Review by Psycho Penguin

"This stellar basketball game really surprised me"

Funcoland had this game called Tecmo Super NBA Basketball on sale for 4 dollars. So I figureed that since it was a NBA game and Tecmo was making it, it would be a cool arcade-like game. Was I right? Oh hell yeah, this is one of the coolest basketball games I have ever played in my entire life!!

The graphics were much better than I expected. The players are nicely detailed and the stadiums looked cool as well. I love the introduction to the game, as well.

It is easy to pass the ball, shoot the ball, and do everything else, hence the score of ten for the play control, which is responsive and deadly accurate.

It's a basketball game all the way, but it has a great stat tacking system and lots of modes to satisfy even the most diehard NBA fans. Think of this game as Tecmo Super Bowl gone NBA, and you have the concept of this game. It is definetly basketball with a little arcade flava. And all the licenses are present as well.

I lovbe this game. NBA fans need to make this a part of their gaming library!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/10/00, Updated 07/16/01

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