalkable Areas        --  Connections Between Screens    |
    |    <<<  Fake Piece of Wall      ==  Stairs                         |
    |                                                                    |
    |     T1  ?Armor                  MS  Meteor Storm spell             |
    |     T2  Rune Bottle                                                |
    |     T3  Elixir                                                     |
    |     T4  ?Armor                                                     |
     From the stairs you used to enter, go up and use the door that takes
    you to a hallway (the door wont let you go back). Go through a bit to
    your right now and get the Meteor Storm spell for Arche, then return
    to the last room. Walk right and down, get a Rune Bottle and a ?Armor
    (becomes a Star Cloak for magicians, but you should have more than
    enough of these by now). Head left and use the one-way-only door to go
     Walk up a bit and turn left, then use the small corridor going down
    to enter a new screen. Go south again to get an Elixir and a ?Armor
    (this armor is actually a Gaia Armor, which is almost as good as the
    Golden Armor). Go back up and, if you want to, turn right, enter the
    room there and throw the switch. Now return to the first room of this
     If you threw the switch the door in the upper left corner of the room
    will be open, but it just takes you to a sign that mentions the hidden
    passage in this floor.
     To continue further into the castle you simply have to walk through
    the right one of the walls that enclose the stairs. Of course, those
    who are here just for the Meteor Storm spell should leave now.
                               - Second Floor -
     Just walk north in the first room. You will come upon a big magic
    seal in the middle of a crossroad. DON'T STEP ON IT! Equip the Dedis
    Emblem you got from the soldier in Ary's Pub on Cless (the emblem
    looks like a golden leaf).
     Now with the Dedis Emblem on Cless, step on the magic seal to see how
    everyone else is warped away (in fact, they are taken back to the dark
    dungeon near the entrance). It's incredible that Cless doesn't even
    make a small comment after everyone disappears ^_^'
     However, you have to find Dedis Emblems for the rest of your party
    members, so they can pass together with Cless. In case you are
    wondering, if you equip the Dedis Emblem on another character, you
    won't be controlling that character for this section, you will have to
    come back with Cless and get your party member and emblem back.
     Here's a map of this place:
    /    MAP OF THE SECOND FLOOR OF DHAOS' CASTLE                        \
    |                                             _______                |
    |                                            | T3 T4 |               |
    |                                            |_     _|               |
    |                                              |---|                 |
    |                  ____________ ____________ __|   |_____            |
    |                 ><          -|-     E    -|-          ><           |
    |                  ¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯\    /¯¯¯ ¯¯|   |¯¯¯¯¯            |
    |                       | |         |--|       |---|_____            |
    |                      _|-|_        |  |       |   |  E  |           |
    |   EXIT           ___|     |_ _____|  |_____ _|   |__-__|           |
    |   _  _          |          -|-    (¤¤)    -|-     _____|           |
    |  | BD |    _____|  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯ ¯|   |                 |
    |  |    |   |  E  |  |              |--|       |---|     _____       |
    |  |    |_ _|__ __|  |            ENTRANCE     |   |____|  E  |      |
    |  \     -|-         |                         |        |__-__|      |
    |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  |                         | -            |      |
    |                 |__|                      |¯¯¯¯-¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       |
    |                                           |  T1 T2  |              |
    |                                            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯               |
    |                                                                    |
    |                                                                    |
    |   (¤¤)  Magic Seal on the Floor      E   Dedis Emblem and Ninja    |
    |    ><   Takes you to the other      BD   Big Door (you need five   |
    |         side of the area                 people to open it)        |
    |    --   Marks the connections      -|-   Marks the connections     |
    |         between screens                  between screens           |
    |                                                                    |
    |                T1  ?Helm          T3  ?Staff                       |
    |                T2  ?Book          T4  Star Gloves                  |
     Getting the Dedis Emblem won't be as easy as you'd like it to be.
    Each time you get near a chest containing one of the emblems you will
    have to defeat a ninja mini-boss.
     Go right from the magic seal that transported your party away. In the
    next screen use the door to your right and get near the chest to fight
    the first mini-boss:
    MINI BOSS: Hanzo______________________________________________________
             HP  17500    Weakness: Light
             TP      0
    TOTAL EXP     6000
    GALD          8000
     This enemy is not all that hard, specially because of its low HP.
     To make things short, use a Flare Bottle or the Focus II skill to
    raise your attack, then use a jumping attack or the Soul Forge combo.
    Now all you have to do is stay near the ninja and keep using Teleport.
    This will probably make Hanzo run to the corner, where you can just
    repeat what you did a moment ago to kill him!
     Just like every other ninja in Tales of Phantasia, Hanzo can throw
    shurikens at you, but they are not really powerful. The only attack
    worth of mentioning is the one called 'Backstab', which hurts Cless
    for about 1700 HP and may stun or/and poison him.
     Heal yourself after the battle, don't hesitate to use your items, as
    you will have to go near the entrance soon, giving you the perfect
    chance to go down to earth and shop. Remember to grab the Dedis Emblem
    from the chest and leave the room.
     Go down into the next screen, turn right and enter the room to fight
    another Hanzo and get the second Dedis Emblem. Go back out and head
    down for a ?Helm and a ?Book (they transform into a Star Cap and a
    Book of Seals).
     From where you got the last two chests go up three times to find a
    crossroads, then up once more to get a ?Staff and Star Gloves (the
    ?Staff becomes the Star Rod for Mint, but it is not as good as the
    Blue Crystal Rod).
     Back in the crossroads head left this time, fight another mini boss
    and get the third Dedis Emblem from the chest, then go left again. Use
    the passage that takes you southward, then walk a bit left and down.
    Enter the room to your left to find the last of the Dedis Emblems (of
    course you will have to fight again). Leave the room now.
     Now that you have the four emblems needed for the rest of your party,
    go up and leave to the right. You will find yourself next to the magic
    seal again. Remove Cless' Dedis Emblem and step on the symbol to be
    transported to the place where your party awaits (this saves you
    walking back to the entrance).
                                - Basement -
     You are now in the dark dungeon near the entrance of the castle. In
    order to go on, you have to rescue your party from their cells. This
    map will help:
    /    MAP OF THE BASEMENT OF DHAOS' CASTLE                            \
    |                              ENTRANCE                              |
    |                               ¯|==|¯                               |
    |                           _____|  |                                |
    |             _____ _____  |     ¨¨¨|      |¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯|             |
    |            |     |  Cl | |  |¯¯¯¯¯       |  Mn |  Ar |             |
    |            |     |     | |  |          |¯¯¯¨¨¨¯¯¯¨¨¨¯¯¯|           |
    |          |¯¯¯¨¨¨¯¯¯¨¨¨¯¯¯   |  _____   | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |           |
    |          |_______   _____   | |  Ch |  | |  |¯¯¯¯¯|  | |           |
    |                  | |     |  | |     |  | |  |     |  | |           |
    |                  | |_____|   ¯¯¯¨¨¨¯¯¯¯  |  |¯¨¨¨¯¯| | |           |
    |                  |_______                |   ¯¯¯¯| | | |           |
    |                   _____  |           ____ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  | | |           |
    |                  |  Kl | |   _______|    | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  | |           |
    |                  |     | |  |____________| |_________| |           |
    |                |¯¯¯¨¨¨¯¯¯                              |           |
    |                 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            |
    |                                                                    |
    |                                                                    |
    |  ¨¨¨  Jail Door                    Mn   Cell where Mint appears    |
    |  Cl   Cell where Cless appears     Ar   Cell where Arche appears   |
    |  Ch   Cell where Chester appears   Kl   Cell where Klarth appears  |
     Check the door in Cless' cell to make him open it with his sword.
    Leave the cell and walk right until you hit a wall, then head down and
    turn right shortly after. Open the cell there to get Chester back in
    the party, then leave the cell and head right, then up. Enter the two
    cells in that place to get Mint and Arche.
     Use the long path going down near Arche's cell. Once you reach the
    bottom, go far left, until you see yet another cell. Open the door and
    get Klarth back, then go a bit right and up as far as possible. Turn
    right, open the cell door and use the stairs to leave this place. In
    the next screen simply go up.
     You'll be at the entrance of the castle, this is the perfect chance
    to go down to earth and buy the items you used to heal Cless between
    the mini boss fights.
     Save you game if you want to, then go back to the second floor.
    Again, DO NOT STEP ON THE MAGIC SEAL! Equip EVERYONE with a Dedis
    Emblem, that includes your inactive party member (you'll have to put
    him/her in the active party to change his/her equipment).
     Once EVERYONE has a Dedis Emblem, go over the magic seal and turn
    left. Walk a bit left and down in the next screen, then leave to the
    left. Check the big door, Klarth will say that you need five people
    facing in specific directions to open it. The party proceeds as told
    by Klarth and the door opens, just go through it!
     There is a set of stairs and six treasure chests here. The treasures
    are: Spy Lens, a Charm Bottle, a Holy Bottle, a Sage, a ?Helm and a
    ?Weapon. The later two become a Star Helm (not as good as the Gold
    Helm from the Treasure Quest) and a Spinesheath (a good darkness
    elemental weapon, not as good as the Bahamut Tail Axe or Excalibur
    though). Once you get the treasure, go up the stairs.
    NOTE:  Anytime after you cross over the Magic Seal, you can replace
          the Dedis Emblems for something useful, you won't need them
                               - Third Floor -
     First of all, save your game, you deserve it. As usual, here's the
    map of this floor:
    /    MAP OF THE THIRD FLOOR OF DHAOS' CASTLE                         \
    |                      ____                       Stairs Room        |
    |                     | T6 |        ____   ____   _____··___         |
    |                     |_--_|______ | T5 | |T3T4| |   ____   |        |
    |                     |   ___  ___||_--_|_|_--_|_|--|    |  |        |
    |                     |  |   `´  -|-                |  __|--|        |
    |                     |--|________|___  ____________| |   __|        |
    |                     |          -|-  `´   |___|T1T2| |  |           |
    |                     |  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ \      __  _|_--_|_|  |           |
    |        ______       |  |          \ SP /| `´     -|-   |           |
    |       |  ss  |      |  |           |==| |_________|¯|__|           |
    |       |  SE  |      |  |        ____    ____    _____              |
    |       |      |      |  |       | T7 |  | T8 |  |T9T10|             |
    |       |      |_ ____|--|____ __|_--_|__|_--_|__|_--__|_            |
    |       |       -|-          -|-                         |           |
    |        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯--¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            |
    |                                    |    |                          |
    |                                     ¯¯¯¯                           |
    |                                                                    |
    |          ==  Stairs                ··  Locked door                 |
    |          SP  Save Point            `´  Doors that can only be used |
    |  -|- and --  Mark the connection       to go down                  |
    |              between screens       SE  Mini Boss - Seal Eye        |
    |          ss  Switch that opens                                     |
    |              the locked door                                       |
    |                                                                    |
    |             T1   Apple Gummy         T6   Holy Bottle              |
    |             T2   Sage                T7   Holy Bottle              |
    |             T3   Mixed Gummy         T8   Sage                     |
    |             T4   Savory              T9   Life Bottle              |
    |             T5   Rune Bottle         T10  Jade Ring                |
     Yes, the map is a bit confusing, but I think you can work it out.
     Anyway, after using the Save Point, walk right and use the door going
    down (note that you can't go back using this door). Now enter the room
    to your right for an Apple Gummy and a Sage, then go back out and head
    right. Use the only door there to get to a stairway and a wooden door,
    but it is locked, just go left and leave.
     Walk left and enter the first door you find on the upper wall, get
    the Mixed Gummy and Savory, then return outside. Go through the door
    to your left for a Rune Bottle, go back outside and use the door in
    the lower part of the screen to get back to the Save Point.
     Save your game if you want to and leave to the left. Use the door
    going up there and then go through the door in the upper wall there
    to get a Holy Bottle. Now leave the room and go back down using the
    same path from before.
     Go down to access a corridor. Head right and go through every door on
    the upper wall to get treasure (Holy Bottle, Sage, Life Bottle and
    Jade Ring). Return to the corridor, we will explore the left side now,
    where you find a big room. At the top of the room is a switch guarded
    by a mini boss.
    MINI BOSS: Seal Eye___________________________________________________
    Seal Eye [2]
             HP  62600    Absorbs:  Fire, Earth
             TP     50
    TOTAL EXP    20000
    GALD         20000
     Although the amount of HP is pretty impressive, this guys are not all
    that hard to beat up.
     First of all, have Mint cast Valkyrie on Cless to raise his attack
    power, then have her cast Haste. Cless should use the Soul Forge
    combo, since it hits the front enemy pretty hard with the first
    attack, while the waves of energy of the second attack reach the
    second enemy as well. When Cless is close to the Seal Eyes, the
    Teleport skill does its magic again ;)
     Arche and Klarth should be using their most powerful stuff, Meteor
    Storm and Gremlin. Meteor Storm hurts both enemies for about 6100 HP
    and Gremlin does the same for about 6700 HP!! Of course Arche and
    Klarth should have the Mystical Runes to halve the casting time of
     Mint should be always ready to heal, since the course of the battle
    could be changed at any moment if the Seal Eyes begin to Teleport
     Try to corner the Seal Eyes and keep them busy as much as possible,
    because if one of them teleports away, you could be in troubles,
    specially if they end up appearing between your party members and
    start using their spin attack. If that ever happens, try to distract
    them with Cless so that they teleport away again and give Mint enough
    time to heal everyone up.
     This guys can cast powerful spells, such as God Breath, Explode and
    even Meteor Storm! Explode hurts everyone not protected against fire
    for about 4000 HP, while Meteor Storm hurts Arche (with Dark Robe) for
    about 6000 HP, Mint and Klarth for about 3000 HP; and heals Cless
    (with the Golden Armor) for about 6000 HP.
     After the battle, walk up and throw the switch on the wall This
    unlocks the wooden door we saw before.
     Leave the big room, go up in the corridor, then right to be back at
    the beginning of the area. Save your game if you feel like it, then
    use the door on the right side of the room, go right again, use the
    only door in the following room and go through the now open door in
    the stairway.
                              - Fourth Floor -
     The first thing you find in this floor is a stone sign that reads:
    "Everything Begins from the End". Before solving the puzzle in this
    floor, walk right and save you game. You will notice a locked door and
    a switch on the floor, however, it is useless right now.
     Here's the map:
    /    MAP OF THE FOURTH FLOOR OF DHAOS' CASTLE                        \
    |                                 ____     ____                      |
    |                                |  ¤ |   |  ¤ |                     |
    |                                |_--_|_ _|_--_|     EXIT            |
    |                 ____   ____    |     -|-     |    _|==|_           |
    |                |T1  | |  ¤ |   |  |¯¯¯ ¯¯¯|  |   |      |          |
    |          ____ _|_--_|_|_--_|   |--|       |--|___|__..__|          |    
    |         |¤  -|-            \_ _|  |       |      SP  ¤  |          |
    |         |____|              -|- ¤ |       |×  __________|          |
    |              |______ _  _ _|¯ ¯|__|       |  |                     |
    |                     | -- |                |  |                     |
    |                     |T2T3|                |==|                     |
    |                      ¯¯¯¯               ENTRANCE                   |
    |                                                                    |
    |                                                                    |
    |           ×  Stone Sign                   T1  ?Armor               |
    |           ¤  Switch                       T2  Dragon Steak         |
    |          ··  Locked Door                  T3  Reverse Doll         |
    |          SP  Save Point                                            |
    |          ==  Stairs                                                |
    |  -|- and --  Connections between                                   |
    |              screens                                               |
     From the Save Point, walk left a little and use the door going up,
    turn left, walk down, turn left near the switch and go straight to
    enter a small room with another switch on the floor. Step on it and
     Go through the door above you to get a ?Armor (it becomes a Gaia
    Armor, which is not as good as the Golden Armor). Return outside; walk
    right a little and use the door at the bottom of the screen, you find
    a Dragon Steak and a Reverse Doll behind this one. Go back up; walk
    right and up and go through the door, step on the switch and leave the
     Head right and step on the switch on your way, then go up. Go through
    the door above you and step on the switch, return and go left. Repeat
    what you did in the last screen and go down to the room with the Save
    Point. Step on the final switch there and the door will open. Save
    your game and proceed upstairs.
                               - Fifth Floor -
     This floor is tricky at the beginning, the actual exit is near the
    entrance, but it's hidden. There's an optional part if you go up from
    the stairs and touch the mirror, but all you get from that place is a
    Holy Bottle, a Resist Ring and a hint about the real exit. I will only
    describe the needed part here, but if you want to, you can explore the
    rest of the floor.
     Note that the design of the carpet has a path going into the right
    wall. Walk into the wall in that place to discover the secret passage.
    Walk right until you see a room directly above you. Go up there to
    get a chest containing a Lavender, then return down. Keep walking
    right, past the small room in your way. Now go up to find the stairs,
    don't use them though, go left instead and look for a passage in the
    wall that takes you to six treasure chests which contain a Lavender, a
    Savory, a Hourglass, a Magic Pouch, an Elixir and a Sage. Now go up
    the stairs, we are really close to Dhaos!
                               - Sixth Floor -
     This floor is really simple, here's the map to probe it:
    /    MAP OF THE SIXTH FLOOR OF DHAOS' CASTLE                         \
    |                                    ____       ____                 |
    |             ____                  | ss |     | T1 |     ____       |
    |            |    |_ _____________  |_--_|__ __|_--_|__ _| ¨¨ |      |
    |        ____|     -|-      _    _| |      -|-        -|-     |      |
    |       |         |¯ ¯¯¯|  | |`´|___|  |¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯|____|      |
    |       |         |     |  | |_________|                             |
    |       |   ___   |     |  |                                         |
    |       |--|  _|--|_    |  | |¯¯¯¯|                                  |
    |       |  | |  T2  |  _|--|_|_--_|_                                 |
    |       |  | |      | |             |                                |
    |       |  |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯|==|¯¯¯¯¯¯                                 |
    |       |  |__ ___/¯¯¯\ ENTRANCE                                     |
    |       |    -|-       )                                             |
    |       |  |¯¯ ¯¯¯\___/                                              |
    |       |  |                                                         |
    |       |  |                                                         |
    |       |--|                                                         |
    |      Stairs                                                        |
    |       Room                                                         |
    |                                                                    |
    |                                                                    |
    |           ¨¨  Mirror                   T1  Elven Boots             |
    |           ==  Stairs                   T2  Dragon Steak            |
    |           `´  Door that can only be                                |
    |               used to go down                                      |
    |           ss  Switch                                               |
    |  --  and -|-  Connection between                                   |
    |               screens                                              |
     At the beginning, use the door on the left, then walk up and use the
    door to your right. Ignore the door that takes you to a switch there
    and just go right, then enter the room above for some Elven Boots.
    Leave the room and go right, check the mirror to be transported near
    the beginning of the floor.
     Leave the small room and use the door to your left. Walk up and turn
    left into the next room. Of the two doors going down, use the right
    one first to get a Dragon Steak, then use the left one and keep going
    down until you reach a big room with stairs from where you can reach
    the next floor.
                         - Seventh to Tenth Floors -
     The only thing to note is the Save Point in the seventh floor and the
    nice effect of the clouds around the castle. The rest is really
    straight forward, all you have to do is follow the path.
                              - Eleventh Floor -
     You'll know you in the eleventh floor when you have to go up a series
    of stairs that revolve around a big pillar. At the top you find a Save
    Point and a door. SAVE YOUR GAME, for Dhaos is behind that door.
     The preparations are just the usual, use your best stuff, but leave
    the Dark Robe on Arche. If you equipped Cless with a Saint's Rapier,
    replace it with Excalibur, because Dhaos can't be hurt by the Light
    element. You should only change the accessories your characters are
    wearing. For example, remove all the Fairy and Jade Rings, since you
    can spend all of your items to recover TP, you'll want to equip useful
    accessories. As always, Mystical Runes are a must for all your spell
    casters, what you put in the other Accessory Slot depends on the
    character and your personal criterion, this is how my characters ended
    |  CLESS                           |  MINT                           |
    |                                  |                                 |
    |  Level 99                        |  Level 94                       |
    |  MAX HP  9999                    |  MAX HP  9999                   |
    |  MAX TP   999                    |  MAX TP   999                   |
    |                                  |                                 |
    |  Hand     Excalibur              |  Hand     Blue Crystal Rod      |
    |  Body     Golden Armor           |  Body     Star Cloak            |
    |  Shield   Blue Line shield       |  Shield   Shield Ring           |
    |  Head     Gold Helm              |  Head     Star Cap              |
    |  Arms     Hyper Gauntlet         |  Arms     Cute Mittens          |
    |  Relic 1  Battle Rune            |  Relic 1  Mana Earring          |
    |  Relic 2  Gorgon Amulet          |  Relic 2  Mystical Rune         |
    |                                  |                                 |
    |                                  |                                 |
    |  KLARTH                          |  ARCHE                          |
    |                                  |                                 |
    |  Level 93                        |  Level 92                       |
    |  MAX HP  9999                    |  MAX HP  9999                   |
    |  MAX TP   999                    |  MAX TP   999                   |
    |                                  |                                 |
    |  Hand     Namco Gamer            |  Hand     Star Broom            |
    |  Body     Star Cloak             |  Body     Dark Robe             |
    |  Shield   Shield Ring            |  Shield   Shield Ring           |
    |  Head     Star Cap               |  Head     Mage Ribbon           |
    |  Arms      -                     |  Arms     Cute Mittens          |
    |  Relic 1  Diamond Ring           |  Relic 1  Fairy Ring            |
    |  Relic 2  Mystical Rune          |  Relic 2  Mystical Rune         |
    |                                  |                                 |
    NOTE:  Chester is not included because I didn't use him very much,
          which means his levels were really low and his equipment was
     As for Cless' skills, here's my recommendation:
      Short-Range   Teleport     <--- This one's always useful!
                    Gale Shield  <--- This one might help in the second
                                      stage of the fight.
      Long-Range    Soul Forge   <--- Very Powerful, beats the hell out of
                    Odin's Wrath <--- The flying attack of the Phoenix
                                      works well against Dhaos' second
     In the Tactics Menu put Arche in the 'Cast Many Spells' mode, Klarth
    in the 'Call Many Spirits' mode and Mint in the 'Value HP over TP'
     It is really important that you go to the 'Formation' menu and put
    Cless away from the party in the battle field. Make sure that Cless is
    on the right side while the others are on the left corner, this will
    prevent Dhaos from hurting them easily.
     Finally, turn off all of Arche's spells but Meteor Storm and all of
    Klarth's spirits but Gremlin.
     Okay, once you are done with the preparations, heal completely both
    HP and TP and save your game (you don't want to do all the
    arrangements again).  Go through the door and up the stairs to meet
    Dhaos. This is the dialogue between the party and Dhaos for those
    playing the game without patch (the dialogue is extracted from 
    De-Jap's patch):
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
    Cless:    This is it, Dhaos! You've got nowhere to run this time!
    Dhaos:    Look, I've quite a bit of respect for your accomplishments
              in making it this far. You've proven worthy adversaries.
    Chester:  I'm going to make you pay for all the suffering you've
              caused our planet!
    Mint:     Wait!!
              - she steps up -
    Klarth:   Mint, stay away from him!
    Dhaos:    Perhaps she's come to her senses and has come to beg for her
    Mint:     Dhaos, I want to ask you a question. Many centuries ago, you
              told us you had no quarrel with us. I don't understand your
    Dhaos:    Because you're not harming this planet's supply of Mana. If
              anything I should thank you for healing the Tree of Life.
    Mint:     Why is Mana so important to you?
    Dhaos:    Because magic drains this planet's supply of Mana.
              And I need that Mana.
    Cless:    Mana? For yourself? I don't follow...
    Klarth:   Are you trying to preserve this planet's natural state?
    Dhaos:    Ha ha ha... To protect this planet that I hate so much?
              You must be joking! I'm only here to collect Mana.
    Chester:  Then you are trying to rule this world using Mana's power?
    Dhaos:    Ha ha ha! You foolish boy! Have I not made it clear that
              this planet, and everything on it does not interest me in
              the least? I need the Mana to create a Mana Seed.
    Chester:  Mana Seed?
    Cless:    I don't care what your goal is! Thousands of people DIED
              because of you, and that we can never forgive!
    Dhaos:    Ha! You are one to talk! I hope you are ready for me...!!
    BOSS: Dhaos___________________________________________________________
             HP  56000
             TP   1000
    TOTAL EXP    50000
    GALD         32000
     The moment the battle starts, use Soul Forge. While Cless hits Dhaos,
    quickly have Mint cast Haste on him; Arche cast Meteor Storm and
    Klarth call Gremlin.
     Right after Cless uses Soul Forge, have him use Teleport, you mustn't
    give Dhaos any chance to attack. Have Mint cast Valkyrie on Cless this
    time, then just have her cast Hammer on Dhaos all the time. Of course
    Arche and Klarth will just keep casting/calling Meteor Storm and
     Keep using Teleport, hopefully this will make Dhaos move to the
    right, cornering him. It's not a sure bet, but most of time when Dhaos
    just stands there doing nothing, if you place Cless next to him he
    will retreat, making it easier for you to corner him.
     If you are lucky and fast you will have Dhaos cornered in the right
    side of the battlefield. Once he's there, start using Teleport like
    mad while the others keep casting their spells.
     As for Dhaos' attacks, they are the same from before. His spells are
    not a big problem, since he rarely gets to cast them, but his special
    techs are as deadly as ever. He has two new attacks:
            · Tetra Spell:    No big deal, he just casts the four weakest
                              elemental spells at the same time. Damage is
            · Para-Triangle:  Stuns all characters on the screen, Cless is
                              easily affected by this tech.
     Just like all the other times you fought him, Dhaos recovers all
    damage dealt by physical attacks until you weaken him enough with
    magic. You should attack all the time anyway to keep him busy. Oh,
    this time no elemental spells affect him, not even Indignation.
     Upon Dhaos' defeat, a short dialogue takes place:
    Cless:    It's over Dhaos, you've lost.
              - Dhaos moves and everyone steps back - 
    Dhaos:    You think that the death of this body means anything to me?
              You are so narrow minded! I will NEVER die!
              - everything starts shaking, then the floor disappears -
    Cless:    ...?! The floor! It's gone!
    Dhaos:    Enough! The time has come!
              Mother Gaia! Father Chaos! Give me strength!
              - Dhaos transforms -
    BOSS: Neo Dhaos_______________________________________________________
    Neo Dhaos
             HP  64765    Immune:   Earth
             TP   3765
    Dhaos Arm
             HP  40765
             TP   1765
    TOTAL EXP    30765
    GALD         30765
     Don't be fooled into thinking this will be an easy fight just because
    the enemy can't move! This is the most annoying battle in the whole
    game, because Dhaos is a coward and likes to make himself invulnerable
    for long periods of time. Remember that this is really the final
    battle, so don't hesitate to use every item you have been saving, the
    Hourglasses will be especially helpful.
     This guy is kinda tough, but the best description would be ANNOYING.
    Here are his attacks and abilities:
            · Chaos:          The head shoots several red bullets. Try to
                              make Cless get hit by these, so they don't
                              touch Arche or Klarth and stop the spells.
            · Oscillation:    The arm shoots a big ball of light that
                              floats in circles until it hits one of your
                              characters, pushing him/her next to the arm.
                              It doesn't hurt very much, but it is REALLY
            · Last Ray:       A light elemental attack, just like the ray
                              Ray spell. It hurts Arche for about 2500 HP,
                              Mint and Klarth for 1200 HP and it heals
            · Meteor Storm:   About 6000 HP of damage to everyone on the
                              screen (if Cless has the Golden Armor, he
                              will be healed).
            · Tidal Wave:     About 5000 HP of damage to everyone on the
            · Acid Rain:      Lowers the party's defense.
     His other abilities are healing himself (only when the head or the
    arm are low on HP) and making the screen go dark, becoming invincible.
     You begin the battle on the far left of the battlefield. I suggest
    you use a Hourglass and start attacking with combos. The Odin's Wrath
    combo gives you a high chance of getting Cless to the right of Dhaos,
    where the arm can't attack you (remember that the other party members
    should be separated from Cless in the 'Formation' menu, or they will
    try to go next to Cless and the arm will kill them).
     No matter if you got Cless to stand on the right of Dhaos or not, use
    a Flare Bottle and then a Hourglass while Dhaos is vulnerable, then
    start using Teleport or Gale Shield. Use all your Hourglasses, or it
    might take ages to kill Dhaos. The other item that's very useful here
    is the Mah Jong Tile, it drops several tiles of Mah Jong (an oriental
    game) on the chosen target, each tile hurts the target for about
    2000 HP!
     Arche and Klarth should do the usual, cast Meteor Storm and call
    Gremlin constantly. Meteor Storm does about 3000 HP of damage and
    Gremlin does about 3300 HP of damage. Sadly, whenever Dhaos becomes
    invincible and they try to cast the spell and fail, they will waste
    the TP; be ready to use Orange and Pine Gummies all the time.
     You will probably kill the arm before the head, this makes the battle
    a whole lot easier. Just stand under the head and use Teleport or Gale
    Shield while the others cast spells.
    NOTE:  There is an Extra Tactic for this boss in Section VI.5 of Part
     Congratulations! Now just enjoy the ending...
       - Hard Mode -
     You might want to play the game in hard mode, to do so, just press
    A, B, X & Y at the same time in the Title Screen of the game. If you
    do it correctly, you will hear 'Yatta!' (just like when you win a
    battle). The enemies will have much more HP now. Have fun!
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
    4.-                     SECRETS AND EXTRA STUFF
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
    4.1- Elwyn and Nancy, a Love Story
     This section will follow the story of the love between Elwyn and
    Nancy, whom you first meet at Euclid in the past. I'll try to cover
    all the possible endings there are...
     Note that you get nothing from this quest, and it's not necessary to
    complete it.
                              - The Beginning -
     When you enter Euclid in the past, you will notice a girl under the
    tree near the Inn. Talk to her and walk away, Mint will say she's
    lovesick... Now talk to the girl again and, seeing how Cless seems to
    be hitting on her instead of just being friendly, Mint will decide to
    handle the conversation. The girl says she's in love with a guy named
    Elwyn, who is at the Weapon Shop.
     This is where you decide for the first time, you can choose to help
    the girl or not. If you choose to help her, keep reading, if not, just
    keep playing and see the results later on... See 'Future A' in this
    section for an advance.
     If you choose to help the girl, go to the Weapon Shop and talk to the
    blue haired man, that's Elwyn! Cless tells him about the girl who
    wants to know him, and he asks her name, but you don't know what her
    name is, so go and ask the girl, her name is Nancy.
     Talk to Elwyn and then to Nancy again. Make sure that they both have
    leave the town.
                              - The First Date -
     After the Harmel is destroyed, go to Venezzia. At the inn you can
    find Nancy again, talk to her and agree to help her. Now go to the
    house north from the inn and find Elwyn to make a date between the two
    of them.
     Now go and tell Nancy about the date. She will leave the inn, follow
    her and go right, to the fountain. Talk to her and Elwyn will show up.
    Leave the town and re-enter. Go upstairs in the building where you
    found Elwyn to see his father (Doug) very angry at him for dating
    Nancy. When the couple leaves. Go to the fountain, speak to Nancy and
    then to Elwyn (he's hiding between the columns behind the fountain)
    and cheer him up. They will decide to run off to Alvanista...
                               - Go and Tell! -
     Once you get to Alvanista, you can meet Elwyn and Nancy at the Supply
    Store. Elwyn will ask you not to tell his father where they are.
     This is your second important decision. You can either listen to what
    Elwyn said or go ahead and tell his father at Venezzia. I think you
    get the happiest ending by telling Doug where Nancy and Elwyn are, but
    it's up to you...
     If you choose to tell Doug, read 'Acceptance', if not, skip to
    'Future B'.
                                - Acceptance -
     This happens only if you decide to tell Elwyn's father, Doug, where
    his son is after he runs away.
     Now visit the house at the top-right corner of Alvanista. Usually,
    there's a Bush Baby in there, but now you should find Doug arguing
    with Elwyn and Nancy... This is another choice you must make: you
    either step in and help, or just go away. The second option is
     If you help, Elwyn and Nancy will return to Venezzia to work at the
    Trading Company and plan on their marriage.
     See 'Future C' to know what happens if you help.
                                 - Future A -
    NOTE:  This happens in the future only if you don't help Elwyn and
          Nancy get together in the first place.
     There's no trace of Elwyn or Nancy anywhere around the world and
    there's a school where Elwyn's father's trading company used to be.
    The kids are taking music lessons upstairs and you can have Klarth
    comment on their talent.
                                 - Future B -
    NOTE:  This happens in the future only if you help Elwyn and Nancy get
          together, but you don't help Elwyn make up with his father.
     Elwyn's father's trading company is broke, there's only one person
    there. There are two people at Freezekill who look exactly like Elwyn
    and Nancy and have a daughter...
                                 - Future C -
    NOTE:  This happens in the future only if you get Elwyn and Nancy
          together and step in when they start arguing with Doug at
     The trading company is working fine, all thanks to the work of Elwyn.
    One of his descendants, Steven, is now in charge. He has a secretary
    who looks just like Nancy...
     If you know of any other possible endings to this love story, please
    tell me and I'll add them right away.
    4.2- Mini-Games at Alvanista
                                - Racing Boy -
     In the East side of Alvanista you can race a boy. To enter the
    contest you have to talk to the one of the men near the boy. To see
    the route of the race answer yes three times in a row. Then answer no
    to start the race. You have to make the full route three times, and
    when you complete a lap you must hear a sound, if not, the game
    considers you didn't complete the lap.
     You can have a fake start, so watch it. The best way to assure a good
    start is to talk to the boy when the count down starts, then wait
    until the count reaches 'Go!' to pass the dialogue and start running.
     The boy is really dumb, if you stand in his way he will be stuck! Use
    that to your advantage. If you ever want to stop the race, talk to the
    man from before and say 'Yes'.
     When you win the race you will be offered one of four different
             1.-Cat's Eye
             2.-Beef [Food value 700]
             3.-?Weapon [transforms into a Longsword]
             4.-?Weapon [Transforms into an Ice Scimitar]
     The best thing here is the Cat's Eye, race three times and choose it
    as your prize each time, this item can be sold for 39,000 Gald in a
    near city (and even more later)! The other stuff is just not worth the
    effort, the Longsword is too weak, the Beef can be bought almost
    everywhere and you should already have an Ice Scimitar from the
    ?Weapon you won after defeating Meia.
                              - Pots 'n Stones -
     In Alvanista's Castle in the past, in the floor below the throne room
    is a guy next to a large pot, a barrel and a small pot. He offers you
    to play a number game.
     He gives you a random number (always higher than 16 and lower than
    29), you both get turns to take away from the number, and the one to
    take away last loses. If you played Tales of Destiny you might
    remember this game.
     In order to win you have to put him in a position he can't escape.
    You have to make the number be one of the following when his turn 
    comes: 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 28. Before starting he will say the
    number and ask if you want to go first, if the starting number is one
    of the above say no, if not, take the first turn and take away the
    amount needed to make it one of the special numbers. If the number is
    27 you have to take away 2 to make it 25, suppose your opponent takes
    2, the number is now 23, so take two more to make it 21.
     When you win you get a Mental Ring (slowly recovers TP during
    battles). After that the guy won't play with you anymore.
                              - Racing Boy II -
     Once you reach the second half of the game, you can visit Alvanista
    to race again. It's slightly more difficult to win, but it shouldn't
    be a problem.
    The prizes are now the following:
             1.- S-Flag [Brings back a dead ally with full HP]
             2.- Silver Mattock [protects against certain spells]
             3.- ?Bow [transforms into a powerful Flare Spread bow]
             4.- ?Bow [transforms into a weak Shortbow]
     The big prize now seems to be the S-Flag, it's really helpful when
    fighting big bosses. The Silver Mattock is quite useless at this stage
    of the game, plus you can get one from another sub-quest.
    4.3- The Ninja Village
    Items to Get:    Muramasa [1], Painting [1], Blue Crystal Rod [1]
    Spells to Get:   Flare Tornado [Forest around the Ninja Village]
     The Ninja Village is hidden deep inside the Treant's Forest. You must
    to talk to a woman inside the Cafe in the town of Ary to be able to
    access the village.
     From the Save Point north of the Elven Village go up three times,
    left three times and finally go up three times more (if you need
    reference, check the map in section 3.17). You should find a little
    girl (if not, you probably didn't talk to the needed people), when you
    talk to her, Arche comes with her broom and you are all taken to the
    Ninja Village.
     The girl introduces herself as Suzu and takes you to her house, to
    see the elder. Inside the house, Cless avoids two mortal traps but
    gets caught in the third trap, which is more less harmless (all it
    does is throw Cless into a pond).
     The Elder, called Lanzo, apologizes for the traps and offers the
    party to use the hot springs in the house. Quite a funny scene
    develops in the hot springs, Arche comments on how big Mint's breasts
    are, Chester hears that and decides to take a peek, but gets hit by a
    pail thrown by Arche.
     After the scene in the Hot Springs, Lanzo explains that the Ninja
    nation is not really isolated, they have spies in every country, but
    lately, some ninjas that are sent as spies to other countries are
    caught and brainwashed to work for Dhaos, among those ninjas are
    Suzu's father and mother, Dozo and Okiyo. Lanzo asks you to look for
    them if you have the time, they were last seen near Euclid.
     Lanzo gives you the Muramasa, a great weapon for Cless (it's even
    better than the Laser Blade). Now you are free to explore the village,
    but there's not really much to see. Talk to the guy in a room on the
    left side of Suzu's house and pay 30,000 Gald to buy his Painting,
    which you can later sell for more money.
     Now leave the house and use the eastern exit of the town to enter the
    forest around it. Go right to get the Flare Tornado spell from a chest
    and then go back into town. Leave the town using the western exit,
    follow the straight path and go down to get the Blue Crystal Rod for
    Mint (it's her ultimate weapon, equip it right away). There's nothing
    else in the forest now, so just go back to the town. In case you need
    reference, here's a map of the forest:
    / MAP OF THE FOREST AROUND THE NINJA VILLAGE                         \
    |                                                                    |
    |      |¯¯|                                 |¯¯|                     |
    |      |  |                                 |  |                     |
    |      |--|                                 |--|    |¯¯|             |
    |    |¯¯--¯¯¯¯¯¯|_____ ________ ________ ___|  |    |  |             |
    |    |         -|-   -|-      -|-      -|-     |    |--|             |
    |    |    www   |¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯|  |¯¯ ¯¯¯|  |    |  |             |
    |    |   www    |__    __|--|_____|--|______|--|_   |  |             |
    |    |    ww   -|- |  |   --       --        --  |__|--|____         |
    |    |  --      |¯¯   |                          |   --     |        |
    |    |¯¯--¯¯¯¯¯¯|     |      NINJA VILLAGE      -|-   ###   |____    |
    |  __|    ###   |_____|                          |    ###  -|- T1|   |
    | | -|-   ###  -|-   -|-                         |          |¯¯¯¯    |
    |  ¯¯|          |¯¯¯¯¯|                          |__--______|        |
    |    |  --      |     |                          | |--|              |
    |     ¯|--|¯¯¯¯¯      |__________________________| |  |              |
    |      |  |                                        |__|              |
    |      |T2|                                                          |
    |       ¯¯                                                           |
    |                                                                    |
    |             --  This sign show the connections between screens     |
    |            ###  Big stone blocks in some screens                   |
    |            www  Areas with water                                   |
    |                                                                    |
    |             T1  Flare Tornado spell                                |
    |             T2  Blue Crystal Rod                                   |
    |                                                                    |
     The forest around the Ninja village is a great place to train your
    characters, because the enemies here give lots of experience and
    money, and you can train Arche (you can't have her in the rest of the
    forest). If you still have to go to the Fire Tower and Ice Cave, train
    you characters a lot here, take them all to at least level 50, level
    60 if possible.
    4.4- Ayflite's Treasure
    Items to Get:    Ayflite's Notes [Rare Item], Whale Meat [12],
                     Moon Crystal [1], Reverse Doll [2], Silver Cape [2],
                     Black Onyx [1], Armlet [1], Blue Line Shield [1],
                     Green Torch [1], Elixir [6], Dark Seal [1],
                     Mental Ring [2], Protect Ring [2], Resist Ring [2],
                     Blue Candle [1], Sefira [1], Hyper Gauntlet [1],
                     Rosania's Dress [Rare Item], Silver Mattock [1],
                     Drum Set [1], Jade Ring [2], Soup Pot [1], Sake [9],
                     Gold Helm [1], S-Flag [1], Namco Gamer [1],
                     ?Weapon [1], Elven Boots [2], Red Line Shield [1],
                     ?Weapon [1], Red Lantern [1], Cat's Eye [1]
    NOTE:  This quest can only be started once Dhaos' Castle has appeared
          in the future and you are transported there by the Eternal Sword
          (you don't need to go further than the entrance).
     Go to the pub in Freezekill, there will be a person in the left side
    of the room, next to the counter. Talk to this person, he asks you if
    he could talk with you for a minute, say 'Yes'.
     His name is Graham Ayflite, son of the great pirate Ayflite, however,
    he didn't follow his father's steps and sold his ship when his father
    died. Aside from the treasures that where in the ship, Ayflite had
    lots of other riches hidden all over the world. Since Graham has no
    ship or experience to go for the treasure himself, he wants you to get
    them. The good part is that he only wants what his father described in
    his notes has the 'True Treasure', and you can keep everything else
    you find!
     Graham gives you Ayflite's Notes (a rare item). If you talk to Graham
    again he will repeat the instructions left by his father to find the
    'True Treasure', which are:
         'With Fenrir at your left, and Odin to your back...
               There the True Treasure can be found'
     Then an option will appear, if you say 'Yes' he will give you the
    location of all the treasure spots:
          -Two in North Euclid
          -One near Long Valley
          -Four in South Euclid (two of those four are on islands)
          -Two on Ary's Island
          -One on Fenrir's island
          -Three to the west of Ymir in South Alvanista
          -Two to Alvanista's northeast
          -One in East Freland
          -One in West Freland
          -One to the east of Midgard
          -Four to the north of Midgard
          There are 22 treasure spots in all.
     Here are the instructions to find each and every treasure spot, with
    the treasures in them listed. If you have any troubles to find one the
    locations let me know, so I re-write the instructions and make this as
    clear as possible.
    Two in North Euclid
             - Fly north from Euclid and land on a small island that's
               half sand and half rock (if you need more help, this island
               is west and a bit north from where Harmel used to be).
               ITEMS:   Whale Meat [1], Moon Crystal [1]
             - From the last treasure spot, fly northeast and land on the
               small portion of beach on the eastern edge of the continent
               (in the mountain range between Venezzia and where Harmel
               used to be).
               ITEMS:   Reverse Doll [1], Whale Meat [1]
    One near Long Valley
             - Land on the small beach that's east from what was Bart's
               ITEMS:   Silver Cape [1]
    Four in South Euclid
             - Fly directly west from Morrison's house and land on a piece
               of the continent separated from the mainland by a small
               ITEMS:   Whale Meat [1], Black Onyx [1], Armlet [1],
                        Blue Line Shield [1], Green Torch [1], Elixir [1]
             - Land on a small beach southeast from the forest where the
               Yggdrasill is (if you need more help, the beach is found
               southwest from the small hut in the area).
               ITEMS:   Reverse Doll [1]
             - Fly northeast from the cave where you met Gnome and land on
               the big portion of the island divided by a mountain (the
               one with grass on it). The chests are hidden under the
               trees in the middle of the screen.
               ITEMS:   Dark Seal [1], Elixir [1], Mental Ring [1]
             - In the same island of the last treasure spot, land on the
               small beach to the east (it might be hard to land on such a
               small spot, but it's possible).
               ITEMS:   Whale Meat [1], Protect Ring [1]
    Two on Ary's island
             - Fly west and a bit south from Ary, land on the grassy part
               of the island that has a mountain on it.
               ITEMS:   Whale Meat [1], Resist Ring [1]
             - Fly north from the cave where you used the Eternal Sword to
               reveal Dhaos' Castle and land on the grassy part of the
               long peninsula.
               ITEMS:   Blue Candle [1], Sefira [1]
    One on Fenrir's island
             - Fly southwest from Freezekill and land the tip of a
               peninsula connected to the mountainous part of the island
               (sorry, it's hard to explain). The beach I'm talking about
               has a small spot of grass. Also, note that if you go right
               from the screen with the treasure you find a small area
               with trees and grass, but it's empty.
               ITEMS:   Whale Meat [1], Mental Ring [1],
                        Hyper Gauntlet [1]
    Three to the west of Ymir in South Alvanista
    NOTE: The patch says 'west', but the treasures are all to the east of
          the forest.
             - Fly southeast from the Ymir Forest and land on a small
               beach separated from the mainland by a mountain.
               ITEMS:   Protect Ring [1]
             - Fly directly east from the Ymir Forest and land on a small,
               rather round (if you need more help, the island is found
               southwest from the Moria Gallery). The 'True Treasure' is
               here, but Fenrir is to your back and Odin to your right!.
               ITEMS:   Rosa's Dress [Rare Item]
             - Fly directly south and a little east from Alvanista and on
               the long island (if you need more help, it's directly west
               from the entrance to the Moria Gallery).
               ITEMS:   Silver Mattock [1]
    Two on Alvanista's northeast
             - Fly a bit east from Alvanista and go north, then land on
               the island north from the long peninsula.
               ITEMS:   Whale Meat [1], Silver Cape [1], Resist Ring [1]
             - Fly northeast from Alvanista and look for a piece of the
               continent you couldn't reach by walking because of a small
               portion of water. Enter the forest next to the mountain
               there (if you need more help, this place is directly west
               from the Tower of the Twelve Stars). The treasure here
               becomes a Tidal Axe (a water elemental weapon, it's not
               better than the Eternal Sword).
               ITEMS:   ?Weapon [1]
    One in East Freland
             - Fly east from the northernmost oasis and land on the a big
               island with mountains on it. Walk on the sand south from
               the mountain.
               ITEMS:   Whale Meat [1], Elixir [2], Drum Set [1]
    One in West Freland
             - Fly west from the third oasis and land on a rather
               elongated island divided by a small mountain range, land on
               the southern portion.
               ITEMS:   Whale Meat [1], Jade Ring [1], Soup Pot [1]
    One to the east of Midgard
             - This one is quite hard to explain. Starting from where
               Midgard used to be, fly southeast for about 3 seconds. You
               should be more less over a peninsula cut into several sand
               portions by the rocks. Land on the southeastern tip.
               ITEMS:   Sake [9]
    Four to the north of Midgard
             - Fly directly north from the White Forest and land on the
               beach there.
               ITEMS:   Elixir [1], Gold Helm [1], S-Flag [1]
             - From the last treasure spot, fly a little to the east and
               land on the big patch of snow on the mountains northwest of
               the Valhalla Plains. The treasure here is barely visible
               because of the color of the ground and the trees, just
               remember that the four chests are aligned and half covered
               by the foliage. The sword you get here is a Lucky Blade,
               it raises your luck a ton, but it's not as powerful as the
               Eternal Sword.
               ITEMS:   Namco Gamer [1], ?Weapon [1], Elven Boots [1],
                        Jade Ring [1]
             - Land on the small beach a bit south from the bridge that
               connects the island where Dhaos' Fortress used to be and
               the main land. The ?Weapon you find here transforms into
               a Duelist's Sword, nothing great.
               ITEMS:   Red Line Shield [1], ?Weapon [1], Elixir [1],
                        Red Lantern [1], Elven Boots [1], Cat's Eye [1]
             - Fly a bit northwest from the island where Dhaos' Fortress
               was in the past and land on the southern portion of the
               small island cut divided into two parts by a small
               ITEMS:   Whale Meat [3]
     Once you have all the treasures, go back to Graham and give him
    Rosa's Dress, which is actually his mother's wedding dress. He will
    be very happy and you will have lots of treasures! Now that's a happy
    ending... Please note that you can give the dress to Graham at any
    time, you don't need to have gotten everything.
     Now, about the equipment you just got, equip the Namco Gamer on
    Klarth and change all of Cless' equipment for the new pieces of armor
    you found. If you use the Auto command to equip him, you will have to
    change his shield manually, because the Blue Line Shield has the same
    Run (AKA Evade) value of the Rare Shield, but it's Defense value is
     Other useful items you just got are the Dark Seal and the Sefira. The
    Dark Seal can be equipped on Cless and allows him to win 50% more EXP
    from each battle at the expense of not being able to use skills, if
    you use a Rune Bottle on it, it becomes a Demon Seal, which gives you
    twice as much experience but cancels your skills AND defense. The
    Sefira makes the party get 10% extra EXP and Gald from each battle,
    use a Rune Bottle on it to make it a Sefira+1, which makes you win 20%
    extra EXP and Gald (these items work all the time since you get them,
    just by being in you inventory).
    4.5- Moria Gallery, the Lower Levels
    Items to Get:    Yellow Cake [1], Veggies [1], Dark Bottle [2],
                     Orange Gummy [3], Spy Lens [1], Flare Bottle [1],
                     Life Bottle [3], Creamy Cheese [1], Sage [1],
                     Bread [1], Apple Gummy [2], Iron Boots [1],
                     Iron Helm [1], Broom [1], Mixed Gummy [6],
                     Silver Cape [1], ?Armor [1], Poison Amulet [3],
                     Lotus Perfume [1], Pine Gummy [2], ?Weapon [1],
                     ?Armor [2], Miracle Gummy [5], Cheese [1],
                     Gorgon Amulet [3], ?Weapon [2], Lemon Gummy [2],
                     Dragon Steak [1], Resist Ring [2], Burger [2],
                     Combo Counter [1], Protect Ring [2], Rune Bottle [2],
                     ?Armor [1], Savory [1], Jade Ring [3],
                     Reverse Doll [1], ?Weapon [1], Elixir [2],
                     ?Weapon [1], ?Armor [1], Hourglass [2], ?Helm [1],
                     ?Armor [1], ?Helm [1], Scout Orb [1], ?Weapon [1]
    Combos to Get:   Thor's Wrath [Moria Galley, 21st Level]
    Spirits to Get:  Chameleon [Moria Gallery, 16th level]
                     Gremlin [Moria Gallery, 21st Level]
    Spells to Get:   Black Hole [Moria Gallery, 18th Level]
                     Extinction [Moria Gallery, 21st Level]
     Remember the Moria Gallery? Well, there are eleven new levels to
    visit! In order to open the way to this sub-quest, you MUST have used
    the Eternal Sword to reveal Dhaos Castle in the future.
     This is one tough dungeon, so make sure you buy all the essentials,
    such as 15 Rune Bottles, 15 Apple and Orange Gummies, 15 Remedy
    Bottles, 15 Flare Bottles, etc. Oh, and do remember to bring at least
    one Holy Bottle and some Dark Bottles, you will know why later.
     Make sure you have the extra contract rings we got in section 3.26,
    because you will need them to contract with two spirits down there.
    Also, you might want to get the Meteor Shower spell for Arche from
    Dhaos' Castle before coming here, even though it's not that important
    and I went through the whole dungeon without it, it may be a great
    help. Check section 3.31 for the walkthrough of the castle (don't
    worry the spell is not very deep into the dungeon).
     When you are ready, go to the Moria Gallery (it's located southeast
    from Alvanista) and use the stairs in the upper left corner of the
    first level, this stairs lead to the ninth level, all you have to do
    is keep going.
     When you arrive at the ninth level you will notice a new guard next
    to the stairs you used to come. Walk right and use the upper exit of
    the room. You should find a whole bunch of people and the passage to
    the new section there.
     The merchant standing in front of the stairs going down sells useful
    stuff you might have forgotten to bring. If you want to and have the
    money (most likely) make a whole set of Lemon, Pine and Miracle
    Gummies by using Rune Bottles on the Apple, Orange and Mixed Gummies
    you can buy here. The transformed items restore 60% of HP/TP instead
    of the 30% recovered by the other items, however, do buy a new set of
    the original items, you can never be too careful. Don't forget to buy
    another 15 Rune Bottles before going down.
     This is important, sell your oldest equipment and useless items, then
    fill your food sack. The reason for this is that there's a bug in the
    game that transforms items randomly into Chicken (a food item) if you
    have too many items (I have only experienced this bug here in the
    Moria Gallery).
     As for the equipment, make sure everyone has their best gear, but
    leave Arche with her Dark Robe instead of any other armor, because it
    absorbs several elements. Equip an Jade Ring on Cless to cut the TP
    consumption of his skills and use a Rune Bottle on all the other
    Jade Rings you have to make them Fairy Rings, which can't be equipped
    on Cless, but cut the TP use of spells by half. As for Klarth, Mint
    and Arche, make sure they have a Mystical Rune and a Fairy Ring,
    because they will be casting a lot of spells soon. Equip the Soul
    Forge and Soul Strike combos on Cless (or the attacks that form them
    to master them) and your favorite short range skill (Teleport works
    great here).
     If you need to recover, just talk to the person next to the tent and
    say 'Yes' to sleep for free. Now go downstairs to reach the 10th
    level. Use the Save Point and go left, you will receive a message
    telling you that all of your Holy Bottles shattered (if you don't have
    Holy Bottles, there's the risk that the game destroys all of your
    Remedy Bottles).
     Before going any deeper, you should gain a few levels. Use a Dark
    Bottle and start walking around to meet enemies. Be careful though, if
    you find a little worm just run! There's no way to hurt it and you die
    automatically when it touches you! All the other enemies can be killed
    more less easily by summoning Origin and Aska; casting Explode, Tidal
    Wave or a death spell; and using Cless' best skills.
     Once your four main characters are around level 75, proceed (unless
    you want to train Chester, but he isn't very useful here). Heal up and
    save your game, then go left from the Save Point and cross the
    bridges, go into the next room and use the stairs going down.
                              - Eleventh Level -
     Go right and cross the bridge. In the next screen just walk down and
    exit to the left to enter the next level.
                              - Twelfth Level -
      Cross the bridge going left and leave the screen. Now go down and
    exit by south to get four chests (they contain an Orange Gummy, a Dark
    Bottle, a Veggies and a Yellow Cake). Go back up and use the exit to
    your right.
                             - Thirteenth Level -
     As always, cross the bridges and leave the screen. In the next room,
    grab the chest in front of you for a Spy Lens, then go down, get a
    Flare Bottle from the chest left from the stairs and a Life Bottle
    from a chest to the right. Now go down the stairs.
                             - Fourteenth Level -
     Just another simple level, cross the bridge and leave the screen.
    Then go down the stairs into the 15th level.
                             - Fifteenth Level -
     Go right and cross the bridges. Walk down in the next room, the
    person there just talks about how she will never make it back that far
    if she heads back. Just go left at the bottom of the screen to enter
    the 16th level. I know this is pretty boring so far, but wait a little
    and you'll see why this place is hell!
                             - Sixteenth Level -
     Go left over the bridges and walk down in the next room. Use the
    southern exit to find a room filled with the same thing you say near
    the beginning of the game, in Long Valley: Shoki. Grab the barely
    visible chest near the right wall, then go to the left side of the
    place for a Creamy Cheese. Walk down and grab the Sage from the chest,
    then head right. If you got the Emerald contract ring from Gnome's
    cave, you will meet a spirit, Chameleon. He says you are near a rift
    into the realm of magic, and you shouldn't be there. Klarth doesn't
    lose a moment and offers him a contract. Chameleon accepts and so you
    Klarth uses the Emerald Ring to house your new spirit. This spirit is
    just like a death spell, if you are lucky an enemy will be killed, but
    it doesn't work very often, and it doesn't have what you could call
    flashy special effects, this means that you will probably summon this
    spirit only once to see how it looks like and just cancel it later,
    but don't worry, the best spirit in the game is in the last floor of
    this cave. Now leave the room with Shoki and use the door to your
    right to enter the 17th level.
                            - Seventeenth Level -
     Just cross the bridges going right, the soldier in this screen talks
    about the houses of the dwarves in this cave. Go right to find a
     Aside from the puzzle, there's a transporter that takes you back to
    the 10th level, DO NOT step on it! The point of the puzzle is to
    depress all four switches, when you step on a switch, the ones next to
    it go up or down, depending on how they where before. Naming the
    switches A, B, C and D (from left to right) you have to press the
    switches in the following order, A - B - C - D - B and the door will
    open. Ignore the copy of the puzzle in the lower side of the room and
    go down the stairs.
                             - Eighteenth Level -
     This is where the dungeon gets tough! Happily for you, I have made
    maps of the floors to come, so that you can save yourself a lot of
     This floor consists of a big dark room, in which all you can see is a
    small circle of light around you. This is the map of the floor (yes, I
    know it's not too clear
    /    MAP OF THE 18TH LEVEL OF THE MORIA GALLERY                      \
    |                                                ___                 |
    |                                             __| T2|__              |
    |                                            |T1     T3|             |
    |                ENTRANCE        __________   \__   __/×             |
    |            ______|==|_____    |   _      |     |-|××××             |
    |           |               |___|  |×|     |     | |××××             |
    |           |    _____             |×|     |_____| |_×××             |
    |           |   |     |__==________|×|_==____________|××             |
    |           |   |        ==         ¯\ ==    \××××/  /××             |
    |           |   |_____________        \       \××/  /×××             |
    |           |                 |       /___     \/   ¯¯¯|______       |
    |           |__________   ____|______/    \           -|- T5  |      |
    |           |××××××××××| |×××××××××××|__==_\    __     |T4  T6|      |
    |        ___|××××××××××| |×××××××××××|  ==     |××|    |¯¯¯¯¯¯       |
    |       |   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯|×××××|         |××|    |             |
    |       |BH-|-      |          |×××××|   _==__/××/     |             |
    |       |___|       |__==______/¯¯¯¯¯   | == |××/      |             |
    |           |          ==     |         |     ¯/       |             |
    |           |                 |         |     /        |             |
    |            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯==¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯              |
    |                                STAIRS                              |
    |                           TO THE 19TH LEVEL                        |
    |                                                                    |
    |                                                                    |
    |         ××  Places where you can't walk                            |
    |         ==  Stairs                                                 |
    |   -|- & --  This signs mark the                                    |
    |             connections between screens                            |
    |                                                                    |
    |    BH  Black Hole spell for Arche                                  |
    |                                                                    |
    |    T1  Bread             T4  Iron Circlet                          |
    |    T2  Apple Gummy       T5  Broom                                 |
    |    T3  Iron Gloves       T6  Mixed Gummy                           |
     Okay, here's the walkthrough to get all the treasure in this place
    (even though the only thing worthy of your efforts is the Black Hole
     From the stairs go left and walk down until you hit a wall. Head
    right and use the narrow passage going down between the rocks walls.
    Go straight down, using the stairs, then turn left and walk up and
    enter the cave on the left wall to find the Black Hole spell. This
    spell is quite useful, because when it works, it can absorb more than
    one enemy, also, it works more often than any other death spell you
    have now, and that is useful for enemies like the G·Beast, which you
    can't hurt with any of Arche's spells, all you have to do now is lower
    its HP with Klarth and Cless and then cast the spell.
     Now go all the way back to the entrance of the dark room (if you
    don't remember how, just look at the map). Walk right and down a bit,
    ignore the stairs near you and head right. Go up, left and down to
    avoid the stone wall, ignore the new set of stairs and walk far right,
    and look for a narrow path going up, this takes you to a room with
    three chests (they contain Bread, and Apple Gummy and Iron Gloves).
     From the room with the treasure, go back down and left, this time go
    down the stairs you find. Walk down and right, look for an entrance on
    the wall, this takes you to a small room with an Iron Circlet, a Broom
    and a Mixed Gummy. Back in the dark room, walk a bit down and left
    past a big stone wall. When you see a set of stairs going up, all you
    have to do is walk right and down to find the stairs that take you to
    the 19th level. Remember to look at the map if you ever get lost!
                             - Nineteenth Level -
     And yet more darkness in this level... Anyway, here's the map:
    |                              ENTRANCE                              |
    |    ____________________________|==|_____________________________   |
    |   |    _   ________    _____    ____   ___   _________   ____   |  |
    |   |   |×| |××××××××|  |×××××|  |×××_| |×××| |×××××××××| |××××|  |  |
    |   |   |×| |××|¯¯¯¯\|  |×××××|  |××|T1 |×××|__¯¯|××××××| |____|  |  |
    |   |    ¯  |××| |\     |___|¯   |××ׯ| |××××××| |××××××|___      |  |
    |   |_____  |××| |×|_   __   ____| __ |_ ¯|××|¯ _|×× _______|     |  |
    |   ××××××| |××| |×××|_|××| |×××××|T2|××| |××| |____|  _____      |  |
    |   |¯¯¯¯¯ _|××|  ¯\××××××| |×××××|  |××| |××|________|×××××\_____|  |
    |   |  _  |××××|  _ \×××××| |×××××|   ¯¯  |××××××××××××××××××××××××  |
    |   | |×|  ¯|××| |×| |××××| |××××× ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯×××××××××××××××××××××××××  |
    |   |  ¯ _  |××|  ¯   \××/   \××××××××××××××_____× ___×××××××××××××  |
    | E |¯¯¯|×| |××|   ==  \/     \××××××××××××|     |/   \××××××××××××  |
    | X |   |×| |××|¯¯¯==¯¯¯¯\    |××××××××××××|    -|-    |×××××××××××  |
    | I     |×| |××|  _   _  |    |_______   __|_==__|\___/××××××××××××  |
    | T |   |/  |××| |×| |×| |_   _ ___==_\_/    ==  |×××××××××××××××××  |
    |   |   | T3|××| |×| |×| |×| |×|   ==  ___  ___  |×××××××××××××××××  |
    |   |    ¯¯¯ ¯¯   ¯T6|×|-|×|_|×|      |×××||×××| |×××××××××××××××××  |
    |    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ /   \××××|       ¯¯¯  ¯¯¯  |×××××××××××××××××  |
    |                    |T4 T5|×××ׯ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯××××××××××××××××××  |
    |                     \___/                                          |
    |                                                                    |
    |                                                                    |
    |       ××  Rocks/Walls                                              |
    |       ==  Stairs                                                   |
    |  - & -|-  Mark the connection between screens                      |
    |                                                                    |
    |         T1  Silver Cape              T4    Lotus Perfume           |
    |         T2  ?Armor                   T5    Pine Gummy              |
    |         T3  Poison Amulet            T6    ?Weapon                 |
     From the entrance walk right until you find a passage going down, use
    it. While you go down you should find a treasure chest to your left,
    it contains a Silver Cape. Follow the path to the end and you will
    find a ?Armor (it transforms into a Tunic). Now go all the way back to
    the entrance of this level (use the map if you need to).
     Walk left from the entrance, ignore the first two paths going down
    and use the third one. Follow it as far as you can (this is pretty
    straight forward) and at the end you will find a Poison Amulet.
     As always, it's easier to guide you from the entrance, so go there.
    Walk left, this time use the second path going down that you see and
    go left as soon as you can to find another path. Go down in the
    passage until you hit a wall, then walk right and use the stairs.
    The way divides into three here, use the right-most one and you will
    eventually find a small room with chests (they contain a Lotus Perfume
    and a Pine Gummy).
     Go back to where the way splits, this time use the middle path to go
    down, get the chest in the corner for a ?Weapon and go far left (the
    ?Weapon becomes a Longsword). When you hit the wall, walk up and look
    for an opening in the wall to enter another part of this level.
     Cross the first bridge and grab the ?Weapon from the chest, use a
    Rune Bottle on it to make it the powerful Bahamut's Tail axe, which is
    stronger than the Eternal Sword and is a Darkness elemental. Equip it
    on Cless right away (don't worry, you won't heal any enemies). Now
    cross the second bridge and exit to the left, you will find another
    dark room, but in this one, you can't even see a circle of light, all
    you have is a moment of light every a few seconds and the torches on
    the some walls. Here's the map of the place:
    |                             ______                                 |
    |                            |      |                                |
    |                             \    /                                 |
    |        ______________________|  |_______________________           |
    |       |  # 12                   #  05                   |          |
    |       |## |¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯|##|¯¯¯¯¯|##|¯¯¯¯¯|04|¯¯¯¯¯|   |          |
    |       |13 |     |  |     |09|     |08|     |##|     | 03|          |
    |       |   |_____|  |_____|  |_____|  |_____|06|_____|   |          |
    |       |                                                 |          |
    |       |   |¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯|   | E        |
    |       |   |     |11|     |10|     |  |     |  |     |   | N        |
    |       |   |_____|##|_____|##|_____|  |_____|07|_____|   | T        |
    |   ___ |    #20                            18##01          R        |
    |  /14 \|   |¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯|22|¯¯¯¯¯|   | A        |
    | | 15      |     |  |     |19|     |  |     |  |     |   | N        |
    |  \16 /|   |_____|  |_____|##|_____|##|_____|  |_____|   | C        |
    |   ¯¯¯ |17#                                    #02       | E        |
    |       |## |¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯|   |          |
    |       |21 |     |  |     |  |     |  |     |  |     |###|          |
    |       |   |_____|  |_____|  |_____|##|_____|  |_____|   |          |
    |       |                   ## #                     23 24|          |
    |        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|==|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯           |
    |                                EXIT                                |
    |                             TO LEVEL 20                            |
    |                                                                    |
    |  LEGEND                                                            |
    |                                                                    |
    |      ##   Rocks blocking your way                                  |
    |      ==   Stairs                                                   |
    |                                                                    |
    |      01   ?Armor                13   Burger                        |
    |      02   Miracle Gummy         14   Combo Counter                 |
    |      03   Cheese                15   Protect Ring                  |
    |      04   Gorgon Amulet         16   Rune Bottle                   |
    |      05   ?Weapon               17   Lemon Gummy                   |
    |      06   Poison Amulet         18   Burger                        |
    |      07   Gorgon Amulet         19   ?Armor                        |
    |      08   Lemon Gummy           20   Poison Amulet                 |
    |      09   Dragon Steak          21   Resist Ring                   |
    |      10   ?Armor                22   ?Weapon                       |
    |      11   Resist Ring           23   Pine Gummy                    |
    |      12   Gorgon Amulet         24   Savory                        |
     This place can be annoying because the lights coming and going, be
    glad that the torches on the walls are always visible, this helps you
    guide yourself, specially when you have a map ^_^ In case your IQ is
    under 10, note that this place is formed by big stone blocks that
    divide the big room into a series of paths. When I mention a 'Square'
    in the walkthrough of this rooms, it means the distance of the side of
    one of these blocks, you get it?
     Okay, from the entrance of this place go straight left and pick up a
    ?Armor from the chest (this can be transformed into a Tunic). Go back
    right and head down, then turn left to get a Miracle Gummy, then go
    back to the door from which you came in and walk up, past a path going
    left. You should find a Cheese in a chest near the right wall. Keep
    going up and turn left, when you see a new path going down, use it,
    this leads to a Gorgon Amulet. Go up again and left to get a ?Weapon
    (transforms into a Longsword). Now walk right as far as possible and
    go down, then turn left at the first chance you get.
     In the crossroads you find go up for a Poison Amulet, then down for a
    Gorgon Amulet. From the same crossroads head left into another one,
    this time go up for a Lemon Gummy, then go back down to the last
    crossroads and head left. At the next junction go up for a Dragon
    Steak, down for a ?Armor (another Tunic), and finally left to proceed.
     When you reach yet another junction, go down for a Resist Ring, then
    go far up and turn left to get another Gorgon Amulet. Return to the
    last four-way-junction and head left, then up for a Burger. Go far
    down from the spot with the Burger, looking for an opening on the left
    wall, this takes you to a small room with a Combo Counter, a Protect
    Ring and a Rune Bottle. The Combo Counter (not surprisingly) counts
    how many hits in a row you deliver to an enemy, but first you have to
    activate it from your Custom Menu (it's the last option). It doesn't
    give you any advantages, but it's fun, so do it!
     Get out of the small room and go down a little to get a Lemon Gummy,
    then walk two squares and turn right. Go right for three squares, head
    down and left to get a Burger from the chest. Go left two squares,
    then down for a ?Armor, this one becomes the Golden Armor for Cless,
    equip it right now, it absorbs several elements and is quite strong
    (in fact, this is the best armor for Cless in the game).
     From the spot where you got the Golden Armor, go back up and walk
    left for two squares to get a Poison Amulet from a chest. Go back left
    and head down when you can, keep going until you hit the bottom wall,
    then go left until you hit the wall and up until you find a chest
    containing a Resist Ring.
     Now, after picking up the Resist Ring, go back down and left, then up
    one square and right until you find a stalagmite in your way. Walk up
    for a ?Weapon (transforms into a Longsword), then down to the bottom
    and left for a Pine Gummy and a Savory (there might be something
    blocking half of the path, but you can still pass). Now, to leave this
    place, go left until the way is blocked, you should find the stairs
    going to the 20th level around there, in the lower wall.
                             - Twentieth Level -
     This whole floor is pretty simple, it consists of a room filled with
    statues looking in different ways. When you get too close to a statue,
    you are pushed away. Here's an approximate map of the place, the dot
    line is where you have to walk to be able to leave the room.
    /    MAP OF THE 20TH LEVEL OF THE MORIA GALLERY                      \
    |                            ENTRANCE                                |
    |        _____________________|====|_________________________        |
    |       |                      ·                             |       |
    |       |                      ·                             |       |
    |       |       ················                             |       |
    |       |>>     ·XXXX            <<    XXXX        <<XXXX    |       |
    |       |       ·····    XX/\        >>              XXXX    |       |
    |       |           ·/\>>········· /\                        |       |
    |       |           ······       ·····     /\XX          <<  |       |
    |       |XX/\XXXX      <<XXXX/\XXXX>>······  XXXX/\    XXXX/\|       |
    |       |        /\             JR     /\ ·                  |       |
    |       |                       ···········                  |       |
    |        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|====|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯        |
    |                              EXIT                                  |
    |                           TO LEVEL 21                              |
    |                                                                    |
    |                                                                    |
    |     /\  Statue Looking Up                                          |
    |     <<  Statue Looking Left                                        |
    |     >>  Statue Looking Right                                       |
    |     XX  Spot on the field occupied by rocks/stalagmites            |
    |     ··  Route to Follow                                            |
    |                                                                    |
    |     JR  Chest containing an Jade Ring                              |
     I know the map is not too clear, but try to deal with it.  The dot
    line is the route you have to follow to get out of this place, but in
    case you have any problems, here's the walkthrough.
    NOTE:  By 'Step' I mean the small square of the floor that a person's
          body occupies.
     When you enter, go to the left side of the room, stand to the left of
    a pair of long and thin stalagmites. Walk one step down, two steps
    right and one more down (you should be next to a statue looking up).
    Move one step down and three right, now go one up and a statue will
    push you to the right, out of the reach of the looking north in the
    area. Walk a step down,, three right and one more down to be pushed to
    the right again. Finally, just walk down and left around the statue
    looking north, get the chest and leave this floor.
                            - Twenty-first Level -
     What's the matter with the music here? It sounds horrible... Anyway,
    head right from the stairs and get the chest for a Rune Bottle. Go
    down the stairs near you and get the chest that's left and down from
    there (it contains a Protect Ring). Now go to the left side of the
    room, get the Reverse Doll from the chest and leave the room.
     Cross the bridges, then enter a new dark area, which is even more
    annoying than the last one, because this one is not designed in such a
    simple way.
    /    MAP OF THE 21ST LEVEL OF THE MORIA GALLERY                      \
    |                          _____                                     |
    |                       __/06 07\__                                  |
    |                      |           |                                 |
    |                      |____    ___|                                 |
    |                           |  |                                     |
    |     ______________________|--|__________________________           |
    |    |  ___         |_______|==|__________________________|          |
    |    | |___|  _==__/  ____==____/             ____ 08 | __|          |
    |    |       | ==    / | _==      ________==_/ __ \__/ /  |          |
    |  E |   _==_|    _  | ||_|      /| 09  | == \/  \____/   | E        |
    |  N |  | == |   |_| | \___==___/ |     |    |              X        |
    |  T |  |    |__==___| _   ==     |     |_==_/            | I        |
    |  R    |    | _==  | |_| ____==_/|       ==  \__         | T        |
    |  A |__|   / |_|   |    /    ==  |  __          \__ _==_/           |
    |  N |01 ==|05     /     |        |_|~~|_       _|~~| == |           |
    |  C |¯¯¯== \_____|11 == |10      |~~~~~~|_   _|~~~ |    |           |
    |  E |     02|     ¯¯¯==¯|¯|##|¯|#|_~~~~~~~|_|~~~~~ |    |           |
    |    |___==_/             ¯    ¯    |_~~~~~~~~~~~~ _|    | _____     |
    |    |  _== |     ____                |__~~~~~~~~_|      |/     \    |
    |    | |_|  |12  |~~~~|_           _     |______|  |¯¯| -|-      |   |
    |    |__==_/|_|¯¯~~~~~~~|___      |_|     ‡‡‡‡‡‡    ¯¯   |\_____/    |
    |    |  == 03|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|_         __|¯¯¯¯¯¯|_       |           |
    |    |       |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|_    __|~~~~~~~~~~~|_   13|           |
    |    |     04|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |____|           |
    |    |      /|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|           |
    |    |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯|~~~~~~~~~~~~_|¯¯|  |¯|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|           |
    |    |          ¯¯|~~~~~~~~|    |==|  ¯¯¯|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|           |
    |    |             ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |--|      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|           |
    |     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            |
    |                                                                    |
    |                                                                    |
    |            ‡‡   Bridge                     ## Stalagmites          |
    |            ~~   Water                      == Stairs               |
    |      -- & -|-   Connections                                        |
    |                 between screens                                    |
    |                                                                    |
    |         01  ?Weapon                  08  ?Armor                    |
    |         02  Jade Ring                09  Hourglass                 |
    |         03  Elixir                   10  ?Helm                     |
    |         04  Apple Gummy              11  ?Armor                    |
    |         05  ?Weapon                  12  ?Helm                     |
    |         06  Jade Ring                13  Mixed Gummy               |
    |         07  Orange Gummy                                           |
     From the entrance go up until you see the torches on a big column,
    then go left a little and use the stairs going down. Keep going down,
    when you see another set of stairs go left a little and get a ?Weapon
    from the chest (it can be transformed into an Ice Coffin Sword, a
    water elemental, it's not worth the Rune Bottle). Now go down the
    stairs near you and head right for an Jade Ring.
     From the last chest go a bit left and down, then down the stairs,
    walk down and use yet another set of stairs, then look for two chest
    on the right side of the platform (they contain an Elixir and an Apple
    Gummy). Now all the way back up (you will know you are there when you
    see two torches on a big column. From the torches go a bit up and
    right, then go down the stairs, walk down, past the column and use
    the new set of stairs, then go down and left for a ?Weapon (transforms
    into a weak Ice Scimitar).
     Go back to the last column you saw and head up and right. As you walk
    right, look for a path going up, use it to find a small room with an
    Jade Ring and an Orange Gummy. Get out of the room and use the stairs,
    then head far right, past some more stairs to get a ?Armor (it becomes
    a Reflect Plate, which is not very strong, don't waste a Rune Bottle).
     Now walk left and go down the first stairs you see, walk down and use
    yet more guess what? Stairs! Head left and up and get a Hourglass from
    the chest. Go all the way up and walk left, then down and down the
    stairs to your right, look for a chest near the columns there, it
    contains a ?Helm (it becomes a Star Cap, but you don't need any more,
    so don't transform it).
     Go up one set of stairs, then go left and down. When you see more
    stairs go left and get a ?Armor that becomes a Mithril Mesh (it's not
    worth the Rune Bottle). Now go down the stairs, head down and left to
    get a ?Helm (it's just a Leather Hat). Walk right until you see a
    column with a torch, from there go down and leave the screen to enter
    a room filled with Shoki, just like the one where you met Chameleon.
    Walk down a little, Cless will hear a voice and a Spirit will appear
    behind him. The Spirit will introduce himself as Gremlin. He is from
    the Spirit World, but now he lives in this cave. Klarth offers to give
    him food if he accepts to make a contract, the spirit accepts and
    Klarth uses the Sapphire Ring. Gremlin is the strongest Spirit in the
    game, it hurts all the enemies on the screen for about 7000 HP with
    non elemental damage (of course the amount of damage can vary with
    some special enemies).
     Well, now we have all of Klarth's spirits. Just get out of the room
    and walk up until you hit the column with the torch. Go right and
    cross the bridge, head down and get a Mixed Gummy from the chest. Walk
    far up, use the stairs you find and look for an entrance in the right
    wall, use it of course.
     Walk right and up, to your left you will see a Save Point. Hooray!
    Play the Final Fantasy fanfare in your head and save your game!
     Now's the time to face the boss of this dungeon. You probably think
    it will incredibly hard but in fact, it is a wimp. Actually, you are
    more likely to get killed in a random encounter than in the boss
     Anyway, heal up just in case, cancel all of Arche's death spells,
    because they obviously won't work on the boss, and you don't want her
    to waste time casting those spells.
     Once you are ready go up the stairs and follow the path going up to
    meet Wyvern, the guardian of the Dwarves' treasures, who will quickly
    attack you.
    BOSS: Wyvern__________________________________________________________
             HP  41000
             TP    400
    TOTAL EXP    50000
    GALD         10000
     This guy's a joke! He's not fast, he's not strong and he doesn't have
    too much HP after all.
     To make this quick, use a Flare Bottle on Cless, so that a hit while
    jumping with the Bahamut Tail Axe hurts the Wyvern for 3400 HP. When
    you have the chance to stand under the boss, use the Teleport skill
    given to Cless by Origin, this should hit Wyvern a few times for about
    700 HP and do even more damage with the physical attacks.
     Unless you got the Meteor Storm spell from Dhaos' dungeon, the most
    damaging spell that Arche can cast for this battle is Tidal Wave,
    which hurts the boss for about 5000 HP. If you have Meteor Storm, use
    it to hurt Wyvern for about 6300 HP each time. For Klarth: summoning
    Gremlin will take 6700 HP from Wyvern, if you are lucky, Maxwell can
    do much more damage, but it doesn't happen very often.
     As for the Wyvern's attacks, his physical attacks hurt Cless for
    about 1300 HP, but Mint can heal that in a snap. The only of the boss'
    attacks that stands up is his ability to create fireballs appear in
    front of him for protection, but if Cless has the Golden Armor, he
    will be completely healed! If you give it enough time, the Wyvern will
    cast Explode, hurting everyone on the screen for about 4200 HP, but it
    is not very likely that it gets enough time to cast the spell without
    being hit.
     After the battle Wyvern disappears, leaving the way open for you to
    get the Dwarves' treasures. In the room you find a Hourglass, two Life
    Bottles, four Miracle Gummies, four Mixed Gummies an Elixir and the
    four main treasures of this place, which are:
          · Scout Orb     - This item allows you to set the encounter rate
                            in normal, low and high. This is basically
                            like using Holy or Dark Bottles, but it       
                            doesn't wear off. It will be really helpful
                            while leaving the cave. To set the encounter
                            rate go to your Item Menu, place the cursor
                            next to the Scout Orb and press the confirm
                            button. You will have three options, the first
                            one is 'Normal', the second one is 'Low' and
                            the last one is 'High'.
           · ?Weapon      - This is the great Excalibur Sword, the
                            strongest weapon in the game. Equip it on
                            Cless right away.
           · Extinction   - The last death spell for Arche, it works quite
                            often and can kill many enemies at once.
           · Thor's Wrath - A new combination for Cless, it's not what you
                            would call great, though.
     Now we have to leave the cave, and that can be hard too, that's why
    I put here the walkthrough to get out of here:
                            - Twenty-first Level -
     First, to make your life easier, use the Scout Orb to set the
    encounter in 'Low', then save your game and go back to the dark room.
     Walk left a couple of steps, then down until you see the bridge to
    your left. Cross it and keep going left, then use the stairs going up
    in the area. Walk up and turn right behind the column with the torch,
    wait for a flash of light to locate the stairs going up and use them.
    Walk north around another column and use the stairs going up.
     Walk left and look for yet another set of stairs going up, use them!.
    Now go left until you hit the wall and head down, looking for an
    opening in the left wall (use it of course). If you any trouble, look
    at the map.
     Now cross the bridges and just exit by north in the other room.
                             - Twentieth Level -
     Just let the statues to the left push you, then go up the stairs.
                             - Nineteenth Level -
     In the grid room walk right two squares, one up, three left, one up,
    two right, one up, two right and one down, then look for the opening
    in the wall to your right. Cross the bridges and enter the other room
    of this floor.
     At least now you can see a whole circle of light. Walk down to the
    bottom of the screen, then walk right and head up when you can. Turn
    right and use the stairs going up there. Go up and left and follow the
    path going north, turn right and then go up and right to find the
    stairs to the 18th level.
                             - Eighteenth Level -
     Go up and right through some narrow passages (you will have to walk
    around some stalagmites). When you see a torch, start going up and
    left and look for a set of stairs going up. Go up and left around a
    wall, then go down, turn left and walk up when you can. Finally, go
    left and use the stairs that take you to the 17th level.
                            - Seventeenth Level -
     You have to solve the same puzzle from before, but the only switch
    you can push at the beginning is to the right, which means you have to
    do it in the inverse order. So, if we name the switches A, B, C and D
    (counting from left to right), the order to step on the buttons is
    D - C - B - A - C.
     Now go through the door and head right, stand on the teleporter and
    you will be back in the 10th level! Go up and talk to the person next
    to the tent if you want to sleep, then use the exit on the left side
    of this room, walk left and use the stairs to go to the first level,
    I guess you know what to do from there...
    NOTE:  You probably got some Ivory Tusks by fighting the Bigfoots in
          the dungeon. You should transform all the Ivory Tusks that you
          have into Mah Jong Tiles either by using Rune Bottles or talking
          to the ivory carver at Aegis' Workshop (see section 3.26).
    4.6- The Coliseum
    Items to Get:    Soup Pot [1], S-Flag [1], Guinness [1],
                     Body Amulet [1], Gorgon Amulet [1],
                     Poison Amulet [1], Veal [1], Boar Roast [1],
                     Chicken [1], Steak [1], Sirloin Steak [1],
                     Pork Roast [1], Dragon Steak [1], Beef [1],
                     Verbena [1], Lavender [1], Sage [1], Savory [1],
                     Red Verbena [1], Red Lavender [1], Red Sage [1],
                     Red Savory [1], Remedy Bottle [1],
                     Medicine Bottle [1], Rune Bottle [1],
                     Flare Bottle [1], Charm Bottle [1], Life Bottle [1],
                     Lipstick [1], Mage Ribbon [1], Magical Broom [1],
                     Magical Pouch [1], Star Cap [1], Star Cloak [1],
                     Star Broom [1], Star Rod [1], Star Gloves [1],
                     Star Helm [1], Star Shield [1], Apple Gummy [1],
                     Orange Gummy [1], Mixed Gummy [1], Miracle Gummy [1]
    Combos to Get:   Lion Teeth [Beat the coliseum once]
     At any moment in the future (as weird as that sounds) you can enter
    the tournament held at the Coliseum in Euclid. However, it's quite
    hard to win at least until you get the Eternal Sword. The ideal would
    be to come here with the best equipment in the game, which you get
    from the Treasure Quest and the lower levels of the Moria Gallery
    (sections 4.4 and 4.5). If you want a strategy to win at the Coliseum
    early on, there are several in section VI.5 of Part II.
     Before going to the coliseum, heal Cless and make sure he is equipped
    with the best stuff you have. You MUST equip a Gorgon and Body Amulet
    on his 'Accessory' slots, because some of the enemies here can put
    those nasty status effects on Cless, making him lose the battle. As
    for his skills, use Teleport and Focus II for short-range, and for
    long-range, use Soul Strike and Soul Forge.
     When you are ready, enter Euclid's castle and leave to the left of
    the ground floor. Talk to the soldier standing in front of the door,
    he will ask you if you want to participate, say 'Yes' and confirm your
    answer when you are asked again.
     You can only have certain items for your coliseum battles, the
    soldiers will keep all the items that may make your battles a bit too
    easy. You will be left with only three Apple Gummies and one Orange
    Gummy, all other healing items are not allowed. Good for you, Flare
    Bottles are allowed in these battles, so are all the attack items, but
    they are not necessary.
     You have to win eight battles in a row to be allowed in the next
    round. As a plus, every time you defeat all eight enemies you will be
    asked if you want to participate in a special battle, if you want good
    prizes, you'll have to answer yes. A nurse will come out and heal you
    completely for your battle. If you refuse to fight the boss, you'll
    only get 30,000 Gald.
     The eight battles shouldn't be too hard, specially if you have been
    to the Moria Gallery, here's the boss tactic, below it is the list of
    prizes you can get from the coliseum.
    TIP:  In the 4th and 6th rounds you will meet an enemy which is immune
         to Darkness, that counts Excalibur out, so you will have to use
         the Eternal Sword.
    NOTE:  The first time you defeat all enemies after visiting the Ninja
          Village a special event will take place, look at section 4.7 for
          the details about that.
    BOSS: Wyvern__________________________________________________________
             HP  41000
             TP    400
    EXP          65535
    GALD         11000
     This is in fact the exact same boss you fought at the bottom level of
    the Moria Gallery, the only difference is that Cless is alone this
    time, which means you have to be careful.
     If you got the Golden Armor from the Moria Gallery, then this boss
    will be healing you most of the time. Wyvern can cast Explode, healing
    Cless for about 4000 HP! The best part is that the deadliest attack of
    the Wyvern, the wall made of fire balls, that would normally kill you,
    will fully heal you instead!
     The only way in which the Wyvern can hurt you is physically, but
    don't underestimate the boss for that, because its attacks can be too
    fast for Cless alone. When the Wyvern starts a series of attacks, it's
    best to use a simple jumping slash rather than using a skill, as the
    jumping slash is faster and easily stuns the boss.
     As always, begin using Focus II and your best attack skills. When the
    boss starts casting a spell while flying high up in the hair, walk
    below it and use the Teleport skill to make lots of damage.
     When your HP drops below 4000, use an Apple Gummy just in case. Of
    course, if you are low on HP and the boss is casting a spell, just
    wait for it to heal you (assuming that you have the Golden Armor).
     After defeating the last enemy, the king will praise your for your
    victory and the queen will give you a prize. The prize differs the
    first ten times you defeat all the enemies, here's the list of what
    you get:
     1st Time - Lion Teeth combo.
     2nd Time - Souvenir Set:       Soup Pot [1], S-Flag [1], Guinness [1]
     3rd Time - Amulets Set:        Body Amulet [1], Gorgon Amulet [1],
                                    Poison Amulet [1]
     4th Time - Meats of the World: Veal [1], Boar Roast [1], Chicken [1],
                                    Steak [1], Sirloin Steak [1],
                                    Pork Roast [1], Dragon Steak [1],
                                    Beef [1]
     5th Time - Herbs Kit:          Verbena [1], Lavender [1], Sage [1],
                                    Savory [1], Red Verbena [1],
                                    Red Lavender [1], Red Sage [1],
                                    Red Savory [1]
     6th Time - Bottle Set:         Remedy Bottle [1], Rune Bottle [1],
                                    Medicine Bottle [1], Flare Bottle [1],
                                    Charm Bottle [1], Life Bottle [1]
     7th Time - Magical Artifacts:  Lipstick [1], Mage Ribbon [1],
                                    Magical Broom [1], Magical Pouch [1]
     8th Time - Magician Star Set:  Star Cap [1], Star Cloak [1],
                                    Star Broom [1], Star Rod [1]
     9th Time - Fighter Star Set:   Star Gloves [1], Star Helm [1],
                                    Star Shield [1]
    10th Time - Gummy Set:          Apple Gummy [1], Orange Gummy [1],
                                    Mixed Gummy [1], Miracle Gummy [1]
     Any time you win all the battles after that will only get you more
    Gummy Sets, which are not pretty impressive I must say... My personal
    advice is to fight until you get the Magical Artifacts set, which
    contains good stuff, the rest is worthless, unless you really want
    Star Gloves for Chester.
     The most remarkable items you get here are herbs from the Fifth Round
    (there's not much I can say about them, you should know what they are
    for by now), the Lipstick , which works quite like a Lotus Perfume
    (gets you big discounts in stores) but can be used an infinite amount
    of times; and the Magical Pouch, which makes random items appear in
    your inventory while you walk with it equipped.
    4.7- Ninjas at Euclid
    Items to Get:    Sake [1], Painting [1]
    Combos to Get:   Lion Claws [talk to Lanzo after the special fight]
     This is actually the second part of the Ninja Village sub-quest,
    which means you have to do that first, look at section 4.3 if you
    haven't been there yet.
     In order to begin this quest, you must defeat all eight enemies at
    the Coliseum in Euclid anytime after visiting the Ninja Village, look
    at section 4.6 to get the tips for the Coliseum.
     Once you have defeated all eight enemies, a pair of ninjas sent by
    Dhaos appear to kill Cless. Remembering what Lanzo said back in the
    Ninja Village, he realizes that the two ninjas in front of him are
    probably Suzu's parents. Someone's voice is then heard, asking for
    death. Now the Ninjas attack Cless.
    BOSS: Dozo and Okiyo__________________________________________________
             HP  28500    Weakness: Light
             TP      0
             HP  15500    Weakness: Light
             TP      0
    EXP          16500
    GALD         11000
    ITEMS    Sake [1], Painting [1]
     The key for this fight is to be fast, or else the ninjas will kick
    your behind in no time. Keeping your distance is also important.
     At the beginning of the battle both ninjas will start throwing
    shuriken (each hurts Cless for about 450 HP) while they slowly get
    closer to you. Once they are near enough, they will teleport next to
    you and use a powerful attack that can take about 2500 of Cless' HP!
     Knowing what Dozo and Okiyo usually do, lets see what you have to do.
    As soon as the battle begins, use a Flare Bottle on Cless to raise his
    strength, then use Teleport on the enemy to your left, Okiyo, whose
    HP is quite lower than Dozo's. Repeat this until she is done for (this
    shouldn't take long with the Flare Bottle). Dozo will probably appear
    next to you before you can defeat Okiyo, but it doesn't matter,
    because Cless' Teleport skill protects him from any enemies that are
    too close.
     Once Okiyo is gone, use another Flare Bottle and go for Dozo, the
    same strategy works again.
     It's important to keep your HP above 6000 all the time to avoid any
    possible complications, and to use Flare Bottle each time the effect
    of the last one wears off.
    NOTE:  It's not game over if you lose this battle, refer to the text
          below for more information.
     After the battle, there are two different possibilities for the next
    scene, depending on whether you defeated the ninjas or not. However,
    it doesn't really matter, the result is the same.
    If you lost:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯  Suzu appears to stop her parents. Seeing there's no other
    way to do it, she uses a special technique to attack. Her parents fall
    for the trick and get surprised by her from behind. Before dying,
    Suzu's parents tell her that she did the right thing, releasing them
    from their misery; and they are proud of her.
     When Cless comes to, he feels guilty about what happened.
    If you won:
    ¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯   Cless realizes that the ninjas laying on the floor are
    fake, then the true ninjas reappear. Okiyo tells him that since they
    are master ninjas, there is no way, there is no way for you to defeat
    them. Suzu comes to stop her parents, the voice from before (which
    seems to be one of Suzu's parents voice) asks her to kill them. The
    young ninja answers she couldn't do it, then her parents come back to
    their true selves and stab each other to eliminate the evil spirits
    controlling their bodies.
     Okiyo apologizes for not being a good mother, both parents say
    goodbye and go to heaven. Cless feels guilty about what happened, Suzu
    tells him that it was not his fault, and that he saved them from a
    fate worse than death.
     Anyway, after the scene takes place, Suzu tells Cless to visit her in
    the Ninja Village soon and leaves. Cless is disqualified because of
    the ninja's intervention. He still feels guilty about the whole thing,
    Arche suggest that you should go to the Ninja Village to give your
    condolences to Suzu and her grandfather.
     Whenever you want to, go to the Ninja Village, in case you don't
    remember the way... well, learn it already! Come on, repeat after me:
     "Starting at the Save Point north of the Elven Village, go up three
    times, left three times and finally go up three times more (if you
    need reference, check the map in section 3.17)."
     Talk to Suzu there and she will take you to the village. Go inside
    her house and speak to her grandfather. He will thank Cless for what
    he did, but Cless feels as if it was all his fault. Lanzo tells him
    that he set free their spirits, all ninjas are in debt with him.
     Lanzo then proceeds to give you a book of sword techniques left in
    the village by a swordsman who visited the ninjas when Lanzo was but a
    child (this would around the time when Cless' father lived...). Cless
    learns the Lion Claws combo. Well, now that you've got your new combo,
    there's nothing else to do in town, just go back out.
    4.8- Cookin' 'n Stuff
     If you have played the other 'Tales' games for the Playstation, you
    should be familiar with their cooking system. Well, the root of all
    that can be found in the original Tales of Phantasia.
     You can have someone in the Ninja Village cook a special dish for you
    if you collect all the necessary ingredients. First of all, you will
    need a Soup Pot, you get one from the Coliseum (section 4.6) and
    another one from the 'Ayflite's Treasure' quest (section 4.4). Here's
    the list of the ingredients and their locations:
    NOTE:  The ingredients can only be found in the future.
        Radish  -  Buy at Euclid for 20,000 Gald.
       Seaweed  -  Buy at Venezzia for 1,580 Gald.
           Egg  -  Buy at Olive Village for 80 Gald (from the guy standing
                   near the supply store).
       Pudding  -  Buy at the Ninja Village for 10,030 Gald.
          Miso  -  Buy at the Ninja Village for 80,000 Gald.
     If you can afford to buy several of each ingredient, do so. Now go to
    the Ninja Village and enter the store (the building in the lower-right
    corner of town). Talk to the old lady at the back and she will ask you
    if you want to make Oden. Answer 'Yes' (duh!). Note that you don't
    lose the Soup Pot used to cook.
     The Oden is THE Food Item. It adds 22,200 food points to your Food
    Sack. That's enough to completely fill it! Also, you may want to sell
    it to get 300,000 Gald! The total cost of the ingredients is 111,690
    Gald, that leaves you a profit of 188,310 Gald! This is a great way
    to make money (if you need it at this stage of the game, anyway).
    4.9- Cless' Classes
    SPECIAL THANKS:  To Cidolfas, the owner of the Tales of Phantasia
                    Shrine, for giving me permission to use his list of
                    Cless' jobs in this FAQ. Please do take the time to
                    visit his Shrine at <http://s2.rpgclassics.com/top/>.
     Cless can have up to 12 different classes in the game. To check
    Cless's class, go to his status screen. He starts off as a Squire but
    can upgrade his status once he reaches the Past. To the best of my
    knowledge, having the different classes does absolutely nothing to the
    gameplay, but is a measure of accomplishment.
     Classes are granted by special people in certain places. There's one
    on the second floor of Alvanista Castle (go up the stairs then to the
    right) and there's a second one on the second floor of Euclid Castle
    -only in the future- (go up the stairs in the top right, then enter
    the bottom center room). They each grant classes based on different
     The Euclid soldier's classes are based on side quests and special
    achievements. Here's a rundown of them, in no particular order:
       · Samurai: You must have the Muramasa sword from the Ninja Town
         side quest.
       · Champion: You must have finished the Euclid Coliseum once. You
         can get this even if you lost to Dozo and Okiyo.
       · Combo Master: You must have the Combo Counter and Combo Command
         items. The Combo Counter can be found on the 19th floor of Moria
         Gallery; the Combo Command can be bought for 5 million Gald
         (2,500,000 if you use a Lotus Perfume) in Aegis' Workshop.
       · Berserker: You must have fought at least 1,000 battles. You can
         see how many battles you've fought on the main menu screen.
       · Druaga Mania: You're a collector of rare items, especially those
         from the Ishtar Legend. You need the following items:
              - Blue Crystal Rod (see Section 4.3 of Part I).
              - Blue Line Shield (see Section 4.4 of Part I).
              - Blue Candle (see Section 4.4 of Part I).
              - Excalibur (see Section 4.5 of Part I).
              - Golden Armor (see Section 4.5 of Part I).
              - Gold Helm (see Section 4.4 of Part I).
              - Green Torch (see Section 4.4 of Part I).
              - Hyper Gauntlet (see Section 4.4 of Part I).
              - Jet Boots (you can buy them almost anywhere).
              - Red Lantern (see Section 4.4 of Part I).
              - Red Line Shield (see Section 4.4 of Part I).
              - Silver Mattock (see Section 4.2 or 4.4 of Part I).
     Every time you get a new class from this soldier, you'll get another
    star on your status screen.
     The Alvanista soldier awards classes mostly based on levels,
    techniques, and combos. Here's the rundown:
       · Fighter: A full-fledged swordsman. You must have mastered both
         the Psion Bolt and Dual Kick techs.
       · Knight: You must know all of the regular techs (not including
         combos, and you do not have to master them).
       · Expert: You must have mastered all of the regular techs besides
         Soul Edge, Soul Wave, and Teleport.
       · Master: I think you need to have at least 12 combos to get this.
         (Not master them; just get them.) However, I think the "special"
         combos (from Ninja Town, Coliseum, and Moria Tunnels) count for
         more than 1. I don't know exactly. ^^;
       · Fencer: You must have mastered all skills. That includes all of
         the spells for Mint, Arche, and Klarth, and all of Cless's
       · Master Fencer: You must have everyone in your current party (you
         don't need the backup one) at level 99 and have mastered all
         skills like for Fencer.
    I'm told there's one more class, Lionheart, but I have yet to get it. 
    4.10- Combo Command Combinations
    SPECIAL THANKS:  To Cidolfas, the owner of the Tales of Phantasia
                    Shrine, for giving me permission to use his list of
                    combinations in this FAQ. Please do take the time to
                    visit his Shrine at <http://s2.rpgclassics.com/top/>.
     Once you get the Airbirds in the future, you can visit Aegis'
    Workshop, south of Olive Village (see section 3.26 of Part I). There
    you can buy, among others, the Combo Command, which when equipped on
    Cless will allow you to use any skill or combo by just pressing a
    combination of buttons.
     Since the Combo Command is worth 5,000,000 Gald, you probably won't
    be able to afford it until near the end of the game. A few advises on
    raising money:
                  · Sell your trading items at the right places (for
                    example, the Cat's Eyes are worth 300,000 Gald at the
                    Elven Village in the future). See section II.1 of Part
                    II for information on where to sell items.
                  · Cook! Selling the Oden is really profitable, and you
                    can make as many as you want unless you sell the Soup
                    Pot (look at section 4.8 of Part I for more info).
                  · Sell the weapons you know you won't be using anymore.
                    Some of them are really valuable.
                  · Remember that you only have to pay half the real price
                    if you use a Lotus Perfume. That means you only have
                    to raise 2,500,000 Gald.
     To use any specific tech, you have to use Street Fighter-type
    commands before pressing the B button. The directions you must press
    for each tech is given. If you see something like "Down to Left", that
    means you have to press Down, Down/Left, Left (like in Street
    Fighter). Usually you must do it in a clockwise direction; if you see
    a (CC) it means it has to be done counter-clockwise. Again, you must
    press B after inputting the directions! This is a lot of fun, but
    REALLY hard to pull off, especially some of the combos!
     Here's the list of button combinations for all of Cless' skills and
    -  Short Range  -
        Dual Kick - Down to Left
      Blade Storm - Up-Right to Down-Right
      Tiger Teeth - Right, Down, Down/Right
            Focus - Up, Up
      Gale Shield - Down/Right to Down/Left, Up 
       Fury Slash - Up, Left, Right
       Eir's Love - Down/Left to Down/Right, Up
       Magma Rift - Right, Left, Right
        Firebrand - Down to Up/Right (CC)
       Focus More - Down, Down
        Soul Wave - Right to Left, Right, Up, Down
         Teleport - Right to Left, Right
    -  Long Range  -
          Psion Bolt - Down to Right (CC)
      Lightning Bolt - Left, Right, Up-Right, Down-Left
               Focus - Up, Up
             Phoenix - Up/Right, Down/Left to Down/Right (CC)
         Gale Shield - Down/Right to Down/Left, Up
          Eir's Love - Down/Left to Down/Right, Up
           Lionheart - Up/Left, Down/Right, Up/Left, Right 
          Focus More - Down, Down
           Soul Edge - Right to Left, Right, Down, Up
            Teleport - Right to Left, Right 
    -  Combos  -
        Psion Kick - Down to Right (CC) to Left 
       Mecha Blade - Down to Right (CC), Left, Right, Down, Down/Right 
       Psion Storm - Down to Right (CC), Left, Up/Right to Down/Right 
        Magma Bolt - Down to Right (CC), Left, Right, Left, Right 
        Lion Lunge - Up/Right, Down/Left, Up/Right, Right to Left 
        Lion Teeth - Up/Right, Down/Left, Up/Right, Right, Left, Right,
                     Down, Down/Right 
        Lion Claws - Up/Right, Down/Left, Right, Up/Right to Down/Right 
        Lion Flare - Up/Right, Down/Left, Up/Right, Right, Left, Right,
                     Left, Right 
        Bolt Crash - Up/Right, Down/Left to Right (CC), Left, Right 
      Thor's Wrath - Up/Right, Down/Left to Down/Right (CC), Down to Left 
           Tempest - Up/Right, Down/Left to Up/Right (CC), Right,
      Earth's Rage - Up/Right, Down/Left to Down/Right (CC), Down to Left 
       Flare Talon - Left, Right, Up/Right, Down/Left, Down to Left 
      Odin's Wrath - Left, Right, Up/Right, Down, Right, Down, Down/Right 
      Burning Soul - Left, Right, Up/Right, Down, Up/Right, Right,
       Cinder Hawk - Left, Right, Up/Right, Down, Right, Left, Right 
        Soul Forge - Right to Left, Right, Down, Up, Right to Left, Right,
                     Up, Down 
       Soul Strike - Right to Left, Right to Left, Right, Up, Down 
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
    5.-                   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
    5.1- Clearing Things Out
     In this section I put additional info that you might want to know.
    These questions weren't really asked, I'm just putting this here
    because it didn't fit anywhere else.
    Q - If you are not a native English speaker, then, where are you from?
    A - I'm from Argentina, a South American country. I live in the city
        of Bariloche, a tourists center, so maybe some of you have been
        here sometime (not quite likely). By the way, the language spoken
        in Argentina is Spanish.
    Q - Then why make a FAQ in English?
    A - Because not many Spanish speaking people play RPGs, thus the FAQ
        wouldn't be worth writing.
    Q - Your spelling and grammar suck!
    A - Well, I'm working on that, that's what writing FAQs is all about
        for me: English practice! Please do not hesitate to send any
        corrections, especially for grammar (Microsoft Word is not very
        good when it comes to that).
    5.2- Game Related Questions
    Q - The Captain of the ship that is supposed to take me to Demitel's
        Island won't take me there, why?
    A - You probably forgot to talk to the people in the City Hall of
        Venezzia. You MUST listen to a conversation between two people
        who mention that Demitel used to live in the city, but he works in
        an island to the west now.
    Q - The ship that is supposed to take me to Undine's Cavern will only
        take me to Demitel's Island, why is that?
    A - Just like when you have to go to Demitel's Island for the first
        time, you must talk to a certain person, so your characters know
        where to go and tell the Captain. You have to talk to a person in
        Alvanista's Magic Research Lab, the one who mentions the location
        of Undine's Cavern.
    Q - I can't get the Eruption spell from Lenios!
    A - I hadn't noticed this before, but you MUST talk to Lenios' twin
        brother in Venezzia's City Hall, and THEN talk to Lenios himself.
        Only then he will notice Arche is a magician and give her the book
        of spells.
    Q - My party won't separate at White Forest and I can't find the
        Unicorn! Mint dreamed about her childhood and told the party, yet
        nothing happens.
    A - In order to have Mint and Arche separate at the White Forest, you
        MUST talk to a woman who mentions that the Unicorn will only
        appear before pure girls. This woman can be found in the northern
        half of Midgard.
    Q - I'm stuck at Volt's Cave! In the big room with the invisible
        barrier, where you have to run to get through a door. I get to the
        door while it is still open, but I can't go through, how come?
    A - This has been happening to an increasing number of people lately.
        I really don't know what the problem is (probably just a corrupted
        ROM), but I do have a solution: Standing right below the door, use
        this code: 7E2145B9 and walk through the door (literally). STOP
        RIGHT AFTER THAT, or you will get stuck in the wall. Now turn the
        code off  and just walk right a bit and use the door to leave the
        room normally.
    5.3- Patch Related Questions
    Q - Where can I get the Patch?
    A - You can get a copy from De-Jap's site at <dejap.zsnes.com>.
    Q - How do I apply the Patch on the ROM?
    A - The best and easiest way to apply the patch is with Zsnes'
        Auto-Patching feature. All you have to do is change the file name
        of the IPS file (the patch) to the same name of the ROM (the
        game) and put both files in the same folder in your computer. 
        ToP.078 <-- Name of the ROM file.
        ToP.ips <-- Name of the Patch file.
        When you load the game, the emulator will apply the patch for you
        without modifying your rom, meaning that if you need the original
        Japanese version one day (to apply a new version of the patch, for
        example), you just have to delete or rename the IPS file.
        If for some reason you want to modify the ROM permanently, use
        'ips.exe' to apply the patch on the rom. You can get this little
        program at Zophar's Domain <www.zophar.net>. It's really easy to
    Q - The currency in the game is Gold, how come you call it Gald all
        the time?
    A - Actually, the currency is Gald, but for some reason it was changed
        by the translators. I'm just sticking to the original ^_^
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
    10.-                            CREDITS
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
    Pablo Rossi       - My friend, who indirectly introduced me to the RPG
                        world  (long story...).  He also  introduced me to
                        PSX world.  He did many other things for me but it
                        would  be too much for  this section.  And for you
                        people who love  anime,  he's also the Webmaster
                        of <www.anime2040.com.ar> (going through some
                        changes right now).
    Marina Roncoroni  - It was really silly of me not to include her in
                        this section originally, I just didn't realize.
                        Anyway, she's my English teacher, who prepared me
                        for the FCE Cambridge Test without any self-
                        interest. Please give a round of applause to her!
    Ignacio de Lucas  - For  letting  me  use  the  Disclaimer  from  his
                        Xenogears FAQ  (an excellent FAQ if you want my
    Kao Megura        - Original writer of the Disclaimer (remember to ask
                        for his approval if you want to use it).  Also, he
                        is the one who wrote one of the best FF 7 FAQs
    GameFAQs          - For publishing my FAQ of course! Thanks a lot!
    Al Amaloo         - For publishing this FAQ on his personal server,
    De-Jap            - For translating the game, of course! Also, they
                        allowed me to put pieces of the script in the FAQ.
                        Thanks a lot, guys!
    Diego Campano     - For pointing out a mistake in the FAQ about what
                        Elwyn's father says and some other things.
    Ângelo Braz       - For caring enough to point out a few misspells and
                        insisting about them when I thought he was wrong!
                        Really, thanks a lot, Ângelo.
    Alexiyies         - For pointing out something about ROMs and legal
                        stuff, thanks a lot. Oh yeah, and for explaining
                        the meaning of a certain expression ^_^
    Frosty840         - For giving me the probable reasons for Tales of
                        Phantasia not being released in America and for
                        his support.
    Arterion Gothic   - For sending a tactic to defeat Maxwell.
    Dragonmaxter      - For pointing out a mistake in section 3.3.
    Stefan Zammit     - Super special thanks to him: For sending the
                        meaning of 'Artemis', 'Ifrit', 'Harpy', 'Sylph',
                        'Basilisk', 'Lilith' and 'Moria' for section VI.3
                        (Part II). He also sent many corrections for both
                        grammar and orthography. Finally, he is working on
                        the HTML version of the FAQ. Truly, more than a
                        contributor, a friend.
    Tyson Anderson    - For pointing out that I hadn't put the classical
                        cheat to get lots of Gald for section VI.2 and for
                        making me notice a glitch produced by turning off
                        the 'No Random Battles' code while in a town or
                        area where there are usually no battles.
    Sam Chen          - For making me notice a mistake regarding where to
                        place the Elemental Spirits in the 10th level of
                        the Moria Gallery.
    Chris Morgan      - I can't thank him enough! He sent the Item
                        Modification Codes. Actually, more than 75% of
                        the cheats file available at Gamefaqs is his
                        work. Pretty amazing for a contribution, isn't it?
                        Again, THANKS A MILLION!
    Jeay-Thomas PEGUY - For telling me that you get 50,000 Gald from the
                        king of Midgard if you defeat the boss at the
                        Valhalla Plains in less than one day (see section
    Seventh Force X   - For giving me the idea of making the Skill Master
                        codes and for sending his Infinite TP codes
                        (although I had added my own some time before).
    Kimura Soichiro   - For pointing out a mistake the Moria Gallery
                        walkthrough (see section 3.15).
    Jeffrey Tam       - For allowing me to use his great Skill Activation
                        Codes and his list of PAR values for the Item
                        Modification codes. THANKS A LOT!
    Henryjin2001      - For sending a tactic to win easily the first
                        encounter with Dhaos.
    Larry Leow        - For sending tons of useful bits of information, as
                        well as the definition of 'Dwarf' for section VI.3
                        of Part II
    Firestarter       - For sending some information about one of Kazuhiko
                        Inoue and Mika Kanai's roles for section VI.4 of
                        Part II and for a tip on how to increase the
                        chance to do a critical hit.
    El OscurO         - For tons of info on mythology for sections VI.2
                        and VI.3. Especially for the detailed info on the
                        Moria Mines in 'Lord of the Rings'.
    Arlieth Tralare   - For sending a tactic to win at the coliseum at low
    Fábio P. Simões   - For sending a tactic to defeat the Fang Wolf.
    Nathan J. Britton - For sending several corrections for expressions.
    5parrowhawk       - For some information on 'Maxwell' and 'Seraphim'
                        for sections VI.2 and VI.3 of Part II and for some
                        other suggestions.
    Bonehead          - For telling me about two chests at the Treant's
                        Forest that I had missed.
    Giovanni Marcon   - For telling me about the happy ending to Elwyn and
                        Nancy's story.
    Jez               - For the information on 'Mah Jongg' for section
                        VI.3 of Part II.
    Joe.J.Glogowski   - For finally confirming that the backup of games IS
    Daniel Orner      - For allowing me to use some information from his
                        Tales of Phantasia Shrine. You can visit the
                        Shrine at <http://s2.rpgclassics.com/top/>.
    Joab Hwang        - For sending his tactic to defeat Dozo and Okiyo
                        (see section VI.5 of Part II).
    Dreams in Digital - For sending a detailed tactic for the Coliseum
                        (see section VI.5 of Part II).
    Flyingfox         - For sending a strategy for Fang Wolf (see section
                        VI.5 of Part II).
    Patrick Claypool  - For sending a strategy to defeat Neo Dhaos, Ifrit,
                        Gnome and Undine (see section VI.5 of Part II).
    Juan M. G de Leon - For sending his strategy to defeat Fang Wolf (see
                        section VI.5 of Part II).
    Eon Dreamer       - For a little bit of info about Mount Moria (see
                        section VI.3 of Part II).
    Evan Behar        - For sending his strategy for the Coliseum (see
                        section VI.5 of Part II).
    Jean-F. Duret     - For sending his strategy for the Coliseum (see
                        section VI.5 of Part II).
    Philip1701        - For some info on 'Luna' for section VI.3 of Part
    Eoin.Mcloughlin   - For a few corrections on spelling and grammar.
    Xinyu Li          - For a small correction regarding Dr. Livingstone
                        for section VI.3 of Part II.
    L. Lloyd          - For pointing out a few mistakes I committed in
                        certain parts of the walkthrough.
    Tofystedeth       - For two strategies for section VI.5 of Part II.
    REMEGSEB@aol.com  - For sending s strategy for Volt (see section
                        VI.5 of Part II).
    Lord Niko         - For translating the FAQ into French!
    Greg Davis        - For hosting the FAQ at his site, The RPG Realm

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